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Samuel Morgan (Scenesys ID: 382)
Name: Samuel Alexander Morgan
Superalias: Techno
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Aspiring Hero/Decommissioned Weapon
Citizenship: Stateless
Residence: New York
Education: Private Specialist Education
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor, SHIELD
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 11 Nov 2003 Played By Alex Pettyfer
Height: 5'9" Weight: 175
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: 'Monster' - Skillet

Character Info


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Created by HYDRA to be their genetically pure and perfect assassin, Sam has so many skeletons in his closet that it's nearly an ossuary. He's trying to escape a life of evil and turn it around to a life dedicated to righting wrongs. But his past has left him with some significant issues, and enemies that really won't stop until he's dead. Added to that, he's on his last chance before they lock him up and throw away the key.

Honestly, if it wasn't for his faithful dog Bear, it'd be a nearly impossible task.


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* 2002, October: Work begins on HYDRA's project 'Purity', lead by Herr Doctor Ludwig Eissen, a disillusioned East German geneticist. The goal: to create a genetically pure and loyal assassin to eventually replace the Winter Soldier.
* 2003, February: DNA selection for 'Purity' complete, acquired from numerous individuals with 'desirable' traits. All samples tested for genetic purity by Doctor Eissen.
* 2003, November: After many failed attempts, the first viable embryo of project 'Purity' completes maturation and is decanted. Sam is 'born'.
* 2004, March: Initial testing of 'Sam' yields promising results, all genetic material cryogenically frozen and lab sealed. Doctor Eissen is given custody of Sam and tasked with early indoctrination.
* 2008, November: Following Sam's fifth birthday, both he and Doctor Eissen are relocated from Rosewell, VA to a secure facility near Lexington, KY.
* 2008, December: Sam's combat training begins.
* 2010: Doctor Eissen is transferred to project 'Nightingale'. Sam remains in Kentucky, under the care of HYDRA base personnel. He redoubles his training efforts to work through the feelings of loss and betrayal.
* 2011: Sam passes the HYDRA loyalty test, taking a life for the first time. He is given the codename 'Scorpio' and his operational training commences.
* 2012: Following the invasion and the detonation of the Gene Bomb, security at the Kentucky facility is compromised. All assets are relocated to a hidden facility on an island in Lake Marion, SC.
* 2013, January: Repeated security breaches at the Lake Marion facility begin to implicate Sam. Forbidden information is found on his personal terminal. Sam is detained and questioned.
* 2013, February: Doctor Eissen is urgently recalled from project 'Nightingale' to examine Sam. Upon examination, it is found that Sam's genome has been altered by the Gene Bomb, turning him into a mutant with Technopathic abilities. With his genetic purity compromised, Sam's future is the topic of debate.
* 2013, March: Sam is released from the holding cell and returned to training and duties. Doctor Eissen remains on staff to monitor and help develop his new abilities.
* 2015: A group within HYDRA demands the destruction of Sam and the re-opening of the 'Purity' lab. Doctor Eissen argues against the move, claiming it would be costly and impractical. Although his arguments win the day, he is now a marked man, many assigning blame to him for delivering an 'impure' operative.
* 2016: Sam is more frequently sent on solo missions. Group missions begin to accrue high casualty rates due to faulty intel and sometimes outright sabotage. It is rumored that Scorpio has started to go rogue and killing his team mates, leading Sam to be ever more isolated. Understanding that HYDRA is seeking to terminate both him and his surrogate son, Doctor Eissen begins to contemplate defection.
* 2017: Doctor Eissen manages to contact SHIELD and begins to negotiate for his defection, setting as a condition that he be allowed to take Sam with him. In preparation, he begins the process of deprogramming Scorpio by sowing doubt about the organisation they both serve. Sam's work and mental health begin to suffer.
* 2018: Sam suffers a full mental breakdown and kills his own combat instructor in a blind rage. Scorpio's security rating is upgraded from 'Extremely dangerous' to 'With extreme prejudice'. Ironically, this lowers suspicion towards him and Doctor Eissen, which had begun to mount following reports from double agents inside SHIELD that a high profile operative in the Lake Marion facility wanted to defect.
* 2019, April: Sam is wounded on an assassination mission. Doctor Eissen understands that HYDRA has started to accelerate their plans for their deaths, and arranges a date with SHIELD for their defection and extraction.
* 2019, June 29th: Double agents within SHIELD warn HYDRA of an imminent raid on the Lake Marion facility.

* 2019, June 30th: On the night of the Long Knives, SHIELD attempt to extract Doctor Eissen and Scorpio. With the facility on high alert, the raid goes disastrously wrong. Among the casualties, when the bullets stop flying, is Herr Doctor Ludwig Eissen. Sam is extracted, wounded but alive, having accounted for a third of the facility by himself.
* 2019, July: SHIELD begins deprogramming of 'Scorpio', who takes the official name of Samuel Alexander Morgan, and is assigned the new codename 'Techno' after his abilities have been made manifest. Sam slips into a deep depression following the events of the last two years.
* 2019, August: Sam begins therapy for a myriad of mental issues that have been discovered during psychological evaluation. Progress is nearly nil until he is introduced to Bear, a psychological assistance dog. The two bond quickly, with positive effects on Sam's mental health.
* 2019, October: Although nominally detained by SHIELD, Sam has been living in a safe house for several months. The decision is made not to send him to the Fridge on the condition he agrees to permanently switch allegiances and join SHIELD's 'consultant list'. With little other choice, Sam agrees.
* 2019, November 11th: Sam's 16th birthday. The debate about his future still rages, and the technopath is making strides to rejoining society. As he is found to be uncommonly intelligent, it is suggested he apply for specialist colleges.
* 2020, January: Sam witnesses a violent assault and intervenes. This is the first time he has saved a life rather than taken one, and he is surprised how good he feels about it afterwards. The thought that he might become a hero enters his head for the first time.

IC Journal

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For most of his life, Sam has lived under the rigid discipline of a para-military organisation. He is used to doing his share, keep his word and pull his weight. He's also accustomed to sticking to a routine, no matter how inconvenient it might be at the time. It's not in his nature to argue once a matter has been decided, no matter how he feels on the issue.

Dog Person:
Until recently, Sam was not allowed pets. He has found, much to his surprise, that he likes dogs, and in turn it seems dogs very much like him. Although normally reserved around humans, he seems to abandon that mask when interacting with man's best friend.

Sam is no intellectual slouch. He enjoys research and learning, although he will often hide the full measure of his intelligence from people he doesn't know well. He tries not to be a bore, but can be a fount of random trivia sometimes. On all matters military, he will absolutely correct someone making a blatant erroneous statement when in earshot.

Sam isn't blessed with a whole lot of friends, and so he'll always try his best to protect the ones he has, even if that means making serious sacrifices. This absolutely applies to Bear.

Not for Sam is the rampant expression of emotion, be that positive or negative. A smile might be found on his face at most times, but that is as far as it is likely to go in normal circumstances. He follows his father's Teutonic principles of always keeping his emotions closely guarded. This can make him a formidable poker player.

Character Sheet


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Although a lot of DNA selected for Sam's genetic material was geared towards physical perfection, the team didn't neglect to select for mental acuity. Never an intellectual slouch, his mental capacities were kicked into even higher gear when his mutation manifested, due to the necessity to process a lot of data very quickly. As a result, he had the IQ to apply for Mensa membership at age 10, and his intelligence has only continued to grow, now well within the Genius range.

As a result, he likes to study and studies quickly, finds it easy to quickly and accurately recall data, and has to ability to quickly grasp and apply new concepts. He has a voracious appetite for knowledge.

A rather rare mutation, Sam is a technopath, a kind of technological telepath. Rather than other sentients, however, his powers work exclusively on devices, be they electric or electronic. He can sense and control any such devices within 20 meters, and generally can make them do what he wants with a mere thought, although he will be the first to admit that he has no idea how it works. More than just a simple interface, his connection to these devices is more akin to talking to them, and he generally assigns personalities to them, which often correspond to their function.

This also allows him to read and 'sense' data on devices such as computers, tablets and phones, and transfer that data across without ever having to touch a device.


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Sam was not, as some might think, trained from birth to be an assassin. They gave him at least a few years to grow up before starting his training... possibly because a toddler can't be expected to gain a relative competency in marksmanship. But once training began, it didn't end until the day he walked out of the Lake Marion base, stepping over the corpses of his former team members. As a result, he is quite competent in what might be called the lethal arts, knowing how to approach a target, identify weaknesses, and deploy the correct killing strategy. Be that a sniper bullet from afar, a knife through the heart at close range or a correctly placed explosive device for the more overt targets, and subtle acts of mechanical sabotage as well as poisons for the more covert missions.

Scorpio had a reputation for getting the job done with a minimum of complications.

Combat Training:
Every HYDRA agent worth that name needs to learn to defend themselves. In Sam's case, his training went well beyond self defense, taught by experts who accepted nothing less than perfection. Starting young, he's had years to perfect his skills, and ample opportunity to test them.

Armed Combat:

Sam is an accomplished shot with a pistol, having trained with the type of firearm since he was capable of holding one. He can clear jams, clean, disassemble and reassemble a pistol on sheer muscle memory, and reload with a speed that only comes with years of practice. Proficient with every caliber of handgun round currently in production, he favors single shot kills and the Mozambique Drill for particularly pesky opponents. While he is proficient in the use of SMG's and assault rifles, he prefers the precision of semi-automatic high caliber rifles with a decent mounted optic. In short, for long range combat, he prefers the sniper's approach, and is reasonably confident of hitting his target even at a distance where the shot would arrive before the report.

For very close in work, Sam prefers simple knives or short blades.

Unarmed Combat:

Employing a style he was taught over the years by a variety of tutors, some 'on loan' from other organisations, Sam's unarmed fighting will never win him a tournament. On the other hand, it is brutally effective in a real fight where style doesn't matter and the only disqualification is permanent. Based part on Krav Maga, part on the more destructive parts of Kali, with a sprinkling of Kempo and Muay Thai, his fighting style is based on disabling an opponent through sheer brutality and speed... much like an actual scorpion. After nigh on a decade of continuous and daily training, he is quite literally a living weapon.

Computer Literate:
A child of his age, Sam knows his way around a computer system, no matter the OS installed. He is, however, the kind of person who can fix things for you, but can't tell you how to do it over the phone. His knowledge is practical rather than academic, and often laced with a healthy dose of technopathic sense.

Since there were often times that HYDRA would like some bit of data that a computer really didn't want them to have, Sam is familiar with several 'black hat' tools to circumvent encryption and security, having used them several times. Of course, he no longer needs such tricks when he's near enough, but do keep your password updated... he knows more than one way to trick a system into giving him access.

When Sam has infiltrated your network, it's going to be a job and a half to get rid of him.

Not for Sam the modern trend of lazing about. He likes to keep himself in shape through constant exercise, starting with a run of a few miles every morning, and it's a rare day he doesn't spend at least two hours in the gym. Since he was created from hand-picked genes, he is currently in very good shape and always looking to improve. Granted, he's not an Olympic athlete, but on most days it's a close run thing.

He'll have a fair stab at parkour, having quite an excellent sense of balance, and can climb with the best of them.

Insider Knowledge:
Until his very definite and very enthusiastic defection, Sam was HYDRA's rising star... at least, to some factions of that ever fratricidal organisation. He /knows/ things. Having been indoctrinated since childhood into HYDRA's mantra, goals and world view, he knows what they want and the lengths they'll go to just to get it. He can spot the signs of a HYDRA operation in progress, subtle though they may be, making him one of the few experts on that organisation.

This means that he can also spot HYDRA agents, although he would have to catch them in one of the learned routines they use to throw off suspicion. It's not an exact science, but given enough time he will uncover a mole.

Methods of Entry:
A catch-all phrase for the skill to enter a place that is actively trying to deter you from entering. Often times the best way around a locked door is to not used the door, and if it would be quicker to not bother with covert or overt tampering with locked doors, Sam can identify the better route.

When that is not an option, he has been trained in the grey art of lock picking and the use of small explosives for dynamic entry strategies. Of course, he has never had to bother with electronic locks since his abilities manifested... This skill would make him a very dangerous burglar, if he ever set his mind to serious theft.

Operational Training:
Strategy, logistics, reconnoiter and deployment. It wasn't enough for HYDRA that Sam be trained to be a lethal weapon, he was always supposed to be a leader, and that meant knowing the more cerebral parts of running operations. While his practical experience is limited, having only been in charge of a limited number of missions, his academic knowledge of the subject is quite advanced.

Equally, he knows what it takes for a team to be successful, and has led teams on numerous occasions. Despite his reputation as a lone wolf, Sam always knew how to keep a team together and how to motivate them to perform to their full potential.

Technological Aptitude:
For reasons that are probably not entirely unexpected, Sam understands technology on a level that is hard to imagine. He enjoys not only repairing it, but also improving on it and designing his own. He is apt to tinker, and can lose himself in the creation of an invention, or the repair of a car or motorcycle. Unsurprisingly, he's quite good at this.

Given the right tools and the right materials, there is little that he can't figure out how to build.

Well Educated:
When HYDRA created Sam, they weren't interested in making just another soldier. He was supposed to lead, blend in and think on his own, and so he had to be conversant in a myriad of different topics, as well as be more than competent in all standard academic pursuits. His high intelligence helped, but there's no denying that studying under some of the brightest mind of a generation with the constant threat of disappointing HYDRA looming over his shoulder tended to make Sam a very diligent student.

Academically, he is somewhat beyond his peers, his ad hoc studies necessarily accelerated often to College levels, and has a keen interest in physics, chemistry and robotics. Out of necessity he has learned to read body language and can gauge the emotional state of someone with sufficient observation. In addition, he knows how to lip read and how to act a part, lying convincingly by lacing his lies with a healthy dose of truth.

One of the operational skills that seem to translate well into real life is his ability to drive motorcycles and even cars, although he has never driven the latter in any actual traffic. It shouldn't surprise anyone that he's not actually legally licensed to do so, however.

Finally, and by no means least, he is fluent in Spanish, French, German and Russian.

Just... don't ask him to cook, or even boil an egg. No good can come of it.


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To help Sam recover his mental health and develop his sense of empathy, he has been paired up with Bear, a young German Shepherd that acts as his psychiatric assistance dog. Fiercely intelligent and unswervingly loyal, Bear has a zest for life that is utterly infectious, enjoying a walk in the park as much as chasing for a ball, going for a run or just quietly laying on a sofa... as long as he's doing so with his human. They are so in sync that at times it might seem that Bear is in fact a shape shifter in disguise (he's not, SHIELD has checked) and the German Shepherd can detect even the most minute changes in Sam's mood.

Despite looking and often acting a lot like a military dog, Bear is in fact incredibly friendly and would try to befriend a fly before even thinking about hurting one. He does, however, carry a concealed push button under his collar that will send a silent alarm to an intervention team if, in his canine opinion, his human is in acute crisis.


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It's not just HYDRA that's looking for Sam. To ensure that he is caught and silenced, HYDRA has placed a bounty on his head for a significant enough amount that it is worth it for freelance hunters to risk having a shot at him. Although the bounty does in theory state 'Dead or alive', it's fairly obvious which outcome the organisation would prefer...

Legally, Sam does not exist. Created in a lab, his birth was never registered, and no matter how cleverly crafted his identity documents may be, Samuel Alexander Morgan does not actually exist in the system. This makes it extremely difficult for him to cross an international border or obtain legal employment.

If he should make it to the age of 21 without running into legal trouble or violating the terms of his parole, he will be provided with a legal birth certificate. Until then, his identity is utterly at the whim and on the indulgence of SHIELD.

Last Chance:
You don't get to simply walk away from an organisation like HYDRA and expect that all will be forgiven the moment you turn yourself in to the forces of justice. Sam has done things that are hard to forgive, and impossible to forget. While he might be at liberty, under strict conditions, it's very clear that this is his last chance.

Running his name through a police database will bring up a flag 'armed and dangerous, approach with caution', and as soon as he is listed as having been arrested, a team will be dispatched to collect him. One foot over the line, and he will never be seen again.

Mental Illness:
Through conditioning and compulsion, Sam has seen extreme violence in his life, at an age where his mind could barely process such violent emotions. He has been a willing participant in such acts, which have left mental scars that have begun to manifest.

Suffering from anxiety disorders and post traumatic stress syndrome, Sam sleeps badly, has nightmares, is sometimes overcome by extreme fear for no discernible reason, and slips into hypervigilance on an almost daily basis. He feels threatened in crowds and checks his environment as if he's on a battlefield, often deeply suspicious of strangers. This is of course not helped by the fact that he knows there's a valid reason for his paranoia, as people are most certainly out to get him.

In short, Sam needs therapy and medication to live a mostly normal life, fighting against the dual demons of depression and paranoia. In this he is tremendously helped by his German Shepherd, Bear.

Mental Triggers:
Whether you call them trigger phrases, psionic activations or mental bombs, several of these nasty surprises lay dormant in Sam's mind. Given that he was trained to be dangerous, HYDRA ensured that they would always have a way to disarm or deactivate the weapon they had created. Through hypnotic suggestion, subliminal messages and even outright telepathic manipulation, several triggers were installed that can be exploited by those with the right information.

Sam remains unaware of these triggers, at least one of which is the cause for his current mental illness. Further triggers remain that could compel him to act against his will, or many more reactions that are currently unknown. Removing these triggers would be the work for a very skilled telepath, with significant risk to Sam's mind and even life.

On Parole:
Although Sam might be a useful asset, it can't be overlooked that until a short while ago he was an active member of a terrorist organisation. His freedom, therefore, comes with strict conditions. Not only is Sam expected to remain available for any and all debriefings that SHIELD might require, he is expected to drop everything if any legitimate agency demands his assistance. He must always reside at a stated address, is to physically check in with the Triskellion once a week, see an approved therapist three times per week, and stay out of trouble.

He can expect to be picked up with prejudice if there is even the slightest suspicion he was involved in a recent incident and told to account for himself. Until his debt to society is repaid in full, he can expect to be kept on a very tight leash.

Technopath Limits:
First and foremost, batteries not included. A device needs to have power to function, and thus it needs power for Sam to control it. While he can flick a device from standby to active with a mere thought, if the batteries have been removed, or if the power has been cut entirely, the device is dead to him. Quite literally. He is unable to even sense devices that are entirely without power.

Equally, he is unable to repair devices with his mind alone, although it can help him find out where the problem is. It's just as impossible to make a device function beyond its design, however. No matter how much he tries, he can't get last week's footage from a security camera if the camera doesn't have internal storage. Getting the footage from a remote server via that camera might be possible, but only if the camera is capable of receiving as well as sending data.

Lastly, data that is held on an offline medium, such as a memory stick, is just as inaccessible to Sam as it is to anyone else without a device to read it first. While he can copy data from one device to another, even a device that can't natively read this data, he cannot copy data from storage media that isn't connected /to/ a device, as the storage medium isn't a device itself.

The greatest disadvantage to his abilities is that often the chatter of so many devices starts to grate on the nerves. Being surrounded by so much electronic noise, from time to time he needs to take a break away from technology, be that out in the country or inside a faraday cage. Strangely, he is very susceptible to electromagnetic pulses, to the point where an EMP blast designed to disable shielded electronics will knock him out as if it were a stun grenade.

The Beast Inside:
Through mental conditioning, Sam has been made capable of extreme violence which can erupt with little to no warning. Few people are capable of cold blooded murder or violent assault on perfect strangers without provocation, but the capacity to do so lurks inside of Sam's mind. For the most part, Sam has this violent part of his personality under tight control, but he is well aware that there have been times when this Beast has taken over. He fights a daily battle to keep it caged.

Sam has committed the ultimate sin. While HYDRA could understand and perhaps even in time forgive an operative that is captured and subsequently escapes, there can be no such consideration for an operative that has betrayed the organisation. Not only did Sam defect to SHIELD, he killed loyal HYDRA soldiers to do it, and has been sharing information with SHIELD that should under no circumstances be divulged.

In short, Sam is marked by HYDRA as a loose end that they will tie up, one way or another. They will never stop looking for him.



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PTSD and the Art of Van Maintenance March 13th, 2020 Colette goes to check on Samuel after his emotional exit from class. They exchange frank views in very veiled language.
Along came a Scorpion March 12th, 2020 An assassin and a vigilante meet in a park... to talk future.
THIS IS A SCENE TITLE! March 12th, 2020 Some students meet out behind the library and talk about the Winter Crucible, which is not, as one might think, a Jotun invention.
Genosha Burns: Survivor's Stories March 11th, 2020 Heroes comfort the Genoshan survivors, and find nuggets of information in the stories they have to tell.
Lunchtime Conversations March 10th, 2020 Lunchtime at HHH: conversations, unearthing of not-so-secret information, and a surprise prom-posal
So You're Interested in Capes... March 9th, 2020 Colette and Sanjeev take a study group with Alton, Christine, Sam, Vivian and M'gann. Only two of them suffer psychological trauma.
Happy Harbor: Meet and Greet March 7th, 2020 No one gets murdered at the first meet and greet. Someone does get punched though!
On the Waterfront March 6th, 2020 Secrets are revealed while watching the surf roll in.
A new Challenger appears March 5th, 2020 Happy Harbor students share lunch and opinions.
Pro-HUMANA Gala March 4th, 2020 The Pro-HUMANA Gala opens their fundrasing season, attended by senators, artists, actors. Terry O'Neil gets a scoop, Sam Guthrie disguised as a waiter, Illyana Rasputina disguised as a socialite, Samuel Morgan and Hal Jordan as common gala-guests and Power Girl as a very, very angry woman. Allegra Caradenza (Alexis Carr) meets up with Sanjeev Bassi, her best friend, and the absolute roller coaster of occurances are fed into a mess of an event! Watch for the fire and the confetti!
Unexpected Sightings March 3rd, 2020 The sight of a pegasus in Central Park brings a few people together.
Gotta Eat Sometime March 3rd, 2020 Sometimes speaking up has consequences
Rebooting the Brain March 1st, 2020 They come for the quiet. And then talk over it.
Out of this world March 1st, 2020 Singularity appears in Happy Harbor just as Kate Bishop is doing an investigation & Shuri is sneaking out. Allowing a pair of aliens, a SHIELD trainee and an AI to experience just what it's like to be relatively normal in comparison.
The newest student is an AI February 28th, 2020 Samuel meets an unusual new student, Vivian and Daisy the mysterious new IT teacher.
We Happy Few February 28th, 2020 Scene where Bart Allen, Sebastian Winters, Samuel Morgan, and Alexander Aaron all become best buddies.
Droning On and On in the Park February 28th, 2020 Sam's dog Bear fetches a science project and meets up with Peter Parker.
Paved with good intentions. February 27th, 2020 Miss Natasha conducts an interview quite out of the ordinary to discuss Sam's recent behavior...
Happy Harbor: Morrigan's Office Hours February 27th, 2020 Doctor MacIntyre holds open office hours. Samuel and Sebastian drop in to talk.
Big Belly's House of Eats February 26th, 2020 Samuel Morgan and Cabochon meet Dr. Fairchild in town before school starts
Violent Police Chase in Metropolis February 25th, 2020 Starlabs shipment gets hijacked. Some hero types step in to help. Harley blows it up with a bazooka. Hijinks ensue. Facebook is mentioned. Mister J is mentioned.. Oops?!
Dog Day Afternoon February 24th, 2020 A dog gives snuggles while a hyena gives pummels
Downtown...Dinosaurs February 24th, 2020 A bunch of dinosaurs attack downtown but thanks to the actions of the heroes onhand, the dinos were stopped and so was a bank robbery. Who knew?


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