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Out of this world
Date of Scene: 01 March 2020
Location: Palm Tree Boulevard and Main Street
Synopsis: Singularity appears in Happy Harbor just as Kate Bishop is doing an investigation & Shuri is sneaking out. Allowing a pair of aliens, a SHIELD trainee and an AI to experience just what it's like to be relatively normal in comparison.
Cast of Characters: Vivian Vision, Samuel Morgan, M'gann M'orzz, Shuri, Xiomara Rojas, Kate Bishop, Singularity

Vivian Vision has posed:
Having moved to the area a few days ago Vivian is finally take a little trip into the surrounding area to explore. The trip isn't entirely necessary, she has skimmed the entire island via online map software to better understand the layout, but they say there's nothing like walking around on foot to really get to know a place. Quite who 'they' are and why the information is reliable Viv isn't sure. But that's Human sayings for you....

Thanks to the wonders of holographic technology Viv looks fairly normal, aside from a gemstone set in her forehead that is easy to overlook thanks to her hair and some slightly odd fashion choices, with brunette seeming hair and caucasian skin.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    They call it CQR, or Close Quarters Recce. If you want to know the ground, truly understand it, you have to walk it. And no matter how much satellite data and maps Sam can check over, he needs to know what the area around the school is like before he commits to spending any time there. Luckily, he also had the perfect excuse to do so. After promising Daisy to look after her van, he'd had the thing up on the lift on Friday and... well... let's say he currently has a shopping list. One he intends to fill at the local garage and second hand dealerships.

    The teenager has borrowed one of the flat trolleys from the workshop and is currently trundling it along the sidewalks, piled high with parts that are too heavy or too bulky to carry. When he's done, that van is going to run like new. Better, probably. Behind him trots a German Shepherd, who is currently carrying his own leash. New York law said that all dogs in public had to be on leashes, it failed to specify who should be holding the leash...

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     You ever visit a place you've seen on TV or in a movie and it doesn't quite live up to expectations? Earth in general was kind of like that so far for M'gann. The smell, for one. Most of the local vehicles ran on burning hydrocarbons, which stank. The sea smelled pretty cool, though. Otherwise... it was mostly just kind of dirtier. Which, on second thought, kind of made since given that the whole planet was named after it. On the upside, Walking around town was a good chance to get into the mindset of Megan Morse! Getting to know the town would also be good, given what she's going to be living here-

     Ohmigod. It's...

     It's at this point that Samuel's attention might be attracted by a redheaded girl with amber eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose, clad suitably for the weather in sneakers, jeans, and a fleece jacket. She is squeeing, hands pressed over her mouth, gaze locked on the dog following him. Because Dogs are incredibly adorable.

Shuri has posed:
Having heard of the area called Staten Island, Shuri has chosen to come out here and see what she can see. However, this time she was not fully able to ditch her bodyguard like last time. Now, the woman dressed in more typical clothing is moving along with Shuri. Shuri, herself, is wearing more typical clothing as well. She is dressed in what appears to be a red top with a black jacket over it and a pair of black leather pants below. The woman with her is dressed similarly. She isn't really pushing anything along or doing anything special, she's just walking along and enjoying. She seems a little lost but not sad about being lost.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    Xiomara 'Crush' Rojas had recently taken up residence not too far outside of Happy Harbor in a particularly long abandoned junk yard. It has running water and a generator for electricity- which really suits her just fine. It's also adjacent to this charming little sea-side town, Happy Harbor!

    It probably shouldn't be considered all that strange, then, that she's just sort of hanging out on the street. She's certainly got the teen punk aesthetic down. There's a beer in one hand as she leans against a building just watching the cross roads of the busiest part of this cute little town.

    Some, however, might notice her unique look- particularly those familiar with species NOT of this earth. She's a Czarnian- it's as clear as the red eyes and black wings on her face. She looks too much like a KISS superfan to be anything other than a Czarnian. The chain wrapped around her waist like a belt and hanging over her shoulder like a snake certainly does add to the whole 'Czarnian' look. The most famous among them wields a chain, too.

Kate Bishop has posed:
So this is Happy Harbor.

It has a lot of gall to name any of the streets on Staten Island Palm Tree Boulevard considering the climate.

Still Kate has made her way over from Manhattan on this Sunday afternoon to scope out the small town and perhaps the accompanying school. Her friend Riri said that Stark was enrolling her in this school for some god awful reason so there has to be something to all this right.

For the moment she is just relaxing at an outdoor table, sipping a coffee with a small scone on a plate nearby as she watches people go about their business. So far the situation isn't disappointing Kate, there seem to be a slew of teenagers she could shake down and question, one of whom is either way too hard core a Kiss fan or some sort of mutant. Kate is leaning towards Mutant as she studies Xiomara from her table across the way.

Singularity has posed:
    Not too far away from where Kate Bishop is sitting, in a little park with the outdoor tables, there's a shimmer in the air, followed by a blue dot.

    Suddenly said dot expands into a shimmering portal in a graceful spinning motion, trailing streamers of dimensional energy. Rather than being one of those menacing portals with the screams of the dammed on the other side, black empty voices, or worse, large eyes peering out of it, it's actually a fairly pretty portal!
    But it only lasts briefly, before with a *POINK* the quantum waveform collapses and abruptly there's a glowing blue girl floating in the air, stars shimmering under her skin as she looks around with interest, her eyes widening with curiosity at all the people coming and going.

    And of course, since Kate is nearby, she promptly focuses on her and waves. "Hello!" And settles to her feet before starts wandering in her direction, heedless and unaware of bodyguards. Or how bodyguards tend to react to strange glowing blue people appearing out of midair and walking towards their principals.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Originally Viv's plan was for a quiet day out, but it seems like that's no longer on the cards. An unusual portal opening that triggers all manner of alerts that she'd never even seen before before relating to an extradimensional mass change functionality. Most of which are then gone as quickly as they appeared.

It's not hard to figure out which direction the commotion is. All it takes is one or two people shouting in alarm and Vivian can triangulate which direction to rush in. Her density increasing as a precaution, making each footstep thud like she's made out of lead. For now at least her holographic disguise remains in place. Better to keep discreet until she knows what's going on.

A fragment of her mind is instanced off and tasked with gaining access to local security cameras & smartphones in the area Singularity just appeared.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    It's certainly a busy day all a sudden, and that for a Sunday. Sam idly watches the crowd and the people in it, his eyes never lingering for long over anyone. Not long at all... just long enough to measure them on some kind of threat scale. Quite the gathering today.

    His path is going to lead him right past Shuri, although he's already angling the trolley to the side to give both her and her chaperone some more room to pass on the outside. And from afar, it suddenly comes. The expected. The inevitable. The inexorable...

    He glances towards M'gann while Bear perks up his ears, knowing full well that another human has taken an interest in him. Honestly... And to be fair, he's one handsome doggo.

    Everything takes a back seat for a moment when Singularity appears, actually earning a slow blink from the teenager. "Oh-kay..."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     viv would find that Megan's phone was rather harder to get into than most. This has in no way anything to do with the fact that her 'uncle' is part of the JLA. Not at all. Megan makes her way over to Sam, a little nervous, but also highly excited. because DOG! "Excuse me, would you mind if I pet your dog? I always wanted one when I was a kid, but the place we lived didn't allow pets." And then a telepathic signature appears out of thin air, and the redhead jumps and spins around to see what's going on. ...Oh. That is... strange. Much stranger than the... Is that a Czarnian? ...Okay, still much stranger than finding out that there are other openly extraterrestrial species wandering around."Uh... Does this happen a lot near here?"

Shuri has posed:
Smiling at Samuel in passing and Shuri hmms a little even as her ear beeps. Her bodyguard tenses and then she looks to M'gann with a hmm. Without even thinking further on it, the girl touches her ear stud and a moment later she is wearing what appears to be a glowing visor. Her gaze goes to the commotion that has everyone interested, specifically the blue glowing girl. She taps something on her bracer and a keyboard just appears as she begins to try to figure out just what it is she is seeing.

"Do not act rashly." She says to the bodyguard who steps forward and then she tilts her head a little as she scans. She then looks surprised before she begins to smile, "Oh wow..." Then she begins to get giddy and starts toward the blue girl rather quickly, "Come along, Adisa. I want to meet her."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    For now, the chain that hangs around Xiomara's shoulders and waist just.. lays there. At least- it seems to just be laying there- watched closely someone might see it *shiver* all on it's own. Crush is too still to be causing those slight movements- and, given the rather pointed links on either end it is *very* clearly a weapon of some sort.

    Or.. maybe it's just part of this punk look the paper-white skinned woman has as she drinks her beer in public like some kind of hoodlum- she's almost certainly underaged. As she finishes this beer she just throws the bottle towards the ocean.

    Going, going, gone- it disappears over the horizon. Crush leans down to grab another beer, popping the top with a thumb nail.

    She takes another long pull on her new bottle as she continues to watch the people of Happy Harbor- eyes falling over towards Kate for a long moment. Once she notices Kate looking her way she makes a kissy face in the other teen's direction before laughing and taking another long pull at her beer as she goes back to people watching.

     And then Singularity appears. The Chain rises on it's own, glowing slightly purple *KA*CHANG!* comes a ring of links suddenly tightening together. It's hard to miss. "Relax, Obelus." she offers softly, just watch.

    Crush's ears are particularly sharp- the thud of Viv's feet draws her red-eyed gaze for a moment. Her nose twitching. Her eyebrows narrow- something's off about that girl. Doesn't smell right- and doesn't sound right. Between heavy-foot, weird-scent McGee and the walking Planetarium, she's a bit more on edge now. "Ain't no reason to assume the worst. Yet." Crush states. Obelus, the chain, goes back to a more idle state- laying down on the young woman's shoulder- but with the pointed end of the chain facing Singularity and following with all the intensity of a guard dog. Just watching for now. Frowning.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Well if anything will distract someone from staring at a maybe mutant maybe Kiss fan it is definitely a quantum singularity collapsing portal nearby with a help *PIONK* noise. Also the glowing blue girl floating there and then approaching.

It is a wonder Kate doesn't just throw her coffee right at the girl with her cheerful wave and hello and run for it. Still she doesn't. Her surface thoughts shift from trying to figure out what makes Happy Harbor so special and i that a mutant to something more along the lines of ohmygod I hope I don't need to fight this glowing girl because all I have is a couple batons in my coat, no bow, and a cup of warm but not scalding coffee and shifts in her seat ready to roll for cover worst case.

Still she does grip the mug differently, shifting it into her hand in case she does need to chuck it into Singularity's face hard.

Still she manages a brave reaction, Clint would either be proud or gibslapping her on the back of the head for not getting under cover, and returns the wave with the hand not holding a cup of coffee. "Uh... Hello." pause "I take it you aren't from around here?" which if the glowing girl confirms she is, will answer many questions for Kate really. But still that whole hello to a stranger leads her to believe she has the right tact here.

Hopefully she isn't atomized for her trouble.

As for her phone, she is carrying two. One of them seems to be very much a normal teenage girls starkphone, if the most expeensive model. The other is a burner smartphone with just one number in it and some interesting messages. Neither are shielded at all but the presence of two might be unusual.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity seems completely unphased (or unaware) that she's causing a scene really, or how close she is to getting a face of piping hot caffeine! Instead, she beams at Kate in a friendly way, then shakes her head at Kate's question. "Singularity. Is. Here." she confirms. Not elsewhere! This should be obvious.

ut vocalizations are hard! So...yes. She looks around at the people staring at her, then waves to them, smiling!

Vivian Vision has posed:
Having stomp-run her way down the street Vivian is suddenly faced by the perfectly normal scene of a young woman, who just happens to be glowing blue and really who is she to judge on the looks front?, waving at another young woman in a cafe. Presumably they're just Human friends meeting for coffee?

Virtual Viv takes a peek out of all the less than secure cellphone cameras at once. Switching off any that are in pockets or otherwise useless for her needs. She's not there to snoop. Not on purpose anyway.

She comes to an awkward halt outside the cafe. The sidewalk beneath her picking up a few spiderweb cracks it didn't have before. "I... Ah. May I ask what is going on?" She blinks a few times. "This isn't some sort of interdimensional invasion is it?"

Virtual Viv ever so casually edits her real world counterpart out of any footage going on social media. To protect the school, rather than erasing evidence she's acted rashly, obviously...

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "His name is Bear, and he's always happy to have someone fawning over him." Sam mentions to M'gann, quite calmly under the circumstances. Never mind that he just sensed more advanced tech than he's ever been able to get close to before, including on some of the more 'interesting' ventures of his discreditable yet adventurous past, or that what appears to be a Rock fan is in possession of what may or may not be advanced psychic empowered weaponry. At this point, an actual alien appearing out of thin air is almost expected. Two phones? Practically pedestrian, despite his operational training making a more firm note of it than any other fact currently being perceived. "So, if he doesn't mind, feel free. I promise he doesn't bite. And... no, it's not usually like this here."

    It is, in fact, not supposed to be like this /at all/.

    At least now he knows that the bodyguard's name is Adisa, and he can't help but murmur back. "Yeah, please don't overreact."

    There's absolutely no indication he's doing anything other than standing by the trolley and watching the scene, although anyone within twenty meters of him will find it impossible to activate their cameras and get footage of this. Except, of course, the Wakandan tech. Interfering with that would be far too obvious.

    He is /so/ going to get in trouble with SHIELD again for being in the middle of an interdimensional incident...

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     "I'm Megan, Megan Morse. Thank you so much!" Commence lavishing of attention on the dog. Earscritches, tummyrubs, She must give it all. Because DOG! ...While keeping an eye on what's going on over there, obviously. Because, you know, Potential alien? "He's so fluffy..." But Dog cannot be forgotten.

Shuri has posed:
Smiling as she approaches the blue being, Shuri waves back and tilts her head a little at the response of the blue person, "Singularity? What an appropriate name." She says as she approaches with a very upset Adisa behind her. She stops before getting too close as she taps quickly on her bracer's keyboard and nods her head, "You can speak then, Singularity? I am Shuri." She gestures to herself and then looks to Adisa and gestures, "This is Adisa." She looks over at Vivian and smiles a little as she looks back to the blue girl, "What are you here for, Singularity?"

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    Xiomara just watches still, frowning- her black lips turning low as she finishes her other beer. She again throws the bottle away- it disappears over the horizon. "Looks like enough people are checking it out, eh?" Crush wonders over to Obelus, who *CLANGS* in response. "Yeah, I guess so. I mean, it's a bit odd." she admits, but who knows what Obelus said. OR how Crush understands.

    Her eyes follow over towards M'gann, smiling as she watches the young woman with the dog. *CLANG* "What?!" Crush says, looking over towards Obelus, whispering, "It's just cute. You know, girl and a puppy." *CLANG* "You keep your mouth shut."

    Crush then leans off the wall and begins to approach Singularity and the others, albeit in a slow manner that has taking a rather long circuit that would keep her distance and get to the opposite side from where she had been hanging out.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Right. The explanation from Singularity that She is Here does not really clarify much for Kate.

She wonders if this is one of those isntances where she should use the burner phone or not, but covers and crowds and people gathering around makes her think that might be easier said than done.

So she just nodes and before she asks another question Shuri does, and for the most part those questions cover her questions so she stays quiet and just watches very closely now.

Her attention drifting to the approach of the probable mutant and then back to the blue glowing girl who is calling herself Singularity. "I'm Kate." she notes to the glowing girl and to Shuri as well at this point. Why not.

Singularity has posed:
    The girl made of stars turns to look at Viv at the question, looking slightly confused. She beams at Kate as he gives her name, nodding to her. Invasion? Where's the invasion? There was no invasion! She would have noticed an invasion. Usually those involved dead things, in her limited experience. Lots and looooots of dead things....then distraction! ZOOM!

    Singularity runs straight over to Sam and Bear and Megan. "Puppy!" she proclaims, detouring right over towards Bear then kneeling down in front of him to look curiously at him, then up at Sam. "Pet?" she says hopefully. Megan is petting the fuzzy! Maybe she can pet too! But asking is important.

    Unless it's teleporting. Speaking of which, Sam as a SHIELD agent maaaay have seen a report about a blue starry girl just appearing in the middle of a SHIELD helicarrier lounge with an ex-con, a guy who was supposed to be dead, and She-Hulk recently. There were alarms. Soooooo many alarms.

    She seems pretty unbothered by Shuri pulling out a scanner to run it over her, then looks back to Shuri curiously. That is a complex question, after all. She's here, because she's looking for people she knew before the universal timeline reset, altering time and space and the memories of all involved save for herself since she was temporarily outside of reality at the time and thus not part of the changes, being a sentient quantum singularity unbothered by universal causality. Of course, living outside time and space is a very lonely existence when you are the only sentient pocket universe you know, whereas this is a universe full of interesting, courageous and heroic people who regularly put themselves in the way of harm to protect others because they believe it is the right thing to do. Which is very inspiring to her. She wants to be like them.

    This is what she thinks.

    What she says is: "Friends?" Because words are silly.

    Though she seems as interested in the people sort of moving into a group around her as they are in finding out what the heck is going on with her.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision glances between Singularity, Shuri and Kate and ever so casually adjusts her holographic disguise to temporarirly cover the damage to the sidewalk. It's not making a scene if no-one can see it, right? Her mass adjusts so she's a lot lighter too.

Virtual Viv tuts to herself and leaves Kate's burner phone with a text message from an unknown number (although the device makes no noises to indicate a message has been received) - Didn't mean to pry, just wanted you to know it's best to keep the battery out of your burner phones when they are not in use.

"I'm Vivian.. But if talking to us is hard you are welcome to call me Viv instead," she adds awkwardly just as the Blue energy girl runs to play with Bear. "And I really should just be buying school supplies... Today has not gone at all to plan."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    When the blue apparition suddenly comes for Bear, Sam's posture changes. Instantly. He doesn't care who sees it, or how much he's giving away, but within a moment he's ready to do what he must to fight off an interstellar being to protect his dog. Hands become fists, his balance changed to strike in several directions... and then it turns out that once again Bear is the focus of all attention in the area.

    The Shepherd looks up at him with a happy grin, already his tail is thumping the ground from the attention he's getting from M'gann... Please human? Bear is good boy, Bear get good boy pets?

    Taking a deep breath, the teenager nods and exhales, slowly. "Sure."

    He doesn't leave a message on Kate's burner phone. Quite the contrary, he simply takes a note of her number. Both numbers, in fact. "I'm Sam, by the way, if we're all introducing ourselves. And this handsome specimen of a canine is Bear."

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Megan can feel the attention on her from Crush, giving the other girl a curious look before returning to DOG and ...Oh hey, Singularity's coming over. "Hello. I'm Megan Morse! It's nice to meet you." She somewhat gingerly offers the blue being a handshake, gaze flicking over to the approaching others as well. ..Huh. She can't get a readon Vivian... at all. This is strange. Either her mental shields are exceptionally good, or... Oh crap, she's staring. Back to looking at DOG and Singularity!

Shuri has posed:
A blink as the girl rushes past toward the dog. She smiles even wider, that is a good sign at least. If it were hostile, it'd likely not want to pet a dog. She approaches the girl, universe...thing...and slooks over her carefully before looking to Bear. She nods to Samuel, "He is a handsome dog." She then blinks at the response to her question and then she nods, "Well, you will find friends here, Singularity." She nods her head and then looks to Adisa briefly before looking forward to Megan and the others. She looks back to Singularity, "Singularity, where do you come from?" She asks simply enough.

She glances briefly to Samuel and states, "And if you're wondering, your dog is safe at the moment. She isn't radioactive or anything."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Yeah. I think there are too many people." Crush says over to Obelus- giving the two women at the dog another look before she takes a few steps and *LEAPS* into the air away from the Ocean and further in shore. It looks like she just disappears into the distance- an easy few miles worth of jump.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Right then the whole attention has drifted away from her to the blue glowing girl over yonder and the whole dog. She isn't sure honestly which is more distracting for people. The Dog or the Alien or whatever Singularity is.

Still her question about Happy Harbor being full off some odd teenagers seems pretty much settled at this point. Her coffee is sipped and she starts to relax in her chair, fishing out her phone, the burner, and opening it up to text Clint about this situation..

Which gets totally derailed when she sees a text about keeping her battery out of her phone when not in use. Oh crap. Now she flicks a look around paranoid but of course this could have happened just about anywhere. She texts back though <<Thanks..>>

Then the ... maybe mutant.. leaps into the air with her chain and .. wow a single building worth in a single bound, or perhpas Hulk worthy.

Well. Kate does need a hulk she thinks to herself quietly.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity is happy to pet that pupper! She copies what she sees M'gann doing mostly, more tentatively at first to make sure Bear seems to like it, before she gives him a good scritching, grinning happily as she does at Megan. Dog friends!

    "Viv." she repeats. "Kate. Sam. Shuri. Megan." She beams a bit, then looks expectantly at Xiomara as she sees her coming closer, then waves cheerfully at her, before she abruptly leaps away, causing the blue girl to watch in amazement and delight, before pointing after her excitedly. "Fly!".

    So many new people! But they all seem nice. It makes her feel more....at home. Not really where she came from, so much as where she remembers the first time she came to this universe. Her brow furrows a bit at Shuri at the question of where she comes from, trying to distill a complex series of ideas she doesn't entirely know the vocalizations for to something that approximates the idea. "Singularity. Was. Outside. Now. Is. Here?" she says, emphasizing each word like they're a distinct thought.

Vivian Vision has posed:
The reply doesn't actually send. Virtual Vivian isn't sending messages via a cellphone number after all. But despite the failure to delivery notice a 'You're welcome.' still manages to appear. M'gann's telepathic scan won't pick up even a hint of a telepathic shield. There's the same blank she might expact to see from any inanimate object.

"The school brochure said this was a quiet part of New York where nothing of note happens..." Physical Viv muses as Xiomara launches herself into the sky. "I suppose someone will need to get a new student welcome pack printed..." The hologram of her brow furrows into a frown. "Should we call for the police? Is there a Government department which deals with this sort of thing? I had honestly expected to have heard the words 'Take me to your leader' at least once by now."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Glad to hear it." Sam mentions to Shuri in an undertone, keeping up a smile which by now must be very fake. "But I figured if that color was due to Cherenkov radiation, we'd all be fatally exposed by now anyway. Appreciate the concern for Bear though, I won't forget it."

    At the same time, a message will appear on Kate's phone. Not the burner phone, the other one... it announces itself an everything, with the old fashioned 'arrow hitting tree to nail up a message' sound that was popular quite some years ago. And which is probably chosen not so much for stylistic reasons, as to make a completely different statement. It reads, simply <<If you want to talk security, call me>> followed by a number.

    "Well, I'm glad you're here now, Singularity. Bear certainly seems to like you, and he's never been wrong about anyone before." Perhaps not entirely true, but the Shepherd is wagging his tail so hard that the tail is nearly wagging him right back, tilting his head up and letting his tongue loll out. In doing so, he can see the other human, the spiky human, jump away. There is a momentary urge to chase... but why chase when there are friendly humans right here?

    For a moment, Sam is also torn between two courses of action. One would be to identify himself and note that, yes, there is such an agency, and he's part of it. The other is to not do that, and see how the crowd reacts. Given his current rather nebulous attachment to SHIELD, the teenager opts for the latter. "Police is for crimes, and I don't see one here. As for agencies... there's probably half a dozen, but I don't have them on speed dial, do you?"

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     "Whoah!" Crush's sudden departure gets a surprised gasp from Megan, and a momentary cessation of scritching. "Yeah, that's... That's pretty unusual. But if this is all the strangeness this week, then it's still less happening than New York?" Finally, the redhead rises back to her feet. "Thank you again, Sam. Bear is a very nice dog. And I don't think we should call the police or anything."

Shuri has posed:
"I do not think that they could do much about Singularity if they did arrive." She taps her ear stud and the vissor simply goes away as does the keyboard and she puts a hand on her hip, "As for agencies, doubt they could do much either. She likely can leave and go as she pleases." She nods her head, "Now, Singularity, I am glad you are here but I am curious. Do you mean outside...the planet? The universe?" She doesn't really mention anything else. Not looking directly at Vivian but she caught something off there, too. Honestly, a lot of people here were giving off odd signals. Not something she was gonna go into right now as Singularity was the bigger, well, not exactly threat.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity looks up at Shuri, blinking curiously at her. Is that how she is supposed to be greeting people? It's true, she's not sure who the leader is. Well, here. Before, it was Jennifer who was Baron. She sees Megan get up and a little reluctantly stands up herself...pupper petting is over?

    But there are more questions, and she's at least trying to be helpful about all of that. "Yes." she responds to Shuri. Both these things, definitely!

    "Looking. For. Friends. Hope. Are. Safe." Singularity explains after a moment, giving Bear a last little pet as she rubs her ears, then tilts her head. "New friends?" she says, looking around at those around her. "Back. Soon." She holds up a hand and waves cheerfully. "Bye!"

    There's a blue flash as she shimmers, that blue energy from before shimmering around her then.


    Annnnnd she's gone.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks down at her jacket, she puts one phone away, draws the other. Then looks at it.

Okay this is definitely a super unnerving little town so far. She glances at the spot vacated by the blue glowing girl with another POINK then replies to that text. <<Sure that sounds grand.>> about meeting up to discuss security since someone definitely seems to be enjoying messing with her phone.

She pays for her coffee and slips up to check out the rest of the town of Happy Harbor before heading home shaking her head.

M'gann M'orzz has posed:
     Aaaaand she's gone. Megan gives the spot of air a particularly bemused look, before checking her phone. "Well... It sounds like she just wanted friends. And everyone should have a friend." Sure it's cheesey, but it's true. "I should probably be going, it's getting kind of late. I'll see ou all around! THanks again for letting me pet the dog!" Waving cheerfully, the redhead wanders off down the block.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Speed dial?" Vivian repeats, looking around her and adopting her most innocent expression. "I don't even have a bag with me. Never mind a cellphone." Which is technically true. She doesn't own a phone or a computer. "My parents didn't believe they were necessary." Of course that doesn't mean she has refrained from putting together some encrypted and rather detailed files on everyone and everything happening. But that's really no different to any of the other days she's been out and about in the world. The question is does she know she's doing it?

"I bet they could contact the Avengers? Someone like Tony Stark or Reed Richards is bound to have the equipment to figure out what is happening. We don't really know if she's supposed to be like that or if something went wrong somewhere..."

Virtual Viv has meanwhile moved on to an exhaustive comparison search, checking Singularitys physical dimensions and rough appearance against every missing persons database she can find as well as hunting through news articles on any exotic physics experiments that may have gone wrong in unexpected ways.

And then the entity is gone. "I... guess I will go back to my shopping then. Good day everyone."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "You hear that? You're making friends all over the cosmos." Sam smiles at Bear, who has nothing but a large smile for him in turn. Galaxy's most famous dog... it's a fitting title. With the group breaking up, he nods his goodbyes to everyone and continues on his way with the cart of components. Who could have guessed that offering to repair a van would lead to such shenanigans?

    Some distance away from the group, he starts to smile, waiting until he's around a corner before he sends a message back to a certain number. <<Name the place. I'll be there.>>

Shuri has posed:
A blink and she smirks at Vivian, "Who needs Tony Stark? She's a living universe." She states simply enough, "A pocket dimension that seems to have taken a life of its own." She nods her head, "And she seems to be able to open up wormholes between dimensions or something similar to be able to transport between two points quickly." Shuri nods her head and then looks to Adisa, "Come on, Adisa, we should get going. I have a lot of new information I want to look into." She grins and looks back, "Again, I'm Shuri. It was nice to sort of meet you all." She then starts off grinning even as she taps the stud in her ear and the visor returns and she starts typing again on the keyboard that seems to come out of the beads on her wrist.