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Sam Guthrie (Scenesys ID: 322)
Name: Samuel Zachery Guthrie
Superalias: Cannonball
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Coal Miner/Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Charles Xavier's School for gifted youngsters
Education: Student of Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Academy X, Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 11 Feb 2000 Played By Hunter Parrish
Height: 6'0" Weight: 150 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: SamIAm
Theme Song: Aces High by Steve 'n' Seagulls

Character Info


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Sam is a mutant hero who is just entering full adulthood, and trying to find his place in life and the superhero world.


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* 1999: Sam Guthrie is born to Thomas Guthrie and Lucinda Guthrie in Cumberland Kentucky.
* 2000-209: Sam's nine brother and sisters are born.
* 2012: Thomas Guthrie's health starts to decline.
* 2014: Thomas Guthrie dies from what appears to be Black Lung.
* 2015: Sam steps up, and starts working at the Coal Mine, powers trigger, gets tricked into working for Donald Pierce, and joins the New Mutants
* 2017-2019: Sam meets, dates, and separates from a rock star and others, goes to Asgard amongst many adventures.

IC Journal

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Sam is a bit good ole boy, a bit aspiring hero, and a lot big brother. Sam is a nice guy, who is a bit protective of his friends and family. He has a few issues with self confidence, but he is not the type to give up. Sam will sometimes over step boundries a bit when he is trying to protect his friends, but will listen to those who tell him he is be it with words or a swift punch to the jaw.

Character Sheet


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Blast Punch Kick:
Sam has the ability to channel his blast through any part of his body, this allows him to do a blast punch, kick or even headbutt. This attack can range in force up to a couple tons of force.

Blast Shield:
Sam can fly at a high velocity but upon doing so he has his 'blasting field' up which makes him neigh invulnerable. The side effect of this is there is a roar of his power while he is flying and makes it hard if not impossible to sneak up on most people while flying. He has learned to turn and hover with his flight ability.

Blast Shield.:
While flying Sam has a force field around him referred to as his blast field or blasting field. While this is up it make hims nearly invulnerable to physical, and energy based attacks from outside the field. He has use this blast field to protect and re channel a punch from Gladiator back into a punch against Gladiator. This seems to allow him to also channel kinetic energy back into a kinetic blow against an opponent (see Gladiator incident)

Sam can flight as a high velocity but upon doing so he has his ?blasting field? up which makes him neigh invulnerable. The side effect of this is there is a roar of his power while he is flying and makes it hard if not impossible to sneak up on most people while flying. He has learned to turn and hover with his flight ability.

Flight Carrying Capacity:
Sam's flight allow him to carry exceptional weight. He has lifted a sentinel, lifted Roberto while the other lifted a truck. The sentinel seemed to be around Sam's limit for limit.

Longevity and Immortality:
It has been shown that Cannonball has enhanced life span. He does seem to age at an assumed much slower rate. He was 'killed' by Sauropod and returned to life. This at first was labeled as him being an External, but since it has been claimed he is not. The truth is unknown and possible ammo for a future plot.


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Sam was trained in different types of dance with Stevie Hunter, and though it took him some time, now Sam is a skilled dancer, and enjoys it as well.

Sam grew up on a Farm, and had chores he had to do, and from this he has a working knowledge of working on and running a farm

Sam learned to speak Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish via telepathic teaching from Professor Xavier. He has worked on manual learn Russian, French, German, and Italian, but these languages are all still being learned, and often maybe some mistranslated.

Sam worked in the coal mines of Kentucky and has a working knowledge of how they work.

Psychic Resistance:
Like all students trained by Charles Xavier, Sam has learned to minorly shield his thoughts from telepaths. This is not enough to stop a directed probe or attack by anyone with any real ability, but can help avoid casual scanning or minorly talented people.

Xavier's School:
This provides Sam with your normal general knowledge skills of a high school graduate.


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Dwarven Gear:
Sam has armor, sword, and the items that go with these, all of Dwarven make. It has its magical abilities taken away but all is of exceptional craftsmanship.

Sam has average resources, that changes somewhat depending on what job he currently has.

Sam has access to items and tech from Xavier's school as others who go to the school do.


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Sam has a large family, and they can be targeted by someone who finds out about them. There are other mutants in the family. While Sam considers his family a strength used right they could be a weakness.

Self Confidence:
Sam has a bit of an issue with self confidence and self doubt, while this does not show often in the moment of decision, instead showing up when he is thinking about what he has done.



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Samuel Guthrie has 242 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Run Around the Lake April 9th, 2024 Jay gets a new manager. Patty gets some workout advice.
Brothers catching up. April 2nd, 2024 The boys talk girls
Meeting for a bite to eat. March 12th, 2024 Plans to help Patty with her future are made.
Meeting the Family in Kentucky February 16th, 2024 Scene wrapped cause of change of player
When you move furniture, call your superstrong solar powered friend. February 5th, 2024 Scene wrapped cause of change of player
Redoing the Apartment. January 30th, 2024 Plans are made for a remodeling party
Meet Up In Mutant Town January 16th, 2024 Apartment hunting in Mutant Town turns into lunch with friends for Kitty, as she meets up with Sam and Isabel, and runs across Remy.
A night out with the siblings January 13th, 2024 Brother and sister time
A random run in at the comic shop. January 6th, 2024 A gamer is met and plans are made
Totally social January 4th, 2024 Talking in the main foyer.
A night on the town with Sam and Izzy December 28th, 2023 Sam and Izzy spend time getting to know one another
X-Mas Party December 23rd, 2023 Xaviers School hosts its annual Christmas party for high society highs.
Pre-Party Pickup December 22nd, 2023 No description
Movie Night at Izzy's! December 20th, 2023 Movie night with whiskey nog!
Burgers and Shakes December 18th, 2023 Lunch was had and Christmas plans made!
Just Passing By... December 7th, 2023 Isabel and Scott meet at Harry's. Sam joins them. Scott departs, Sam and Izzy make plans!
The Second Date! December 6th, 2023 Dancing and drinking was done, and Sam destroyed a condemned building to Izzy's delight!
Food is good. November 30th, 2023 Paige and Izzy meet and a picnic is planned
Penance and Paige November 29th, 2023 A group talk about coming holidays, presents, and the current state of Nicole and Claudette St. Croix, currently locked in the gestalt form of Penance.
A night under the stars November 25th, 2023 And a first date goes well.
One Night at Harry's November 24th, 2023 Izzy and Sam meet.
Penance and Screams are Music to My Ears November 20th, 2023 A group of heroes battle Emplate in his twisted home dimension to free two young girls imprisoned there. There is a final battle to save Nicole and Claudette and to defeat Emplate.
A returning X November 3rd, 2023 People catch up
Xaviers By Night October 19th, 2023 A student's nightmares are made real by her mutant power. The X-men have to fight through hellhounds, Bloody Mary and Samara, and then the Headless Horsemen to get to her.
Hello Hi Hi October 9th, 2023 Rogue and Sam have a chat over some cookies.
Xaviers Faculty Party September 21st, 2023 The Xaviers faculty has a bit of fun in their basement arcade. Drinks are eaten, food is sipped. Video games are conquered, and Jean shows off some interesting talents! All in all it is a grand ol' evening, where ultimately Storm becomes the new High Score leader in the Galaga cabinet records!
September In Central Park September 13th, 2023 Some random conversation in the park goes on.
Witches Duel September 6th, 2023 Two wicked witches duel over rights to a name. Heroes stop them before everyone in the area is made into chickens. And the names don't sound remotely like one another!
Mootant Aftermath August 25th, 2023 Bunny meets Sam Guthrie, Gabby Kinney and Lydia Dietrich for milkshakes. Somehow develops an existential crisis upon realizing that she's got a moderate case of homelessness, hasn't had an actual meal in weeks, and no one ever told her if she was allowed to use the microwave at the Young Avengers' HQ
X-Men Shi'ar Debriefing August 10th, 2023 The X-Men get to know the newest member of the family, freshly moved in from SPACE. Telepathic cultural hijinx ensues, to be followed by virtual piracy. Fantastic cookies also served.
Just a night off July 23rd, 2023 Three heroes meet at a bar, none of them aware of the others secrets. A few drinks and light conversation follows.
A day of Maintenance July 9th, 2023 Sam and Laura catch a bit and make sure their rides are good.
Bad Times for one can be helpful to others. June 22nd, 2023 A fight is avoided by the graceful frying pan of Granny Miller.
Advanced Ariel Defense Class June 5th, 2023 Scott takes some less experienced mutants up into the blackbird to work on defensive maneuvers.
Cannonballs and Cuckoos June 2nd, 2023 Two New Mutants talk with the Three in One about school days.
A day in Hell's kitchen. May 22nd, 2023 Sam and Berto meet Calum and give the kid a chance at help.
A day of recreation in the Rec room May 18th, 2023 Sam and Warren find some mutual understanding
Devil Went Down to Rio -Conclusion Part 2 May 2nd, 2023 The New Mutants thwart Justin Hammer's plans to take control of DaCosta International
Marauders and Mayhem April 19th, 2023 The X-Men go to bust up a lab of Mister Sinister's. And find something waiting for them that is even more disturbing than a trap.
Trouble in the Park March 31st, 2023 Jade tries to stop a gang and makes a new ally!
The Path of Progress: Blood Dues March 19th, 2023 Having tracked a mutant trafficking ring to a facility on the outskirts of Madripoor, Cable leads a handful of fellow mutants in an assault to try and rescue any remaining victims -- and to try and find out more about who is behind the despicable scheme.
Fun and Games at X-Manor. March 18th, 2023 Friends Catch up
Maintenance keeps the big problems away. March 12th, 2023 Of God and Machines
Taco... Saturday March 5th, 2023 Kitty makes edible food will wonders never cease.
Try not to wreck the Rec Room February 23rd, 2023 And the rec room survives
Lightweights February 5th, 2023 A sat talk about strengths and weaknesses in the weights room.
Rogue's Surprise Birthday Casino Night January 24th, 2023 It's Casino Night at Xavier's in honor of Rogue's 23rd birthday! And thanks to the borrowed powers of Jamie Madrox, Rogue gets five extra birthdays. Old friends and new friends come together to celebrate Monte Carlo style before the whole thing descends into Warner Bros style madness.
Grand Opening January 13th, 2023 Ninjas attack but the Stadium opens anyway and everyone loves Dazzler's performance.
A Quick visit to the school! January 9th, 2023 Sam, Franklin, and Millie discuss powers, and life!
Op. 25 in Limbo Minor December 27th, 2022 No description
Last Minute Christmas Shopping December 16th, 2022 Priscilla and Henry are out doing some last minute gift shopping and they run into a few people. Or well, at least one of them runs into Henry!
Devil Went Down to Rio December 9th, 2022 Mephisto is run off and Tabitha, Illyana, Kathryn and Sam help Berto analyze the Data and come to conclusions about who is sabotaging DI and what are the next steps. Even a path forward regarding the contract Mephisto has with Berto's Dad.
Danger Room Dynamics December 5th, 2022 Warren and Gabby plot danger room fun. Roberto and Sam join in turning it into Star Wars days of old. Gabby has a few bad memories touched on and storms out.
The Prelude to the storm, no the other storm. November 26th, 2022 Sam & Berto talk it through, work out a plan and walk on to face the problem together.
Xaviers: Thanksgiving November 24th, 2022 It's another Xaivers School Thanksgiving preparation night! Kicking off the holiday seasonal fun times! There's lots of parents at this one, and interesting alternate Thanksgiving meal options discussed, including X-23's dutch oven, Sam Guthrie's deep fried turkey? And Hank suggests a fish! Jean's floating brain ham, and Roberto probably ordered some food from a designer food store that will be delivered any minute! Enjoy reading, whomever I'm talking to here!
A late lunch November 16th, 2022 Sam and Warren catch up over Berto's food from the fridge.
Hey weren't you wearing that... November 14th, 2022 Sam and Berto catch up on things
Checking in with chicken. November 11th, 2022 Sam and Alexis spent time together and watch fun movies.
Sam's Chicken Brings All The Girls To The Yard November 10th, 2022 Sam's fried chicken, Remy's gumbo, and Roberto's Brazilian takeout bring all the mutants to the yard. Er, kitchen.
Xaviers: Haunted Hayrack Ride October 28th, 2022 The Xaviers School annual Halloween special. This time with limited commmercial interruptions. It aired on FOX at 6:30pm, and was viewed by approximately 82 million households.
X-Corp: The settling October 18th, 2022 Plans are made as X-Corporation takes shape.
Beautiful by the Lake October 14th, 2022 Friends catch up and some new plans are made.
Food for thought October 10th, 2022 Sam tries to help Raz feel more at home
Lunch on high. September 21st, 2022 Sam saves and worried a bit about BEroe.
Shi'ar: SPACE CHASE September 12th, 2022 The X-men's prototype space Blackbird pursues the assassin's shuttle as it flees the Atlantic Starport. Launching a single but potentially devastating antimatter torpedo as a distraction and calling on another of the mysterious Raptor armors to defend it, the shuttle barely makes it to close Earth orbit before its engines are disabled and crew telepathically bamboozled. Sam stops the torpedo in the nick of time, Michael has a clone fight and dies for a little while, and the big Shi'ar arrive to arrest everyone. Space is fun!
Michael Jackson Thriller Pinball September 5th, 2022 Explosive Mutants trying to figure out a purpose beyond explosions.
Wolfboom! September 5th, 2022 When many gather for a little fun after destroying some archetecture, a Wheely Good Time is had by all! Sam Guthrie, Rahne Sinclair, Artia (Definitely not Artermis Crock) and Kitora Alua make acquaintence of one Bunny Macleod.
The Invisible Girl August 28th, 2022 Raz meets the Popo and other people from the school
New Mutants.. now long time friends. August 22nd, 2022 And the company prepares for their journey
Checking up on a friend August 16th, 2022 And they talk
X-Folks: Everyone is Getting Older July 30th, 2022 There's party, cake, booze annd people getting a year older and enjoying that they didn't end up dead. The hangover may change how they feel about the last part.
Cannonballs and Icebergs July 29th, 2022 Mischief managed, as Bobby freezes one of Sam's cannonball splashes, and all enjoy some chill.
Ramping Up for the Birthday July 28th, 2022 Party perparations are made. Tabby reveals new powers to her closest friends. Betsy make an even more impressive splash!
Maintenance Good for the car good for the mechanic July 27th, 2022 Vehicles and Livers are lubricated
Ballet Recital July 24th, 2022 FyreMuse studios presents, A Night at the Ballet! Featuring Cassandra Cain as a main performer. Subtext includes: family reuninon, innocent beauty, and joy. Lots of joy.
Welcome Home Alexis July 23rd, 2022 No description
Nasty and Nefarious July 20th, 2022 Count Nefaria comes out and tries to steal a bank!
Taking Inventory July 17th, 2022 Monet, Sam, and Tabitha stumble upon Nori taking inventory after dinner. Noriko has things to say about the organization of the kitchen. People catch up. Plans are hatched for Kitty and Lockheed.
Trying to fill the day and night. July 17th, 2022 And A third job is gained.
A snack before work. July 14th, 2022 Sam and Emma catch up, and prepare for possible trouble.
Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads July 13th, 2022 Cannonball races Big Wheel along Manhattan.
Xavier's: Dox-M: Excellent - Cue Air Guitar July 2nd, 2022 Two new students are recruited. Emma gets 'Fed' up Sam and Laura get sneaky undercover and Rhona gets a taste of the Hero Life. Tabby gets to drive.
Investigating Bane's Organization June 24th, 2022 Buster and Hex get their records checked.
Mutant Mud Pit June 12th, 2022 Xavier's builds a mud pit for tug of war down by the lake.
Special Investigations Unit... not just a rumor June 8th, 2022 Cadet Sam Guthrie stops by Brooklyn precinct 78 to get some questions answered about the NYPD's Special Investigation Unit. Detective Pezzini offers the answers, and he signs up part time.
A Wider World June 2nd, 2022 Iara, Sam, and Warren head into Mutant Town for breakfast to show Iara the wider world of mutant life in New York. They get more exposure than they bargained for when cyborgs attack!
Home coming May 31st, 2022 Sam breaks the news and the guys make plans
Xaviers Graduation Party May 21st, 2022 It is a nice graduation day 2022 at Xaviers School! The Fleebs really are the best!
Of Tabbies and Toasters May 15th, 2022 Sam and Tabby talk food and family with M.
Disturbance at Xavier's May 12th, 2022 Maggot destroys some Xavier's School grounds. Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Deadpool and Hope put a stop to him, which leaves in medical care. Boom-Boom believes that Maggot was under the influence of MGH, giving Hope a lead. Deadpool was swallowed by a giant metal slug before being regurgitated.
Practice Baking. May 4th, 2022 Sam learns to make Sfogliatelle and Nona meets Roxxi via telecommunication
Hanging at the Mansion April 29th, 2022 Emma tries to convince Storm to uncloud the day supposedly for Tabby. Sam brings in news of nuptials and possible bachelor party plans are seeded with James and the New Nutant abd Guthrie boys.
The time is right. April 26th, 2022 She said yes
A mutant walks into a bar April 22nd, 2022 Logan and sam have a chat at the bar.
A visit April 18th, 2022 Friends catch up
Dudette, where is your car, or do ya want one April 2nd, 2022 And the car is found
Shweaty Shtorm March 27th, 2022 Ororo, Sam and Tabby end up in the work shop and talk theory.
Damsels in Disorientation March 26th, 2022 Sarah runs into Sam and Valeria at the Museum
Xaviers: School Days March 12th, 2022 It's a random School Day at Xaviers SCHOOL for shifty Mutants.
Italian Afternoons March 11th, 2022 Sam Guthrie and Alexis Carr make a visit to Alexis's paternal grandparents. Sam asks permission to marry Alexis (Allegra Caradenza).
Avengers: High Tech Heist March 11th, 2022 Captured AIM equipment is being shipped to the government for disposal, when the scientific terrorist group attacks the convoy to retrieve. The Avengers and allies respond to stop them.
Graduation Day Pt. II March 4th, 2022 The X-Men are given another reminder of the sometimes harsh reality for mutantkind. As if they needed it.
Welcome to Best-Mart February 28th, 2022 During a shopping trip to gather supplies, Inez, Sam, James, and Tabitha have to interfere with a domestic dispute.
A night with friends. February 24th, 2022 A pizza part and time with friends
To break the language barrier. February 22nd, 2022 And Sam gets some pointers
Sam tries to decide on a plan. February 21st, 2022 Sam gets advice
NutsNutsNuts February 14th, 2022 Heroes turned in to squirrels by a magical mishap join forces with the brave forces to defeat the rats of underdark.
Moving Back In February 12th, 2022 After the Angels leave Manhattan and those who had to leave for safety begin to return, Alexis's past reaches out. Sam and Alexis finally contend with letting her father know she's a mutant in a very calm style. Filipe Caradenza obviously has the most well-adjusted reaction.
Where Everybody Knows Your Codename February 7th, 2022 Drinks are served at the Hideway. New Arrivals are welcomes and Tabby gets stuck with the check.
Breakfast with the Guthries January 24th, 2022 And what will the future bring
Live At Xavier's -- HAMILTON January 12th, 2022 Noriko Ashida, Emma Frost, Sam Guthrie, and Jubilation Lee enjoy a performance of Hamilton in the Xavier's recreation room, but not everything is as it seems. Kitty Pryde makes a triumphant return to the mansion by almost phasing through King George's spit puddle, but unfortunately has some difficult news to share with the group.
=A friend is back in town. December 22nd, 2021 A night with friends.
Overture December 12th, 2021 Cassandra Cain takes up Ballet at the FyreMuse Studio under Miss Alexis Carr and her assistant, Sam Guthrie!
A Meeting in the Rec center December 9th, 2021 No description
Home prep. December 7th, 2021 No description
Holidays November 18th, 2021 Plans are made.
Xaviers School: Cooking X-travaganza November 17th, 2021 The Xaviers Thanksgiving pre-game cooking! It is a moment of peace, calm, family and no aggressive space bird people!
Getting the truck ready for winter. November 14th, 2021 And Tabby learns a bit about auto mantaince.
Halloween in the Rossi October 30th, 2021 No description
A quiet night at work. October 17th, 2021 Plans for a guys night coming soon?
A drop by visiting... October 14th, 2021 No description
Library Amnesty II: Book II the Future October 9th, 2021 Library services provided today include reshelving, the provision of a Cyrillic language keyboard and emotional support, initial recommendations on recreational reading, and receipt of several donated books and a cheeseburger combo courtesy of Friend of the Library S. Guthrie. All in all, a good afternoon.
Carpe Diem, Oui. October 1st, 2021 What started with drinking and dancing wound down to a little serious discussion. Tabitha and Sam kept the drinks coming through it though. Remy filled in a few missing pieces, but a lot of that puzzle's still left scattered.
Kickin It in the Rec Room September 22nd, 2021 A friendly game of pool leads Sam and Tabby to discuss training strategies among other things.
Figuring out Pool September 18th, 2021 Dashenka meets many new people! She also might have made a friend. Yay! Also, pool was played.
A visit to the Sam and Allegra's September 14th, 2021 No description
John's Return-Finale: The Rescue September 1st, 2021 James comes back bigger and his brother can finally rest
Sam's Dangerous Visitation aka Tabby's Feeling Crabby August 31st, 2021 Sam comes to check on Tabby and says all the right things to stop her latest bit of destructiveness.
A Not So Little Apache Told Me aka Job Advice August 24th, 2021 Tabitha asks Sam for help getting a job at Harry's and they watch Roadhouse as off the job training on how to handle working in a bar. Yay for friendly exes.
A return home. August 22nd, 2021 No description
a Late Lunch of Lupper, Sunch August 19th, 2021 Old friends catch up, and plans are made.
One of many meetings... August 2nd, 2021 Sometimes being in charge of a massive mutant organization means giving orders you don't like, Clarice may be sidelined for this one, but Mystique will hate having to do it.
During stress and worry, food and alcohol are required. July 29th, 2021 Well, at least Clarice ate something... sometimes the truth sucks, but it should all work out, right?
-1 Wuff July 28th, 2021 A video of people beating Rahne causes a rapid response team to be sent to New Zealand. The question of her survival is up in the air.
Who wants to wait for supper. July 12th, 2021 A nice meal, and new friends.
Sion Re-Opens! June 25th, 2021 Betsy hosts a gala at a nightclub, complete with barbarians at the gate.
Milkshakes, everyone loves them! June 10th, 2021 Lydia and Sam sign up for the Neighborhood Watch - after Lydia chastises Mystique for, you know, terrorism.
Too Short To Bully May 31st, 2021 Kaida punches a dumb rock, Sam helps out!
Getting to know people. May 14th, 2021 No description
A dinner together April 28th, 2021 No description
Catchup April 13th, 2021 It's not always about you
Feeling the Fire April 4th, 2021 No description
Trouble in Ibiza Pt. 2 March 18th, 2021 All's well that ends well
Lazy Sunday March 1st, 2021 A relaxing evening turns tense as personalities clash.
Bookstore Connection (name pending) February 28th, 2021 Lydia meets Sam and Christian at a bookstore, and meets her first fan!
In the Infirmary February 21st, 2021 Sam and Beast come to visit Kassandra in the infirmary, and her powers are discussed.
Do you want to build ANOTHER Snowman February 18th, 2021 Snow Golems & Monopoly
Build you up just to tear you down February 17th, 2021 Scott, having just finished shop class, teaches Paige how to install her windshield wiper blades and Sam comes by to chat.
AAR Capitol Hill Riot February 13th, 2021 A brief meeting about the Capitol Hill riot ends with a few plans outlined
A birthday date February 13th, 2021 And 21 was a good one.
This is Roberto's fault, really. February 13th, 2021 Roberto tells Sam that he is taking Paige to the dance. It went well.
Workouts and Birthday plannings February 11th, 2021 Plans are made, and lessons learned.
Happy Birthday Sam Guthrie February 11th, 2021 Everyone comes out to celebrate Sam turning 21!
The Aftermath of Headshots February 10th, 2021 Paige comes to terms with a calamari incident.
A gift for his little sis. February 7th, 2021 And Paige gets her self some brand new second hand wheels.
Hellfire Cub Mardi Gras Party! February 6th, 2021 The Hellfire Club threw a successful Mardi Gras Party! Nobody died!
Emma Frost Presents: A NIGHT OF WONDER January 28th, 2021 Emma hosts a gala style event at Xaviers for the students. Some fun is had, some trouble is had, some news breaks.
News for the Big brother January 26th, 2021 And Paige shares her good news.
Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters January 23rd, 2021 The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters (presented by Jubilation Lee) is a success! Hank, Ruth, Paige, Sam, Quentin, and Bobby put on some great acts, but the panel of judges -- Emma, Kitty, Jean, and Rogue -- gave the nod to Hank for his tribute to Rocky Horror! Cameos by Professor Xavier and Illy. Day saved by Noriko. Donation money successfully embezzled. Promotional consideration provided by �chr�BURGER JOINT.�c/�
Going downhill January 18th, 2021 students have fun and frustration,
Sam and Alexis: A walk in the park January 14th, 2021 No description
Kitchen Shennanigans January 2nd, 2021 Kevin and Sam hang out in the kitchen at Xaviers and talk briefly about 'growing up'
Rogue's 21st Birthday December 27th, 2020 A big gathering of kind and well mannered people all enjoy cake and each other's company.
Christmas shopping with a friend. December 23rd, 2020 Friends shop and catch up.
Fancy Garage December 17th, 2020 And 8 Crazy Niiiiiights.
Busy Diamond December 17th, 2020 Noriko tries to hit a few balls and draws some attention from the lights. People meet people who have not met before.
Emma's Mail Arrives December 4th, 2020 Emma's clothes order arrives, Ruth, Noriko, Rogue and finally Sam help Emma, or make fun of her, or both.
Sam comes limping home. November 23rd, 2020 Sam and Betsy talk cars, life, and catch up.
Be careful what you eat. November 10th, 2020 Laura stops by the Xavier's Mansion kitchens for a quick snack and runs into Noriko who quickly gets herself into trouble. Sam stops by after his police training just in time to see the sparks fly.
Seeking a home, a house, or something unique. October 29th, 2020 No description
He Kind Of Reminds Me Of Logan October 25th, 2020 Jimmy Hudson is brought to the X-men's base along with a student of his whose mutant power emerged in a school
A Beastly Birthday October 14th, 2020 If the measure of a man are those who love him, then Beast's birthday party shows he is indeed a great man. And Beast.
Drinks and Locks October 7th, 2020 Noriko gets dibs on any interesting future cop stories from Sam!
Him Who Knocks September 29th, 2020 Sam comes to visit Ororo in order to ask a favour. It turns into a task, and a lesson. And a meal!
A Water Fight, You Say September 17th, 2020 Xavier's erupts in water works as a few baskets of water balloons result in carnage of the fun variety.
First Day Back 2020 Edition September 15th, 2020 Great times are had by the pool soon after the start of the school year!
Hacking A Government Contractor September 4th, 2020 Doug, Sam and Kitty work to generate leads on where Vulture and Green Goblin are with the prototype power inhibitor that they stole.
One of the Summer's Last Barbecues August 28th, 2020 Good news delivered! Good food? Not so much.
Preliminary Consultation August 22nd, 2020 Sam Guthrie talks with Doc Samson as part of a psych eval for his recruitment to the police force.
A visit from the little sis. August 8th, 2020 Brother and Sister talk about independance
A surprise Visit August 2nd, 2020 No description
Birthday Pryde July 22nd, 2020 Xavier's people and Avengers gather on the beach to celebrate a birthday
A moment's repose July 22nd, 2020 No description
A hunt for a snack. July 17th, 2020 Sam and Ororo talk about the future small scale and large.
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
Dancing the Spiral July 10th, 2020 No description
Xaviers: Fourth of July Pool Party July 3rd, 2020 Happy July 4th from Xavier's School!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! June 26th, 2020 No description
Genosha Burns! Sentinel Factory June 24th, 2020 The X-men successfully infiltrate a long defunct Sentinel Base... and find Master Mold, among other things.
Rest And Recovery June 9th, 2020 X-men gather in the medical bay to check on the freed kidnap victims.
The Odd One Out June 8th, 2020 Allegra Caradenza doesn't feel like she belongs with the others in Xavier's mansion. Sam finds her, and attempts to reason with her doubting herself, and continues to show his patience for the recovering mutant hater.
An update for a friend. June 8th, 2020 Steph gets sorta filled in about Berto
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Two June 6th, 2020 A hard fight, and the hostages are saved!!! But they are not whole, and it may be some time before they are...
Bailing out a Guthrie June 3rd, 2020 Sam, Alex, and Alexis go to bail Paige out of jail.
Into the Fire June 1st, 2020 No description
Gotham Blues May 27th, 2020 No description
A Sinister Plot: The Aftermath May 25th, 2020 Folks check on the wounded and the former captives, beginning the process of trying to heal and make sense of it all.
Maintenance is always needed. May 23rd, 2020 And a plan is made to visit the slash a part yard.
And the Guthrie presence grows. May 22nd, 2020 Paige returns to the school after a short trip back to Cumberland County. Sam introduces her to Julio, who is taking a break outside, and the two discuss the process of studying their mutant powers.
A Warm Day By A Cool Pool May 15th, 2020 An afternoon pool party at Xavier's
Not Exactly Training May 12th, 2020 Discussions of training and powers and what counts as each.
A horse, of course May 9th, 2020 Julio and Sam play a game and learn that they've got more in common than they might have expected.
Graduation Reception May 9th, 2020 Graduates were celebrated, food was eaten, fireworks were shot off.
Warren's House Party May 4th, 2020 Warren invites friends over for a party to help ease minds off of the crazy things going on in the world as of late.
Mind over Matter April 27th, 2020 First #CityHope to combat all the gloom and sads out there, Phoebe Beacon, Sam Guthrie, and Nicole Adams run into a quartet of bigots in Mutant Town who want to bully a bunch of kids eating ice cream. We'd say 'oh the humanity'...
Movie Night at Xavier's April 26th, 2020 Movie night is interrupted by -actual- dinosaurs! Maybe next time the denizens of Xavier's will actually get to finish a film...
Sam shows Alexis his room. April 26th, 2020 And Sam teaches Alexis a bit about the school and flying.
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
Dinner and a chat. April 21st, 2020 And Sam maybe a cop?
And the favorite red wolf is back. April 17th, 2020 And friends are reunited
A Meeting of minds April 14th, 2020 And jean gives Alexis the thumbs up.
Street Piano April 10th, 2020 In Tribeca, a quartet of mutants meet and mingle.
And a delivery is made to home. April 8th, 2020 Pizza tonight CAH another night.
Sam showing Alexis some of his hang outs. April 5th, 2020 And that is what they call
Setting up home turf. April 3rd, 2020 Sam gets help from friends and plans made for more help
Welcome to the Old Apartment April 1st, 2020 Alexis and Sam in a loft apartment, discussing how to handle the other parent with Alexis's sudden departure from her father's home.
DANGER: The Ice Fields March 31st, 2020 Ice spiders bad, cocoa good, and shovels are valuable mutant adventuring gear!
Roller Derby Privilege Party March 30th, 2020 Pizza, grumpy Julian, Doug jokes, bodyslamming!
Breakfast March 29th, 2020 Alex attempts to make breakfast for Betsy, Emma, Laura, and Gabby, but tempers flare in an argument over suspicion of Emma's reasons for being at the mansion and closeness to Alex.
Gwyllgi and the Black Doug March 27th, 2020 What happens happens.
The Girl in the Tower March 27th, 2020 No description
Powers 101-Hey that's hot. March 26th, 2020 Sam learns some of Alexis' powers
The Pros and Cons of Cohabitting March 23rd, 2020 Sam and Allegra explore housing options, and the ins and outs of their intra-relational issues. Allegra finally admits she is a mutant, and Sam freely expresses worry that her father will hurt her -- and Sam Guthrie isn't the type to take a threat like that laying down.
Home is where you hang your cannonball March 23rd, 2020 Sam shacks up, Doug shakes down, and Illyana has words.
Seeking Advice March 19th, 2020 Sam is given advice and his judgement is trusted.. or is it a test.
Burn the House Down March 19th, 2020 The house doesn't actually burn down.
The Broken Heart March 18th, 2020 Sam and Alexis meet up by accident, Alexis semi-admits her abilities, and Sam proposes that they move in togehter to get her out of her father's home. Then they feed the homeless, and Alexis feels guilty about everything.
The Tower March 16th, 2020 Sam Guthrie attempts to confront Allegra Caradenza about her mutant powers. Allegra insists that she is not a mutant.
Reaving Means Raiding March 11th, 2020 Sam Gunthrie, Rogue, and Illyana going hunting for a Cerebro ping in New York City with Jean playing 'Oracle' back at Xaviers. Reavers attack a charity event in M-Town and the X-Men intercede. Chaos Ensues. Josh demonstrates his mutant power, is knocked out for his trouble, and kidnapped (I mean rescued) back to Xaviers.
Heading to work. March 10th, 2020 Sam tries to help Andrea plan for the future, and gets a exit strategy for work.
Debriefing and Responses March 8th, 2020 Four X-Men meet to coordinate the investigations on the Genosha Massacre
Four mutants walk into an opera house... March 7th, 2020 Sam Guthrie, Roberto da Costa, Douglas Ramsey and Illyana Raputina venture deep into Enemy Territory for the sake of Sam's love life. No joke.
Miss Caradenza, I Presume March 6th, 2020 Sam Guthrie and Roberto da Costa confront Alexis Carr after the Geonosha memorial. Alexis denies that she is also Allegra Caradenza, the poster child for Pro-HUMANA, but being pressed by Sam and Roberto admits not only that it is, but says she's intent on performing at the Gala on Saturday.
A Lazy Afternoon March 5th, 2020 Chats and drinks are had.
Pro-HUMANA Gala March 4th, 2020 The Pro-HUMANA Gala opens their fundrasing season, attended by senators, artists, actors. Terry O'Neil gets a scoop, Sam Guthrie disguised as a waiter, Illyana Rasputina disguised as a socialite, Samuel Morgan and Hal Jordan as common gala-guests and Power Girl as a very, very angry woman. Allegra Caradenza (Alexis Carr) meets up with Sanjeev Bassi, her best friend, and the absolute roller coaster of occurances are fed into a mess of an event! Watch for the fire and the confetti!
Parkour! March 3rd, 2020 Carson meets Alexis and Sam... and Carson might be meeting More Mutants.
Genoshan Memorial March 3rd, 2020 Various speakers share their thoughts on Genosha, the tragedy, and come together to share their grief.
A second date February 29th, 2020 And Date #2 shows promise and problems.
Re-Model the garage February 29th, 2020 Model Garage
Sam is looking into some Treble February 27th, 2020 Doug helps Sam invetigate
Street Music February 24th, 2020 Samuel Guthrie meets Alexis, a street performer who treats him to some pizza, and talks vaguely about life with the mutant -- though appears taken aback that Sam would be so casual about what he is. After tagging him with her social media handle, Sam follows her to an art gallery -- where she changes closes and gets into a car with a chauffer. Just wht is Sam getting into?
Genoshan Survivor Doug February 19th, 2020 Heroes go to Genosha looking for survivors. They find Mr. Sinister trying to revive and modify Doug Ramsey


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