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  The Shredder  
Shredder (Scenesys ID: 192)
Name: Oroku Saki
Superalias: The Shredder
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Leader Of The Foot Clan
Citizenship: Japan
Residence: NYC
Education: Afterlife Warfare
Theme: IDW (VFC)
Groups: Ninja Turtles, Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: Unknown Actual Age: Unknown
Date of Birth During the 12th Century Played By Sho Kosugi
Height: 6'2" Weight: 240 lb
Hair Color: black Eye Color: white
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The legend spoken of in hushed whispers on the winds of Japan. The shredder. He takes away children in the night never to be seen again and turns them into killers. He's an unstoppable monster and a maker of worse. Leader of the Foot Clan.


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*Born in feudal Japan a member of the Foot Clan Unwittingly groomed by goddess Kitsune to be a host for The Dragon in hopes of exterminating humanity.
*Rose through the ranks with determination, skill, and assistance of best friend.
*Kills father after being convinced he had been betrayed in a past life. Rises further in rank as a result. Clan becomes far more blood thirsty.
*Ordered to kill his best friend to prove his loyalty to the clan or die.
*Hunts down his best friend, his wife, and children, and kills them all.
*Marries Kitsune unaware she was the witch in human form and they have children.
*Becomes leader of the Foot clan for many years, becoming even more ruthless with each passing year.
*Is assassinated by own son.
*Descends into the afterlife spending hundreds of years leading the dead in unending warfare.
*Is resurrected in modern day by a descendant seeking to bring a Foot Clan in shambles back to its former glory. He takes over once more as clan leader.
*The clan is revitalized.
*The brother of his descendant is killed by another member of the foot clan who flees to america.
*Unwilling to let the slight against his honor go, Shredder travels to America to hunt down the one responsible, and in the process establishes a new branch of the Foot Clan.
*Deformed by his own mutagen, Shredder is killed while fighting the TMNT.
*The daughter of his descendant hatches a plan to bring him back to life.

IC Journal

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Shredder holds a highly aggressive personality willing to go on the offensive for even the smallest of slights. A firm believer of 'one of ours in the hospital two of yours in the morgue'

Shredder is sometimes overconfident in his abilities. He knows that he is destined for great things and returns from the grave have left him feeling unstoppable. Any loss is merely a setback on his path to total domination.

Character Sheet


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Shredder has mutated to be able to hold his own against even 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His reflexes, strength and even durability at the peak of human potential.


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Exceptional Leader:
Shredder has the ability to convince people to follow him to hell and back again time and time again. Even in the face of repeated defeats he can still bring people around to his side and convince them that victory is not simply acheiveable but inevitable.

Martial Arts Master:
Shredder is a world class martial arts master with hundreds of years spent honing his trade in the afterlife against some of the greatest fighters to have ever died in his attempted conquest of the world beyond life. He has trained with some of the greatest minds in order to fight on the level of the best of the best.

Master of Stealth:
Shredder is a master of the Arts of Ninjitsu and as a part of said art remaining, and moving unscene. He knows the secrets of the traceless walk, of moving silently in the dead of night and tracking his target. It is one of his deadliest and most dangerous skills.

Olympic Athlete:
Shredder could easily compete and place in any olympic challenge due to his intense training and innate mutant ability.


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A series of Dojo's throughout New York City These businesses function as a front for Foot Clan recruitment and a funnel for illicit funds gained through Shredders criminal activities.

One of the benefits of The Foot clan's cult like fanatacism is the constant stream of donations from his followers which combined with criminal efforts allows Shredder to finance his various evil schemes. He always seems able to scrape together just enough finances for his next evil plot.

This Nuclear Powerplant was left completely abandoned after the attack in 2012. The Foot clan discovered it buried beneath rubble and set up shop in the massive now underground complex building for themselves the perfect hideaway for their misbegotten gains. It also provides the perfect source of nuclear material for the clans mutagenic experiments.

The Foot:
A global organization of Ninja. The sheer volume of membership in The Foot Clan makes up for its often low level of average training. While there are select members which are incredibly well trained in martial arts and the art of ninjitsu and assassination a majority of the membership are canon fodder recruited off the streets, taken from orphanages, schools or broken out of juvenile detention centers to be trained as teenage soldiers.

The Foot Clan has eyes and ears all across the world making them a dangerous threat.

The Suit:
Built mainly for absorbing blunt force trauma and stab impacts this armor is meant primarily for melee combat in Japan. However a number of modernization techniques have allowed it to qualify under type IV ballistic armor. The cape is also highly fashionable able to slow the descent of the user.


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Shredder is ALWAYS confident of his victory, and believes it is assured. He doesn't even consider the possibility of defeat or that he could be outwitted. This often leaves him open for attack from angles that he has not fully considered.



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Shredder has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Those Darn Thieving Ninjas February 19th, 2021 Shredder is training and initiating members of the Foot, their activities drawing Grifter, Jake Gomez and Kitty. Ninja fight!
Peaceful Protests February 5th, 2021 At a Senator Kelly rally, a riot breaks out.. and the brotherhood of mutants make their presence known.
An Evening at Luke's January 28th, 2021 A diverse crew hangs out at the bar
Return of the Shredder:Enter the Haga January 27th, 2021 Shredder arises from the dead, fights cute girls and mauls one of them. Spider man saves the day.
The Case of the Mysterious Photo, pt 1 January 26th, 2021 Rose is shadowed by some mysterious figures!
Return Of The Shredder: II January 25th, 2021 Spider-Man and Mania stop a Jewelry Store robery but the Foot Clan get away with the lid of a burial Urn.
Return Of The Shredder: Marionette Maker January 24th, 2021 The vessel for shredder's soul is contracted out by an unwitting partnership between Toyman and one of his old friends.
Return Of The Shredder: I January 23rd, 2021 The Footclan steal vital research data to a nefarious end after getting their backsides kicked royally in an open street rumble


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Shredder has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.


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