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Atlin (Scenesys ID: 921)
Name: Atlin
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Amazon
Occupation: Emissary
Residence: New York City
Education: Amazon
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 167 Actual Age: 167
Date of Birth 14 Feb 1853 Played By N/A
Height: 5'7 Weight: 123
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Light Amber
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Atlin was born from the magics of a Deity of War and an Amazon mother on the island of Themyscira. Raised among the sisterhood of the Amazon, she was trained among their warriors but always felt a little on the outside, particularly as her abilities always left her a 'little different'.

Now, she's ventured out to Man's world as an Emissary and protector, hoping to discover more about the world and herself beyond the edges of her birthplace.


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1853: Born (relatively) recently among the Amazons during the 1780's to an Amazon warrior of Bana-Mighdall, Atlin's mother makes no mention over whom her 'father' is. Created through the magical impregnation of an Amazon by an entity of war, circumstances of her 'creation' are kept secret from almost all, including Atlin herself.

1860: Raised among the other girls of what would be known as Bana-Mighdall, Atlin begins her training to become an Amazon Warrior.

1861: Atlin's abnormal strength emerges and results in a training accident that seriously injured one of her own friends, resulting in a fractured relationship with several of those closest to her. She struggles to get the hang of the fluctuating strength for decades.

1863: Atlin begins to be tormented by nightmares of visions of bloody conflict, vague impressions of Men with weapons she doesn't recognize killing each other in fields. In 1863, a particularly violent dream results in her home bursting into flames. Atlin is rescued by her sisters from the blaze with no apparent source.

1918: After the arrival of an unexpected visitors to their borders, Atlin gets her first taste of real deadly combat when the city is invaded by raiders from 'man's world' and the neighbouring regions of Wakanda. She and many others drive the invaders from their home, but Atlin witnesses the deaths of her sisters around her.

1931's: Atlin witnesses the arrival of Azzuri the Wise and the challenge of Queen Melanippe. After the marriage, brokering of peace and alliances between the tribes. She remains in the newly named lands, mostly isolating herself for several years as the dreams return and eventually learning the causes of the blazes that occur after several more episodes.

2000's: Like many others, Atlin learns of the changes to the outside world through discussions with the arriving Wakandan daughters training to be the 'Dora Milaje'. Curiousity to see the world begins to grow.

2020: After the existance of other Amazons is revealed to the world by public figure, Atlin finally manages to petition to be sent to 'Man's world' and see the world for herself beyond even the Wakandan borders. She agrees to help protect the Wakandan interests in Manhattan as an ally and those of her fellow sisters, but she also seeks to learn more about the revealed Amazon's of Themyscira.

IC Journal

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Atlin has always been quite competitive. These were traits that made her an exceptional study when it came to combat training, but less so when it came to social connections. Frustrated by her shortfalls, she is quick to turn towards her own areas she excells in, in turn becoming frustrated if she falters or cannot keep up in areas she's ment to be good at.

Atlin was always considered 'hotheaded', quick to anger and responding with violence. Despite the mission and values of the Amazon, she often struggles in the role of the diplomat despite its focus in her upbringing.

After a particularly bad accident resulting from her powers and temper, Atlin was given a wide berth for quite a while. Often, the young girl felt herself on the outside even among her peers. She was part of the sisterhood, but she struggled to maintain all but the fewest of close friendships. This has left her with a hesitation and faltering confidence when it comes to making social connections and building friendships, often covered with the mask of an abrasive personality.

Character Sheet


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Like all Amazons, Atlin does not age past her prime. While technically this means that she could live forever, she can still be killed through outside influence.

Agility and Reflexes:
Atlin's reflexes are far beyond the limitations of the greatest human athletes. With her inhuman coordination she is able to react fast and precise enough to avoid automatic gunfire and can shoot an arrow at speeds matching some semi-automatic firearms.

Blessings of the Gods:
The Amazons are a race warrior women that have received gifts and blessings from five Olympian goddesses: Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia and Aphrodite. While these blessings were gifted to all, the nature of Atlin's linage wraped some of the gifts somewhat.

Enhanced Durability:
While Amazon's blessings imbues the natives of Themyscira (and Bana-Mighdall) with a degree of hardiness greater than human beings, Atlin herself has demonstated a degree of insane durability and withstand unnaturally high levels of physical harm. This durability does not extend to magical or mental attacks, and is less effective against piercing weapons.

Enhanced Intellect:
The blessing of Athena, intended to offer the wisdom to be guided by peace and justice. This blessing gifted Atlin with quick-thinking and adaptability, able to process information faster than the average human rather than the intended diplomatic affinity.

Enhanced Stamina:
Like all of the Amazons, Atlin is able to exert herself tirelessly for periods of time far beyond that of any human being. An Amazon's muscles don't form lactic acid, greatly slowing any exhaustion taking a toll on the body.

Enhanced Strength:
All Amazon are stronger than the average human, but Atlin's heritage offers her even greater physical strength, able to trade blows that would shatter metal and wield her bow that would otherwise be impossible for a regular human to even budge the string of. She is capable of lifting roughly 50 tons in raw weight with ease.

Health and Healing:
Granted by the blessings of Demeter, Atlin heals from injuries that would maim or kill an ordinary human being at an astonishing rate. Severe injuries may take days to heal and trauma to her brain, heart or overwhelming physical trauma can kill her like any other.

Slayer's Instinct:
Be it due to her linage or deliberate intent on the goddess behalf, Atlin's blessing of Artemis manifests in an unnatural sense when it comes to tracking down her foes. Almost seeming guided by a divine hand, she always seems to sense every last trace of her quarries, be they man or beast.

The Fires of War:
Due to her heritage, Atlin is able to generate and control fire, although doing so often requires a degree of anger and the young warrior is hesitant to utilize these abilites due to their source, prefering to rely on more martial skills.

Twisted Empathy:
Atlin's ability to sense others emotions is potent, but more limited than her sisters. She can sense ones passions, particularly rage and anger welling within, but other emotions are no easier for her than they would be for a 'normal' person.


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While Atlin could be considered an expert in most martial forms, she's a master among archers. Between her awareness and intense practice she is capable of hitting a small target in freefall with ease and combines this with her modified bow for devestating effects.

The Amazons are intended to be a bridge for all mankind and thus all the languages of 'Man's world' are taught to them from an early age to a point where some have wondered if their linguistics were an imbued ability.

Warrior's Blood:
Like all Amazons Atlin was trained from birth in martial pursuits as a warrior, but Atlin took to it with exceptional zeal. An expert in all the traditional Amazonian martial arts and weaponry, CAtlin shows an unnatural affinity towards new weaponry and fighting styles when presented with them. Despite her favouring of her bow, she will not shy away from using the weapons of Man's modern world.


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Amazon Armor:
Like all warriors of Theymiscra, Atlin possesses a suit of Amazon battle armor tailored for her body and providing protection without limiting movement. While heavier armored versions exist, Atlin's is usually standard so as not to limit her ability to use her favoured weapons.

Artemis Echo:
Named after the greek goddess, Atlin's bow is her prized possession. Crafted from Amazon steel materials on Themyscira, this weapon makes the most of Atlin's unnatural strength to fire hardened arrows beyond the degree of any human equivlent. A matching quiver of specially forged arrows are required for the bow's full draw, as standard wooden or carbon fibre arrows simply disintergrate when shot from this bow.

The Collection:
Atlin's linage and culture have certainly lead to one truth. She likes weapons. While she usually keeps her load light, she has access to a small armory of prefered traditional weaponry as well as the occasional modern weapon she's collected along the way.


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Code of the Amazons:
Man's world has its laws, the home of the Amazons has its own. While Atlin knows the former exist it's the latter that she takes to heart. She's willing to seek harsh justice for those who deserve punishment and her views and methods could put her at odds with law enforcement and more law-abiding heroes.

Fiery Frenzy:
Atlin's control over fire is limited, partially due to her own hesitation to tap into is source within her. If she loses control of the power, results can be destructive and disasterous for both friend and foe alike.

Violence is literally in Atlin's blood. Amazons are ment to preach compassion and peace to the world where they can, but even among her peers she sometimes struggles to keep a lid on her temper. Violence isn't always the appropriate answer to a situation, but it is often the first reflex for her.

Out of Her Element:
Adapting to a fight is easy, adapting to an entirely new world? Not so much. Atlin still finds much of the modern world alien and confusing, particularly in culture and the more bureaucratic aspects of the world. More often than not, this means she sticks out a bit even if she's not dressed in her Amazon attire.



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Atlin has 41 finished logs.

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The Joys and Wonders of Dim Sum July 25th, 2021 New friends, tasty meals.
Cafe time June 27th, 2021 No description
A Saturday Night Lunch May 23rd, 2021 Lydia meets Atlin at the deli to have a little date. It goes well, and they agree to do it again!
Doomed Shadows May 2nd, 2021 The Latverian Embassy is assaulted by the Foot Clan, with Atlin and Jovian in attendance. Many a Ninja are harmed in the making of this scene. Jovian earns Doom's appreciation. Shredder manages to steal an artifact.
Shakey meetings April 28th, 2021 No description
Chats and snacks at the Shack March 31st, 2021 katsumi and Atlin meet Lydia at the Shake Shack and try to have a conversation, but it doesn't go well at all.
Food Science March 25th, 2021 No description
Talk to the Hand February 22nd, 2021 Creepy Amatur Carny Causes Chaos and Gets Away. No one Harmed.
Wrestling Wonderous Women February 6th, 2021 No description
Matches and meetings! January 28th, 2021 Food! Videos! Shared stories! Embarassment! Plans for the future!
A scene! January 11th, 2021 No description
Tangentally January 6th, 2021 No description
Thwarting holiday heists December 31st, 2020 Drake and Atlin encounter some violent heisters on NYE and engage in some cultural exchange.
Amazon Delivery in Central Park December 8th, 2020 Spider-Man runs into Atlin again...or at least the crook he is chasing does...
Never Meet Your Heroes November 17th, 2020 Drake, Yaretzi, and Atlin are out on the town for pizza, when an awkward chatterbox crashes the party. Only he turns out to be Ant-Man!
Evil Explodes October 19th, 2020 The avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fall down upon Central Park NYC. Heroes Assemble to due battle with the Avatars and save the day before evil explodes across the land!
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Perfectly Normal Pillow Talk June 16th, 2020 No description
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Last Night Was Fun June 2nd, 2020 No description
A Blood-Red Victory Dance May 25th, 2020 Looking to celebrate a victorious revenge and a full belly, Vampirella finds a lonely Amazon who could use friendly company.
Tracking Down a Sister May 21st, 2020 Atlin and Artemis meet after both have left home.
Every Experiment Needs a Control May 19th, 2020 A bank robbery plan goes poorly when the heroes arrive and make plans of their own.
Aftermath Satyr Saturday April 26th, 2020 Alex helps Atlin evade law enforcement. They discuss culture, heritage and end up challenging each other to a fight.
Fashion Faux Pas April 20th, 2020 Satyr Gatecrashers have their day ruing by Assassins, Amazons, Demigods and Vampires
Woe to those who work in the shadows. April 9th, 2020 Mastermind crosses off a mark. Atlin retrieves some artifacts. Ben sticks a lot of guns to the roof. The Triad have a no good very bad day.
Latverian Embassy Opening April 9th, 2020 The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
Amazonians, Asgardians, and Angels, oh my. March 31st, 2020 Angela mistakes a strip club for Heven. After a confrontation turns to drinking, some things are hard to swallow by everyone.
Chasing the Amazon March 29th, 2020 Robin catches up to Atlin to figure out who she is, and why she's so interested in Amazonian artwork.
Sparring Session March 25th, 2020 No description
Artifacts of the Amazonians March 24th, 2020 While busting an illegal casino, Robin comes across an Amazonian with ulterior motives!
BEHOLD, MY OFFICE! March 22nd, 2020 Atlin gets a tour.
Amazon Primed and ready to meet people. March 17th, 2020 Dinner with two ladies Almost.
Amazon About Town March 15th, 2020 They had pizza
Saturday In The Park At Night March 15th, 2020 No description


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Atlin has 41 finished logs.

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