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Artemis (Scenesys ID: 1258)
Name: Artemis
Superalias: Artemis
Gender: Female
Species: Amazon (Bana)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Bana-Mighdall
Residence: Wanderer
Education: Private
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 08 Jul 1994 Played By
Height: 6'1" Weight: 166 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Artemis is a daughter of the Bana-Mighdall, a woman on a mission, and in self-exile form her own people. She seeks to recover an artifact that has been lost to her people in order to prove her worth and take away a great guilt that weighs upon her heart. She refuses to let go until she recovers this artifact and even then she may not yet fully recover. She is not known to the outside world though her size and build may lead people to think she belongs to the tribes of the Amazons.


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* 1994: Artemis is born in Bana-Mighdall under an auspicious sign. Many believe her to have a bright future.
* 1997: Even from birth Artemis's mother would whisper to her of battle but as soon as she could walk, she started to train her daughter in the art of war.
* 1999: Akila and Artemis are introduced and become fast friends, the pair of girls growing up together, training together and sparring together. They'd go on for years like this, with Akila often having the upper hand.
* 2008: Artemis dreams of Bast who tells her that she is a warrior born and deserves a warrior's weapon. She promises the girl she'll one day wield a weapon of immense power and to keep training.
* 2010: Artemis, ever impatient and hot headed, snuck into the armory of Bana-Mighdall and attempts to steal the Bow of Bast. A powerful weapon, said to be capable of shooting the stars from the skies with its great might. However, she is stopped by none other than Bast herself. She is told that she's hardly ready for such a weapon and that if the girl wants a weapon so badly, then she will need to earn it.
* 2015: Akila vanishes without a trace and is gone for many weeks till she is found later by Artemis in the lands north of Bana-Mighdall. Akila tells her she was taken by the gods and spoke with them. Soon after, Akila is named Shim'Tar. A title that both girls sought. The defender of Bana-Mighdall. Artemis, hurt by her inability to gain such a title exiles herself from Bana-Mighdall.
* 2019: While in the wilds, Artemis comes close to Bana-Mighdall again only to see it under attack by men attempting to find a way into the lands of Wakanda. The men are using powerful weapons of war to try to get through only to be confronted by Akila wielding the Bow of Bast. However, it turns out that she was not strong enough to wield it properly and while she has held it since becoming Shim'Tar, this is her first time using its true power. The power corrupts her, causing her to believe she can do whatever she wishes. She turns the bow on the men despite the fact that her sisters are fighting as well. Many Amazons are killed until Artemis interferes. During the battle, desperate for a way to stop her sister, a weapon comes to Artemis. A massive axe named Mistress and with it, she is able to stop her sister but...she ends up killing Akila in the process. Dying in her arms, Akila reveals to Artemis that the gods had told her she was not the true Shim'Tar, that it was to be Artemis all along. Before more can be learned, Akila dies and the Bow of Bast vanishes.
* 2020: Artemis leaves Bana-Mighdall behind, unable to face her sisters or herself after what happened. She leaves in search of the missing Bow, knowing it is not in Bana-Mighdall.

IC Journal

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Unsure Warrior:
Artemis is a survivor at her core. She learned that from a very early age when she learned the art of war. Learned to fight and learned to live. Bana-Mighdall amazons are all trained in battle but Artemis was trained to be a leader. She had always seen herself as such until she met Akila. A girl who was in all ways her equal and in some ways better. As they grew, Akila became a woman that Artemis wished she could. So confident, so sure, and so calm in the face of all challenge. What Artemis never realized was just how confident she was herself.

Artemis is the definition of someone who cannot see herself. In battle she is sure and strong. In action she makes confident strides forward. However, her hindsight is always judgemental. Looking back upon her own actions, no matter how good or wise they might be as a failure. She is the girl who could make straight As and ask herself is she could do better. This problem was brutally hit home when Akila became Shim'Tar. It was nailed into place when she was forced to kill Akila.

Artemis is as hard on herself as she is on her enemies and her lack of confidence in her own decisions has led her to be something of a loner. She is not closed to love but she finds it difficult. She makes decisions quickly and sometimes rashly, but always questions them afterwards. Analyzing herself, questioning herself, and being the hardest critic she has.

Character Sheet


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Effectively Immortal:
Like many of the Amazons, her aging process is slowed to the point where she is effectively immortal. The physical healing and state of her body are such that the aging process may occur to a degree but it is highly unlikely that she will ever die from aging even if she can die from other methods.

Physical Gifts:
Gifted by the gods, Artemis is a power in her own right. She is capable of incredibly feats of strength that puts her well above normal Amazons. Her strength great enough that she can rip a steel door off its hinges, keep up with even some of the most powerful beings, and while she is a tier below some of the strongest, she is capable of applying that strength with incredible tact.

Her speed and reflexes are such that she can dodge bullets or if there are too many she can deflect them with Amazonian steel (such as her axe, Mistress).

She is tough enough that she can take blows from beings as powerful as Kryptonians and keep fighting (though piercing attacks affect her like they do many Amazons). Further, her toughness can withstand high voltage attacks, incredible heat, and chilling cold.

She can heal with incredible speed to the point where most minor injuries are gone form here in minutes and even things like broken bones begin to mend within the hour. Even severe internal damage may only take a few days to heal from though she can be killed from severe enough damage.

With this her stamina and health are such that normal poisons or diseases do not harm her and she can remain active for much longer periods than normal humans.


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She knows several languages of man's world, including English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Martial Training:
Artemis was trained since she could walk to do battle. She is capable of fighting at a skill level far beyond that of most Amazonian and was said to one day be the defender of her people. She was meant for great things among the Bana-Mighdall and her battle training shows. The only thing she lacks in when it comes to war is a taste of true battle beyond the men who have dared to invade Bana-Mighdall and her own sisters. However, it is not wise to count this as too powerful a weakness given Amazonian sparring often results in broken bodies.

When it comes to her axe, Artemis is become particularly skilled. She trained with throwing it, capable, due to her strength, to use it like a throwing axe despite its amazing size.

Tactical Training:
Like many Amazons, she is trained in the art of war. She thinks tactically and is skilled at seeing battle from afar as well as up close.


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Amazonian Sword:
Artemis also has an Amazonian sword that has a magical enchantment that allows it to be called up from simply a hilt. She keeps the hilt hidden on her at all times as a back up weapon just in case or if she has to fight in tighter spaces where Mistress would be far too big.

Artemis wears a set of armor that she sometimes hides under other clothing that provides her with easy movement while also providing a degree of protection against smaller arms. Given her weakness against piercing weapons, this armor prevents small blades or minor guns to get the better of her.

Her favored weapon, this Axe is easily as tall as she is from handle to blade with the axe head being as wide as a person's torso. The blade itself is enchanted and sharp enough to even damage the most invulnerable beings and while their toughness can stop the blade, few if any are likely to come away without a scratch if hit. The blade is capable of deflecting fire from even the strongest of man made weapons. It can even take hits from incredibly powerful beings.

That being said, it is not totally invincible and enough sustained hits over time can weaken the blade (and Artemis in turn). On the plus side, the blade can heal itself. It can be dismissed from this realm of existence and given time, if left away it will heal itself. Further, Artemis is tied to the axe by a powerful enchantment. She is capable of calling it to her hand from virtually anywhere and the axe will simply teleport to her hand.


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Amazonian Code:
Even the Bana-Mighdall kept to the code. While Artemis is far more lax with the code than most, she still sticks to it as best she can and it often guides her actions. Respect for others being the chief among those that she both is lax on and follows. However, she knows that one must respect authority and the gods, even if it irks her sometimes. She knows she has a duty, even when she is out searching for something she may never find.

Artemis is bogged by guilt. She killed someone incredibly dear to her. She could not find a better way and as such she sometimes has nightmares and is haunted by the memory of what she did. Haunted by her inability to find a better way.

Hot Headed:
Artemis can be a bit hot headed, acting faster than she thinks sometimes. She might be tactically minded but sometimes her anger can get the better of her. While she rarely will let her rage make her fight like a wild woman, it can sometimes cause her to start things before they need to be.

She is tied to her axe on a mystical level. She feels what it feels. While the weapon is incredibly powerful and hard to break, it can be broken and damaged. When it is, she feels metaphysical pain associated with said damage. It cannot be healed, only endured. It only passes when she is able to dismiss the weapon and then it fades slowly.

Like any other Amazon, she is incredibly tough but not truly invulnerable. Meaning that her skin can be penetrated by sharp or piercing objects. Bullets and arrows are good examples of this.

Along side her guilt comes with her lack of confidence in herself despite the confidence she shows in her actions. She acts, moves, fights, and then questions everything she did. The fact that she lost her friend Akila to her own hand makes her even worse in this regard.



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Artemis has 24 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Introducing the New Housemate April 23rd, 2022 Sara brings Artemis to the house to live, and informs Johnny of this by having him help tote her boxes in... communication might need some work, but it is Sara's house.
Thule Chaos in Utah March 31st, 2022 The Avengers, with the help of Deadpool and Artemis, stop the Thule Society from getting the gypsum crystals, and discover that several of them are being imitated by the Society. What sort of shenanigens will the Thule Society get up to while wearing the skin of Captain America, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Witchblade, and the Scarlet Witch?
Monstrous Eruptions March 8th, 2022 Avengers and heroic friends discover a monstrous ooze lurching away from a college, and move to save the people trapped inside.
Train with Wonder Woman January 28th, 2022 A wild group of combat enthusiasts get a chance to train with the Amazons at the Themysciran Arts Center! Madness ensues!
A chance meeting January 17th, 2022 Tara meets Artemis in the Centinel Hotel lobby... Bast is highly amused.
A possible new friend December 26th, 2021 Sara gets Artemis on the way to understanding life, law and culture outside of her own.
The Return of Old Enemy Part 3 December 1st, 2021 Sara and The Witchblade were rescued from the Thule Society, the impostor destroyed thanks to the team work of Cael Becker, Artemis, Deadpool and the Ghost Rider.
The Stakeout November 29th, 2021 A stakeout yields something unexpected, and Artemis pisses Cael off.
In Search of History December 30th, 2020 Albert catches Artemis breaking into a hangar. Serious property damage does not occur.
Toys Vs Amazon September 25th, 2020 Artemis meets The Toyman
Descent of the Warrior Queen August 20th, 2020 Maxima arrives on Earth disrupting traffic and is greeted by a contingent of the World's Finest, also Doom.
Beastnapped! July 31st, 2020 Shanna and a group of random heroes help stop a HELLA ILLEGAL Savage Land animal auction. A dinosaur takes venom and has to get knocked out.
Searching for a sister July 14th, 2020 Atlin and Artemis meet again and Atlin offers some advice
Thinking Outside The X-Box June 28th, 2020 Recruitment continues for X-Force, as Artemis agrees to join the team.
Redheads of the Universe DESTROY! Rachel learning control too. June 28th, 2020 Rachel gets spoken down to by an angel. Flies off. Stupid and Stubborn.
A Little More Creamer June 8th, 2020 A number of friends old and new happen by the same coffee house.
Tracking Down a Sister May 21st, 2020 Atlin and Artemis meet after both have left home.
You Again May 10th, 2020 Artemis and Robbie reunite and get to know each other better.
Amazonian Hitchhikers from the Savage Land May 7th, 2020 Numbers are exchanged and conversation is had! A new guest for the doctorate party!
Anything is The New Orange May 7th, 2020 Ivy and Harley go shopping, it's never just normal.
An Unstoppable Outing May 1st, 2020 Juggernaut picks the wrong time to try to rob an armored truck. Facing off against an Amazon, a Ghost Rider, and an occultist proves to be something the Juggernaut didn't plan for and so he gives them one rather nasty round of applause and chooses to rob another day.
Null has a Mouse(r) Problem April 30th, 2020 MOUSERs march on Null Group and are stopped by a ragtag group of heroes. Is this the birth of a new super hero squad? Prooooooooobably not.
Winds of Change: Savage Lands Part Three April 22nd, 2020 Sauron has been found, and punched a lot to get the information and the data to reverse the dinoplague!
Winds of Change: Gorilla City Part Three April 22nd, 2020 Grodd is defeated and taken into Wakandan custody! Boca is released from her mind control and seeks her missing husband, the true king of Gorilla City.


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Artemis has 24 finished logs.

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