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Bar Hopping With Rocket
Date of Scene: 02 January 2021
Location: Various NYC bars
Synopsis: Members of the Guardians go out for alcohol. It gets weird.
Cast of Characters: Rocket, Groot, Anthony Druid, Nebula, Gamora, Karen Starr, Doris Zuel, Drax

Rocket has posed:
The people of New York City have seen some strange things over the years, but this might be a first: a short, jumpsuit-clad raccoon, for lack of a better description, entering a bar, one of a number along a few blocks in the city close to one of the universities.

They do know their clientele, but they've never had someone like this.

With the Guardians on the verge of getting off this planet, Rocket decided he was going to go find a place to get drunk at one last time, since the incident at the Titans party went over so well. How well? He doesn't even remember it except for the part where he ended up all wet in a pair of tighty whities. That was weird.

Already drawing attention just going along the sidewalk, he reaches up to gain access to a place called 'The Lucky Lassie' after scoffing at the signage, stepping inside like he runs the show. "Okay! I want your finest drinks, or whatever passes for it in this dump! Money is no object! I have many of your green pieces of paper with different faces on them, and I'm not afraid to use them!"

Seconds later, a large bouncer sent him flying back outside, where he landed and skidded to a stop in the middle of the street. "What the fuck? Really?" he reacted, before a yellow cab veered past him with a loud, long blaring of the horn. "Right back at you!" he shouted, giving quite the rude gesture as it sped off.

Meanwhile, a call or two was placed to the cops.

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." He fits in the cab barely but he can be quite compact if he needs to and isnt even sure this is going to do much given his different physiology but he's willing to try. Booze 'works' but the KIND varies a lot, and he hasnt REALLY tried anything from earth so this is going to be an experience to say the least."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid enjoys New York City because, in spite of his international fame and recognition as the host of the syndicated DR. DRUID SHOW (Airing weekdays at four p.m., three central, mostly an NBC affiliate stations), he can still be a regular person here. Insomuch as he's a regular very wealthy and famous person who sometimes levitates his way into places. He's wearing conventional clothes, at least, today, no cape in sight, merely a stylish tweed with a forest green bow tie, well-shined shoes and a walking stick that might double as a shillelagh should things get rambunctious up in this house.

He spies Rocket and Groot alike, not knowing them personally, but knowing full well the kind of rapscallionic bigotry that oft afflicts the obviously inhuman, "Pardon me, chums, but I suspect, with my seal of approval, you can get into this fine establishment."

Nebula has posed:
"Idiot," she mutters under her breath. There had been a question in her head as to exactly what the little fur ball thought he was going to do tonight. Get drunk, apparently. Nebula steps out of the shadows with a less than pleased look on her face. She's wearing her Guardians jumpsuit too. Branding. Gamora and her stupid branding.

    She folds her arms and says, "They're not going to let an animal and a tree in to a bar, even if you talk. Humans are pathetic xenophobic creatures - their reckoning will be swift and painful."

    She hisses at a woman passing by who is staring at her bald blue and purple head, "Move along worthless ape descendent." She scowls after her and she motions to the well meaning Anthony, "Use this idiot to get your fix Rocket." Was Nebula really spying on Rocket? really watching his back? turns out she does care.

Rocket has posed:
Rocket gets back to his feet, brushing himself off, a scowl set in his raccoon face. Another car zips by and lays on the horn again. "Yeah, yeah! I'm walkin' here, all right? I'm walkin' here!" After returning to the sidewalk, his attention is interrupted by the Druid guy, suddenly making his offer. "And who the hell are you supposed to be?" he retorts, looking him up and down suspiciously before adding, "/Humie./"

Hearing Nebula's voice, his ears shift closer to going flat against the top of his head. "Oh, you decided to come too? Are we gonna get through this without another building getting demolished? And I don't need this guy's help to get a drink. I'm Rocket. I get what I want, when I want. Don't you forget it."

He starts to walk down the path, stopping before another one named 'Get Wasted.' "Now this sounds like my kinda place." In he goes.

This time it's about twenty seconds before he's tumbling back out. "Or maybe it isn't. I swear, the next one that touches me, I'm biting their hand off!"

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." This is both an introductory and vague support of Rocket while at the same expressing trepidation at Earth booze and admiring the architecture of that nearby building right over there, but really, you dont want to piss off his good friend right now. "I am Groot" who agrees with Groot that this is the Place to try rando Earth Plants."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora now stands above Rocket with her arms folded under her chest, and a disapproving look on her face. This is getting out of hand. And yet, one does not 'stop' Rocket as easily as one merely... 'placates' him. She looks around briefly and shares a look with Nebula, glancing briefly at the Guardians suit, and looks down at Rocket thoughtfully. "... Perhaps if I were to enter first. Humans seem oddly inclined to allow me into their establishments."
    Funny, that.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid arches an imperious and overly bushy eyebrow, "I had assumed that your difficulties finding refreshment were a result of your befurred status, but I suspect, upon further examination of the facts, that you might also be a foul-mouthed nincompoop. Which, I admit, shouldn't be that much of an impediment, given that I have seen many more froth-mouthed than you served willingly, beer belly up to the bar, at a dozen establishments within a ten square block area."

To Groot, he bows floridly, his bald pate on display before he snaps back to attention, "Dr. Anthony Druid, consulting psychiatrist, occultist, practitioner of the mystic arts and raconteur extraordinaire." he says, his bow resuming as Gamore makes her presence felt, "Milady." he adds.

Nebula has posed:
    "Terra should count itself lucky only one building was destroyed!," she says with annoyance and then and glares at Anthony Druid. "Pathetic," she mutters as Rocket comes tumbling back out of the bar. She looks over to Groot and says, "You said it not me, twig." She explains to Druid, "He wants to get drunk but he'll burn the whole city down trying."

    Nebula frowns at Gamora and her willingness to sell on the weird sex appeal humans buy in to. "Oh great, see now you have a mage saying Milady to you," she chides Gamora and pushes a random pedestrian out of the way as she storms in after Gamora.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Not too far up above, a silhouette flies through the sky. She hadn't been doing much more than patrolling, but there were certain... Indicators that something odd was up.

    If you want to guess that 'a shouting raccoon' is one of those indicators, nobody is going to stop you.

    As the group lingers outside of their most recent visited tavern, Power Girl descends to the street, floating from on high in utter silence until her boots touch the ground. Anyone not paying attention won't see her approach, and the sudden arrival of a six-foot blonde in an ever so colorful costume simply strolls up to them on the sidewalk.

    "I'm guessing that there's a story to this." she remarks, one hand settling on her hip. "I'd prefer that it remains without violence. So, no biting."

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." He does a tiny little bow himself and then looks at Gamora nd then at Rocket and .....he just walks into the bar. People who stop him usually either need capes or to be able to throw trucks....and sure enough he gets looks but no one does. He looks at Rocket, "I am Groot" encouraging his angry best friend to join him. And anyone else who cares to. He looks up and down the bar selections and says, "I am Groot.""

Rocket has posed:
"You talk too much, and what the hell is a 'nincompoop?'" Rocket just about spits out at Anthony Druid, getting himself upright again. This time, he doesn't almost get sent down the block by another car. Thanks, traffic lights. Brushing his arms clean, or cleaner, he looks around and takes in Gamora this time. "Yeah, you go ahead and do that. Why don't you bring us back one of those big round metal tanks for me to..I mean for all of us to..s..to shh...to shhhhhh...to share?"

Added, for Nebula, is a sniff and a slow grin. "Oh, I could do that if I really wanted to." Assuming Groot has finally left the cab he was in, Rocket goes over to scale him and perch from a shoulder, holding on by his head with a small hand by the time Power Girl shows up. It leaves him staring. "Damn, lady. You sure got a pair of...boots. Yeah, boots on ya. And, nice cape. But I can't make any promises about the biting thing. When Rocket doesn't get his drinky, Rocket gets bitey."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora glances at Nebula's victimized pedestrian, and then looks to her. "Simple respect is how you know a civilization is developing. If they do not get themselves killed first telling strangers of their worrisome professions.
    Gamora is given pause, however, by the arrival of Power Girl. She doesn't look particularly out of place to Gamora, but she DID fly in, so caution may be appropriate.
    Time to bring in those skills she's harnassed to fit in on earth.
    With stern confidence, Gamora says "Hold, Earther! We are but simple Cosplayers from beyond your borders." She says, invoking what she assumes to be the word for people with skin and body types that don't match Humans, "We seek only a place of relaxation so that this one may get..." Gamora squints, searching her memory for the appropriate word, "... 'wasted'."

Doris Zuel has posed:
Walking in to the scene, Doris slowly blinks as she looks at the group that is outside a bar she likes to frequent. Why? Well, she's bigger than everyone there usually and she has no problems getting served. Honestly, it works well for her as it isn't really a well known place. Plus, there's other options nearby if they piss her off. Now, however, Dr. Zuel blinks at Rocket and Groot first before shaking her head, "What have I done to deserve this?" She asks and blinks several times before Gamora speaks up and she stares at her a moment before looking to none other than Power Girl. She frowns a little before shaking her head.

"You aren't cosplayers. No one is going to believe anyone has willingly dressed up as an annoying furball with more gun lust then a family reunion in Texas." She looks over at Groot, "And also a tree." She then looks to Power Girl, "Wait...what the hell is going on that Power Girl is here?" She then immediately narrows her eyes at Rocket.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid glances up at Power Girl's arrival, "Oh dear. Your rascal ways have invited the presence of one of my fellow superheroes. I don't think they intend any harm, madame. I think they are simply, as the parlance goes, from out of town. I could likely mesmerize a bar into allowing them entry, but I think that might be a wee bit unethical and would, likewise, likely make my agent begin to lay eggs in apoplexy at the mere consideration of the adverse publicity.

Doris' arrival draws his attention, then and he can only flush slightly and say, "Oh my."

Groot has posed:
Groot puts a wad of 20 100 dollar bills on the bar and starts pointing to things on the menu. The money doesnt really mean much to him since he is also able to get it with insane ease. People made such a big deal about him making that one plant grow to such large amounts it would almost seem like it was interdicted or something but it was just a local harmless thing. He slowly tries one of the beers and it tastes nice but doesnt get him boozed," I am Groot" he sighs but continues seeking something that will actually work. He snickers at Rocket's play on words not just because he always laughts at his friend's jokes (well...almmost always) but because it was far more intelligent than most of the monkeys would realize.

Nebula has posed:
    "Oh great, now boob window has turned up," she says rolling her eyes and folding her arms. Another flying type. That's the third one they've met. Harmless doesn't accurately describe Earth it seems. She can't imagine how horrifying an empire they would have if they could all fly around like this.

    "Can you also eat plasma cannon fire in the middle of space?," she asks Power Girl and then her eyes widen a touch when Gamora suggests they're all cosplayers. She turns on her sister and places a hand on her chest giving her a small shove, "You're not wearing the branding. You tell me I need to embrace the branding and then you tell people we're dressing up in costumes. Make up your mind sister."

    She pushes past a random person, shoulder barging him really, and heads to the bar. She too has heaps of earth green currencies and she dumps a stack of it on the bar top. "Whatever is going to get me the best drunk," she tells the bartender, who comes back with an expensive triple of whisky for her.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen's expression remains starkly and directly nonplussed. It was bad enough that she was meeting perhaps the universe's only apoplectic sapient raccoon, but this one's attitude was not merely limited to anger. Lovely.

    "Yes. Great boots. I use them to kick people and animals that make rude comments, regardless of how thin the veil draped over them." While she's pondering what the hell Gamora just said to her- because it's a series of words that require unpacking, Nebula makes not one, but two comments. To which, Power Girl responds: "For breakfast, lunch and dinner."

    Finally, she's ready for Gamora, "I don't know if you know what a cosplayer is," she states, shaking her head for a moment, "But I am very certain it isn't what you think it is. As far as bars, as long as either one of you-" she gestures to Gamora and Nebula, "Go in with him, they'll probably serve him. I don't really care if he gets wasted, but let me be clear."

    She looks, then, directly at Rocket. "If you get bitey, I'll dropkick you -through- our freakishly bright Earther Moon."

    As well, after delivering the threat, she doesn't leave, so they're not getting rid of her very easily.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora gives Nebula the most intense 'are you serious?' look in history before her sister's words register, drawing a perplexed look. "Costumes? We're not..." Gamora blinks once. "... Do Earthers think we're in disguise?" Gamora looks briefly troubled and then shakes her head, "Well!"! she calls after Nebula as she heads towards the bar, "Perhaps a disguise would be appropriate after how you've distinguished our band! The brand is DEAD, sister!" Gamora sighs and folds her arms, adding quietly, "... At least on Earth."
    She should, she notes, probably ask Quill for more clarification about this 'brand' business. It's all new to her.
    She peers at Power Girl and her eyes very slowly narrow. "The last planet I was on that was this naked violent had not yet progressed beyond mud huts." She notes softly, "Perhaps subtlety is a lost concept." Said the young woman in a space bikini, without a trace of irony. She grabs Rocket by the nape of his jumpsuit and follows after Nebula saying, "Come, Rocket, and find something to imbibe quickly."

Rocket has posed:
All right! It seems they're doing this! All Rocket needed was a posse to go in with him, and now he's got that crew. It doesn't stop him from being himself, though. Druid gets the first taste of it for the next round. "More like super zeroes if you ask me. And you still talk too much. Is it a disease?"

Doris, somewhere along the way, is given a greeting that's just right for her as far as he's concerned. "Oh, look. Tiny's back." He ignores talk of being an annoying furball, which is true, and his gun lust, which is also true, because now that he isn't getting sent back out immediately by the bouncer, it seems they might all actually get some service!

"What my leafy friend here is trying to say is I am extremely witty and funny, and we would like a sampling of everything you have. He has whatever this paper is supposed to be, and I don't know how he got it, but he has a lot of it."

More quietly, he asks Groot since he's right next to his head, "You didn't do anything embarrassing for that, I hope. Like, I dunno, I..don't even know what that would be for you."

As long as Power Girl is making threats and giving him the eye, Rocket sneers back at her, "Yeah, whatever lady. Can't a guy drink away his problems without you trying to ruin all the fun? Just keep the drinks coming and nobody has to get bit, you don't have to threaten me, and we can all go home happy." He mutters, under his breath, not realizing whether or not Power Girl can hear him, "Or maybe I'll just blast you one."

Good luck getting anyone to believe he's just someone in a costume.

Moments later, Gamora is yanking him from Groot's shoulder. "Hey! No touching! That ain't a handle!" If it helps him scramble up onto the bar and start downing this and that, though? He'll accept it.

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." He looks around safely at the crowd. He chuckles a 2nd time and says, "I am Groot." He nods in agreement to MOST of what Rocket is saying but then adds "I am Groot."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid watches the various conflagrations of alien outlaws and their ken with a bemused gaze, rapping his fingers on the bar, "I believe you have a cask of spiced cider with my name on it. Quite literally," he says and, indeed, he had one of his favorite beverages delivered to several establishments he tends to favor so that he might be able to partake at his leisure.

Recognizing the possibilities of carnage, he quickly finds a corner booth, properly enwreathed in shadow and unlikely to draw stray bullets.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula bares her teeth at her sister, the look is one of infuriation. Nothing penetrates Gamora and Nebula seems to never learn that lesson. "I hate you," she says non-commitaly. She wouldn't be here if she completely hated her sister. She lifts up the whisky and sniffs it first before knocking it back.

    "Hey cleav..." she pauses and stares at the big Doris and says, "Riiiight. This planet is awful." She frowns, "Hey cleavage conduit, do you drink?" She taps the bar twice and two more glasses are provided. She pushes one glass to the side, offering it to Power Girl. She points to Druid, "Whatever has your name on it, Rocket will like."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl rolls her eyes, at Gamora's chiding. "Yeah. Subtlety. Violence. Primitive humans. Nevermind you're out here in swimwear and that's the most aggressive and violent raccoon this planet has ever -seen- and we have a common -disease- that makes raccoons /horrifically violent./" she notes before quite calmly stepping her way into the bar.

    For a moment, she looks at Doris, "Thanks for your help in that ecoterrorism thing. Sorry about eh- whatever this is." she notes, gesturing to the, we'll call them, out-of-towners.

    When she heads into the bar, she is then immediately assaulted by the phrase Cleavage Conduit. "I'm going to say this once, it's Power Girl, and I've punched people for a -whole- lot less." Plucking up the glass, she drops it without a second thought, apparently unbothered by the taste.

Doris Zuel has posed:
A blink at the raccoon and a growl escapes from Doris and she shakes her head, "You are the most infuriating little pile of fur I have ever run into." She states simply enough and then looks over to Anthony and stares at him with a blink, "And who the hell are you?" She looks to the others, "Is the overly confident bag of money with anyone?" She then hears Nebula and stares a moment. She then laughs and looks to Karen's chest a moment before shaking her head and waving a hand at Karen, "No problem...but now I'm going to have trouble knowing you as anything other than..." She doesn't repeat it, just gestures at Nebula before shaking her head.

"So, the punching thing? That a promise?" She glances at Power Girl and grins, "Cause I haven't had to deal with anyone on my level in a while and it frankly sounds likea good time." She smirks before her gaze then goes back to Gamora and she looks her over, "That being said, I know at least some of this lot. They were fighting rabbits straight out of something the Japanese might put behind a pay wall."

Rocket has posed:
"First of all, I ain't a raccoon. I'm Rocket. Second of all, give." The not-raccoon, who is just in denial, makes grabby-handed motions for whatever glasses hold whatever liquor possible, the bartender looking a mixture of frightened, confused, and, honestly, curious. He's going to have a story to tell later, and maybe more if the phone he takes out to record anything he can of this is any indication. The scratch he might be able to make from a tabloid...

Rocket chortles at whatever it was Groot said, shaking his head back and forth. "I ain't a scholar, pal. And I already told that other one back on the ship, ain't no such thing as Kryptonians left around. That planet got blown up ages ago. They're all dead."

He tosses back a drink, a feeling of mild warmth washing over him in the immediate moments following. "This is pathetic. Give me something stronger. I want something that will make me forget I ever landed on this suck-ass planet and all the losers on it."

Gamora and Nebula seem to be bonding again. How sweet.

Doris gets a toothy grin. "If you're trying to compliment me, that's a good start. But if you and the lady over there with the big hole right..there..wanna go have it out, why don't you do it in a big, wide open place?"

Gamora has posed:
    "That is not difficult to believe." Gamora murmurs under her breath at Karen's threat. Maybe Nebula fits in here after all! That's a depressing thought. Gamora places her hand on the table and calls, "Barkeep! Challenge me with your strongest wares!" There is a moment of perplexed silence before a glass slides over to Gamora, which she then downs in a single gulp.
    There is a moment of silence.
    Gamora tilts slightly. "... Oh."

Nebula has posed:
    A man in a business suit, open, jacket and loose tie with a beer in his hand saunters over to the far side of Nebula. "Hey blue how's your eveni~~" he stops what he's saying as he's suddenly staring down the barrel of some sort of alien weapon. Nebula turns her head to stare at him with annoyance, "Say one more word and it'll be your last."

    The threat works and he slowly steps back and holds up his hands, retreating back to his group of friends who egged him on in the first place. Nebula holsters her blaster in to a briefly visible compartment in her thigh. It's gone as quickly as it came.

    "Power Girl? Fine. You look like you're ready to sell a new hover car," she says though the tone of her voice has softened, like the knowledge that eating plasma cannons is a thrice daily meal has impressed her. "You look a lot like that Supergirl we gave a lift to," she says and turns around, staring Karen up and down, "The face, not the body." An eye zooms in on her face, "... very similar."

    Not wanting to be out done so fast, she knocks back the whisky and then peers at the glass. "Awful. Bartender, another." She picks up the second she'd already ordered for herself and sniffs it too to make sure it's still the same stuff.

    She hears what Rocket says about Power Girl and her ears would prick up if they could.. Kryptonian. She turns back to look at Karen and says, "Kryptonian? here? three of you?" She hasn't seen Superman yet, or the tally in her head would be four.

Groot has posed:
Groot is patiently listening to his friend and shrugs, "I am Groot." He then starts methodically going through an entire RAFT of drinks one at a time, enjoying the taste, thoroughly but none of it is doing anything for him and then he finds one that has a kick that actually works and grins, "I am Groot." He says this definitively but politely as if he will have it, even if it takes another bundle of randomly sequenced bills for growing harmless plants. He listens to the others and looks briefly concerned at the blaster pull but then relaxes again.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora arches an eyebrow. "A Kryptonian? That's absurd, they were never so strong, and the planet that sustains them is long..." Gamora sniffs, "... long..." Gamora sniffs again and then leaves her stool without word or ceremony, marching up to a perfect stranger and putting her nose over his drink.
    "Uh! Hey, babe, how can I-"
    Gamora takes his glass away from him and brings it back to the bar, ordering "Barkeep! A bottle of this! Take paper as you will!"
    A few moments later, Gamora is in possession of a bottle that smells strongly of chocolate.
    After her binge at the Titans party, she spent an entire day and night curled up in her room making sounds like she was on a torture rack, trying to be very brave.
    Gamora begins filling glasses.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power GIrl clutches a new glass of whiskey- as the bartender assumed that she too wanted a second glass. It has no effect on her, of course, but right now that's not necessarily a good thing. By Rao she'd love to at least get a little tipsy.

    "Draw that again and you're going to need a new arm." Just whether or not she knows the sheer extent of Nebula's cybernetics is left up for debate. "And you're rapidly accruing strikes. Eventually my desire to hit you is going to outpace my desire to maintain at least neutral interstellar diplomacy." Despite Nebula's softening tone, Karen is clearly still making note of the comments.

    Her attention turns to Doris, and she shrugs. "Well, first, I wasn't offering to punch you, but I suppose the offer does extend to you if you think that's a button you want to press, which I'd caution against because second," she downs the second glass of whiskey. "You're not on my level."

    Then, there's talk of Kryptonians and such, and Karen just raises a brow. "What's a Kroptubrian?" she offers, perhaps the least genuine statement she's ever let pass her lips. "Sounds like they're all dead."

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula wouldn't lie about this under oath: she enjoyed hearing Gamora struggling in withdrawal pain from the Titan's chocolate. She has no idea what caused it - but finally she is going to find out. Watching her sister fall from grace is one of life's great desserts.

    Nebula smirks at Karen's threat of ripping off her arm. Certainly not the first time that's happened. It's not pleasant. Nothing about her body is pleasant. She says darkly, "Kryptonians are a bunch of psychopaths and scientists who hid away on their planet passing laws declaring every other day pat on the back day for how Kryptonian they all are. They used to have a big empire, ...but ya know how those end..."

    She lifts up her glass of whisky to Karen and then downs the second as the third arrives. She has no doubt at all Power Girl would best her, but what's more important is she also best her sister if it comes down to that... and speaking of her sister, "What's gotten in to you? Your pupils are dilated and your heart rate is elevated."

Rocket has posed:
Rocket eyes Karen, continuing to do so not just because of those curves, but because she poses one of the bigger unknown variables in here, even beyond whatever Nebula might be prone to do. At least he's come to expect it from her at some point.

"All right, here's how I know you know what I said. I ain't anywhere close to slurring that badly yet, but I'll say it again. Kryp-tone-ee-an. We met another one who said that's what she was, and I told her that's impossible, and..Gamora, what are you doing now? What is that?"

He sniffs at the glass, which has some sort of chocolatey-smelling, liquery-smelling..substance in it, leading to him poking a claw in the stuff before licking at the tip of his finger warily, with caution. His brows scrunch together above his masked fur, eyes turning very speculative.

Distractedly, he waves the other hand in Groot's direction. "Tequila. He wants two of those. The whole bottles. And yes, Groot, I know I am a genius in almost all things. Thank you for the reminder, though."

Notably, he says nothing about what Nebula did with the poor humie. It's the guy's own fault for being a moron. All he says to her is simple. "Can you even /get/ drunk?"

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." He says this good naturedly but sarcastically. He then proceeds to take a shot....with the bottle of Tequila. This takes approximately two seconds. There is a loud 'gurglegurglegurlegurgle POP' and he lets out a very satisfied, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I am Groot." He looks around more relaxed and says, "I am Groot." As he sips (and by sip I mean about 4 shots at a time) the nice 2nd bottle."

Doris Zuel has posed:
A blink at Gamora and she arches and eyebrow. She watches her drink and then shakes her head, "I don't know what that is but...it must have an interesting effect on whatever species she is." She chuckles before looking then to Power Girl and tilting her head, "Your level, huh?" She steps closer to Karen and takes a whiskey shot and downs it before tilting her head, "And what is your level, shorty?" She asks and chuckles, "Cause my level is pretty damn high."

She then looks over briefly at Nebula, arching a brow before letting out a hmm. She doesn't say anything, just taps the bar and calls for another shot. Casually she glances at Groot and hmms, "So, I just have to wonder how much you are really saying at times."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora turns to Nebula sharply, "You haven't-" Gamora hesitates, squinting at the lights. Why are they so bright now? Nevermind! "You haven't tried it?" Gamora downs a glass and visibly shivers, "They- they had it at the party. On the roof, they- " Gamora leans in close, "They've *liguified* it!" Gamora leans back, "Or the Titans... solidified it?"
    Gamora shrugs and downs another glass.
    "It's the best." she begins tapping the bar with every word, for emphasis "it's the best in the galaxy," Gamora stops and leans in, "it's hidden on this backwater-" Gamora smacks her fist on the bar, "And they just *give* it to you!"
    Gamora downs another drink.
    "... Nebula... Nebula. You've- Nebula. You've got to try it."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl's attention lingers on Doris for a while. She's not looking the other woman up and down, and though she's got a third whiskey in her hand, when she speaks, it's not flirtatious- and, likely, she hasn't been at all that way the entire evening. "More than you're ready for." she states, pointing one gauntleted finger at Doris. "But I'm here to keep an eye on the aliens. You can go about your business without any issue."

    To Rocket and Nebula, Karen offers a quiet nod. "Yep. All dead. Extinct, and gone." downing the third whiskey and letting it linger for half a moment, before setting the glass down, she continues- "Did your... Sister? Get high off of chocolate liqueur?"

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula scowls as Gamora seems to lose it from the drink. She says, "You're pathetic," as she picks up the bottle. Hearing Power Girl name it, "Chocolate liqueur. And the Titans had a solid form of it." She raises it to her nose and sniffs it, then brings up her cybernetic arm and a blue beam shoots out from the wrist over the bottle, scanning its contents.

    "It's highly toxic and intercepts communication along the spinal chord. This is poison, even for Terrans. Figures," she says with a smirk and pours some out in to a glass. There is a small nervous sip and then a scowl as she pushes it away. "It's disgusting Gamora, stop before you embarrass yourself."

    She keeps the bottle away from Gamora even as she contemplates the best source for this new drug that she can use to control people. Or, at the very least, her sister.

Rocket has posed:
By now, there are many more phones out, and someone in the place has even started a livestream that picks up most of what's going on, what's being said.

"Why don't you two go get a room?" Rocket grumbles at Karen and Doris, "'cause you're gettin' on my nerves right now."

The exchange between Nebula and Gamora leads to him putting in, "I think it's a little late for that, Nebby. She's been embarrassing herself ever since she got in here." Did he just call her..? Yes. Yes, he did.

Groot's words don't get any kind of translation this time in the form of a response, for he too is trying to get enough in him to really start to feel a buzz and then some. He just flashes Karen a knowing nod as she confirms the bit about the Kryptonians. See?

"Give me some of that," he adds, reaching for Groot's tequila, reaching for this, reaching for that, mixing drinks no bartender would ever recommend mixing, tossing it all down. Ever see a raccoon that loved to drink? You have now.

Groot has posed:
Groot would potentially rbeak the bottle and stab anyone else separating him from the Tequila at this point but he...reluctantly lets him. "I am Groot." He mumbles and has some more of them ordering two more bottles and beginning to look contemplative. "I am Groot" he says like a silioquey

Gamora has posed:
    "Bah!" Gamora grunts and takes the bottle back. "You don't know what's good." She says, and begins to pour another glass, "You don't even like clear skies! You don't- uhp" Gamora misses the glass and spills a little bit of the drink. She begins to pour again with both hands on the bottle, "... Yoooouu dunno whad's gud."

Doris Zuel has posed:
A smirk and Doris rolls her eyes, "You are one of the most boring people..." She shakes her head at Power Girl, "Honestly, what exactly are these lot going to do that requires the attention of Power Girl." She laughs and shakes her head, "As I said earlier, rabbits were an issue for them." She then looks over to Gamora, "And like you pointed out, I'm pretty sure this one is now high or drunk or both." She then shakes her head before looking to Rocket and then she rolls her eyes, "Please." She stands up and walks over toward the furry one, "I imagine she'd be boring in a room, too."

She then squints at the Raccoon a moment and then laughs, "Getting on your nerves? Ha! Intruding on your territory, furball? I bet you don't like competition." She then downs the shot in her hand before shaking her head, "Honestly, this whole trip out has been far less exciting than I thought it'd be and I was only planning to have a drinks in a quiet bar."

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula swipes her arm across the bar top, batting the glass away. It smashes on the bartender side of the bar and chocolate liqueur spills on the counter top. "Stop it sister," she says as her eyes narrow and she rests her other hand on her shoulder, "You will be moaning for death again tomorrow." It's a whisper now and she tries to turn Gamora toward the door.

    Even Rocket just called her Nebby and questioned if she could get drunk.. and she let it pass. Because Gamora like this is not okay. There are phones out, people recording them. "I'm taking you back to the Milano," she says for Gamora's ears only and wraps an arm about her sister ..caringly. This is the stuff Gamora never remembers. Of course, she now has spilt chocolate liquid over her hand.

Drax has posed:
Drax has been conspicuously missing from this outing so far.  His excuse was that he had a great need to excrete.  This doesn't happen very often, but when it does, he's uncomfortably forward about it.  And it's a process, like an a-bomb going off in slow motion.  No doubt he's been told to 'hold it' at times.

Fiiinally, Drax busts into the bar, not needing any ID given the age of his looks.  No one wishes to ask him, and no one wishes to wonder if he has a wallet and where he's keeping it because those pants are kind of tight.

"Where are my friends?!" he asks an employee as if she should be omniscient.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora looks aghast, but also desperately unbalanced. "How *could* you? They took..." Gamora grasps, both mentally and physically, "... *paper* for that- oop!" She's interrupted as she suddenly finds herself being half dragged out of the establishment, high heels dragging on the ground, "Muuhn. That's not faaaaair..." she drones, and drops her head, "nunnuvids faaair...!"
    Bye Gamora.

Rocket has posed:
Rocket senses things might be drawing to a close here..soon. "Groot, give them the rest of your papers and make me something we can carry most of this back in. We need more. He hops from the counter to the wall behind the bar, thudding against it because he missed the landing. It causes him to disappear for a moment before they can see him climbing again, and he starts blindly tossing bottles of this and that toward Groot. Hopefully he'll catch most of them. The money might not cover it all, but is anyone really going to stop them?

Nebula is dealing with Gamora. Rocket says, "I don't think she's in any condition to understand a word of that, Groot. And will you stop it with whatever you're quoting? I don't even know where you got that." His voice is starting to slur, just enough to be detected, for he's been hitting it pretty good by now.

He goes back to chucking bottles toward Groot before finishing with that, sneering at Doris when he's done. "Ain't nobody on this junkball of a planet can handle me. You're lucky I didn't melt everything in here. Now..oh, there he is."

A bottle flies toward the one who just stepped in, the one violating the 'no shirt, no service' policy. "Catch, Drax!" Good reflexes, or a shattered bottle off the side of the head. One way or another, it should be fun. Afterward, his nose wrinkles. "Am I just noticing how bad this place smells, or did you forget to wipe?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl snorts, leaning up against the bar. "I'd rather be boring." she states, her face erupting in a smirk. "Than whatever you find exciting." Rolling her eyes, though, "I have no idea. One of them just produced a decidedly advanced pistol from -nowhere-. The raccoon is probably armed, the tree does whatever a tree does." Then, she gestures to Drax as he enters. "And then there's him, so I'm here just in case."

    With a shrug, she goes back to -mostly- minding her own business. There's little else for her -to- do other than await either violence or calm.

Groot has posed:
Groot grows a few extra limbs to catch all of the booze. Except the beer. He lets that trash fall to the bar. He definitely gets ALL of the tequilla and ALL the chocolate liquor. He nods to Rocket and deposites 200K on the bar in nice crisp unmarked bills. "I am Groot." He says, whistfully finishing the third bottle and starting to sway, "I am grooooot." He whistles in approval to Drax and raisesa bottle of tequilla.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula passes Drax on the way out and says, "Not a word," about her helping her drunk/high sister out of the bar. She pauses and glances back at Doris and Karen and says to Drax, "The custom is to hug the blond and the tall one." She smirks to herself and walks Gamora out of the establishment.

Rocket has posed:
"Those were gonna be for Quill. He doesn't get to have the good stuff," Rocket chides Groot, as bottles of beer land on the floor and shatter open.

He is armed, but he's left the big blasters back on the ship. There is a pistol at one side, probably some technological wonder if anyone knows what he tinkers with to create.

However, his eyes narrow on his tree friend. "You take that back, Groot. There's nothing I have to do with this stupid planet. I'm from Halfworld and that's all there is to say about that. And will you stop quoting whatever that is? Do you always talk this much when you're drunk?" All this, from only saying 'I am Groot' a few more times.

Getting back to the Milano from this city shouldn't be that difficult, but it might be more challenging with most or all of them now a sheet or two closer to the wind. "Are you sure that's enough?" he asks of the pile of money Groot has come up with. "On second thought, who cares? This is all ours now! Hahahaha! Drax, get something and..yes. Yes, hug both of them. They will enjoy it. Then let's get off this backwater planet!"

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." He guys the remaining beers in the bar and says "I am Groot" quoting a third of the encyclopedia galactica because he can."

Drax has posed:
Drax's reflexes are superior /enough/ (shhh don't ever use that word) for him to catch the bottle without moving any other part of his body other than what is absolutely necessary to complete the task.  At some point, someone will likely get the courage to tell him to put on a shirt or leave.  Hopefully someone has an undershirt at that point, and yet, hopefully not.

"I forgot to wipe your pillow," Drax replies to Rocket without missing a beat.  He breaks the neck of the bottle and just starts guzzling it down as he watches Nebula helping /Gamora/ out.  He shakes his head somberly.  Such a shame.  Then he finds a place to sit, not worrying about any groaning furniture under his weight.

"You gave me something Rocket," he lifts up the broken-necked drink.

Doris Zuel has posed:
A roll of her eyes at Karen and Doris points at her, "You need to learn to live a little." She then gestures to Drax, "Like that one." SHe nods her head, "Look at him, not a care. He just fights, apparently drinks, and says what is on his mind!" She nods her head and then looks to Karen, "He's the best thing to come out of this bunch of rabbit fighting misfits." She nods her head, "The tree is a close second." She then takes a seat near Drax and gestures to him, "Hey again." She then gestures to the bartender, "Bring this guy some Skrewball. I bet he'll like it." She chuckles.

Rocket has posed:
Rocket rolls his eyes again at Groot, but this time he says nothing. Instead, he climbs back atop the tall tree, managing not to fall off this time around, and he calls back, "Yeah, I'm gonna remember that, Drax. Get your ass back to the ship soon, 'cause I think we're about to leave and if you don't want to be stuck here..." The warning is clear. Don't waste time, or have a lot of time to waste.

Drax has posed:
Drax has no idea what the conversations around him are about, nor does he care too much as he finishes his bottle, just in time for him to realize he's being talked about and by who other than Doris, even if he doesn't know her name.  She might have introduced herself, but he was too busy first dealing with those killer bunnies and then staring wide-eyed up at her enlarged form in awe.

So when Doris grabs a seat near him, he grins.  "You."  Not even hiding the fact he doesn't know her name.  "You have-What is a ball that is being screwed?  There are no ridges.  Or are there ridges on the ball."  He probably thinks it is something to eat.  Anything that isn't a liquid is something to try.  He isn't close-minded after all, unlike /some/ people.

Drax only grins at Rocket's words.  He hopes Rocket will remember it, because Drax didn't actually use Rocket's pillowcase as a hand towel, though he really thought about it.  It's the perfect size.