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  I am Groot  
Groot (Scenesys ID: 1995)
Name: I am Groot
Superalias: I am Groot
Gender: Male
Species: I am Groot
Occupation: I am Groot
Citizenship: I am Groot
Residence: I am Groot
Education: I am Groot
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy of the Galaxy
Apparent Age: ?? Actual Age: ??
Date of Birth I am Groot Played By Vin Diesel
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: I am Groot Eye Color: I am Groot
Twitter: @IAmGroot
Theme Song: The Ent Theme Song (LOTR Sound Track) Howard Shore

Character Info


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His Divine Majesty King Groot the 23rd, Monarch of Planet X, Custodian of the Branch Worlds, Ruler of All Shades is a massive, living tree. His enormous size and unimaginable strength are tempered by a gentle soul, positive outlook, and unwavering loyalty to his friends. Groot stands with the Guardians of the Galaxy and is rarely seen without the company of his best friend, Rocket. Much more could be said, but all of it is best summarized simply with I AM GROOT.


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* Groot was born, er, grown, from a royal sap-line on Planet X, the capital of the Branch Worlds, where the Floral Colossus hive-mind reigned supreme over all other life.

* Like all other saplings, Groot received the collected wisdom of generations of Arbor Masters, absorbed by photosynthesis.

* Groot's personality evolved to be somewhat unusual for a member of the Groot Hive Mind: gentle and warm, generally with kindness towards innocent life. Of particular note, Groot developed a fondness for the small woodland mammals they subjugated on Planet X.

* While defending one of these "Maintenance Mammals" from harm, Groot killed another member of the Groot species. As punishment, Groot was exiled from his homeworld and fled to Kree space.

* Groot spent years wandering space, earning his way through mercenary and bounty work.

* Eventually, Groot would meet Rocket and become his travel partner and friend.

* Like Rocket, Groot found his way in and out of various prisons, managing to accumulate fifteen total counts of escape from incarceration.

* Sixteen counts.

IC Journal

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At times, Groot can have a child-like personality. This leads to moments where he might be easily distracted or focused on details that are irrelevant to the task at hand. This may come from his start as a sapling in the Groot hivemind on Planet X -- free from that, he's able to enjoy life's curious details.

With his friends, teammates, and generally "innocent" life at large, Groot is kindhearted and gentle. Of particular note, Groot has a fondness for creatures that remind him of the small woodland animals that his species would reign over on Planet X -- squirrels, birds, raccoons, and so on. The smaller, weaker creatures have a special place in Groot's heart.

Hell Has No Fury:
Hurt one of his friends? You really, really should find the nearest exit. Despite his otherwise gentle nature, Groot is incredibly protective of those closest to him. Not opposed to lethal methods, Groot has no problem killing those that would do harm to his friends and family.

The most apt description for Groot would be loyal. Once someone has earned his trust, Groot will do absolutely anything to ensure their health and well-being. He has absolutely no problem putting himself in harm's way to protect those most important to him. This loyalty is not an easy one to break -- once you're in, you have a friend for life!

Groot's positivity is unwavering. Kind-hearted, altruistic, and just oozing with optimism, Groot spreads good cheer wherever he might go. Unflappable by setbacks, Groot would be the first to tell you that it's all about the journey, not the destination! Able to find good in almost any situation, Groot's positivity might just be his most important power if it wasn't a personality trait.

Character Sheet


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When in need of lighting, Groot can grow bioluminescent balls all throughout his body. The lighting is similar to candles, giving off a warm glow. It's not super bright, by any means, but it's a pretty effect and can light a dark area in a pinch.

Changing Form:
Other than changing size, Groot's body is able to grow and reform into different shapes. Through this ability, Groot is able to expand himself as vines, sew together into a wooden shield, or even turn himself into an escape capsule! He can use vines to subdue an enemy or turn his arm into a makeshift, wooden spike for stabbing. The options are really only limited by Groot's creativity and circumstance. He can also bloom flowers and leaves on his body, as well, though the benefits are unclear.

Changing Size:
Groot's Flora Colossus body allows him to expand his size to up to twenty-three feet, all on his own! This means that any of his body parts can be grown, at will, up to that length! This makes reaching and grabbing for things relatively trivial for Groot. When Groot is in an area with plant material, his maximum size is significantly larger. By absorbing this material, he can grow to extreme sizes! In a forest, for example, he could grow to the size of the largest redwood tree! He spends most of his time around eight to ten feet tall in an attempt to be a reasonable size around his companions, but could easily be a small as a sapling again if he wanted!

Groot might look like a standard lumberjack would do him in, but the bioreactive material of Groot's husk is native only to his homeworld and durability beyond that of any standard wood. His dense wooden exterior is tough enough to withstand most weaponry, including bullets, lasers, and fire. He's able to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, as well. This makes Groot extremely hard to take down.

Regenerative Healing:
Groot has an extremely accelerated healing factor. His limbs could be destroyed, hacked off even, and they would eventually regrow. The amount of time required is dependant on how much of Groot's body remains. If his arms were hacked off, for example, he could regrow them in a matter of minutes. This can also be accelerated if the environment contains plant material that Groot could absorb into his body. Consuming water also helps this process. As long as just a small twig of Groot's body is recovered and plantedin soil, Groot could eventually regrow. This makes Groot extremely difficult, nearly impossible, to kill completely as long as there's someone willing to water him from a twig. Once planted, it would take Groot approximately seven Earth days to regrow completely, slowly growing from a twig, to a baby Grootling, to an adolescent, and then finally to an adult form. Groot retains his memories but moves through this accelerated life with the emotional maturity appropriate for each stage.

Space Survival:
As a living tree, Groot does not require oxygen to survive. He is also able to withstand the vaccum of space. As a result, if Groot was ever ejected from space ship, he'd be able to survive out there just as well as if he was inside. He's unable to move through space, however, under his own power.

Super Strength:
Being a giant, hulking tree, Groot is extremely strong. Groot's strength is relative to his size. At his usual size of between eight and ten feet, his strength is on par with that of a super- human and allows Groot to stand toe-to-toe against even those with enhanced strength. When Groot expands his size, his strength increases as well. When he's at his largest, Groot's strength is beyond calculation -- he's able to lift over 100 tons! This might allow Groot the ability to perform utterly incredible feats of strength, including punching over buildings, towing spaceship-sized monsters through space, and so on.


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Like most space-faring types, Groot is able fly ships with the best of them. He's certainly not one that would ever call himself a pilot, as he's not familiar with the complex maneuvers best used in a fight, but Groot can take off, navigate, and ultimately land safely. Still, if given the choice, Groot would rather be a passenger and stare out the window at the pretty stars.

While he might normally be known for his tree abilities, Groot is able to handle firearms pretty easily. He has a lot of experience in his life as a well-meaning neer-do-well and many opportunities to fire a laser rifle. He can aim true, shoot, and handle recoil like the best of them.

Unarmed Combat:
Groot has had a lot of opportunities to learn how to fight. His unique physiology allows him to have a very unusual combat style, though punches and kicks could easily be recognized. He's able to land a punch with the best of them and can absolutely hold his own in a fight.


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Best Friend:
Groot's best friend, Rocket, has been with him through thick and thin. The two are extremely close, work very well together in a fight, and generally have each other's back. Plus, Rocket is one of the few people who can fluently understand Groot's language!

Groot has access to the Milano, an M-Class spaceship. The Milano can support a small crew with full, perhaps cramped, facilities. Basic weaponry is on board in the form of forward-mounted energy. Articulated wings allow for vertical takeoff and landing. And, on the Milano, Groot even has something of a little nook all to himself!

Groot claims to be from a royal sap-line, insisting that his true title is His Divine Majesty King Groot the 23rd, Monarch of Planet X, Custodian of the Branch Worlds, Ruler of All Shades. This title might afford Groot opportunities among those who believe him and care about such titles.


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Groot is an exile from his homeworld. This makes him isolated and alone, in terms of his species. Without a place to truly call his own, Groot struggles with occasional feelings that no matter where he is he just doesn't belong.

Over the years, Groot has run with a rough crowd and had to do some things that maybe weren't the most legal, in the strictest sense. He has a rap sheet and a pretty sizable bounty on his head. Bounty hunters of all shapes and sizes might just come out of the woodwork to cash in.

I Am Groot:
Like all members of his species, Groot's layrnx is hard, inflexible, and generally incapable of complex speech. The only words he's able to say are "I Am Groot," exclusively in that order. With these three words, however, Groot is able to form complex thoughts and sentences through intonation, inflection, volume, and the subtle breezes that pass through his mouth. It's possible for him to be understood by anyone who has taken the time to learn this subtle language. Anyone with telepath abilities should have no trouble reading his mind. In there, they would find a being capable of intelligent, careful thoughts.

Groot has run his mouth over the years, claiming to be from a royal sap-line, insofar as declaring himself His Divine Majesty King Groot the 23rd, Monarch of Planet X, Custodian of the Branch Worlds, Ruler of All Shades. This makes him a ripe target for political intrigue. While it's truly unclear if his title claim is valid, there may be other claimants out there who would like nothing more than to simplify the line of succession...



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Groot has 19 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Asking Of A Tree April 4th, 2021 Mantis finds out once and for all that there is no Elder Groot on Earth, but she does find Groot lost something, and she'll need to recruit Rocket to help.
Origins: How Rocket Met Groot And Became Best Buds...Get It March 15th, 2021 How Rocket and Groot met and went off on great adventures together before joining the Guardians. Everything here is all true!
Plotting March 8th, 2021 Groot makes a bit of language progress with Drax and tries to figure out a way to stop Nebula from destroying his chocolate without hurting her. He may have a plan.
Krypton or Bust: The Sto-Oa System March 6th, 2021 Upon arriving in the Sto-Oa system, the happy travel party is met with some very unhappy Oan ships and a fleet of Green Lanterns en route. Declaring that transportation of Kryptonians is a war crime, a stand off ensues resulting in Superman, Power Girl, and Super Girl surrendering to the Oans to get answers. Meanwhile, Jon Kent escapes the phantom zone and casually meets his dad and aunties and Maxima declares Green Lanterns forbidden from her empire. I am Groot!
Chocolate Trouble March 1st, 2021 Nebula kills more innocent chocolate. Groot grumbles about revenge! Not really.
Krypton or Bust: Up Up and Away February 20th, 2021 Kryptonians, family and friends gather on the Milano, which then docks with Maxima's ship. Greetings are made and the ships begin their journey to Oa.
The Crystal Mines of Sector 70-6-8B February 10th, 2021 The Baron is beheaded, the Crystals are stolen, and the crew have some soul searching to do. Ronan the Accuser also has some searching to do...
The Robber Baron of Sector 70-6-8B February 5th, 2021 The Guardians arrive at a theme park moon in hopes of stealing riches. Instead, they discover the entire place is one big scam and they're the real prize.
Fine Dining on the Milano January 31st, 2021 In which mealtime is all just a setup for a good Quill burn.
The Maze of Klabaru January 28th, 2021 The group has a gap in their memories and a minor change to be explained in a future scene.
A Chocolate Conspiracy January 19th, 2021 Nebula defeats the chocolate ambitions of Rocket and Groot...for now, saving Rocket from showing emotions and stuff.
Milano Tales: Hitch'n a Ride January 10th, 2021 The Milano meets some of the wildlife in an asteroid field while hiding from the Nova Corp.
Bar Hopping With Rocket January 2nd, 2021 Members of the Guardians go out for alcohol. It gets weird.
Beware of Schmeeps December 21st, 2020 The Schmeeps were stopped. The world was saved. More or less.
It's not always weird when the trees talk to you... December 13th, 2020 Groot and Siobhan meet, much is discussed, very little is said.
Delayed Plans November 5th, 2020 Groot joins Drax on his mission to get revenge on Thanos for his family's slaughter. Drax fails to mention details of his eye-for-an-eye plan.
Distress Signals October 12th, 2020 The guardians bump into and yell at each other until someone seeks them for help. A long road trip begins!
Guarding which Galaxy October 2nd, 2020 Guardians show off their sweet guardian skills
Guardians of the shotgun seat September 30th, 2020 The Guardians all hang out in the cockpit.


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Groot has 19 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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