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  Multiple Man  
Jamie Madrox (Scenesys ID: 472)
Name: James Arthur Madrox
Superalias: Multiple Man
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Combat Medic and Bartender
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Mutant Town, NYC
Education: Student of Life
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 9 September 1996 Played By Lucas Hedges
Height: 5'11" Weight: 172lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @MultipleMan
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Jamie Madrox is just your average, run of the mill, independently wealthy, bar tending mutant with a checkered past and a talent for finding trouble.

He's also a known member of a vigilante mutant group and the (in)famous Multiple Man. Not many people get to become a big shot hero after doing something stupid like fight the Fantastic Four. He's made the most of it. Respect in the Mutant community, begrudging acceptance in the capes crowd and a bit of side-eye from the government. He's got it made.


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* 1996: Jamie Arthur Madrox is born and, much to the shock of family and hospital staff, exhibits his Mutant Gift. One smack from the doctor makes two bouncing baby boys. Doctors Daniel Madrox and Joan Madrox immediately move to an isolated farm in Kansas.

* 1997: Having created a specialized containment suit to mitigate Jamie's duplication powers, Joan and Daniel Madrox are caught off guard by the arrival Damian Tryp. His offer to take Jamie and raise him 'with his kind' is turned down.

* 1999: Home schooling begins and farm chores soon follow. Very exciting stuff.

* 2008: Jamie Madrox finds an early obsession in noir detective stories, classic kung fu films and gymnastics. The last very much against his parents wishes.

* 2010: Damian Tryp nearly levels the Madrox farm with a tornado, killing both of Jamie's parents. The next three years are spent in complete isolation, caring for the farm and slowly sinking into quiet insanity.

* 2013: Following the malfunction of his containment suit, Jamie Madrox experiences a psychotic break and flees Kansas for New York. Causing(becoming) a riot, Jamie and his small army of Dupes are brought down by the Fantastic Four.

* 2014: Jamie, following the repairs to his suit by Reed Richards and Charles Xavier, turns down an offer to join the X-Men on a mission to Krakoa. Instead, he takes residence on Muir Island at the request of Professor Xavier.

* 2015: Proving to be an invaluable lab assistant, Jamie takes it a step further and helps defeat the mutant Proteus. Again he turns down an offer to join the X-Men, prefering life on Muir Island.

* 2015: Jamie makes his first steps in expanding his numbers with the intent to 'harvest' memories and skills obtained by his Dupes. One is sent to China to become a Kung Fu master. Another leaves for Gotham to join the GCPD. Yet another to New York to work on a law degree. Another -still- to Metropolis and working on becoming a paramedic. He sends a handful more out and neglects to inform anyone.

* 2016: Jumped and drugged by two of his Dupes gone rogue, one locks himself away in a bunker. The other accompanying Moira MacTaggart to search for two missing New Mutants in America. The Dupe ends up joining a street gang. It gets weird. Said Dupe joins the Nasty Boys soon after.

* 2017: Surviving an attack by Shadow King, Jamie leaves Muir Island for the United States. Joining a government sponsored team of mutants, he's soon thrown into conflict with the Nasty Boys and his rogue Duplicate. Aborbing said Dupe, he uncovers a plot between a sitting Senator and Mister Sinister.

* 2018: After the Mutant Massacre, Jamie Madrox leaves the government sponsored team and finally takes Charles up on his offer of joining the X-Men. To stabilize his duplication taxed mind, Jamie re-absorbs a few Dupes and gains his first mass influx of memories and skills.

* 2019: Reuniting with a few more key Duplicates, Jamie Prime becomes a self made millionaire. Using a team of Dupes, Jamie scammed a gameshow. Legally. He has now been banned from gambling in the state of New York. He sometimes teaches children Kung Fu in the park for bad jokes.

* 2020: Following the tragedy in Genosha, he staked his claim in Mutant Town. Not knowing what to do with himself, he forms 'The Council of Madri' with two independent Dupes of tenure to hash out a plan of scheduled expansion and re-absorption. This will likely end terribly.

IC Journal

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He'd like to say 'Bold' but that's not exactly correct. Jamie Madrox isn't afraid to put himself out there when he's pushed or -finally- decides to a course of action. So accustomed to making all the choices, he tends to fall into easy patterns of shameless forward momentum. He adds that extra bit of flash even when he probably shouldn't. Whether that means a wild, hail mary plan or a mind blistering pub crawl, Jamie can make it memorable. He's the kind of guy that knows how to sneak in but would rather brick the window.

Fairly Liberal:
Easy going, indulgent and broad minded almost to a fault. With an approach to life like Jamie's, it's no wonder that he's as open to change as he is. Nearly every choice is taken from as many angles as is possible, giving him a unique perspective that leaves him often far more accepting of new ideas and behavior. It's not that he's pointedly mercurial(that's mostly accidental), he just knows there's no -one- way to be and he's tempted to experiment with so many possible outcomes.

He just can't even. Seriously, it's a fault that has plagued him and defined him for years. Able to send himself in every direction, explore every option, experience all the things and... he's stuck. Unable to chose which way to go more often than not and letting fate or time force his hand. Some see it as lazy, he'd call it Energy Efficient. Truth be told, he's just scared to fail.

You wouldn't think Multiple Man would be the sort but it's true. He spent his teenage years in isolation and that set him off on the wrong foot. Even able to duplicate himself, he still feels the pressure of solitude. Uncomfortable when it's too quiet. He gathers people around him like a comfort blanket. The only problem is, he doesn't know -exactly- what to do when they are close sometimes. He stumbles in socially intimate situations. He makes bad jokes to lighten the mood. Anything to keep it from being too quiet.

Without a doubt, Jamie puts entirely too much of himself into everything he does. Not only to prove to himself that he is capable, he enjoys that enough as it is, but more to prove his worth to others. To show he's quality over quantity. This results in some try-hard moments that are bound to turn around and bite him on the backside. Like always.

Beneath it all there exists a mean streak that's just hellbent on hitting back. Getting that last dig in. Really putting his back into a sucker punch. Jamie Madrox is doing his best to hide that gnawing pit of anger in his stomach after Genosha... but it's not enough. When pushed to his limits, he's starting to -enjoy- lashing out. Hitting back. He tells himself it's for all the people who didn't get the chance. He almost believes it.

Character Sheet


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Kinda Immortal:
It's said if you kill the OG, another takes his place. It's mostly just a theory but the possibility remains. Killing the original Jamie Madrox transfers the whole of his personality and experiences to the nearest Duplicate within a ten mile radius. In theory.

Kinetic Duplication:
With a bump or a slap, one becomes many. Jamie Madrox can create a perfectly identical living duplicate of himself. All he needs is physical impact. Kinetic energy. The harder the hit, the more of him there are. This process, possibly extra dimensional mass acquisition, is spontaneous and cannot be prevented by Madrox. While he can create many duplicates, his copies can only replicate themselves once at a time. The Dupes all feel, think and act on their own will though usually guided by the OG Jamie. Each Duplicate manifests an aspect of Jamie's personality, increasing in intensity the longer spent apart from the original. This has been getting worse. Linked through a telepathic and empathic hive mind of sorts, Jamie experiences severe psychic trauma if one of his Duplicates dies. It is virtually impossible to tell Jamie apart from his Duplicates. Any tattoo or attire, loose change or small objects on his person are copied exactly into the next Jamie. Jamie is able to have more than fifty such duplicates in existence at the same time, regardless of proximity, though as the number of duplicates reaches this level and beyond it taxes Jamie considerably and the strain on his empathic link becomes difficult for him to bear for long.

* Duplicate Absorption - Jamie Prime is able to absorbs his Duplicates from a distance of fifty yards. Doing so consumes and retains the skills, memories and experiences of the Duplicate. This is limited in that he cannot absorb an already dead Dupe.

* Experience Transference - Merging with his copies, Jamie retains the memories, knowledge and experiences of a Duplicate. Not -perfectly- but close enough. However, if the Dupe kills itself, Madrox can still absorb it's collected experiences.

* Duplication Healing - Absorbing a wounded Dupe damages, absorbing a ealthy one... Heals. Merging can be used as a form of healing but there are also risks. While he can absorb a healthy Dupe to heal himself, absorbing an injured or poisoned Duplicate transfers the damage but only by half.


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Combat Medic:
While the Dupe didn't become a surgeon, he did become a paramedic. That alone has saved more than one life following Jamie absorbing that Duplicate back into himself. He's no brain surgeon but he can still save a neck or two in a tight spot.

King of Team Work:
Jamie Madrox has put a great deal of time into working in concert with... well, everybody. Whether it be a small militia of his own Dupes or a new crew entirely, Jamie shines. It's a pack mentallity that serves him well in making openings for his teammates, expanding a research teams or covering for holes in tactics. Team work makes the dream work, right?

English, Arabic, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish. Oh, and Xhosa just because he wanted to know how to *click*. It's not that he naturally picks up languages faster than anyone else but when he wants to learn one, he justs sends a dupe to where it's spoken for complete immersion.

Quite Sneaky:
Shaolin stealth technique. No, really. Kung Fu Stealth. While it's true that he knows such a thing and has used it once or twice in the past, it's really all about blending in. Jamie is good at shadowing people, blending into crowds and getting the drop on people that don't have super senses or the like.

Renaissance Man:
Through absorbing his well traveled and learned Duplicates, Madrox has collected a list of life skills and occupational talents that would take... well, multiple lives to accomplish. He may excell in certain specific fields but it's doubtful he will ever master any of them. His ever expanding resume includes experience as a gymnast, burglar, spy, locksmith, fire fighter and escape artist with more on the way.

Strong Kung Fu:
One of the first Duplicates that Jamie sent out on a mission was sent to China. Years of study among the Shaolin Monks was absorbed, giving Jamie Prime expert level techniques in multiple styles. He's not going to defeat Iron Fist or Lady Shiva but he can hold his own with the greats for a moment or two. He's also very handy with a baseball bat and has been known to carry brass knuckles when and where it's generally frowned upon.


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Extreme Social Network:
So many lives lived already. So many people met. Jamie can call on a vast network of low key friends, acquaintances and people he's helped in the past. It's nothing ground shaking but he can get gossip, street rumors, some real estate tips and the general rumblings of Mutant Towns more vocal malcontents. Mostly mundane but it helps when the chips are down.

Legal Advice:
One of his Dupes is about to pass the Bar Exam. So you know what that means... Jamie Madrox can practice law in the state of New York! Well, sooner or later. While he doesn't work for a firm or moonlight as a public defender, his Dupe can offer sound legal counsel. Who better to call if you end up in cuffs? Free counsel indeed!

Not So Idle Rich:
Jamie went on a gameshow and won a couple million bucks. That's no joke. Using a team of duplicates, he worked his way to the top of the prize heap and took home entirely too much money. He's blowing through it relatively quick but for now, it's keeping the lights on and the take-out fresh.

Private Investigator:
The Dupe that Jamie sent out to become a detective went a little harder than he expected. The copy burned himself out terribly in the process but he's still hanging in there. While said Dupe may be a distance away, a phone call can sometimes get a more investigative eye on things. If he's sober enough.

The Council of Madri:
Yearly absorption and duplication. It's not a real council so much as Jamie sending out a version of him that he's vetted for a specific field of study. After a year or less, they "catch up". So far, this is going without a hitch. Inevitably, one of the Duplicates will find the deal less than favorable for them. Again.

While only having officially joined the X-Men fairly recently, Jamie was no stranger to Charles or the team long before he finally put on the work boots and X-belt. Something of a self admitted black sheep of the team, he can still and often does call on the resources at his disposal due to that membership card. Who else gets access to a genetics lab and a stealth jet? It's great. Not that he'd ever admit it.


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Accidental Duplication:
Sometimes a bump causes a Dupe. Impact can knock a Duplicate right out of Jamie and it's not always in his best interests to be -more-. The more force, the more Dupes. Confined spaces and his power tend to not be friends because of this.

For a man capable of every choice, he can't choose. The more Duplicates he has in the field, the worse it gets. Even if he's flying solo, Jamie still has difficulties making decisions. So accustomed to sending out a copy to experience the outcome or multiple to play the odds, he sometimes just can't seem to make a choice when pressed.

Memory Maze:
So many lives and memories, it's hard to sort through. Keeping track of which memories are his and which are those of Duplicates past is getting more and more difficult. Jamie doesn't want to admit that it's become impossible but it very well could be. Not only that but the memories and experiences absorbed aren't always one hundred percent.

Rogue Dupes:
Not all of them want to play ball. One is in a bunker somewhere. He's not sure what he's up to anymore and that is very, very bad. With time and distance, Duplicates gain more and more autonomy. While the majority invariably end up playing ball, so to speak, occasionally one will fight back against re-absorption. Even going as far as to scheme and betray to avoid the fate.

Sharing the Pain:
When a Dupe is killed, he feels it. Hard. The psychic backlash of a Duplicate's death is enough to temporarily incapacitate Jamie. Causing temporary pain, disorientation and confusion. This rarely happens in anything short of a terrible time.

As Jamie spreads himself too thin and Duplicates become more independent, they manifest heightened aspects of his core personality. Jamie Prime slowly loses that aspect as they gain more freedom and distance. This can leave him feeling sluggish, depressed and near catatonic with indecision in the extreme circumstances.



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Jamie Madrox has 22 finished logs.

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The Hustle Is Forever May 21st, 2020 Jamie Madrox appears outside the Triskellion looking to invite himself onto the roster. He encounters Natasha Romanoff. She is not receptive.
Mutants, No Holds Barred May 21st, 2020 A group of X-men walk into a bar... and it's a barfight!
A Sinister Plot: Lost But Not Forgotten May 3rd, 2020 The X-Men discover people are missing in action. Panic sets in, and groups split to start planning investigations and rescues.
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I Gotta Bail February 21st, 2020 Madrox has bail posted by time traveling hitmen on rocket boots. After being saved by Rachel, Daniel and Morrigan, he's re-arrested but offers pizza. Maxima witnesses a day in the life of Mutant Town.
E Pluribus Unum: Surprise Announcement February 20th, 2020 All the lovely people gather for Tony Stark's small announcement.


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Jamie Madrox has 22 finished logs.

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