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Tandy Bowen (Scenesys ID: 379)
Name: Tandy Bowen
Superalias: Dagger
Gender: Female
Species: Mutate
Occupation: None
Citizenship: USA
Residence: None
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 06 Dec 2001 Played By Olivia Holt
Height: 5'6" Weight: 110 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOjIa5PLqDo

Character Info


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Tandy Bowen is a high school student and runaway. Disconnected from her family and living rough in New York City put her and her friend, Tyrone, in the path of a criminal chemist who used a dangerous experimental drug on them to produce wildly unexpected results. She runs with Tyrone. Together they are seeking vengeance for the crime perpetrated on them, and others living unprotected and vulnerable in the streets.


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04/21/2002: Tandy Bowen was born outside of Cleveland, Ohio to Melissa Bowen.
2010: Tandy's father went missing, leaving his computer program fortune behind to travel to India to become a philosopher and sheepherder.
2011: Melissa was featured in several tabloids for her declining acting career.
2013: Melissa started dating Phillip Carlisle, who would become her step-father.
2015: Tandy received an award in a ballet competition, marred by mother's spiral into drinking.
2019, Fall:Tandy ran away from home and took the bus to New York.
2019, Fall: Befriends Tyrone, lives in shelters and on the streets.
2019, Christmas: Tandy was enticed into a drug experiment along with other street teenagers, and forcibly given a dangerous, experimental drug. Tyrone trying to rescue her was caught and also experimented on. Those who did not die, mutated, each developing strange powers.
2020: Months pass in which Tandy and Tyrone learn their new powers.
2020, May: Melissa tries to reconcile with her mother and fails. Tyrone and Tandy, invent their code names, Cloak and Dagger and launch on to their new path as vigilantes.

IC Journal

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Tandy has more growing up to do. She's dodged some of life's challenges she could probably tough out with some more patience, but she doesn't have very much. She can be more stubborn than flighty but often has a one-track mind to do something or get something done for herself, putting off other things for random reasons.

Self Determined:
Some might call her stubborn; she prefers to call it focused. Her dream of becoming a prima ballerina taught her the value of constant work and setting goals.

Self Reliant:
Though very close to her partner Cloak, Tandy's first impulse is to make decisions on her own then to consult with others about their take on a particular problem. Impulsive action over well-thought out action sometimes being the operative words.

Tandy empathizes with other people's suffering; her time on the streets has helped her to identify with the homeless and disenfranchised. She is willing to sacrifice her safety to help others, putting their needs before her own. The core of her vigilantism is using her new-found powers for the good of others.

Life on the streets and living rough has taught her to be wary and suspicious of other people's motives. She moves through the streets to combat crime with respect for the dangers she might encounter.

Tandy has been through a lot in life but she's put up with most of it by going her own way. Tandy has a hard edge and she doesn't take any crap. Not much anyway, before she speaks up. She doesn't have much patience but she has a strong personal conviction and determination to make up for it.

Character Sheet


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Tandy can create an aura of light around her which she can release in a shockwave of light energy. The flash can have a variety of effects from temporary blindness, pressure concussion, or a dagger-like affect. She is able to control the aura, increasing temperatures high enough to melt steel; its brightness can exceed thousands of lumens.

Tandy creates daggers out of lightforce and can throw or project them from her hands. She can manifest them in a variety of forms under her direct control. They can solidify as hard as diamond and can ricochet off hard surfaces to redirect towards the targets. The daggers can shatter on mental command, disperse or reduce in size. With speeds as fast as a bullet, the daggers can shock the human nervous system on contact by "draining" a person's life force, thereby making them weak, loopy and vulnerable to further injury or death. The effect usually has varying results depending on the size and will of the target, at worst, it will feel like a hard punch, at best, a dagger can knock somebody out.

Tandy taps into psionic energy, a universal energy shared by all beings but intensified by her mutations. This energy or "lightforce" has a direct affect on her well being. She can generate more lightforce at will and regularly needs to discharge it to keep it at manageable levels.

Too much light will adversely affect her moods making her restless, distant and cruel. Too little light weakens her and could possibly be fatal.

The Light is a pure form of energy that can cleanse disease and toxins from most beings on touch. It has a strong sentient will of its own and can act contrary to malignant forces. The Light can cleanse certain malignant forces trying to invade others or invade her aura.

Tandy can combine lightforce daggers into a solid sword or staff for hand to hand combat. The light sword shaped like a normal longsword is ten times harder than steel.


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Tandy is a trained dancer with above average flexibility and strength that is intensified by her wielding the light force. Though not trained in martial arts her amplified speed gives her an edge in street fights.

Left high school before graduating. A GED is surely in her future.

Tandy is an amateur urban survivalist. She has a surprisingly big amount of knowledge about the streets and New York in general. She has good instincts about the city and contacts in the police, as well as the local churches for news.


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Tandy has befriended the priests at Holy Ghost Church on 42nd Street and neighboring churches, who believe she is an angelic woman gifted with The Light. They have been a lifeline for her in times of need.

These remain to be developed. Her hope is to work with other crime fighters. Strength in numbers!


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Boiling Light:
Tandy can burn out with a high fever, growing sick if she does not purge or use some of the lightforce within her every day. Accumulating too much of her power is potentially fatal.

Flighty, unsure of herself at times, her naivety has both helped and harmed her. Inexperience with people causes her to overestimate or underestimate them. She can be overly suspicious of others, likely to be judgmental. This stems from the key relationships in her life, mother, father, and step-father having abandoned her. Her self-involved mother, consumed by her acting career, invested her energy into the rush and glamour of the entertainment industry. In the case of her father, he left the family and his fortune to seek enlightenment in India.

Tandy is a homeless teenager without a stable network of people that care for her. She relies almost exclusively on Cloak. Living rough is just that: rough. Since making a pact with Cloak to become a vigilante, she has dropped the rich girl cons she had been running. But, she remains suspicious of others, expecting the worst of them before allowing them into her life.

Mob Target:
Simon Marshall, a member of the mob and the man responsible for the drug experiments that produced her mutations, has been running drugs in New York for some years. A dangerous man, he represents a constant peril to Cloak and Dagger.

Tandy doesn't have the backing most people do and she's lacking resources, such as a permanent residence and a regular job. She is disconnected from her family and her school attendance in her hometown is nonexistent, and in New York it's not much better.



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Tandy Bowen has 25 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Borrowed Spaces February 21st, 2021 Hellstrom pays a visit to Cloak and Dagger. They get up to some darkforce dimension craziness. Featuring the Predator.
Cloak and Dagger meets the Defenders February 19th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger take up an invite to meet The Defenders at Luke's Bar. Matt gets a taste of the dark. Alliances are made. Missions are combined. Cloak is now the team taxi.
When Assassins come knocking February 18th, 2021 Elektra stops by to make Dagger an offer. They find out they have a lot in common.
Forgotten Children February 17th, 2021 Hero rescue children that were being auction off. Cinque stole financial and information from their servers.
Beauty and The Beast - Sequel February 14th, 2021 Beast brings Tandy some Italian and they talk about hopes, those on the surface and below.
Double Tap February 11th, 2021 Typewriter got away with about $10 million in cash. A few tarantuls were scuffed up. The zoo gets another Hippo. Bolo's dopple is toast.
Kind Endeavor February 11th, 2021 Cinque and volunteers from Jamii Homeless shetler are helping at a small homeless encampment. Riri and Dr. Henry McCoy donate items. Riri donates and shows off her portabable heater invention. Dagger receives food, and some supplies, and secretly heals a drug addict. Cloak teleports in and donates money.
Traffic February 9th, 2021 Tracking down the party of the century and a drug called Opal lead two groups to a location that is not what it seems. Cloak and Dagger are scary. Scott and Hank are threatening. Emma tries new drugs, and a new friend is found.
The Bazaar - Pier 20 February 8th, 2021 The Defenders and the Avengers team up with Cloak and Dagger to take down a human trafficking ring!
Cloak and Dagger: Time to meet Hell's Kitchen most Powerful Man February 7th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger finally meets the boss of Hell's Kitchen. Maybe Ty and Luke will start a bro-mance.
Beauty and the Beast February 6th, 2021 Tandy desperately needs help and Beast is there to provide it, in more ways than one.
Cloak and Dagger: The Hunt Continues February 5th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger make headway into the kidnappings around New York and run into another Spider-Person! Also, Slips! Talks of a teamup is solidifying.
Shaw's Gambit pt. 1 - Cloak and Dagger February 3rd, 2021 Those kids are more jaded than Shaw anticipated! But, maybe, there's a glimmer of hope.
When Blades meet in Hell's Kitchen February 3rd, 2021 Dagger tracks down a lead given to her by Sebastian Shaw and gets a taste of 'girl power', Defenders style!
Light Swallowed By Shadows February 1st, 2021 Cloak and Dagger are on the hunt to rid the streets of those who harm the innocent. They happen upon Spider-Man and Superboy, who tried to help them remember their humanity.
New hope, or new disappointment May 26th, 2020 Well at least maybe the food is good.
Cloak and Dagger back in church May 26th, 2020 No description
Cloak and Dagger meet Spies. Ironic May 25th, 2020 Cloak and Dagger bite off more than they can chew. Black Knight to the rescue! Jane helped!
Spy(der)s and Cloak and Dagger May 20th, 2020 Spidey and MJ/Red engage with some Cloak and Dagger.
Later, back at the ranch... er.. church. May 19th, 2020 Chat had, and decisions made. HERE WE COME SPIDER-MAN!
Iron Cloak and Dagger Fist. What May 19th, 2020 First appearance for the Darklight Duo. Scared the pee out of a drug dealer, met Iron Fist.
Dagger in the Dark March 13th, 2020 Peter and Tandy settle in and hunker down for a long sleep in the kitchen.
A Place to Lay Your Head March 10th, 2020 Peter and Tandy make it to the shelter and eat meatloaf in the dark.
The Draw of Cookies March 2nd, 2020 Peter gives Tandy take out
New Daggers and Old Problems February 29th, 2020 Tandy Bowen runs afoul of some punks and meets a bargain-basement hero. Reese's and scarves are provided/


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Tandy Bowen has 25 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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