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Along Came A Wendigo: One Year Later
Date of Scene: 19 October 2022
Location: Ruins of Blissful Camp Resort
Synopsis: Hanna is kidnapped a year to the day later and taken back to the scene of where her grandparents died...only to lose a mother. That awakens her horned friend that lets her exact revenge, but it is interrupted!
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre, Tabitha Smith, Illyana Rasputina, Richard Stadler, Iara Dos Santos

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
October 19, 2022

It's been a year to the day since the glamping spot known as The Blissful Camp Resort in Upstate New York was the scene of a grisly massacre that ended in one survivor. A little girl by the name of Hanna being that one survivor. It had been an awful scene and the video of the aftermth of this massacre is still on Youtube and other sites given that it doesn't contain murder, just the blood and burning of tents that most think was just a hoax.

The day had started off with the news commenting of a missing family. And it was Hanna's family. While others had been sticking around the places around the New York City area, others had commented about the weirdness of the family going missing on the exact day a year later. It's really too big of a coincidence to not go and check out things.

For those that head upstate, the road to the resort looks freshly cleared and as they pull in under the soft drizzle of cold October rain there is the gleam of yellow construction equipment that is around. There were signs of construction going on. Which given this is still in process of becoming a protected site is a bit of a surprise.

And parked off the road is the car that matches the description of the family, but it is empty and the engine seems to have lost the warmth. So it's been here a few hours at least.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Last time the X-Men went on a ski trip it kinda ended up being a horror show of epic proportions. Tabitha had a less than fun moment with monsters and maybe way more gore than she could handle at the time.

Now she's scouting out possible places for the next Ski trip the Xavier Institute can go and hopefully enjoy a bloodless trip. The Van getting some good use with it's four wheel drive. The well loved 1992 Mitsubishi Delica in a hodgepodle of black and yellow while the ground crunches beneath tires. Some old eighties hair metal on the old stereo pumped in via a mass of adapters to make a phone output to a tapedeck made thirty years prior. The girl behind the wheel drumming hands on the steering blonde hair left wild and loose. White Cateye glasses with red lenses on her nose, beat up yet stylishly ripped here and there bluejeans, red wedgheeled workboots and a matching red bikert jacket swiped from her collection of X-Suits with extra pockets and punches inside with all the stuff she keeps as prep.

Snacks mmostly, a flask, multitool, lockpicks, and first aid stuff.

The muddy drive kicking up some spatters.

Having friends witrh you makes any trip go by quicker. Especially when one of them is also a teleporter par excellence. Amazing for gas mileage.

When she pulls up and clambers down out of the driver seat she pouts. "Well there goes this entry on the list." she states and grabs her phhone to start checking things over. "Why is this place under construction?" she ponders to Illyana and Iara and checks and researches as best as phone reception might allow. No guarantee they even have any. "And who put Roanoke on my damn list. Ugh!" you can go home again but sometimes you really don't wanna.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Why do you get to drive?"

It's the seven-going-on-22-year old asking this question. Her arms folded across her chest, Illyana takes shotgun and sits safely belted in. Even impervious X-people like her big brother use seatbelts, and she doesn't stint on safety when setting an example for younger students. Almost all of whom are technically older than herself but that doesn't matter one bit.

She cuts an image to say the least, wearing a sweater bound by several straps in a design that begs what's the point of wearing a sweater. In her formidable boots, she could arguably be hunting for bear or taking on a trail, less hanging out apres-ski with all the cool people drinking spiked hot cocoas. "We have the checklist of wants. Hot tub, inflatable hot tub, snow hot tub, igloo, ski jump ramp, cocoa sauna, hot chocolate hot tub..." A definite theme there, provided not by her but the others. Some sacrifices, like taking surveys, even Yana has to accede to. She looks at the Delica's gauges, and then out the window. "Roanoke was not so bad. Beware of Virginia Dare, though."

Her clouded gaze clears, a narrowing of those frozen blue eyes. She looks up at the sign and then scowls a little, her default resting scary face in action. She's looking at the construction vehicles particularly closely, as though searching for someone. No, something.

A tractor.

Richard Stadler has posed:
In the end, it came down to cheap rates, and this place seemed to have them and a list of amenities. Granted, the place Stadler normally travelled upstate to was a bit more... specialized in the sort of services that were offered, but the place was wooded enough. It'd be nice to have some actual facilities around, instead of just a tent and a plywood structure. Though they would probably need to set up the targets themselves... but he should have been able to set something up. Or so he thought.

At least a van pulling up indicated this place wasn't going to be completely empty. Richard had parked a few minutes before, the trunk open on a mid-oughts diseal Volvo, as he slowly moved to gather a pack from the trunk itself. A quick wave to the group that's stepping out, and a pack shouldered. Camping should at least be a bit fun. "Didn't think I'd see many more people out here." He says, friendly enough to the people stepping out of the van itself. "Or... well, maybe not. First time up around this place. Didn't know what to expect." Lord, he needed to stop giving so much information to complete strangers. Give it two years and OPSEC starts slipping.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara's in her human form in the back of the van, showing great restraint in remaining in human form on the way to their destination. She checks her duffle bag she brought with her. Thermometer, empty notebook, video camera, disposable camera, EMF Reader with a label on it that says "PROPERTY OF H. MCOY" on it, flashlight, survival radio, and her burner cell phone the Xavier school gives the international students.

     She wears her unstable molecule X-Men Trainee yellow and black uniform under her short shorts and shirt, her shirt today bearing the original JAWS theatrical poster (Because of course it does) and since her uniform is specially cut for better swimming, it doesn't show any less skin than her short shorts and shirt would otherwise allow. Brown afro-brazillian skin, black hair pulled back in a ponytail, it's not Iara's usual look for sure, in fact seeing her wearing shoes is a bit rare.

     Iara steps out after Tabby, confused, saying "What, it didn't show this place was closed on the map? I thought we were coming here BECAUSE of the incident..." She puts her flashlight in her teeth before pulling out the emf reader, saying "Y'know, the murders and stuff? Supernatural hotspot is perfect alibi if anyone sees any mutant stuff out here. So long as it's not actually haunted." She flips on the emf reader, not expecting it to do anything but you never know.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Iara can smell fresh blood as soon as she exits the van. Probably as soon as the doors open really. It's something that tickles the senses and the coppery tang comes along with it. There is also the smell of putrifaction. Rot is heavy here. From the old wooden buildings to something that's been dead for a few months. It's the cycle of life at it's best.

It was worrisome really.

The machines that are sitting around look like they haven't been used in months. The silence besides the rain and the sounds from the others are a bit eerie. It seems like the deep breath before jumping into something.

If Iara chooses, she can call the others together and follow the trail of blood, both fresh and stale, and see where it goes!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Owner's preogative. If you want you can drive us home 'Yana!" Buying the van did take a huge chunk out of Tabitha's savings from working an actual job at Harry's hideaway. Luckily being well, a blonde built like Tabitha Smith in a uniform not that far from how she dresses is good for tips and not having rent or utilities to pay for an apartment in Westchester helps build up the kitty for gas and tolls.

"Roanoke might seem nice Yana, but I kinda still remember the bricks and rocks thrown at me. Not bringing the kids to get subjected by my crappy child hood." she states and does a doubletake at Iara. "Incident. What do you mean incident? Murders?" she listens to the Brazllian woman and eyes the electro magnetic frequency meter.

She can't help but wink at Illyana when the mention of Supernatural Hotspot is mentioned. "That's how I'd have described you. Bet Steephen does too!" she states and grins.

Richard's approach gets a hmm. "Hi. Umm, we..." she pouts at Iara a moment, then looks back to the man. "I kinda expected there to be more people. Not a construction site. And not one that looks like we just stepped into Scooby Doo's last episode... In the Seventies."

Not being one with enhanced senses, the funk of blood and stale gore hasn't hit her nose.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Is not Roanoke where the Croatan took settlers? Maybe I think of another place." Roanoke colony, Roanoke city, nothing to overlap there except a lot of bad luck. Illyana's knowledge of history is somewhat slanted from that Russian perspective, spattered by occasional forays back and forth in time.

She stretches her arms over her head as she departs the vehicle, doing her best not to give the van a helpful pat once her arms come down. No evidence for tractors, all may be safe for now. "Sometimes I am the bomb he rides." Doctor Strangelove reference for $800, Alex. Double jeopardy will be the sharp grin she returns to Tabitha and Iara about hotspots.

It dies a death quicker than most around her, which is to say fast. Could be the updates that one sorceress supreme of another plane didn't hear the update on, or a stranger in a Volvo, the most discreet and conservative of vehicles. Therefore, suspect. She straightens, a blade drawn up tall and smooth, belying her obvious youth. "What were you expecting up here?" she asks Richard without so much as a hello. That's a Russian for you, abrupt and to the point. "This place looks like where filmmakers would make a cheap horror movie. Like the Blair one." Aside to Tabby, she asks, "What website did you look at to find this again? Was it update since you went to high school? Did you bring me to a murder site to look for Blair Witch people?" Why does that sound hopeful?

Richard Stadler has posed:
Richard Stadler gives a quick nod over to Tabitha, moving to shoulder the pack that he had pulled out. It wasn't a small day pack, from the looks of it, and it had enough for a solid day out in the wilderness. Not that Richard planned to stay out that long, of course. It was already dark by the time he had gotten here, and it would have just been time to set up camp (not the first time he'd have gotten something together in the darkness. A nice challenge!).

"You'd think you'd have more cars. Or people. Or campfires." He frowned, flipping up to check a watch and pressing the illuminaiton button. "Everyone can't have all gone to bed, right? I am fearful that this place might not be as opened as I thought. Which would be a shame, how far it is from the City." He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, glasses lifting abit, before they settle back down. "Scooby Doo, though, this isn't. Haven't seen one groundskeeper that's sitting on a lucrative insurance policy."

To Illyana, he shrugs in the darkness. "I saw 'Resort' and reasonable rates. Campgrounds, cabin, a visitor's center... less construction equipment. But people, certainly. At least someone to greet people driving in."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks as they meet another person out here, smiling and about to say something to Richard as she is then distracted and looks incredulously at Tabby, saying with her portugese accent "Yeah, you didn't google this place before we came up here? Big incident a year ago, buncha people died, they blamed spirits of the forest or something. Local cryptid scene now." She then sniffs at the air, squinting, like Tabby and Illyana have seen Logan or Jimmy do... which really, in the absence of Logan or one of his clones, Iara's the next best thing as a brutal, animalistic hunter type, if much less experienced.

     Iara stuffs the EMF reader under her arm before she grabs Tabby's shoulder, saying "Hang on, lotta death out here, Yana you might be right. One kill is fresh. Lemme check it out." She looks to Richard, saying "I'm Iara." with a nod and a thumb towards herself, tugging at her JAWS movie poster T-Shirt and saying "If things get crazy and you see this, don't get freaked out, sharks are friendlier than most people think." without any context whatsoever.

     Iara moves past the long abandoned car in search of whatever that fresh blood is, shining on her flashlight in that direction as she shrugs her duffle back over her shoulder, EMF reader out and turned on as she clambers towards whatever the source of that smell is...

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Richard's probably thinking that he stepped into a Friday the 13th movie by the time he realizes that this place is closed. And for good reasons!

The smell that Iara picks up leads off deeper into the ruins of the camp and onto a trail that has been freshly stamped down. People went through here! This is a good...or bad sign.

Probably bad given the next sounds that fill the air are of humans screaming in pain. Excrutiating from what people can pick up on.

For those that are on the trail they can feel the rising of power, something that is ancient and...dark. Even those that can't normally detect it know it is in use.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"That one's in North Carolina. Mine's named after it well inland. In a state named after Virginia Dare." Tabby statess. One of those things that a town will cling too for all it's tourism potential.

"You are definitely 'Da Bomb!'" Tabby confirms as one bombshell to another.

Richard gets a chuckle as the bespectacled blonde turns to nod at him. "You never know. Most insurance fraud don't need an onsite presence. But maybe follow the money in any case. Someone could wanna buy the place on the cheap." she suggests. Criminal mind at work. A bit more white collar than tabitha might be used to.

The touch on her shoulder and Iara picking up a funk. That gets tabby squinting and pinching her nose under her glasses. "I'm Tabby by the way. If things get weird, yeah. If anyone gest to freak out it's me. I'm an expert at it!" she self deprecates and closes her eyes. Tabitha putting that recently acquired telepathy to work scanning for any life signs and thoughts.

The screaming helps but telepathy works better for positioning. Gotta find those survivors. Bummer the fear in their heads is louder than the fear in th their voices.

"Guess we're doing the hero thing. Iara hon, if it starts getting... extra difficult. Let me know. I can help a little hopefully." she offers to be a literal calming influence.

This might be ironic. Don't ya think?

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara points back at Tabby, saying "No, I get to freak out first!" with a grin as follows her nose, sniffing, shouting "Yeah uh, there's been people here..." followed by the screaming, to which Iara takes off into a run in that direction, saying "PEOPLE IN TROUBLE!" as she dashes towards the screams. As a human, she's not particularly special, though she is in shape, so she should be able to close the distance quickly as she takes off in the direction of the screams, flashlight in hand...

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Da, put that machine away. Useless things, inaccurate and slow. Keep your hands free." Illyana gestures to the EMF reader, shaking her head in vague disapproval of its existence. She shrugs her left shoulder up loosely at Richard's explanation, though seems to accept it on the face of it. "Room service here means the ceiling doesn't cave in, if we're lucky."

Lucky isn't in the cards, of course. The blonde eases into a prowl of a walk that belies the alertness actively sweeping the resort site for anything out of the ordinary. Given her attunement to magic is on par with Logan's to blood, any traces are loud, and screams that erupt only enhance the pace at which she strides. An implacable inevitability follows her descent like the tide. "Yana. Stay out of arm's reach." Her warning could be construed as questionable or unbearably rude.

Then again, most young women can't manifest a slender blade the length of her arm out of thin air. No point in carrying a flashlight, as the edges ignite the moment they manifest. The Soulsword emanates a tinge of indigo flame around the core gold, and the forked crossbars are the only solid piece to deal with. "Here we go a-hunting, a-hunting," she sings... but in Portuguese. Why not?

Richard Stadler has posed:
There was just a lot of odd talk going around. Certainly the most annoying of it to start was the talk of their being some murders here. "Of course. One of these days I really have to learn how to look up the proper reviews. Not that I have anything aganist gruesome pasts if the cost is right. And I'm not saying one can't commit insurance fraud without it, I'm just saying that you need a suspect to start investigating on a show like that-"

Then a frown. "Wait, I'm sorry, did you just say a fresh kill? Animal? Or something else?" He checks, before the one in the Jaws shirt starts to head in that direction, and offers ocean facts that seem a bit out of place for the location. "I... don't normally go swimming that far out, but I'll keep that in mind. Wild life is something to be protected, but can we get back to- really?" He says, as they start moving out toward the path. All right, decision time. Probably not a long way in, and he didn't really need that pack slowing him down. What he needed was a bit of a safety blanket.

The pack was unsholdered, and tossed back into the trunk of the car, before a MOLLE vest was pulled out... along with the Type 56 rifle he'd planned to test out on the trip. It was not the ideal tool, but it was at least something to match the Hi Power holstered at his back.

The vest is zipped up, rifle shoulder, as he trots along behind the three kids, and feeling worse about the situation all the time. And certainly feeling downright turned off at the sound of multiple humans screaming in ways he had heard before and did not like to hear again.

"All Right. This is far enough. Let's stick together, and fallback to the vehicles. I think there was a Statie post about 3 miles..."

The energy sword was noted obvious, and the fact that the others didn't seemed phased meant this was probably... well, it explained the shark talk. The worst thing about mutations or Terragenesis or any of that had to be how it gave kids just enough power to rush into danger and not enough sense to know when to /run/. "For fuck's sake." He muttered, and started to jog himself with the rest of them bringing the rifle's butt to a shoulder. He wasn't about to identify their bodies later if he could help it.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
The screaming grows louder and as they get closer there is the sick sound of bones snapping...or were those just sticks on the ground? The level of pain in those minds and bodies was astronomical though. The trail is clear though and as they rush into the clearing into the hollow that comes into view it is...bloody.

There are bodies of men strewn about the site and in the middle there is a stone slab that holds the body of a woman that is definitely dead. Split open from the neck down to her abadomen. The stone is slick with blood that has started to grow cold. The rising moon reflecting off the glassy dead eyes.

On the other side of the slab is a girl that's probably ten or eleven with jet black hair and stark white skin that is streaked with blood and other gruesome things. She's screaming, her hand outstretched as she holds a man in his late twenties in the air and as her hand closes the unseen hand around him starts to crush his frame.

They have about 5.6 seconds to react.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara slides to a stop in the clearing like a soccer player as she goes wide eyed at the scene, whatever she was expecting... it was not this. Little girl. Holding people in the air and possibly killing everyone. She holds up her hands as she says "Hey! Hey hey hey... Look at me... My name's Iara, I'm a friend, okay? I'm nice." as she kneels down, saying "Everything's gonna be okay. Okay?"

     She holds out a hand for the others to stop when they catch up to her, saying to the girl "These are my friends. We can help you, whatever's going on we can help..." and now very, very glad she didn't choose to run up in shark form...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Dude, there ain't no so such thing as a gruesome past with a right cost." Tabby points out to Richard somberly. It's going to get very messier real soon. The screams implying that it already is a mess to begin with.

With Iara warning about Sharks and and Illyana summoning the soul sword and giving her warnings, Tabitha doesn't do anything visible with her powers. There is the scanning for minds to find them.

As Tabby gets nearer the source of the screams she starts seeing the signs of death and violence all around her.

She does dry heave but thankfully she keeps her stomach's contents where it needs to be.

The small girl that seems to be right in the middle of it gets blue eyes focussing and there's not that much time to act.

"Money's on possession Iara, she's not driving." she warns through the ringing in at least her own ears. To Richard she sees a gun and winces. "Please tell me tranq rounds?" she stage whispers. "No lethal, we can save her but she's gonna need a crap tonne of therapy.

"Close your eyes. It's gonna get loud and bright and maybe tactical in like three... two..." and as she counds down she creates a small but very bright orb of plasma. The other women have seen Tabby finesse her powers like this many a time. The orb flying as fast as her psionic control can muster. It won't hit hard but it doesn't need to. It's not that kind of explosion.


It's a flashbang, all very bright light and noise that can leave most ears ringing for a while.

To Iara, she sends a warning <<This kid is not in control. You're not talking her down. Get ready to Shark Up!>> she suggests.

Hopefully the distractions are enough that whatever is behind the apparent telekinesis lets go of the man and he can be gotten clear with maybe a sore throat at the most.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The white-blonde sorceress shuts out all the extraneous distractions like better judgment and adult opinionating on headlong runs through dark forests. Her chuckle echoes in frosty notes off the still trees and rain-slicked path, taking on something of a life of its own. Adrenaline gives her figurative wings rather than stylish ankle ones. Welcome spikes surge through her blood and the harmonics thrilling through the artifact in her hand wreath the blade in a brighter glow.

"Da, for their sake," she throws back over her shoulder without turning for Richard's benefit. Fallen leaves soaked by wet are churned into the mud as she lightly pivots, tasting the anger and pain on the air.

Before Tabitha releases the glowing bead in her fingers, Illyana shifts the sword a degree. A corresponding wave of blue fire rolls up from behind the man contained by the invisible hand, swallowing him in the sunset-riddled skies and gold-leafed forests beyond. Her portal consumes him for only a moment, shunting him through autumnal Limbo and back into the safety of trees several meters behind them. High enough to be out of the way, not so high to present a danger. He's probably not going to enjoy the experience but she consciously cushions him from the debilitating awfulness of her home realm out of the goodness of... well, Stephen Strange. It's not really hers.

In short, Illyana's version of putting someone in a safety timeout box to deal with the big problem.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Oh, God.

What else was there to say for the killing field in front of them. Corpses, just.. littering the ground. A stone slab, slick with blood, and a /very/ fresh kill on top of that. He was a goddamn school teacher; why was he seeing /worse/ stuff here than he ever did in his last job?

Richard gave a low, mutter to Tabitha as they arived on scene. "This is a Type 56. PRC really wasn't thinking of those and I don't like giving a bear the chance." Not that he was objecting to having some other options in regards to the situation; the last thing he wanted to do today is shoot an 11-year old. The group here seemed to think diplomacy or at least less than lethal tactics might work in this situation, and he was, at the moment, hoping to God they were right.

His rifle was still on his shoulder, but he closed his eyes tightly and looked away from the source. as the world exploded in light around them. Eyes open again, and blinking, as he brought the rifle to a tactical ready. No shooting, not just yet. There was a teleport, some movement of the victim and if they could keep anyone else from being killed...

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
A lot of things happen all at once, things had to happen fast given the events unfolding. When the man is taken out of the situation there is a notable difference that comes to the area, the young girl immediately stops her aggression.

Then the flashbang hits and the girl is temporarily blinded. She cries out for her mother, her body crumpling forward as there is some unseen force that leaves her frame. It's old...and it is no longer hungry. What they do see in the dim light on the ridge of trees is a large antlered figure that observes the situation. Then it simply turns and starts to walk deeper into the forest, fading into the darkness. With it goes the smell of rot and old blood. Just leaving the fresh kills.

There is a weary voice that comes from nearer to where Hanna is bent over her mothers corpse, "Please help us." an older male voice tries to call out. It's a voice filled with pain and loss...tinged with anger, but not enough energy to do anything about it.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara stands, looking over this situation but pretty out of her league. If it's a ghost, she can't punch it... though Illyana can stab it. She turns to Illyana and lets her take the lead here with a silent nod, especially after Tabby says this is a possession, stepping back and looking over to Tabby before back to Hanna and them.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby whoops! The flashbang works and the girl at least is released from that meat puppetry. There's an attempt at contacting the entity that leaves the child to try and see if it can be drawn back. something like this is bound to kill again. And maybe between herself and Illyana, the two blonde X-Women, they can put it down before the next annual massacre.

The small first aid kit is taken from her jacket pouch and handed over to Iara. "Look after the kid and maybe dad? We're gonna have to make sure this place is safe before paramedics and stuff." she warns while she tries to draw the creature back telepathically. It was using telekinesis so maybe psionics might do a thing.

"It's a possession thing right. We got a thing for that." she suggests over at the Russian woman and her sword. "Which ever one it maybe jumps on, we stab the other. Not my first blade wound. But kinda hope it's you Yana. Your soul, should be fine!" she says softly.

Being stabbed hurts and maybe she'd like to avoid it happening again.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Da. Possession means it has experience and a preference for a child. I can look for the signature. It will leave marks and those marks are like footprints, something to be used to trace it. A tether." Illyana's tone is cold and clear as an Arctic morning, and every bit as lightless. The sword in her hand points down rather than waving around, faint swirls of fire crackling soundlessly. She turns her head into the darkness, a forest serrated and wet, beckoning to her.

The ancient thing stirs in its retreat, but as it retreats, she calls out in the brittle ancient tongue of spirits and demons. Touching the bleak spark that burns inside her fractured soul to be understood. << Relish that last taste, little leech. Come next moon, you will be my meal. >>

She vanishes the flaming sword from whence it came. "We need to get her to safety, and the men. Maybe I can help her mother, maybe not. But the living first. The predator..." Her shoulders square a fraction. "That we hunt."

Richard Stadler has posed:
It worked. Stadler let out a breath as the girl, who was seconds ago crushing a man to death, now asks what he'd expect a child to ask in a situation like this... at this point, he could only hope the Flashbang would have blinded her so that she didn't have to see this. But there were bigger threats for the moment. The creature that simply... formed from her frame was there, staring at them, And Rick had the rifle up, pointing at... him? It? Whatever the hell it was. But he didn't fire, and he felt a wave of relief when it walked back into the forest itself. This was not a fight he could win. The frustration at being impotent in the face of that sort of danger would come later, he was certain, but for now, he was just glad he was going to drive home... at one point.

It was clear, however, from that... unsettling langauge that was being spoken by the woman with the sword that some of these kids out here might want a bit more of a fight.

"This is over my head. I know some... occultists, but possession sounds... I would say it sounds far fetched. That being said, I might stay away from the forest for a few... weeks. Can someone blindfold the girl? She shouldn't need to see this. I'm not much help at the moment, but I at least know how to handle first aid. Christ, how many survived here?"