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Henry McCoy (Scenesys ID: 434)
Name: Henry McCoy
Superalias: Beast
Gender: Male
Species: Homo sapiens superior
Occupation: Teacher
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Westchester, NY
Education: Ph.D Biophysics and Genetics
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School, Avengers, X-Men
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 17 Oct 1990 Played By
Height: 5'11" Weight: 400 lb
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: Welcome to the Jungle

Character Info


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Born a Mutant, Henry grew up being teased and ridiculed for his appearance. While he was able to make use of his natural gifts, eventually he was found to be a mutant and shunned. He was reached out to by Charles Xavier, who offered him tutelage and training. After completing his studies, his mutation further evolved upon him using a serum on himself to keep it out of the wrong people's hands. Blue-furred and bestial, he now stands proud as an openly known mutant.


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* 1990: Born in Dunfee, Illinois. Son of a nuclear power plant worker, Hank's genes were affected by his father's exposure to radiation.
* 1990: Hank showed signs of mutation from birth. He had unusually large hands and feet, was extra strong and agile, and whosed an innate superhuman intellect. These powers increased with age.
* 2008: Star football player at Bard College. Nicknamed Magilla Gorilla.
* 2009: Eventually exposed as a mutant and asked to leave school. Approached by Charles Xavier who offered unlimited academic opportunities.
* 2011: Joins the X-men under the name Beast after the team helped him free his parents from El Conquistador.
* 2014: Finished doctoral studies. Leaves X-Men and Xavier's school and joins Brand Corporation as a researcher.
* 2016: Isolated hormonal extract for the mutant gene, creating a catalyst agent capable of activating mutations for short periods of time.
* 2016: Took the serum himself to thwart an attempt to steal it. His body went through two stages of mutation. When it was all done, his skin turned blue and he grew short fur. his muscles expanded, his ears grew larger and more pointed. He grew claws and larger teeth. His physical abilities all grew as well as his senses became more powerful. He can emit a pheromone that attracts members of the opposite sex. He has a minor regenerative ability and grew more resistant to contaminants, temperatures, telepathic manipulation, and he began aging more slowly.
* 2017: Trying to cure his condition, Hank briefly was tricked into joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before realizing what was going on, and defeating them.
* 2018: Hank joined the Avengers for a time, and publicly revealed his secret identity. He was frequently a spokesman for the group, despite being a mutant.
* 2019: Finally now, Hank has returned to the X-men. He is doing research at the school, but is sometimes lassoed into teaching, though it his secondary priority.

IC Journal

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Hank tends to enjoy making jokes and humorous quips and puns when squaring off against the bad guys.

He tends to come off as a light-hearted, friendly and charming man despite his appearance.

There is no doubt to Henry's loyalty when it comes to his friends, family and team.

Henry is quite the intellectual at times, talking about any number of scientific and theoretical topics.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Senses:
His altered physique has granted him further enhanced senses, allowing him to track and scent over open terrain. It also allows his sense of touch to be exceptionally heightened to sense vibrations of various frequencies through objects he is standing upon.

Genetic Atavism:
Hank's body has been radically altered into a more feline-appearing form through genetic experimentation. Henry is capable of lifting up to ten tons over his head and perform explosive sprints of over 40mph. His senses of smell and hearing are exceptionally acute and he can see quite well in near-darkness.

The feline form has given him quicker reactions, moving in anticipation of enemy actions and even avoiding slower-moving bullets in flight. His balance surpasses any current Olympic athelete - coordination and agility to match. He's able to fall several stories without suffering any injuries, landing on his feet gracefully. Climbing rough walls is no problem for the Beast - he often uses this to advantage, along with quadrupedal motion to scramble effortlessly through terrain that humans might struggle to traverse. Three-inch claws and fangs are as strong and dense as his steely bones and can easily gouge rock and concrete.

Henry has always been proud of his intellect, testing well into the genius category.

Regenerative Healing:
Hank's body became much hardier with the secondary mutation, healing mild to moderate injuries in a span of a few hours or days. He cannot regenerate destroyed organs or severed limbs. This healing factor brings exceptional tolerance for cold temperatures and foreign chemicals introduced into his bloodstream. This has the added benefit of slowing down his aging process.

Telepathic Resistance:
The animal mind is more difficult for psychics to traverse and manipulate. Combined with his extraordinary intelligence, Hank has above-average resistance to telepathic manipulation and outside influences.


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His physique lends to being flexible and nimble. He has unmatched balance and is just as comfortable hanging from the rafters as he is sitting in a chair.

Henry has extensive knowledge in the Biophysics and Genetics science fields.

He has served in the past as an on site physician and field medic for the X-Men, despite not technically having a Medical Doctorate.

Feral Fighting:
Hank is adept at fighting with an acrobatic flare, making full use of his claws, size and strength.

Henry is fond of showing off his language skills - having learned German, French, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and Latverian.

Modern Renaissance Man:
Henry is known for talking happily about various topics - anthropology, literation, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, art/art history, music, science and technology. He loves quoting literary classics.


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Henry did work with the Avengers for a short time, and still speaks fondly of that team.

As one of the founding members of the X-Men, Hank is closely tied with the group.

Xavier's School:
Henry is a professor there, as well as doing research for Charles.


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Henry needs glasses to read.

Hank's animal side has grown more pronounced. His instincts are more prevelant and not so easily pushed back by the good doctor. Cats are inherently predators, and unexpected or sudden stimuli can provoke explosive reactions both aggressive and defensive. What's worse is that the gradual erosion of self-control has the good doctor questioning he's not just losing his intelligence, but his very humanity.

His mutation often has him feeling like an outcast, even among friends.

No Thumbs:
The ergonomics of the human world aren't built around felines. Wicked claws make it difficult to play musical instruments or operate keyboards and precision equipment and his wide spectrum of vision sours perception of human presentations of sight and color. It's also difficult to sit comfortably in most furniture or wear human-designed clothing and gear.

His very sensitive senses can be overloaded by too much stimulation at once.

Visible Mutation:
His mutations are blatantly obvious, and cannot be hidden short of using an image inducer.



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Henry McCoy has 139 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Late Night Conversation March 30th, 2021 Henry and Kassandra chat about this place, late night. Cookies are had.
A problem shared is a problem that winds up on Jeans desk. March 26th, 2021 Ororo, James, Jimmy and Talia try to enjoy a nice sunny day only to have Laura spoil it somewhat by turning up with a dossier full of information about N.O.W.H.E.R.E
A Last Night Stroll by the Lake March 25th, 2021 Hank and Ororo spend some time talking by the lake and decide to help each other out.
Not Quite Afterparty March 21st, 2021 Sandwiches and chatting over things best left unsaid.
Xavier School Staff Meeting March 21st, 2021 The meeting was had, followed by a cookie fight!
They Say It's Your Birthday March 18th, 2021 Noriko's birthday gets her a cake and some presents. Even though she had to be tricked into showing up.
Brisket Night! March 13th, 2021 Friday Brisket happens at Xavier's. Everyone comes to eat and to meet the new kid. Plans are made to do this again.
Sunshine and Brisket! March 12th, 2021 Relaxing conversation, and promises of food and swimming to Mackey.
Lakeside Chat March 10th, 2021 A meeting by the lake balloons. Kassandra tells people the reason she fishes like six times, plans are made to meet in Ororo's attic later for lessons, and Warren is declared the unofficial Lyft of Xavier's.
Lazy Monday March 8th, 2021 A movie is watched, bedding is discussed and chiropractors are needed!
Library Police: Amnesty Hours March 5th, 2021 The Library Police successfully retrieve several books, including an interestingly enchanted one from Julio. A fugitive is identified for later apprehension. There are donuts.
Backyard BBQ at Xavier's School March 5th, 2021 Henry and Kassandra talk about Mutant abilities while brisket is cooked.
To Be Continued... For Real! March 2nd, 2021 I mean, some of the movie got watched! With a surprise visit from an Avenger!
Lazy Sunday March 1st, 2021 A relaxing evening turns tense as personalities clash.
And Sometimes Your Life Picks You March 1st, 2021 Call of Duty is broken up by the arrival of a kitten in the Recreation Room. A kitten that wins the heart of even the most cycloptic at the school.
Counseling Care February 26th, 2021 Some lunch, some counseling and some discussions of making their guest more comfortable and reintegrating her with society!
Lab Work February 25th, 2021 Kassandra gives a demonstration of her power and Hank mentioens what may happen to her after.
In the Infirmary February 21st, 2021 Sam and Beast come to visit Kassandra in the infirmary, and her powers are discussed.
Sadie Hawkins Dance February 20th, 2021 Xavier's students, faculty, and guests enjoy a Sadie Hawkins Dance For Gifted Youngsters. Christian Frost makes an appearance. Mom and Dad almost enjoy a dance but the kids refuse to behave. Logan skips town to avoid karaoke.
Beauty and The Beast - Sequel February 14th, 2021 Beast brings Tandy some Italian and they talk about hopes, those on the surface and below.
Full of Regret and marshmallows February 11th, 2021 Talia Emma Kitty Quentin and Henry catch up about how crazy things are in the kitchen.
Kind Endeavor February 11th, 2021 Cinque and volunteers from Jamii Homeless shetler are helping at a small homeless encampment. Riri and Dr. Henry McCoy donate items. Riri donates and shows off her portabable heater invention. Dagger receives food, and some supplies, and secretly heals a drug addict. Cloak teleports in and donates money.
The Aftermath of Headshots February 10th, 2021 Paige comes to terms with a calamari incident.
Traffic February 9th, 2021 Tracking down the party of the century and a drug called Opal lead two groups to a location that is not what it seems. Cloak and Dagger are scary. Scott and Hank are threatening. Emma tries new drugs, and a new friend is found.
The Bazaar - Pier 20 February 8th, 2021 The Defenders and the Avengers team up with Cloak and Dagger to take down a human trafficking ring!
Beauty and the Beast February 6th, 2021 Tandy desperately needs help and Beast is there to provide it, in more ways than one.
Trying Mccoy as well February 4th, 2021 No description
Henry & Jim in the Lab February 3rd, 2021 Wounds tended and mystery revealed
Checking in on the new recruit January 28th, 2021 Beast drops by Paige's room to catch up and check up on her. She is determined to knock down any wall.
Emma Frost Presents: A NIGHT OF WONDER January 28th, 2021 Emma hosts a gala style event at Xaviers for the students. Some fun is had, some trouble is had, some news breaks.
Death Train to Khandaq January 24th, 2021 The Joker's sworn to derail Big Iron, an experimental Russian mag-lev train, and murder the SKV agents who've coopted his old arms dealing racket. Can the Clown Prince of Crime be stopped? Or is this all part of a game no one's been told the rules of yet? Shell Game continues here!
Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters January 23rd, 2021 The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters (presented by Jubilation Lee) is a success! Hank, Ruth, Paige, Sam, Quentin, and Bobby put on some great acts, but the panel of judges -- Emma, Kitty, Jean, and Rogue -- gave the nod to Hank for his tribute to Rocky Horror! Cameos by Professor Xavier and Illy. Day saved by Noriko. Donation money successfully embezzled. Promotional consideration provided by �chr�BURGER JOINT.�c/�
Going downhill January 18th, 2021 students have fun and frustration,
Danger Room Blues: Old Friends December 30th, 2020 Beast, Pyro, Angel and Kitty fight a Sentinel in a Danger Room scenario
Rogue's 21st Birthday December 27th, 2020 A big gathering of kind and well mannered people all enjoy cake and each other's company.
He'll Be Back Again Some Day December 14th, 2020 The making of a snowman, Xavier's style
Fire, Friends and Beverages December 14th, 2020 After fun in the snow, a group at the school retire to the fireplace in Kitty's room. A man from the future makes them tea!
An X-Mas Carol December 7th, 2020 One house successfully caroled before the great snowball massacre of Salem Center.
Crimefighter Chic December 1st, 2020 Life choices, guilty pleasures and unstable molecule clothing!
Xavier's School: PIRATE TIMES November 30th, 2020 PIRATES
I'm so Thankful. You don't even Know. November 22nd, 2020 It is a Cooking Bonanza Extravaganza. This is Jean Grey's kitchen, you mustaches! So look out! Dodge the floating stuff, and mind the dog in the corner! Nori's got the shocking, Kitty's got the cereal, Hank just wants a gd sandwich, and Rogue is mincin' words over bad types of pies!
No Lols at the Lalo November 17th, 2020 Two Doctors and a musician enter a restaurant...
A Consultation! November 16th, 2020 Identification, expectations and discussion on training and improving. Welcome to the wild world of mutantkind!
A Gruesome Rescue November 8th, 2020 X-Men and some notable Avengers come rescue Kitty, Noriko and others from Emma's mess. Some got away.
After the screaming! November 8th, 2020 Johanna is super mean and says mean things and Hank watches her be mean.
Checking On Hank November 8th, 2020 Kitty looks in on Hank and his issues with his feral nature emerging, post-Mr. Sinister
Friction November 7th, 2020 Nori seeks out Dr. McCoy to see if he can help her with more durable sneakers. Alex wander sidebar adult talking with the multitasking Beast!
Damnation, Doom, and Decaffeinated Delirium November 6th, 2020 No description
Stroling through the park one day... October 30th, 2020 A chance meeting and coffee!
How Do We Solve a Problem Like James Hudson October 29th, 2020 James gets some help from Hank and Jean to learn more about himself.
Xavier's: Taking A Knife To A Pumpkin October 26th, 2020 A load of pumpkins for Xavier's turns into a lot of jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin punching, and Logan-relative sniffing outs.
He Kind Of Reminds Me Of Logan October 25th, 2020 Jimmy Hudson is brought to the X-men's base along with a student of his whose mutant power emerged in a school
Big Top Follies:Part 2 LA Woman October 23rd, 2020 Send in the clowns, Noriko top of her class. Mommy Storm says home again jiggy jog. Murder of an anti-mutant group, but it's all in a days work right?
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
X-MEN: The Halloween Noise October 19th, 2020 The X-Men do battle with the forest, and some of its mythical (maybe not so mythical?) creatures that roam it! They also deal with a really crappy anti-mutant step mom and a dad who was maybe a bit oblivious.
An Expert On Mutants October 19th, 2020 Henry McCoy is approached by Vanessa as she seeks help understanding her mutation.
Halloween Cookies October 14th, 2020 Halloween cookies are baked and Chinese delivery is ordered. Hambone wisely did not take up Illyana's offer to join in her ritual sacrifice.
A Beastly Birthday October 14th, 2020 If the measure of a man are those who love him, then Beast's birthday party shows he is indeed a great man. And Beast.
Oktoberfest in Salem Center October 7th, 2020 Oktoberfest in Salem Center sees dancing and drinking and eating but members of Xavier's school and other guests.
Camp Storms - Fear the Beast October 3rd, 2020 A camping trip is set up at the last moment. Students and teachers alike attend, and there is a bear! And a squirrel. Oh, and chaos. Because reasons.
Beauties and The Beast September 30th, 2020 Storm and Kitty check on Beast, who is turning progressively more feral with time.
Cat Got Your Brain September 27th, 2020 Chatting about Henry's feral instincts resurging and plotting ways to deal with it.
That Which Comes September 27th, 2020 A thief, a goddess, and a hirsute scientist meet near an italian eatery. Suddenly, gunfire!
X-men Road Rage: Vulture and Goblin scene2 September 24th, 2020 Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast take on Green Goblin, with the help of a freelancing Mystique, while the rest of the team focus on Vulture and saving Spider-Man.
Road Rage: Did Hank Find A Cure September 23rd, 2020 Hank makes something to counter the power nullifier that Vulture and Green Goblin got their hands on, and shares the news with Professor X, Scott, Kitty and Noriko.
A Water Fight, You Say September 17th, 2020 Xavier's erupts in water works as a few baskets of water balloons result in carnage of the fun variety.
A Perfectly Ordinary Check Up September 12th, 2020 Hank and Moira take a look at Gabby's nanomachine problem, and start to formulate some ideas for fixing it up.
Lazy Labor Day At The Pool September 8th, 2020 Lazy Labor Day at the swimming pool for Gabby, Hank and Kitty
Sailing Along On Breakstone Lake September 6th, 2020 The girls go fishing, and are surprised by a rare species of aquatic Beast
Thesmophoria September 2nd, 2020 Diana makes an important announcement at a public event at the Embassy, and villains remarkably manage to somehow not show up.
X-men: Road Rage September 2nd, 2020 Betsy, Beast, Julio, Rogue and Iceman stop a mercenary attack on a convoy. But Vulture and Green Goblin get the drop on the X-men.
Real heroes, real estate! August 30th, 2020 An apartment is looked over, feelings discussed, and heroics plotted.
X-MEN: The Dark Down August 29th, 2020 The X-Men venture into an unfinished abandoned subway tunnel, only to discover an underground race is in full swing! THE DARK DOWN CIRCUIT, only there's no banana peels in this race, just giant MAN EATING SPIDERS! And yeeting!
Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet August 26th, 2020 People catch up with Moira and Betsy during meals and snacks in the kitchen
New York City Traffice August 20th, 2020 Beast and Cecily are joined by Green Arrow and Quiver in a car chase of attempted assassins
Real Talk about Real Estate August 16th, 2020 Hank and Warren talk about Hank getting his own apartment, about life, and about how to keep the craziness of the real world from affecting everyone too much.
Atlantis Needs Help August 9th, 2020 Namor and Lorna address the X-men about the threat to Atlantis and the surface world and ask for help.
Popcorn and TV Time August 5th, 2020 The X'ers fail to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Embarrassment abounds.
Karaoke Night! August 3rd, 2020 The X crowd goes out for a night of karaoke, pizza and wings, and general camaraderie. Rogue admits to some knowledge of the Shrek franchise.
Picnic Date by the Lake August 2nd, 2020 Histories are told. Akwardness ensues.
Dinner with ... Dad July 30th, 2020 Carrie and Henry survive dinner with Bruce.
Date Night Hellfire Style aka Steaks July 19th, 2020 Gifts are given and the future is discussed.
Karaoke Night July 16th, 2020 Songs were sang, good times were had
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
It's Hot Soup Dumpling Time July 5th, 2020 Chatting, eating, discovering Alfred has a secret family he never mentioned.
Xaviers: Fourth of July Pool Party July 3rd, 2020 Happy July 4th from Xavier's School!
Chilling with the Waynes June 26th, 2020 Hank McCoy, Carrie, and Alfred watch the Match Game. Easy evening of chatting.
Genosha Burns! Investigating Mutant Town June 24th, 2020 The X-men gain permission to get scans from Mutant Town's remains, and get confirmation it is the same as the craters from Genosha. Hope is restored that some mutants might be alive. Plans are made.
Sink or Swim June 23rd, 2020 Swimming, chatting, discussing family and bonding... a good day!
Met Gala: Mandate of Heaven June 22nd, 2020 The Met Gala brings together the city and unleashes medieval artifacts far and wide!
Rehab is a Beast June 20th, 2020 A quiet evening of surf and turf, talk, and discussion of Hank's newfound swolness.
A Gotham Graduation Party June 20th, 2020 Friends and family gather for Stephanie's graduation party. No one is stabbed nor drowned. This was deemed a great success.
Exploring Gotham June 14th, 2020 Carrie, Hank and Jason meet for dinner and conversation. Nobody dies.
Operation: Prank Hank June 11th, 2020 Pie. Jokes. Friends. Good times.
Rest And Recovery June 9th, 2020 X-men gather in the medical bay to check on the freed kidnap victims.
Beast: Aftermath June 7th, 2020 Comfort is given, fears are shared - hat shopping and photo sharing is a must!
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Two June 6th, 2020 A hard fight, and the hostages are saved!!! But they are not whole, and it may be some time before they are...
Trouble in Bushwick June 4th, 2020 Our heroes delve deep into the tunnels beneath NYC to encounter memories of Morlocks and potential Morlock wanna-be's. A tense situation is ultimately deescalated with promises of amnesty and relocation to Genosha. Maxwell is rescued. Portals deposit mutant and mutant-hater alike where they will do the least harm. At least one villain is yeet'd. Chick-a-plao is skeptical.
A Sinister Plot: Missing Friends June 1st, 2020 The remaining survivors find Julian gone - morale is flagging.
A Sinister Plot: Lending a Hand May 28th, 2020 Gabby and Hank visit Julian and Emma to help tend their injuries. Emma is delirious with fever.
A Sinister Plot: Another Brick in the Wall May 25th, 2020 Sinisters victims talk about their captivity and try and keep their hopes up... not entirely well.
A Sinister Plot: The Time Between May 25th, 2020 The captives get a chance to socialize and check on one another.
A Sinister Plot: The Aftermath May 25th, 2020 Folks check on the wounded and the former captives, beginning the process of trying to heal and make sense of it all.
A Sinister Plot: Beauty and the Beast May 25th, 2020 Meredith takes turns with Dani and Hank. Sinister steps in to appraise her work.
Mutants, No Holds Barred May 21st, 2020 A group of X-men walk into a bar... and it's a barfight!
Mutants And Science! May 20th, 2020 Maxwell's email to Beast results in a visit from Hank and Kitty to hear about Max's hope for continuing his education.
Musical Night Out May 17th, 2020 Carrie and Hank McCoy go to see Hamilton. Much talking occurs.
A Warm Day By A Cool Pool May 15th, 2020 An afternoon pool party at Xavier's
Take Me Home Tonight May 10th, 2020 Beers and pool at Harry's. Wagers made, and lost. Good times were had.
Graduation Reception May 9th, 2020 Graduates were celebrated, food was eaten, fireworks were shot off.
Bowling for Science! May 9th, 2020 Daniel heads out to bowl and consider his future when a happenstance meeting with Doctor Henry McCoy offers a light at the end of the tunnel.
A Run through the Park May 5th, 2020 A nice run, pushing the limits, and enjoying the conversation. Many plans laid for getting rid of Grodd curing the world.
A Sinister Plot: A Shattered Star May 3rd, 2020 Roberto and Gabby have their turn on the table, with varied results.
A Sinister Plot: A Broken Crown May 3rd, 2020 TW: GORE VIOLENCE NUDITY TORTURE - Sinister begins his experiments, and is not above taking what he wants from his patients.
A Sinister Plot: I Was Working In My Lab One Night May 3rd, 2020 Awakening. Doctor Nathaniel Essex has brought them together for a project... one that promises to be likely fatal.
Once a dino... not always a dino. April 30th, 2020 Marie gets de-dinoified thanks to Hank and also gets a possible glimpse into her own future!
Italian and Revelations April 29th, 2020 That went smoother than expected, and now they have more in common then they initially thought!
Compy Cure! April 26th, 2020 Restored to normal, Gabby is the latest of the Xavier Crew to be cured!
Winds of Change: The Bats and the Beast April 26th, 2020 Sparrow and Red X seek Beast's aid in curing their transformed gorilla teammates. Secrets abound.
Parkour Time! April 25th, 2020 Parkour and Dumplings
Good Genes! April 24th, 2020 Jean is restored, with plans to help others! Bedrest, Doctor's orders!
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
X-Guys Night Out April 23rd, 2020 Some of the Xavier's fellows get together to talk about life, love and vacation spots while eating and bowling.
Hunting for Jeanasaurus Rex April 23rd, 2020 Jean was found! And brought back to the mansion. Also, Sauron is in deep dino doodoo.
Winds of Change: Savage Lands Part Two April 22nd, 2020 The X-men make it to the Savage Land, and collect the items needed for Hank to cure the dino-problem! Next-- Sauron!
Mad Science Yo April 21st, 2020 Warren shows up at Hank's lab to bring donuts and talk of parties! Rogue was helping Hank with his Dino-Research! Chattin' was had, fun was rumored!
Meeting with an old friend. April 18th, 2020 No description
Burger Run! April 18th, 2020 Carrie meets Henry McCoy for lunch, and they run into Warren and Dani. Dinosaurs are discussed.
Winds of Change: Thought We Were Having Fish, Not Raptor April 17th, 2020 Fish tacos are interrupted by Laura and Jean having extreme makeovers
Shiny Secret Base April 17th, 2020 Hank tells Rogue about the Dinosaur Virus and... well... Rogue wants to social distance for the rest of her life! Or at least until she's told it's not happening anymore. One of those two things.
HFC Oktoberfest in April April 14th, 2020 The HFC's Oktoberfest in April is rousing success with good food, good beer, and good company.
HFC: The Dungeon ReOpening April 14th, 2020 Dancing drama and drinks at the Dungeon.
Ramen: Poor Mans Feast! April 14th, 2020 X Folks go out for dinner. Piotr ends up viciously attacked by a kitten and adopts it.
Taking (Some) Responsibility April 11th, 2020 Hank and Warren talk about Warren taking more responsibility around Xaviers and being more responsible in general.
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Part III April 10th, 2020 During the Spring Gala, a collection of Hellfire Club VIPs and their guests enjoy(?) the company of the Black Queen....
Is it a business lunch April 9th, 2020 The Coach makes plans with the Green Team
And a delivery is made to home. April 8th, 2020 Pizza tonight CAH another night.
And We're Walking... April 7th, 2020 Gabby is taken on a tour by Kitty and Piotr, and sees Beast in his lab.
DANGER: Band Camp March 31st, 2020 Explosions, broken robots, and a kickass performance.


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Henry McCoy has 139 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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