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Emma's Mail Arrives
Date of Scene: 04 December 2020
Location: Garage
Synopsis: Emma's clothes order arrives, Ruth, Noriko, Rogue and finally Sam help Emma, or make fun of her, or both.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Ruth Aldine, Noriko Ashida, Rogue, Samuel Guthrie

Emma Frost has posed:
    The day is finally here! Emma has been waiting for this day to arrive in such anticipation. She's been given the okay to get some clothes and in fact, Ororo, Rogue, Jean, and herself went down into the city where the former white queen escaped away from the 'chistmas flea market' in order to go get some custom pieces made for her custom frame.

    "It's here!" Emma says nearly running through the halls to get to the banister and she considers sliding down, but she knows that would end badly. BADLY. She considers jogging down when she sighs and walks carefully down before she hits the landing at the foyer and runs towards the garage. The place the blond was informed her clothes were being sent. "Get outta the waaaaay." She whoops and hollars as she books it to the stinky garage to get to her pile of boxes outside being stacked in a pile by the delivery driver.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
One of the first times Ruth had ventured out, she actually came back with something in her hand. Sunglasses high up upon her nose, cane tucked underneath her arm, MacTaggert trotting along, the sound causing little clackity-clacks against the floor..

He appeared to be chewing upon a snack, a snack that he wishes to share with no man nor pup, which causes him to hide in the two's usual hiding space. The Student Gardens. When Ruth was close to joining, she instinctively stops. There was hell afoot, and it blazed in white right past her.

"Huh." Ruth says matter-of-factly, the bag held tight against her chest, the cane slipping from her arm to fall to the floor as she turns to follow Emma to see what the fuss was. While she had never met the former White Queen, it was always good to make brief introductions and disappear into the background as she had always done.

So, with the trail/smell/delectable scent of Chicken Tenders(tm) drenched in ranch sauce in a brown paper bag (doubled!), she marks the path of Ruth was here but now she's not, only stopping once she reaches the garage to.. well..

Hang back and munch munch munch! All without napkins!

(And soda.)

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The garage just isn't the place most people hang in, which is why Noriko was here already.  She's got a sack of nuts.  She's also sitting in one of those fancy cars that are parked here, slowly sinking into the seat on the driver's side as she watches Emma arrive and then Ruth.  Munch munch.  She knows she's not fooling anybody, but this is just her instinct, and she feels more comfortable with it.  Still, she cranes her head a little when she smells Ruth's food. "Gah.  These suck now."  She doesn't bother to lower her volume.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is laying on the hood of Remy's dark green Porsche that's parked in one of the garage stalls. She's got her phone on her stomach and is just tap tap tapping away at it, completely unaware of the raging queen and her incoming haul of custom fit wardrobe replacements.

Rogue has a straw cowgirl hat on her head, a pair of blue jeans and a dark grey colored Navy peacoat on, with a pair of heeled boots on her feet.

Her phone is playing a bit of music quietly while she's texting away at someone, or maybe trolling a comment section online somwhere!

Emma Frost has posed:
    The white queen claps her hands repeatedly as she looks back at those in the garage and beams an excited smile as she lowers herself towards one of the boxes. "Um... any of you have a pocket knife or box cutter?" The woman asks, looking mostly at Rogue as that's a southern thing that needs to be done... "And how are none of you frozen sitting in cars that aren't on or anything? Buncha weirdos." Emma says with a lift of her eyebrows as she looks up to the delivery man and thumbs over her grey hoody covered shoulder, "Don't mind them, buncha degenerates."

    "Uh huh." The man says before scratching his belly and then passing the clipboard over to Emma, "Sign there at the bottom." The blonde woman scratches her signature and passes it up. "So, uh, you gonna hel-" "Later lady!" He says as he jumps down, slams the back of the truck closed and he's moving into the cab. "But wha-" SLAM and engine turns over. "Can't hear you, we got other deliveries."

    And the truck rolls off down the driveway and then out of sight.

Emma stands next to her pile of boxes with a receipt in hand that she slaps against her thigh in exasberation. "How am I gonna get these inside?" She shouts feebly out towards the truck.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The entire scene was a bit too comical. Noriko's distaste for her snacks and Rogue's nevermind, coupled with Emma's fussiness was enough to get a laugh out of the girl.

Which sounded like a chuff from a really big cat.

Ruth opens her mouth to speak, but that urge was soon replaced with a broken off piece of a chicken tender, and while she chews, she moves to the opposite side of the garage to reach out with a ranch/grease covered hand to grip the handle of the dolly. Right when the man hops into the truck is when Ruth appears near to Emma, clanking the metal dolly against the ground which goes unheard by the engine of the truck as it drives away.

Ruth wisely steps back again, -way- out of arms reach, then murmurs quietly. "Feh dolly. Thenk you."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Who knows?" Noriko throws out for her part.  "Ruth.  Can I have a chicken tender?" the teen has the gaul to ask.  "My nuts fell on the floor."  No shame.  No mention of why she was in here when Rogue was.  Whatever.

"I just run around when I get cold," Noriko offers after she speed hops out of the car without opening the door in a visible blur.  "Looks like Ruth has you covered."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just straight up doesn't answer the question about why they're in the garage at all. It's the garage. Students and the 'youths' hang out in here all the time. It's a posh garage too, not some oily grease monkey place. It has marble floors and chandeliers hanging from vaulted ceilings!

Rogue does finish up her texts and eventually looks up at the pile of boxes that Emma has, watching the delivery guy walk off. When his truck pulls away, the southern girl glides down the front of Remy's fancy car until her booted feet *clop* against the floor.

"Ya know, Emma." Rogue starts to speak up. "Generally for Chrismtas ya buy a buncha things for /other/ people. But, I mean... you definitely like lookin' out for number one, huh?" She's teasing, of course! Mostly.

"There's chicken tenders?" Rogue asks, looking toward Nori and Ruth.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes driving up, but it is not in his normal car, no Sam has picked up a motorcycle. It is on a 2001 Harley Davidson. The bike is a bit loud, but Sam rides it over next to where his car is parked and turns it off, before looking over to those in the room with a nod.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "****!" Emma shouts as she looks down and suddenly there's a dolly next to her. She looks back into the garage and gives a squint and a look around before settling on Ruth, knowingly, and then instead she looks at Noriko with a breath in, then she looks to Rogue who gets a long breath out. "It's cold is all I'm asking about..." The blonde explains her logic before she looks over to Sam as he rolls past her and her pile of boxes on the ground.

    The woman starts stacking her boxes biggest up to the smallest on top before she tries to fanagle this awkward ass machine beneath the boxes and she's struggling. "Hey, motorcycle boy! Come over here and help me." No she hasn't met Sam, and most people don't like you knowing their names without it being given so she's circumventing that with a "Please?"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Yes." Though to what, is anyones guess. She could be answering all of their questions all at once. Yes, Nori can have some chicken tenders. The bag was angled towards her, an invitation. Yes, Ruth has chicken tenders, feel free everyone! But no napkins! And yes, Ruth was cold. She was always cold; and even though she wears a near dirtied jean jacket and skinny jeans with beaten up converses, she was freezing.

"Yes. I am always cold." Ruth says blandly, pulling the bag away for a quick second to give it a shake. This mixes the ranch dressing against the chicken tenders further, which was previously eaten like a bag of popcorn. And yet, all sounds that came from Ruth were quiet as Sam makes his appearance. Seeing as Emma was going to have help, she wisely doesn't offer, but she does quickly step forward to use her jacket to wipe away the smears of grease and ranch dressing from the handle she touched.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori laughs when Emma gets spooked by the dolly.  Then she zips over to grab a chicken finger from Ruth's never-ending (please?) sack.  From there, the blue haired girl keeps Emma pinned with one of her thinly veiled surly looks.  Rogue's jab gets a sharp laugh between rapid and quickly savored bites.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirked at Emma's reaction to the dolly's appearance as she walks toward the woman stacking boxes. She too looks up when Sam rolls in, and offers him a wave with her gloved right hand. "I can carry some of'em." Rogue relents and offers to help the woman. "I'll just fly'em up t'your room window and toss'em inside though. It's easier that way." She reaches for a stack of like three of them.

"If these don't fit, what are ya gonna do with'em?" She asks then. "I could cut'em up and turn'em inta hand towels. Probably not enough fabric here t'make a full towel." She never stops with the jokes at Emma's expense!

"Nice ride, Sammy." She tells him when he's within ear shot too.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over a brow raised at Motorcle boy. "Hey, he says to Rogue, and the others. He will pull off a turtle shell helmet, and the goggles go up on his forehead. He will walk over "Ah'm Sam." He will introduce himself, and to Rogue he says "Found a decent deal, and figured needed something for when the car was down, and it's next best thing to blasting." He looks over to Emma and asks "Where these go, and you wanting them in by the window or stairs?" Since Rogue mentioned flying them up.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma gives Ruth a sidelong glance and looks down at the handle of the dolly with a shrug before she wipes her hand clean of the gunk she already touched by smearing it on Ruth's sleeve. "Thanks, stay inside then, warm up..." Emma says with a look of a touch of sadness before looking to Noriko who's 'pinning' stare doesn't do much to the white queen, who's able to retort with a stare of her own to the blue haired girl, not quite on half power, but she's got that stare down.

    Then finally Rogue, "Thank you Marie, but throwing them in the window, or cutting them would be... detrimental to your 401k." Emma nods matter of factly. She again tries to get the dolly under the first box with a bunch of effort and some struggling and a curse before Sam joins closer.

    "Sam, I'm Emma, and no, stairs would be perfectly acceptable, and much less risky." Emma notes as she looks back at Rogue, worried the girl is going to try and steal some of her clothes, or at least fly away and drop them in the frozen lake.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The world would hope that the bag was neverending. It was only a pound and a half of chicken tenders, which would soon be saved or given out to random students/teachers as she makes her way to her hiding spot. But that was later, this is now.

With the bag shared with Nori, Ruth tries her best not to smile at the quips to Emma that Rogue offers. As Sam joins the group, Ruth steps back just a little to make room, making sure to keep the bag extended to Nori if she chooses to have more, taking one out for herself to crunch loudly. While it was dripping with ranch, it adds to the smear upon her sleeve that Emma puts there, which.. probably won't be washed until she switches to her winter coat.

"Okay." She finally answers Emma, her head even nodding as she chews, not even offering to lift a finger probably in soliditary to Nori.

"Boxes will fall on the third step." Ruth helpfully offers. That's all she's got for now.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Arrre Emma's outfits skimpy?  Nori wonders at Rogue's tease to herself as she munches mindlessly as the rest of her gifted tender disappears.  She looks down and grins at the offered bag.  "You're cool Ruth," because that's apparently all it takes?  She takes another one.  "Remind me to pick you up some more some time."

Then Noriko's back to harassing Emma with stares.  "That poor guy," she murmurs ever so softly, so so sure that only Ruth will hear it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just lets Emma and Sam decide what to do with the rest, but she can see the blonde eying her suspiciously for the ones she's already got. Rogue laughs softly, peering out from beneath the brim of her cowgirl hat. "Relax, Frosty. I ain't gonna hurt your stuff, I might even try som eof it on. Which will only increase it's value." She's teasing of course, but it's fun to make squirmy people squirm.

"Gonna be cold for a motorcycle, Sammy." Rogue says. "But that thing'll be fun come Spring." With that said, Rogue turns toward the doors that lead in to the hallway of the school. "Okay, I'll take these upstiars then. Rather than /fly them super conveniently up there./" The Belle says as she starts walking. "Ruth, Nori, don't ever change." She chides them too for not helping.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over, and says "Well I don't think it will be everyday thing but Ah got Thermals if Ah need em." He will look at the boxes, and pick up a could not trying to over burden himself or prove how strong he is, he knows at least one of the women here could turn him into a pretzel so need to try proving he is tough. "What room we taking these up to?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "The one I'm staying in." Emma says as she has one box left, the largest, and she still struggles to get the dolly underneath it, and after a few moments of struggling she slides it into the garage next to Ruth and then picks it up herself. "Follow Marie, she'll lead the way." Emma explains.

    As she walks past Ruth and Noriko, Noriko gets another long stare, but then a look to Ruth, "Would you like a new outfit?" The blonde asks as she walks past, expecting the younger teen to respond in one way or another and then she has to pause a moment to hollar back at Rogue, "You wear it you buy it. I'm not exactly in the sharingest mood." Emma says over Sam and towards the belle, hopefully she doesn't ignore it.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Thank you." Ruth says to Nori. Ruth was indeed, cool! No she wasn't, but she'll take any compliment and treasure it forever. This actually does warm her up a bit, her straight face darkening into a hue of red up until she shoves the last bit of chicken tender into her mouth. Nori's quiet murmurings towards Sam has Ruth nodding in agreement, still no smile present but clearly she was enjoying the moment. Even more so with Rogue graces her with yet another compliment that had her cheeks burning yet again.

"Thank you. Yes. I won't." Right over her head..

"Black ice." Ruth points out to Sam, and yet the question from Emma gives her pause. There was clear hesitation there, not knowing to do with the question, her hand soon wiping down the front of her jacket as the bag-top was crumpled and folded to a close and offered to Noriko. "Okay." What's the worst that could happen? "But I cannot buy it. I do not get allowance until January 21st."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I don't do work I'm not paid for," which is absolutely not true.  Noriko helped out well beyond her required duties in preparations for Thanksgiving, that's for sure.  "Just because I'm fast doesn't mean I can lift shit," Noriko offers back to Rogue with one of her baseline irreverent tones, which is the only signal Rogue would have to knowing Noriko doesn't give a crap and therefore doesn't mean anything by it.  Besides, it's not like she can't lift /a/ box.

Emma's closer penetrating stare is a stinging reminder of the woman's telepathic abilities, and suddenly Noriko just smirks in the face of her own nerves, undetectable save for those with the powers to do so.

Naturally, Noriko's completely oblivious to the effect her comment has had on Ruth.  Even the bag is not noticed by the normally rather observant speedster.

Rogue has posed:
On her way in to the hallway, Rogue looks back at the question of which room it is. "Southern guest hall, Sam. The room beside the laundry chute and the table with the daisies paintin'." Not that she's not leading the way up there, but hey, it's nice to have a mental picture of where you're going.

As she enters the hallway she runs in to two more of the younger HIgh School aged students coming toward the garage. "Look out, Emma's Christmas presents for herself, comin' through! There's chicken strips out there!" The Belle tells the two boys. "If ya got a case'a the hungers!"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods, and looks over to Ruth "Will look out for it, and if Ah hit it, will probably take the bike upwards out of the spin. I may want to practice that some." He say in thought. As Rogue tells him what room "Ok cool got it." He tells her and starts following.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Chicken is gone fellows." Emma reports before the students can get down past her and she can sense their sudden sorrow, "Don't worry, there's V8 in the fridge." As if that's what the kids who can't get chicken strips want instead.

    Once upstairs, Emma opens her door if Rogue hasn't already and she motions for the two to put the boxes down anywhere. "I'll take care of the rest thank you both." Emma says before she looks around her room for a brief moment before sliping Rogue and Sam $50 each. "Thank you both, really. You're life savers." And with that, Emma starts to usher them out of her room. "Go on, I wanna get into my clothes!"