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Kind Endeavor
Date of Scene: 11 February 2021
Location: Bronx
Synopsis: Cinque and volunteers from Jamii Homeless shetler are helping at a small homeless encampment. Riri and Dr. Henry McCoy donate items. Riri donates and shows off her portabable heater invention. Dagger receives food, and some supplies, and secretly heals a drug addict. Cloak teleports in and donates money.
Cast of Characters: Cinque Evers, Tandy Bowen, Riri Williams, Henry McCoy, Tyrone Johnson

Cinque Evers has posed:
Welcome to another below freezing February evening in the Big Apple. The coldness and ice paints a contrast of the beauty and ugliness of the city as ice radiates the setting sun?s light off the skyscrapers beatifying them as urban cathedrals, while the homeless struggle around makeshift fires created in trash cans against the wintery fatality.

At one of these small homeless shelters, several volunteers from Jamii Homeless shelter are handing out blankets and coats., while others are providing people with warm food and drink. Two women in their mid-thirties are checking people that allow them for signs of frost bites, and other ailments.
Cinque is managing this small altruistic act, while trying to encourage people to come to the Jamii shelter tonight before it gets even colder and more dangerous..

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Not every hero has a Quinjet, a Mansion, a school for the gifted. Some of them fall through the cracks of life, get rattled around in the gutters and spit back out.

Poor rich girl, Tandy Bowen. No longer rich. Runaway. Kidnapped. Experimented on. Mutate. She has fell into the cracks of this weeping city, that of which screams out in pain from the drugs injected into her concrete veins and the thugs that control from the shadows to keep those down, even lower.

The blonde woman is in line at the homeless shelter, buried under a thick jacket with a couple of tears along the sleeves, wearing fingerless gloves, jeans and two layers of shirts. She has a hood pulled over her head whre her blue eyes peer out from behind it, as well as a shard of light that crescent moons over one eye. As the line moves forward, she shuffles into place.

Her partner does not have to eat, sleep, or even shower. But Tandy does. You can't be a hero if you're starving, or unclean, or not rested. To do this, she has to swallow her pride. Shove it way down into her gut like a candy bar and keep it there. The mission comes first. Your ego second.

Riri Williams has posed:
     While she's a member of one of the newer, interesting groups in the world, in her opinion, Riri Williams is a Brooklynite to the core and the street takes care of the street. Some of the people here have tenuous support systems at the best of times but, at times like this? They get what they can get. Hopping off a bus with a duffel bag over her shoulder, she looks at the line of people, hefts her bag, and steps forward.

     Dressed in dark-colored clothes - insulated and warm with fringes of white fur-like substance around the neck and wrists, a colorful hat pulled over her riot of hair, she pushes open the door leading to the homeless shelter and looks for someone - anyone - that might look like they're in charge. "Hi..." she says to someone that looks like they've got some kind of idea. "I'm Riri Williams. I brought...ugh." She hefts her bag. "Some donations. I'm an inventor and I came up with portable heaters that can be worn without danger of fire or burning and charge from an outlet or via a solar panel. And some gloves and socks and stuff, too."

Henry McCoy has posed:
It wasn't too unusual for Dr. McCoy to visit all parts of the city - his speaking engagements, research and hero work had him running all over the globe. Tonight, though, he was here on a different mission! Dressed in a simple sweatshirt, jeans and wide shoes, the Beast has with him a dufflebag. Stepping into the shelter, he offers a warm smile to any who might catch his eye. A nod to Riri as she comments about donations.

"I've some donations as well, warm clothes and fresh socks." He lifts up the duffle, offering it over to whomever might be collecting.

Cinque Evers has posed:
One of the Jamii volunteers, an elderly man who probably has a side gig as a mall Santa during the holiday season stops handing out blankets for a moment to address Riri and Hank as he points to a white van. "If you want a receipt for your donation, Dechaun can give you one and take your donations. If not, just leave them here. The "Santa Claus" volunteer offers them both sealed cups of hot cocoa as he shouts way too loudly for the moment, "Cinque! Cinque!, someone got some electronic heaters to donate! After his unnecessary shouting, "Santa Claus" casually resumes his normal volume and says, "We literally got burned before from heater donations. We just like to test them before we hand them out or receive them.

A auburn haired volunteered who is also handing out food asks Tandy what she would like to eat. Her deep Boston accent reveals that she is not from New York. The woman points to the hot subs and several huge pots, "We got some hot Spuckies, chicken rice and tomato soup, and.. The women must be new, because she has to look at her card to remember the small menu before she speaks again. After stating the other itmes, the woman looks Tandy over a few times and carefully asks, "If you want to come to the shelter, you can have your own room? Trust me, it is a safe place.

The previous shouting brings Cinque back over to the where the people are handing out food and soups. Cinque raises his eyebrow at the Santa Claus volunteet as if to say we talked about the shouting, before turning to Riri and Hank, "You have eletronic heaters. It is okay that we test them out, first?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As she continues to shuffle forward in the line, Tandy glances over at the sound of Hank's familiar voice. "Just some soup, please." She says to the woman, then gives a tilt of her head with a smile to her gratefully. She is patient as always. Once she is passed the food, she starts over towards the large blue Beast, carfully balancing the soup in her hands.

"Hey, Henry." She says to him once comes up to his side, giving a curious glance to the duffle bag, then looks over towards Riri who brings heaters. "You gonna play with one of those?" She asks Hank with a smile as she leans in to bump her shoulder against his.

Riri Williams has posed:

     "Oh, sure: I understand. Here." Riri unzips the bag and inside are about 25 little plastic squares. She rummages inside, moving a few dozen thick pairs of socks and gloves aside and pulls a random one out. "Here, this is how it works." She takes the square and unzips her jacket, showing Santa how it's placed on the torso. "So you just hit the button and it draws in air from these vents here, heats it up internally and blows it out these slots here. it works best under a jacket or coat, but in a pinch it'll heat a tent." The button on the the top is pressed and, with a soft whirr, the heater starts to heat, right against Riri's shirt. "No danger of burns."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The big man nods, dropping the donations off where instructed. "No need for a receipt - but thank you." He offers over to the Santa volunteer. As Tandy greets him, he nods to her and winks. "Fancy meeting you here?" Like it wasn't planned! "Clothes for the people here in need."

At the display of the heaters, Henry is curious - impressed with the technology. "I wasn't planning on tampering with another person's invention." He comments to Tandy, looking then to Riri. "Did you make those, then? Fantastic and compact."

Cinque Evers has posed:
Cinque multi-tasks from probably observing Beast a bit too long, while watching Riri explain how her devices work on "Santa Claus" Cinque grins sheepishly as he realize he was staring, then that same grin quickly widens in amazement from the heater. Cinque struggles for the correct words, "That is uhmm.. Uhmm, wow. That is pretty amazing." Cinque takes a step back in shock, 'Wait, you made those?" His grin now has morphed in a smirk, "Well, I was feeling good about myself for making the food." Cinque turns to Tandy, "It is decent soup, yes?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Fancy meeting you here. Going to join me for lunch once you're done playing with the new toys?" Tandy asks the Beast as she looks curious at the sight of the heaters. "Huh. That is really cool. Are you an inventor?" She asks Riri curiously. "You make other things also?"

When Cinque asks about the soup, she gives a glance down at it and smiles. "Yeah. It's good. I've had it before here a few times. I appreciate it a lot." She takes a quick spoonful into her mouth to swallow it down.

Riri Williams has posed:
     From Santa Claus to a Beast! Riri blinks and straightens, grinning. Of course she recognizes the kinda famous Hank McCoy and passes one of the heaters over. "Yeah, I kind of...yeah." She bobs her head in assent, shrinking back a little. "I'm an inventor. I came up with these in my spare time a while back and when the temperature dropped, I decided to ramp up production a little bit. I think I have..." She leans over to peer into the bag. "I'd say about fifty? More or less."

     She looks over to Cinque, giving him a shrug and a grin. "So yeah, I'm an inventor. Came up wtih a few things already. This one is just the most practical." She then turns to Beast and his friend, who she doesn't know, offering them one of the heaters and, if one looks at the gloves and socks, one might be able to tell that heaters are built into those, too!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry grins to Tandy. "I'd love to have a meal with you, if there's enough." He says, with a nod. If he notices anyone staring, he doesn't show it. He's at ease with himself and his appearance. The man nods to Cinque. "Thank you for helping folks out - we need more people like you in the world."

As he's handed one of the heaters, he whistles in admiration. "Fantastic... what are the life expectancies? It is self-contained for power... that is marvelous." A wide grin to Riri. "Amazing work. Simply amazing."

Cinque Evers has posed:
"Oh? I haven't been outside this winter as much as I would like." Cinque reponds to Tandy statment that she had been there before. Cinque lets out a reluctant sigh, "This is my first time finding the time to be here, but rest assure that I am pretty good with faces, so I will remember you the next time." Cinque furrows his brow some as he peers over the homeless encampment and knowing that everything about this moment will be with him forever from the aroma coming of the food to the not so pleasant smell to his slight feeling of pride of Tandy liking his soup to his utter amazement at meeting Beast and seeing Riri's inventions. Everything about this time like every time will be with him always.

Cinque widens his eyes a bit at Beast's statement about the world needing more people like him, and it is his turn to respond louder than the situation requires, "Me! Oh, this is really the least anyone can do." Cinque shakes his head at the thought, "I think the world needs more people like you, and obvious more people like her.
RTarik points to RiRi. "I just run a Homeless shelter, and do the best I can.

Cinque turns to Tandy again, "Since it seems we haven't convince you to come to the shelter, I hope you will take a soup thermos for food, and one of Jamii backpack. There are supplies, and a card you can give to any taxi to take you to our shelter if you change your mind." Cinque peers back at the Riri's heaters, "We will probably add these to our backpacks."

Cinque waves Dechaun over from the van, "How much do you think you worth, so I can give a receipt for your donation?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I have a place to stay at with a friend of mine. I'm okay." Tandy assures Cinque as she offers him a quick smile, then heads for a table to sink down into it while Henry is busy playin with Riri's toys and getting his geek on. As she tucks into her soup, she props her chin up in one hand to watch the rest of the comings and goings. She takes in the sights of the others around her, what type of state they're in. The sick, the healthy, the addicted.

The woman next to her has the shivers, the type that she knows all too well. Her body aches for the needle and she is mumbling to herself. She takes a moment to glance around, then reaches out with her hand, fingertips glowing brightly as she sends over a surge of her powers into the woman.

Almost all at once, the woman snaps to attention, her eyes glazing over before she visibly relaxes. She purified the drugs from her system, removing the hunger and ache. As she returns back to her soup, she gives a small grin to herself.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Cinque's comments about her heaters really make her happy, Riri bobbing her head in the affirmative. "Really not much. I mean...parts were like three bucks once I got the tooling done. I can crank out twelve an hour with a basic 3d printer and a soldering iron and the parts. Feel free to distribute them." The bag is placed on the table, with all the gloves and socks, a pair of each (and a heater) taken out for...reasons.

     She turns to Beast and Tandy. "I managed to get with some friends and we figured out a stable way to make lithium-sulfur batteries, so they get a long run time on a single charge." Riri says, falling easily into the 'explain stuff' mode that she's used to being in with some people. "If I were evil and sold the plans for these, I'd make them sealed so you couldn't swap out batteries, or use the cheaper lithium ion ones that don't last as long. Expected run time is..hang on." She reaches in and runs her thumb over a tiny dial, turning down the heat a little. "Expected run time depends on the temperature. Starting from 0c or 32f." (same thing, she mutters to herself) "It'll run for about eighteen hours at full blast. If you can strip two wires, you can plug it into a 120v socket, and it'll go as long as you want it to. If you don't have access to power, you just peel this off..." She makes a show to peel off a small cover, a black solar panel hidden inside. "And it'll charge over about four hours. You can even charge *phones* with it." She's /really/ pleased about that, it sounds like!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Another astonished whistle from Hank. "Very impressive." A nod of respect to Riri. A grin to Cinque, grinning. "These will be amazing in helping those in need. Solar powered... wow." He flips the heater over in his hands again, marveling at the design. The item is handed back to Riri, Henry chuckling. "You have quite a future ahead of you, miss."

He then glances around, moving to sit next to Tandy - still in conversational range for the others. He bumps her shoulder, grinning.

Cinque Evers has posed:
Eventhough Tandy did not take Cinque on his offer for shelter, eight other homeless citizens have decided it is better to spend the night at Jamii than another cold Big Apple night. After having a quick medical examination, the eight homeless citizens are seated inside a warm van. Cinque does some quick calculations, while pondering why he never thought up anything close to the portable heaters. Cinque finishes writing out the receipt as he speaks to Riri, "I think this will receipt will cover your parts and your labor."

Cinque asks slowly "Do you have like a business card or contact information?" Cinque quickly switches to opportunistic mode, "We always looking for people to come talk to some of the kids about STEM related careers, or projects." Cinque walks over to the heaters inspecting them as he tells "Santa Claus" to begin passing them out to the people who decided to stay outside, before he pivots to speak to Riri again "I think you would be a great person for them to meet. You could really change their lives. Give them a "warmer" outlook on things."

Cinque frowns slightly, because he is going to remember that bad joke forever too. Cinque grins sheepishly as he turns to Beast, "They would really be impressed by meeting, Doctor Henry McCoy. I am just saying.

The auburn haired volunteer with the Boston accent still places a Jamii backpack filled with food and two thermos filled soup and hot cocoa respectively. "It is yours for the taken, luv. It is got a few days worth of supplies. It should last you until we get back to this area again."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Bumping her shoulder next to Beast's, Tandy nudges her bowl of soup over to him to try some of it. "Looks like you've become a super fan. Why don't you hook her up with Tony Stark or something?" She says, her voice rising a bit so that Riri can hear her. "You /do/ work with him afterall."

Her lips curve upwards into a wry grin before she pulls her hood back to let her thick blonde hair sprawl out across her shoulders, then reaches up to try and ruffle it into place. It's a bit tangled and she could use a good shower to rinse off her hair.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Yeah, that joke does get an eye roll for its mundaneness, but the implication was a good one. The reciept she takes, studies for a second, and tucks it into the now empty bag to be dealt with later, but the business card? That gets its picture taken by her phone and translated to the contacts fairly quickly. "Hold still." She says, taking a picture of Cinque so she's sure of who's calling, making sure the information is all there and then nodding. "Give me a call. I can probably show up with a few more scientific girls and we can put on a little show. Giver the kids somethign to look towards."

     The gloves, socks, and heater that she kept aside? That is carried over to where Tandy sits with Henry McCoy and placed on the table nearby. "Here." She says with a smile. "Since you seem to know Mr. McCoy here, this might be something you could use." She reaches into her shirt and takes out the one she had been using, turning it off, not worrying in the least about the heat because she designed it. It works the way it's supposed to and doesn't threaten burns at all. The woman that Tandy was sitting next to? She gets the heater.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast does try a spoonful of the soup, grinning and nodding to Tandy. "It's good - excellent chefs here." He offers, genuinely. He nudges the bowl back to her. "Eat up, you looked hungry." He bumps her again, in a friendly manner. A glance to Cinque, the Beast grinning widely. "I'd be glad to meet people - it's part and parcel of what I do." He assures, watching as Riri approaches to hand out the heaters and sundries.

"I could, if you like? I am sure Tony is all about meeting other inventors - offering help, all that. I can try to get a spot on his schedule." A chuckle. "He's constantly in meetings, but I am sure he'd make time."

Cinque Evers has posed:
After posing for the photo, Cinque begins to pass out the remaining supplies before it gets too late. Cinque calls over his shoulder, "Tell Tony Stark about donating to our shelter too. Wait, who said that?" Cinque lets out a slight laugh before telling the other volunteers, "We are moving back to Jamii in about 40 minutes. Those who need to check in back at the halfway house came leave now. We can get you a lift there."

Cinque tells Dechain, "Drop our new guests off first, then the halfway house second, then come back here.

Cinque offers a wave, "It was good meeting you all. Really." Cinque hands out a business card, "If you happen to come along people that might need shelter or help, or want to volunteer their time, money, or donate a cool invention, please think of us."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
It's not often that Cloak would visit the shelter, he wasn't one who needed to make use of the facilities. Today is a special occasion.

He materializes only momentarily outside of the building, near the donation slot. There's no missing him for anyone looking in that direction. He's a big shadowy guy in a blue and black striped cloak. He kind of stands out, and not in a welcoming sort of way. There's a rustle at the slot before a thick, bound stack of Benjamins crams its way through the slot and into the secured box on the other side with a thud.

Then just as quickly as he appears, the man vanishes without a word and only a short, lingered glance inside. Seems like the fates heard Cinque.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
There's that tickle in the back of Tandy's neck. She recognizes it instantly between the bond that they share. Her blue eyes glance over towards Cloak as he materializes, looking curious for a moment. Her lips curve upwards as she realizes what he's doing. It was the plan after all. Hopefully, he left a few behind so they can go 'shopping' later and get non-perishables.

With a wiggle of her fingers, she sends a salutations over towards him as she leans in against Beast's shoulder once the soup is passed. "I should get going by the way. Head back to my place and prepare for .. uh .. work tonight. I'll see you later?" She asks.

When the socks and heater is passed over to her, she gives Riri a bright and welcoming smile as she slides them closer. "Thank you. It means a lot. We don't have heat at our place." They barely have a roof at the church.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Well, you do now. Enclosed room will heat to about 70 as long as there aren't very many drafts. Even a tent or something like that." Riri says with a smile. Then, glancing to Beast, Riri giggles. "Oh, Mr. Stark and I are quite familiar with each other. He actually set me up with a lab when he saw what I was able to do after recovering some of his abandoned armor about six months ago." And with that throwaway line, Riri grins and stands. "It was a pleasure to meet you all. If it keeps getting cold, I'll keep cranking out the heaters." And leaving a card with her information on the table? Off she goes into the night.

Henry McCoy has posed:
So much going on! He nods to Tandy as she mentions she needs to go. "I'd love to stop by." He offers to her, getting to his feet out of politeness. A nod to Cinque. "Thank you again, for all you do for people. It is appreciated."
    Riri gets a grin. "I am sure he's keeping an eye on you - his competitive nature." The Doctor teases. "Nice meeting you!"