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X-Folks: Dox-M: Camping Noobs
Date of Scene: 07 August 2022
Location: Camp Anuubiho, Montana
Synopsis: The X-Men make the world, and a Montana Summer Camp safe for S'mores and undersized tees. A number of fankids are made and the amount of wild dyejobs at the Xavier School increases.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Betsy Braddock, Monet St. Croix, Rogue, Megan Gwynn

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There'd been a Dox-M report about a summer camp in Montana off the east shore of Flathead Lake. Just a fair ways down one of the creeks that run off the freshwater lake.

"Mutant Militia Training Child Soldiers to Fight Humanity" was the headline. But Camp Anuubiho was really just a summer camp that was friendly to mutants so kids could have some of the same experiences others have without teasing or bullying, in theory.

This didn't sit well with one of the local survivalist militias. A bunch of Friends of Humanity aligned locals. Usually the sort to sit and just drink and whine about which ever "The Whatevers" got a bug up their backsides decided that after reading the article that these kids were just too close.

Hence the hostage situation. They steamrolled into the camp. Pickups, shotguns and rifles at the ready and corralled the kids at breakfast in the dining hall.

What kept the mutant kids from fighting back?

Well between being young kids who mostly might not have had any training.

Some of them Militia Men were also on friendly terms with the Purifiers, and managed to scrounge up some tech. Mostly in a power dampening field for the dining hall. And a few suits of strength enhancing power armor. Ill fitting but it still worked.

The X-Men managed to get word. A couple of the kids taken hostage were actually students on their own summer break. The camp had a functioning wi-fi network and kids were allowed some screen time in the mornings and evenings before activities or lights out. The adults and counselors working never got a chance to call out. But some of the kids managed to sneak a phone.

Hence the Blackbird in Stealth Mode landing in a clearing under the cover of darkness that night. A fly by over the camp itself showing most of the Militia concentrating around the dining hall with maybe a few doing on foot patrols around the camp fences. A couple of rooftops but no buildings high enough to get some of those big hunting rifles range.

Four guys in makeshift power armored exoskeletons tromping around the dining hall itself. One of them clearly giving orders, the beer gut he had straining against the armor while a lack of helmet shows him sweating and breathing hard. It's still summer after all and this guy is very out of shape for using the armor. The other three clearly in a better condition.

They're still sweaty though.

A Psi sweep pinging about thirty men all up. Another thirty kids in in the dining hall and ten camp staff ranging from older teenagers to around their mid fifties in age. All scared and worried bar a couple kids who seem fearless and hopeful.

The Xavier students that called it in.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The source of that psi-sweep?

One Elizabeth 'Psylocke' Braddock, sitting in the center of the cargo bay in lotus position. The resident psi-ninja is clad in one of her stealthier outfits, an all black leotard with her distinctive purple hair braided back. Across her lap is a new-looking katana with purple and black wrapping on the handle and a distinctive butterfly pattern on the cross guard.

After passing on the intelligence she was able to gather, and establishing a psi-link between the various X-Men, she gets to her feet and sheathes the sword in one fluid gesture.

<< Well, shall we take the subtle approach, or shall we chose violence? >> Betsy asks, mind voice wry as she glances at the assembled X-Men. Other than herself, none of them are particularly famous for their restraint and ability to go subtle. << I do love a good fight in the good, clean mountain air. >>

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is there as backup for the other telepath. She's not remotely on Betsy's level, irritably as she might find that at another time. However, this means that instead of normally having to hold back to be able to coordinate the team psionically she can go in fists first.
    <<Likelyu for the best we reconottir. If they have hostages, we'll need to locate them quickly and ensure we can recover them. And if those -things- are spread about then we have to take them out in batches with hit and run tactics. They can injure most of us.>> Well, other than Rogue probably.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been behind the pilot's seat of the Blackbird. She'd been a big fan of flying the Jet since before she ever stepped foot on it. Taking Carol's love of flying from within the woman's mind, lead Rogue to being a fan of flying a lot of different types of air vehicles, most of which she'd never even stepped foot inside of...

The Blackbird? It was the fastest of them all. She loved taking it up to crusing altitudes, and then performing the 'Dipsy Doodle' maneuver which got the vehicle to its fastest Mach speed in atmosphere. It really blazed its way from New York state toward Montana, and got there in tremendous time...

Once they found their stealth location to set down, the Belle set down her shades on the dash and began tu unclip herself. "Ya'll ready for this? We got some kids t'protect." She says with a grin as she rose up from the seat and grabbed her jacket off the back of her seat. Once outside, Rogue was ready to take to the sky without any jet's needed...

Hovering off the gorund, Rogue smiles at Betsy, then to the others. "We spot the nefarious nare-do-wells here, and we just take'em apart. Carefully, a'course."

Rogue shows a smile toward Monet. "My plan in situations like this, is just t'swoop in like a Bird'a Prey, and pick'em up, take them far away quickly, then leave'em to wonder what the hell even happened."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn bites her lip as she stays seated near the back of the blackbird, peering out the window rather impatiently as they approach. <Stealth mode seems wiser to me. Want me to dust the lookout? Assuming I can touch anything through their exoskeletons?> of course they still need to breathe. She's dressed in a stealth version of her usual gold and blue uniform, all black leather with holes in the back fir her iridescent butterfly wings, a black head band keeping her black streaked pink hair out of her eyes. Though she'll wait for assent from the more experienced members before taking action.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Some of the other details came from Tabby staying connected with one of the students with their phone. "Might wanna keep from the dinining hall. Power dampeners there. None of the kids can use their powers. Be like a pain in the ass. Not sure how big the field is but if you're gonna swoop on guys in like mech armor. Might wanna stay low." Tabby points out with a grin.

The helmets some of the exosuited guys wear don't have decent filtration at all. Pixie won't have any problem with that.

Boom-Boom is not a flier so she's going to be stuck on the ground. two piece uniform leaving her midriff bare while black pants in synthetic leather cling and breath so she doesn't cook in the summer weather. The upper half with yellow padding at her upper shouklders and chest and down her sleeves looking more like a sizzped up motorcycle jacket in a bolero cut. Which is not actually safe for riding. <<So like you guys gonna go be Magpie Squad while I pad along on the ground like a peasant and go shut down that dampening field. Works for me. Make some extra noise so they look up!>> Tabby sends over the mind link.

The guards haven't noticed the team yet but when they start flying in fast they soon will. Thankfully they aren't that spread out.

They really don't want to risk the kids before anyone can decide what to so with them.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<< Oh, do be a dear and stop pouting, Tabitha. >> Betsy replies with amusement, as she does some stretches once she exists the Blackbird. << I'll be on the ground too. Someone has to make sure you stay out of trouble, luv. >> And she gives the blonde a quick, almost feral grin as she reaches up and unsheathes her sword.

<< Our biggest advantage is communication. >> She reminds the group over the psi-link, << Between the two of us, M and I should be able to keep a psi link active even in the worst fighting. Call out what you intend to do, where you are, and this should be by the books. >> That reminder delivered, the psi-ninja grins around, preparing to take off into the forest.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would nod over at Rogue, "Acceptable." No sense in overly complicating something that worked so well all the time there was it?" Psylocke, if you can go ahead and effectively scout where our targets are and any hostages they might have.." The other woman was a far better psychic than she was, galling as that way for her to admit. Rogue was so much stronger than she was.. But, now was not the time for her to have any feelings of inferiority.
    Go in, rescue, smash up anything that moves over. She's quite ready to do her part. All's the more the shame since they can't mess up anything -that- badly..
    After some consideration she would go, "And we want to try and take any of their electronics intact that we can. Their computer records will be useful, adn any machinery that we can analyse to reverse engineer or look for weaknesses we can exploit." She of course presumes that Betsy is going to brain drain each one of them without having to ask.
    Now it was time to of course go out there and start smashing things and destroy everything that might be of use to the enemy. M was not in any sort of mood to give mercy.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had offered a bit of insight in to her plans before she'd started off toward the camp road that she'd seen on the flight in. With the telepathic link up, the Belle is right there with the rest of them. "I'm headed down the main road now. I'm gonna just come in and draw their eyes t'me, ya'll." She says through the connection.

Dressed in her green and gold bodysuit, with her jacket pulled up over her shoulders, and a green headband wrapped around her brow, Rogue is just flying down the winding forested pathway toward the camp entrance...

Upon arriving at it, the Belle swoops up and lands atop its sign.

Without any pomp or ceremony, the Southern gal just puts her fists on her hips and calls out.

"Am I late for basket weavin?!" She shouts, loud enough that her voice would carry over most of the visible campgrounds!

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn narrows her eyes, nodding to Tabby as she gives a gives a ground report. Biting her lip, she tenses slightly then climbs out of her seat, spreading her wings and flying out the door before the ship lands so she can maintain altitude. <Roger, heading for exoskeletons. Mind the dust, here I gooo!>

She's way too cheerful for these things as she takes a tactical position above the exoskeletons, fluttering her wings so e hundred miles an hour as she releases a blanket of sparkly pink dusting over the area where the exo skeletons reside, circling around them like a crop duster until her dust is thick enough to make it hard not to inhale at least some of her hallucinogenic glitter.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's an eyeroll from Tabby to Betsy. <<Just like keep some distance from the dampening field. My telepathy is like the expendable power. Same with my BOOMs.>> With kids in danger Tabby is in an actual serious mode because of the risk she poses. <<But feel free to huck stuff at any guards.>> she does actuallly have some appreciation beaming out for the back up. Without power Tabby is mostly just a thief with a halfway decent punch. Her own telepathy at least adding to the range they have like a signal booster while Psylocke and M hold the reigns over mind sweeping.

With Rogue getting the ball rolling. The man in the ill fitting armor yells out and points. "More a the Mutie genetrash! Shoot her!" a few of the closer guards with lkine of sight start aiming and pulling their triggers to try and bring down the woman floating onto the sign.

Monet divebombing adding to the ruckus and the panic.

There's a wave by the leader to keep the armored assailants back by the dining hall. But that just keeps them in one spot for Pixie's hallucenagenic dust to get them. Including the walking tub of leadership and grease. Hands are waved and watched and one of them starts freaking out opening fire with his rifle wildly. Another starts just sitting and drooling and giggling. The last of the armored militants starts twitching as well. The mutant women looking rather more deciptively dangerous. Much like watching ducks swoop instead of eagles.

This allows Tabby and Betsy a bit of a better run to sneak towards where the kids are held and amidst the armored men getting their senses scrambled by Pixie Dust.

The blonde staying ahead and using her own power as a guide to find the border of the dampening fields. When she does she wards off Betsy at first with a hand <<Hey, I think I'm close, be...> she says as Tabby finds herself suddenly hearing a lot of quiet. It'd be a relief for her if she wasn't on mission.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy is careful to not out-run Tabitha, matching paces with the other woman even as her butterfly aura flickers around her face. To the group at large, she projects the results of her mind-scan: A nearly complete inventory of who is outside the dampening field and their minds. When Tabitha grows mind-silent, Betsy pauses as she finds herself clearly on the edge of the null field.

<< M, I'm going into the null field. Take over the psi-link if you please, luv. >> Betsy's mind-voice is edged in an almost sexual response to the danger she's about to throw herself into blindly, << I'll try to take it back up once the tech is down.>> And then into the null zone the telepath throws herself, katana ready. "Let's go, Tabitha!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix goes for what is best called the 'pinball' maneuver along to backup Rogue in the midst of the melee. She's moving to try and then if possible grab one of the mooks over and throw them into another mass. The hope is to cause as much chaos as possible as she attempts to heft up one of the attackers in the power armor to launch him through the air at others! Whether or not she can actually hurt him or damage it.. She's not going all out. For now, not aiming to cripple.
    But, even if hte man isa rmored up like a turtle and won't have any sigifnicant damage -to- himself the armor won't be made out of vibranium. He's going to feel shocks and kickbacks. So presuming she does, in fact, launch him through the air like a bouncy ball whether or not he impacts anyone else he'll have a bad concussion, and possibly even some broken bones and hpoefully won't be moving anytime soon.
    The point is to get as much attention as possible and cause as much chaos to give Tabitha and Psylocke cover. And no doubt Rogue is vastly outdoing her in the performance.
    Southern belles are good at that sort of thing.
    At Betsy's instruction, M goes to continue to pick up the psi link over while trying to keep it as focused as she can.

Rogue has posed:
Of course, once Rogue has garnered the attention of the armored men down within the camp, she has to ham it up a bit. In so far as to say she raises her right hand up to push it through her two-toned hair, and gives the men a sweet smile. "Makin' such a fuss over lil ol' me?" She asks down at them moments before they open fire, and her teammates sweep in.

Once the shooting starts, Rogue drops down behind the sign to avoid the shots, just because she does her best to keep her reflexes up!

When she reappears, she's behind one of their parked trucks, and is summarily flipping it over on to its roof, spilling all the work equipment, coolers filled with different brands of cheap domestic beer, all out on to the ground.

"Whoopsie! Guess ya'll are gonna have t'write a sad sad song about the girl who broke your pickup!" She shouts while ripping one of the doors off and flying toward whats left of the armored men, though she's purposefully trying to make herself as big a target as possible.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks as that rifle starts firing about madly, a potential threat to both ally and enemy alike. "Woah!" she darts to the side, ceasing with the fairy dust as they go nuts. But at least they're lost in their own world and no longer paying attention to the fairy as she continues to circle them. Holding out her hands, she summons a pink mist, aiming it at the Exos. "Mist of Morpheus, go!" she exclaims, trying to trap as many of them in her sleeping mist as she can.

Hopefully at least enough of them are sedated for her to sneak past and make it to the hostages.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The power nullifying field is set up on the roof of the building. Luckily not so big a field that it can shut down Pixie's dust clouds being dropped. But enough that flying too low to get them might cause a problem. It is a potential risk for Boom-Boom and Psylocke.

The fearful guard shooting wildly doesn't yet manage to hit the the nimble fliers he's perceiving as bats and flying bug monsters. It does allow his almost beserker like attempts to fight and fire blibndly to step just far enouggh away for Monet to safely scoop the armored collection of poop up. And the bounce definitely hurts. accented swearing and yelling abound.

The drooling one. That's how Tabby is planning to get on the roof. But she's interrupted by the twitching guard. Seeing the grounded X-Men as Smurfs and himself as the Heroic Gargamel. Throwing an uppercut to try and dislodge Tabby from the gutters but just ends up knocking her high enough that she ends up with a boost and more than a few bruises. This also knocks Drooler out of his trip a moment and both find themselves staring down against an English Woman with long legs, a long sharp sword and a lot of training on using said sword.

The next dusting via sleep spell manages to avoid not knocking out the armored threats but iut is wind guided over many of the unarmored gunmen. Yawns and moans and people snoring as they fall dead asleep.

They're not dead! They're just sleeping!

Leader Tub keeps on swearing. the pick with the beer enraging him enough to charge ar Rogue and come out from any cover afforded around the Dining building. A sky light is open so it manages to dust inside and there's mass snoring eventually.

This also includes the blonde on the roof trying to get to the power dampener machine. "Megan, you ow me coffeeee!" she mutters tiredly. And only gets about as far as pushing the machine down the open skylight window and onto the ground inside where sleeping kids are hunkered down.

The second it smashes loudly. Betsy right about to get punched or at least not really cause while she's a ninja and the goons are in power armor. It doesn't increase speed and these guts have training that consists of just watching MMA fights and not actually practicing what they see on pay per view. Suddenly Psylocke might hear some extra background noise along with the snoring and dreams.

Power's back on!

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Oh, dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." Betsy's smile widens to something nearly feral as the power cuts off, even as she expertly dodges the blow aimed at her and retaliates with an uppercut kick strong enough to break his jaw. "Looks like someone broke your toy, boys."

And then the fist Betsy is not holding her sword with begins to glow with violet-pink energy as she focuses the sum totality of her psychic might into her psi-blade. << Power negation is down. >> Her voice rings over the psi-link as she slips back into it. She also lets her sword fall to the ground as she launches herself at the second mecha-clad man, thighs wrapping around his neck and his face in her crotch for one glorious moment (for him) before she brings her psi-knife down and into his head. "Ta ta, pet."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The heavyset/meched man is for now the largest threat outside. One of several. They need to keep up the distraction and the weaponry focused out here. So Monet St. Croix goes to let Rogue take care of the bulky man. And she goes to try and work up something as nasty as she can mentally. To the remaining conscious men outside, she goes to try and give them as much of a psychic push as she -can-. Monet knows fear. She knows instinctive responses. She knwos the sorts of things that build up terror.
    To each of them M tries to give as strong a sense as she can of it. Spiders. Everywhere. Covered in them. Spiders. Ants. Bees. Buzzing. Crawling. Biting. Surrounding. Immobilizing. Monet has trouble broadcasting strong images and senses very far. Fortunately base terror is often simple on the weaker minded. And such things are generally instinctive for the human mind to fill in. So hopefully for it hitting eveyrone within the limited mental range she has to broadcast.. Well, hopefully it's rather nasty.
    IT does, however, leave her hovering and still in the air while she focuses so it makes her an easy target.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue uses her acquired pickup truck door like a shield for any of the armed fighters who might take shots at her! She's been warned by Hank that he's been having to replace her bodysuits way too often this past year! So she peaks up over the door to see the Tubba Leader coming her way, and, well... she just tosses the door to the side where it thuds in to the earth, and she raises her fists up to peer over them at the Leader.

"You wanna scuffle with me, Sugah?" Rogue asks, a serious expression on her face as she bounces from one wedge-heeled booted foot to the other. "Come on, lets have a rope-a'dope, a good ol' fashioned brawl?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks as the wind carries her sleep wind off towards the un armoured men. Well that still works out well but. <M, Tabby, watch out! My sleeping mist approaching un armoured men from the east..> but it looks like it already hit Boom boom. She will have to go fir plan B then.

The exos are still awake but confused. The main threat is the guy flinging around his gun, and she darts around in the sky, keeping her distance but winding around in a zig zag fashion, making herself a harder target. And when she's in range, she summons her dagger and girls it as hard as she can at the guy shooting wuth a gun. Armour doesn't matter much to it, heck, a big a target as he is, she doesn't need to hit a vital,spot, she just needs to hit him anywhere, drive it in hard enough that it stuns him so that he's no longer a threat. She can't rescue those kids until the major threat is neutralized, and the mist and dust will only last so long si she has to move quickly.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby sleeping through a mission.


But at least she hadn't gone through a wall or fallen down through trhe skylight on the roof. She does drool on the damaged tech on the ground inside beneath her though.

The armored man giving Psylocke a shoulder ride doesn't last much further beyond her psiblade poking his nugget out and his mind fizzles out and he collapses onto a mess with a cameltoe the last thing he'll remember seeing before blacking out.

Droolie just keeps on drooling and tripping on the ground slumped against the wall. Like a total lightweight.

Monet's wide spread attempt atb telepathically inducing panic doies it's trick. Pixie's sleep spell managed to collect most of the remaining gunmen but the fe just out of reach of the Mists of Morpheus scream and yell and scream. A few shots leave weapons but luckily the most they do is nick and scrape the Morroccan mutant.

Her hair, they shot her hair!

Vengeance is claimed though when Megan's summoned knife hits and gets a nice big and stinging nick in hiis a dirty denim vest with the name of the Militia.

The Montana Maximum Militia with an FoH logo behind that.

Tubs howver, in his angry tripping vision of demons and bats and bugs charges down at Rogue. And levels a haybmaker. This guys has at least taken some boxing classes. And if the punch in that armor connects. It could probably knock Monet around and out.

But he chose to punch above his weight class.

By that he tries to deck Rogue and if you ever wanted to see what a crushed beercan looks like with mean inside. One might get the idea. The tech that increases strength just crumples against the Southerm Belle and the arm inside just shatters and is crushed when it can't keep up with the discrepancy in durability.

The scream of pain is pretty loud as well as he just sinks down into a foetal position sobbing in agony. Doctors might save the arm but he's not using it any time soon.

With that most of the MIlitia are down. Those not asleep or tripping balls collapsed in pain or fear from psycial and psychic assaults and all that's needed is to just call the authoritiess.

Porting kids wouldn't be a problem but the X-men will need to keep watch and keep bad huys asleep while providing care for the kids and camp staff.

Thery will at least get a chance to have 'smores and go home with very undersized T-shirts in blue with Camp Anuubieho printed in pink. Bare midriffs for every woman.

Even Tabby sleeping on the roof in a case of here's one we brought in earlier.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Those shots if they hit can hurt her. So there's a repressed hiss of pain over from it even as she gets the warning from Pixie <<Thank you, Megan>> She doesn't bring up 'friendly fire' naps now. It isn't the time. That's somethings he can get better revenge on by speaking to MIster SUmmers and asking for it to be put into Pixie's training regimen. But now is neither the time nor the place.

Looking over at the disrupted attackers and the seeming frailty of them, Monet goes over to call out along the link <<Take wahtever useful things that can be had. The power suppressor, any equipment, some samples over of the machinery..>> Presuming there's the time she's flying in as soon as the area is secure to do her own sorts of useful salvage opportunities. The more they know about who is giving the Friends of Humanity toys the faster they can hopefully go up on stopping them. So ti can give them a few more things to backtrack on. If not..

Well, Forge has more things to blowup in his lab.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock straightens up from where she muff-smothered the man, adjusting her leotard somewhat to remove the camel toe situation even as she reaches out and telekinetically draws her sword to her. << That was fun. >> She projects over the psi-link, even as she reaches for Tabitha to telekinetically lift her from her sleeping position to carry her back to the Blackbird. Awww! She's so peaceful (and quiet!) when she's asleep. << I've got Tabitha. Pixie, dear, you caught her in your dust. Anyone else injured? >>

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just takes the haymaker punch, she doesn't move her jaw or nothing, which is her punching back at him. The lack of her yielding a little is what resonates the pain down through the man's arm. Once he drops down to the ground, and crumples up in agony, Rogue just leans over and puts her gloved hand over his forehead, then pushes him down on to his back. "Stay." She says, leaned over like that, staring at him. "Good Dog."

Back up straight now, The Belle has the time to look around at the aftermath of their work. <"Hows everyone doing?"> She asks over the team link.

<"I think these guys were not ready t'deal with us. They figured some chumps would come give'em a fight, not us an' our colossal badasses.">

All while saying this, Rogue is dragging the armored Men toward the fence where she's lining their limp bodies up in a row together.

When she turns around, she roams her eyes around for everyone. <"How are the kids?">

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn reaches out a hand, and her dagger vanishes back into that lovely hole in her soul. She ducks as the guy still lets off a shot or two and yelps and staggers back as her shoulder is grazed, drawing blood. <Ack! wounded my shoulder, but I'm ok.I think..> she yells in pain, clutching at her shoulder, still running on adrenaline. But she'll worry about it later, those goons can shake out of her magic at any moment. She rushes towards the building, kicking open the doors as she makes a beeline for the kids, and probably a sleeping Tabby too, doing a headcount.

"It's ok, everyone! We are the Xmen! We're here to help!" she's still clutching an injured shoulder but draws a deep breath, trying to focus, gotta get these kids to safety. "Alright, we're gonna teleport you to the blackbird, just stay close to me.." In response to Rogue she says, <I think they're all okay and here but a bit shaken! I'm porting them to the blackbird..> And once they hopefully come in close she murmurs, "Sihal Novarum Chinoth!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Everyone that needs helping out is out thanls to Pixie's portal spell. Makes the walk a non issue. And once the camp staff are awake themselves they'll head back and grab a bus to take the kids to towen where their parents can come collect.

Thankfully most of the kids have nothing but positive things to say about the ordeal. They got live superheroes. If anything, it'll mean more business next summer for the camp. Badass women with all that badass hair is good adverising!
    ech totally salvaged added to the pile of stuff to comb through. Those poor nerds having to work on how the dampneing field was put together. Where corners were cut, what went into it, what could be bought off the shelf.

The flight home though is probably the worst though.

Tabby snores like a chainsaw while she sleeps like the dead. But the deep sleep is probably good for her.

Just not anyone else's ear drums.