Jackson Mathias

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  Luck Bender  
Jackson Mathias (Scenesys ID: 1969)
Name: Jackson Marty Mathias
Superalias: Luck Bender
Gender: male
Species: Human
Occupation: Street mage/Con Artist
Citizenship: USA
Residence: On the road again
Education: none
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 04 Jul 1998 Played By Clinton Moxam
Height: 6'3 Weight: 110
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Silver
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Luck_Bender
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tFXIy7OWos

Character Info


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A con-artist, a slight of hand artist. Always one step ahead, but three steps back in the land of wealth. Never been arrested, but always on the run. Magic of luck and fate, able to help you have a better or worse day, superhero by accident.


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1998: Jackson Marty Mathias, Born to riverboat gambler; his mother died in childbirth.

1998-2011: His father dragged him all over the south from poker game, blackjack, always seeking the next big score. When his father placed his son down on the table at 13 years old, to a traveling man. That man was called the Gamblers' King, looking for the next person to take on the title.

2011: So, as he wins young Jackson Marty Mathias in the game, taking him from his father and into his own home. Teaching him the ways of the grift, the cards, the method of getting by with your wits. The house was a crumbling old southern house, in ill repair, due to a lack of funding. But they always had enough to make ends meet, but never to better themselves, but he never lost a game of cards, or chance or a con. The money just seemed to vanish into the air.

2012: Wins his first high stakes Poker Game.

2013: First long con, without help.

2014-2016: Is able to escape from the King of Gamblers, to explore the country. Working his skills, getting from Louisiana all the way to New York City, and then over to LA.

2016: He feels something odd, failing a game of chance, that he normally would have won easily, and then gets arrested by the cops right after. His Father, the king of the gamblers, shows up to collect him and bring him back home.

2017-2019 True training strats, making sure he is sharp as a whip.

2019: When he turned 21, he was allowed to find out why the King Of Gamblers had long ago made a deal with a trickster, a spirit called Malntrhanis; the deal was to win and to gain great luck. But the cost that he agreed was to have no chance holding on to said winnings, pleasure and fortune of the now, but nothing for the morrow. The deal was made, the title passed on, allowing the old king of the gamblers to finally die, and rest his tired old bones.

IC Journal

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Step 1 of any good plan, on the other side of the law, is to not get found. Step 2 is, if found, never leave proof. Step 3: Just don't get in trouble, that is it. This was the motto forced into his head from birth, to be quick, to be fast, to do it right the first time in the con, or the cards' art. Nothing is more cunning than a man with nothing to lose than a man trained in the art of never losing.

Never backing down, for if you can't do it, don't agree to do it. Jackson is the type to rush forward once his mind is made up, never allowing anything to stop him. Forces of nature have turned course before this young man has, but this is not a blessing. It's a curse of a long string of wrong moves.

I got my lucky cat's paw, and I throw that salt over my shoulder. Got to keep bad luck at bay, baby. When you're whole way of working, your magic ruins your day, brings about bad luck. You will not risk more of it; you will make sure people around know about each bad luck item or deed they are doing right now!

Character Sheet


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Jackson can read the future; in a few ways, his typical ways are a deck of playing cards or the bones he keeps around his neck in a leather pouch. But in a pinch, he can use that person's blood, or tea leaves, and if he really needs to his own blood. He can see as far as he needs or wants, but it takes 2 minutes to peer ahead or for each day backward.

Fate Bending:
Some cultures believe threads of Fate connect people, such as a man and woman who are destined to marry. More subtle threads might connect those who will fight for their lives, become close friends, or otherwise interact in significant ways. Jackson can read the threads of Fate only when they cross in explosive emotions or patterns that significantly impact someone's life. He can make changes, tweak the outcome but not the event itself, more favorably towards goals that need to happen. He can change the minor events easily enough in this fated event, but to change major stuff takes significant effort, making his bad luck meter skyrocket. No-one can detect the changes given it is happening to Fate's thread, unless they can watch the threads themselves.

He can't do this in the moment; he has to do it by going into a trance, focusing on the event coming, or the event in the past. Good luck might take the form of coincidences, like noticing something that could have gone unnoticed, having a timely distraction, an object at hand when it is most useful. Bad luck could take forms such as malfunctions that work against the recipient, poor timing for a gust of wind or a passing car to happen, or even just losing one's footing at an inopportune moment.

Luck Change:
By throwing his hand forward and softly chanting to himself. He can either improve or decrease someone's fortune. If he makes it worse, he can take into himself the good luck that is burned out. If he does terrible luck, they are given part of his good luck.


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Jackson has worked all sorts of little con's over the years, from three-man big jobs to small one-man shell games. In the planer's role, he usually is doing the talking, the showing off the hand, the lead point man. His best cons are generally games of chance, rigged against the other's, or a simple well laid out word choices to keep people distracted while the pickpocket or the real heavy lifters are at work.

He is a well-practiced trained driver for smuggling and a long hauls across the country. Mostly trained on country back roads through the USA, as a young man, he always seems to know how to get undetected by the police if other forces can find them, well that is due to their skill. But most mundane law enforcement don't know the back routes, and the back roads he takes to across the country, deliver goods, or hide from a con.

Raised by two gamblers for life, first his father and then the crowned king of the gamblers. There is not a game of chance that Jackson has not been forced to master. His skill in bluffing around a table, or the right strategy to win a game of change for the most immense payoff is unheard of in one his age.

Hotwiring a car is second nature to Jackson at this point in his life. He has never had enough to have a vehicle to get from Point A to Point Z; he can't get around without wheels. Still, without gas money or title, it's hard to do it too. Trained mostly on his own, and some with the King of Gamblers' help, he was shown how to steal most cars and get away quietly.

Knife Throwing:
Knife throwing is a skill best learned at a young age; lucky enough, Jackson was blessed to know it from his father. It was a hobby, a way to impress the rubes, never anything for combat. Still, he enjoys it, and sometimes he uses it to smash out lights with his pinpoint accurate throwing. Still, it is not something he uses in a fight too risky, too much evidence left behind.

Magic Potential:
Given the time with the Gambler King and his connection to Malntrhanis tied to him to help him cast his spells. His soul is now open to learn magic over time, but right now, he has no teacher, no real way of learning anything new.

Sleight of Hand:
Moving items without getting noticed, moving things from pockets, and minor street magic. But with him, he has practiced it like one, does to get a Ph.D. Jackson is a master of the wiggle, the throw distraction, everything about the art of illusion, sleight, hidden movement. His hands move quicker than the average eye can watch, for whatever he picks to use this skill for.


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Bag of Bones:
A leather pouch that hangs around his neck packed with animal bones carved in the old ways. Each one is marked with a little rune, deeply carved into it, meaning something to Jackson's touch. It is one way he can focus his magic, into reading the future or going into a trance.

A normal deck of black playing cards, each one is purple writing on the card. With these, cards Jackson can play with someone's luck; by drawing a card watching them, he can use it to influence someone else's good or bad luck, thus drawing the other effect into himself.

Lucky Rabbit Foot:
This rabbit's foot is linked to Jackson's luck well; if it is pure white, he is filled with good fortune; if it is black and burned looking, he is bad luck.

As Jackson uses his magic, it changes color right away, so quickly, it is easy to read the amount of luck he has drawn in or lost. It hangs from the loop of his belt; even if it is stolen or lost, it always founds it's way back to him by the end of the day.


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In the wake of losing his son in a game of chance, his father found religion and became a new man. He is now a fire and brimstone preacher trying to covert his devil-worshiping sinner of a son. He has a congregation that is also rabidly anti-gambling and would love nothing more than seeing their preacher's son brought back to the flock. While conversion is their hope, their overzealousness could lead to harming people or worse in their attempts to sway him.

If he stays in one place that he owns in his name too long, it will suffer as the luck gets sucked out of the very floorboards. The building itself will quickly suffer and being to fail in any number of creative ways that are not fun for someone living there. This will happen if he stays in one home more than a few days.

Luck Well:
Jackson's magic is based on his own personal luck well; it is ever-changing based on the use of his powers. It does not reset until he either siphons out good luck from someone or if a horrible event falls on him, causing much strife and bad luck. The rabbit's foot is the only way Jackson can tell how far in either direction he is drifting based on its color.

No Money:
The lack of funds is not due to bad planning or lousy scheming. No, it is another part of the magic spirit curse that is bound to his soul. Even if he was to lock his money up in a vault, or even in a digital space or a bank, it would be gone precisely three days after he gets it. Making him have to work all over again, on a new project or scheme or gamble, to make it back.



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Jackson Mathias has 12 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Planting Roots October 6th, 2020 The universe has decided some Girl Scouts in a park need some extra help, so some helpers arrive to do helpy things.
A Jewel Heist! October 5th, 2020 And so The Penguin has escaped! But little does he knowthe tracker placed on him by Spoiler or the card he unluckily left! The heroes have a clue to where he'll be next! What is happening at Haverford's Freezer Warehouse? What did The Penguin Mean by turning Gotham into a glacier? Find out next time!
A Normal Night Like Any Other September 30th, 2020 A showing of Casablanca on the big scene and one of Jackson's magic tricks. A biker gang is foreshadowing of later troubles.
Dinner with a side of mystic September 25th, 2020 Jackson meets a vampire!
New Home, New issues September 24th, 2020 Home again for the first time for Jackson. He gets his first vistor, one Kitty Pryde.
Bad Luck Darling September 21st, 2020 Bad luck, leading to a new life for Luck Bender, in the hands of Psylocke.
How Do You Do, That Voodoo, You Do So Well September 20th, 2020 Kitty bumps into Jackson, who she saw perform magic in the park, and tries to worm the secret of a trick out of him.
An unwlecome investigator... September 20th, 2020 Spiral driven off, Jackson's diary stolen, Psylocke stops the cyborgs!
Abracadabra And- Hey Where's My Wallet! September 19th, 2020 Street magician Jackson entertains while some kids begin pick pocketing the crowd. Hot dogs were eaten and a Turtle made an appearance.
Body Shop Lifting September 19th, 2020 The Body Shop is almost back in business!
Deals in the dark September 18th, 2020 Meeting to make a deal, coming to a long term agreement.
The Word on the Street September 18th, 2020 Spidey meets a street magician and foils a crime...but are they connected?


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Jackson Mathias has 12 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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