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Carnival Calamities Cause Crisis
Date of Scene: 19 January 2021
Location: Carnival
Synopsis: Scott attends a fund-raising carnival for his daughter's school that he certainly did not break. Joan gets unexpectedly sat upon by a rainbow gorilla, Meggan tries to ruin Scott's bad boy persona with her photography, and Wanda is up to something fishy.
Cast of Characters: Scott Lang, Meggan Puceanu, Joan Wright, Wanda Maximoff

Scott Lang has posed:
"I knocked them all down."

"But you didn't."

"They're literally all on their side."

"Gotta be off the table for the big prize."

"No one anywhere has ever used that rule."

"No one else here smashed two classrooms either."

"...give me three more balls," Scott finishes grimly as he forks over a few more dollars. The guilt-tripping carnie happily hands him three more heavy rubber balls while Scott's daughter Cassie watches on contently with a cup of salty vinegar-soaked fries in her hand. This time around Scott manages the deed, though by now it's his 5th attempt, surely it would've been cheaper to just buy the giant rainbow colored gorilla that now sits on his shoulders for the remainder of the evening. With a sigh he starts walking again, Cassie holding onto his hand.

"Thanks Daddy! You got me a prize and you're helping fix the school!" Cassie chirps brightly.

Somewhat more morosely Scott responds, "Yeah, I just don't think everyone needs to make it sound like it's my fault they need to raise money. We did save people," he grumbles, letting Cassie largely lead the way as they wind through the crowds of the school fundraiser carnival.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Thanks to one Rosalba Greene, a smattering of students representing New York University and Empire State lend their strength in coordination, patience, or just arms to keeping things running. Professional carnies get the good jobs running games, but the freshmen to postgrads earn a few dollars and community participation credits by managing parking, selling tickets, and other piecemeal actions.

Meggan manages to swing one of the better gigs: photographer. Armed with a mobile phone and a digital camera, she captures candid shots for the school newsletter, the website, and anyone willing to shell out $8 for a personal snap they can see on a kiosk somewhere near the gym. Approaching families with a winning, beaming smile usually does the trick. For the singletons from twelve to a hundred, the English accent has a surprising success rate. None of this is going to exactly tally up for commissions, but the school's cut counts. She pads across the sticky, damp ground, beelining for the enormous gorilla-wearing Scott and Cassie, giving a friendly wave.

"Good evening! Do you mind I get a shot of you two together?" Her smile ticks up, full of sunshine. Nothing about the environmental activist from a good many Internet sites and occasional lines in print exudes hostility. "I can take a photograph of you at a game, if you prefer!"

Joan Wright has posed:
Amongst the crowd gathered to support the school, Joan walks along, bundled up but not minding at all as she holds a tiny little paper tray. There's a bit of a smile on the architect's face as the smell of fatty fried oreos wafts into her nose. Only four presently in the tray. Delicious as they may be. There are limits to what one can do to their stomach in one meal. And if one considered the amount of calories piled on when something is fried, well- what's left may actually be too much as is for just one person. The vendor was unusually generous and there had originally been six. But then again, she was one of the consultants who came over to tend to the damages.

As a photographer stops before a man and child, she comes to a sudden halt, looking to the camera for a few moments and to where it is pointed. She waits.

Scott Lang has posed:
"Oh, no we..."

"DADDY! You get to have your photo in the paper all the time, I wanna be in!" demands Cassie with an actual stomp of her foot and pout.

Scott stares off for a moment into the distance, his grip on the rainbow gorilla's leg tightening just a moment before he lets out a defeated sigh and plasters a smile on his face. "Sure! Alright! Come on baby, what did you wanna play?" Scott asks with a glance around the nearest stalls.

"GOLDFISH!" comes the enthusiastic cry from his daughter, Scott mumbling a few protests as she runs to the little wading pool full of rubber ducks. Pick one with a star, win a goldfish in a plastic bag that will be dead by morning. A staple of carnivals everywhere. Shooting the photographer a slightly dirty look as he lets go of his daughter's hand a moment as she runs to the pool. He struggles then to get his wallet out and open with one-hand, still balancing the gorilla on his shoulders. Alas, Joan wanders a bit too close. "Excuse me, hold this a sec will you?" Scott with his usual social grace suddenly plopping the too large to be practical stuffed toy on a complete stranger's shoulders instead so he can foist out another 2 dollars.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
The suggestion of a rueful smile builds only when Cassie turns her back, Scott receiving that slight sheepish shrug from the blonde. "She's lovely and precocious as they come, isn't she?" A word spun fairly on that lilting accent, not in any sense crisp, for Meggan's dialect folds in the melodic chords of Gaelic -- both varieties -- and Welsh just as easily. She holds up the camera and supports it beneath, circling after the father-daughter pair through the thinned crowds without every quite coming into contact with someone. That's saying something given the clotted onlookers watching a game, and a huge gorilla of prismatic doom plonked on Joan, double when she literally tiptoes about.

"Oh, pardon me," she murmurs to the architect, her eyes spontaneously widening by the savory-sweet aroma of those peculiar biscuits fried up. "Would it be a bother if I asked you what you're having as a treat?" For the few seconds needed to get everything set up and ready in the game, she can manage a bit of small talk.

The camera's screen glows on her shirt, and the blonde easily checks the viewfinder, realigning where the little girl and her famous father face a sea of ducks.

Joan Wright has posed:
Hearing a request directed in her general direction Joan turns her head just in time to the crotch of a stuffed animal coming down upon her head. "Ha-h-?!" She shifts her oreo tray to one hand, bringing up her dominant hand to steady the stuffed animal as she peers from between its legs, a bit surprised. Oh God. Did she just run into one of Ted's relatives or something? She opens her mouth to protest but upon seeing the excited child, she takes a breath, "...ok."

Meggan's question causes for her to turn to the photographer, gorilla bobbing as she does so, "Oh they're deep fried oreos." She answers, "They're really good."

Scott Lang has posed:
"You get ONE go of this," Scott sternly informs his daughter, not about to repeat the milk bottle fiasco from before. Cassie thankfully nods her head in understanding and studies the rubber ducks with great care, sussing out their behavior, the subtle tells that would inform her which one had a star scribbled on its belly with Sharpie. Silently Scott hoped for a loss, he loved his daughter but he did not need a goldfish to lug around as well.

"Does precocious mean spoiled then?" Scott jests with a sidelong grin, bending down to put a hand on his daughter's head who protests with a "DADDY!" But it's back to the ducks, her little hand reaching out, touching one, then lifting and swiftly grabbing another! And underneath...was no star. Instead it appeared to be a smiley face drawn on.

"Oh thank the..."

"Congratulations! Only three of them in the whole pool! Here you are sir!" happily informs the vendor who places in Scott's hand a small bowl with a lid on it, a beta fighting fish swirling inside with its oversized finds.

"YAY! I won Daddy, I won!"

Scott just stares at the fish for a long while before lifting his head to look between Meggan and Joan. "So, either of you ladies like fish?"

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
The quick succession of snaps comes as a burst, modified by programming that compensates for any wobbles in the photographer's hands or the movements of her subjects. Meggan bites back a laugh, but the sunny warmth arises in her voice. "A young lady never tells." Barely a visible nod breaks her focus, eyes sharply green and agleam. From plucking the floating duck from the pool to the expression on Cassie's face, it's all there in luminous digital ink. Joan in her prismatic primate accessory will be spared all but one frame! Promise.

"Brilliant." Maybe an explanation and a statement wrapped up all in one. "Fab, we have your triumphant moment captured! You just put 982 in the kiosk by the front ticket booth and go through the photographs, picking the ones you like." Wrapping the camera's strap around her wrist, she draws out a slender business card from the back pocket of her jeans.

For most people, juggling a camera, a phone, a business card and possibly an Oreo plate would be difficult. But a product of the modern age, interchangeable device management is second nature. She holds out the card for either Lang to take. A look settles to the betta swimming around, and she puckers her lips into a classic fish-face for a second. "Ooh, I do, but it would suffer being so close to the ocean and out of reach at my place. You give him a good home. Besides, I definitely need to try a deep-fried cookie. Are those real? I thought they only happened in movies!"

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan looks over to the ornately finned fish, brow raising. "I'll put it this way. I won't think twice about building houses or rennovating ones that have been run to the ground. Or putting in classroom walls. Easy stuff. But tropical fish care?" She shakes her head. "Nope. All I know about those is that they don't play well with others."

A fine example to be setting for school children indeed.

The gorilla sways on Joan's shoulders as she offers the tray over towards Meggan, "Try one. They gave me six. I won't be able to eat them all."

Scott Lang has posed:
     Scott takes the business card as he settles the fish against his chest with his other hand and looks down at Cassie. "We may need to make a run to the car to drop some stuff off," he informs her, the small blonde 6 year old staring wide-eyed at her winnings in the bowl without seeming to even hear him. Scott rolls his eyes, glancing at the card. "982, got it," giving the card an odd waggle to draw attention to it before snapping his fingers, the card seeming to vanish into thin air.

"HAH! Got it down with playing cards. Still need to practice a bit more with business ones. And don't mind if I do..." Very clearly Joan was offering an oreo to Meggan and Meggan alone. Just as clearly Scott was going to play dumb and pretend it was an open offer, one of her greasy treats in his fingers almost as fast as the card had vanished from them. His head inclining towards the rainbow gorilla instead noting, "He's low maintenance, I mean if one of you really wants..."

"Dad..." the voice tiny and adorable and yet somehow threatening.

"Scott sighs as he stuffs the Oreo in his mouth, mumbling around it, "I'll take it back now." Though it sounds more akin to "Ahh ake eh gak ow," as he finally relieves Joan of his burden.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
For some, it would seem a strange place for Wanda Maximoff to be seen, a carnival. But, given the nature of the beast, it's a moment of happy as the witch moves through the crowd. She's dressed down, jeans, sweater and long jacket with a baseball cap topping, keeping red hair out of her face and back on her shoulders.

Flickers of familiar faces are in the crowd here and there, and it's in the approach to the game with the brightly colored fish as prizes that she offers a small wave towards Scott first, Cassie.. and the others. Of course, she has to greet the child first, and she's happy to do it.

"Cassie!" is given with warmth before adding, "Scott," to her teammate. As for the rest, she offers an encompassing, genuine greeting, "Hello.. looks like it is good afternoon," is pronounced, gesturing towards the 'haul'. "Even fish?"

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
"Are you certain? That's terribly kind of you." For others asking the question, it might only be for politeness' sake. Meggan means it, her lips rounding slightly. All balances on Joan's response as she hesitates to pluck up one of the fried morsels and then figure out the best way to consume it. "While I have tried a fried Mars Bar, a biscuit might be another thing altogther."

Not that this would prevent her from trying the most carnival of carnival foods, but manners really matter for something. So before she can pluck up a cookie, Scott ahs one, and that earns a quick, candid snap purely by chance with her thumb on the button. A quick snap and voila, there he is, chipmunk cheeked forever and ever. Balance it out for the little ones, right?

"Don't worry, lass, the gorilla will entirely be yours." She winks, and in doing so, gets in a friendly smile to Wanda too. Good humour is infectious, a bright mood more contagious than measles. "She won herself the finest fish of the lot. Though he will probably start preening soon, if we keep talking that way."

Joan Wright has posed:
"Yes. Go ahead." Joan assures Meggan before glancing over to the unintended carnival game financier. Joan's eyes widen as the card vanishes. "How long did that take you to lear-?" Her eyes look down to the tray as Scott nabs one. "-n." She sighs, looking to Cassie. "Grab one for her too." Lets be honest. Fried Oreos are FILLING. She sure as heck wasn't going to eat them all by herself.

She gives another sigh, this one a bit more approving as the gorilla is removed from its perch.

Scott Lang has posed:
"Wanda? That you? What are you doing here? I'm the only one obligated to be!" Scott greets his teammate after chomping off half the Oreo and downing it in a gulp. Indeed, wind up in the local (and some not so local) news as having had a superhero fight that wrecked your own daughter's school, people really see you as being obligated to attend the fundraiser to fix it, no matter how much good you did.

"Hi Wanda! This other lady speaks funny like you do!" Cassie cheerily quips pointing to Meggan, instantly causing Scott to flush red. He knew Cassie didn't mean bad by it but all the same he coughs hard and puts a hand on his daughter's head.

"Cassie just cause someone talks DIFFERENT doesn't mean they talk FUNNY. We've talked about this.

"No we haven't!"

"...well we're going to when we get home. Now say thank you for the cookie." Indeed Cassie seems almost as fast as her father at nabbing snack foods kept nearby. Had she waited till Joan offered? It seemed a very narrow thing as just like her father she speaks with her mouth full, "Fank use." On this Scott does not correct her, he has no room to talk.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The description of the 'finest fish' gains a laugh from the redhead, and Wanda nods, looking from fish to new, proud owner, and back. It is true, she does speak with that Eastern European lilt, her words rarely above a soft, conversational tone. "It is handsome fish. Do you have name for him? He deserves something strong."

A laugh exits the woman, and she looks over towards Meggan, and when she looks back at Cassie, it looks as if she's going to impart a secret. "She has lovely accent. Perfect for stories." Wanda glances back towards Meggan, offering a warm smile before she straightens completely.

"Is me," is confirmed. "I heard about carnival. Wanted to see it, perhaps get my own fish for Pietro." It'd be perfect!

Joan is given attention, then, to introduce herself. "Hello, I'm Wanda.. as you may have heard.. a pleasure."

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Oreos are bad enough, but a fried Oreo is practically a meal. Worse, really, for the biomechanics of someone deprived of a regular meal. Meggan plucks up one of the Oreos with a soft, 'Thank you' for Joan and a very quick nibble. Mustn't be seen eating on the job.

Even if the Oreo will take several bites to diminish to something she can palm away, the chewy filling turned into caramelized nosh and trouble. Between a bite or two, she laughs. "Oh, it's perfectly fine. Everyone over here sounds like they speak on the news or in a television program to me." Blonde hair dances over her eye, spooling down in a loose tumbling wave that sheets significantly longer than most, even tied back as it is with a few braids. The calculated confluence of her accent sticks her outside the usual BBC or posh types of English often heard. "Meggan," she adds.

Which with that rather torrential amount of golden hair is rare enough to stick her activism into prominence. "Mind the goldfish over there, most of them look terribly hungry."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan gives Cassie a warm smile as she exhibits more manners than the father. Well, when it comes to taking food that is. "You're welcome." The architect replies before sharing the smile with Meggan, "You as well."

She looks over to the fourth person in the general area who appears to also be part of the group. Seeing that names are being exchanged, it seemed good to follow through. "Joan" She supplies, smile still in place, glancing to the others. "Nice to meet you all." Maybe not the gorilla though.

Speaking of exchanges...

She looks to the tray with the last fried oreo in it and looks to Wanda. "Would you like to try a deep fried oreo?"

Scott Lang has posed:
"No, I don't have a name yet but...hmm" Cassie taking the matter with as much seriousness as she had picking the rubber duck before. Scott meanwhile nomfs down the remainder of his some would say stolen snack, moving awkwardly yet with the rainbow gorilla on his shoulders. "I KNOW! Fishy McFishFace!" cries out Cassie. She was a smart girl for her age, but her sense of humor was almost certainly eternally broken by Scott who grins almost with pride at the declaration only to have to reach up and nab the gorilla again as it starts to topple backwards.

"Oh screw it, Hank can yell it's a waste later," Scott suddenly declares as he pops the gorilla off his shoulders, something flashing between his fingers again. It was a move most fathers stuck carrying their kids stuff would be most envious of as the multi-colored ape dwindles in size until it's less than an inch tall and gets tucked away in a pocket. Scott rolls his shoulders gratefully and briefly eyes the fish tucked in the crook of his arm.

"No," Cassie warns him before he says a word and Scott just sighs and nods his head before looking at the others.

"Meggan, Joan, nice to meet you, I'm Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, the guy who DID NOT cause this but may have been there when it happened," he admits, at least one booth near the front entrance discussing the fundraiser and all it was doing to help fix the school also featuring his face both in and out of Ant-Man helmet. Looking down at his daughter he asks, "So you ready to do some rides? I think you've got enough prizes don't you?" This too takes a long moment of serious thought only to end with a wide smile and a nod of the head.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"Oh, no.. no thank you," comes at the same time a hand raises to ward off the sweet. Wanda has a smile to take any edge off the refusal, adding, "It looks very sweet, though."

Cassie sounds so serious in her announcement, and the name? Wanda's brows rise before a softly chuffed laugh exits. "Good name," comes with a nod. "I think he will approve."

Scott's denial of having a hand in the 'reason' why the small carnival is happening causes Wanda's attention to swing around, her expression questioning. "Cause this?" Though, the suggestion for rides with Cassie is as good a cue as any to go on her own way. There is a fish to win for her brother, after all!

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Brushing a golden lock from her brow doesn't obliterate the sight of a formerly large rainbow plush being turned into something infinitely smaller. Two and two equals Ant-Man, for that much she can cast up a sunny smile. "Enchanted, Miss Lang, Mr. Lang." Rolling with surprises comes awfully easily, possibly fueled by the Oreo reaching its precise demise.

A few blackened crumbs anoint her fingertips, the only choice to blow them away. She gives her offering to the gutter. "I expect Ms. Greene will be after me with that broom of hers if I don't get back to work. More photos await." The camera isn't just for show, after all. She gives a regretful grin, gesturing to the path ahead through a stream of game tents and food trucks. "Best of luck with the fundraiser out there, and having plenty of fun. I have the feeling good fortune will keep watching over you. Remember to thank Lady Luck!" But never trust her.

Giving a beaming smile, the girl's off on her way to intercept another gaggle of teenagers who are just as quick to pull out their phones and start yapping immediately about protesting at their school against carbon emissions. Totally thrilling!

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's brow raises at the name. Oh that's going to be a mouthful. One that the parents are going to have to repeat, over and over again until the fish dies. "Perfect name." She agrees with Wanda.

The smile on her face weakens as the gorilla suddenly starts shrinking. You mean he could hav-?

At a chime on her phone, her eyes glance down, opening up one of her pockets to pull out a rather new phone. Being the last one sort of had a swim in the ocean near Pago Pago. Tapping the screen, she frowns as she looks to a message and immediately closes up the screen. "Ah Scott. Well, we have something in common then. "You were there when the damage happened. I was there when it was fixed." She tilts her head, "Damage Control. To be precise." She gives the ladies an apologetic smile, "Looks like my stay at the carnival's reached its end. Work calls." She looks over to Scott, sliding her phone into her pocket before buttoning it back up. "Do be careful."

Is that a well wish or a warning?

Either way, she gives a nod and starts to walk away, briskly.