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A Tight-Knit Team
Date of Scene: 07 September 2021
Location: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
Synopsis: Terry, Kaida, Gar, Harley and Kian become entangled in a knit-picky situation.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan, Kaida Connolly, Harley Quinn, Kian

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    There is one adage that tends to hold true across the world: That those who are native to a place will seldom have visited locations that others have traveled for miles to see.  This is the case for Terry and the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop—although, to be honest, he avoided it during his high school years out of the whole Catholic School thing and the fears that someone might suspect he was actually gay by going there.
    Fear makes people do stupid things, okay?
    But that time was past, and no-one who knew Terry O'Neil would suspect that he was straight, which only goes to show you that if you hold on long enough, things will swing your way.
    "Oh god… this is excellent."  Terry is currently enjoying a Bea Arthur: Vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, crushed vanilla wafers.  "I don't know why it took me forever to come here!" he says to his friends.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "I'm more surprised you didn't come up with the idea for a place like this yourself.  That unicorn shouldn't be on the window, you should," Gar says, dressed in typical Gar-casual—a white raglan with black sleeves, jeans, and trendy custom kicks with the paw-print soles.  He couldn't decide between a couple options, so he chose both.  "Check it out, I'm a Salty Pimp Cococone.  Does that even make sense?"
    Whatever.  He's going through it like he wants the brainfreeze that seems destined to come.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    "Mwhahaha!" Kaida declares to no one in particular as she scoops up some of the Gobbler.  She got the peanut butter and maple kind.  She noms happily upon the scoop before pointing at Terry.  "I don't know what took you so long but I didn't know it existed!" she states and then scoops up another and noms on the spoon of ice cream.  The spoon head is nearly as big as hers as she eats the ice cream.  She looks over at Terry and peers at his.
    "That looks good but I don't know how you could get that when there are so many other choices!"  She shakes her head.  "I mean, don't get me wrong, Bea Arthur is cool but her ice cream is plain!"  She nods her head and and then casually hops over her own ice cream and points at the menu.
    "I do have to wonder what kind of crazy person gets a ginger-curry shake."  She shakes her head and then looks to Gar and laughs before nodding in agreement.
    "Terry was too focused on being in journalism.  His destiny was ice cream!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Such dilemmas!  Harley had her hyenas to walk.  They got restless after a while!  Right into their ravenous tendencies.  But lucky for her she had discovered (more like stalked) a dog walker when she went to meet Diana a few days back.  And the poor girl had accepted, perhaps unknowingly of who exactly Harley was.  Too bad!
    "Yes, Joannie.  Ya just need ta walk 'em, give them a good leash.  Too tight and they might bite a hand off or two," she advises the girl, who is pale as death.  A look to the hyenas.  "You boys behave!"  She waggles a finger at them, which pretty much seems like a 'Go' sign, and off they go at speed with the poor girl being dragged along.
    Harley watches them go with a snicker before turning to the shop and opening the door.  "I have arrived!" she announces dramatically.
    Shorty-shorts, sneakers, a white top and killer sunshades.  That's Harley!
    Prancing over to the table where the 'gang' is gathered she grins.  "Hiya GarTerry!" before looking around at some voice coming from the… table?
    "And who's that we have heah?"  She leans in, lifting her sunshades and squinting her eyes.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Grinning like the cat that he is, he bops Gar over the head with a plastic spoon.  "Oh hush you, you have no complaints about how gay I am, as I recall."  He wiggles his eyebrows in a manner that would make Groucho proud.  "But that is not a bad idea I could have a future as a franchise mascot.  Who could resist this punim?" he says, framing his face with his hands and striking a pose—
    Which withers ever so slightly as Kaida comments on Terry's choice.  "Kaida, in life one must learn to appreciate the exquisite balance of perfectly-prepared simple fare.  It's easy to mask everything under piles of sugar, but to make simple things tasty, now that's skill!"
    Harley's arrival is met with open arms and an invitation to a hug.  "Harl!  Harl, you've got to meet—this is Kaida, she's one of our new Titan friends, and positively awesome.  Kaida, this is one of my bestest besties in the whole world… Miss Doctor Harley Queen!"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan can turn into a lot of things, but even he may not yet be used to Kaida existing.  There are things out there that are harder to explain, however, such as Harley's hyenas.  Might be good for them that they don't see the little mouse.  "Watch it, or you might start bouncing off walls… more than usual," he tells her.
    He ducks the spooning and tells Vorpal, "Behave!  You're supposed to put that in your mouth!" says he, he who would never, ever make any sort of double entendre or innuendo.  Certainly not.  "And that might be a way for you to make some extra cash on the side.  I've licensed my likeness before.  Better to get something for it when there's a lot of copycat stuff out there."
    Harley's arrival draws a wave from him, watching her for a few seconds to see how protective he might need to be of himself.  Sometimes she hits!  "Hey, Harley.  What's up?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    "I don't need ice cream to bounce off walls more than usual!" Kaida declares and nods to him.  "Besides, it's tasty."  She laughs.  "Totally worth the rush."
    Distracted briefly by more ice cream, Kaida turns to look toward Terry's friend and her eyes go wide as she is looked at by her.  Kaida finally blinks after a few seconds too long and then says, "Holy crap!"  She raises a hand to point at Harley.  "You're hot!" she states and nods her head, "And that's comin' from someone who just spent a while on an island filled with Amazons!"  She nods her head and then she casually cartwheels around her bowl to grab up her spoon and scoops up another bite.  She takes it down with incredible alacrity, her cheeks puffing out briefly before she quickly swallows it down.
    "And yeah, what he said!  I'm Kaida!  I don't declare myself awesome, I have people for that."  She nods to Terry and then grins and tilts her head.  "Nice ta meet ya!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Doing a bit of preening at being called hot Harley beams a smile down at Kaida.  "If Terry says it then it means ya awhe!" she states before putting on a scandalized expression.  "Anotha who went ta the island too!  Well, well, well.  At this rate I will be the last ta go!"  She following it up with a hmph, and hands on hips.
    "Yet speakin' of.  We should talk Terry.  Cos o' takin' you know who that's afraid o' planes theah with me, mmm?"  A wink and then she nearing Terry for a nice hug.  But of course that she looks at Gar.  "You sayin' that as if you don't like some good bouncin'…"  Oh yes, no mistaking what she means with that.  Shameless!
    "I am gonna have a Monday Sundae, because it's Tuesday," she announces.  Because of course.
    "And oh, the usual.  Taking out evil cults that want ta take ovah Gotham.  I sweah, evah since I left it all the crazies are poppin' up.  Maybe I should open an office theah again…"  She shakes her head to herself.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "That's what you said last night!" Vorpal shoots back at Gar, his smile turning rakish and showing he can dish it as much as he gets.  He's working on that ice cream like it is a work of art, to be savored slowly and delicately.  "Aw, Harl, don't be like that.  If you want to go to Themyscira, I'm sure Di can invite you!  We can make it a getaway weekend!  As long as the world isn't in danger of ending like it was four days ago—"  He raises a hand.  "Saved it, by the way," he adds in case this wasn't clear, "What can I say, except: You're welcome!"  That last bit is delivered in The Rock's style.
    "There do seem to be a large number of crazy cults taking over Gotham, you know?  It makes New York seem suddenly very norma—"
    And that's when the screaming of police sirens streak through.  Red and blue blurs pass by, two of them, and Vorpal stops with his spoon halfway to his mouth.
    "…As I said, it makes New Yo—"
    And then there's two more.  And then two more.  And then three.
    A loud sigh, and the Cheshire Cat sets the spoon down and slides the remainder of his ice cream across the counter to Gar.
    "Let me check it out. I'll be right back."
    And the Cheshire walks out of the shop.
    Three minutes later, he rushes back in.
    "Um… guys… you might want to see this…."
    The shop was on the three-way intersection of 7th, West 4th street, and Christopher St.  Right across from them, on the ther corner of Christopher and 7th, there used to be a cabaret and piano bar by the name of The Duplex.  It was no longer that, but a bank had set up shop there: The Altitude Credit Union.
    There was currently a hole in one wall, which had been, apparently, demolished by what appeared to be…
    A giant ball of yarn.
    "…do you see what I mean?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan merely rolls his eyes as they take the bait.  To be expected.
    Without going back to that, he mentions of Themyscira, "Oh, yeah.  It was pretty cool visiting that place."  Surely he's bullshitting.  No male is allowed there.  Everyone in the know… knows that.
    Sirens then interrupt thoughts and consumption of ice cream, just after he says, "Harley, I'd expect weird things going on when you're around.  That's just kind of your thing. It'd be like—"  Hold that thought.
    Shrugging as Vorpal vamooses, Gar begins to dine on Bea Arthur and wastes little time in polishing that off before the feline has returned.  "Last time you said that, I wished I had some brain bleach.  This better be good."
    He slides the remainder of his ice cream toward Kaida and heads outside.  "Well, that's not something you see every day."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    Peering at the window as all the cars go by, she stares and then frowns.  "Always right when I'm enjoying some delicious food!"  She then blinks as Gar slides his over and then grins.  "Well, time to eat and run!"  She then literally turns into a blur.  It's like watching the Tasmanian Devil going at something he finds delicious.  It takes only a few seconds and she ends up stumbling to a stop and holding her head.
    "Ow ow ow ow, brain freeze!" she whines and then shakes her head before leaping down and running outside, "so much brain freeze."  One could question where all that ice cream went, especially given she isn't apparently a bloated ball of mouse and ice cream but that's a mystery for a time when there isn't a giant yarn ball.
    "Terry!" she declares, still sounding pained, "Why did you leave your yarn there?  That's not where that goes."

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Three minutes is a long time.  Enough for Harley to get halfway through her ice cream, devouring it as if the cold had no effect on her!  "Well, those ain't aftah me…" she notes as they go past at speed, continuing on with her ice cream.  "And as long as they ain't aftah the hyenas too…."  A shrug.
    With Terry then returning and calling them out to see what's going on it means Harley wanders over, face to the window to look.  "I hope that doesn't mean theah's a giant cat ta go with the ball…" she murmurs.  A look at Gar.  "Well, I suppose we can have a giant cat…."  Fingertips tapping on her chin and she making her way outside, still with the ice cream.
    Because priorities!
    "Wheah's his yarn supposed ta go?"  Inquiring minds want to know!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "That's not mine.  My toys are much smaller.  Like—"  A glance to Gar.  "How tall are you again?"
    Quipping must wait, however, as something else seems to happen.  Police have set up a perimeter and officers are taking cover, and the bank alarm can be heard all the way over to where they're standing.  Traffic, understandably, has come to a stop because of rubberneckers, which the police has to deal with in order to disperse the area.
    "It looks like they could use a hand with… whatever this—"
    And that's when the robbers come out.
    Human-sized figures made entirely out of multicolor yarn storm out through the front doors and make a dash for the officers—they haven't even had a chance to grab the bullhorn and go through the customary warnings.  About two dozen yarn-men advance, and the police guns have absolutely no effect on them.
    "You know. Gotham is looking pretty normal by now.  Let's go!"
    Breaking into a sprint, the Cheshire starts for the point of conflict.  "Titans—and friends—take those yarn things down!  We can deal with what's inside once the police is safe—"
    The first yarn man makes contact with an officer and unravels, suddenly trapping the officer in a living, writhing mesh of yarn.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Tall enough, and you know, I'm not even gonna pretend this is anywhere close to normal," Gar says.  There's a moment of temptation to turn into something with a bigger mouth than Vorpal's and gulp down the rest of that ice cream, but first things first.
    "Excuse me.  Pardon me.  Titans on the scene.  We're here to help. Yes, I can give you an autograph after we've stopped them.  No, I'm not related to the Phillie Phanatic."  The life of Gar, summarized.
    He watches as the yarn… things, as Vorpal so accurately described them, begin to move out, and as one touches an officer and starts to engulf him, that's where Gar heads first.  "Hang on, I'll get you out of this!" he calls, hurrying over to work on doing just that.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    Kaida watches what everyone else is watching and just tilts her head to the left and then to the right before watching the police officer get trapped in yarn.  She then looks to Harley and then back before saying, "I think I prefer a giant cat."  She is then pulling out her half-sword and whines.
    "My new sword isn't ready and my old sword is broken!  This is annoying!"  She then shakes her head and races forward as Gar goes to help the cop, she puts herself between the police and the next yarn people.
    "Halt, Yarn-Men from the planet Yarnat!  Cease your madness or else I'll send you back to Little Big Planet where you belong!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "Oooo, I like wheah ya goin' with it!"  This said to Kaida when she says they are from Yarnat or something.  "Does that mean that should be theah spaceship?!"  Harley pointing to the big ball of yarn.  Listen, it makes sense in her head!
    But then she is off, following along with the rest of the gang.  And how to exactly defeat some balls of yarn?  Harley squints her eyes, looking around….
    Mmmm, how do we defeat them indeed but with a… CAT?
    "Terry O'Neil!"  A look to Vorpal.  "It is time…!"  Followed by a nod.  She runs towards him, grabby hands reaching out to take a hold of him.  What is she doing?!
    "I am gonna throw ya… make suwah ta wreck havoc among the yarn."
    Fastball special.  Harley and Terry edition!  And there goes a flying cat tossed with superhuman strength towards the yarn bandits!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    As Kaida and Gar proceed to intercept their own yarnlings, the creatures seem to detect their presence and divert their course towards them instead of the policemen.  Gar's yarn-foe reknits itself itself into a shape not unlike that of a battering ram on legs and charges towards him.  Kaida's foe decides that the best way to deal with a mouse is by trying to create a better mousetrap, and so it throws itself at her in the shape of a wooly net!
    As Vorpal sails through the sky, he lets out a "Rawwr!" because one MUST, when dealing with these things.  He lands among a group of yarnlings and quickly begins to slash with claws all over the place.  Some, he severs, but as he fights, it becomes clear that he's getting gradually more entangled.
    "What is going on out there?" comes a reedy, high pitched voice from the confines of the bank.  Out comes a man covered from head to toe in colorful yarn, which weaves and waves from him as if it were a pack of live snakes.  "Who dares interfere with the Purloiner's plans?"  A few more yarnlings come out of the bank after him, carrying bags of money.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan watches Vorpal sail in, making a racket in the process, and he just shakes his head.  A bit of that yarn is starting to entangle him as well, so he goes small in the form of a regular housecat in order to loosen things up a bit, then the cat grows into a much larger tiger.
    Claws out, yarn slashed, a roar joining in until the one behind this makes his appearance known.
    "What?  Purrrrrloiner?  I make Vorpal purr when I… wait, not in front of the kids.  You almost got me!"  Rather than deal with the fabric minions, he makes to pounce the one controlling them.  "I see you trying to fleece this place!  You could try to stop us with every fiber of your being but it won't work!  We're gonna strand you in jail, and you can ply your case before a judge!"  He bats at the colorful thief, putting a little extra 'oomph' into it.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    A blink at the attempt to capture her and she stares.  "A net?  Really?" she states and then she's suddenly burst of speed ot the right and staring at the falling net.  "I really need to figure out why I keep running into villains that don't care that I'm a mouse."  She nods her head and idly taps her foot.  "It can give a mouse a complex to be treated so normal."  And then Terry goes flying and she blinks before looking to Gar before shaking her head slowly.
    "I guess between flying cats and smarmy green people, I'm not all that strange."  She then dodges the yarn thing again and holds up a finger.  "Hold that thought, be right back."  And then she zips off, rushing toward a nearby store and shaking her head as she runs.  "No."  She zips to another aisle.  "No."  And then she finally stops and smiles.  "Perfect!"  And then she is dropping off a rolled up ten on a counter and running out with a small bottle of oil.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    The yarnling that had tried to capture Kaida suddenly looks very puzzled (as much as yarn can look, anyways), and attempts to trail her, only to give up idue to her speed.  Vorpal finds himself tangled up well and good, and tries to free himself.  Tendrils of yarn crisscross him, and he snarls, "Damnit!  I am not in the mood for embarrassing yarn accidents!"
    Gar's attack on the Purloiner makes the villain scream in panic- tigers are rather terrifying, after all.  "No!  No!  Help!  Help!  I am being mauled!"  And then, three of the yarnlings interpose themselves between the villain and Gar, dropping their money bags.
    There is a rumbling that comes from the side of the building, and the Titans will see that the massive ball of yarn is starting to move as the Purloiner runs in its direction, arms open wide.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Smarmy?  Did she just call me smarmy?" the green tiGar asks, briefly interrupted by Kaida's words as she scampers off for one thing or another.
    Then, "Hey!  Get back here!  We're not done with you yet!"  He bats at the yarnlings that attempt to buy time for their leader, creator, or whatever the Purloiner is to them, seeking to just leave them behind if he can.  "Don't be so dramatic!  If I was gonna maul you, you'd already be mauled!  But you're starting to make me think it's a good idea!"
    And now that large yarn ball is in motion again.  "Seriously?" he asks aloud, shifting from tiger to bear.  "If we had a song for every time we got into trouble, I'd be singing 'If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away' right now."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    Returning with her oil, Kaida opens it up and casually starts sprinkling it on yarn here and there.  "First!" she declares as she uses her normal speed to race about, "All that punning, was severely excessive so yes!  Yes I did."  She then proceeds to hit more targets, avoiding Terry's for the moment.  "Second, yarn doesn't burn very well.  Did ya know that?  Remove flames and it'll just go out on its own.  So weird!"  She giggles.
    "But!"  She reaches into the little sack she carries and pulls out half of a match and strikes it hard against the ground and tosses it on to a yarnling.  "Add just a little accelerant and poof!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "No!  My beautiful creations!" the Purloiner wails, just as massive tendrils of yarn lift him up from the ground and hoist him up onto the ball of yarn, which has rolled up to his location.  "You will pay.  Dearly!"
    The Yarnlings that Kaida has lit don't seem to experience pain, but they do burn up, and in short time… poof!  Vorpal finally uses his magical power to animate objects to throw the tendrils off him and crawl out, so that Kaida can light them on fire as well.
    Somewhere in the distance, Harley vanishes into an alleyway, chasing several yarnlings.
    "Good job, guys, now we—" Vorpal begins, but he stops halfway through as something enormous looms over them.
    The ball of yarn has unraveled, and it is now a towering T-yarnosaurus Rex, with the Purloiner triumphantly posing atop its head.  "Squish them!"
    It raises a massive foot, and brings it down upon a police car, flattening it completely, though fortunately its occupants were already out.  Then it sets its sights on the Titans and raises its foot again.
    "Um… guys…" Vorpal says, beginning to take several steps back, "…we should get this thing away from here, it's going to cause too much damage!"

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Oh, it's on now.  And, little mouse, you don't know me very well if you think that was excessive punnery," the green bear calls back, just before he looks up in a moment of awe when the yarn ball reshapes into a much bigger, much more dangerous T-Rex.  "This can only mean one thing."
    Gar grows, to rhino size, to elephant size, and beyond until he stands across from the construct as an actual T-Rex of his own.  "SLAP FIGHT!"
    He begins to flail his little arms uselessly at the yarn beast.  "Come closer, so I can hit you!"  Vorpal's concerns over the collateral damage don't seem to be shared by Beast Boy, but the amount of people with phones out to record this, not to mention the police presence, means this is sure to make social media soon, and the news.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    "Yes, yes!  Burn his minions!  Burn and dance in the…."  She looks around.  "I mean, excellent!  Threat averted!"  She then races over to check on Terry and Gar and then the Y-Rex comes to life.  She looks at it and gasps, "It's so big!"  She considers and then looks at her bottle of oil.  "I'm gonna need way more oil."
    And then suddenly Gar.  She looks at him and slow blinks before she shakes her head.  "Well, it's the Yarnosaurus Rex versus the Smarmasaurus Rex."  She snickers and then looks at Terry.  "I mean, honestly, I'm not sure.  After today many people might stop drinking.  This could be really good for some folks."  She then sniffs at teh air while avoiding stomping feet.  "Is he in the yarn?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Gar, what—"  Vorpal watches as Gar enters a slappy hand competition with the Yarnosaurus Rex, and shakes his head.  "And they say I am nuts.  "Now this is no skein off my nose, but we need to find a way to stop this Backstitch boy before he causes real damage."  As if a squashed cop car wasn't damage enough!  "I'm just glad Kian got detained by Colette with extra homework and couldn't come, otherwise he'd think we had finally flipped our lids and became knit-wits."
    The Y-rex does have an advantage over the real deal rex, though: its hands can get pretty large and stretchy (which causes its tail to be partially consumed as yarn is reallocated) and it delivers a large boxing glove punch at Garsosaurus.
    "Oh crap… okay.  Crowd control—Kaida, let's disperse this before one of them topples and crushes something—or someone—and then we'll figure out what to do!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían is a bright boy, and managed to finish Colette's homework, and some extra credit work.
    The little kiss-up.
    Anyway, he knows where Terry and Gar went, and where to meet them, and ice cream is involved, and…
    …and that can't be right.
    Well, the giant yarn monster must be where they are, because where the hell else would they be?
    "Ai, qokh…"  He yanks his T-Com off his belt.  "I can only assume that where the bigges' mess is, that iss where you are," he radios down.  "I am guessin' that the giant monster iss a dik-hed?  I woul' like to know for sure before I do anythin'."
    Kian is arguably the only person who can see a giant Yarnzilla and not be sure that's the actual problem.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Not fair!" the green T-Rex that is Gar complains when the Y-Rex cheats and extends longer arms to actually smack him.
    This just leads to him roaring and charging at the thing instead, and as Kian is heard coming in he calls out, "Yes it's a dickhead!  And it's making me mad right now!"
    Because the Y-Rex is not sticking to the boundaries of reality, inasmuch as Tyrannosaurs should not have that kind of reach, Gar changes tactics.  Now, he's leaping at the thing with claws out, raptor style.  "It slices!  It dices!  It makes Julienne fries!"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    Shaking her head, "You two are terrible."  She then laughs.  "I love it!  Anyway!  Time to deal with things!"  And she races off toward the crowd and dances over people's feet while yelling, "Mouse!  Rats!  Look out!  It has a gun!"  She keeps moving this way aned that, laughing as she goes and screaming to add to the effect.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Kaida is incredibly efficient in dispersing the crowds, Vorpal observes.  "She has had sugar.  We may not be able to calm her down for at least a whole day…."  He turns his attention back to the Y-rex, who is now trying to dodge those claws (failing some) and trying to respond with tendrils to tie the dinosaur up.
    "Kian!  Yes, he's definitely a Dickhead, and we need something to get it to stop!"  The police have managed to mobilize their non-flattened cars ut of the way, so not the only consideration is avoiding either of the two towering creatures falling onto a building.

Kian has posed:
    Kían thinks about the situation for a moment, takes stock of the situation… and slowly starts pumping a growing charge into the yarn monster.  "I do not recommen' touchin' the… the… whatever it iss," Kían warns over the comms.
    Ever seen yarn under the influence of a static charge, every strand trying to get away from every other strand?  That's pretty much what Kían is going for.  The only thing keeping it from being grounded and discharging is the birdman exerting his rhy'thar.
    "I do not wish for a dik-hed to string us along," Kian radios down.
    Did he just pun?  Oh, boy.  Gar and Terry are contagious….

Gar Logan has posed:
    The green velociraptor, which is nowhere near as big as the Y-Rex now, takes heed of Kian's warning as intelligent eyes dart toward the Akiar, then to Vorpal, and on to their foe.  "Did Kian just make a joke?" Gar asks.  "I could cry right now.  Go on!  Waste it!"
    Pulling back, he's doing a good job of keeping crowds from getting too close, even if many know who he is.  They've seen the dinosaur movies.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Kian's attack is super effective, and the Yarnasaurus quickly begins to unravel by the repulsive force.  "What?  No, NOOOO!" the Purloiner screams, as suddenly there is no solid ground underneath him.  Vorpal's quick Rabbit Hole is the only thing that saves him from a spluttery end.  Upon landing on the ground, the Cheshire cat quickly shreds what yarn the man was wearing, leaving him in a ridiculous bodysuit.
    "Well done, Kian!  You have… unraveled this mystery."  Yes.  Kian made a joke, he is so proud!  As the police advance to capture the man, the cat says  "Make sure he has nice synthetic clothes to wear."
    The Purloiner lets out a whimper.
    "And this is the point where Gar has the last pun…."

Kian has posed:
    "Haf I?  Oh, good.  It iss always good to haf things tied up neatly," the birdman says, completely straight-faced.
    Gar and Terry have a lot to answer for in Kían's education in English, maybe more than Vic at this point.
    He spirals down to a landing near his friends.  "Can you two not even go out for ice cream wit'out an inciden' happenin'?"  It might be a serious question.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan's raptor claws click-clack against the pavement.  There is some damage, but not as much as there could have been.  "Nice!" he calls out as the Purloiner is defeated with the falling apart of his plans… and his yarn.
    Puns?  "I don't want to waste any more on this dork.  And he's a different dork than you," he explains as he circles Vorpal a couple times, then sniffsniffs in Kian's direction.  "As for you," he tells the captured one?
    "You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn't stop to think if you should.  Loser."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    The Cheshire cat scowls and crosses his arms, looking at Gar and Kian.  "You two are… incorrigible.  Gar, hon, leave The Mad Knitter—"
    "THE PURLOINER!" screams the man.
    "—whatever, leave him to spin his yarn to the police.  We left some ice cream behind us and I intend to get me a helping of it."
    He pauses and looks around.
    "Wait.  Where's Harley?"

Kian has posed:
    "Then maybe you should not incorrige me," Kian says, perhaps even a little smugly.
    They've created a monster.
    "Iss Harley here?  I haf not seen her," he says, looking around.  "Unless she iss under all this string?  Which she might find fun, I do not know, she has unusual tastes."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan shifts back to normal, looking back at the ice cream shop where multiple people are staring out the windows.  "You think they'll give us a free scoop?" he wonders, before looking around for said Harley.  "I think she went off chasing after one of those things.  Don't worry, I'm sure she'll show up again when we least expect it, when it's most awkward."