1319/Hunting for Jeanasaurus Rex

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Hunting for Jeanasaurus Rex
Date of Scene: 23 April 2020
Location: Wilderness Campsites
Synopsis: Jean was found! And brought back to the mansion. Also, Sauron is in deep dino doodoo.
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Illyana Rasputina, Marie-Ange Colbert, Jean Grey, Tabitha Smith, Gabby Kinney, Henry McCoy, Laura Kinney

James Proudstar has posed:
Bright and early isn't really anything new for James Proudstar. He's usually up near dawn and starting to work on...whatever needs to be done around the Mansion. Today, however, is a different sort of work. While otherwise dressed and equipped as he'd normally be for his assistant groundskeeper role, he's added a fairly stuffed pack of various foods...some perfectly mundane...some suggested by a certain Dr. McCoy. It's actually quite a large pack, but on his frame it looks like something a high schooler might carry their books in. He's ventured deep into the woods surrounding the mansion, initially following the rather distinctive tracks left by a certain Jean Grey after she underwent a traumatic transformation, accompanied by at least a pair of friends from the Mansion.

However, now the tracks have stopped, leaving Jimmy looking around, a bit puzzled.

"Tracks end here...but the scent is still there." He looks around, up, seeing no sign of their quarry or her passage, "It's like she vanished but...not quite."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Bright and early? Pfft, darkness is bright and early. Illyana has to get her run in already, pounding on the pavement to get a proper run in. Scale a mountain, winnow through a forest? All in a good day's work, but the purpose is entirely different for showing up here in the shadows of the dawn. Crepuscular creatures slink away, the songbirds whistling on the branches far away from a predator raptor marching around. Do they remember their 66 million years-removed ancestors stamping around? Probably not, but on the other hand, the descendants of the dinosaurs know a predator when they smell or see one. It's a lovely thing to see.

Piotr was responsible for gathering up some hogs at the butcher the night before, and she is responsible for toasting them in a bonfire or oven, seasoning how she can. As a sorceress, fire is easy; as a fledgling chef? Well, she tries. Maybe with recommendations from said Mr. Rasputin. But those were left out at intervals in the woods, and she portals in a chunk of meat to a distant glade in hopes it might appeal to the hunger of a woman who is /civilized/ but possibly has nine-inch-long teeth. Chewing and tearing are important!

Chewing on her inner cheek, the blonde Russian looks up to Jimmy, and past him, to the trees. Canopy disturbed or no, the leaves aren't fully in. She can easily enough climb for a view, but why not? "She might want privacy," she opines rather simply. "Telekinetic screen?" Her head tilts slightly. "Telepathic invisibility? I am a dead zone for thoughts, maybe not the other way. She might want to avoid trouble. This is Jean. She does not harm people. It might be for deer too, da? Let them go by without fear. She would think of such things."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Time. Time was a force that only a scant few at most could rightly claim was on their side; Marie was usually one of them. Being able to use her cards to take a glimpse into tomorrow was something that few could and fewer wanted. It gave her the chance to prepare for things that couldn't be avoided.

Today was not one of those days.

Bright and early wasn't particularly a new thing for the French girl; always up and ready for classes, even if begrudgingly sometimes if she'd been dragged out by one of her peers the night before. The cards were allowing her to ignore most requests of late; allowing her to wallow in her present and future dilemmas... but this was one she didn't want to ignore. A woman of some importance to her was in need. She knew that much; it wasn't until getting together with the others that she found out just who. She had only days remaining until she lost herself, and maybe, just maybe, banking some good karma would speed her recovery from the tough times ahead. At least she hoped.

Both of those that she was accompanying were far more experienced than Marie; but the French girl had an insight all of her own. Dipping her hand into the pouch that holds her newest deck of cards -- the one depicting dinosaurs in the classic tarot -- she withdraws one. "The Moon suggests great fear of things beyond one's knowledge... with even us who have witnessed these... changes, having so little knowledge of what is going on, I can only imagine how frightened she must be, oui?" A pause. "Perhaps I could provide a signal... a beacon to help her find us?"

...or, you know. One of the frailest students at Xavier's also practically has 'prey' written all over her in bright pink sharpie. That in itself might be enough!

Jean Grey has posed:
Take a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Shrink down to roughly human height. Add in full human intellect and reasoning. Toss in a mix of Omega level mutant telepathic and telekinetic powers. Serve on an unsuspecting population.

Yeah, Sauron or whoever is responsible for this might have had a genius idea, but unfortunately for him, Jean is still Jean. Mostly. Primal urges that have been there for several days of not seeing other people are harder to ignore. Though if she ever /did/ see the one responsible, she probably would let those urges take over in that one specific case.

Does a pterodactyl taste like chicken?

But when Jean notices her students, someone //finally// coming out to find her, she pauses, then decides to reveal herself.

And that's when Jean the T-Rex appears, canary yellow and crimson red feathers adorning her plumage as she was a biologically accurate T-Rex, albeit smaller. And she's... hovering near the trio, about ten feet off the ground. She then leans down to sniff towards them. She can't exactly speak, but her voice echoes in their heads.

<< Tired. So long without seeing people. Days? Wait, food? >> It's almost like she's been forced into 'primal' mode that it's taking her time to shift gears back into thinking like a person.

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy glances to Illyana, nodding, "Not like she wouldn't be capable of either or both." He looks to Marie then, "Or we could just call out. She's not our enemy, and if she'd gone feral we'd likely have realized it by now. Or Logan would've complained about getting gnawed on."

And then Jean makes her presence known. There's a flicker of surprise, but Jimmy at least fairly quickly masks it, not that he can really hide it from a telepath, but at least outwardly he does a good job of it. THen there's mild curiosity at her appearance, but accompanied by a sense of...well, people being dinosaurs as the temporary normal.

"Hey Miss Grey...everything all right? Yeah, we brought food." He starts to unsling the pack and open it up, unwrapping a haunch of roast pork that he extracts from within.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
One of the frailest students accompanied by the strongest -- or near enough -- and a nine-year-old demonic archmage. (Yes, the world is a strange and silly place.) The cards might lead Marie-Ange to the right direction, with the Hierophant and the Star guiding the way.

Illyana is in her usual attire; dark pants, oversized shirt, the emblem of armour completely missing. That means nothing, of course, considering she can armour up as fast as her brother with the evidence of his organic metal plating reflected in the strange lamellar and shielding that tend to enfold her at a moment's danger. Nothing present calls it up, but that's always a good tell. Neither has she called up the Soulsword, another good tell.

Crunching her way through the forest is not her own way. She walks lightly, habits of a decade coming to light. The blonde dips her head, looking with her Sight wrenched open as wide as it possibly can be, taking in all the triggers of magic, the supernatural and the auras burning bright. This means any random spell could knock her on her ass, but her suspicions lie up, sidelong, a convenient buoyancy for her to watch. Those narrowed eyes are glowing white-blue, no hint of humanity left in them when she is the sorceress supreme of another dimension.

Someone's going to have to speak for Jean, though, since she cannot /hear/. Not even as Jean appears, though her mouth turns up in a thin smile.

"Hello, our fair Vasilisa." Hand lifted in greeting, she waves. "Da, Piotr got pork for you. We roasted most, and baked some. My herbs and spices are not best, but he showed me to salt them. We left you some out on a platter or foil. Did you find it? There is some there." A gesture indicates precisely where she dropped off the last haunch or, you know, crackled pig. It helps. "How do we best help?" She looks over to Marie-Ange for translation, perhaps, or explanation. Her shields are hammered in place, dark magic and divine fingerprints all over her.

"And we have some here. But Piotr will bring more food for you. We know you need something flavourful, but no potatoes for your digestion I think. Though if you want me to fix you back, I can." Her eyes narrow slightly, head tilted. "Do you want to go to Limbo and let me correct this?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Hopefully dinosaurs are forgiving creatures.

When Jean makes her appearance... Marie does what might be expected of someone who a) hasn't had much 'in the field' experience, b) has never seen such a LARGE dinosaur face-to... well, toes, given she's floating like that, and c) not particularly the bravest to begin with unless her cards force her to be.

She /screams/ and recoils, stumbling backwards and landing on her rear.

It's a short scream, though, as the very familiar voice invades her thoughts and shocks her out of her, well, shock. It also helps that Jimmy's providing at least a visibly cool reaction. "...Mademoiselle Grey? Is... is that really you?"

Admittedly, she has reason to believe it having seen Gabby transform quite literally in front of her eyes.
Catching Illyana's need, she's more than happy to repeat the words that came into her head. "She's been very tired... very alone. Is not certain sure how long that she has been away from people." Marie offers, waving a hand towards the food offered, "Oui, food, Mademoiselle Grey! Please, help yourself. You must be starving!"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean looks at James, sniffing once, << Everything... all right? >> Apparently dinosaurs are all too aware of sarcasm, as her thoughts are dripping with it, as she casually descends via her telekinesis to stand on the ground, looking at the three.

At the smell of the roast pork, though, Jean immediately lunges forward, not even thinking about it before she pauses, catching herself, << Sorry... smells... very loud right now. Um... >>. She looks at Marie, and seems to smile towards Marie, << Afraid so, Ms. Colbert. Your reaction is... well, a reason I've been hiding from the 'mundanes'. >> As she's exposed to the thoughts of others, it seems that she's getting a better grip on herself, instead of just being a dinosaur.

She then concentrates, and the roast pork floats placidly from James' grip to her.

And then she chomps it, fast, devouring it rather hungrily as she growls softly, her thoughts radiating contentment as she feasts. She pauses, then, and actually has time to think, as the hunger is subsided a little.

<< I... don't know if that's the best idea. Side effects. >> Not that she doesn't appreciate the offer, but well, the problem with getting help from a Demon Queen from Limbo... is that she's a Demon Queen from Limbo. It's clear in her thoughts that Jean trusts Yana, but is a bit leery of unintended consequences.

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy doesn't flinch at the lunge, mostly because he's pretty sure he can take a dino-bite without losing any fingers. He does look mildly chagrined at Jean's mental response to his query.

"Sorry. Just...you know, relatively speaking." There's a reason he wanted someone who knew her better coming along! He's not exactly the greatest conversationalist at the best of times. "No problem." He replies to Jean's own apology. He does reach into the pack and extract some more food, leaving it laying nearby. Nothing raw, thankfully!

He does give Illyana a bit of a considering look when she offers to just...make it go away. Though with that offer politely declined, Jimmy offers up for Illyana:

"She trusts you, but she's worried about potential side-effects...unintended consequences...that kind of thing."

After a moment he adds, "Doctor McCoy is working on fixing things, but there are folks out there turning into Gorillas too. Still, he figures that dinosaur-guy, Sauron probably needs to be tracked down."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Glowing eyes narrowed, Illyana strafes the surrounding landscape with a look, but the diminishing aperture of her mystical awareness recoils back to a level where even the tinge of telekinesis isn't about to throw her onto her ass from the impulse wave being felt and seen. She winces to Marie-Ange screaming and stumbling, but doesn't otherwise move. Flinching is for the weak, and the weak and vulnerable die where she came from. No offense intended, but her mettle is a strange thing.

Again, she waits on translation, patient for whether Jimmy or Marie-Ange are the ones to do the honours. Patience is a trait the Russian actually possesses in spades, so much of it inward in focus, checking the worst habits of her broken soul and supporting the welds holding together the rose window it's become by comparison. "I am glad you brought it. We have more. Let me warn Piotr he ought to put the next order in." A few seconds smartly compiling a text message ensures that Big Brother is the smart one to be informed he needs to spend against Xavier's endless bank account for the good of a teacher. Also, roast pig.


"I can do it here. In Limbo, the side effects are almost none. It is, after all, mine." Her gaze is clear, turned back to the sky, assessing the great, vast grey-blue dome. "The choice is always yours, Miss Grey. I offer and you need only show up to make clear you wish it." Right, Dino outside the window at 2 AM. Score! "How can we make you comfortable or happy in the meantime? Do you need..." Oh God, what /does/ a dinosaur need? She plumbs the depths of her limited knowledge. The only solution to mind? "A hug?" Stupid Piotr. "A shower? What is best?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Once upon a time someone said 'Let's go find Jean!' and thus, an adventure was born. But some people just are not morning people, no matter how hard they might try for it. Partially because the morning is a scary place, but more importantly....it takes time to look THIS good.

So like a bull in a china shop, Tabitha is stomping through the woods in an attempt to find where everyone else went. Not quiet walking, and if that wasn't enough to alert anyone else to her where abouts the high volume call of, "JIMMY BABY! ILLY!" Well. People probably only wish they could ignore her.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Slowly rising back up to her feet -- pulling her legs under her and using them to push up, Marie takes a couple of moments to smooth out her skirt, knocking away a couple brambles that had gotten stuck to the material before turning her attention back to Jean. Head slightly bowed, expression... apologetic, frankly.

"I did not mean to be frightened, Mademoiselle; it was just... you were not there, and suddenly there, and... well," A pretty ferocious looking version of herself. "...but you have always been kind to me, and to others as well, I am certain. I think, with some warning, there would be none who would wish to turn you away. You are... what is the phrase..." Red brows knit together fot just a moment. She's heard it before. "...a 'cog in the family'?" Well. She'd been trying for 'part of the family', but that got mixed up with 'cog in the machine'... but Marie has no mental defenses, so maybe, just maybe, the intention got through.

Watching Jean eat isn't.... /as/ surprising. She saw Gabby devour churros. This is the same thing, just in a considerably larger scale. She won't be judgemental or quote Emily Post here; the rules of human etiquette don't exactly apply to dinosaurs.

Though, giving her pending transformation. /Do/ dinosaurs have laws of etiquette to follow? She could ask, but... what if she changes into a gorilla, instead? ...that's one thing she hadn't considered. She'll have to consult the cards. A /gorilla/ could handle them. Then, she wouldn't need to attach little handles suitable for claws like Alex had suggested. But fortune rarely favors the one able to tell its secrets.

Jimmy's words draw the, well, the only currently human redhead's attention towards him. "There is a man who was a dinosaur... /before/ this?" she asks, waiting for confirmation before adding, "Perhaps this 'Sauron' is one of the two at war, then. Trying to remake the world in their own image..." ...which means... "...do you know of a man who was a Gorilla /before/ all this happened, Monsieur Proudstar?" Because that could very well be the /other/ one responsible for all this.

Illyana's words do help to put ideas in Marie's head as far as how to help Jean. If she's concerned about... well... what she is right now, and how she'd be treated as a result of it... a hug might be appropriate. So arms go wide, feet start walking in the P-Rex's direction. If she's not stopped from doing so, that's exactly what's going to happen. She has to be brave. This is /Jean,/ not some monster. This will be okay. She's not going to get eaten at all, really.

Tabby's yelling? ...well, that goes unacknowledged for the moment. /Her/ name wasn't included, and she's used to loud people being around the school!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean blinks at the hug from Marie, then her frame seems to relax. The tiny forearms rest on the girl's shoulders, the dinosaur seeming to relax a bit, << Thank you. All of you. I just... it's been a rough few days. >>

Though, well, her thoughts take a turn towards amused as she hears Tabby approaching, and her thoughts echo to the blonde like a beacon, << Over here Tabitha. I'm... okay, all things considered. >> Which is true, after a fashion.

She does look at Illyana, and thinks into the link, << If... well, before I agree to anything, I suppose I should see what Hank has figured out. How many... how many have changed? >> She knows Laura did, after all, but isn't sure how many others succumbed to, well, whatever this is.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Yeah, some guy the X-Men fought before." Jimmy replies to Marie, "Dunno of any Gorilla men, but I mean..." He shrugs, "Wouldn't exactly surprise me. Guess the real question is are they working together or against each other?"

Tabby's yell draws a bemused smile, and he calls out, "Over here, Tabby!"

And then he plays translator once more, for Illyana's benefit, "She's thinking about it. Wants to talk to Doctor McCoy first." And in kind for Jean's benefit, "Gabby changed. A couple of the younger students turned into Gorillas. It's a worldwide thing, though...not just targeted at us."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Shouting her name is a great way to bring the sword to hand. However, failing that, there is always the simple act of turning around and realizing that anyone wandering through here either has access, mutant abilities, or will be savaged limb from delicious limb by a hungry P. Rex eagerly awaiting her tribute from the loving vassals of Tyrannoqueen Jean. All works out in the end. Warren probably looks awful tasty with those wings.

Barbecued angel? One please.

Tabby earns that wiggle of fingers in greeting, patient and measured, though the uptick in those dark eyes is dangerous. The glow still burns ember bright in the middle, Illyana's inhuman gaze on the spectral side of things. Her response is probably simple and measured. "Bad people do bad things. We stop why, da? Doctor McCoy has a good working theory that means travel, but it does not fix /you/."

The hug given by Marie means she doesn't have to, win! Hugs are still stiff and complicated affairs for the blonde, when not delivered with very specific parameters. Enthusing over drinks, not on there. Being hugged randomly by Sam, fine, no death. Pouncing Piotr? Fair game. Speaking of, she upnods Tabby like cool people do. "Gorillas, dinosaurs. Places wild need these. Wild and hot. Not cold climate. We need Bobby, da?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The return call summons Tabby out of the woods as though made of magic, her hands batting at the trees to get them out of her way. Clearly, in case no one knew this already, she is not the outdoorsy sort. But she put in effort to wear outdoor clothes, boots, jeans. Things that can handle wear and tear of grasping tree limbs and dirt.

"Hey! There you guys are..." She comes to a sudden stop when she spots Jeanrex. Both brows kick upwards, then she blinks, "Holy crap..."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"I can only imagine how difficult it has been." Marie replies, leaning against dino-Jean for a couple moments. Keeping her own mind relaxed. Well, as relaxed as she can. If nothing else, Jean's condition and proximity is helping keep her mind off of the issues that /currently/ plague her. ...if only because she's worried about the ones yet to come.

"Against one another. They fight a war, and humanity..." Mutantity? "...is being used as their soldiers." ...which makes her wonder. If they want to use people as pawns... do they have a way to control them, as well? Jimmy's point is nodded to, "I, myself, have a mere four days left in this form." she reveals; another tidbit picked up from a reading.

Pulling back after a few moments, she displays trust a little more openly -- turning her back to Jean, for the moment, to address the others. "Wild and hot... perhaps Africa, non? Or South America?" ...Marie did not fail geography. Meanwhile, Tabby's actual appearance in sight earns a demure wave from the redhead. "I understand it is startling, but... that /is/ Mademoiselle Grey. She simply... does not look like she normally does." the French girl assures.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean hrms softly, << No, this is... >> She pauses, and looks at Marie with concern, trusting her evaluation of the cards, then she sniffs the air, << No one else nearby, can't sense them. >>

Then she hmms, << Before any sort of relocation, we need to figure out if there's a way to reverse this. As... interesting, as this is, I'd rather be back to my human self sooner rather than later. >>

She looks around at the group, then hrms as she tilts her head, as if sensing something, << The only urge I have towards Sauron is to bite the little pipsqueak in half if he's the one that did this to us. >> Okay, maybe the dinosaur form is affecting her thoughts a bit...

Gabby Kinney has posed:
There's a rustle in some nearby bushes. It approaches, closer, and closer... rusttle, crunch of leaves... Whatever it was wasn't trying to be quiet at least. They were downwind though which made for Jean's air sniffing check harder. Then out from the bushes pops--A small, brightly feathered mini-emu looking dinosaur. Gabby stops and lifts a clawed hand to wave at them with a baring of teeth in what is likely meant to be a smile. "Hi! Dr. McCoy, they're over here!" She calls out with head tipping back to holler into the air. Much as her tinier, squeakier voice can.

Henry McCoy has posed:
His ears must have been ringing. Beast had ventured out towards the wilderness, in search of his altered allies. Jogging along the path, he comes to a skidding halt when presented with the group of people. "Oh! Hello!" He offers, smiling. "I hope you all got my message, yes?" A blink as the Gabby-Compy speaks. "My word... fantastic." A nod to Jean, as well as the others. "How are you two holding up? And Laura?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean takes a step back from Marie at that point, and gives Hank a /look/. << Well, gee, Hank, I'm just fine. Except that I can't really do my bridge foursomes anymore. >> She then waves her tiny little T-Rex forearms at Hank.

Apparently T-Rexes were the apex sarcasm predator. Who knew?

Then, well, she slumps a bit, << It has been... a long couple of days. >> And there's bitterness in her thoughts at that point, since... well, yeah, she's been out here. And not entirely by choice.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Mademoiselle Kinney, Docteur McCoy! We are over here!" Marie offers up, waving a hand. The cards did tell her she needed to help people today while she still could, so ... it's forcing her to be a bit more social than she might like to be. On the plus side, bringing more of Jean's friends to Jean, and bringing the dinos together, can only have positive effects, right?

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The little compy Gabby fluffs herself up and darts over to the group with a chitter that was probably more dino than human. Either way she gets there and leans against Jean's leg with tiny clawed hands trying to hug her. It wasn't much given the size difference but she tried. "Sorry," she squeaks out. "We'll get better though! I know we will." Yep.

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy blinks a bit as Illyana suddenly opens a portal and steps right through, then looks back to Jean, "I uh...guess she had magic stuff to do." Who knows what whims drive the Demon-Queen of Limbo at any given moment? Still, he looks back to the others, a bit of a bemused smile at Gabby because come on, how could you not? "Hey Doctor McCoy, Gabby." There's another glimmer of amusement at Tabby's shock at spotting Jean, but he doesn't comment on it.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It is very, very shocking to actually come face to face with the reality of the new dino world. It's possible that she wasn't quite expecting it to look so real, and not more...cartoon like.

Who knows. Either way, she manages to get herself under better control and wipe that stunned look off her face as some leave, and others arrive. Then she moves over closer to James, whispering, "I'm not dreaming this, am I? Bad shrimp?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a wry smile given to Jean. "Quite, of course. I am sorry you are going through this, but I believe we have the originator singled out. We just need to get him to advise how he did this." He nods. "I promise, I will do all I can to right this, Jean. For you, Gabby, Laura - all the people affected." A nod. A wave and grin is given to Jame as well.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean blinks as Hank reveals who did it. And then she does something few would expect from her, especially since her mind-speech has been pretty Jean-like to this point.

She roars.


Then hugging Gabby notwithstanding (though the little compy-Gabby is undoubtedly dragged along for the ride), Jean tromps over towards Hank, eye narrowing on him as she thinks.

<< WHO?!? >>

Laura Kinney has posed:
     Yeah... Dino roars tend to carry. There's a muffled crashing in the undergrowth, steadily getting louder, and a floofed up Lauraptor comes rocketing out, what is clearly a rabbit in her mouth. She skids to a stop at the sight of the group, slowly pacing towards Jean and giving an interrovative chirp. An 'Is everything okay?'

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Well, Mission was accomplished; they managed to find Jean, and draw plenty of attention her way. However, that doesn't mean her job is entirely done, though. As Jean goes stomping over towards Hank, she quickly moves to get out of the taller woman.... dinosaur...'s way and adds in, "Docteur, there are /two/ responsible for... this. One creating dinosaurs, and one creating gorillas." ...and while she's far from a scientist, Marie sounds as sure of this fact as if she knew them personally. Close enough, in her book.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
SQUEEP. Gabby holds tight to Jean's leg as the woman starts to tromp over to Hank to get more information. She just looks like a fluffy pom-pomp attachment to her ankle as she hangs on. It's not a bad ride, overall, but it was an unexpected one. Once Jean stops and makes her demand of knowledge she just hops off with a nod. "Still cool to ride a dinosaur." Even as a dinosaur. Though now she darts a bit away to give her room since she is far, far smoller.

James Proudstar has posed:
James nods at Tabby, casually slipping an arm around her when she gets close, "Well...I didn't have any shrimp recently, and I'm seeing it too, so...pretty sure it's real." He perks up at Marie's declaration and then looks to Hank, "So I guess /two/ originators?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank stands his ground, even in the face of a charging J-Rex. "Jean, I believe it was Sauron who caused the change into the dinosaur forms. Somehow he completely rewrote the DNA of those affected to change the base to be that of the prehistoric lizards, which is why the affected parties maintain their gifts." There's a glance over to Marie. "Is that so? I hadn't been able to study any who were shifted to gorillas." He says, with a frown.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The dino-roars get a wince, and Tabby lifts a hand to rub a finger against her ear. But she doesn't say anything further about it, instead she listens to the news that it's not just one. But two! Which just means there's a lot of confusion for her, an arm moving to wrap around James' waist as she leans in, pitching her voice low, "Sauron sounds like a lame bad guy from a crappy movie if you ask me."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean growls low, << I'm going to bite that little twerp in half when I catch him. >> Which, well, is something more like a Logan than a Jean. But then again, Jean isn't exactly herself right now.

She then gives Tabby a look that, well, it would be a wry one if a T-Rex did that sort of thing, << The jerk did, actually, name himself after the antagonist from Lord of the Rings. I swear he has a hypnotic stare just so he can monologue uninterrupted. >> Disdain drips from her thoughts as she turns back towards Hank.

<< Where is he? Do we know? Are there any leads??? >>

Laura Kinney has posed:
     Laura drops the rabbit, now next to Jean. "I will help." She's still got that weird accent, voice rougher and some of the phonemes slightly off. YOU try talking with the wrong shape of larynx and no lips. "Use it as a trap. When he talks, stab him from behind."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A slight frown from Hank. "I do not have an exact location. We need more intel on that. I also do not know what device or method he used to make this change, but it does not appear to be magical in nature." A shake of his head. "I would wager he might be in the Savage Lands again, though I do not have specifics. I was hoping we might be able to enlist Charles' help in finding his mental signature."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Monsieur Summers said that some of the younger students had transformed in such a manner, Docteur. I will see if I can find any of them, and have them wait for you in your laboratory, oui?" the redhead offers, looking towards Hank. If nothing else, it's a perfect opportunity to both continue to do some good /and/ get a little farther from the crowd of people. The latter of which has never been Marie's most favorite of things.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney crinkles her nose (much as she can) at the rabbit. "Aww poor bunny," she mumbles. Well it was for a good enough cause it seemed. Regardless she scoots over to Marie to reach up and gently tug on her shirt. Or something she can snag her claws on. "Hey! When we get through with this I want you to do a reading for me! It looks cool when you do those." And realling what she'd said the other day she adds, "It's not so bad being a dino, either, and sounds like we'll get it solved soon!"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean absently bends down, scarfing up the rabbit without much of a second thought as she hrms, looking thoughtful and calming down a bit. << So... we'll need to find him. And figure out what's going on. >> She makes a note of the fact that people are also turning into gorillas, and hrms.

<< This is... personal, now. I can help with what I can, though using Cerebro like this isn't... all that feasible for me. >> Yeah, she can't exactly wear the helmet right now.

Laura Kinney has posed:
     Laura has helped! That's good. she paces over next to Jean, reaching out with one clawd 'hand' to touch the rex's shoulder. "You have my help. I do not want to be used as a weapon. Not again." ...This is an appropriately comforting gesture, right? Body language is hard, and even harder when you're a dinosaur

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Feeling the insistent little tugging at her shirt, Marie looks down... and smiles at Gabby's words. "It would be my pleasure to share my gifts with a friend." ...because yes, Gabby definitely qualifies! At least in the French girl's book. Granted, it's a short list that's not really all that hard to get onto, but... "...and I am glad to hear that. I will be going into town later today to prepare accordingly for... the change. As best as one can anyways, oui?" There's a look given around to the other dinosaurs -- okay, now there's /three/ of them! Breathe, Marie.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Smiling to Marie, he responds in French to her. <<Very much appreciated, thank you. I'll see about factoring in the gorilla changes to my theories. But if there are two, I am wondering who else might fit this sort of plot?>> The man wonders, tapping his chin. A nod to Jean, switching back to English. "I am fairly certain I speak for all of us, we're all going to help in this endeavors. That's what we do, Jean. We're family."

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy glances to Tabby, and then back to the others, "All right, think we're gonna head back. When you all figure out where and when we're goin', let us know if you need us." He tosses a wave to the small crowd, before adding, "You wanna walk back with us, Marie, or you staying here for now?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flashes toothy smile again, and then looks back over to the others. All the French speak is going right over her head, but that's okay. "You don't have to hang out in the woods either, Jean. We can set up somewhere nice by the stables maybe to give you somewhere to rest." The horses might not like that though. "Or by Logan's cabin too. I mean I don't think he'd mind."

Jean Grey has posed:
A hint of bitterness creeps into her thoughts at the mention of 'family'. Still, well, at the mention of Logan's cabin, she seems to sigh, << No... by the mansion is fine, I suppose. >> She understands French well enough, even without telepathy, but right now she can't speak it. Raptors are a bit more flexible in /that/ regard.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Oui, I will join you, Monsieur Proudstar!" Marie replies, crouching down first to give Dino-Gabby a quick hug. It's hard not to. She's even more adorable in this form than previous ones! To Hank? She beams brightly, switching to French for the reply. <<I fear I do not know /who/ it is, but I imagine it would have been someone who was a gorilla before all this happened. The cards told me they wished to remake the world in their image... and were fighting against each other to do so.>> ...then, to the gathering en masse? A quick curtsey and wave, "Mademoiselles, Docteur, I will see you all soon. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, oui?"

...and then Marie's off to join Jimmy and Gabby on the way back to the school.

Laura Kinney has posed:
     "I will keep you company. People like Gabby, but I am intimidating." The massive claws probably don't help at all with that, Laura. Plus... It's kind of nice to hang out iwth someone and not have to deal with awkwardness from not getting body language or having predator instincts.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry nods to Marie, then smiles to Jean. "We'll get through it. We have been through so much, I cannot see this as something that will puzzle us or make us run aground." He assures Jean. "We'll sort out this scheme, then right those who have been wronged."