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  The Master of Kung-Fu  
Shang-Chi (Scenesys ID: 1121)
Name: Shang-Chi
Superalias: The Master of Kung-Fu
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Martial Artist
Citizenship: US Naturalized Citizen
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Specialized Training
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 14 September 1989 Played By Sima Liu
Height: 5'10" Weight: 175lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Kung-Fu Fighting" - Carl Douglas, 1976

Character Info


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Shang-Chi is one of the world's greatest martial artists, commonly referred to as "The Master of Kung-Fu." He is well-known in martial arts and espionage circles, but not as much the general public. For those that know of him, he is known to have a long-standing enmity with the League of Assassins.


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* 1989 - Born in a remote Chinese province.
* 1990-2006 - Trained virtually from birth in an intensive regiment of Martial Arts from a variety of the world's greatest masters. Shang-Chi grows up believing that his father, Zheng Zu, is a wise and benevolent master himself, training him to become a warrior for that which is just and right. In truth, Shang's father is the ancient warrior known only as the Sensei, a founder of the League of Assassins and father of Ra's al Ghul. Shang-Chi is being trained to become his personal weapon against Ra's, to allow the Sensei to become the ruler of the League.
* 2007 - Shang-Chi is sent to kill his first man, led to believe that he is a wicked crimelord. He succeeds in his mission, but is approached by Sir Dennis Nyland Smith, a former Scotland Yard Detective and MI-6 operative who has been tracking the activities of the League of Assassins and the Sensei in particular. Smith reveals "Zheng Zu's" true nature and identity to Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi disbelieves him, but spares his life, confronting his father with what he has learned. Shang-Chi's training allows him to deduce that his father is at best hiding a great deal when he explains that Shang's true purpose is to defeat the head of the League of Assassins. Still, Shang-Chi agrees to hunt Ra's al Ghul, silently vowing to learn the truth.
* 2008 - Shang-Chi locates and infiltrates the League of Assassins headquarters. He attacks Ra's al Ghul and defeats him in battle, but Ra's reveals that he knows who Shang-Chi is, that Ra's is his own half-brother, and what his father's motives are. Sensing the truth in Ra's words, Shang-Chi caught off-guard and attacked by the multitude of Assassins present, and despite fighting with immense skill and determination is overwhelmed, Savagely beaten and very nearly killed, Shang-Chi is tossed down the mountainside and left for dead. He is rescued by Black Jack Tarr, an ally of Sir Dennis Nyland Smith. Sir Dennis sees an inherent nobility in Shang-Chi, and he and his allies nurse Shang-Chi back to health over the next year.

* 2009 - After a long recovery and slowly coming to get over his distrust of Smith and particularly Tarr, Shang-Chi agrees to help them combat both his father and Ra's Al Ghul, as well as the League of Assassins in general. He makes the acquaintance of Leiko Wu and Clive Reston, both seasoned intelligence operatives in their own right. Along the way, Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu develop a strong attraction, though Wu also carries strong feelings for Clive Reston.
* 2010-2018 - Shang-Chi and his friends create Freelance Restorations, Inc. Acting as an independent investigation, intelligence, and security company, they travel the world foiling the plots of the League of Assassins and trying to hunt down the Sensei. Along the way, they become allies of multiple intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, most notably SHIELD, Interpol, and Britain's MI-6. Shang-Chi himself makes many enemies, allies, and acquaintances both mundane and of the superheroic variety.
* 2019 - Working in concert with SHIELD, Freelance Restorations learns of the Sensei's whereabouts. As fate would have it, they make their move just as Ra's Al Ghul is also attacking, trying to rid himself of his meddlesome father. Shang-Chi engages in a fearsome three-way battle with his father and Ra's Al Ghul, but ultimately emerges the victor. However, before Shang-Chi can decide whether to slay or apprehend his defeated father, Ra's runs the Sensei through with his sword, robbing Shang-Chi of the chance. Ra's escapes by sacrificing a few of his assassins to hold off Shang-Chi. After the battle clears, however, the Sensei's body is nowhere to be found.
* 2020 - Believing his father dead until proven otherwise, Shang-Chi "sem-retires" from Freelance Restorations and moves to Gotham City, knowing it is a place that has been touched by the League's machinations many times before. And there he waits, knowing it is only a matter of time until he will face his brother and his minions again.

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Shang-Chi is extremely self-disciplined. If he sets goals and schedules for himself, he doesn't need any encouragement or incentive to follow and/or pursue them. He trains relentlessly, takes care of himself and others, and has no reluctance whatsoever about doing chores that others find monotonous or unpleasant. He also has excellent control over his emotions (most of the time) and can carefully school his outward reactions and body language to maintain the appearance of complete calm. For all the chaos that can infect his life he is a very orderly individual. Though a good part of being disciplined also involves being patient enough to understand that things will not always go according to plan.

Shang-Chi is a genuinely kind individual, and is often quick to offer aid to any that seem to need it. Whatever community he is in he can likely be counted upon to help out in a multitude of small, seemingly inconsequential ways. He is a believer in karma, and tries to build up as much positive as he can because he knows that unleashing his skills often veers into the negative, even if utilizing them for "good" reasons. Either way, unless provoked Shang-Chi is usually a polite and "nice" individual, if not always the most gregarious.

Peaceful Warrior:
Shang-Chi desires little more than a peaceful life, and always seeks to find nonviolent solutions whenever and wherever possible. That said, when innocents are at risk, or great injustice has been revealed, Shang-Chi will not hesitate to use his skills to protect those who cannot defend themselves, or to seek justice for those that might otherwise have no means of combating those that have inflicted injustice upon them. It may take more than most to convince him to fight, but once he has committed, he does not hold back.

Values Life:
Shang-Chi places a strong value on all life, and seeks to avoid taking it. He is almost always inclined to show mercy when it is possible, and only very rarely strikes to kill. That said, he does have a threshold, and if he strongly believes that taking one wicked life might save a great many innocent ones, he can cross that line. He always very carefully considers this act, though, and seeks to avoid doing so in the throes of strong emotion, especially as that latter might cause him to lose some of his center, making many of his Ki manipulation abilities difficult to use.

Shang-Chi has managed to cram a lot of life into his relatively short thirty years. He's seen and done a lot, and absorbed a lot of common sense and hard-earned wisdom. He tends to be very patient and maintains a very "big picture" outlook on things, but not losing sight of how the small things factor in. In many ways he evokes the image of the stereotypical "old master" despite not being all that old. Either way, he doesn't end to sweat the small stuff (unless he feels he needs to for some reason) and takes setbacks in stride. If you make a mistake, try to make it right, and if you can't, then learn from it. More importantly, he knows that you never stop learning, no matter how skilled you might be. Complacency and arrogance are luxuries he cannot afford.

Character Sheet


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External Ki Powers:
In addition to manipulating his own Ki within himself, Shang-Chi can externalize it in various different ways, as well as having a limited degree of ability to manipulate it in others. Most commonly, he can sense the structural weak points in inanimate objects, allowing him to strike through stone and steel with bare hands and feet at times. He can sense the Ki of others when he's in a calm state, making him difficult to sneak up on. He can, at his most spectacular, actually emit a short-range kinetic blast that can with enough force to put a fist-sized dent in a steel plate (That's right, he knows the Hadoken), though he finds the ability unnecessarily flashy and often avoids utilizing it. Like his internal abilities, his external Ki powers are dependent on him having a clear mind, particularly his energy blast, which is virtually impossible if he feels "off center."

Internal Ki Powers:
Shang-Chi possesses the ability to manipulate his Ki in a variety of ways that affect him personally: He can increase his speed and reaction time to move superhumanly fast for bursts of a few seconds, and to react quickly enough to achieve such feats as deflecting bullets and energy blasts with his wristbands, or dodging them at point-blank range. He could likely even catch bullets in his hands if he tried. He can increase his durability, by redistributing kinetic force directed against him across his entire body, allowing him to withstand tremendous degrees of blunt trauma, up to and including strikes from superhuman foes of significant (Class 50+) strength, though he can really only take ONE such strike, and it does still make him a giant walking bruise...

Shang-Chi can give himself mild regenerative capability, allowing himself to heal about 10 times as fast as a normal human, and he has control over many of his bodily functions, allowing him to slow his heartbeat to reach a "death"-like trance, or regulate his internal temperature His stamina can be increased, allowing him to fight for hours or even days on end before needing rest and recuperation. He can make himself resistant (though not immune) to disease, poison, and aging, and in conjunction with his meditation skills can provide powerful resistance to mental and emotional manipulation, even through Psionic means (though he has to be at least mildly prepared for or aware of the manipulation to counter it). All of Shang-Chi's ki manipulation requires him to be focused and centered, which usually means that he has to have spent at least an hour in some form of meditation within the last 24 hours.


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Shang-Chi is exceptionally graceful in movement, and is both evasive and highly mobile, with a superb sense of balance. He is well versed in tumbling, gymnastics, and acrobatics, and can move through terrain with the ease of a master parkour artist. If it comes to rooftop running, Shang-Chi can generally keep up with the best of them.

Shang-Chi has been mentored by a former MI-6 operative in espionage techniques. He knows how to tail someone, how to recognize and lose tails of his own, how to pass on information in a clandestine manner, and generally is quite capable of operating in the Espionage world even if he doesn't really consider himself part of it (and really rather despises it).

Shang-Chi has been trained in investigative techniques by his friends in Freelance Restorations. He knows how to analyze a room, put together clues, and is particularly adept at recognizing signs of a struggle and "reconstructing" the struggle in his mind's eye. While not as skilled in the technical/forensic aspects, he is very good at "reading" a room and even more so at reading people, particularly since his skills include analyzing the body language of people, useful in both combat and out of it, making him a fairly effective interrogator when need be.

Laying Low:
Shang-Chi, being generally ascetic in mindset and humble in character, Shang-Chi is very good at finding places to hide away from the world without completely separating himself from it, as well as "living off the grid." Be it a humble fisherman, a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant, or a simple acupuncturist, Shang-Chi has no difficulty trying to hide in plain sight as far as his whereabouts. While he occasionally might take it to the "wise hermit" level of isolation, he generally prefers to be closer to other people. In short, when he doesn't want to be found, he can be surprisingly difficult to locate, especially as he doesn't leave much of a digital trail.

Martial Arts:
Shang-Chi is very much a top contender for the "greatest martial artist in the world" title. He is THE Master of Kung-Fu. Every branch and sub-style of that particular Martial Art is his to command, but his skills do not end there. He is fluent in every major martial arts form and more than a handful of minor ones. His arsenal includes striking, grappling, evasion, nerve strikes, joint locks...the whole gamut. His skill is so great that he has unlocked the secrets of manipulating Ki, a feat that is relatively rare among Martial Artists. The list of those that can truly match him in pure hand-to-hand skill can likely be counted on one hand and possibly have fingers left over.

Martial Arts Lore:
Hand in hand with knowing how to perform the vast array of martial arts Shang-Chi knows is knowledge of the history and culture surrounding those arts, as well as being able to recognize fighting styles in motion. Shang-Chi can often tell what styles a person has been trained in within a few moments of either seeing them in a fight or battling them himself, and has a surpassing knowledge of the origins of the various martial arts styles.

Martial Arts Weapons:
Shang-Chi is extremely skilled in the use of weapons common to the various Kung-fu styles. This includes the staff, nunchaku (his favored weapon), fighting sticks, chain, various swords, spears, and polearms, and well...generally anything you might see someone using in a "Kung-Fu" movie. While he generally feels his empty-hand techniques surpass his weapon skills, he is still a master of such weapons and trains extensively in their use.

Shang-Chi is well-versed in many forms of meditation, from simple breathing exercises to Tai-Chi and virtually everything in between. This tends to give him a great deal of self-discipline, focus, clarity of thought, and emotional reserve. It also boosts his ability to largely ignore discomforts like lack of food or sleep, pain, or environmental conditions.

Shang-Chi is fluent in all the major dialects of Chinese as well as Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, and of course English.

Shang-Chi is a dedicated student of Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. He has a strong knowledge of these schools of thought as well as their histories and practice.

Shang-Chi is very capable of stealthy movement and avoiding being seen. While not his strongest skill, he's generally proven capable of sneaking around heavily guarded and secure places without getting spotted, and his agility and other abilities often make him capable of avoiding many types of security systems, though he has no particular skill for disabling them through technical means.

Shang-Chi has a genuine gift for passing on his knowledge, most particuarly where the Martial Arts are concerned. His students tend to learn very quickly and efficiently, and he even has the insight to see when someone's superhuman abilities might be combined with the martial arts and teach them to better incorporate them into their fighting styles, despite not possessing those abilities himself.


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Freelance Restorations:
Freelance Restorations is an independent Intelligence, Investigation, and Security firm established by Shang-Chi's closest friends and allies: Sir Dennis Nayland Smith, Clive Reston, Black Jack Tarr, and Leiko Wu. They have ties to many intelligence and law-enforcement agencies (whom they often contract with, most notably SHIELD and MI-6) and are particularly focused on trying to track and counter League of Assassins activity. While they are just as likely to drag Shang-Chi into operations against the League, they are also potential sources of information, as well as Shang-Chi's friends, even if they aren't in constant contact. Perhaps most notable in it's simplicity though, Shang-Chi is a "silent partner" in the business, and so he receives a modest stipend from them (and larger payouts if he undertakes active operations with them). It's certainly nothing extravagant but it's enough for his relatively minimal expenses.

Good Reputation:
Shang-Chi is well-known among elite fighters as one of the world's greatest martial artists. He is fairly often sought out for his martial arts knowledge and has been known to train other heroes and individuals he believes will use the skills he imparts for good. For example, he is a consultant for SHIELD who occasionally helps sharpen the skills of their elite fighters, or who can offer analysis of potential targets' fighting styles and where they may have trained if there is footage of them available.


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Shang-Chi has no real desire for material possessions, and does not like to rely on technology except when he must, even if he recognizes its' utility. While this presents little in the way of immediate physical complications for Shang-Chi, it does leave him a fair bit out-of-step with modern life and difficult to contact outside of approaching him in-person. He doesn't own a computer or television, and his only phones are the occasional "burner" cell phone. He doesn't tend to hold onto money beyond the bare minimum he needs to survive, either.

Shang-Chi believes strongly in the sanctity of life. He once unjustly killed a man, and has spent his life trying to atone for this deed. To this end, he feels he cannot refuse any request to counter the actions of the League of Assassins and their leadership. While he is quite likely to involve himself in other matters of general injustice and trouble (particularly if innocents are endangered), the involvement of the League will ALWAYS get him to take notice and risk himself to stop them.

Family Matters:
Given his heritage versus his character, Shang-Chi has what can at best be called a highly complicated relationship with most of his family, and at worst can be called completely hostile. While he bears no personal hatred for his half-brother Ra's al Ghul, he despises the League of Assassins and Ra's plans for the world, and actively works against them when he hears of them. He believes his father to be dead, but you can never really be sure when access to Lazarus Pits is possible, and even more so, with the long lifespan his father has enjoyed and his proclivity towards trying to create more heirs, Shang-Chi has encountered many half-siblings that are far more in-tune with their fathers views than his, and suspects there may well be several more he has yet to meet, many of whom would probably prefer Shang-Chi come to a bad end if he cannot be swayed to their designs. The only mitigating circumstance that prevents him from being a CONSTANT target of the League of Assassins (aside from his general ability to withstand anyone they might throw at him, even if several might be a far more difficult fight than others) is that he is somewhat passive in his own interference in their designs. Even still he generally expects that at least once a year or so he's likely to have to deal with one League member or another showing up to try to kill him or targeting people he cares about.

Loss of Focus:
Shang-Chi is ordinarily a very centered and calm individual, but he is not an unbreakable rock when it comes to his emotions and desires. When these conflict with his ideals it can cause him to become off-center, and most often any straying from the path involves matters of the heart (either directly or indirectly). While this does not degrade his overall fighting skill, it can disrupt his Ki manipulation abilities until he finds his center again, which might well require weeks of meditation and training.

Shang-Chi is well-known in the circles of elite martial artists as one of the best there is. This means there are more than a few people who are inclined to seek him out to test their skills against him. The best of these are fellow masters looking for someone to spar with that's at or slightly above their level. The median are brash youngbloods looking to make a rep for themselves, which is annoying but usually not terribly harmful. The worst are psychotically obsessive types determined to prove their superiority by killing whoever they perceive as being "above" them in the hierarchy of fighters. Which usually means a bit more than an "annoyance."



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Shang-Chi has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Long-Expected Meeting Pt. 2 May 14th, 2020 Round 2: FIGHT!!! And also the tea is ready.
A Long-Expected Meeting Pt. 1 May 13th, 2020 Lady Shiva pays a visit to the Master of Kung-Fu, with precisely the request you might think.
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Bro Bro Bro! April 14th, 2020 Some bad Bro Bro Bros shake down a nice old couple. A handful of good Samaritans save the day!


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Shang-Chi has 8 finished logs.

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