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X-Men: A Call to Arms
Date of Scene: 16 May 2021
Location: Times Square
Synopsis: Mutant tries to rob an armored car, gets captured by a passing super group. What're the odds?
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Bart Allen, Kitty Pryde, Jimmy Hudson, Jean Grey, Gabby Kinney

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Our scene today begins with a musical score https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcCHScn4gpw

    Times Square, the tourist trap, and a place most New Yorkers know to avoid this mess of a place at nearly all costs, and yet, others have to take the infamous intersections irregardless. The sun is high, but not at the peak of the day yet, around 10 AM and the day is well started for many.

    Barry lowers the coffee cup from his mouth and slides it into the cup holder, safe inside the thick armored van going northwards to their next stop. The music on the radio slams as the drums in the recording swell and his co driver pantomimes the sticks.

    "You look like a doofus." Barry notes as he reaches over and turns it up and allows his head to bob a little to the tune. Jeff next to him turns and looks at the stocky bigger man, "Hey, this song goes hard."

    The brakes screech as the bumper to bumper traffic continues with a horn echoing off the buildings, and a land-yacht of an old Chrysler cuts in front of the van then quickly opens up three of the four doors, and the person in the back right, a woman with white hair and alabaster skin steps out wearing ivory clothes, a white leather duster swelling in her moves as she steps out, and turns to put her foot on the seat and then climb up onto the car. She lowers a Guy Fawks mask onto her pale face, and starts to sway her hips with her hands held out towards the drivers, "We're not gonna live with fear! Whaoooaoah."

    The two other guys in balaclavas on both raise up their arms, bracing their guns on the blue four door and start to shoot at the windows of the van.

Rogue has posed:
The X-MEN are aboard the Blackbird and are coming home from the Atlantic Ocean, they'd been on a deep sea mission that had them even having to go underwater! So there was diving equipment on the Jet and some of them were having to tend to it. Theyd' been in a fight underwater and gotten a bit beat up, but were still in relatively good shape.

The Professor had come over the Jet's commsand told the team leadership about a situation unfolding in Manhattan and was asking them to make a detour to check it out as it might unfold in to some nasty things, if a team wasn't there immediately.

This was a risky one for the covert team, as they were not often inclined to big public events, but that may be changing!

The Blackbird finds a place to land on a building in the vicinity of the Times Square area, and they are being dispatched to where the Mutant who Charles sent them after was to be found!

Rogue is off of the blackbird in a few bounds, her black wetsuit having had a sleeve ripped off, so her right arm is bare. She walks to the ege of the building and looks down. "This should be fun... it's packed down there..." She says to the others.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen is taking classes at Empire State, and he has an hour or so before his next class. Bart has been trying to embrace the normal speed life, but well he is Bart. So instead of sitting around the campus, he thought he would sight see a bit. He has already climbed the statue of liberty inside and out,so Time square it is. He is in his civies, and is watching a guy playing three card monte. He is fighting the urge to tell the guy which one to pick, only making micro head shakes when the guy is picking. When the guy picks the wrong one Bart sighs and turns away in frustration, but seeing a pretzel guy, he is easily distracted, getting three, all different ones, and starts to eat. He hears the gunshots, and is off. He stands at the side lines mouth stuffed with pretzel taking a micro moment, to get his bearings on who is who.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As the Blackbird is coming in for a landing, Kitty Pryde is phasing out of her diving gear and pulling on her normal uniform. "At least we're on dry land. I really don't care for those underwater missions," she says. She can phase underwater, but can't unphase without ending up with a mass of water the shape of her body added into her flesh. Which of course, would be an unpleasant thing to experience.

Kitty finishes changing, adding a domino mask to conceal her identity. "Jean, can you handle fuzzing people's memories of us?" she asks even though she takes the precaution. Lockheed flaps his wings, lifting off his seat and over to land on Kitty's shoulder once Shadowcat is ready to go.

The young woman heads for the door, taking the ramp down rather than phasing out of the plane. She heads over to the edge of the roof to look down and see what's going on.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy has also taken the time to change out of diving gear, as well, it's not great for running around the city, so he's in a standard X-Men uniform now as well. He doesn't have a mask, so hopefully the fuzzing will do the job. Not that he's exactly high profile anyway.

He follows the others out of the plane and over to take a look down at the street, trying to get an idea of what they are being sent into. Glancing over to Kitty, he comments, "Busy day, apparently. Do you often get sent from one mission to another?" He is, after all, new to the X-Man thing.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is sitting in the back of the Jet rather than up at the cockpit as their course is diverted to a secondary mission, mostly because she's in the process of changing, and as part of that, wringing seawater out of her hair. Needless to say it's better to do that over the deck in back then all over the console controls! She pauses, wrinkling her nose as she fusses with something apparently stuck in her hair.

"Is this a STARFISH?" She looks baffled, and then turns to Kitty who seems of a like mind about the 'joys' of life under the sea. "This is the last time I'm doing this, I swear. Next one, we just forward to Namor or Aquaman. I can't imagine they have anything better to do!"

But there's no more time to worry about it now. Leaving the jet to presumably autopilot itself through the final stages of the landing, she rises and starts back toward the rear ramp after Kitty. "Those crowds can be pretty intense. I should be able to manage, but it will take a bit of effort." Thus, as she steps from the edge of the building and begins to float her way down, the redhead lifts a hand to her temple and closes her eyes, reaching outward to grasp the variety of minds around them.

If the average New Yorker hates this place, just imagine how it is for her!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy takes a deep breath and then sighs it out, puffing his cheeks as he steps off the jet and rolls his head around, popping his neck. "Well, mes amies, nothing to it, but to do it." He says as he approaches the lip of the building to look down into the mass of chaos. The cajun hasn't told anyone, but this high up, his legs start to shake beneath the armor plates he wears strapped to his shins and knee, a slight rattle is audible and the man slaps his leg with frustration. "Everyone gotta way down?" He asks before he takes two steps back and lowers himself, breathing rapidly, trying to make himself hyperventilate. Yeah. He's doing that.

    A few quick steps, and Remy's legs leave the ground, and he's vaulting himself over the side and pushing himself into a free fall off a skyscraper. Hands held up and out, and his legs are out, slowing his descent as much as he can, waiting and expecting Rogue or Jean, or anyone to catch him, but he's got his own back up plan should all those fail.

    On the Chrysler, the masked woman continues to sway her hips in her tight leather pants as she motions like a singer towards the drivers who have begun to fall onto their training.

    "Barry! DRIVE" Shouts Jeff as he reaches down between them to pull up the rifle the company keeps on hand and charges a round into the chamber even as the sounds of bullets hitting their thick glass causes that primal fear to swell.

    Barry hits the shifter to drop the truck into it's lowest gear and slams on the gas, a screech from the tires before they find traction and forces the armored car into the back of the thirty year old car.

    Glass shatters and metal crunches as the gun men dive away, the woman on top actually takes a step forward, lowering herself into a three point hold on the top of the car as it lurches forward from the impact, the trunk crunching and popping open before she vanishes.

    "Hi." She turns her head to face the slightly damp Jeff and reads his name tag. "Jeff." And with a hand on his arm they both disappear from the truck's cab.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue jumps up on the edge of the roof and looks down to the busy Times Square as the others get ready to her sides. She glances over at them, with Jean having their identities concealed she knows they'll be okay.

She? Well, she's already known in these parts. Time for Mighty Woman to go to wor---

Damnit Remy...

She seems him fly past her and free fall, which means the Belle has to step off of the roof and fly down after him. He falls for a bit, but soon finds her hands going up under his arms to craddle him and slow his fall until his metal feet touch the ground. She leaves him there then and flies up over his head, her arms going up and out in front of her as she hears the tires squeal and something starting to happen. <"Professah was right, it seems."> The Belle says over the team comms, flying in the sky over Times Square now.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
As luck would have it, one student of many of those in the jet was already on scene! Completely unintentionally. Gabby had been absent a few days now having picked up a side job of her own that was more than a little bit under the table: House sitting! Which meant refilling the fridge on occasion. Just as the guns start going off, and the team members on the jet start to descend, she comes out of a bodega carting a few bags of groceries in each hand.

"Wellllll shoot. Out. Apparently." Carefully placing the bag with eggs down she reaches back to pull her shades over her face. They weren't the goggles she liked using when these things happened but it would do. With that she glances up at the shadows above, and taps the earpiece she often wore to tune into the frequencies they used. <<Heeey guys welcome to the party! ... I have no idea what's going on but I'm that little black shadow on the corner need help?>>

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Shadowcat pulls out the phone that is of her own design and manufacture. Far more powerful than a normal phone, and better than many a laptop at that. "I'll futz up the cameras in Times Square," she says as she starts thumb-typing on the phone rapidly.

Lockheed makes a little crooning noise, and Kitty looks over around the group. "Jimmy, want Lockheed to take you down? Go for it if so. I'll be a minute up here and then jump down and join you all," Kitty says, apparently planning to use her own power to get down. Lockheed flaps over to Jimmy. Though he's a small dragon, he's carried full-grown humans before.

She goes back to typing, the phone deploying programs written by herself, Doug and to some degree Hank and Forge. Hacking into networks and finding their cameras, keeping them from recording what is about to commence.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen starts to look around, as he sees the group of heroes coming down from the sky, he figures he might let them handle this for the moment. He does speed around, the outskirts of the scenes, with the gun fire going, Bart is making sure no stray fire hits the crowd, zooming at a blur of speed, and stopping at an alleyway, dropping the bullets, and blowing on his hands.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy nods to Kitty, "That works." When Lockheed gets to him, he looks at the little dragon and shrugs, then hold up his hands. Lockheed grabs his wrists and lifts off the roof, soaring down to the street quickly enough that Jimmy has to flex his knees and absorb the landing, then keeps moving towards the squealing tires and gunfire.

<<Heya little sis, what are you doing here? The boss said there was a mutant here causing some trouble, sounds like he was right.>>

He breaks into a run, headed for the sounds of trouble as quickly as the crowds will let him.

Jean Grey has posed:
As is frequently the case, Jean provides the team with a multifaceted network of supporting functions with that big ole brain of hers: she can conceal them from leaving an impression on the crowds, provide backup communications, and, indeed, make sure no one has to crater themselves into the 42nd street pavement if they're not able to fly. That said, she's more than happy to let people catch individual rides and stick to their radios to save a little mental bandwidth. For her own part, her hair flies back behind her as she drops toward the street, getting a bit of an air dry!

The starfish may still be along for the ride.

<"I think I see the vehicle approaching-">


The armored van hits the large car moments before any of them are quite close enough to do anything, making a bit of a mess of things and likewise making it hard to see what who is doing what, although she has her advantages in that regard. <"Looks like the mutant signal is that woman, but I've lost visual- let's try and encircle their position and make sure the fight doesn't spread out into the crowds. Lots of people here.">

Indeed, one might be tempted to celebrate that the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man had also arrived to help them in their fight... except that his costume looks a bit cheap. Also he's running from the chaos and screaming. Just one of the many colorful costumed characters who haunt the famous intersection, looking to charge tourists for selfies!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Nice catch mon amour!" Remy says with a hand to his lips and then blown up towards Rogue as she hovers above and closer. Remy didn't seem to take the time to really change from the underwater action earlier, and the wet suit is the only thing he's wearing other than the shin guards and a pair of wrist bracers in the same style. So he moves to reach for something under the peacoat he normally wears only to remember he's not wearing them. "Merde."

    Remy takes a breath and his suit squelching with every movement, Remy starts to run up towards the back of the armored car.

    The gunmen keep shooting into the windows of the cab of the armored car. The glass now so covered in the splintered spider-webs it's impossible to see out of and yet the driver shifts the car into reverse and hits the gas again, lurching the machine into the front end of the car behind him. Then another shift into drive and he slams into the back of the ruined Chrysler again, all the glass is blown out on the older car, and the metal is starting to look like an accordian as the gunmen keep shooting, though the driver has stopped moving after the first collision.

    Suddenly, at the back, the white woman appears, and a pair of legs have sprouted from the middle of the double doors of the armored car. "This time. You know we all could stand togetheeeerrrRrrr." She sings, with a flourish of her hand out towards the damaged car, and she spies that the driver has since abandoned it. The White Woman then turns and puts her hands on the ankles, with the waist fused into ther door, one on each, and with an effort she yanks hard on the feet, and the door plops open. Both barn doors swing open, the lock ruined and bloody as the waist detaches from the metal and lands on the concrete. A scream can be heard from within as Jeff howls with fear and pain of having been teleported into a block of metal, and being split in half at the waist.

Rogue has posed:
<"Copy that. Roger Roger."> Rogue replies over the comms as they are setting up here in Tiems Square, a location she's flown through many times. Even if she hates flying in Manhattan because of all the attentin it gets, especially from tourists.

Seeing elements of what's unfolding down there, Rogue archs out of the sky and descends down to the car to grab hold of its roof with her hands and dig her fingers in to it. She starts working her hands over the car until she's got a good grip, then lifts it up off of the ground.

"Come on, lets get ya outta here..." She states, taking the heavy car up in to the sky!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flips her hood up thus completing her disguise! Which is to say she did not have a uniform at all. Jeans, sneakers, hoodie, sunglasses. It was close enough to do in a pinch. <<Yeah, got eyes on the sitch. I was buying groceries for ... reasons.>> Mostly eating. What else do you buy groceries for?

With the van crashing back and forth in an attempt to get some headway to get away from the gunmen, it gives her time to catch up to the commotion. Most were fleeing which made her path against the flow of tourists a little tricky to manage. She ducks low, elbowing past a few, until she finds herself stumbling down the curb of the sidewalk to the street itself. Jerking her head up she spies the armored car just in time for the White Woman to do her sickening teleport stunt to open the back.

"Eeeyuck that's gross even for me. Hey, lady, your singing is off-key!" She taunts

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Down on the street, as people are grossed out by the man cut in half by the teleporting, there's a sudden blur of a body falling in from above. It disappears through the street into the ground as if it was a ghost.

Two seconds before that...

The wind whips past Shadowcat, sending her ponytail streaming behind her as she freefalls off the tall building. The ground rapidly approaching as she phases a second before she reaches it.

Five seconds before that...

The hacking programs do their work, one camera after another going offline or the recording devices they are connected to shutting down. Kitty sends a signal back to the school for Doug to clean up any she missed, and to start monitoring cell phones and social media for video uploads of the group.

And then she looks down at the scene below. Thankfully Kitty can't quite make out the details of the man's death. But she can see enough to know she needs to get down there. Without hesitating she hops over the roof's edge and begins to freefall.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will keep from throwing up his pretzel, and in a flash changes into the red and white. He happens to notice the girl (kitty) moving to step off the building, and will run up to meet her "Someone got you or you need help down?" He asks as he move to match her speed. "You know anything about his girl?" He points towards the villainess in white.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy Hudson dodges through the crowd, calling on his Phys Ed teacher training and innumerable flag football games for some fancy footwork. Once clear of the sidewalk, he charges one of the gunmen, claws popping out as he gets close. One swipe is aimed at the gun itself attempting to destroy it to keep more bullets from threatening the crowd, then he throws an elbow at the man's face to try and take him out of the fight. Best to take out this guy quickly so they can all deal with the mutant without further distractions.

Jean Grey has posed:
With one hand still held to her brow, Jean holds out the other, reaching toward the remaining gunman.

She reaches with a lot more than her hand, of course, but with her mind as well. While her telepathy might be a little on overload handling the massive crowds (she is, in fact, doing more than just cloud the X-Men from their memory, but gently nudging their panic away from mass-hysteria and toward a more orderly evacuation), small-scale telekinetic work is a bit more... basic, a more brute force, nuts and bolts approach. Literally in this case: rather than disarming the man, she simply disassembles his weapon into its constituent parts, leaving him holding a grip as the barrel, frame, ejection systems, clip, and rest of the weapon's pieces clatter around him on the ground.

<"The woman is some kind of teleporter. If you've practiced with Illyana, it looks more like that- and it's dangerous, as she can clearly exit inside other objects,"> she warns the team. <"Shadowcat, maybe you can interfere? Otherwise, we want to disable her. Quick attacks at range when she appears.">

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "HEY!" Remy shouts as he steps up on a car as Gabby zips past him and the cajun is trying to get the White Woman's attention on him with a growl as he takes a few pebbles he picked up before and the wet suit snaps as he throws a pair of stones towards the woman, glowing purple before they smash into the ground causing small explosions but the smoke was the intended effect. Smoke and distraction as Rogue lifts up the armored car.

    Remy steps off the car and starts to walk as if he was wearing the coolest jacket in the world, but the wet suit with purple highlights against a black base doesn't seem to allow him to appear as cool as he would like. But he's here to help. Help he will.

    The car goes up with a groan from the metal as the shocks have the weight taken off them for the first time in a long time, and the metal stretches as Rogue's fingers dig into the materal, finding purchase enough to lift the thing by its roof. Though strong, she's not perfectly balanced and aiming upwards, the thing becomes more a ramp for the contents in the back to start to slide out. HUGE bags of money, and carts of bills start to roll out, but before all that, the top half of Jeff starts to fall out, the man moaning and crying before he starts to scream as he begins to tumble through the air back down to the ground, having the worst day of his life. Red and viscera fall around and before him as Jeff nears the ground.

    The White Woman turns the Guy Fawks face towards Gabby and Remy, and her arms rise up as she begins to sing exclusively towards the two of them, "With the power to be powerfuuuuL!" She sings, very much off key, but still VERY dangerous, as she takes a single step towards the smaller girl.

    The gunmen continue to stay focused on the armored car, and as it rises up, they begin to shoot at the undercarriage, but then there's a man with claws cutting the gun in half. "What tha-CRACK!" The man's head pops back as his nose is burst open with a sharp elbow causing his nose and zygomatic bone to snap, and he hits the ground next to the crumpled car he rode in.

    The second gun man is turning towards the first as Jimmy appears and the man is levelling his gun towards Jimmy and just about to pull the trigger to riddle the mutant full of 5.56 but the gun is not only removed from his hands, but it's disassembled and turned into scraps. The gunman pauses and with the two pieces he still was holding onto, throws them at Jimmy and turns tail and starts to sprint up the road between traffic.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue didn't... look, she didn't know the full scope of what had happened with the cut-in-half guy, okay? She was planning to get the car out of play and was lifting it up to one of the roofs when she glanced over her shoulder at the sounds behind her. Her eyes go wide at what she sees. "Holy ---" The rest of what she said can't be easily written out.

<"Uh, is that guy not dead?"> The Belle asks over the comms.

She finishes her task though and drops the car down on top of one of the sturdy looking building roofs before flying back around now looking for gunmen...

She ends up flying past Jimmy in fact, noting the condition of that gun as it was pulled apart.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde was stepping off the building when she saw the blur reach the top of the building. "Nah, I've got my own way down," she had said as she started the free fall.

Now she's phased and below ground, taking a few seconds to slow herself and then work her way back up towards the surface. << Roger Jean, I'll see if I can't at least slow her down wasting time on me, >> she sends back as Shadow cat pops just her head above the street to get her bearings, as well as a breath.

Ducking back down, Shadowcat moves until she should be behind where the White Woman was standing, and then rises up above the surface. Unphased, she says, "It's people like you that give the rest of us a bad name!" Which is all the warning the woman gets before Kitty throws a kidney punch at the White Woman. Kitty is watchful for the woman to try to grab her and teleport her.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks down over the scene, and seeing the man who is half the man he used to be is still alive, he will head down the side of the building, and gathering both parts of the man, runs him off to the hospital. There may be nothing they can do for him, but Bart is hoping, and who knows maybe there will be a super doc there to help the man.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances back toward Remy with his super cool entrance flashing him a grin. "Guess you want to tango with her, huh?" The remarks from Jean about the woman being a teleporter did have her thinking though given the woman was now approaching HER. Maybe she really did take offense to being told her singing sucked. Rolling her shoulders forward her hand digs deep into her pocket pulling out a palm sized object.

Hauling back she throws it toward the woman's mask. "I used to wear a mask but they've got a big down side: Eye holes can be blocked." Hopefully while she acts as a distraction those with actual long distance abilities (coughRemycough) might get an opening. Otherwise, the White Lady might end up with literal egg on her face as the object is, indeed, an egg from the carton she'd been buying.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy Hudson doesn't hesitate as his target drops, moving towards the White Woman with both sets of claws extended, glancing at the ruins of Jeff with a slightly sickened expression. If he gets near her before she teleports, he drops low and does a double slash to the hamstrings... despite what she's done, he's still not big on killing people, and hopefully the pain will disrupt her use of her powers. Anything to take her down and make sure she doesn't hurt anyone else.

Jean Grey has posed:
Once the two gunmen are disarmed, Jean feels some small relief. At least one important element of threat is removed, with stray gunfire being the largest concern to the fleeing crowds. Presumably the woman is more interested in robbery than slaughter. One runs, and while she doesn't give chase, she does flick the same outstretched hand in an arc that follows his movement, lifting some piece of debris from the wreck and sending it hurtling after him, although aimed low at his legs.

Then she turns to other matters...

Only to see the armored car lift and tip back as Rogue hauls on one of the joined pair of crashed vehicle. And then everything sliiiiiiiiiiiiiides out.


There's a moment when Jean contemplates doing something for the man, if only to do what she can to ease his pain, considering that the wound looks rather grievous. But then, in just another blink of an eye, he's gone. One can only hope it's to a better place... although technically that's probably not a high bar, considering where they are.

Either way, this leaves most of the team of assembled X-Men to deal with the woman. "Is this reall worth it, this money? Just- just stop." There's a touch of anger there, and while the others variously pelt and lunge at her, she snags another chunk of metal from the crash, lifting it into the air but holding it there, straining in suspension, prepared to strike if the woman blinks again.

In some other portion of her mind, she feels the crowd thinning as more and more flee...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy doesn't have his staff or cards, or any of that with him, BECAUSE HE WAS UNDERWATER! The cajun sighs as the woman at least takes some of the bait and Gabby and he are the target, well, at least Gabby is the target, Remy, searches around for-!

    Moving a car forward, Remy swings a foot hard into the top of a cab, breaking the light on top off and then prying it off. Should be good enough to distract. Charged slightly and with a heave from the cajun, the light bar tumbles through the air and is about to strike against the White Woman when Kitty strikes the woman's back and they both disappear, and there's a splash of water onto the ground from where they were standing.

    Remy watches the explosion from his light go off and suddenly, there's no Kitty or the villainess and he looks to Gabby. "What the hell? Where did they go?" He asks, lowering his hands with a slap against his wet wet suit.

    Jimmy's swipes barely miss as Kitty's punch was just barely faster, and while he likely didn't want to also hit his teammate who was behind the teleporter as well. Kitty and the woman appear in a small tight metal space with a single opening and water on the floor and walls. They're both in the relocated armored car with Barry having climbed out and is on top, looking down and shouting for Mighty Woman to help him down!

    The woman, punched in the kidney falls forwards, her face and shoulder hitting the inside of the car with a thunk as she tries to stop herself, turning to face Kitty with a snarl and a yellow egg drips down from the left brow of the mask over her left eye and the woman reaches to lift her mask.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks up to the driver on the armored car, and then down to the woman in white. She exhales but the others seem to be... working on her. So the Belle shoots up in to the sky again and sweeps around to this Barry fella. She only has one glove on as her other arm and hand are exposed after the ocean battle a couple hours ago.

"Here." She tells him as she offers him the gloved hand, keeping the other one back as she still doesn't have control of her powers to risk taking his bare hand with her own.

When he wraps his hands around hers she lifts him up and carries him down toward the ground where she sees some NYPD Cruisers parked on the perimeter.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney backpedals after her throw to be well out of the way of any large, kinetically charged objects that may be lobbed in the direction of the woman or anyone else foolish enough to be there. She doesn't take her eyes off the situation unfolding. When the light flashes sending the woman and Kitty away to who-knew-where, she can only shake her head quickly at Remy's question.

"Away... somewhere! I don't have the family nose," she reminds only to gesture at Jimmy. "Smell anything like them around still?" Even sa she asks she starts to dart her gaze around looking for movement. Up high, down low, anywhere a teleporter might see their reappearance. She might not have the sniffer but she could see pretty darn good. When people weren't behind metal walls anyway. "You okay, J-bro?" No names. Darnit. Codenames.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sends her thoughts out for Jean to relay to the team. <<We are in the armored car!>> Kitty keeps a grip on the White Woman, one palm and fingers unphased, and letting her other fist completely unphase as she throws a punch at the teleporter's face.

<< Try to get her to Rogue so Rogue can touch her and knock her out!>> Kitty thinks loudly. And then she tries to phase the woman and herself as she rushes them both forward, through the wall of the armored car, and hopefully off the building roof and again into free fall down towards where she hopes Rogue and the others are!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy Hudson looks around, shaking his head, "I've got nothing, I'm afraid. They could have gone anywhere." He looks high and low, making sure to look at the truck Rogue carried up to a roof. After all, the White Woman was after it to start with, she very well may have continued to go after it.

Since Jean will probably pass along Kitty's message, he starts moving towards the building the truck is on top of. There's not much he can do from where he is, but if they come down again, he wants to be in place.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean, in her general 'vague hovering around' movement mode, rises to keep position with the car, although the pace of the hand to hand combat combined with the whole battlefield taking a trip upward leaves her without a good shot to take her her random chunk of material before the two have vanished fully inside. But they've got a team work-y plan in the making, and she resumes her team support and C&C functions.

<"Got it,"> she mentally echoes back at Kitty, while the same thoughts are relayed across to Rogue. <"You hear that? Kitty's gonna push her out, try and catch her mid air. I'll be ready too."> There is a reason to do it thinky-wise, of course, when they don't want to be shouting their plans into the radio in FRONT of the lady they're planning to ambush.

Ready for whatever mid-air ambush, Jean hangs suspended, and waits. The crowds have thinned now, pushed to the sidestreets and inside various buildings, and so she's willing to risk it as a back-up, ready with a hopefully less-dodgeable telepathic assault if Rogue can't secure her.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy stays on the ground, as most Remy's tend to do, and he can only look around, from Gabby, to Jean, to Jimmy, and then all over again. "This is ridiculous, an' this swimsuit ain't leaving nothing to the imagination." He says, turning around and adjusting the wet suit with a snapping sound before he turns back around. "Ah, Jean's right. T'ey're t'ere!" The cajun says pointing upwards.

    Kitty forces the maskless woman through the armored car, and down through the building, at an angle that they're eventually falling straight down next to it. "Let me go, and we can live like queens!" The woman promises Kitty as they fall through the air.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had dropped the armored car driver off at the NYPD Car and then came zipping back toward the location of the incident. She flies right past Remy and slaps him on the ass where he snaps his suit. SNAP'N'SLAP

She whizzes past the others on the ground too and comes zooming right up to the wall as the whoman of white pops back out with Kitty. She moves to sweep around her and hook her left arm around the woman's torso. Her right arm hanging back with her bare hand and arm ready to strike against the side of the woman's face if she tries anything.

"Try anythin' and I'll suck the damn life right outta your soul." Rogue warns her as they descend toward the ground.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Ahem.Hem. HRM." Did he have to snap that swimsuit? Gabby stares a moment before jerking her eyes away. More serious things at hand than an teenage girl getting an eyefull but not by much. The others DID seem to have it in hand, a bit, and she could hear the sirens of approaching police to further things along. A quick nod is given to some inward thought. "I'm gonna book before PD gets here. I imagine there's enough to explain without having a minor involved. Stay safe!" With that she turns to jog off... DAMMIT ROGUE.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Shadowcat and the White Woman emerge through the wall of the building, after passing through Mort's office. Poor Mort. He just finished getting yelled at by his boss for being behind on his TPS reports. Three hours of paperwork and he's finally finished them - in triplicate. Hand lettered. He looked over the voluminous reports laid out on desk and sighed happily, stopping to take a sip of coffee. When two costumed figures hurtled through the ceiling and out his wall, making him start and spill his coffee all over his paperwork.

Shadowcat falls with the White Woman in her grasp. "Live like a queen? Silly woman, I already live like a princess," Shadowcat retorts, and then shoves the woman away from her, mid-air, towards Rogue.

Shadowcat keeps falling. The last anyone hears from her as she again sinks through the ground is, "I've really got to stop doing this..."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy waits below where Rogue and the White Woman are coming down. The Belle seems to have things handled, but he'll still stay on alert, just in case she tries anything once they get to ground level. Other than that, not a ton he can do against teleporters and fliers.

<<We taking her back with us? I doubt the cops could do anything beyond let her escape three seconds after we leave.>>

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean isn't taking any chances either. As soon as the woman appears in Kitty's grasp, with Rogue hurtling to intercept, she focuses her thoughts -- finally free from immediate focus on the crowds -- to the formerly errant woman in white.

<"You have things to answer for. Don't struggle.">

This mental voice isn't anything like her own when she speaks aloud, nor even the way her thoughts are processed when she transmits them to her teamates. They are echoing and powerful, even a touch alien, crashing against her psyche like waves. And they are laced with a touch of anger, flashing visions of the bisected security driver, images that transpose themselves so that it is no longer him cut asunder, but the woman herself, confronted with the horror of her own actions and abilities.

It is not meant to be pleasant, certainly, and whether Rogue ultimately makse good on her threat or not, Jean guarantees that her mind will not resume consciousness for some time. <"We'll leave the gunmen for NYPD, and bring her to the Blackbird until we can contact suitable authorities for containment. X-Men, move out!"> Possibly she floats some people up with her to make that command a little less absurd!