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Leslie Willis (Scenesys ID: 1473)
Name: Leslie Willis
Superalias: Livewire
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Social Media Influencer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Parents' home, Metropolis
Education: High school
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 13 Aug 2001 Played By
Height: 5'3" Weight: 109 lb
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Leslie's a wild card. She's not ambitious enough to be a super villain of the megalomaniacal world dominating template. She's just having fun, and sure, a lot of that fun appears to involve taking what she wants, and causing havoc in general, but it's all for the laughs, bro! It's just a prank, brah! And every now and then, when someone forces her to really think about things, maybe, deep down, she realizes she should be trying to do something better with her gifts.


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* 2001: Born and raised in Metropolis by her parents Brian and Leanne

* 2012: Leslie is introduced to social media

* 2015: Leslie is nearly expelled from school after trying to cause a riot over the cost of lunches.

* 2017: Leslie graduates school with a solid C average, having ignored her studies in favor of live streaming.

* 2018: Leslie's podcast takes on a decidedly conspiracy-centric tone, centering around super heroics all being a corporate scam

* 2019: Leslie acquires her criminal juvenile record by ordering a half dozen double cheese pepperoni pizzas, and refusing to pay on the grounds that she doesn't recognize the authority of the Federal Reserve.

* 2020: Leslie acquires her super powers by climbing a 5G cell tower in a thunder storm, live streaming the event amongst claims that cell towers aren't actually filled with electronics.

* 2020: Having recovered from her accident/power acquisition, resumes her podcasting and streaming, with a focus on conspiracy theories and anti-authority messages.

IC Journal

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Leslie's aggressive, whether she's juiced up on electricity or not. If she's not, she's headstrong and really, a little dumb, focusing more on snap decisions and bravado than on careful forethought and strategy. Hyped up on lightning, she's an uncontrollable force of nature, prone to 'If all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail', only, like, with zapping.

Aggressively Aggressive:
She's a biiiii- ...big bad surly grumpy meanspirited angsty teenage rebel. She's got a chip on her shoulder so big for everyone you oughta call her Tollhouse. Get it? Like chocolate chips? Shut up, this is why Leslie hates everyone. No one, like, -gets- her? And now she's got electrical powers and stuff, and people are -still- all harping about how 'Oh, you can't use them for cool stuff!'. Well nuts to that! Leslie's going to be lewd, crude, and full of attitude! And not in some hokey kid's cartoon way. She's going to get what she wants now, because like... she's got -powers-! Besides, who needs -friends- or like... -understanding-? Pffff.

Leslie's got a manic energy to her, to go along with all the electrical energy. In fact, it feeds off that energy. The more charged up she gets, the more manic and uncontrolled she becomes. The more juiced she is, the more wild and unhinged she becomes, spouting crazed conspiracy theories. She might think she's doing good, but this is usually the point where she decides that banks are a conspiracy and she needs to rescue the poor innocent money from them. Or that she's owed the money because she totally drew that banking error card in Monopoly.

Not the Brightest Bulb:
Leslie's not the sharpest pencil, the brightest crayon, the not-skipping-classest student. It turns out you don't need to be all that bright to climb up electrical equipment in a thunder storm (Who knew?) and while that has worked out -gangbusters- for 'Get super powers in a tragic accident' purposes, it's not so hot for 'Figure out how to stop this super heroic scheme to stop me' purposes. You don't need to -beat- Leslie, you just need to outwit her. And like... she's had trouble with captcha entries on websites.

So there's -one- little problem with being able to absorb seemingly limitless quantities of electricity. It changes Leslie. Oh, sure, she'll maybe have sparks jumping off her, or lightning running along her body... but that's not the real issue. The real issue is electricity's like a drug. If she's drained, she's a surly, grumpy, mopey teenager. If she's charged up, she's a wild, rambunctious villain, or at least, menace to society. If she's -super charged- she's a megalomaniacal super villain. In the body of a teenager. With the personality of a teenager who ate Sugar Crisp for breakfast and replaced the milk with Four Loco. She's manic, borderline unhinged, and as unpredictable as... well, lightning.

Character Sheet


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Electric Physiology:
Leslie's not human, poisons don't work on her, venoms don't infect her blood. Because she hasn't got blood, she's a being of pure electricity, although she can't explain exactly how she's still able to have a human appearance and senses. She's no scientist though, and really, scientists seem more focused on 'How do we stop her from shocking people?' than 'Wait, why does she still eat fast food?'.

The control and manipulation of electricity. You want it, she's got it! And not in some hokey 'My hammer shoots lightning' way. She is living electricity. She still has a body, but she can transform it, traveling through electrical systems, she can even make herself appear on your TV screen. ...Okay, not like, you know, if you're watching one of her videos. Like she can be IN your TV. But she has limits. She can jump in your computer and fry it up real good, but she can't access the computer files. But she can definitely absorb electricity from power grids, and throw it back out as lightning bolts, or lightning punches, or lightning kicks.


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Leslie's got one thing going for her... aside from the whole 'Can hit you with the power grid output of a major city' thing. She can -talk-. Babble. Run on and on and distract you until she can run away. As long as she's not being interrupted with intellectually complex questions.

Social Media Savvy:
Leslie's got an innate understanding of what teenage slackers want to see. And she's also got followers across social media platforms. And she's spent years learning to manipulate her followers, before it was to tweet at companies she was irked by, or taunt people she didn't like. Now? Who knows what she could rile a crowd up into doing.


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Leslie's got -tons- of social media followers. She had them when she was just some girl doing photo posts and rants and reviews. But now she's doing -crime-, and somehow she's still got them. Sure, they're not professional henchmen, or hired goons, but they can slip her info, let her know things... or at least annoy the cops when she's in jail waiting for her bail to post. Heck, they can crowdfund her bail -for- her!


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Oh yeah, this is a big one. Electricity and water don't mix, and even Leslie paid enough attention in science class to know that. The more she's charged up, the more being hit by water will take her out. A splash might knock her off balance at low levels of charge, or be ignored if she's really juiced, but at the same time if she's hit by a flood while only mildly charged it'll knock her down and short her powers out. If she's rocking some megawattage, it'll knock her unconscious for hours if not days.

What's Karate?:
Leslie's got one big, glaring weakness in fighting for or against truth, justice, and the American way. Namely, she doesn't know how to fight. If her electric powers are diminished, or she's fighting someone who's grounded (Like, electrically, not sent to bed without supper), she's in trouble. Sure, she fought cheerleaders in school, and maybe some mall cops, but it turns out costumed vigilantes like, know how to throw a punch! And they -teach each other-! Like how's that fair?



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Leslie Willis has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
-You're- an off-balanced load! April 8th, 2021 Leslie and Roxy do the laundry. And discuss the finer points of pop culture and whether being a diner carhop is more or less prestigious than working at a taco stand. But they don't eat the Tide Pods!
You Want Fries with That April 7th, 2021 Leslie has a new job at Mel's diner. And it turns out there's at least one good customer from nearby! The milkshake machine is also 'broken'.
Charge it! November 1st, 2020 No description
Meeting Decent People starring Tony and Leslie September 27th, 2020 Ellie meets Tony again, this time with Leslie, for some joint training
For Me August 30th, 2020 Taskmaster and Livewire get in some basic training.
Job Hunting, Task Mastering July 27th, 2020 Livewire meets Taskmaster. Negotiations begin to train her how to punch people and -not- electrocute them.
The Man Doesn't Want You To Know July 18th, 2020 LIVEWIRE does not understand bitcoin. KNOCKOUT loves Combos.
U.F.O.-S.H.O.E. June 17th, 2020 Mort J Harkavy, 57, begins his adventures through time, space, and footwear. Knockout and Livewire go to get tacos. The Jules Verne Museum crew arrives in the morning and wonders what happened.


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Leslie Willis has 8 finished logs.

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