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  Lucius Fox  
Lucius Fox (Scenesys ID: 1699)
Name: Lucius Fox
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Head of Wayne Enterprises
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Gotham
Education: PHD Electrical and Mechanical Enginering, MBA
Theme: DC (AFC)
Apparent Age: 55 Actual Age: 55
Date of Birth 21 Jun 1965 Played By Morgan Freeman
Height: 5'5" Weight: 178 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @WaynePres
Theme Song: A Clockwork Orange (Kubrik 1971)

Character Info


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Head of Wayne Enterprises, Genius, Financial Wizard, the Brain Behind the Bat, Father, Husband, Veteran


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* 1965 Born in Rochester, NY

* 1985 Served 5 years in DARPA.

* 1987 Meets and Marries his wife Tanya

* 1990 Starts his own highly successful technology company.

* 1991 Tanya Born

* 1992 His own company is an early financial success, merges with Wayne Tech.

* 1993 Lucas born

* 1996 Becomes head of Wayne Tech

* 2004 Becomes board member of Wayne Foundation

* 2005 Appointed President of Wayne Enterprises by CEO Bruce Wayne

* 2006 Timothy and Tiffany Born

* 2007 Learns "The Secret" after tracing several financial transactions and asking Bruce about it. Begins helping.

IC Journal

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Lucius has an inner drive that has him constantly looking for the next big thing. He has a habit of seeing the big picture in small ways knowing that both big things and little things matter.

Lucius maintains a strict ethical code and keeps it at all times. He was originally chosen for the board of the Wayne Foundation for his business ethics and he has never waivered in this area. Corners are never cut in an organization he is a part of and he knows that there are more important things that money. He believes in respecting the sanctity of human life and dignity including privacy.

Lucius knows how fortunate he has been in life and rose from extremely humble beginnings. As such, he has always made sure a sizable chunk of his wealth is reinvested into the community; be that local, technlogical or cultural.

Lucius is honest to a fault. He can lie to protect a friend's secret but is otherwise an open book and will always tell it like it is, even if you don't want to hear it.

His loyalty must be earned, but once someone has it, they have it for life until it is lost at great cost. He is very very loyal to his friends, his family, his company and his legacy.

Lucius is skeptical in the good way, and if someone says something is too good to be true he will demand proof. He is extremely skeptical of authority for its own sake and will always challenge those who abuse it.

Character Sheet


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Lucius is a master engineer with an advanced doctorate in programming, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. He routinely builds cutting edge prototypes that push the boundaries of science in several fields.

He is a brilliant financial leader, with an MBA who has headed a fortune 500 company for decades, keeping it competitive and ethical. Waynetech is one of the most efficiently run companies on the planet.

Forensic Accounting:
Since helping Batman..."be" Batman he has become a master of moving large amounts of money and materials around in a way to keep it difficult if not impossible to track down. Serial numbers are filed off, records are moved from point A to point B. This also serves to make Wayne Enterprises very difficult to take over from a financial standpoint because he constantly monitors where the money and stocks are flowing, and as a result has made the company even more profinable.

Lucius is a practical engineer, which also includes welding, soddering, chips, and even the occasional blacksmithing. He is very much a master of putting devices on paper to practical use and knows how to make it work, and that includes bypassing security or locks when need be.

Lucius served five years in DARPA so knows how to use an assault rifle and some basic hand to hand. He hasnt used these skills in decades, but he is not helpless in a fight.

Lucius is a natural leader. He knows how to recruit talent, read a room and get the best out of people. He is both a leader and a manager. He understands the difference between the two styles and applies them in his administration of Wayne Enterprises.

Materials Science:
He is particularly adept in the field of materials science, creating new allows and materials in a way that finds new ways to use existing fields that others have not thought of.

Lucius is a remarkably efficient programmer and keeps his skills very current. He can hack and counterhack hostile systems though he is not a 'top tier' expert in this field, but given time there is little he cannot hack. His true skill here lies in creating viable sellable product that can be used by a wide variety of people including an understanding of user interactions. He can program in a wide variety of languages including Machine Language.

Venture Capital:
Wayne Tech became the powerhouse it was by his skill for having a keen eye for technology that is useful and has a viable financial model that can be sold at a profit. In the .com era, most of his investments paid off in spades and made the company a ton of money. He has never stopped using and refining this skill, which lets him constantly find technologies that can profit the company or other ways.


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Bat Tech:
A lot of the stuff Batman uses, was designed and built by Lucius. He deliberately doesn't carry it around with him in order to protect his family but if he needs to, he has access to virtually anything Batman has access to which, is a huge array of equipment and technology. Moreover, what Batman doesnt have yet...he can design and build.

He has a HUGE rolodex of connections, friends and allies in Media, Government, the Military, Politics, Internationally, Technology, Finance and beyond. He maintains very close ties and relations with each of Wayne Enterprises major stockholders as well as courtesy board memberships in a number of companys, foundations and NGOs. He takes each of these very seriously and keeps abreast of what they are doing, which makes this extensive network a constant source of useful information and softpower.

Grey Market:
Under the auspices of allowing the company to invest in start ups without realizing that they were being scouted by Wayne Tech, as well as contracting to DARPA, the DHS, the EU and many other nations around the world this allows the company to work on classified or military level technology (Lucius himself has deliberately avoided getting Military clearance) but this maze of echo companies also allows replacement parts for things like the Bat Mobile to be moved through a maze of companies that makes it virtually impossible to investigate and detect where the Bat gets his equipment. But it comes in handy for Lucius himself if he wants to invest in or aquire a company without immediately letting the world know Bruce Wayne owns it.

Wayne Enterprises:
As President of one of the most profilic and powerful companies in the world, he has tremendous resources both in terms of soft power (Media Access) but initiating projects, moving stock around, setting trends in a number of industries including Tech, Finance, Consumer Goods, Real Estate and Military Contracts, but it is also the largest employer in Gotham and many other areas around the world which also offers political influence unto itself.

As one of the largest shareholders in Wayne Enterprises, he is insanely rich. He also maintains a stunningly diverse portfolio in a number of different markets to make him a billionare many times over. He may not be one of the richest men in the world, but he is still a billionare, and more importantly he knows HOW to use his wealth extremely efficiently.


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His ethics are not an option. He can, and will, make sure that the technology he has developed does not cross a line even if it means turning it off. Even Batman if it comes to it.

He had a stroke two years ago, and while he has mostly recovered from it, his health has declined. His fitness regimine and good diet and great discipline kept his mind at its peak. To many they dont even notice the difference, but he is simply not good for a prolonged fight or any degree of sustained physical activity.

As the head of one of the world's largest companies, as well as an indirect non powered vector to one of the most important heroes on the planet, the tempatation for Gotham's myriad costumed villians puts him rather high on the roster to be kidnapped or used as a barganing chip.

Lucius has a large family that he will do almost anything for, as well as a large number of friends. Often these ties have been used against him.



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Lucius Fox has 19 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Sell My Soul For A Filled Donut April 20th, 2024 A few Gothamites in New York together stop for coffee and snacks, and run into some of the local personalities.
On the Wire April 14th, 2024 Caleb and Lucius talk about the newest tech for the GPD, it's for the GPD right.
Bat Cookies April 9th, 2024 Many cookies are made, many secrets are shared
Happy Harbor Science Fair: 2024 April 7th, 2024 The 2024 Science Fair happens...with the usual disasters!
Two Minds Connect April 3rd, 2024 Burgers rejected, cryptic armor and a mission. How will this effect Ted and Lucius in the end.
Bouncing Bullets March 31st, 2024 A talk of the Savage world and a testing of the new suits for the batfamily.
So We Have A Problem March 31st, 2024 Lucius Fox has ideas for a better armor weave for the Bat Family, but he informs Stephanie Brown that it will require gathering materials... in the Savage Lands.
Ninjas from the Rooftops March 30th, 2024 Lucius and Talia talk about mecha-ninjas.
A Spare for a Spare March 29th, 2024 Another is added to the project to build a new type of car, that will drive itself and never be harmed. Lucious meets with Mercy.
When in Gotham see the sights March 28th, 2024 A job offer given out in the darkest of places.
Exiled into luxury March 28th, 2024 Talia Ghoul and Lucius Fox talked, a story is told and a point might have been made or lost in it.
Why does it rain March 27th, 2024 A meeting between Lucius fox and Daniel Ketch in a graveyard. One there to see an old friend, the other waking up in mausoleum. A nice talk between the two, with the love of motorcycles being one of the connections.
Tangentally January 6th, 2021 No description
A Fortituous Meeting December 24th, 2020 Ray rescues Lucius. Lucius and Ray discuss Ray's GPS problem, and Lucius considers ways to help and gives Ray his card.
Wayne Foundation Charity New Years Eve December 22nd, 2020 A lovely time was had by all, and a Happy New Year
Court of Owls: Dark Horizon August 1st, 2020 Lucius Fox informs Bruce Wayne of brewing discontent amidst Wayne Enterprise's Board of Directors.
Hot Day In Gotham Perfect Time For Ice Cream July 25th, 2020 WHO will save the city from the heated streets of Gotham? ICE CREAM MAN!
Didn't Expect You... July 24th, 2020 Peggy and Lucius talk about how she can support his future plans in Gotham.
Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.


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Lucius Fox has 19 finished logs.

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