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  The Star Spangled Kid  
Courtney Whitmore (Scenesys ID: 1533)
Name: Courtney Whitmore
Superalias: The Star Spangled Kid
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: College Freshman/Hero
Citizenship: American
Residence: Apartment in Brooklyn
Education: High School
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 20 Oct 2001 Played By Brec Bassinger
Height: 5'2" Weight: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: BeatniKid
Theme Song: "Mmmbop" by Hanson

Character Info


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Courtney is not the first Star Spangled Kid. The first existed in the old JSA in the 1940's-50's, and was a well-known young hero. After the JSA disbanded he popped up here and there, but mainly vanished along with the rest of them. Courtney now wearshis cosmic belt and costume. A known hero in the midwest, she's now moved to NYC to attend college!


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2001: Born in Beverly Hills to Sam Kurtis and Barbara Whitmore. Her dad was a deadbeat, and they divorced when she was still a child. Courtney held out strong hopes that her 'real dad' would return and be a great guy, but she was constantly dissapointed.

2001-2015: She grows up in Beverly Hills. She excels in gymnastics and kickboxing, and has a pretty nice teen life. Her mom ends up marrying Pat Dugan, and everything kind of falls apart for Courtney after that. Unbeknownst to his new wife and step-daughter, he is a former 1940's superhero sidekick, kicked forward in time. He is tracking down old villains to get revenge on murdered JSA companions. He moves them to Blue Valley, Nebraska, where villains abound in hiding.

2015: She goes through Pat's things and discovers the truth, including the former Star Spangled Kid's costume and belt. She alters the costume and wears it to the Patriotic Spirit Dance at her school to piss off Pat, but the dance is attacked by brainwashed students seeking to kidnap more students for experiments. She ends up fighting them off, along with the help of her step-dad (Wearing a huge robotic suit named S.T.R.I.P.E.).

2015-2020: She ends up clinging to the role, and becomes the new Star Spangled Kid. She helps rid the town of villains and stops an alien invasion, along with many other capers. She gains some fame, along with her 'sidekick' S.T.R.I.P.E. Now, much to his annoyance, she's taken a gymnastics scholarship to NYU, where she plans on getting a degree in American History. He is mad she is so far away, so he's begun pulling on other, old friend heroes to keep an eye on her.

IC Journal

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Come on, she's a teenager. She can be dramatic and feel like her world is falling apart. Nobody has been through what she's been through, and nobody understands. However, this also comes with the kind of zeal and passion older folks cannot really seem to muster. She pushes herself, and she has her whole life ahead of her. Anything is possible, right?

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Courtney is almost an olympic level gymnast, even without the belt. She is able to do some very incredible flips and tumbling, and she can work this into parkour and similar skillsets.

She started taking kickboxing lessons as a kid in Beverly Hills, and was trained by a professional stunt coordinator in Hollywood. Since then she's been upgraded with the help of a few passing heroic mentors. She is a very skilled kickboxer, and even without her belt she is more then able to handle the average goon, and even able to go up against some more dangerous foes.

Teen Skills:
She has all the average skills you would expect a member of Gen Z to have. She knows pop culture (Current AND some vintage, because fun), all of the slang and lingo, habits and culture. She can clue the older heroes in a bit, or more likely use it all to aggravate the hell out of them. If it's something an average Zoomer might know, she probably does, too.


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Courtney has a small apartment on the top floor of an old apartment building in Brooklyn. She takes the subway to NYU every day. She pays for it with money from home and her scholarship for now, but will eventually want to get a part-time job. The apartment is very small, but it's home. It has access to the roof garden, and her neighbors are all (mostly) friendly hipster kids around her age or a bit older. It's not bad at all.

Cosmic Converter Belt:
Her powers come from the belt that she wears with her costume. It once belonged to the former Star Spangled Kid, though it granted different powers to him then it does to her. Without the belt being worn she has no powers, and is a normal, if very athletic girl.

The belt gathers starlight, or cosmic energy, to fuel its powers. If locked away from starlight for a long period of time the powers weaken, though it recharges fairly fast if brought back into starlight. It also gains a slower amount during the day...since the stars are still there.

Enhanced Strength: She can lift up to 10 tons. She can punch through solid steel and send baddies flying.

Enhanced Agility: She can almost dodge bullets! She is incredibly fast, and is able to outrun a speeding car, but not a train. This also enhances her already incredible grace and dexterity, giving her the ability to do truly breathtaking flips and twirls and such.

Enhanced Durability: The belt offers up a micro-thin, invisible forcefield. It can take high caliber bullets at medium range, and absorbs most punches and kicks and stabs. More powerful hits can wear it down fast.

Enhanced Stamina: While wearing the belt she can go up to 48 hours of continued exertion before she gets tired.

Shooting Stars: She can project these colorful stars from her body (That resemble cartoonish, drawn stars). They can disrupt electrical devices and nervous systems. This would cause people to go numb or become confused or sick or similar.

Aura Connection: The belt melds with its chosen wearer. Other people have a much harder time using the belt. It has chosen her as its new wearer, granting her access to the abilities. If someone else had it and spent some time, they could attune it as well, but it would be rough going until managed.

The Star Spangled Kid is a legacy name, which belonged to a classic hero a long time back. She's had the name since she was fifteen, and has done quite a bit in the last 3 years. She is mainly known for heroics throughout the Midwest, due to being based out of Nebraska. She has stopped crimes, defeated villains and saved lives. Blue Valley High has a 'HOME OF THE STAR SPANGLED KID' signs, even though nobody really knows who she is. People suspect a few different girls. She is well-known among folks who pay attention to heroics or hero culture, but doesn't compare to the Big Names.

The original JSA may be gone, but the heroes that are still around tend to look out for the new Star Spangled Kid. She's beginning to feel an obligation to start up a new version of the organization, too, but we'll see if she has it in her.

Rocket Racer:
Her step-dad rebuilt the original Star Rocket Racer into a newer car. The cherry red 1955 Chevy Bel Air is more then it seems. For one, it doesn't need gas. It runs on electricity, but sounds and works like a diesel. The battery will last for years. The car itself is heavily armored, and both the hull and the 'glass' can take high-caliber firepower with only scuffs. The tires can reinflate if popped. In addition, it has a number of abilities, such as:

Flying: It can pick up and take to the air with jets and wings. It can fly at about 100 mph while like this.

Submersible: It can be airtight and propel through the water like a submarine, taking insane amounts of pressure and depth.

Traps: It can drop oil slicks, shrapnel to pop tires, and release smoke to blind followers.

Her stepdad is Jay is Pat Dugan. Pat is old-school heroics, and was once the sidekick Stripesy. These days he is S.T.R.I.P.E., riding inside a large mech. He worked beside her back in Blue Valley, Nebraska...and is pretty mad she chose to go to college so far from home. He keeps an eye on her when he can via various technologies, or favors called in from friends. So, it isn't unusual for some of the older heroes to look in on her or try and lend her assistance...even if she chafes at it.


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She has defeated a number of baddies in the past. There are a few of them who would adore putting her in the ground, or at least ruining her life! Also, carrying a legacy name means bringing in legacy villains to it.

Without the belt on she is a very normal girl who is very allergic to being shot in the face.

Her step-dad cares...but he is also a strict and overprotective jerk (In her mind). He tends to butt in when she doesn't want him to, and now he's even pestering his old buddies and other heroes to check up on her! Rude!

She's a legal adult, but still pretty young. She has all the usual hormones and issues someone her age would carry around with them, and it tends to cause all sorts of comic-book level drama.



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Courtney Whitmore has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Fair Day In Central Park March 3rd, 2021 The first truly spring-like day of the year and a small fair in Central Park are enough to draw a large crowd.
Welcome Star Spangled Kid. March 1st, 2021 Bart and Wally get to know Courtney. They have a casual conversation and manage to get her back to her hotel room in time for curfew.
White Eyes, Bakeneko September 18th, 2020 Courtney and Sarah meet Katsumi and try to reassure and destress her. It doesn't go well.
Star-Struck August 29th, 2020 Courtney confronts Bikers terrorizing a small business.
Stars and Shades August 8th, 2020 A superheroics history student and a man who's lived it meet in a diner at midnight.
New School, New Life... June 9th, 2020 Strangers meet and lives are discussed.


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Courtney Whitmore has 6 finished logs.

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