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  Ghost Rider  
Johnny Blaze (Scenesys ID: 1239)
Name: Johnny Blaze
Superalias: Ghost Rider
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Demon
Occupation: Spirit of Vengeance
Citizenship: American
Residence: Mobile
Education: Dropout
Theme: ()
Apparent Age: 45 Actual Age: 45
Date of Birth 07 Oct 1974 Played By Johnny Depp
Height: 6'2" Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Ghost Rider" by Henry Rollins/"Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold

Character Info


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Johnny Blaze is a famous stunt rider and the proprietor of Quentin Travelling Circus. Now he roams the streets, reburdened with a curse from his youth, as he has once again taken up the mantle of the Ghost Rider. The Rider strikes fear in the hearts of the wicked, a terrifying spectre with a burning skull riding a hellfire motorcycle and hoping to crush them beneath its wheels.


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* 1974: Johnny Blaze is born, his mother dying in childbirth, leaving him in the custody of his father and Quentin's Travelling Circus.
* 1990: Johnny's penchant for motorcycles and his fearless nature gets him to star work doing stunt shows with the circus, joining his father's daredevil act.
* 1992: Johnny's father grows sickly and ill with cancer. Guided by occult forces, Johnny agrees to sell his soul to the demon Mephisto in exchange for his father's health. Mephisto cures Johnny's father only days before the old man is killed in a stunt accident. Johnny, enraged, has to stick with his deal and serve Mephisto in the role of the Ghost Rider, his soul bonded with the demon Zarathos.
* 1999: After years of hunting the damned on behalf of a literal devil, Johnny finds a way to break his curse and free himself of Zarathos. He returns to the Quentin circus, becoming a popular attraction with his stunt shows and serving as a paternal figure and leader. His attraction to the uncanny keeps leading him into adventures, though, whether he likes it or not.
* 2002: Johnny marries, a relationship that results in two sons.
* 2010: Johnny hears rumors of a Ghost Rider and, while pursuing it, ends up nearly dying and, in the process, enchanting his shotgun with the ability to shoot hellfire, making it an incredible weapon.
* 2015: In order to prevent an apocalypse, Johnny is forced to once again bond himself with Zarathos, resuming his role as Ghost Rider. He separates from his family for their own protection and takes to the road to hunt the wicked and fight Mephisto's plans.
* 2020: Johnny still roams, city to city, drawn to the weird and the dark and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

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Johnny's a daredevil, a master of death-defiance. He has been incredibly prone to taking risks since his early teens. He doesn't flinch in the face of impossible odds and is always going to put his body on the line for what he believes in. This can lead him to being reckless and impulsive, but, to his credit, it's mostly paid off.

Johnny doesn't like being told what to do. He has lived outside the system, off the grid, for most of his life. He identifies with the counterculture and is more likely to flip off a cop than fight by their side. Even though he's getting older, he's still just as much an iconoclast as he always was.

Johnny doesn't hold together as much as he makes it seem. He can be mercurial, short-tempered, selfish. He's not a natural hero by any stretch of the imagination. He's been thrust into this role almost against his will and he doesn't always do it with style or grace.

The Ghost Rider is a literal Spirit of Vengeance. Zarathos is constantly consumed with a hunger for the pain and suffering of those who have sinned. The darker the sins, the greater his hunger. Those who stain the world with innocent blood arouse in him a savage and unrelenting hatred, causing him to stalk them uncontrollably and never be satisfied until he has fed from their fear.

Johnny's been fighting this fight for most of his adult life. He's tired. He's jaded and unhappy about his lot in life. He doesn't show it much, mostly swallows it down, but part of him is quite bitter about things. Of course, he only really has himself to blame.

Character Sheet


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Ghost Rider:
Johnny Blaze possesses the ability to become the Ghost Rider, a manifestation of the demon Zarathos and one of the legendary Spirits of Vengeance. The Ghost Rider has its own consciousness, personality, values and memories, although it partially shares those with Johnny and vice versa. Once transformed, Ghost Rider appears to be a leather-clad skeleton, with pinpoints of crimson in the depths of his eyes, his skeletal body wreathed in an aura of hellfire. He is eternally consumed by this fire, constantly feeding from some point within him, filling him up so that he seems to have a full body in spite of his skeletal appearance, a strange mingling of constantly burning flesh inside his costume. The Ghost Rider has no need for breath, food or rest, capable of sustaining pursuit for days, even weeks without stopping, making him a terrifying presence on one's trail. He's immune to any forms of poisoning or toxic materials, like gas or radioactive waste. Transforming into the Rider also transforms his motorcycle (or any vehicle he's currently using) into an appropriate steed, the wheels turning to flame and the entire device taking on a demonic appearance. Johnny may transform into Ghost Rider at will, although Ghost Rider can also force his way out in a battle of wills. Johnny will also transform automatically into the Rider in the presence of freshly spilled blood or pure evil.

Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate, control and blast a form of supernatural energy commonly referred to as Hellfire. Having the same appearance as true fire, Hellfire literally burns the souls of things it touches, causing physical harm and damage to them at the spiritual level. The result is immense amounts of pain, hallucinations and potential permanent damage to their mind and sanity. The hellfire also causes physical damage, burning the target's flesh, although Hellfire consumes a body much more slowly, intended as it is to punish eternally rather than consume. Hellfire does not affect inanimate objects or anything/anyone that does not have a soul, although it always looks scary as hell.

Ghost Rider's skull is infamously wreathed in flame, but the body in the leathers consists of a mingling of demonic meat and hellfire, a substance known as hellflesh. Rider's body is incredibly resistant to damage, able to take superhumanly strong blows, to stop speeding cars dead when they hit him and to hold together after falling from the top of a twenty story building. If he is damaged, Rider's body will regenerate at a rapid rate, the hellfire itself rebuilding him, even if he's blown literally to pieces. The more damaged he is, the longer it takes, but he once recovered from being blown into literal pieces in less than ten minutes. Permanent ways to harm him do exist, but they require magickal or divine power of signicance. The transformation from Johnny into the Ghost Rider does NOT heal Johnny, however, so, if he's hurt or dying, he'll still be that way if Rider returns to his mortal guise. In those cases, he usually makes sure to be near a hospital.

Penance Stare:
The Penance Stare represents the most potent weapon in the Rider's offense. By making direct eye contact with a victim, the Rider suffuses their soul with hellfire. Meant to torture sinners, the hellfire brings all the pain and suffering that person has inflicted and unleashes it upon them, letting them experience the harm they have done. They become the wound they have carved into the world, only all at once, psychic and physical alike. The experience often destroys the minds of his victims, leaving them babbling and incoherent for at least a time, shells of their former selves. Some go permanently mad or catatonic. Others may recover, but never the same, always with that memory haunting them. Those truly without conscience, utterly insane or of a demonic persuasion won't be affected the way most humans will be. If someone had a particularly religious or guilt-ridden upbringing, it will be even more intense. The physical pain can cause muscle strain, strokes, aneurysms. One man choked to death on his own vomit, experiencing a lifetime of victimizing others all at once. The stare, of course, also won't affect anything without a soul - alien species would be on a case to case basis (i.e. worked out between players). Eye contact is required, lasting about ten seconds, and the stare won't effect a blind or eyeless target. OOC consent rules apply.

The Ghost Rider's mind cannot be read by conventional telepaths, even those of great power, because it is not a human being. It's not even a 'he', although that often gets used by appearance and because its host is male. It won't be affected by psionic illusions or mind control (on the other hand, it cannot benefit from such things either). Johnny's mind has no such protections beyond his own strong will but, if a psychic intruder or attacker were detected, the Rider would likely assume control and push said person out (an experience likely to be painful, like being doused with hellfire, for the telepath involved).

Fully empowered, the Ghost Rider possesses great superhuman strength. He can easily lift a car over his head and use it as a bludgeoning weapon or punch his way through a brick wall to get at a sinner on the other side. While he's not on the level of true superhuman strongmen, he can still lift around 25 tons of weight, a punch that seems to carry a lot more force when thrown from a motorcycle going three hundred miles per hour.

Supernatural Senses:
The Ghost Rider possesses senses and intuitions beyond the range of human ken and understanding. First and foremost, he can sense the presence of evil, both demonic and human in origin, anywhere within ten square miles of himself, although anything over a square mile would need to be intensely strong or engaged in actively evil actions. Once sensed, he essentially marks a target, able to track his sinful prey wherever they go. They may only escape this scrutiny by stunning the Rider sufficiently for him to lose his connection to the soul of the wicked. He can see the sins on a human soul, sometimes able to say the evil things people have done, although not with any context or names, just "Fornicator" or "Murderer". He can identify supernatural creatures by sight, often able to tell their species, although some, of course, are beyond his experience. He has true sight, and will see through any psychic illusions or technological disguises, although sophisticated sorcery or powers can still trick him. (OOC consent required to detect and identify with PCs).


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There's nothing pretty about how the Rider fights (or Johnny for that matter). It's pure brawling, savage and direct. Rider relies on his physical power to overwhelm opponents, but also knows how to use leverage and can handle himself fairly in a fistfight. He's also a master at fighting with his mystical chain, a weapon that never leaves his side. Johnny has a lifetime of experience getting in scraps and fights. He's a high level brawler who can take down a bar full of bikers with his bare hands if he has to, but he's not a high-level martial artist.

The Ghost Rider is a walking biker skeleton sheathed in flame, demanding justice and hunting evil. Many criminals run screaming just at the sight of him, even without any reputation to precede. He's a monster and he looks like it and intimidation can get you a long, long way. Criminals, after all, are a cowardly lot.

Johnny's an excellent mechanic of both automobiles and motorcycles, capable of even building one from scratch out of spare parts from a junkyard. He can fix damage quickly, smooth out and hide accidents with body work, even do the 'pimpin of rides that the kids seem to love. He can also jerryrig things to hold together long enough to get to the next gas station or just until they can find some place to hide, keeping dying cars moving as long as he can.

Johnny's been around the magical world his entire adult life. He knows a lot of superstitions and bits of mystic lore. He's faced down plenty of different supernatural creatures. He's not a scholar, by any stretch of the imagination, but he's got plenty of street smarts when it comes to the supernatural world.

As you might have guessed, motorcycle riding is something of a high-level skill for these two. Johnny's a world-class stunt rider and motorcycle master. He can ride at incredible speeds, perform tricks and jumps. He can crash at terrifying velocities and knows how to roll with it and come up okay. The Rider's union with his bike is such that he has utter and total control, making him capable of impossible feats, partially due to the nature of the bike, but partially just because he's that damned good.


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Hellfire Shotgun:
In a battle with a demonic entity during his period separate from the Rider, Johnny's pistol-gripped shotgun got doused and empowered with hellfire. Never running out of ammo, the shotgun fires blasts of hellfire that have physically destructive elements, capable of blowing fist-sized holes in brick walls. If the fire strikes a living being, the psychic damage of the hellfire will cause them significant pain and induces flashbacks to their sins. It is a weapon very capable of damaging supernatural creatures immune to normal firearms.

Mystical Chain:
The Ghost Rider's torso is criss-crossed with a length of mystic chain made of hell-forged black iron. Stronger than any conventional metal short of adamantium, the chain has multiple weighted portions along the length, allowing it to be used to strike and break bones and flesh brutally. The chain responds completely to the Rider's mental commands, able to grow to nearly a hundred feet at a strain, but he usually wields about twenty feet of prehensile, brutal chain into battle. The chain can reconfigure itself to his whim, making throwing knives and shuriken, whips, stiffening into a quarterstaff, even forming a sort of makeshift chainsaw capable of ripping flesh as well as any horror movie. The chain can be charged with hellflire, making its blows spiritually as well as physically painful, and can be used to channel hellfire into a victim like a conduit.

Quentin Circus:
Johnny is now the owner of Quentin's Travelling Circus, a touring company of performers that criss-crosses the country. The Circus has long been a heaven for outcasts, misfits and the occasional supernatural refugee. He may always take refuge in the circus, which has been his family since childhood. He also can draw money from the Circus' account and usually has access to funds through that. Nothing fancy or truly wealthy, especially since he tries to leave as much as he can for the circus members, but he can grab enough cash to meet basic needs and keep himself in cheap motels.

Spirits of Vengeance:
The Ghost Rider is but one of the Spirits of Vengeance, supernatural beings empowered to avenge the innocent and punish the damned. Other spirits, whether of similar origin or elsewise, can sense a kinship with the Rider and they will often come to one another's aid, sense each other's presence. They may sometimes recognize one another even in a mortal or secret guise. These potential allies can be of great help in extreme situations (Essentially potential OCs for TP purposes, not for everyday plot, or to give potential ties to other PCs, be it Marvel Spirits or DC ones like the Spectre or the Crimson Avenger)

The Ride:
The Rider's motorcycle is as much a part of his legend as the flaming skull. Any motorcycle that the Rider infuses with his hellfire will become his Cycle, transformed into a mingling of twisted metal, hellfire and demonic iconography. The wheels become spinning hellfire, a trail of the same left in his wake. While empowered, the Cycle possesses the same durability and regenerative properties as the Rider himself, including being able to pull itself together from being smashed to smithereens. The cycle's top speed is nearly three hundred miles per hour on open road, although he has to go slower on tight-packed city streets (while still being much faster than your average driver). He can configure, at will, the front of the bike into a battering ram, either angled or in the shape of a flaming skull, to punch through doors and blockades. When riding it, the Rider can easily defy gravity, driving up the sides of building, over the surface of water, and even upside down if need be. Although it cannot properly fly, the leaps it can make with a proper ramp-up would send Evel Knievel into conniption fits of jealousy.


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The Ghost Rider hunts those who have spilled innocent blood. He does this on pure instinct, able to sense and identify killers automatically, then track them. Once he's set on a target, he will pursue them relentlessly, unstoppably, without thought to consequence, collateral damage or other priorities. It can make the Rider short-sighted, as it will choose vengeance in the moment over longer investigations, often making the Rider more reactive than pro-active.

Eye Contact:
In order to utilize his most devastating weapon, the Penance Stare, Ghost Rider needs to make eye contact and maintain it with a target for at least ten seconds. While his eyes have a certain magnetizing quality which will make your average scumbag freeze in terror, stronger foes might look away in time. Also, blind opponents or those without eyes are, of course immune (The Stare is also a matter of OOC consent when used on PCs, of course).

Johnny is currently separated from his wife, but not for lack of affection. He also has two sons. Beyond that, members of Quentin Circus are like an extended family for him. Threats to these will be taken very seriously and can lead him to be blackmailed or to suffer if they are harmed because of him.

Mortal Flesh:
Johnny Blaze is just a guy. The Ghost Rider may transform his body, possess him, inhabit his space, but, when he's not the Rider, Johnny has no special abilities, other than a quick pair of fists, a hellfire shotgun and a rugged, scrappy demeanor. He can be hurt and killed by conventional means and does not benefit from the Rider's healing factor. If he transforms into the Rider, he will be placed in stasis, not growing sicker or bleeding out, but neither will he heal. When the Rider becomes Johnny once more, Johnny will still have the same wounds he had before the transformation and will still need medical care to be healed.

Presumed Evil:
Ghost Rider is a demonic manifestation with the apperance of an undead biker whose skull burns with hellfire. It's quite easy to read him as a menace and a threat. Heroic types will sometimes mistake him (not unjustifiably) as a foe and he often finds himself struggling with both sides when other heroes are involved.

Weirdness Magnet:
Johnny Blaze has a quality of the uncanny, an aspect to his soul that attracts the weird, the dark, the supernatural and the unreal. Even when he was free of the Rider, he consistently stumbled into mystical adventures and couldn't escape danger. It is for this reason he largely stays away from his family and circus now, outside of short visits, lest he drag the minions of hell to their door.

The demon that forms the Ghost Rider, Zarathos, is not a beneficent entity, having been a demon lord transformed into one of the beings known as the Spirits of Vengeance. While it feeds and hungers for the pain and suffering of the wicked, Zarathos has its own desires and plans. Zarathos and Johnny have reached an equilibrium, but they nonetheless hate each other and Johnny can never trust Zarathos. The demon may sometimes try to push its own will or defy Johnny's wishes. It certainly is more than capable of harming the innocent if it so chooses. Zarathos cannot be trusted



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Title Date Scene Summary
Pool Party August 16th, 2020 A full-on bar brawl breaks out at Josie's while Johnny Blaze and Tara Markov are present. Violence ensues--as does fun, somehow.
Devils Wild August 4th, 2020 Some demons, a mortal, and an angel sit down for a game of cards.
In Cold Blood July 31st, 2020 Blake, Ariah, and Johnny Blaze all seek out a potentially vampiric person of interest. It doesn't go very well for that person.
Joy Ride July 29th, 2020 Two spirits of vengeance and a clairvoyant soul converge to address murder most foul on the streets of Brooklyn.
Speed demons & Speed chess. April 24th, 2020 Bart and Mary stop mid-date so that Bart can play Vivian in a game of rather high speed chess. While Johnny Blaze notices that something is odd about the kids in the park.


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Johnny Blaze has 5 finished logs.

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