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Warming by the fire
Date of Scene: 09 February 2022
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Warming up after sledding in Xavier's Recreation Room turns dangerous as a power goes out of control.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Remy LeBeau, Ororo Munroe, Jamie Madrox, Hope Summers, Tabitha Smith, Emma Frost

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Not that those at the school need a natural snowfall to go have wintry fun this time of year, not with Bobby and Ororo about. But in this case, a heavy winter storm that came through the night before left deep, fresh powder on the grounds. After classes were done, students and others took advantage of it.

Kitty Pryde came back into the mansion after having been sledding with others down one of the larger hills on the grounds. She changes out of her wet clothing and then comes back downstairs, wearing a pair of shorts and slippers, with a heavy sweatshirt that celebrates the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2016. It's a little worn, having had a lot of use.

Kitty goes to the kitchen first, getting hot chocolate and some other snacks and then brings them into the Recreation Room. She gets wood set in the fireplace and then motions towards it. "Do your thing," she tells Lockheed with a smile. The little dragon moves over and blows a plume of fame on it, the wood catching fire without needing kindling.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy took full advantage of the sledding snow to prove why she's every students favorite methanthropic hang around at the mansion. Laughing with the kids, being flirty and generally Remy'ish with everyone. Always with a grin, cocky as it always is, and a card trick for the younger students. It's good to have some wholesome every once in a while, right?

Once they all retired inside, he donned something a little less wet and a little more comfortable. Sweat pants, t-shirt, and a Saints ballcap turned backwards, he pads barefoot into the Rec room after a shower. His shaggy brown hair a decidely adorable mess. Because he spent ten minutes manipulating it into to look like it naturally looks that way because being this cute takes effort, I don't give a crap what anyone says.

Seeing Kitty, he winks at her and chews the toothpick into the corner of his mouth. One foot up and over the back of a couch to settle in with his ankles crossed on the table in front of him and his fingers laced on his neck.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo's making use of the quiet solitude of the rec room to practice her pool game. Which looks impressive, as she's lining up a shot to sink the 8 ball, the sole remaining ball on the table. Definitely not because she's been _only_ setting it up or anything of course. No no, she's been playing legitimately. She's really very good.

Her entirely legitimate solo game of pool is interrupted at the sound of approaching footsteps, bringing her to rise up from bending over the edge of the pool table to rise to her full height and look over her shoulder, immediately breaking into a wide smile at the sight of Kitty. She's dressed down herself, a simple tanktop and clinging dark pants, heavy soled boots, not suitable for winter so much as 'suitable for kicking and rugged enough for winter by proxy'.

Her eyebrows perk up, head tilting as she eyes Remy's approach, hips cocking as she hums out, "Oh! Is it cold out?" She clicks her tongue and sighs, "You know, I lose track of the temperature, what with being able to handle all of it without needing to bundle up." She sighs loudly and shakes her head slowly, "Truly, being a weather goddess is such a _burden_."

Ignore the fact she's fighting and losing to stop from grinning like a fool. Ororo is being very serious. She is very burdened by her divinity.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's face lights up and she moves over to Ororo when her shot is done. The woman who was a sometime mother figure to Kitty when she first joined the team, before their relationship turned more big sister-little sister, is given a quick side hug of greeting. "Haven't managed to catch you about for awhile," Kitty says after giving the greeting.

She moves over to the tray she brought, pouring some hot chocolate from the thermos of it, and adding a healthy amount of marshmallows. She's always had a bit of a sweet tooth. "You missed some good sledding," Kitty tells Ororo, as she looks to Remy for confirmation of her statement. "I think with things in Manhattan finally cleared up, everyone was really letting some tension go for a change."

Kitty holds up an empty mug, looking to Remy as she gestures with it to see if he wants some, then her look to Ororo silently asks the same question.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Truly a goddess amongst peasants, chere." Remy says with a smirk at Ororo over at the pool table. His feet rock back and forth like a pair of scissors, lounging out leisurely (read lazily) on the couch cushion. "How difficult it must be to walk unphased into the very mouth of tha coldest freezer to fetch a beer, non?" His black/red eyes drift close, but his smirk goes nowhere! NOWHERE!

"mmm?" One eye splits, spies Kitty's wordless empty mug wiggling, and shakes his head. "Non, merci, I'm sweat enough, oy?" His smirk on spreads. Greatful for the warmth after time out in the cold. Or maybe just an excuse to be a lazy bastard.

Truly it could go either way.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo grins and rolls her eyes, arm looping around Kitty to give a counter-squeeze to that side hug as she sighs heavily, "Yes, yes, I've been lurking about in the attic and enjoying the solitude far _far_ too much, I admit it." She tilts her head thoughtfully, "Okay, not entirely, I've gotten out a tiny bit, met some people, stopped a major winter storm. Just Weather Goddess Things. But not enough friendship things, I'll admit."

She snorts at Remy and rolls her eyes, "Oh, come now! I just keep the beer in a bucket of ice. Portable, and far far easier to reach into than a walk-in freezer." She frowns thoughtfully and hums out, eying that cocoa, and the high ratio of marshmallows. "Wellll.... I suppose I could... go for some cocoa. Perhaps not as many marshmallows. Rumors to the contrary are incorrect, I am _not_ immune to both temperature _and_ calories."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty makes Ororo a mug of hot chocolate as well, with just a couple of marshmallows. She uses the mini ones so they melt more quickly, giving it a little stir before bringing the mug over to the African woman.

Lockheed is finished getting the fire going, and he gives a few flaps of his wings to propel him over to Kitty where he deftly lands on her shoulder. She doesn't even change her movements for him. The little dragon has docked on her shoulder more times than quinjets have landed on the SHIELD Helicarrier. Ok probably not, but they are practiced at it, at least.

With her own mug back in hand, Kitty tosses down a few big throw pillows in front of the fireplace and then reclines on them. "Yes, quite sweet," she agree with Remy with a grin. "It was good to see you out there as well. It's a bit different living back at the mansion again, versus just coming in a day or two a week to help out." She moved back in right around New Years.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I a true mistress of the weatherly arts. Ororo, goddess of tha storm, carries her beer in a bucket of ice crated by thine own hand." Remy pops up suddenly and steps over the back of the couch. He twists as he lands and walks backwards, "She needn't triffle with the foam containers of yester-yor, non... For she alone commands the full weight of Gaia's own frozen tears as answer to the cooling quandry of her bubbly beverages." Theatrically bowing, one foot extended out, he turns on his toes like a dancer and comes closer to the pair.

"But can she heat a mug of chocolate hot?" He wonders thematically? One such mug is twisted into his palm, where it spins on its side until he closes his fingers around to right it in his grasp. Chocolate mix added, along with water from the tap. "With not but the tap of a beautiful, slinder finger..." He reaches for her hand, and if she lets him take it, he bows in to /almost/ kiss her knuckles. "She might bless this thief of hearts with a simple taste of her heating powers?"

Jamie Madrox has posed:

Jamie Madrox doesn't so much walk into the rec room as he is preceded by two of his dupes, deep into a heated debate about who the best Star Trek captain is. It's a heated-enough debate that their entry is aggressive, one of them shoving the other one into the room and the shoved dupe shoving back.

"Oh, real mature, I thought Picard was all about intelligence and diplomacy, and here you are, Picard fanboy, _shoving_."

"It's because I know that's all a Kirk-lover understands."

Behind the dupes: Jamie Prime. He stops at the doorway and gives everyone else a short wave of his hand; his expression looks apologetic. Sometimes his dupes come _very_ intensely nuanced in a very _focused_ way.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope arrives at the Mansion with no small amount of caution, entirely too aware that putting herself around other mutants isn't always the greatest idea. But after time away from the state, she figures she should at least check in at the school and say hello and let people know that she's back around. Kicking snow from her boots, she wanders through the halls, looking for someone to check in with. Just her luck, there's three of them right there! Lifting a hand towards the trio, she starts in their direction.

For once out of her trademark costume and ragged half-cape, Hope wears a leather jacket that's definitely too big on her and likely borrowed, a simple long-sleeved black top, and skinny jeans tucked into winter boots. The arrival of Jamie has her looking at them quizzically, brows drawing together before muttering to herself, "I will assume that is one of those 'pop culture' things that Bart keeps trying to teach me..."

Drawing closer, she offers a simple, "Hey! Uh, I'm back!" towards the group.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins and shakes her head as Remy applies his inner Rico Suave to the African woman. She takes a sip of her hot chocolate, holding it in both hands to warm them. Lockheed meanwhile crawls down from her shoulder into her lap once she's settled on the pillows before the fireplace.

As the conversation can be heard as Jamie and his Dupes enter the room, Kitty contributes to it with, "Wabbit season!" Yes of course she's watched all the old Warner Brother cartoons. It's her kind of thing.

Jamie is given a smile and a wave. "Hot chocolate if you want some," she says, motioning towards a tray. There's also some snacks set out on it as well.

The arrival of Hope then gets another wave from Kitty. "Hey Hope, great you made it back. And yep, arguing about a TV show. Or a pair of them," Kitty confirms to the other young woman. "Help yourself to some hot cocoa if you need to warm up."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
While many a snack might be found in the recroom. Tabitha seems to have eschewed them in favor of a pass at the kitchen before entering. And in one hand and being plundered with the other is a box of cereal with some cartoony mascot on the front and a lot of sugar and carbs that kids probably don't need. Of course for Tabby, it's the doible edged sword.

With the climate controlled environment that is the mansion, the blonde woman can ditch the jackets and cold weather wear so she can relax in very tightly snuggling pink jeans. A sweatshirt that used to be a full length hoodie is worn and cropped to show midriff and shoulders where the hood was cut away to make a deliberately worn out look. An X made of four red circular wedges on the front under a black circle printed across the front. And accessories seem to include yellow chuck sneakers, matching belt and collar in black leather and metal spikes.

The one standout seems to be her hair is actually worn down and not in a wild arrangement of spiky bangs and hair pins. Loose as it is and all the same length as those bangs it actually looks like a neat chin length bob cut. A bob-omb cut perhaps.

"I smelllll chocolate? Wich is way better that smelling frozen breakstone lake outside. Seriously. Gonna have to crash on a couch in here and not trudge to my dorm. Burned too much energy just getting through that snow fall. Not gonna do that twice." she saays with a big playful grin

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"Hope!" One of Jamie's dupes sidles over to the redheaded Summers girl. "Looking good. How long you been back? Whatcha been up to? If you need a course on Star Trek, I'm your guy."

The other dupe rolls his eyes and heads over to where Ororo and Remy are. "Don't listen to him, hope, he's gonna make you watch TNG season one before Riker got his beard." Cue fake snoring. Reaching Ororo and Remy, he goes, "Damn. I was hoping I could shark around today but..." well, even Jamie knows that he's no match for Remy's geometrical skills; and you never know what Ororo can do.

Jamie Prime keeps walking, phone in hand, until he reaches Kitty by the fireplace, smiling. "Hey, Kitkat. Ooh," he says, at the offer of hot chocolate. "Don't mind if I do." Then he eyes her. "Do not get them started, you chaos-sprite."


Remy LeBeau has posed:
Awkwardly, Remy remains there holding a mug. Does he rethinking his decision for dramatics? Not at all. If anything he's proving just how committed to the act of comedy and flirtation he actually is! Stage whispering, from his statue like position beside Ororo. "Hey Tabby and Jamie. Can't wave, I'm committing."

Hope Summers has posed:
You know what's awkward about being from a potential alternate future? Knowing things about people that may or may not be true yet in this time and place. Or may never be true! It gets weird. Hope shakes her head at the offer of cocoa and smiles awkwardly, "Probably better if I don't have sugar. The more hyped up I am the harder it is to cont-"

"-rol! Awwww Hell," a new Hope (pun intended) has popped into existence next to the first, giving the first Hope a glare like this is all her fault. "You had to say it. You couldn't just say 'no thanks', you HAD to say it and there's -"

"-three of us. Thanks a bunch Hope." Hope 3 pops in with the same disgruntled expression before looking to the Jamie dupe that's approached, "What's Star Trek?"

The original Hope wears a chagrinned expression and just shrugs, "Sorry... uh, everyone. And me? I guess. I don't.. really get how this works." She looks to Tabby and offers a small fingerwave, trying to stay outside of whatever 'personal zone' it is that her powers seem to draw from, "Hey Tabby. Hi Kitty. Its... a day." Ororo and Remy get the same sheepish smile and shrug from all three Hope's currently in the room.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty smiles up to Jamie as he comes over. "There's some snacks there as well. Figured more people will be coming in soon. Had a bunch of us out on the sled hill," she says, referring to one of the larger hills on the school grounds. There was a heavy snowfall last night, making for a good time for sledding once classes were done today.

Lockheed sees Remy seeking a source of heat for the water for his hot chocolate, having gone the make it himself route rather than hitting the thermos so he could schmooze Ororo. The little space dragon is helpful, or tries to be. He flaps over to land on the pool table where Remy and Ororo stand, and draws in a deep breath of air while looking at Remy's mug.

A deep breath much like he used before exhaling a plume of fire on the wood in the fireplace. Surely he's not planning to...?

Oh yes. Yes he is.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" All three Madri lift their arms --Jamie Prime only lifts one, because he has hot cocoa in the other hand-- and celebrate the birth of the Dupe Hopes. And then it happens. The dreaded...

... nicknaming.

"Dupe Hope. Dope. Dopes! Unfortunate," says the Jamie at the pool table, "but too late now."

"Dang, I was _hoping_ for 'Hoops'," says the Jamie nearest to Hope and the Dopes, winking at ... one of them. "Star Trek is this really cool sci-fi franchise about a post-scarcity society," he starts to tell the Dope who asksed, rapidly falling into the pitfalls of trying to explain the nuances of _Star Trek_ (full franchise, if you didn't watch _all_ the movies, you're _a bad person_) to a potential noob-Trekkie.

Jamie Prime gives Hope --the original, he can tell, he can always tell-- an apologetic look. "Them's the truth. Ask Rogue. She got stuck with 'Fauxgues'." He shrugs, apologetic but uncompromising.

Lockheed's spewing flame to light the fire gets all three Jamies to pause what they're doing --including putting his mug down-- to give him a genuine celebratory golf-clap. Very nice.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The blonde girl grins and beams at the Jamies. Then turns blue eyes to Hope. "See what ya did? Now you are gonna be stuck binging. Star Trek is a vision of the future created by an old perv that got hamstrung by TV execs and Southern bigotry. Also. Never actually debate Kirk or Picard. They all have lessons to teach and they aren't the only Captains. But I will say Picard left me with like one big lesson:..."

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness, that is life."

And so ends her best Picard impersonation and really tries to not sound like the Professor.

Tabby claims herself a mug of hot chocolate, juggling the cereal box under an arm pit on the mug arm, to be able to eat.

There's another grin at Remy as well as he tries to be extrra charming with Ororo while Lockheed heats his mug. "You know I coulda done that from here. Might be a little... everywhere after though!" she points out.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would enter on in to the rec room, folding a laptop under one arm that was in power down mode. Upon seeing the others gathered she would dip her head over to them. "Greetings. Is there some form of formal briefing or meeting on or is this just a social gathering?" The blonde would inquire, going to not scan the minds of the area. A habit that even all these months along the time with Xavier's and her association that she was still learning. But that had kept most to the time.

"So, what is on the agenda if there is something formal about if I can get it in quick review?" She would inquire but if she would be waved away she would in turn do so to be dismissed. But watching things somewhat curiously while listening, but not speaking up beyond her initial question

Remy LeBeau has posed:
In the immortal words of Mel Gibson: Freeeedoooooooom.

Ala Lockheed.

Who swoops in to save the day by blowing a breath of poof fire on the mug to get it nice and toasty. "Well, ya aint really my type, but I suppose I take what I get, eh mon ami?" He sips from the mug and provides the dragon a perching spot on his shoulder with a little pat of his t-shirt. The pair pad barefoot over to the group gathered where he can lean against the back of the couch and sip his hot chocolate.

"Hope, Hope, and Hope." He says in greeting to all of them, "I says to myself, I say, Remy ... you know what better than ONE Hope? Tree of dem, eh? How you doin' chere? Good to see you back, non?" Fist held out for Jamie to bump.

Enter Emma, "Heeeey dere, belle femme. Good to see you. You know dis-" Motioning at her outfit, "Does not make you look at all questionable, how you doin?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty muses as she watches Hope spring eternal in a completely different sense than the normal saying. "Some witty wording of two's company but you two being a crowd," Kitty tells Jamie and Hope (and Jamie and Jamie and Hope and Hope) as the room becomes much fuller.

Emma's arrival draws Kitty's eyes over. Her fingers go to the necklace about her neck, fingering the Star of David charm through her sweatshirt where it hangs out of sight. "Just warming after sledding," Kitty says. She takes a sip of her hot chocolate from where she's lounging on some throw pillows by a fireplace, that is starting to put out some good heat now.

She doesn't weigh in on Kirk vs Picard. Oh she has views, to be sure. Does she ever have views!

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie fist-bumps Remy and turns to look at Emma when she enters. "Emma, you gorgeous, mostly natural woman, if this were an official _anything_, do you really think I'd be here?" He's got a point. It's not that Jamie isn't invited to official things, it's that he makes it a point to sort of dodge'em, most of the time.

The Jamie trying to explain Star Trek to the Dope looks over at Tabitha and blows her a double-handed kiss. "I love you, Boom-Boom." Uh oh.

Jamie Prime shrugs at Kitty. "I've been told the more the merrier," he shoots back, grinning.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just glance at Remy, "Why, Mister Leabeau, you do have a way with words. And I've come here purely to see what all the hubbub is about." Upon seeing the sudden spike in Kitty's form, Emma looks over at the girl with sadness. Directed at herself and in memory of her own actions and how she had harmed so many. Glancing at Hope and giving a very, very slow nod at the girl she knew mostly by reputation (accurate or not).

There isn't a followup question asked on the subject, while going to cross her arms and glance at teh others and listen. "And has Manhattan been cleared to permit resettlement?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The yonger blonde that be Tabby slips past an Emma and with cup of molten sugar and box of ceral in hold, weaves herself towards a beanbag and drops her pink clad backside down and almost sinks into it as if it was Fred Duke's belly. Only much much less icky and gross.

"The agenda is not being frozen and hoping that if dupes squeeze us out it's via redhead. Look at the hopeful grin on Remy. And Nerd Jamie.... "I know!"" she replies and chuckles as she sips her hot chocolate. Ast least now she can set the cereal between her knees and pick at it with a hand free.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Prime turns a glare towards the Jamie dupes, "Any of you try to keep that up and I will personally make all of you very, very sorry. And then I can tell Bishop that Jamie was responsible for my ending the world. Then he can chase -you- across time and space in a bid for vengeance." She lets out a sigh and pinches the bridge of her nose, entirely too certain that the nickname is going to last for forever. Drawing in a deep breath, she looks to Tabitha, "Binging?"

And then Emma enters. Well shit. Hope Deux turns to greet her, only to to clutch her head and start screaming as images flood into her mind too quickly for her to parse. The scream is short-lived, but the duplicate remains curled up on the ground and clutching her head and muttering to herself.

The third Hope is busy smiling at Remy and calling back, "Three's a crowd... unless it's all you, then it's just fun, right?" She leans back against the edge of the pool table only for her hands to start glowing, spreading to the rim of the pool table quickly. So quickly.

Hope Prime's eyes widen and she shakes her head, "No, this is bad, this is bad... how do you stop it? REMY HOW DO YOU STOP IT!" And this is why Hope tends to stay away from the Mansion... overstimulation, surprise, and proximity are a nasty combination.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy inclines his head at all this nerdy shit which he absolutely doesn't know anything about and will never say otherwise even under threat of death except Emma can read his mind and could probably totally see that he thinks they're all wrong and Star Wars is better than any of them so this conversation is moot. His lips purse, tight smile at her, knowing.

She knows.

And he up nods. "Welp. It sounds like all ya got so much to do talkin' about things that are very important and well and truly above my pay grade non?" Lockheed hops off his shoulder returns to Kitty, Gambit fishes his chocolate and smiles. Empty mug twirling around his index finger like a gunslinger.

"Remy out! before I say something that shatters friendships and starts civil war..." Except Hope, he points at her and winks, "Dat true. Eyyyy, I could be the life of /tree/ parties, eh?"

Emma Frost has posed:
And then Hope is collapsing over and Emma's eyes would widen. The sudden overwhelming of images and overload is something that takes her a few moments to comprehend what is going on. All telepaths have had this happen. Emma is going down to ak nee and saying, "I have to go into your mind." She would state. "So give me permission."

Then Emma is going into HOpe's consciousness at the go-ahead. Her mind isn't bothering to read things. Those are HOpe's memories and by far the other's. That would violate her privacy. What Emma does is put up mental blocks and shields. Erecting walls in the girl's mind as quickly as she could to block out the images and telepathy and everything shooting through her consciuosness.

Telepaths could shield others, so Emma goes to establish a firewall. Putting heavy shields up, going into the brain to deaden areas generally responsible for telepathy, and going to try and knit it all together to do a quick field blockage to cut out the overloading of senation giong through her to try and keep out everything going through the room of the other girl.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It's probably a miracle there are louder brains than Tabitha's so when Hope starts getting all psychic and head clutchy Tabitha just kinda starts thinking small thoughts that might mostly just be a constant image of a more mature looking Tabitha trying to gag, hogtie stuff a younger teen aged Tabby in a closet that is the back of her brain before all that nuts and thirst and hyperactivity runs wild in other heads.

"Maybe start her binge watching now to help her focus?" Tabby suggests for the benefit of the power copying Hope.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"Ah, fuck _every_ duck!" Jamie #2 (next to the pool table) looks at Hope and shakes his head. "Hey. Hey." He steps up to her and looks her in the eyes. "Deep breath. Relax. Don't explode. Just, you know, just _chill_. Because if you blow, then not only do we all blow, but there's going to be a _lot_ more Jamies and Hopes _all_ over the place." Kinetic energy is _bad_, m'kay? "Just relax. Big breaths. Deep breaths."

Jamie #3 (who was explaining Star Trek) blinks when the Hope he's talking to crumples to the ground with psychic pain, and he steps the fuck away when emma intercedes to try to help her.

Meanwhile, Jamie Prime looks at Kitty and puts his hand on her shoulder. "If she blows, phase me or we're all gonna drown in Madri and Hopes."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well dat' not good attal..." Remy knows what his own power looks like, he also kinda? knows how to deal with it. He's moving quickly, leaping over the back of the couch in a monkey spring to clear the coffee table, rolls out of the landing and slides up against the pool table with both hands resting on the smooth wooden surface. As the kinetic force begins to build in the material, it expands outward in a faint glow of purply light that radiates his skin and eyes in that magenta hollogen.

His muscles vibrate with the effort.... absording and dissolving as much of it as he can, but he wasn't fast enough to actually stop the damn thing from exploding. "I jus' got dis shirt-...."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a bit of a crackle. And with psychic worries Tabby looks and sees that maybe there's an explosive problem. "Fuck, pool table get back!" she says and scrambles out of the bean bag to chase after the explosive furniture and place hands on it herself

"It's gonna blow. Maybe maybe!" And what is Tabby's solution. Making a bomb of her own but, being that she still has to draw the materials. The gass to ionise and load with electrons from around her she starts drawing on what she can from the kineticly charged pool table.
"I've never done this big before!" she yells and ther own bomb is made and just as the table is drained it still blows as does her own bomb. But it seems to be enough to reduce the blast but not mitgate it.


The two go off but Tabby's seems shaped enough to just counter and setroy the pool table while the force knocks the small blonde back hard towards the nearest wall. And with a very hefty thud while clothes smoulder and eventually chunks or wood and drywall land on the blonde when debris comes down atop her.

Under the pile of rubble, there's a very weak sounding whimper.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty was focused on the Dope who was struggling under the telepathic influx of thoughts and voices in her head. She's late in realizing what is going on over at the pool table.

When she does, she pops to her feet, moving to grab hold of Jamie Prime who is near her, and any others within reach. They spared any effects of the blast as Kitty takes them out of phase with the explosion.

As soon as the blast is done, she rushes over to where Tabitha is buried beneath the debris. Kitty reaches into the rubble, finding Tabitha and then drawing her out, making sure she's fully clear before lying her down on the floor.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Prime glances around the room, drawing in that deep breath and centering herself. She moves towards Kitty to make sure she's in the 'phase' field as the table continues to charge and Tabitha works to create an.. anti-bomb bomb? Close enough! A solution! Creative AND potent. She seems to be purposely holding onto the duplication power just now to let the dupes themselves act.

The one that had been curled into a ball on the floor, looks up as Emma protects her mind, "Thank yo-ohh fuck, come here!" She grabs Emma and the Jamie dupe that was nearby to forcibly take on Kitty's phasing ability as well to extend the field for keeping people safe fromt he coming explosion. Trying to hurry them further away from the coming boom radius even as she looks to Emma, "That was intense. Respect for keeping all that in check."

The third Hope, the one responsible for the splodey pool table looks to Remy, then to the table, then back to Remy, trying to mimic what he's doing and absorb a portion of the table's explosive force to help lower the concussive blast just a little bit more. And its STILL enough that it knocks Tabitha through a wall! "Shit. How do you not explode... everything?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
After the boomening, Remy is throw off like disk at the wall, which he hits way too hard for it to be good for his back. Bits of wood splintering at him in a rain of shards cutting up his shirt until it's a barely strips clinging to his athletic, lithe muscles. His ballcap is gone, so his too shaggy hair hangs across his stubbled jaw as he pushes out of the rubble that use to be a table like some Greet statue. Full of fluidity of motion and grunts because that's how he do.

Did he flex? Nah, not intentionally. But he is flexing, looking at the laceration on his bicep. Totally casual, totally in character guys. It's on the tin. With a sigh, he steps out of what rained upon him and sits down upon the small pile of wood splinters with a huff, one knee up so his arm can lay across it. Staring at the destruction as he pulls a cigarette out of a pocket in his sweats and lights it up where he sits.

Because if they're more concerned about smoking at this stage in the game?

They need to address their priorities.

He's got blood oozing from a head wound, knuckles and fingers all burnt up from absorbing so much energy, and still managed to get his shirt off.

This definitely could have been worse.

"ya keep't in your pants. If ya don't pull it out, it can't explode, non?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would let herself be yanked down over against Hope and let herself be yanked on down along with it, not entirely sure what's going on. "You're welcome. I'm sorry I put you in pain." Emma goes to move to spread her mind out throughout the room, if she was able to trying to get everyone along in a mental tether to try and let them all talk, with all of the suppressed explosions and other things going on as she would try and keep the barriers up around Hope. And on top of that her body being over in a position to where if need be shield the student, no matter the inability of her form to do any usch thing.

<<Is everyone all right? What is your status?>> Her tentatively trying to check with each person over in the room and looking to make sure that the worst of things were over.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie Prime gets phased by Kitty; Jamie #3 gets phased by Hope; and Jamie #2... well, Jamie #2, who was right next to the splodey-Hope, he just ceases to be all of a sudden, sort of misting away, as if someone had snapped a large, bejeweled metal glove and reduced the number of Jamie Madroxes by one third.


Jamie Prime takes a sip of his hot cocoa and then looks at Hope. "If you're going to keep the duping, you're gonna need some lessons, I think."

Jamie #3 smiles at the Hope that phased him. "Thanks, red."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Heat, flame, energy blasts. Tabby can be pretty tanky. But while she might have a pretty high reistance to that, she is still relatively squishy when it comes to blunt force trauma.

So that doesn't help when blast waves are faster than reflexes and have enough power to knock a pooltable into big chunks or wood felt and splinters. A one hundred and twentyish pound blonde woman might as well be a leaf on the wind. Watch how she soars.

Into that wall.

When Kitty pulls Tabitha from the wreckage created she is pretty beat up, clothes smouler and there's a chocolate stain on her thigh. Dust and dirt everywhere and the start of some pretty heafty bruising. Let alone the scratches from wood and metal impacts and some bits and nails and tacs stuf in Tabby's skin.

At least she's conscious. "Kitty my hero!" she says with a very goofy and wooze smile. "Don't tell Scott or Jean. Imma too old for detention, 'kay!" she says and seems to roll her eyes up one at a time as she tries and fails to sit up. "Everyone got all their bits? Red 'kay?" Concious but clearly concussed.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde checks Tabitha's condition. Not a doctor by any means, but bein an X-man for over a half-dozen years means you get a bit of training and a lot of experience when it comes to these sorts of situations.

"We should get you down to the medical bay," Kitty tells her. "Unless Chris or Josh are around the mansion somewhere. Once we're sure everyone else is ok we can check and see," she says, naming two of the mutant healers who can be found at the school now and then.

Kitty stands up, looking around at everyone. "Everyone ok?" she asks. She visually spots Remy's situation before the words are hardly out of her mouth. "Oof," Kitty says, looking about for something in a condition it can serve as a bandage. She grabs a blanket and rips off a few strips of it, bringing it over to Remy. "Direct pressure," she says as she gently applies them to the sources of the bleeding.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy holds his hand above his head with his thumb poking up in response to Emma's mental question, "Tout va bien ici, ne vous inquietez pas pour moi.." Still puffing his cigarette. Small smoke rings rising up from his mouth, into the air. He watches them dissipate with a little grin. ALSO clearly concussed.

He glances up at Kitty when she lays a bandage in his hand, then pushes it against the side of his head with a nod and another thumbs up, cigarette dangling from two curled fingers. "I'm good, see after Tabby." She'd taken far more booming than he had.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Prime grits her teeth as she shrugs at Jamie Prime, "It won't stay for long.. maybe an hour. Maybe less. It's more that I need to figure out how to not.. spontaneously copy powers. I'm not used to having this many mutants around, it makes things.. interesting. But if you're offering to show me how yours works, sure. Just.. maybe somewhere else. Scott's gonna -kill- me." She flicks a glance towards the blown back and bleeding people, the hole in the wall, and the dent in the floor from where the pool table once stood.

Hope 2 nods to Emma, "Not your fault. You'd think I would be used to telepathic powers but it's... it's different for each telepath. So it's like having to learn it all over again. With someone who's strong... well, you saw." Jamie 3 gets a brief grin, "Anytime."

And the third Hope picks herself up gingerly from where they thudded and landed, shaking herself off before letting out a breath, "Think I've done enough damage here..." She blinks out of existence while the Prime Hope winces as the duplicate is reabsorbed, leaving her with a pounding headache and some lovely scrapes and bruises. "Well... now that I've destroyed the rec room, yay, maybe.. nurse? Or... whoever is medical staff here?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to offer a hand over to help Hope 2 up. "Give me a moment." She would go to close her eyes and then rapidly sweep through the school, searching for familiar minds and targeting through them rapidly. <<Josha, Christopher, please report down to the rec room as soon as possible>> Her sending it quickly and then glancing at Kitty.
    "Do you think that it's safe to move them or not?" Meaning likely Remy and anyone else that had taken it badly. "And we can if you wish talk about some sorts of training later, if you would request it and I can work with some of the other teachers in coming up with a regimen to try. However that is your decision and what you feel safe with."

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie Prime's phone rings and he gives everyone a quick smile. "I gotta take this," and heads for the door. "If you guys need contracting work, I'm available! My rates ain't that bad!" Jamie really does have more money than people suspect because of things like this.

Jamie #3, now #2 because the third is gone, flashes Hope a grin. "'Anytime' sounds good. You just let me know. Be right back," he adds, and heads for the bathroom. Even dupes have to pee.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Whether or not Tabby is okay is probably not something she can really judge for herself but she smiles at the folks looking out for her. "Just another day in the Danger rec-room!" she states and finally sits up and maybe feels better because dear crickey moses her back is a mess where she took the worst hit.

"Dooooon't worry Hope. People see this mess, they gonna blame me. Mutant Forensics and shit!" she states very wobbly to try and reassure Hope.

Troublemakers have a sense for when cacky is being stepped in.

Emma gets a smile. "Imma totally walk away from this! Totally!" she declares and tries to stand up. And fails. "Maybe when I have a nap later. Kinda tired, not sleepy."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty nods over to Emma. "Doesn't seem like either of them have any back injuries or anything that they can't be moved," she says in agreement. She gently pats Remy on a shoulder in a spot that doesn't look like it would hurt. "Maybe Hank has some medicinal rum he can break out for you," she says consolingly.

Students are gathering in the hallway to peak inside and see what the blast was all about. "I swear it wasn't me," Hambone can be heard saying from further back in the hallway. "Yeah, we know, unless you can talk chipmunks into blowing themselves up now," another student can be heard replying to him.

Kitty holds up a hand towards the hallway with a finger in admonition. "Do NOT give James ideas!" she says.

Chipmunks in suicide vests. That's all they'd need now.

Emma Frost has posed:
Message for assistance sent out, and Emma Frost goes to track the position of the others coming to render aid to evaluate if it was easier to redirect them to meet in the medbay or somewhere closer while they would get ready to move. Her trusting the other's sense of how bad the injuries were and how was best to tkae them along or leave them until treatment.

"Given how often things happen here I'm surprised that there's any rum left that hasn't already been long since drained."

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Prime lets out a slow breath and looks to the second Hope, "It's time." The second Hope nods and disappears as Hope Prime approaches Emma with a lopsided smile, "I'm not normally a telepath at all, but if you're offering to to teach me how you personally handle your powers, then sure. The more I know the better I can control them if I copy them again." Then she's moving towards Tabby and offering both hands out to her, "C'mon, lets get you on your feet and to the... people who take care of this stuff." Read, get you up and walking so you don't fall asleep cause sleep + concussions = BAD.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's some rolling, Tabby moving onto her handand knees with plenty of winces and "Ow, ouch, fuck, ouch!" escaping her lips as she slowly picks herself up onto her feet.

Seeing Tabby, the kids in the hall probably all understand and start making jokes at the blonde's expense. At least Hope's help is accepted and the blonde leans a little against the redheaded soldier from the future.

"I may need that rum but maybe we can swing by the Lounge down stairs. There's definitely been a restock. Thanks to racist liqor store owners. Anyway. Yeah, I forsee pliers annd stingy swabs of antiseptic. My Safeword is Diametric by the way." she states and looks at the mess Boom-Boom and Hope tag teamed to co create.

"It's art!"