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  Black Knight  
Dane Whitman (Scenesys ID: 931)
Name: Dane Whitman
Superalias: Black Knight
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Human
Occupation: Engineer, Crusader
Citizenship: Dual USA/UK
Residence: New York City
Education: MS in Electrical Engineering, MIT
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 15 Aug 1989 Played By Kit Hairington
Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, is the bearer of a proud and heroic lineage and a deadly curse. Nevertheless, he fights tirelessly to protect the world from menaces both mystical and mundane.


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* 1989 - Born in the Northeastern US
* 2004 - Dane's parents are killed in an auto. His uncle Nathan Garrett becomes his guardian. Garrett strongly encourages Dane's scientific pursuits.
* 2007 - Dane enters MIT.
* 2010 - A gifted student, Dane graduates early with a degree in Electrical Engineering.
* 2012 - Dane earns his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering.
* 2012 - Dane is accepted into an internship at Stark Technologies, and later becomes a permanent employee.
* 2013 - Dane begins design work on photonic weapon systems.
* 2014 - Dane completes preliminary work on his photonic weapon systems, just in time for Stark Industries to get out of the weapons business. Dane loses his job.
* 2015 - "The Black Knight" appears, battling Iron Man on several occasions. Unknown to Dane, "The Black Knight" is none other than his uncle Nathan Garett. Dane drifts between jobs.
* 2017 - A final confrontation between Iron Man and "The Black Knight" results in Nathan Garett being mortally wounded. Dying, he manages to contact Dane, and reveals he is descended from a Knight of the Round Table, Sir Percy of Scandia. Garett urges Dane to follow a better path, repenting his own with his dying breaths. Dane promises Nathan he will try.
* 2018 - Dane travels to Garett Castle, which he has inherited from his uncle. While exploring it, he finds the Brazier of Truth. He lights it, and summons the spirit of the original Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia. Dane proves worthy of drawing the Ebony Blade. However, sensing that his descendant lacks many of the skills necessary to fulfill that role, Sir Percy's spirit projects Dane's own soul back through time, to the Crusades.
* 1289-1298 AD Dane occupies the body of his own ancestor, Sir Eobard Garrington. Dane spends 10 years fighting not in the Crusades and battling various superhuman and magical menaces before being slain by Morgan le Fay.
* 2019 - Dane returns to his proper time and body, retaining the skills and knowledge of his journey. Now fully empowered as the Black Knight, he gains the ability to summon a magical steed named Strider and his weapon and armor at will.
* 2020 - Having become aware of and battled the blood curse of the Ebony Blade as Eobard, Dane builds his photonic sword and shield to serve as an alternative to the powerful but cursed weapon. With that complete, he starts playing hero as The Black Knight.

IC Journal

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Demons trying to invade Queens? Dragons sighted over Nebraska? A clan of Vampires taking up residence in your suburb? Interdimensional time-travelling conqueror threatening to blow up major cities? No problem sir/ma'am, Dane is on it. While Dane can still occasionally be struck by how weird some of the stuff he encounters is, he has no real fear of any of it. Maybe facing pseudo-death countless times in the Crusades just kinda broke his fear-o-meter, but regardless, Dane isn't so much one of those "of course I'm afraid I just overcome it" heroes so much as a "I don't get too afraid" type. He's far more likely to fear for others than to give any care for himself or the danger he might be in.

Dane was a scientist before he was a warrior, and he still retains a great deal of the intellectual curiosity that drove him to that field. He loves to spend his spare time researching and experimenting, trying to figure out how things work, and using that knowledge to make things work better. He's really quite a nerd in that regard, and can sometimes seem a bit overenthusiastic about his science and tech-related hobbies. On the plus side, he's always willing to put his scientific expertise (or expertise in general) to work for a good cause.

Dane very much is a "never say die" kind of person. He can be beaten, tortured, injured, exhausted, and otherwise raked over the coals, and he'll still get up and try to keep fighting the good fight. He might be absolutely miserable doing it, but he'll still do it, because it's the right thing to do. Because someone has to. Because the bad guy needs to be stopped. Whatever the reason, it's hard to dissuade Dane from doing what he thinks needs to be done.

All told Dane is a pretty impressive guy, but he tends towards self-deprecation and a little bit of underrating himself in comparison to others. He never tends to think he "knows it all" or that he's the "best" that will ever be at any given thing. He always feels like there's something more he might learn or some other way he might improve himself, and he tries to find them at every opportunity. Not so much a drive for some unattainable idea of "perfection" so much as knowing that the moment you stop learning is the moment you die, and there's almost always someone better out there (and if there isn't you have to keep working hard to keep it that way).

Dane is very much the type of person that gives more of himself than might strictly be necessary. While he has no death wish, he is certainly self-sacrificing, and even being the bearer of the Ebony Blade is a weight that he feels he must bear so that no one else might suffer it. He tends to always put the needs and desires of others before his own, sometimes to an unhealthy degree. Heck, he even sometimes hesitates to summon his mystical flying warhorse because he doesn't want it to get hurt.

Dane has, to his mind, spent the last 10 years as a warrior, fighting in a war. This tends to give one a very casual outlook about killing. While Dane is well aware of the different values of the modern day, and he does make considerable effort to be a "good" hero and not cross that line (particularly in light of the Ebony Blade's curse), he can, in fact, rationalize his way into crossing it a fair bit easier than many other heroes. He's no Punisher (even if the Ebony Blade practically begs him to be), but sometimes the bad guys really are bad enough that Dane might deem it necessary. It usually takes a long list of VERY black deeds, but while he's up for second chances, he's a lot less inclined to give third and fourth and fifth....

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Physique:
While Dane's physique is not beyond human capability, and he still trains regularly, he actually doesn't need to to maintain it. He remains at the physical capability of an extremely fit man in the prime of his life, and while he ages normally, he will retain that physical capability so long as he remains the Black Knight and does not succumb completely to the curse of the Ebony Blade. He is more resistant to toxins, drugs, and disease due to his fitness, but not immune.

Illusion Sense:
Dane can see past magical illusions and disguises. He can identify them immediately (something just looks "off" about them to him) and by concentrating a bit can see past them to what hides beneath or beyond. Even the deceptions of supremely powerful magic users cannot fool him. However, it should be noted this strictly applies to magic-based illusions. Psionic-based illusions and suggestions and such can still work normally against him, as can sensory illusions generated by technology or other mundane means.

Limited Immortality:
The Ebony Blade protects it's bearer from death while it is in contact with them. However, it is a very strict prohibition: It stops him from dying...it does NOT necessarily stop him from being injured, sickened, or otherwise incapacitated. It also only is in effect while Dane is in contact with the sword, though carrying it sheathed on his person does qualify. Still, if disarmed or otherwise separated from the blade he can be dealt a mortal wound. The sword cannot revive him if he dies while separated from it, nor will it heal mortal injury if it was inflicted in a moment of vulnerability. But it will keep him alive even if every bone in his body is broken and he's incapable of moving under his own power, as long as the sword remains in contact. In such specific cases, it will also grant him a degree of regeneration that will get him back to "barely functional" in an hour or so. A very long, painful hour. Also, it should be noted that this power only works against damage from external physical sources. Poison, asphyxiation, drowning, etc... can all kill him just like normal folks, even with the sword in hand.

Dane can summon his armor, The Ebony Blade, and Strider to him effectively instantaneously (allowing him to shift between civilian and costumed mode in a moment). He can choose whether to summon these items in any combination. Technically the enchantment is three separate ones, one for each item. The enchantment linking Dane to the Ebony Blade is effectively unbreakable, but the other two could be disrupted by powerful enough magic users. The summoning for the Ebony Blade does not function if the blade is within sight. Merlin didn't like entirely lazy knights, apparently.

Dane has an exceptionally strong will, which has led him to be one of only two Black Knights to resist the blood curse of the Ebony Blade. He'd probably make a pretty decent Green Lantern, and it gives him both a limited resistance to mental interference and a "never give up" attitude. But mostly it protects him from that curse, though sadly it does not make him completely immune.


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Dane has a very strong knack for engineering (his first major field of study). While he doesn't have quite the inventor's streak of folks like Tony Stark, he is quite comfortable working with the highest levels of (Earthly) technology, and can build, modify and repair such technology with relative ease (especially if he has a blueprint). He has even managed to invent one truly wondrous piece of technology himself (His photonic blade), a feat made even more remarkable given he did it after having spent a half-decade fighting in the medieval crusades. He's even capable of applying the principles of genetic engineering (again, as long as he's got a blueprint). Basically, he can be in the same lab with guys like Tony Stark and Hank Pym and mostly keep up when they're "talking shop" even if he might not have much to contribute himself.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
While absolutely a master swordsman, Dane is also highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, albeit not to as great a degree. He's a couple tiers below the truly amazing unarmed fighters, but more than skilled enough to handle even largeish groups of mooks or your average street toughs. It's not really any truly formal martial art, but rather a rough and tumble sort of brawling and grappling borne of his experiences and training during his time in the Crusades.

Dane has a good grounding in History, with a particular emphasis on medieval European history and the history of the Crusades (the latter because he lived through ten years of them). This also includes a significant amount of knowledge of Arthurian Lore, though that latter skill is augmented by his access to Sir Percy's spirit (see resources). In any case, he's probably on par with dedicated scholars in this field, though not necessarily the ones that are the top of their field.

In keeping with the rest of his Knightly skills, Dane is a superb horseman, able to train and command horses with ease. He is also quite familiar with and adept at utilizing weapons from horseback, including lances and is very adept at the sport of jousting. Dane takes this to an entirely different level, however, as he is also highly trained and experienced in utilizing a flying mount. While it helps that he has a link to his magical steed (and it protects him from environmental dangers), it still requires a great deal of skill to navigate and maneuver in the air on horseback, and Dane is capable of engaging in combat with flyers and giving them a run for their money...while on horseback.

Dane has led men in battle, up to the level of entire armies, during his time occupying the body of Eobar Garrington. He has a good mind for tactics and strategy and knows how to motivate and inspire those he leads. He's not likely to teach much to Captain America or Cyclops of the X-Men but he'd be a very able back-up leader in a pinch, and with a little more experience in the modern day might be able to step up to being a primary leader without too much difficulty.

Magical Lore:
Dane has amassed considerable knowledge of magic and items and creatures related to it. While he cannot work magic directly, he can recognize signs of it, knows various types of magical monsters and entities on sight, and has a particular expertise in knowledge of various magical armaments and how they work, which has evolved from his extensive study of the Ebony Blade itself. Like many of his other skills, Dane may not be the best, but he can stand in the same room as some of the best and not feel lost, with the exception of his knowledge of magic weapons, which may indeed be the most comprehensive in the world.

Melee Combat:
While the Sword is by far his best weapon, Dane is also highly skilled in other "knightly" weapons such as maces, lances, and flails, as well as in the use of a shield in tandem with his sword. He's had plenty of experience fighting in the crusades, and by the time he returned to the present day was regarded as one of the greatest warriors of the age.

Dane has a strong degree of scientific skill, primarily focused on physics (including quantum physics), but he's not a slouch with biology and chemistry, either. In any case he is good at applying scientific methods and principles to investigations, and has even had some considerable success using science to study magic (in particular the composition and workings of the Ebony Blade). He's no Reed Richards, but he could probably carry on a conversation with him without seeming completely incompetent by comparison.

Dane is one of the best swordsmen on the planet, and is capable of holding his own against and even overcoming top-tier combatants, particularly with the Ebony Blade in hand. He is particularly adept at turning his blade to use the flat against his enemies, so as to lessen the likelihood of spilling their blood, as well as being quick enough to often deflect energy beams directed at him or cut projectiles out of the air. While Dane is particularly dangerous with the Ebony Blade both due to its' extraordinary abilities and his own familiarity with it, he is still a master swordsman with virtually any manner of long blade in his hands, most certainly including his "Photonic blade."


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The Armor of the Black Knight provides an additional layer of protection to Dane, though it's enchantments are minimal compared to the Ebony Blade. It is lightweight and barely hinders his movements, while protecting him from temperatures up to and including normal fire, as well as arctic cold (though extremes beyond either can cause damage and discomfort). It is largely impervious to normal melee weaponry and the chest piece and pauldrons can deflect high- caliber bullets while the "soft" portions are roughly akin to Kevlar (though much like a mundane "bulletproof vest" the impact will likely still bowl Dane over or otherwise hinder him, so he tries to avoid getting shot). Dane also has a degree of control over the appearance of the Armor, though it changes only when initially summoned, not while he's wearing it. When not being worn, the armor usually waits in a special case in Garrett Castle, but Dane can summon it from anywhere (see Powers).

Ebony Blade:
Forged by Merlin himself in the days of Camelot, the Ebony Blade is one of the most potent magical weapons on Earth. Forged from a unique meteoric metal, the blade is black as midnight, and utterly indestructible by anything short of massively powered cosmic entities and the like. It is also effectively immune to further enchantment or being affected by other magic-based effects. Razor sharp, it can cut through any substance, though it is limited by the strength of it's wielder (For example, Dane can cut through steel and the like with relative ease, but he cannot cut adamantium or enchanted Uru, because he lacks the strength to overcome its' durability, but put the sword in the hands of say, Thor or Hercules and it may well be able to cut through such things with effort). It also displays greater destructive power against things of magic, to include magical force-fields, enchanted beasts, magical constructs, and well...pretty much anyone or anything that's got a good bit of magic in it, including deities and the like. The Ebony Blade's anti-magic effect is strong enough that even at normal (if peak) human strength, he can harm high-powered Asgardians and others that normally have a high degree of invulnerability IF it stems from magic (or they have a special vulnerability to magic).
The Ebony Blade can also absorb, disrupt, deflect, and/or even "cut" energy fields of both magic and mundane varieties. It tends to cleave through force-fields and the like with relative ease, and it can absorb or deflect energy blasts and fields, with no upper limit on the absorption that Dane has yet found, though presumably high-end cosmic forces would be able to bypass or overcome it. Of course, for this ability to work Dane does have to interpose the weapon between himself and the energy blast, or bring it into contact with the energy field or source. Which is to say it doesn't make him immune to energy blasts. While the blade glows brightly when it has absorbed energy, it does not expel the absorbed energy.

Garrett Estate:
Dane inherited a sizable estate from his Uncle Nathan Garrett. Most notably this includes Garrett Castle, an actual English castle that was transported brick-by-brick to the shores of the Potomac River in the late 1800's. The castle contains secret chambers that hold the Brazier of Truth, where he can summon the spirit of Sir Percy of Scandia, and that hold his armor and the Ebony Blade when not in use. It has been renovated to bring it up to modern standards (electrical and plumbing, as well as heating/AC), but Dane rarely lives there, though he does frequently visit. He has been slowly working to turn the Castle into a museum dedicated to his ancestors, the previous Black Knights throughout history. Along with the Castle and surrounding property, the estate included a fairly sizable fortune. Not enough to make Dane a high roller like Tony Stark, but it's enough that he can own a nice condo in Manhattan and doesn't really need a day job to pay the bills and keep the lights on at both his properties, and as long as he doesn't go crazy with huge expenditures it could easily last him the rest of his life with plenty to spare for the next generation...if there's a next generation.

Photonic Sword and Shield:
Based of Dane's old designs, his photonic sword and shield are what he uses in lieu of the Ebony Blade, particularly against non-magical foes. The blade is a roughly meter-long contained beam of charged photons. It can be set to both nonlethal and lethal settings. On it's nonlethal setting it works as a neural disruptor, with a single strike usually being enough to render a normal human foe unconscious, and even tougher foes can be felled with repeated strikes (especially as they tend to get slower/disoriented with each strike). On it's lethal setting it's basically a lightsaber. Additionally, the photon field can be coalesced around his hand, instead, allowing him to punch with a degree of force that can stun or occasionally even KO foes with even significantly superhuman physiques (The Photonic Shield can do the same). Dane's photonic shield typically projects a photon field roughly the size and shape of a kite shield. This "hard light" field provides strong defense against energy blasts, projectiles, and even physical strikes. It is all the more impressive for the fact that it can absorb at least a bit of the energy directed against it to keep itself powered. It can be overloaded with sufficiently powerful attacks, however. The photon shield can be expanded into a "bubble" about two meters in diameter, enough to protect Dane and up to three other people. It can also be shaped into different styles and sizes of shields. It should be noted that Dane's photonic weaponry is not included in his summoning enchantment...but they ARE small and easily concealed (particularly the photonic shield, which is basically just a wristband), so he often carries them in his civilian guise.

Strider is a magical winged horse that Dane can summon from the mystic Isle of Avalon. It is far more durable than a normal horse (and heals a great deal faster than them from harm), and is capable of flying at supersonic speeds (Up to about Mach 1.5) as well as operating in hostile environments (to include underwater, and possibly even in space, though Dane's never put it to the test). Strider shares a telempathic link with Dane when present, and can respond to his commands with no verbal or physical cues, allowing them to act and react almost as a single entity. Strider also magically protects his rider (and any passengers) from the effects of the environment, meaning they can breathe normally and survive the pressures of the deep if underwater, or don't suffer from lack of oxygen at high altitudes, or threaten to get blown off when traveling at high speeds, etc... However the protection is lost if Dane (or his passenger) is knocked from his horse (though in Dane's case Strider may be able to recover him before permanent harm is done). Strider does not seem to be fully sentient but is more intelligent than a normal horse, able to follow fairly complex commands and instructions though a good bit of that is due to the link between rider and steed.


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Blood Curse:
The Ebony Blade was forged in a time where bluntly, life was more brutal. It is a sword that wants to be used as a sword is: To slay the enemies of its wielder. While not "intelligent" per se the sword can incite bloodlust in its' wielder and the more blood it sheds the more powerful that urge gets, until it drives the wielder mad with battle-rage, turning them into berserker that will seek out battle and death until they meet their own, though thankfully the blade does not thirst for the blood of innocents, only enemies. Still, this curse has been the death of all the preceding Black Knights save Sir Percy himself. While Dane is resistant to the curse thanks to his exceptional willpower, he is not immune. He must be wary of using the Ebony Blade despite its' great power, and even more so of using it to take human lives despite it subtly urging him to do so. It should be noted that "human" is a bit of a key word there. Self-aware automatons, sentient magical creatures such as demons, vampires, and lycanthropes, and even aliens do not actually trigger the curse. Humans, mutants, altered humans, "divine" races like Asgardians, Eternals, Inhumans, Deviants, and others more closely related to humanity (and not magical in nature) all do, however. Oh, one other thing: The Curse also makes sure that Dane cannot willingly rid himself of the Ebony Blade on a permanent basis, nor can he willingly destroy it.

Coveted Item:
The Ebony Blade is known in certain circles to be one of the most potent magical weapons on Earth, as well as an immensely powerful magic focus in general. As such...there are constantly people trying to steal it for their own purposes. While Dane's ability to summon the blade often limits or completely stymies such attempts, he's not immune to deception: A convincing fake could fool him if swapped for the real thing, though it would require a powerful magic user in their own right to make one. Additionally, Dane often avoids using the Ebony Blade, for fear of empowering its curse, which means it can lay dormant for weeks in Garrett Castle and Dane might not realize it's missing right away. In any case, it's at a minimum a pesky inconvenience that Dane often has to deal with people trying to steal his sword. At worst it could be downright fatal to him.

Dane spent 10 years fighting in the Crusades, at least by his experience if not physical presence. So he has a tendency to mutter in Middle English and occasionally displays other odd anachronisms in behavior, or very oddly specific knowledge about certain historical events, or references that are about 750 years out of date. It's not socially crippling or anything and generally he's readjusted fairly well to being in the present day again, but it can be a little off-putting and make others question his mental stability. A lot of people think he's a way bigger history nerd than he actually is, if nothing else.

Starmetal Dagger:
There's one other item on Earth made of the same stuff as the Ebony Blade, and it is a dagger (Re)forged by Mordred the Evil. This is relevant because it is the one weapon that can bypass the limited immortality granted by the Ebony Blade and outright kill Dane. Making it all the worse that Dane has no idea of its' whereabouts, particularly given that it is only slightly less coveted than the Ebony Blade itself.



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So, About Those Nazis... May 12th, 2020 Nazis frame Quake, Dane and Jane decide to find the truth. Stupid Nazis.
Not Quite A Bed & Breakfast May 11th, 2020 Dane Whitman returns to the waking world after the battle with the Shadow Creature in Metropolis.
The Bells: Whispers in the Dark May 10th, 2020 SHIELD agents and Asgardians attack the Shadow consuming Metropolis: and work to return it to prison.
Never A Dull Moment.... May 10th, 2020 Dane Whitman and Jane Foster settle in for a quiet evening that ends with a most ominous interruption.
The Bells: Artifacts of Hell's Gate May 9th, 2020 A number of heroes fight shadow-spawned creatures, and learn a thing or two about their behavior... and taste in weapons.
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
Meet the Carter May 8th, 2020 Peggy wakes up. Peggy learns about Steve. Peggy sleeps.
Peggy Carter Chapter 2: Science Bugaloo May 5th, 2020 Peggy is no longer a popsicle. She's just a genetic child of Dane, Jane, Bobbi, and Jemma.
Science is About to Happen! May 5th, 2020 Peggy Carter, melting popsicle. There's SCIENCE to the rescue!
Moving Up and Moving In May 2nd, 2020 Newly-minted SHIELD Agent Dane Whitman gets his official...cubicle. But at least the conversation is good!
Hans, We're In Amerika! April 30th, 2020 A Nazi rally featuring actual Nazis earns limited sympathy from SHIELD, aka, the Nazi-scum-defeating agency.
SHIELD: Hans! Ve Can Vin Ze War! April 30th, 2020 Nazis take hostages, and SHIELD responds with punching, biting, and ICING. Dignity and foot chases through subways optional.
SHIELD: For Whom The Bells Toll April 28th, 2020 SHIELD considers how to hunt and disrupt monsters.
Sat'rday, Rainy Sat'rday April 25th, 2020 Running through breakfast! Talking about SHIELD stuff. So normal before the storm.
Sensing the Shadow: SHIELD field operatives are setting up sensors in Metropolis April 23rd, 2020 SHIELD team set up audio, UV, infrared, laser, seismic, radiation et el sensors all over Queensland Park and up the streets to the north in the hopes of catching the shadow invaders in the act. The biggest issue raised in the briefing was a lack of knowledge about these creatures. Now it's up to the data crunchers and fate.
Yeti Spaghetti! April 21st, 2020 Aww, lovebirds.
Silent Night (SHIELD) April 21st, 2020 Superman meets with a mix of Avengers and SHIELD agents to discuss the shadow monster expanding out of Metropolis.
Lazy Daisy, Sunday Funday April 19th, 2020 Shop til you drop for pasta sauce!
Practice Makes Perfectly Problematic April 16th, 2020 Shooting is fun! Vicious shooting of kneecaps!
Casefiles: Something Bizarre at the Bazaar April 16th, 2020 SHIELD raids an arms bazaar, and find they are the most bizarre things there, well except for exploding AIM tech and a bunch of kidsicles with powers.
Agents After Hours April 12th, 2020 Dane and Daniel discuss life the universe and women. It turns out everything is coming up roses after all.
At My Aunt's House April 12th, 2020 Breakfast! Drinking stories!
When the Music Ends, the Stars Come Out April 10th, 2020 Following a concert at the Cloisters, an unabashedly romantic interlude. Also introducing Strider the totally awesome flying horse wingman!
The Dark Knight of the Soles April 9th, 2020 Of illuminations of past and present.
Well That's Ominous April 7th, 2020 Numbers and ideas and swords, oh my!
Stars Aligned April 6th, 2020 Eee! Fancy plane!
Just A Typical Friday Night April 4th, 2020 Just another Friday night for Dane Whitman. Oh and he gets a recruitment pitch from one Phil Coulson.
Coffee Talk April 4th, 2020 Dane Whitman runs into Morrigan MacIntyre at the local Cafe. Coffee and Conversation ensues.
Happy Harbor: Science Fair April 1st, 2020 Happy Harbor's science fair goes off without a bang...or wait...several bangs!
Calling In A Siege Expert March 24th, 2020 Lara Croft and Dane Whitman examine the Siege Perilous, and consult someone with firsthand experience....
This here is a sword. March 21st, 2020 Dane and Alexander meet and discuss future plans.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
Some Alarming News, A Proposal, and a Surprise March 18th, 2020 Dane Whitman and Morrigan MacIntyre sort out a variety of school matters.
Introductions and A Side Project March 17th, 2020 New teacher Dane Whitman is introduced to Samuel Morgan, his very unusual side project, and most importantly Bear the Dog. Guest starring Morrigan MacIntyre and Daniel Hastings!
Coney Island Murderworld March 17th, 2020 An eccletic group of heroes save Zatanna from the latest version of Arcade's 'Murderworld'.
Happy Happy: More Interviews! March 14th, 2020 Morrigan interviews Dane Whitman for a position at the school and learns some interesting things!


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