9509/Danger Room: Rage of the Gorilla King

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Danger Room: Rage of the Gorilla King
Date of Scene: 07 January 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: The X-Men's island adventures in the Danger Room come to a climax, facing off against the Gorilla King. Who knows what the next chapter will have in store...
Cast of Characters: Scott Summers, Jimmy Hudson, Monet St. Croix, Logan Howlett, Rogue, Bobby Drake

Scott Summers has posed:
The Danger Room offers up a myriad of possibilities when it comes to training methods. The holographic nature makes it possibile to conjure up virtually any scenario, any enemy. The team can train for virtually any scenario and face a situation so real that it can be all but impossible to separate out from reality. Fully immersive tactical simulations.

Or they can just face off with a fifty-foot tall, six armed talking Gorilla. That surely has some training value too.

The deserted island scenario that Scott Summers has been running the inhabitants of the Xavier School through as of late reached it's most recent crescendo in the last session. The group fought there way through a jungle filled with heavily armed communist apes and a horde of undead monkeys. All to reach the base of a smoking volcano that rises up out of that sea of greenery, five huge stone pillars rising up out of the earth, engraved with strange looking runes and with dangling chains wrapped around the wrists of their fellow castaways who all look appropriately terrified at being offered up as sacrifices.

Amd of course that aforementioned fifty-foot tall, six-armed talking gorilla. That's a part of the program that is pretty hard to miss as well.

The nearby jungle is an absolutely flattened mess, shattered tree trunks laying everywhere and offering upa ring of open space. The ground continues to rumble with little shocks as that nearby smoking mountain gets closer and closer to it's final erruption, the red glow coming from up above lighting up a sky that is increasingly shrouded in thick columns of dark smoke and flecks of ash that rain down over the island. It might be picturesque -- if it wasn't a little terrifying. Or at least it might be if it was real. Of course it's a little too preposterous to be real, at least for most people. But most of them have probably seen far stranger over the years.

For the moment the scene is frozen with the massive Gorilla King obviously dominating the view -- though the looming, flaming mountain behind it isn't exactly meant to be reassuring either. Standing out in front of the group Scott remains dressed in the thematic pirate's garb completely with the flowing, puffy white shirt and breeches, while a red bandana covers his head. "The purpose of this session is to work together as a team to take a much larger and stronger foe while dealing with extreme environmental hazards. Working together even as the world literally shakes apart around you," he says in that faintly lecturing tone that he is sometimes prone to take on. "As before, I'll help as you instruct, maybe even offer a suggestion or two but this is your show. Everyone ready?"

It all sounds good, like a valid exercise. It's hard to escape the impression though that Scott just wants to see them all get pounded by a giant ape. Maybe he has a sense of humor afterall.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Armored training suit in place and with the gauntlets still fitting a little too snugly, James Hudson frowns as he looks up and up and up at the aforementioned gigantic ape with its six arms and rather prominent silhouette against the horizon. It's definitely... a thing, and it does boggle the imagination to some degree. But he looks at the others nearby, particularly Logan... to take his cues somewhat from that man.
    Since if someone has seen something that crazy, chances are it's him.
    At the question of if they're ready, the younger Canadian mutant takes a deep breath and rolls one shoulder until it makes a short cartilaginous crackle. "A'right. You folks really hit stuff like this when yer out and about?" He asks, letting his gaze slide from one to the other to the other.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
At least it's not a purple six armed six eyed giant purple people eater. But it is still giant, probably is willing to eat people, or at leats do a lot of damage over as Monet St. Croix is just staring over at it with a 'really' expression on her face over at him.
    "I take it that due to the scale of this thing that we are not required to hold back if ncessary and can inflict increasing damage on it if need be?" M is just sort of thinking over, settling in and maneuvering about and look at it. "Telepathy will be of minimal use against it. I'm presuming that we'll have limited abilities to knock it off balance due to it's evolutionary traits making it somewhat more suited for the terrain." She's scanning over it while considering more.
    "My punches aren't going to inflict any damage to it beyond light annoyance. I may be able to try and scry it's mind to pick up thoughts of what it has planned, but this is doubtful, particularly if it's simply beastial and acting upon instinct." She's watching it while glancing at the extremely gaudy outfits that the castaways were put over in while she's scanning over at it.
    "I do believe that it still has the same vulnerabilities as any particular creature of it's species would as far as anatomy goes."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Having missed the rampage through the jungle, Logan was impressed by the destruction he found in the paused scenario all the same. He'd fought against a large number of things in his life, some he remember, others not to much, a giant gorilla though... he'd remember that. Dressed in a black suit, much like a tac-suit, he eyes Scott's 'costume'. Far be it for him to mention the rules of the training room, let 'one eye' enjoy himself.

He offers no words as he sizes up the monster in front him, then looks to those assembled to determine, at least in his own mind, what the best course of action might be. For him, the tactics were simple... get in close, start slashing and stabbing vital locations.

"Heart, lungs, kidneys, hamstring, shoulder points to disable arms," he rambles off quietly, more to himself. No one ever said Logan was a team player, but he's trying.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been distracted by a group of tinier monkeys stealing all the supplies she took out of the ship, and she'd flown off to another side of the island chasing them.

But now, returning, the Belle hovers in mid air with her tattered dress blowing in the southern wind, her long two tone hair flowing out over her bare shoulders as she stares at the giant ape giving trouble to her friends.

"Oh for god's sake." Rogue mutters before she sweeps down out of the sky to pull, and wrench, a palm tree out of the ground. With her bare arms around it, the young Rogue flies back up in to the sky...

And charges at the giant beastly thing, with the tree aimed at its face!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Having also missed the rampage to get there, Bobby is coming in rather cold to this. No pun intended. He studied the colossal primate along with the others. He seems prepared to chat about tactics until he sees Rogue go rogue and take off straight at the thing.

"Well, so much for well crafted strategy." He shoots out with his ice to create his trademark ice channel and glanced back over at Logan as he heads off. "I'll get the soft bits up and visible, you do the rest!" And then he is trying to catch up to Rogue's path, but veering slightly to the side and keeping lower to the ground. Trying to evade notice.

Scott Summers has posed:
There is a lot of merit to the notion of letting them talk the scenario through, to plan and set their tactics, to give them a chance to decide who is going to coordinate things to insure that they are all on the same age. To set priorities. Is it taking down the Gorilla King? How about rescuring those captives that are trussed up like human sacrificies? Or maybe it's just survival in the face of being at ground zero of an imminent volcano erruption.

That would certainly be one way to go, a worthwhile exercise to be sure. But apparently that's not the path Scott has in mind. Instead, not bothering to wait for their confirmation that everyone is set he simply engages the program. One moment everything is static and the next the Danger Room positively echoes with the roar of that mutant gorilla and the crack that sounds as a massive plume of liquid fire rears up from that mount, a great spout flecked with dark shapes rising high into the air. Before great big flaming boulders begin to fall out of the sky all around them.

Looks like Scott is off to the races, trying to leave them all eating his dust.

While the island might be a threat it is not the only one as that giant ape animates as well, baring it's teeth towards them, one set of those hands thumping that powerful chest. "MY ISLAND! CHOOSE YOUR SACRIFICE!" it bellows out, starting to lumber towards them, the ground seeming to shake with each footfall.

Despite it's size however it appears that it is a little quicker, a little more agile then one might expect. It seems that the program is not the only one off to a quick start. Rogue, it seems has choosen to skip the strategy pow-wow and jump right into things as quick as can be. That tree truck is swung with impressive force towards ape... who reaches up at the last moment to grab the palm tree in one of those oversized fists. It ten proceeds to flail it around wildly, letting the southern belle dangle from the other end, at least until she chooses to let go.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    As Rogue lifts off and seems to make the decision for all of them, at least about their opening gambit, he can't help but smirk a little as he shakes his head. Sidelong he calls out in the direction of the others nearby, "I'll take a run at the hostages, hollar if you need me to bail you all out." Which does have a hint of wryness to it at that last.
    Then that said he breaks away from the group and beats feet out of the clearing and into the damaged flattened jungle, trying to make his way toward the base of the volcano and the platforms where those prisoners are being restrained. Ideally he'll make his path that way while Rogue takes on the Kong Guy so he angles to the side, not going straight in but trying to at least keep some hint of subtlety to his approach.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
It's attention is over on Rogue, which is fine by the standards of M. SHe would launch herself just a few seconds fter Rogue's attack on it as it goes to swing for the fences and is attempting to treat the southern belle like a baseball! M isn't remotely as fast or as strong as the toher woman.. Or as invulnerable. But, as Logan said, they still had the same weak points.
    So even while the giant angry gorilla god is going to swing and swat, it's arms raised with it's impromptu club, Monet is going to hit her max atmsopheric speed without needing time to build up her power, and is flying in! Fists extended in the classic style pose, going to aim towards the.. Lower part o fit's torso, while it's momentum was fully committed to the swing and it had little room to maneuver about..
    Then putting all of her strength to it, hopefully hitting the thing instead of going for the jaw, the stomach, the kidneys..
    M goes to aim herself at that space between the legs with all her full power as she goes for something out of the 'dirty tricks' fighting manual. Presuming if at all possible for her to hit it in the place where in another parable of pop culture a brilliant tactician facing another beast might speak out..
    'Wolfman's got nards!' even as Monet is going to make the thing hopefully not be in a position to make any more litlte monkeys to be spanked!

Logan Howlett has posed:
For a moment Logan just stands there, watching Rogue and Bobby charge into battle before the program was even started. A smirky grin touches his lips. That was so Rogue.

The primary attention seems to be on that gorilla, which makes the most sense, but hearing Jimmy head for the hostages instead of opting to immediately get into the fight, makes the man proud. At least one of his off spring wasn't blood thirsty.

Speaking of blood thirsty, the moment passes and Logan darts in toward the Gorilla. He's not all that worried about being noticed, given Rogue's swinging a tree at the thing, so he'll go for those points he spoke of. Shoulders first, trying to get the number of arms available for use lowered. Yes, that means climbing the beast, and perhaps using the adamantium claws to do that.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Sliding around the gorilla, Bobby is paying attention to two things - casual attention to the grasping hands to ensure none are near him, and focused attention on his feet. He spends a more moments watching where the gorilla is placing his feet to try to get a sense of his gait. And then as he begins to anticipate where the gorilla is going to step he sand blasts the area with a flat smooth sheet of ice, ensuring that there is just enough bears water on top of the surface to keep it slick.

The goal, of course, is to reduce the amount of distance Logan needs to spend ascending the enormous thing.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hangs on to the end of the palm tree now as the big Ape swings her around, her legs whipping right and left before she starts to crawl up the trunk, then stand and just fly toward the beasts' face! "Ya wanna do it fisticuffs-style? Fine then! I'm game!" She shouts at him, moving to latch on to the side of his head, then sweep around to get behind it where she'll just straddle his neck and start punching!

The classics are always good.

The southern gal just starts punching, and punching, and punching! Where's the rest of her team? She's not really sure, but they're not having to deal with this big fella without her help!

Scott Summers has posed:
To be sure the Gorilla King has the size and strength advantage, perhap even over Rogue. It is huge, absolutely massive. Getting hit by one of those paws would be an extremely bad idea and begins stepped on would be pretty much just as bad, those thunderous steps it takes dangerous indeed as it lurches away from the base of the volcano, intent on smashing all of these interlopers that are interfering with it's deserved sacrifices procured by it's much smaller servitors.

Of course there is always that old adage that the bigger they are the harder they fall. While individually they might not be able to come close to matching it's strength, sometimes there are advantages to presenting multiple, smaller targets. This would certainly be one of those occasions. The beast continues to whip that palm tree about at least until Rogue manages to crawl all the way up along that flailing length before making her way up to where she can wail against the back of her neck, provoking another bone shaking roar from the massive creaturem one of it's hands trying to reach up and rip her away leaving her to dodge fingers about three times the size of her while she gives the giant monkey a literal pain in the neck.

Of course if that wasn't enough there is Logan, quite literally climbing the gigantic ape with those claws. It might be able to ignore one or two jabs of adamantine, but more then that? It's going to feel it. And it begins to kick out with that leg, trying to dislodge the gnat tearing up it's leg.

And then there is M. Somethings are just not done, some tactics that just showed be outlawed, no matter what sort of enemy one is facing. As she flies up with that unerring approach, straight at the Gorilla King's twig and berries it gives no immediate reaction. But it does come swiftly in the end, the yowl of pain seeming to literally shake the ground, the jungle around them. For a moment it forgets about Rogue, forgets about Logan and those claws. It doubles over, that kicking leg planting down...

...Right onto the ice slick neatly prepared by Bobby. It's sheer weight, the size of that massive foot might normally make it all but impossible to take the beast off it's feet. But doubled over and off balance, in pain, as that foot comes down it shoots out from beneath him and the mighty ape begins to wobble unsteadily, keeling towards one side.

And then there is Jimmy. Dutifully trying to save the unfortunate, virtual castaways that are apart of the scenario. They cower and tug at those chains, trying futilely to free themselves from where they are bound to those stone pillars. A little caution in his approach is probably a smart thing -- though right at the moment it would seem that the rest of the team has the big, mean guard very distracted indeed. Still, as he nears the prisoners begin to call out to him. "Help, you have to help us! Get us free! Please!" they beg. Quite loudly. The attention might not be terribly welcome, even if it is understandable.

All around them the first of those flaming boulders begin to hit the ground, exploding like artillery shells, sending up sprays of debris. That volacno continues to pump huge clouds of ash into the increasingly dark sky, the rain of debris already starting to coat the ground in ash and cinder.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
With a brutal SU-FLANG Monet pulls up from her attack run and goes to whip around behind the gorilla, even as it's going to take a tumble. Her intent is to help the others keep the thing off balance, moving to try and slam up and through the air to go to slam up and over at high speed to go to loop about to build up more momentum.. Then she's going to boost in once more, going to try and get in a good kidney punch without quite as much force as the first attack, given that she didn't have as much room to build up speed and the thing was trying to fend her off!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The roar washes outward from the great beast and it's enough of a shockwave to cause the great trees and fallen palms to rustle with the wave of sound and ire. Enough that Jimmy has to take cover for a moment as he grimaces, senses overwhelmed albeit briefly as he shakes his head and scowls.
    A quick check is made up toward the beast, and suddenly it's falling...
    But thankfully not in his direction. If ever there's a moment, it's this one. Out of cover he breaks into a run and leaps onto the stone platform that holds those pillars up and holds up a hand as he approaches, trying to hush them. "Shhhh. Shaddap. Gimme a sec." Those words becoming more furtive as he draws near.
    There's a slow slide of metal slicing from between his knuckles as he winces, a hint of energy playing across the blades as he focuses and shakes his head. And when the louder prisoner calls out he says quickly. "Shut it."
    One chain is sliced clean in half as he frees one person...
    And then the world explodes as those boulders start to fall from the sky.

Logan Howlett has posed:
The shaking of the leg just makes Logan dig the claws in deeper to hold himself in place, taking moment when he could to move up the leg more. When the creature starts to go off balance and fall however, it's time for some quick movements around to the front of the leg and gain a little more ground going up the gorilla's body. If he falls, it will be backwards, so Logan should be in a safe location... if not, oh well.

Rogue has posed:
"Gettin' all grabby hands, when we haven't even shared our names with each othah! How typical!" Rogue says while dodging the meaty fingers that are trying to reach at her on the back of the Ape's neck!

She feels him stumble forward, then start to lose his balance, which has her adjusting her course of attack!

"Now this is what I call team work!" The Belle shouts while grabbing a big handful of Gorilla fur, and yanking him down toward the direction he's falling toward!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Sensing that the gorilla situation is more than capably addressed by his teammates, the Iceman redirects to build a long, wider than usual toboggan trail up towards the peak where the sacrifices are seeking escape from a hungry volcano. Offering a bit more exertion than usual, well aware that an ice slide may not be the more durable construct near an erupting volcano, Bobby makes it extra thick to try to increase its staying power in the face of the heat.

Scott Summers has posed:
For his part Scott Summers remains true to his word. While he might lead a lot of the training sessions seeing how they function without a central figure barking orders is apparently a part of the assignment on this day. So with no instructions the X-Man crouches near the treeline. He keeps his own gaze turned heavenward, tracking the falling debris -- some of which are car-sized flaming boulders of death. He seems to have a knack for predicting that rajectories of the myriad of plummetting objects, short, clipped blasts from his visior ringing out across the clearing only when one of those boulders appear to be on course for taking out one of his teammates.

They might not appreciate the shower of burning gravel that rains down on them when those optic beams smash the fiery rock to pieces. But it beats the alternative.

The off-balance Gorilla King stumbles through the clearing at the base of the volcano, some of those arms frantically wheeling, trying to help the beast maintain it's balance -- and providing something of a threat themselves to anyone that tries moving over it's left side. In the end it keeps itself from collapsing entirely when it drops to one knee -- the earth shaking again under that impact as the debris on the ground seems to jump a good foot into the air before falling back to earth once more.

"I WILL SUCK THE MARROW FROM YOUR BONES!" it rages, entirely unapologetic about getting handsy with Rogue, whipping it's head about as it tries to dislodge her persistent presence at the back of his neck, swatting at her like an overgrown mosquito -- a mosquito about to put him on his back.

For his part Logan might scramble to safety just in time, narrowly missing being pinned under that massive kneecap as it drops to the ground. With all the distractions going on around him, the feral mutant has managed to slip past the giant ape's attention, giving him free reign. Good for the Wolverine. Likely bad for the Gorilla King.

Despite the distractions that Rogues harassment might be providing, the giant monkey is understandably a little peeved with Monet. It still seems to be in more than a little pain from that lowest of low blows, but as she whips around, darting in to give that solid blow to it's kidneys, the trio of arms on that side of it's body reach for him, to grab her, or knock her out of the air -- or just return the favor to the painful attack that still sends little shudders through him.

As Jimmy rushes up onto that platform, as he begins to slice through those heavy, thick chains to free the prisoners they do take his warning to heart, quieting some, perhaps eyeing the nearby fight a little more warily now that rescue seems to be in their grasp. Of course as the ground heaves they are almost knocked off their feet entirely and left to dangle from their stone pillar prisoners.

Fortunately there is an Iceman on the way, perhaps with an escape route. The first rivulets of fiery magma begin to snake down from the peak about but the heat has not yet grown to the point to endanger Bobby's extra effort to make it thick and durable. But if the heat is not a danger to the ice ramp yet, those fiery boulders might smash through them at any time.

The rain of debris continues unabatted, continuing to present distractions to the X-Types, the shower of fiery rocks offering up new hazards to deal with.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Well, it seems to be after her, which leaves it open for the others to attack. Monet is going to try and fly around at high speed to play it evasive. It would go to lash out though when she was too slow, hand going to wrap around her with surprising strength! It was stronger than her when it had her in such a grip. Not strong enough to crush her, but to deny her the leverage to force her way free, arms pinned at her sides..
    "Let me go you damned dirty ape!"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Now that the prisoners are getting clear and falling quiet, Jimmy is all about efficiency and speed of movement. It becomes a mechanical thing, blades slicing the chains, freedom being granted with a snikt/slash over and over. Each time one of the prisoners is freed he gives a nod in the direction of the bay that was at least partially more safe and back near their shipwreck.
    "Move it, and move it quick." He says sharply. It's only once they're all beating feet that he pauses to look up at the tableau before him, the zorched boulders spattering around them with superheated gravel, and the ginormous monkey lashing out and slashing and cursing. For a moment there is that subtle twinge, the desire to go and put paid to the thing that was assaulting his friends. But with a shake of his head he scowls to himself, looking back to the prisoners still running.
    Decision made he moves to make sure those people get clear. If the fight is still raging when he gets back... then fine.

Logan Howlett has posed:
In the clear, Logan begins a series of deep, penetrating stabs to the gorilla king's chest, moving across the beast toward the top most shoulders. His claws may not be all that long, perhaps too short to reach vital organs, but each stab is accompanied by a twist to get the blood flowing. If he manages to reach the shoulders, here is where he truly goes to work. Driving claws in, he will literally attempt to 'surgically' dig in deep enough to render the arm of choice inoperable.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just keeps tugging on the fur until she can get that beast down, or at least held somewhat still while the others do their thing. She sees Bobby ice-skate his butt away and it makes her gasp!

"Bobby Drake, don't you abandon us to this big bastard!" But he's gone.

Huff, huff, huff!

Rogue flies up and away from the grabbing hand, just in time to see Logan doing his claw thing. It makes her pause in mid air... her left hand sweeping her hair out of her eyes.

"Jesus Larry Christ, that's a lotta blood..." She says, just before she ducks the hand again!
"Hey, now! I'm not that kinda gal!" The Belle shouts as she rushes at the Ape's nose and tries to punch it!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Dropping onto the platform with Jimmy, Bobby glances briefly back to the gorilla to see how the rest of the team are fairing before assessing the situation with the prisoners. "Looks like you've got this under control, but let me know if you need anything." Using the vantage point, Bobby joins Cyclops in providing cover as the eruption casts debris high up into the sky, alternating between deflecting it and just blasting it out of the sky.

Scott Summers has posed:
The ground rumbles with each new erruption, the tall, rocky peak spewing out more liquid magma, sending tonnes and tonnes of ash into the air to rain down on the full-blown combat taking place below. Every half minute or so the entirely clearing heaves violently, making it difficult for anyone on the ground to keep their feet. It is indeed as much a battle against nature, the environment as it is against the massive ape. But it is a lot harder to productively stab the ground into submission.

Of course things are not going terribly well for the Gorilla King. It seems to be moving a little slower, a little more sluggish through those flailing hands do manage to catch Monet, catching her in his grasp aand giving a loud roar. But the toll they have already exacted on the beast is apparent in the fact that it can't seem to muster up the strength to really put the squeeze on her. So apparently it will just try to pound her into the ground, that fist plummetting to squash her under hand.

The reason for that increasing weakness? It's a good bet that Logan deserves a fair share of the credit. No, the flesh and muscle of the ape is too thick for those adamantine claws to reach critical organs, but those stabbing slashes are opening up rivulets of blood that drip down, turning that furry chest into a virtual abattoir, dark hair glistening wetly. And Wolverine right in the middle of it, bringing down the opposition through sheer determination -- and a healthy dose of savagery.

The beast might be on one knee now, but it begins to wobble, even braced there like that. It's free hands swipe at Rogue, trying to knock her out of the air but have no luck and it extends itself just a little too much in the process. The southern belle sweeps in past it's defenses, that blow to it's nose rocking the giant ape's head back as it begins to tumble back -- right towards the platform, the fleeing sacrifices letting out new cries as the falling ape begins to tumble towards them.

A good thing that Jimmy works fast, isn't it? Those claws make quick work of even those heavy chains and in short order those captives are freed, hustling towards the ice slide that offers them a rapid escape -- and a means not to be knocked off their feet every few seconds by the tremors. The haste with which he works is likely to be even more appreciated as suddenly it isn't just falling boulders he will have to dodge. It is about twenty-five tonnes of falling ape too.

Dodging a falling giant monkey and flaming rocks would really be a little too much. So it's fortunate that Iceman has the team's back, those bursts of ice knocking falling debris off course, providing shelter to the rest of the team. It also puts Bobby in position to notice the shapes that seem to be plummeting out of the sky, not just falling but flying. With the ash and smoke and fire it is probably difficult to make out just what those shapes are, at least at first. Then a trio of lightning strikes rip into the ground all around the X-Men's resident cool customer.

Swooping out of the sky, more then a half dozen flying sharks appear out of the murk overhead. Each time those toothy maws open bolts of lightning flash from them, falling amongst the team.

The Sky Sharks have come for the feast.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Sidelong toward Bobby, Jimmy gives a quick nod, "Thanks man, I'll be back soon as I can." Though, to be fair, if they needed another claw guy they already have the best one rending that giant gorilla.
    Thankfully the captives got more of a headstart than him as he's breaking into a run. And running... and running. As suddenly the sky starts to get blotted out behind him. A quick glance over his shoulder and he's abruptly realizing that that's not an eclipse but a falling monkey monster.
    Taking note to not pull a Prometheus and keep running in one direction, Jimmy breaks to the side and as the critter falls nearish he /dives/ to get out of the way those last few feet. Hopefully far enough.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Struggling over as M is then lifted and smashed into the ground again and again. She's hammered and brutalized roughly over as the thing is smashing into her and leaving her hammered and hard. If this were 'real life' she would have most of the bone sin her body broken; she's invulnerable, but not 'Rogue to being tipsy' levels invulnerable. So all she can do is really lay flat now in pain as she would be unconscious and in 'reality' being carried off the battlefield on a stretcher.

Logan Howlett has posed:
With the gorilla going down, Logan gives up on the shoulder and literally scampers up the beast to the head, still using his claws to maintain a hold and avoid being thrown off. He doesn't seem to notice, or perhaps he just doesn't care, that he's covered in blood. There is a task at hand, protect the team, end the threat and that's all that matters... even if it's just a really detailed hologram.

If he makes it to the head his intent is to shove his claws directly into the eye sockets, and thus hopefully into the brain. End this once and for all, well this part of it, the volcano is still an issue but claws won't help with that.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is happy about her killer punch, she's grinning and watching the beast topple. "That's right. Fall down, ya big..." She pauses when she realizes where he is gonna fall. "Crap." The Belle says as she suddenly shoots past his right ear like a bullet out of a gun!

Landing beneath him, Rogue raises her arms up and tries her best to keep the big guy from smashing anyone beneath him!

"Where do you even get enough bananas t'sustain yoruself!?" She shouts while trying to do this!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Sky sharks. Not good. Bobby frowns a bit as he sees the arrival of the toothed beasts. He remains where he is on the platform for the moment, dodging the lightning bolts as best as he can, to ensure that the slide remains sturdy in the face of the heat. Using most of his effort to keep it from melting by constantly reinforcing the bottom. He calls out to his teammates engaged with the gorilla. "Jaws incoming!" As the last of the prisoners leaps free of the slide, he turns his attention back towards the sky sharks, doing his best to disrupt their flight patterns of approach by firing icicles at them.

Scott Summers has posed:
Well look at that. A little teamwork and there really is not a foe too big or too strong for them to take down. By the stated rules of engagement that Scott laid out at the beginning of the session this would definitely have to be considered a success. Or at least heading in that direction. They're not exactly clear of the danger presented by the errupting volcano, that's true but the Gorilla King is down and it doesn't look like he's getting back up.

So of course Cyclops has changed the rules. It would be rather unfair, but they all should know well that their enemies don't play by any sort of rules.

That huge head continues to plummet towards the platform, the thing just a boneless mass of sheer momentum after the hurting that has been put on the beast. It plummets, Jimmy runs. For a moment it looks like he won't make it, the shadow of the collapsing bulk seeming to swallow up the fleeing mutant.

Then Rogue is there, dropping to the earth rapidly to try and slow the momentum of that fall, to catch the creature's head before it can pulp Jimmy. And slow the momentum she does manage, though still for a moment it looks bleak. Then he is throwing himself free, just ahead of the impact and the southern belle is slipping out from under that hefty weight before it can collapse and pin her as well.

Thank you for Danger Room safeties. There wouldn't be much value in this sort of holographic training if the consequences for taking this kind of punishment were anywhere quite as intense as it would be in the real world. While Monet might definitely feel the effects of being slammed into the ground under that huge moneky's paw, she is only bruised instead of battered and beaten to a pulp. That's something. Indeed, it might be her pride that is more hurt then anything, knowing her. As the Gorilla King collapses, it's hand goes slack, freeing her from it's grasp.

The Gorilla King does not have any fight left and it does not even stir as the blood-soaked Wolverine approaches, those claws out. The last thing more then a few beings have ever seen. While flesh and muscle might be too thick to be pierced deep enough to truly inflict lethal injuries on the gigantic beast, it's eyes are quite another matter. One the other side of that skull, Jimmy rears up as well, message received from his father and in seconds it is over.

Team Logan 1, Gorilla King 0.

The Gorilla King was a massive beast, but with that size also came the fact that it was an easy target. The Sky Sharks prove much more elusive. As they sweep down, straffing the ground with teir lightning blasts the icicles hurled by Bobby at least break up their approach, forcing them to veer away from him before they can desend and eat him. It also gives him some respite from those electrical discharges.

Of course others are not so fortuante as a trio plunge towards Rogue, snapping jaws belching out great electric bolts towards her. Another pair swoop down towards the seemingly helpless target of Monet. A quick and easy meal is apparently appreciated by these predators. Another trio moves toward Logan, intent on making a meal out of him while the remaining flying sharks simply descend on the now deceased Gorilla King, beginning to feast on his remains as they enter a feeding frenzy.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would be mostly crippled here if the thing were treating this realistically. So she's in pain but not agonized or passing out. But she's still wlel out of the fight, clothing ruined, and rather humiliatingly taken out of it as the one who got one and done by the maraudering mean monkey machine!

Logan Howlett has posed:
The Wolverine's work is never done. Barely finished with the king, he spins to slash claws at the incoming sharks with his right hand, left hand aims to shove through the top of the head on another. Brain were required to function, and Logan was pretty good at removing them. In a zombie apocalypse, he'd be king if of brain spearing.

"I got these three," he comments, even as the third bites into him. Sure, that hurt, shark attacks out of the water being not much different than those in the water, but that didn't stop him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had not seen the flying sharks coming back. She'd had all eyes on the big Ape, and then on the ground he was falling on to. So while holding his head up, is when she catches sight of what's coming. She'd been staring at Monet's location, but then a big bad shark appears, and fires electricity at her!

"Ahhh!" The Belle shouts before jumping backward and dropping the monkey's head to shield her from the blast!

"Not these things again... Didn't they eat Gambit?" She asks nobody as she just shoots up in to the air, right in tot he path of one!

CHOMP! She's eaten whole by a shark!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Spotting Monet's somewhat vulnerable state and the trio of rapidly ascending sky sharks, the Iceman runs and takes a leap off the platform. "Monet, get the hail out of there!" he yells as he starts hurling giant chunks of ice down at the sky sharks. No hope of catching them with only the acceleration of gravity pulling him down, but hopefully the forward blast of the ice will be enough to disrupt their pursuit of his injured teammate. Or his called warning may convince her to seek shelter. He continues as he free falls down towards the ground, focused on driving them away from her.

Scott Summers has posed:
From his vantage point, Scott continues to take the whole simulation in, watching as if plays out, unfolds, only occasionally intervening himself. Apparently the simulation has been programmed not to treat him as a hostile unless he directly intervenes because despite the raking lightning that falls in amongst the others, despite the falling debris, the boulders and ash -- that blanket the clearing, he's left untouched. Untouched, but not uninvolved as he files all those mental notes away for later assessment.

It would appear that Monet is not in any great shape to protect herself from the descending Sky Sharks. And while no lasting harm would likely result to the haughty mutant, it would definitely be a strike against when Scott inevitably gives them a debriefing on the mission. But then Bobby is there, putting those icy powers to go use, providing shelter and barriers to those descending, ravenous predators. Those jaws snap at the downed woman and they get mouthfuls of ice for their troubles. It definitely saves Monet from further abuse at the hands -- or mouths -- of the island's predators. But now that pair of flying sharks are swooping towards Bobby.

The Sky Sharks might be the apex predators in this particular simulation, but they've never come up against Logan before. Powerful jaws snap at the feral mutant and razor sharp teeth burrow into his skin painfully. But if anyone can take a beating to lay out a hurting it is him and those adamatine claws make swift work of one of his attackers, sending the others into a frenzy.

And then there is Rogue. Caught by surprise, it is rather shocking to watch as she is simply devoured in one bite, vanishing from view. Chances are that it will not prove good for the shark in question but rfor now it veers down, going to feed on the deceased gorilla as well.

The liquid magma begins to flood down the steep slope with greater spead, and oncoming rolling mass of flaming death that eats everything it's path. It begins to roll over the stone platform, the first wisps reaching the corpse of the massive gorilla, that thick hair beginning to smolder.

"It may be time to think ab out beating a strategtic retreat," Scott calls out mildly. "Although the Sky Sharks might find you all more appetizing if you're somewhat broiled I suppose," he muses with just a hint of a smile on his features.

Logan Howlett has posed:
One shark down, Logan takes a moment to access the situation with the others around him, even as he is using his claws to aim for a second sharks brain. The frenzy the two go into makes them mindless killing machines, there only intent to attack and feed, which works in Logan's favor over all. It means they will come right in to him to be stabbed in the brains.

"Time to de-ass the area with the quickness people," he calls out, watching Rogue disappear /into/ a shark. That... that was certainly something, but the shark would be regretting that in a moment.

Once the two left are down, he bolts down the gorilla toward Monet, prepared to scoop her up onto her feet, stab a shark if needed, whatever it took to get the 'escape the lava' part of the plan going.

Rogue has posed:
The Shark that ate Rogue starts chomping on the big Ape's body, for several moments before it pauses... it stops moving, and then starts to undulate! It starts heaving and coughing until it vomits everything it had just eaten right back out on to the sand!

No Rogue though...

And then a fist bursts through its stomach!

Oh there she is.

A second fist comes through the stomach and then rips the beast's belly wide open as she suddenly gasps and flies out of the hole she just ripped inside the creature.

"You filthy bastard!" The Belle shouts once outside, now even more tattered in clothing, and all grossly wet and stuff.

She just kicks the shark's body, sending it tumbling away toward the brilliant blue sea!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Knowing that the sharks are circling back around to come at him, the Iceman twists in mid air to fall down backwards, giving him a better ability to line up his shots. First one, and then another, he fires a large icicle at the descending sharks. Cool as a cucumber, when he is actually aiming he is a pretty good shot. As the ground rapidly rises up behind him he throws down a cushion of snow beneath. Although he still lands with a bit of a thud, the weight is well distributed by the padding, and he is able to hop up quickly, looking to Logan as he races towards them.

Then, of course, Rogue explodes from the shark, capturing his attention. He flashes a grin to her. "Sure turned him into chum!"

Scott Summers has posed:
The earth heaves and roils and they still have a goodly hike through the jjungle ahead of them, perhaps chased by the lava flow that is moving just a little too fast. Realistic physics have evidently been suspended for the sake of a good show. Of course Rogue is probably in good shape, and perhaps Bobby can help the others expedite their own escape.

Speaking of Rogue, there is her startling -- and rather messy -- return to the scene as she literally bursts out of the Sky Shark. It is a little gross, a big mess, and isn't exactly doing her look any great favors, looking rather like someone decided to dump a chum bucket over her head. But once they are out of here there is always the clear, warm ocean waters and all of her purloined rum to make things all better.

While Bobby has done a great job of supporting the team, helping to knock the giant gorilla of balance, or safeguarding them from falling debris, the Sky Sharks get a first hand taste of just how dangerous ice can be when used properly. Frozen water it might bem but sharpened into those icicles, well, the two Sky Sharks that pursue him end up neatly skewered and out of commission.

Those near Logan fare no better and in short order those indestructible claws have made short work of the beasts, freeing him up to scoop up Monet just moments before that rolling lava flow covers the same ground she was laying on just moments before.

Standing at the treeline, Scott waves, motioning for the rest of the ground to continue their retreat. "Alright, back to the base camp. I think you've done just about everything you can over here."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is slowly getting back up and moving to let out a low, low groan of pain (mostly of the indignity of it all) as she would carried along by Logan "I will be going for a spa treatment after this." Which means no one will be seeing her for a week while she would hide in the best salons in the world and coerce/bribe/intimidate everyone to give her their sole, obsessive focus for pampering. And needing rescue as well! She would not stand for this!
    But she couldn't stand now could she. And.. Well.. He was a shirtless man and once you got past the hideous smell (which they had volcanos for thanksfully) he wasn't bad looking..

Logan Howlett has posed:
When it comes to running from flowing lava, Logan does not need to be told twice, in fact Scott's comment of 'done just about everything over here' makes the Wolverine smirk. Later, comment later. Carry Monet and run like a bat out of hell now, snark at Scott later.

There is one blaring issue with Logan's running away from lava for home base... he hadn't been a part of this scenario and had no idea where the home base was, so for now he'll avoid the lava and check to see the direction everyone else is going.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands in the sand on bare feet. Her white skirt is now in tatters with the red sash she had been wearing around her waist also reduced to little more than a bandana around her hips. Her leather bodice has tears in it revealing some of the white dress beneath, and some bits of skin across her stomach and side, and back. The belled sleeves that used to flow around her wrists are now entirely gone in uneven distribution across her right and left arms, up to the off-shoulder top of the dress. The leather harness still has straps going up and over her shoulders to tie behind her neck with a metal clasp.

Her hair is a mess, and her hands are running through it as she smiles brightly at Bobby, then she looks to Scott and the others.

"Never a moment's peace..." She says with a healthy sigh before she leans forward, like she's about to face plant in the bean, but instead shoots forward and flies after Logan and Monet!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Certainly, it would seem that the rewards of a good Danger Room session are a view of Rogue at its conclusion. Bobby seems momentarily distracted, and who wouldn't be, as Rogue pours on the charm of her smile, and then he shakes himself out of it. "Alright, melting time." He turns to follow the group, lacking the ability to fly, and for the moment simply running, not trusting the exercise to be done enough to waste any effort on his ice sled for depature.

Scott Summers has posed:
It is possible that Scott is cheating again -- just a little. While he is certainly not above making the team do a little extra work, hiking through a humid, tropical jungle while outrunning a lava flow and any other surviving Sky Sharks is apparently not on the agenda today. Though the next time he wants to push their stamina a little bit it might be another matter. Instead the group practically flies through the jungle, avoiding any repercussions from the followers for the Gorilla King. It seems like it just takes them mere minutes to reach the edge of the treeline and the beach beyond. The two mile trot back to the remains of their wrecked ship also seems to race by and in short order they stand amidst their fellow -- holographic -- castaways, bonfires raging and the supply of rum flowing freely.

"Some interesting tactics there," the visored man says drily as he walks up the beach. "I would suggest making a habit of being eaten to rip your way out from the inside of your foes," he says drily, shooting a look towards Rogue. "And if you're not feeling a bit better shortly make sure you report to the infirmary Monet. "That was a bit of a beating you took," he adds, expression growing a little more serious. "You debriefing packets will be in your rooms later to review. All in all a pretty decent showing," he says, starting to turn towards the shattered remains of the pirate ship. "I'll leave the program running for anyone who's hanging out for a bit," he adds with a glance back over his shoulder.

Apparently that does not include him however as a moment later doors slide open, revealling the halls of the underground portion of Xavier's. There are debriefs to write afterall, and video recordings to slice together. That's way more fun then any holographic beach party!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would be taken along by Logan until they were right over at the edge of the field, when she can move again, "Thank you very much for the timely rescue." He -was- rather beefy after all. Maybe if they shaved him some to make him more presentable? Would he clean up nicely?
    M would lean in to if Logan didn't shove her away and run screaming from it try and give him a quick peck on the cheek.
    ~My hero~

Logan Howlett has posed:
Once they reach safety, Logan gets Monet down. He hadn't even noticed that his shirt was missing, there wasn't time to worry about that sort of thing. As Scott gives his ending comments, a part of the man wants to flip the guy off, but he's doing his 'job'... the debrief packet would likely give the Wolverine a good laugh.

Because he was focused on Scott, there was no attempt to escape Monet. Her scent was already permeating everything around him, since he had just been carrying her. The peck on the cheek however causes one brow to lift and his blue eyes shift to look at her.

"All part of the team work," he offers, though the gruff edge that would normally inhabit his words isn't there. "Glad I could help."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue comes in for a landing, her bare feet extending out and slamming down in the sand, causing a little tidal wave of grains to go flying around her feet, and outward in front of her. She stands there with her back straight, and a crisp salute given to Scott. "I like t'think on my feet, Sir!" She says, mocking military... but doing it very ... accurately. She remains like that for a few seconds, her dress and hair flowing in the beachy winds.

Then, without saying anything else, she drops her salute when one of the Holo-Pirates brings her a mug of a drink. "oooh. Thank ya sugah." She says, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Because they're not real people. She can touch them!

Then, she goes to sit down and sip the nice beverage.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Content to walk this one off, Bobby sighs quietly and nods to the rest of the team. "That was a good one," he murmurs to himself, as he rolls his arm around in his shoulder.