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Doomed Shadows
Date of Scene: 02 May 2021
Location: Latverian Embassy
Synopsis: The Latverian Embassy is assaulted by the Foot Clan, with Atlin and Jovian in attendance. Many a Ninja are harmed in the making of this scene. Jovian earns Doom's appreciation. Shredder manages to steal an artifact.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Jovian Anderson, Atlin, Shredder

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The Latverian Embassy is tranquil in it's modest aesthetic. It's initial perimeter defenses consist of a simple but effective brick wall extending eight feed from the ground. Two robotic sentinels standard guard at the iron gate that leads into the embassy's courtyard.

The facility is open to the public with a mandatory security screen. Additionally, the Japanese ambassador to Latveria is also in attendance. The small but economic powerhouse of the Pacific taking an opportunity to visit with the small scientific-power house of the former Soviet bloc.

The formerly mentioned individual is currently experiencing a tour of the embassy. A Latverian human guide currently explaining the photos regarding Doom's revolution and the establishment of Doomstadt. "Here you can see our benevolent leader raising his fist in victory over the ruins of our former oppressor. Every day since this monumental milestone has been one of glory for the people of Latveria."

The infamous Doctor Doom himself is no where to be seen.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson is there doing a formal series of paper work, tracking a series of smugglers that might or might not have worked with the companies he is looking into and his sources tell him direct application will get more results than INTERPOL. The second set of paper work made him cringe. The Nazca Brotherhood informs him that he 'owns' an estate in Latveria, which is, patently on his part insane, since who exactly is going to try and claim it? They were insistant so they compromised by 'officially inquiring' into the legal status of the property originally seized by the soviets decades ago. It was still ridiculous. As it was, paperwork submitted, he finds himself curiously drawn to the various artifacts in the publicly accessible areas and studying them one by one.

Atlin has posed:
Atlin was here, an invitation accepted by the emissary of the insular Bana-Mighdall. Hair down, the blonde woman was wrapped in her deep orange robes, traditional clothing that was quite a bit more comfortable then trying to blend in with normal clothing of 'man's world'.

Of course, the waiting for her own tour? It wasn't exactly enthralling for the warrior woman.

Shredder has posed:
     Pushing a simple broom is a loyal member of staff who has been working for the embassy for over half a year now. Benny. He's not much to look at and blends in with the background, an older Latverian gentleman who mostly keeps to himself and helps to keep the floors clean whenever possible. He sticks out of sight and out of mind for the most part keeping to the sidelines away from view.

     Out front of the building a lone semi truck breaks from the ranks along with the rest of the traffic, the front of the semi is covered in a thick goblin mask with bright red eyes and a wall to wall smile. Suddenly the driver slams the wheel to the right hand side causing his semi to jack-knife into a spectacular tumble end over end perfectly blocking the road and ending the life of the driver in the process. Unmarked vans come to a halt skidding down to a stop just before the embassy, and the wreck mixed in with the traffic.

     Suddenly the doors slam open men in black pouring out from the rear of each van out into the street. Dozens and dozens of members of the foot clan pour out towards the embassy with their weapons raised as smoke explodes out from the vehicles to provide a field of cover for their advance.

     It's a sudden and violent chaos in every direction.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The robotic sentinels raise halberds, tap the butts of the weapons on the ground, and the the heads immediately begin to radiate energy. "Halt! In the name of Doom. Trespassers will be exterminated with extreme prejudice."

Perhaps for the benefit of these ninjas, Doom's aesthetic tendencies had these particularly instruments of war kitted out for melee. No so beneficial to these ninjas was the titanium armor and powerful servos capable of being a threat to even super humans. The battles wages.

Meanwhile within the embassy, a klaxon activates and metal shutters begin to cascade down the windows. "This is not a drill. Please proceed to designated shelter areas. Guests will mind all commands of Latverian personnel. Failure to comply may result in immediate imprisonment or termination."

The Doombots within the building begin to muster, marching toward the entrance. The ambassador seems particularly concerned, his eyes widening. "What fool would do this! Doom should never be provoked!"

A human guard approaches Atlin and nods respectfully, "May I escort you to safety, or do you wish to contribute to the defense of Latverian soil?"

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson is mixed, because they have no way of knowing that he can affect the combat, but he can't simply ignore the chaos going on either. He heads to the restroom quickly, and applies pooled darkness to his face and clothing, not ninja like but clearly out of place. Still, mindful of the doombots, he leaves under shadow of darkness waiting to see if the ninjas attack any humans. He isnt risking the wrath of doom for some robots but he will defend human beings.

Atlin has posed:
Well, at least things weren't boring anymore! The assault had Atlin leaping to her feet, already feeling the rush of emotion in her empathic senses that came with fear and combat. It was an all-too-familier heady brew.

By the time she was being approached by the guard? The Bana-Mighdall Amazon was already drawing down her sleaves, tying the robe off at her waist to reveal her wrappings and bare skin, the metal bracers at her wrists. At least the offer seemed to appreciate that a warrior culture wouldn't wish to be escorted away.

"Anything less than assisting those who hosted us as guests would be...lets say frowned upon. I will offer my aid."

Shredder has posed:
     The Semi truck begins to shake and shudder for a moment. It rocks back and forth as members of the Foot Clan find themselves cut down while doing their part to push through the front gate and overwhelm the initial defenses of the Latverian embassy.

     In spite of the superhuman potential of the doom bots the Foot Clan have one thing going for them: They are slippery little things. They hop and jump and leap up and about. There's a mix of high and low skill ninja on the frontal assault on the building yet surprisingly for simple humans assaulting such highly refined doom-bots it's only MOSTLY a one sided slaughter.

     A fist rips through the side of the semi truck, and then a second before peeling open the side of the trailer. The fist is the size of a full grown man's torso. It opens wide before pulling through is the face of none other than a full grown hog-man with a flowing purple rat tail and a bright red jacket.

     He hops up onto the back of the trailer and slams his fists together before leaping towards the ground and running right for the gate full speed. "Let's get this party started boys!" He lets out in a rocus cry with a boombox resting atop his shoulder blaring loud hip hop as he runs with the speed of a mac truck through the crowd of fighting foot soldiers finding themselves slaughtered by the melee armed doom bots.

     Shortly after out from inside crawls a grey skinned rhinoceros dressed in full on digital camouflage with a combat helmet on his head and an automatic grenade launcher in his hands. "He-heee Let's light up the night boys, it's time for a bit of fun." As he begins to fire indiscriminately towards the doombots in the air seeking to take them right out of the sky with high impact contact grenades.

     Benny stops in the middle of polishing the frame of the nearby painting he'd been working with and turns around. He begins to head to his assigned shelter with a confident expression on his face. "Nothing can stop Dr.Doom." He confidently says to himself under his breath as he begins to make his way towards the safe zone keeping his head down low as he follows procedure with care.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The embassy defenses do not respond in the negative to Jovian. Either his clandestine movements are effective or the defenses are still recognizing him as a guest on official business.

Doom remains no where to be seen, but Latverian soldiers sporting what could only be described as blaster rifles begin escorting civilians to safety while the robotic guardian marshal and begin pouring out into the embassy courtyard.

The guard nods to Atlin, "The Glorious Leader remembers his friends and allies. Your assistance will not be forgotten." He immediately returns to the Ambassador's side and places a hand on the back of his neck, leaning him forward as he maneuvers him toward a pair of reinforced doors. "Move, move. Protect the ambassador. We must not dishonor Doom by allowing any harm to come to our esteemed guest."

Similarly, automated turrets begin to sprout from the Embassy grounds like menacing water sprinklers, but the only watering of the flora will be in the blood of Doom's enemies. Barrels begin to glow as destructive energies coalesce. The first Ninja to properly step upon Latverian soil is summarily disintegrated for its transgression in a destructive blast leaving a small charred mark upon the ground where it once stood.

A similar turret attempts to eliminate the charging boar of a man but only manages to churn up the ground behind it before the rhino humanoid manages to mow it down with a rake of automatic fire.

Deep under the embassy in a secret laboratory, a cloaked figure turns his attention from his experiments and observes a monitor displaying the carnage outside. His eyes radiate hatred as he turns away from his station, green cloak flaring into the air behind him. He raises a hand and begins an incantation, "Demons of Haazareth, heed my call..."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson isnt really enthusiastic to step into the fray. He's more heroic than he was, but he's ...pragmatic and still likes to keep to the shadows. Call it the nature of his power, but the instant Rock Steady and Bee Bop begin shooting into the bots indescriminately, Jovian begins tossing several bolos made of liquid darkness at them. He's no ninja turtle but his skill at throwing them has grown consistently better over time and they're VERY difficult to remove while they last. He is about to charge when the first ninja is ...DISTINTIGRATED.

"Jesus CHRIST..." he whispers under his breath remembering the scope of the world he lives in and that there are much larger players than himself. As the second blast mises the boar, Jovian realizes that even these considerable defenses are not involate and begins to move forward, carrying the cover of darkness with him, with only the random bolo moving out of it to hit the henchmen.

Atlin has posed:
There was no weapons, no magic brought to bare by Atlin, apparently she was going to deal with things bare-handed. She moves, following along the guards and looking a little out of place.

Shredder has posed:
     Beebop and Rocksteady are tearing up the ground with a sheer glee and joy on their face as grenades fly and people die and chaos abounds in every direction. "Come on we just want a talk with the ambassador." Bee bop offers with a boisterous laugh as he manages to just barely dodge a bolo that would have taken him out of the action Rock Steady firing off round after round into the turret defense system as it hammers into their men.

     It's an absolute slaughter of Foot Clan foot soldiers out front as they continue to push forward with reckless abandon. Even with the constant death and disintegration the crowds show no sign of dispersing as they push slowly forward managing to overwhelm the defenses purely through mass of body more than skill and the presence of their two lieutenants carrying them on.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
A portal opens in the courtyard of the embassy smelling of brimstone and radiating a flash of hellfire before the visage of Doom, his green cloak and cowl billowing in an infernal wind appears in the center of the battle. His voice amplified by mechanisms within his suit bellows, "Who dares trespass upon the domain of Doom?! Fools! For many of you, your death will be swift, but for a select few, you will bare witness to torments beyond your comprehension. I will make you sages in the ways of pain, and you will bare witness of my wrath to any other fools who would dare dream of gaining my ire..."

The man cloaked in magitech is brutally efficient when he joins the fray. Scores of ninja disintegrate from waves of energy cast from his gauntlets. Another is grabbed by the neck, it's spine snapped into a metal gauntlet. Others are lashed by magical chains called forth from other realms. The weapons bore by the Foot Clan are grossly ineffectively to the magitech terror. Blades and staves turned aside by titanium armor reinforced with dark sorceries.

The tide will begin to turn as the ash of disintegrated foot clan ninjas begins to rain like dirty snow. For the Rhino and the Hog, it will be time to go. Before they gain the true notice of the Lord of Latveria.

Doom lands beside of Jovian. He points to some of the remaining Foot, "Apprehend one of them with those shadowy constructs of yours."

The hooded figure turns toward Atlin looking at her through the embassy entrance, "Honor me with your service."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson is non plussed in the extreme by the appearance of Doom, and doesnt even know what to make of the command, but, tactically, it makes as much sense as anything else and he sends a bolo to the right of the nearest foot soldier, as a distraction then immediately retasking a second to likely hit him squarely on the torso incapaciting him. To seal the deal Bolo himself charges the fellow to make sure one is taken alive, trying not to think too hard about the likely interoggation techniques to be used. Latveria IS a member of the Geneva convetion.


Shredder has posed:
     Beebop and Rocksteady for their many flaws are still members of the Foot Clan and still Ninja. It's a strange thing but as quickly as they had appeared they manage to vanish with the appearance of Dr.Doom.

     Rapidly more and more of the foot clan begin to vanish from view, not all, but some a small slice of the assaulting forces throwing down their flash pellets as they vanish completely from view. Those who are left still seem intent on putting up a fight even as the slaughter continues and more of their number pull back completely from the frey.

     Just what were the foot after?

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom is beyond all standard conventions including those originating from Geneva. He avoids violation of such laws by the sheer fact that his methods defy the letter of the law in their creativity. The apprehended fool will survive and through his trails will either be tempered in the forges of torture and emerge stronger or be broken. He would not ask less of himself... though he expects much less of the ninja.

"Well done." Doom applauds as launches another foot soldier over the embassy walls with a backhand from his gauntlet. Doom's gaze begins to narrow in suspicion at the employed tactics. He retrieves a halberd from a fallen doom bot and launches it as a javelin, impaling another foe.

Doom takes to the air, the eye ports of his helmet switching to thermal. A few more ninjas are disintegrates from the onslaught of his gauntlets. Finally the monarch perches upon a flag pole which brandishes the flag of Latveria. His voice is patched through the various intercom systems of the Embassy as he speaks, "Doom is victorious, and there fore so are the people of Latveria!"

Obligated patriots cheer their dictator in the halls of the three story building. However, in the chaos of the attack, attentions are diverted from a certain janitor...

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson is basically...not one for pagentry, especially after the recent fiasco by the US government on S.H.I.E.L.D. and, on ziptying the foot soldier (so he doesnt slip away when the bolo wears away) he slowly moves towards an exit but as he does, he can't help but notice the Janitor...it...is just...something off about him. He doesnt ATTACK but he does watch, moving into the shadows.

Shredder has posed:
     No one notices the janitor at the best of times. Especially when he's been a diligent if not particularly noteworthy worker. He's on good terms with most the security workers at the embassy brings in food on the weekends and generally just keeps people in high spirits but tends to stick to the background as one would expect, keeping his nose to the grindstone.

     He makes his way through the empty halls as the lockdown eases up going about his usual route and walks a path he's walked ten thousand times. This time he takes a left instead of a right to a particular Latvian work of art with a particular Gemstone with all the alarms already triggered, and the lockdown in place it only takes two seconds for him to pop out one stone from the work of art using the specially designed tools concealed in those thick rimmed glasses of his, running around the edge of the art work to pop the gemstone out and into his hand. A replacement is pulled from his cart and placed back into position welded back where it had been shut as his man on security loops the footage over and over in that security feed of him cleaning the work just long enough for the deed to be completed before footage returns to normal, Benny stepping back to admire his work spent cleaning the mystical artifact before him.

     Outside the hordes have been repelled and doom is victorious. He's captured one of the many Foot Clan soldiers no doubt sent to a fate worse than death to many a mans mind the horrors of war that await him best left undescribed in the annals of this scene. The day has been saved and the foot have failed once again.