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Group Description: No one would ever call them "The Bat Family" to their face. But there's no better term for the collection of adoptees, loved ones, and even former rivals who fill out the ranks of Gotham's guardians. Every one of them a master of disguise and intrigue; past masters of arts both martial and intellectual. Criminals and villains alike fear few things more than the knowledge that one of the Bats is watching them.

Recent History:


  • 2017: Following the death of the second Robin, and after a conversation with Dick, Bruce allows Tim Drake to become the third Robin.
  • 2015: Jason Todd was horrifically beaten and killed by The Joker. This incident causes Batman to spiral into a more violent role.
  • 2013: While on patrol, Batman witnesses a young man attempting to steal the hubcaps off of the Batmobile. The young man, named Jason Todd, becomes the second Robin.
  • 2012: A tidal wave hits the eastern Seaboard of the New York/New Jersey area. Gotham City is effectively cut off from the rest of the United States, in a time that eventually became to be known as 'No Man's Land'.
  • 2011: Tragedy first hits the bat-group, as The Joker attacks Barbara Gordon, injuring her spine and rendering her unable to walk. Jim Gordon is tortured and attempts are made to break him psychologically.
  • 2010: Dick Grayson retires from the role of Robin. Leaving to work with the Titans full time as Nightwing.
  • 2009: Batman and Robin gain another teammate in the fight against crime: Batgirl.
  • 2007: Reports of The Batman fighting crimes with a young sidekick named Robin surface. The Dynamic Duo is formed.
  • 2006: Bruce Wayne gains a ward by the name of Richard 'Dick' Grayson, of the Flying Graysons.
  • 2005: The first credible sighting of the Bat-Man is recounted to the Gotham Gazette.
  • 1992: Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered in a staged mugging by The Winter Soldier while leaving the Monarch Theatre. Bruce is left in the care of his guardian: Alfred Pennyworth.
  • 1980: Born to Martha and Thomas Wayne.