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  Harvey Dent  
Harvey Dent (Scenesys ID: 662)
Name: Harvey Dent
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: D.A. of Gotham
Citizenship: American
Residence: Brownstone, Gotham City
Education: Gotham University, MA in Law
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 14 Dec 1983 Played By Joseph Gordon Levitt
Height: 6' Weight: 182 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The Golden Boy of Gotham. Some people say this as a compliment, and others say it as an insult. Either way, Harvey Dent is a polarizing figure. A homegrown Gotham boy who attended Harvard Law, then turned down a ton of opportunities to be a county prosecutor in his hometown, Harvey helped put a lot of bad people away. He was notoriously unafraid to go after corrupt politicians, cops and even the most connected criminals and supervillains. He really shook the city up, and pushed for a cleaner, safer Gotham. Recently, backed by some influential supporters, Harvey made a bid for D.A. Much to everyone's shock, he unseated the well connected, corrupt D.A., Loeb. Now he is the youngest D.A. in Gotham history, and looking to make some changes.


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Dec 14, 1983: Harvey is born in a very bad part of Gotham. His mother is a victim of abuse and practically a hostage of Harv's abusive, alcoholic, gambling-addict father.

1983-2001: Harvey has a very bad, abusive childhood. It is so, so bad that he represses much of it, and it leads to a lot of issues he deals with by medicating. He graduates from Nixon High in Gotham, and gets approved for a ton of loans to attend Harvard Law. He does.

2001-2006: Harvey earns his Masters in Criminal Justice along with his law degree. He has tons of offers around the country to be a lawyer, but he returns to Gotham. He becomes a city prosecutor.

2006-2019: Harvey makes a name for himself as a prosecutor, going after the most horrible people in the city. He is one of the only people unafraid to go after corrupt cops and politicians, along with supervillains and the big organized and lower-level criminal groups. He gains quite the rep, but also has a lot of enemies. There are several attempts on his life.

2020: Harvey, with the aid of several influential supporters, runs for District Attorney of Gotham. He wins, much to many peoples shock, and unseats the notoriously corrupt but influential D.A., B. Loeb.

IC Journal

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It's hard to keep Harvey down. If you push him he tends to push back. If tied up and tortured, he might eventually break, but he could hold his cool for much, much, much longer then most normal people. He is able to resist temptation and keep going.

The world CAN be changed. It can be made better. Harvey believes this, and he believes it SO fully that people tend to believe in him. His attitude is infectious. He isn't stupid or naive, but he believes this can be made better. We simply have to MAKE them better.

Harvey had a terrible childhood, and those issues still rest in the back of his mind. During very stressful situations he might have issues with anger, or lack of sleep. He is a workaholic, and he can go far too long without eating or sleeping, and those things build up.

Character Sheet


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Harvey is a pretty skilled boxer. He has won some amateur boxing championships, and he practices a lot to keep himself in good shape.

He's no expert sniper, but he can fire a handgun under duress. He has been in life and death situations in the past, and he tends to be able to hit his target when in them.

Dent knows Gotham. He knows its history, and its people. He knows local celebrities and clubs and bars. He knows what neighborhoods house which gangs, and which gangs have which politicians in their pockets. Proving this knowledge is something else, though. (And there are always those who surprise him...)

Harvey knows the law. He knows the ins and outs of various statutes and past cases, as well as how to try cases, find evidence and properly document it, etc. He was a very successful city prosecutor before he became DA, and he has a Masters in Criminal Justice from Harvard Law. He could have gone anywhere with that degree, but he came home.


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District Attorney:
Harvey is the youngest DA in Gotham history. Generally, the duties of a district attorney are to manage the prosecutor's office, investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and file criminal charges or bringing evidence before the Grand Jury. He is the highest individual when it comes to these sorts of things in the city, with only the State Attorney General being above him. He can make calls to help, and if he really wants to he can push cases, or shut down cases, and do all sorts of things to make people's lives easy, or hell. It comes with a ton of responsibility, of course. And a target.

He owns a brownstone in an up and coming neighborhood in Gotham. When he bought it just out of college it was a pretty rundown neighborhood. Over the years, though, the area has become more gentrified. There is a new indie movie theater, some nice cafes and restaurants, etc. The hipsters and indie folks flock to it...and he rather enjoys it all, in fact.

He owns two registered revolvers, and a registered shotgun. One revolver is stashed under the desk in his office, while the other revolver and the shotgun are back at his home.


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He has pissed off a lot of people in his career. He spent time trying to root out corruption in Gotham, and that tends to piss people off. Numerous politicians, cops and criminals (Though, to be fair the previous ones tend to be BE criminals) want him dead or ruined.

Harvey is one hundred percent human. He feels stress like a human, take damage like a human, and dies like a human. In a world of supermen this is a weakness.

Public Figure:
Harvey is a well-known face in Gotham City, and possibly among people in other cities who pay attention to things like the politics of law/crime in a place like Gotham. He is the Golden Boy of Gotham, and a lot of people love him, and a lot of people hate him. Regardless, it is hard for him to go under the radar in a lot of places in Gotham. His face was all over bus sides, billboards, etc during his election, afterall. He won't be mobbed in the street like some celebrity, but he's recognizable.

Harvey takes medication to handle a mental illness he has struggled with since he was a child. He began suffering mental illness due to the trauma of a very, very abusive father. His condition is not public knowledge, or even known by those close to him. While he gets his medication and the condition does not worsen (Perhaps due to some severe trauma) it is completely invisible.



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Harvey Dent has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Night For Sushi April 6th, 2021 Viola heads to Gotham for dinner at Gotham's premiere sushi restaurant with Harvey.
Lucky With Lost And Found March 24th, 2021 Harvey Dent loses his phone at a party, stopping back and finding the item has been found by the cleaning crew.
Law Enforcement Convention March 16th, 2021 The National Law Enforcement Convention kicks off in Gotham City, with Commissioner Gordon doing the introduction, and Bruce Wayne speaking as corporate sponsor of the event.
A Night At The Theater March 5th, 2021 Harvey Dent, Valeria Richards, and Piotr Rasputin and Kitty Pryde all end up at the Avengers show on Broadway, and bump into one another during intermission.
Catching Some Peace And Quiet April 1st, 2020 Harvey and Summer plan a getaway.
First Meetings March 12th, 2020 A lovely first date is had. Lives and work are discussed.
Coffee Calms My Nerves March 3rd, 2020 No description


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Harvey Dent has 7 finished logs.

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