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Meggan Constantine (Scenesys ID: 1482)
Name: Meggan Puceanu Constantine
Superalias: Gloriana
Gender: Female
Species: Fae Hybrid
Occupation: Environmental Activist
Citizenship: UK/US/Ireland
Residence: New York City
Education: Privately Tutored
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Godlings, Gothamites, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mystic Arts, News Media, Justice League Dark
Apparent Age: 20-30 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 03 Oct 1987 Played By Samara Weaving
Height: Varies Weight: Varies
Hair Color: Usually golden Eye Color: Usually green
Twitter: @LadyoftheLake
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A leading youth climate activist, Meggan Puceanu has made a name for herself after protesting the UK government's environmental policies. Through her online platform, she leads a one-girl climate crusade that drew massive attention, in no small part to her pointed ripostes to corporations and politicians, her data-driven approach, and fearless stance for what she believes in. Her origins remain a mystery that drives her to investigate and understand her purpose in a world she is dedicated to saving.


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* 1987: Born in the Otherworld to a mutant mortal and fae/Tuatha. Her birth coincided with the Great Storm, brewed by a violent clash between her parent and an enemy of the Otherworld. Abandoned with a British Traveler couple, William and Flora. Her shapeshifting mutation immediately activates.
* 1988-1999: Grows up in rural UK. The internet gives her outside contact in her sheltered upbringing.
* 2000: First enters the Otherworld during the Summer Equinox and secretly receives instruction on controlling her powers from Roma, her mysterious guardian.
* 2001: She turns monstrous during an anti-tourism rally. The family moves and Meggan's empathy triggers a bout of major depression.
* 2002-2012: By shapeshifting, she survives devastating floods destroying the Puceanu caravan and becomes lost in the Otherworld. After several adventures, she finally reaches the Starlight Citadel and begs for Roma's help to master her wildly fluctuating elemental abilities.
* 2012: Return to the UK - Roma/Merlin enspell her parents to forget her absence and accept her as a 'teen'. She actively participates online in environmental activism. Her adoptive parents disappear in the global invasion by Zod; Meggan herself is briefly captured.
* 2013: She searches the Otherworld for her parents. Roma strikes a bargain to reveal Meggan's true form and mystic bond to the land if Meggan will return back to Earth where she will be needed most.
* 2013-2017: She gains prominence as a youth climate activist organizing strikes, protests, and online campaigns. Fame for standing up to environmental forces shapes her public image and current appearance. She continues adventuring in the Otherworld.
* 2018: Caught on-camera shapeshifting to protect activists protesting an industrial site polluting the ocean. During the attack, a barrier to the Otherworld fell and a demonic duke, Plotka the Lord of Mere Wishes, imprisoned her in his infernal realm.
* 2018-2020: Trapped in a hellish realm, Meggan uses her empathic powers to provoke rebellions among Plotka's subjects. Many rebels start following her as "Gloriana," and to stop her influence growing, he banishes her to Earth.
* 2020: She returns to Earth with no home or job. Fellow activists help her recuperate. A New York university offers a scholarship that she accepts.

IC Journal

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Meggan sometimes feels too strongly and too deeply, but no one can accuse her of being uncaring. She comes from a place of compassion in how she views the world. The force of her concern for the welfare of her friends and allies can overwhelm her, but also give her incredible conviction to call upon when the need rises. She acts in their best interest and would defend them to their last breath and beyond.

Good As Her Word:
Promises carry significant power and great weight. Faeries, light and dark elves, and the Tuatha de Danaan alike honour an oath as a sacrosanct, unbreakable law. Meggan has a deep-seated need to live up to her word once she gives it to a person, and to interpret that promise by doing that right thing. It's a mark of respect and principle. Others who fail to do the same disappoint, upset or confuse her.

Meggan has her fair share of insecurities driven, foremost, by never quite being sure where she fits in. She suffers the crushing pressure of a typical young person trying to assert her identity, compounded by losing her birth family and her adoptive family in two serious blows. Add an upbringing that was in no way standard, and she suffers from that uncertainty.

The song has always been within her -- bubbly with irrepressibly effervescent joy from the moment of conception, never so bright and rich, brimful of symphonic glory as now. Passion burns hot and fierce as a newborn star, casting perceptions wider than imagination, sustaining her even through the most awful of dark times.
-- Excalibur #18

Meggan embodies hope. Her default personality trait finds boundless joy in nature and endless delight in the world around her. With her empathy, she taps into the wonders of the living world and, moreover, people. How can she not be awestruck and delighted every day she wakes up? Joy she prizes above almost all else, and that leaves her prepared to fully experience all life has to offer. She experiences negative emotions like everyone else, but they rarely keep hold over her for long.

She doesn't have to choose between being gentle or being fierce. Both exist in nature and both exist in her. That's okay. She'll know when to nourish them both and when applicable, use each unapologetically.
-- Steve Maraboli

Meggan personifies the warm, tender hand of nature in its spring aspect. Her compassion is usually at the fore. She would much rather support a friend than rebuke them, and nurture a harmonious, welcoming environment. She's happy to live and let live. Her wrathful side stays in check until her loved ones or children are threatened, and then the raging mama bear shows up with absolutely no sense of overkill. Anger pushes her entirely into the moment until some sense of justice is achieved, and that makes her outright dangerous.

Character Sheet


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Elemental Physique:
Meggan has always been a child of the world in the most literal sense. Her elemental bond gives her the very strength and endurance of the earth itself, infusing her with great strength. Her baseline abilities make her strong enough to match most heroes and accomplish impressive physical feats unassisted, delivering powerful hits that stun targets, shatter reinforced objects, or hoist up a house or railway car with ease. With her strength goes commensurate durability against all kinds of attacks, making her a formidable challenge to put down and stay down.

Meggan can draw on her terrestrial connection to augment her stamina and strength, matching all but the greatest opponents. The enhancements do not last indefinitely, often fading by force of will or when she sleeps.

Though by no means as fast as a speedster, Meggan moves with superhuman alacrity on the ground and in the air. She is capable of unassisted flight at high speeds, even while supporting significant weight. When flying, her golden hair forms a long trail behind her.

Meggan is an elemental fae with a natural bond to the earth. By definition this is any natural environment, including alien dimensions and other planets. Drawing upon this bond allows her to control nature and the elements. Other elementalists may have finer control, but very few match her level of power. A passive side effect adapts her to her environment passively, like resistance to temperature extremes, passing through thorny underbrush unharmed, or water breathing. She commands the environment through an empathic link to make pinpoint or wider-scale elemental alterations in her vicinity. The element may move or act in a directed fashion, redirecting an electrical current or plunging a room in thick mist. Nature itself rises to aid her, like plants offering handholds for her to climb or a thicket to hide within. She can shape the element in simple or complex fashions, making walls of water or furious whirlwinds. Finer manipulation increases the amount or intensity of an element, summoning them from nothing, and dramatic effects like flash-freezing the air or creating moderate earthquakes around herself. Defensive aspects include clothing herself in the element, providing a tangible shield while remaining undamaged; and calming natural or magical elemental phenomena. Her bond keys off her emotions, so the environment responds to Meggan's moods, and the natural world may come to her defense with destructive or obstructive effects if she feels threatened.

* Awareness: Meggan intuitively senses and identifies different elements and forces in her vicinity. This sense differentiates between subtle variations, like freshwater currents in a saltwater estuary, magnetic fluctuations, or a vein of precious metal among other ores. She can track movement through air and water while concentrating.
* Elemental Form: In conjunction with her shapeshifting abilities, Meggan may assume a partial or completely elemental form. If she assumes a formless element, like water, she retains a cohesive humanoid appearance unless she wishes otherwise. If her elemental form is harmed (like fire snuffed out), she reverts to her body and may enter shock.
* Energy Blasts: By focusing ambient energy or summoning the elements, she can produce destructive blasts that inflict significant damage and secondary effects, like heating an object or blowing it away.

Empathic Metamorphosis:
Meggan's foremost power originates from her status a mutant-fae hybrid. As an empathic metamorph, she can innately shapeshift into any living creature, even legendary ones, with dizzying ease and speed. Mythical or non-existent forms are possible for her, as long as she can imagine it. A partial change alters certain features or adapts multiple functions, like growing gills and fins for an underwater environment and adapting her vision to see in the dark. Her shapeshifting gives near perfect mimicry of humanoids, animals, and other targets she encounters, and includes all the natural and supernatural abilities of the form she impersonates. (See +pow Power Mimicry) However, shapeshifting gives her none of the target's memories or psyche. When she adopts a form, she can retain it indefinitely, even when unconscious. Powers forcing her to alter her shape do not hold for any length of time. Her appearance is completely mutable according to her moods or whims.

Powerful impressions, especially from a crowd, can cause reflexive shapeshifting to assume that form (like a mermaid or monstrous werewolf) if her mental guard falls or she is in turmoil.

Shapeshifting rapidly takes effort and extremes in size beyond a bird or an orca tax her to sustain for long. Drawing on ambient natural energy mitigates the impact but may disrupt the ecosystem, so she does this sparingly. Any available magic energy source could be used, but she hasn't learned how to do this well.

She passively senses the emotions of living beings, including plants and animals, giving her the ability to detect even their suppressed feelings. This ability extends into perceiving a subject's aura. Empathy does not work on entities without emotions, like computers without AI emotive algorithms. Meggan has developed active empathy, which influences a subject by conscious or subconscious broadcasts of emotions, feelings, and visual thoughts. She finds it easiest to soothe, inspire or brighten a mood based on her natural moods, and subtly influencing a single target comes naturally. Multiple targets require significantly more concentration to hold, and broadcasting a single strong impression is more effective than different thoughts or feelings. Targeting several targets wears her out quickly due to her inexperience.
Note: OOC consent required to use this power on PCs.

Power Mimicry:
As an aspect of her empathic metamorphosis, Meggan mimics natural and supernatural powers when impersonating another being or mythical creature, including those derived from media or literature. She has shapeshifted into Alice of Wonderland, a dragon, superheroes, and even Godzilla in the past with the relevant abilities. When shifted into a natural form, she gains the appropriate abilities of that form, like a wolf's enhanced senses, fur, tracking, and speed. Mythical creatures grant whatever she can imagine, like fire-breathing or flight. This gets dangerous if she hasn't considered their limitations or needs (like a hippocampus moving surviving on land). At least a partial shift is necessary for mimicry to function, likely changing her physical appearance.

* Power: When shapeshifting into another being, Meggan replicates powers, linguistics, and abilities they currently possess. With consenting players, the entry as written on their +sheet.
* Range: Meggan must be within 100 meters of a PC target to start mimicking their power. For an accurate representation, she must either perceive them clearly or come in physical contact. The longer the contact or the more she knows them, the longer and more complete her mimicry may be. When she duplicates a character's powers in this way, the effects last a few hours (OOC: a scene) without renewal.
* Manifestation: Mimicking someone's abilities does not grant her perfect use of their applications or tactics. Though she could manipulate weather by mimicking a stormwitch, she wouldn't be able to gauge environmental impacts to prolonged rain or dangers of unsettling the atmosphere like the witch would. Finessed power use and tactical experience do not come with the shapechange other than what she practiced herself.
* Singularity: Meggan can duplicate one target's powers at a time.
* Note: Mimicking another PC in any way requires their consent.

True Form:
Meggan usually appears as an attractive blonde woman with pointed ears and vast magical energy stores. Her true form is a radiant Tuath de Danaan and it's about as subtle as a lighthouse in the dead of night. Adopting her true form can be quite overwhelming as it widely expands her innate capacity to detect magic and mystical energies, flows in power, active effects, and places of power beyond her mundane form. She can fully perceive invisible beings, spirits and ghosts, and see into other planes. Manipulating and channelling her magical energy in her true form is much easier than her baseline form, but she is more experienced with the latter. She is learning to control and direct power with more delicate techniques. Her powers grow more manageable and heightened in magical places.

Warping Resistance:
Meggan is greatly resistant to reality manipulation or warping, retaining her memories or shaking off alterations to herself more quickly than others. This strange protection cuts both ways: being the only one who recalls a reality-warped event a certain way is a textbook definition of insanity.


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She is an excellent swimmer, and accomplished at hiking, rock climbing, and survival techniques appropriate to someone who spent the better part of her life outside in the UK and Otherworld wilderness. Meggan can adapt quite well in unfamiliar environments, in combination with her natural abilities.

Meggan is a reasonably skilled combatant, using freestyle unarmed techniques to block, throw, and resist larger opponents. She uses dirty and underhanded fighting to get the best of her opponents, incorporating her immense strength and bestial features like claws and fangs. But she has talent but a great deal of refinement ahead of her.

Meggan adores dancing of any sort, but she excels at freestyle and complex shuffle dances. Complicated footwork to a fast beat never trips her up as a sense of rhythm comes to her naturally. It doesn't matter what the music is, she finds a way to celebrate it.

Environmental Science:
Meggan is working on her Bachelors degree in environmental studies. Involvement in the climate change movement opened Meggan's eyes to several overlapping scientific fields: climatology, ecology, geography, meteorology. With the sheer command of data at her fingers and respected voice, she can speak intelligently on the issues. She hasn't done much of the science herself yet, but education and training can easily give her a professional grounding. She understands climate studies and its impact on the natural world best, given her intuitive connection to the environment.

Meggan speaks English, Irish Gaelic, and Romani fluently, as well as the languages of the Otherworld. She can scrape by in conversational French.

Meggan spent almost every waking hour online as a kid. She uses social media as her foremost weapon to defend the natural environment. In her climate crusade, she is very effective in broadcasting powerful messages to a wide following. Her pithy ripostes against politicians and celebrities haven't gone unnoticed. It's not smart to go up against her. She knows how to plumb the Internet for obscure facts and important reports, videos, forgotten quotes in hidden archives, cat gifs, and everything Doctor Who or David Tennant-related. Occult:
The Otherworld is a realm of pure magic, populated by mythical creatures and embodied legends. Meggan has wide experience with her native realm, its denizens and curious properties. Then there is Hell in its countless layers, with the different fallen denizens and infernal choirs, which she has learned first-hand. Meggan can identify demons, evidence of their influence, and the hierarchy of lords, and the malleable landscape of those lost spaces. She has a general knowledge about magical entities, traditions, spells, and phenomena attained by an education from Merlin, Roma, and other mages.


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She's one of those genuine influencers whose statements cause big waves. Meggan is a high profile environmental activist. Meggan joined the climate change activism movement as a preteen and became one of its more prominent youth voices in Europe and the Americas. Other activists recognize her leadership and when she makes posts, she reaches a large audience of likeminded people. She has a lot of credibility and outreach to promote change. Of course, her fame means she's also incredibly controversial in some quarters.

Her adoptive family, the Puceanus, had no clout or importance. The same cannot be said for Meggan, watched over by the Omniversal Guardian from the Otherworld since she was a child. Her mother is the earth goddess Danu, her mortal father is a human mutant. She is a member of Tuatha de Danaan with their longevity, strengths, talents, and enemies. Like all her kind, she can always access the Otherworld through a self-made gate. Despite her preference for the Seelie Fair Courts, all Otherworld denizens to pay her heed. Most political and social benefits exist mostly in the Otherworld or Avalon, or the British entities with ties to them.

Meggan earned a scholarship to Columbia University and it covers her tuition, books, and basic living expenses. Because of her activism, several climate change groups chipped in to support her with a modest budget. She has a job caretaking an old but functional lighthouse managed by the university, which gives her a place to live.


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Meggan is a political activist using social media as her foremost interface to share and spread ideas, messages, and warnings on climate change. She doesn't back down from calling out major corporations or people exploiting the environment. This makes her a lightning rod for public opinion and given the nature of her powers, it can be really risky. Groups like Roxxon really have reason not to like her, especially if she shines an unwelcome light on them.

Divine Focus:
Meggan is vulnerable to spells that work on gods or mutants, as well as any magic reliant upon possessing a soul. However, magic that targets fae does not work against her.

Empathy Overload:
Empathy proves a double-edged sword for Meggan. While it fuels her insights into others, she is susceptible to powerful emotional imprints and might start reflecting those feelings herself after prolonged exposure. Being in the middle of an angry mob demanding justice will colour her impressions to join them. This sensitivity extends to places and items with a powerful psychometric resonance. She might feel great duty touching the chair of St. Edwards, joy by a statue to a beloved hero, or complete catatonic despair at Auschwitz if unshielded. The more powerful the impression, the stronger the effect, like dye tinting water.

Overloading Meggan empathically makes her malleable and suggestive to taking on different shapes, which has significant dangers.

Plotka, a duke of Hell, held Meggan captive when she interfered with his attempt to gather power on Earth. He imprisoned her for the sleight, only to have her insult him and offend his hospitality by inspiring riots among his rebellious subjects. A horrible ordeal for her that she still experiences nightmares about, it increased her conviction to remain free. For his part, she's made an enemy of Plotka and become a folk heroine to the rebels. Her reputation stretches into certain dark corners and will definitely prove problematic for her in the future.

Meggan carries the mutant X-gene and exceptional metamorphic DNA, which is bound to cause heaps of trouble if acquired for dubious genetic purposes. She is not a "pure" mutant, but a hybrid with fae ancestry, further complicating this. Any anti-mutant organizations can find her a potent target for their insufferable messages, especially given her online presence. A concerted effort would disrupt her life and make things difficult. Given the nature of her powers, she can become the monster they say she is.

When Meggan willingly makes an oath, its terms permanently bind her and the participants she makes it to until fulfilled, altered, or violated. Oaths in part define who she is as a person and entwine her fate with that promise. A sworn vow lends resistance to alterations to her destiny, but breaking one has disastrous consequences. Because of this, previous obligations she is dutybound to honour could call her away or put her at odds with friends and allies. Her promises bind even tighter than the fae, on account of her Tuath heritage.

Though she can potentially detect psionic powers, Meggan's Otherworld physiology and damaged upbringing leaves her more susceptible to psychic and psionic powers that tamper with her mind. With training or exposure, she might be able to enhance her psychic defenses. As it is, her living in the moment so much and not having those natural curbs represents a definite weakness.

Questionable Upbringing:
Meggan's non-standard upbringing as a child reflected a lifetime of class prejudices and poverty. She received a dismal primary school education; in British society that's a mark against her. Despite graduationg, she feels very insecure if judged on her academic credentials or intellect, though she works hard to make up for the deficiency.

It remains a point she is uncomfortable about. Growing up in a rural setting with British Travelers, reliant largely on the Internet for an outside view, leaves her naive about big city life. Her lack of standard schooling and normal upbringing leaves her at a disadvantage relating to other people her own age.

In most ways, Meggan wears her heart on her sleeve and possesses exhaustive honesty. She says what she thinks with great sincerity. Her empathy prevents her from easily concealing her own reactions. This all boils down to being terrible at bold-faced lies and deception. When she could conceivably lie, she almost never thinks to use guile and any attempts come off amateurish from lack of practice.



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Meggan Puceanu has 177 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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Games in the Dark: Home by the Sea July 8th, 2022 In the Home by the Sea, Lydia Dietrich, Zatanna Zatara, Angelo Tampambolos, Meggan Constantine, Laura Kinney and Gabby Kinney end up locked in different locales in Phoebe's memories when Phoebe encounters what she jokingly refers to as a Palantir -- not knowing that they would be stuck with remembered encounters from her past.

The Street in Gotham where Marius Sabry fought Leksandra and was forced to abandon Phoebee in a liquor store.

The ruins of her birthplace where Leksandra was battled and defeated.

And the pub where she had her first drink and mourned her parents and family.

Ending in the mausoleum where Phoebe's disasterous encounter with the demon, Volroxach, responsible for Leksandra's madness and murders of Phoebe's biological family.

Beacon Dark: Kansas June 23rd, 2022 Traveling to Smokey Creek, Kansas, to recover Phoebe. The impressions Meggan Constantine picks up lead her to beleive Phoebe was running from something, rather than hunting it down. Having lived under the assumed name of Amy Huxley, they find Phoebe working as a barback in Beau's Bar, and renting a room above it.

Meggan calms a storm, Zatanna compulses Phoebe to sleep, Sara Pezzini gets to do the packing -- again -- Nightwing chats up the local gossip and Red Robin gets to carry Idu home -- who can't wait for some real food.

Odyssey to Ithaca June 23rd, 2022 A gathering happens on ancient Ithaca. Old items are found. Memories are shared over dinner. And the first step along a trail remembering an Odyssey.. Are taken.
Beacon Dark: New York Transfer June 21st, 2022 Nightwing, Red Robin, Zatanna Zatara, Meggan Constantine, Sara Pezzini and Gabby Kinney have determined, through their detectiving, knowledge, and magical means, that the missing Phoebe Beacon is most likely in Smokey Creek, Kansas. It is the last and latest 'dot' according to the map created by Red Robin, Zatanna and Meggan.

With Gabby's revelation that Phoebe had been considering chasing the demon that had driven her cousin to extraordinary violence, and had the idea that she would wipe the memory of those who cared about her if she perished in the process, the group is putting together what might have happened. With the notes Sara recovered, it appears that Phoebe possibly had the means to work something very chancy and dangerous...

The means of binding. The means of a love spell. Cheap cigarettes.

Why would Phoebe leave such a trail behind?

What is in Smokey Creek?

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The Duello March 7th, 2022 Signing away one's word has power... when the bargain spans time and space with the Penitent.
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Path of Glory: Wisdom of Ein-Sof February 5th, 2022 Lydia, Phoebe, and Meggan focus their efforts to erect the Sefirot Seal in order to remove Michael from the battlefield. It works... but at what cost.
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Friday, Friday! February 4th, 2022 Plans are laid for an Otherworldly trip. And demon hunting.
Path of Glory: For Our Struggle January 28th, 2022 Michael attacks Grand Central Station with a large company of other Archangels. The battle is rough, but the Resistance survives and pushes the angelic forces away once more.
Where Yesterday and Tomorrow Meet January 23rd, 2022 The aftermath of dealing with angels provokes a discussion. Flamethrowers are not at all boring.
Path of Glory: What We Hope For January 21st, 2022 The Resistance forces strike a decisive victory at Thomas Jefferson Park and the Tree of Hope. Preparations for Michael's almost assured counterstrike can now being in earnest for the casting of the seal over this, the Second of the Gaea's Wellsprings.
Exploring Faith on the Path of Glory January 10th, 2022 Zatanna Zatara] Zatanna Zatara changed Scene 9560's Outcome to: Zatanna, Meggan and Phoebe (briefly) and Atrun-rae (newly returned from dissolution) meet at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral to brainstorm how churches figure in the scheme of the angelic invasion. Are they powerhouses for the angels that fuel themselves on belief? Stongholds? The conversation veers to the idea of creating a campaign, asking the leaders of the world's faiths to gather their congregations together and pray to live and for the universe to be healed. Just a small ask.
Onsen and Ofuro: The Exhibit January 7th, 2022 The League responds to a bizarre missing person's case at the British Museum, which leads them to ...take a bath? Straight into another world!
Path of Glory: The Great Mother's Garden January 4th, 2022 A group of the JLD goes to The Garden to speak with Gaea about the impending invasion to find clarity on the path they must take to succeed.
Legendary Relations January 1st, 2022 No description
Old and New II:Shadowcrest Boogaloo December 30th, 2021 Starting out in Shadowcrest Manor and moving to the House of Mystery, what started with a talk of inscription and circles, with a side-trip regarding using Silk Cut cigarettes as 'protection incense' and discussing the Jar of Hearts spell that definitely should not be running for weeks on end, a trio of magus bear witness to Atrun-Rai's construction of the orichalcum for Lydia's workings. For the sacrifice of her blood to start the crucible to create the metal, Phoebe has earned a coin of the mysterious, super-conductive metal.

Meggan serves as doorman and colorful protector of the House of Mystery's temporary guests.

Illustrious Matters of Angelic Import December 30th, 2021 That's it: homo magi and the elemental empath are going to the Otherworld for a holiday.
A Dark And Friendly Guest December 30th, 2021 A brief visit to Zatanna to discuss things. Constantine is met, and Meggan is seen again. A grand day out.
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Path of Glory: In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti December 18th, 2021 The exorcism of Chas Chandler goes off with a resounding success as Chas is exorcised from the Archangel Michael, leaving the Archangel free to continue his plans for Universal Reclaimation without the pesky hang ups of mortality holding him down.
The Chas Enigma December 17th, 2021 A discussion of options amongst members of the JLD for dealing with Michael the Archangel. Do they "love bomb" him... or just bomb him?
Chains of the Fae December 15th, 2021 Meggan comes bearing gifts for a bound Chas in the hopes of cheering his mood. The recovery process is interupted by the appearance of a raging Constantine who beats his friend into submission before trading jabs (of words) with the angel within his oldest friend.
Path of Glory: The Work of Heroes December 11th, 2021 The confrontation with the Papal Killer (discovered the be a possessed Chas Chandler) ends with a massive combat/binding that leaves the outside of the Laughing Magician in shambles and Chas wrapped in the energy from a dimension that should not be touched. There are still questions to be answered. Who is in Chas? Why were they doing what they were doing? And, most importantly, how do you get the thing out of the reliable bartender?
Path of Glory: Who Will Prepare December 10th, 2021 The investigators into of Hell's Kitchen find the missing crime scene of the Papal Killer and discover his most vicious killing yet. Threats are made and then he appears! Is this the start of the final confrontation, or just a prelude to something more?
Red Runs a Monday Morning December 6th, 2021 Greetings, warnings, and plottings.
Social Media Hangover December 5th, 2021 Several members of the Justice League Dark meet at the Laughing Magician to discuss plans of just what to do about the
Official Recognition December 5th, 2021 The inaugural offical meeting of the Justice League Dark goes off with only the faintest of hitches including: a talking cat, BATMAN, and condiments and glitter. Seems that they're getting off on the right foot when it comes to weirdness.
O Johnny Boy November 20th, 2021 Sorting through some of the matters that come after he clawed his way out of Nergal's fabulous hospitality, John finds an avid listener in Meggan. Takes one stuck in Hell before to know how it goes.
The Debriefing of John Constantine November 17th, 2021 Select members of the Night Brigade move to give Constantine the skinny on what the meat puppet wearing his face had been up to in his absence. Old fences were mended and new fences were dug. All one could hope for given the circumstances.
Rebel Return: Welcome to Gemworld November 16th, 2021 A band of heroes, expected and otherwise, embark on a new adventure to free the people of Nilaa.
Murders of London: Mourning Moon November 15th, 2021 London's troubles start and end with the shadow Parliament. An emergency call receives a response.
Murders of London: Mars in Opposition November 15th, 2021 A great big mess as domestic terrorists wearing footie jerseys and symbols wreak havoc on London. But a darker purpose stirs....
The Road Goes Ever On And On November 14th, 2021 Meggan's steps bring her back to the Laughing Magician, where she meets Jon properly and gets a drink from Chas. Bonding ensues, and who can say where the path will lead in the future? Hopefully to a place where sun can warm the ice once more.
THE LAST LAUGH: A Man Falls Into A Pub November 10th, 2021 The bartender says 'Why the ugly face?'
A Law Unto Themselves November 7th, 2021 Matt and Meg catch up on work.
One More Dance October 29th, 2021 Terry's a fabulous dancer, don'tcha know.
Rebel Rescue October 26th, 2021 Five Gemworld rebels are rescued from a secret level below Belle Reve prison. Amanda Waller has a new crystal grotto. And there are Gnolls in Space! Don't ask. It's all classified.
Along Came A Wendigo October 19th, 2021 The Wendigo reclaims land that doesn't belong to those currently holding it, but leaves a child alive. October is starting to turn into a blood bath.
Rebel Recruitment October 11th, 2021 A host of valiant adventurers answer the call of Gemworld's floundering rebellion.
Excuse me - Is This Superman's Bar October 1st, 2021 It isn't. (Ruby chats with Meggan for a while about the local area and some questions about the nature of the human* heart.)
An Audience with Doom September 22nd, 2021 Doom requests the presence of Meggan to discuss opportunities.
Strigid Interview September 20th, 2021 In which the Mayor of Gotham City crosses words with an activist in an impromptu interview.
Where We Go September 15th, 2021 Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came (to spend money).
Roundabout the Whirligig of Life September 13th, 2021 An incomplete survey of hurts that go too deep.
1000 Faces: Party Like it's 1999 September 9th, 2021 The crowd at the Laughing Magician share their little slices of life, hope, love, heart and soul. Maybe just enough to tip the scales in favor of the world lasting past Friday night.
Faerely Barmy September 6th, 2021 A Fae, and elf and a cat walk into a bar.
1000 Faces: Are U There God, It's Me John. September 6th, 2021 God answers, by proxy... Yes, John, I'm here. Constantine is pretty sure both sides still suck, one's just nicer about it. Terry O'Neil is tasked with the near impossible, good luck with that, mate.
PoP: A Day Ending in Y and Nightmares. September 4th, 2021 Another thinning, this time right outside the Laughing Magician, is handled without any loss of live. It proves, at least, that a day ending in Y doesn't have to end in complete tragedy.
One Down, Three to Go. September 2nd, 2021 Meggan finds John after waking up, their confrontation has John picking up the mantle again, but perhaps not in the way she'd hoped. He's determined to walk his path alone and protect those that would be crazy enough to walk it with him from it.
Book of Stars: Canto IV September 1st, 2021 Clever, clever Sorcerer Supreme. Denying the god-eater one of its favourite treats may be the reason to fight another day.
1000 Faces: The Human Factor August 30th, 2021 Sara, Radha, Morrigan and Doctor Strange find themselves in the oddest side of the White Hall -- where the Morrigan's aspect Macha holds court, and warns them of the madness infecting her fellow self, Badb, and the dangers in the world to come.
Something Lost is Found Again. August 18th, 2021 John gets his lighter back, but at what cost to Karita? There's gum under Phoebe's table... she better get on that.
PoP: Murder in the Streets August 14th, 2021 A map pings trouble, John answers the call and finds a lot more than he bargained for - fortunately help shows itself in some unfamiliar faces. It's a win in his book, until someone tries to separate him from Meggan when he knows she needs him most. Chas winds up with unexpected house guests.
He Just Forgot. August 13th, 2021 Once again, a Phoebe bandaid is put on the damage done by Astaroth, but how long will it hold? Chas is drawn to his last by John's blase' attitude, Meggan's drawn to hers by Chas - but everyone walks away living and breathing another day, that's a win.
Oops - John Messed Up. August 11th, 2021 John confesses his recent 'sins' to Meggan, she's convinced they can overcome, as always - while John's left wondering from where her unwavering faith in him comes.
Sun peerin' through the blinds August 7th, 2021 =Phoebe stops by with donuts, gets incidental magic lesson. John's recovery is sped up after accidentally taking a magical car battery to the tongue. Chas is forever long-suffering, and Meggan is wont to push glassess off the bar and pounce on John in proper feline fashion.
1000 Faces: Put a Fork In It. August 4th, 2021 John returns from India to find a fiery fae waiting none too patiently. What is that horrible SMELL?
Grim Relations: A Meeting of the Minds August 2nd, 2021 Phoebe Beacon meets John Constantine at the Laughing Magician. John doesn't step aside for (Lady) Death. Luckily, plucky teenagers save the day -- maybe. Until they get pulled into more of John's mess. Meggan brings cake, which is the LEAST unusual thing about the scene.
Meet and Greet at the LM July 31st, 2021 People gathered, talked, drank and nothing tried to kill John - miracles can happen.
Thanks, Chas, We Needed That July 29th, 2021 Temporarily healed of a curse, John jumps from frying pan into the fire.
Weekly Weirdness: Well, this sucks. July 29th, 2021 Infestation taken care of, Vampires evicted and nothing went south. Or did it?
Doesn't Anyone Just Leave a Voicemail Anymore July 27th, 2021 That would be too easy, a voicemail that is. Seems Midnite has a message for John that he has to drag his ass out of bed to receive. Whatever the message entails, it cannot possibly be worse than Meggan forcing him to eat... cucumber sandwiches.
The Dead are Rising July 27th, 2021 If Midnite thinks John's paying that debt to Samedi, voodoo bloke better think again. But, with the help of a good woman and a couple of total strangers, the zombie infestation in the Cemetery Belt is handled, maybe not neat as a pin, but neat enough.
Can she keep a good man down July 26th, 2021 Battles fought hard are won and lost in an instant, but hearts given freely are kept an eternity. Whatever the darkness coming at them next, John and Meggan? They'll stare it down together.
A Mage, Two Gods and a Faerie and a bar. July 25th, 2021 What price will karma toss at John for pranking the Gods? Perhaps Loki knows the answer to that? But, after a meeting between John and Thor with a side of Loki and Meggan happens without the city imploding or exploding? That's one for the win column for certain.
A Debt that Can't be Paid July 25th, 2021 Turns out the cost wasn't so great after all. For now. Until an Unseelie figures a way for revenge perhaps?
Whitechapel July 24th, 2021 7061
Home Sweet ... Bloody Hell. July 23rd, 2021 In his usual, stubborn way, John refuses any and all attempts to comfort him through his most recent brush with losing his soul. He fights until the bitter end and caves only... because the bed's big enough, y'know?
Laughing Magician Night 2. July 23rd, 2021 The second night wasn't nearly so horrid as the first, some would even call it a definite win for the Constantine side. Except maybe, you know, the little explosion at the end? ... and perhaps the wrath of Lara Croft should she ever learn the truth.
Weekly Weirdness: Black and White July 23rd, 2021 If the first night The Laughing Magician is opened for business is any indication, Hell's Kitchen is about to get a whole lot hotter.
Well, Well, Well. July 22nd, 2021 She may have lost the battle, but she's not lost the war.
Weekly Weirdness: Hansel and Gretel July 16th, 2021 The heroines save the kids! John's cranky.
Sorcerer's World: The Hunt For Jason Blood July 14th, 2021 Jason Blood remains elusive. For now. And just who has taken up Excalibur? And for what purpose?
Killing can be Cathartic July 8th, 2021 Another Red Shirt down, but the team successfully gathered information on Project RABID, now what do they do about it?
Summertime Splashness June 28th, 2021 Crabs, friends, and homesickness.
Team Sports June 14th, 2021 Constantine and Meggan recover another chapter of the Darkholde-- this one masquerading as the Irish League's Euro Cup Trophy. Constantine is now the mortal enemy of all Belfast.
Doom, Doom, Doom, Coffee Doom June 4th, 2021 No description
Gypsy engagement party May 30th, 2021 Block party in NYC with all the color, music and dancing (and drinking) that Roma could muster. Some Travelers partake.
Yes, It Really Is The Munch Box May 17th, 2021 No description
Where did that dragon come from April 27th, 2021 No description
Central Park Hangout April 21st, 2021 People talk in the park! It's a very nice 6000th scene!
A Voice In the Darkness April 7th, 2021 John spoils a snake's day.
Tipple of Choice for the Extraordinary March 29th, 2021 A little booze and a lot of talking about demons and magic.
Say No More March 21st, 2021 One coin of Hell covered, one dead body. In John Constantine's ledger, a victory!
The Bronx's Burning March 4th, 2021 The seal has broken and Constantine realizes Hell has come for the Bronx.
We Didn't Start The Fire March 2nd, 2021 Mill Brook Houses are open for development after magma kraken visits.
Break the Silence March 2nd, 2021 Leena barely survives being the human sacrifice, but now the King of Hell, Vinea, walks New York freely. That can't possibly turn out poorly.
What Price One Soul: Latveria March 1st, 2021 A bunch of magically transformed humans turned into lawn ornaments are rescued by 'Doom'. The soul Hellboy sought wasnt there, but he did find a clue.
The Right Path February 25th, 2021 A young girl is saved by the interference of Bella and the heroics of Meggan. Meggan and Cinque stop a heroin operation tied to Boss Morgan that had taken over a tenant building in the Bronx. They rescued the workers insides, and freed the tenants.
Cold Cases February 25th, 2021 Julio and Bobby recover a denarius from inside a circle of skulls in the Bronx.
Don't Freak out! Part II February 17th, 2021 Harley, Pam and Meggan come across a construction site in the old pier which is taking down the plant life of the area. Then they remodel it.
That's NOT how one goes 'clubbing'! February 13th, 2021 Mistakes do happen at times, but in this case, mistakes can lead to benefits. Nothing like 3 sorceresses getting together!
A Wise Man's Fear February 10th, 2021 Jacqueline comes to ask questions, John comes dressed as Flora for a fight, and both discover how deep the conspiracy of Apollyon goes. Enter Sister Caterina, the harbinger, apocalyptic oracle and the Gate of Entropy.
All Quiet in the Western Bronx February 9th, 2021 A battle royale is about to begin for the soul, a life, and Hell.
With Words Unspoken February 8th, 2021 Beware the bodysnatchers of the Bronx. They're bombastically bad.
Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty... February 5th, 2021 Thugs chasing a cat find out another has claws and a whip.
A Vampire and an Elemental Walk In To A Bar February 4th, 2021 That guy is weird and she abets it.
The Quiet Game January 29th, 2021 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen face off against the Aztec god of winter. With a bit of sweet talking and conning, no one dies. Yet.
Mystic Graffiti January 29th, 2021 A soul stolen by the Lady in Red sends mages and druids and Spitfire into the Aztec bone-path searching for answers. The Lady is banished but her demon remains, struck down in an exorcism. But when Anthony Druid tries to reclaim a human sacrifice, the dark Aztec god of winter has something to say about interfering with his midnight snack...
It Came From the Deep January 27th, 2021 An ancient horror, a great old one you say? To the books, heroes!
A Little Birdy Told Me... January 26th, 2021 Magical paths broaden a demonic conspiracy. A hunt for meaning leads to some bloody discoveries.
What The Water Gave Me January 25th, 2021 Congratulations, you've been asked to save the world from Cthulhu Balrog monster!
It Came from the Deep: Pelagic Nightmare January 25th, 2021 Unleashed extra-dimensional terrors are fought, Meggan impales Eldritch Horror with her giant spear, Hyperion discovers his Laser Eyes are over 9000, Orbital weaponry is fired, new volcano created, Julio eats a kaiju, Scott is abducted into SPACE!, and Rhodey has a fascinating report to write.
Saved by the Cell January 24th, 2021 Peggy and Constantine arrive to bail Jacqueline and her 'guest', psychic Flora Lopez, out of a quickly decaying situation. When the day is finally saved, half the heroes are down and Peggy's got a sensitive AAR to write.
As Silent As The Grave January 20th, 2021 Demons dance, dark gods cavort, and the bone road awaits the mages going two by two, hurrah, hurrah...
Lips Wide Shut January 20th, 2021 Kasios discovers a man's death is awfully surreal.
Don't Say the Word... January 20th, 2021 Blade goes to the library. It goes about as predicted.
Silence of the Class January 19th, 2021 Professor Gottfried Brant keels over after an ominous Latin chant. What caused Kasios to stab him and Meggan to fight with shock? Find out next time...
Carnival Calamities Cause Crisis January 19th, 2021 Scott attends a fund-raising carnival for his daughter's school that he certainly did not break. Joan gets unexpectedly sat upon by a rainbow gorilla, Meggan tries to ruin Scott's bad boy persona with her photography, and Wanda is up to something fishy.
Sealed With a Kiss January 18th, 2021 A medium comes to reclaim a package, and it turns out to be more than Jacqueline bargains for.
It Came from the Deep: Into the Abyss January 17th, 2021 A city is saved, a Simulacrum put to rest, and an Ancient Evil unleashed. Also Meggan is secretly a sparkly bright shining glitter princess.
Don't Say A Word January 15th, 2021 The world continues to unravel at the hands of a King of Hell.
Hush, Little Cleric... January 14th, 2021 When a Jesuit scholar goes missing, Blade discovers there's more than he can chew to deal with. One missing scholar, one cult? What's to worry?
From Flesh to Flesh January 12th, 2021 An evil book of human skin is rescued from Boston. Except it's not really going to end clean, is it?
No Milkshake Til Boston January 9th, 2021 Drinking. More drinking! This irresponsible drinking can't have any consequences.
Into Fae Gutters January 7th, 2021 John Constantine, spider-friend.
Fairy Apartment Visit December 10th, 2020 Meggan invites GLamour to stay with her. It's adorable.
Goin' For a Ride October 13th, 2020 No description
Dumpling Time, Part Two October 12th, 2020 Making up for all those interruptions.
Two by Two to Bethlehem October 8th, 2020 Thugs learn beating up Nightwing never ends well.
Three Meras Enter a Park... October 6th, 2020 D&D? The Meras join forces.
Crocs are Out of Season September 18th, 2020 No description
Lady in the Lighthouse September 15th, 2020 No description
Heavenly Skies September 13th, 2020 No description
Umbrella, Ella, Ella September 3rd, 2020 Off for a walk in the rain, things go well.
What Evil Lurks In Yonder Waters August 24th, 2020 Two Megs, one ruined Lurker!
Just Another Night in Paradise August 21st, 2020 Learning about the world.
Court of Owls: Gotham Society Fall Gala August 16th, 2020 Drama and spilled drinks and rogues and fainting socialites, oh my
Black Sun: Once More Unto the Breach August 14th, 2020 The cavalry is coming.
Two Birds, One Bar August 11th, 2020 More philosophy of life between the wise and the bouncy.
Poisoning the Well August 10th, 2020 Roxxon learns you don't pollute waterways and cause mass eutrophication without Someone caring.
A Tale of Two Changelings August 10th, 2020 Hopes and joys can be found all over.
Two Birds, One Stone August 10th, 2020 Happy time to chat.
Zodiac Rising: No Stone Unturned (Part 1) August 7th, 2020 Henley Crowne, one of the nouveau riche of Adams Heights, Starling City, has a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad night when four of the corrupted Avatars of the Zodiac show up in search of a treasure for their Master.
How can we ever thank you... August 2nd, 2020 Meggan rescues a family from a storm at sea, and receives the best gift they have to offer as thanks.
A Force Reborn Part 3 July 29th, 2020 The heroines discover the heart of the dire wraith plot, encounter the captured Space Knight Rom, and borrow his neutralizer to take down the machine using Singularity as a power source to free her and send all the dire wraiths back to Limbo.
On The Beach July 25th, 2020 Fight some Old Ones, share some stories, drink some tea. A tete-a-tete between the children of the sea.
A Force Reborn Part 2 July 24th, 2020 The heroines find a creepy cave full of monsters....but can they stop them in time before their plan is fulfilled?
Ice Faerie Capades July 23rd, 2020 The Winter Court assembles in song!
What You Find Among the Trees July 20th, 2020 Shared ideas seed possibilities... or worse.
Not quite a Fair Folk Festival July 16th, 2020 The New Horizons Folk Festival in Central Park is interrupted by a gang of marauding... goblins? Good thing a handful of heroes are on hand to help.
Faeries in Central Park July 16th, 2020 Fairies meet for some greetings and questions.
Are You Even Real July 16th, 2020 No description
A Little Surf, A Little Sun, A Little Sub July 13th, 2020 Atlanteans being smuggled are rescued from a sinking ship.
Brewing up a (Johnny) Storm July 8th, 2020 An interview within an interview, like minds!
A Bit of Craic July 7th, 2020 Having fun means bending an ear and some rules.
Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.
A Force Reborn Part 1 July 4th, 2020 A group of heroines are drawn together at a lighthouse near a creepy forest, each for their own reasons...but what lurks inside? Agent Simmons knows! Continued in Part 2.
Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Heroic July 1st, 2020 On the ideals of protection and defense.
Demanding The Lost June 29th, 2020 A friendly meeting at a rally. No howling.
The Elves of Manhattan June 28th, 2020 A greeting and a movie.
Earth, Wind, and Space June 27th, 2020 A meeting of outsiders in celebration.
Devil's in the Details June 22nd, 2020 An intellectual discussion peppered with riddles and teases.
Spoiled Business June 19th, 2020 A brawl becomes a flight and a first meeting.
City in a Bottle June 19th, 2020 Sentinels attack Washington DC, Brainiac shows himself to the world through his drones, and his taking Mutant Town from NYC. Despite the valiant fight from our world's heroes, they had been defeated this time...but there is more to come.


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Caomhnann Dochas Ant-Ingreamach January 16th, 2022 Meggan traces the arcane landscape of Manhattan to find answers.
John Pops the Question August 14th, 2021 It's not the most romantic of proposals, but John's gone and done it.

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