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Movie Night at Xavier's
Date of Scene: 26 April 2020
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Movie night is interrupted by -actual- dinosaurs! Maybe next time the denizens of Xavier's will actually get to finish a film...
Cast of Characters: Danielle Moonstar, Jubilation Lee, Rogue, Jean Grey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Samuel Guthrie, Negasonic

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
One of the projection TVs has been setup for movie night and couches arranged to maximize seating. In front of the couches are beanbags for those who don't mind lounging on the floor. Tables are interspersed here and there for maximum snackage potential. Everyone will still have to get up to grab drinks, but someone's made sure the 'fridges are all well-stocked (and organized).

There's plenty of popcorn, chips, pretzels, trail mix, and even the movie candy classics like Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids. Happen to be one of those folks who likes Raisinets? You can probably nab a box all to yourself.

Towards the back of the room, someone's laid out a table with a make-your-own nachos station. Chips here, meat there, then an assortment of toppings. Cheese (cheddar, cheese whiz, queso, and so on). Lettuce. Tomato. A variety of salsas. Avocado (sliced and mashed). Sour cream. If it (reasonably) goes on nachos, it can be found on the table somewhere.

Right on schedule, the lights dim (sorry pool players) and the movie begins. For many of the students at Xavier's, this may be their first time seeing the 1993 summer blockbuster Jurassic Park.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Dani was already settled in with her own plate of nachos, right in a corner of one of the sofas. She likes those corner seats: one can position themselves just-so to not quite sprawl, but -almost- sprawl without taking up too much space. Plus, you can have your soda -- Coke, for her -- right within reach. In jean shorts and a loose t-shirt with (what else) a T-Rex on it ('Tea Rex' of a T-Rex holding a cup of tea), she's more than ready for the film. Especially since she's already downed a handful of nachos. Someone's the 'eat half the popcorn before the trailers have even finished' type.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Enter Jubilation Lee, wearing pajamas because nobody is going to convince her that it's not a pajama part, big dinosaur house slippers (because theme), and a Jurassic Park T-Shirt that's all faded and junk. Likely cost forty extra bucks to come pre-faded too! It's authentic hipster apparel!

Beneath one arm she's carrying her ukulele, humming to herself as she heads for the couches, plops down and tucks the instrument right up against her chest.

"~ When I showed up at the gates it all seeeeemed great.."

Strumming begins in a three cord progression, gently plucking her fingers over the nylon strings.

"We ventured out in the rain, the lawyer got ate...
That's when I knew.. that people could be food...
And T-Rex don't play favorites with his cakes..

Snackin' on a lawyer is instant objection..
The judge is calling for a mistrial.
We're all shacked up in jeeps, the goggles don't look cheap..
And Malcom's showin' Sattler chaos wiles..

Here in Jurassic park, we spared no expenses for your entertainin'..
Look, up there, it's flyin' lizard death..
Nedry talkin' shop in the control booth is typical mansplainin',
And the Velociraptors steams the window with it's human flavored breath..~"

Strumming, jikity jik.

"Clever giiiiirl..."

"nachoooos!!!!" Jubilee is on approach, after her song, to the make your own'cho stand.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue can hear the splendid Jubilee lyrics from outside of the rec room and they draw her within it. She knew of the scheduled movie night, but wasn't sure what they were watching until she'd caught on to some of the key elements of those finely tuned lyrics.

"Dinosaur theme, I get it." Rogue says as she walks in through the open double doors of the rec room and moves to set her bookbag down on bar stool chair beside the bar countertop near to where the nacho buffet is.

"Damn, ya'll went all out on this."

The southern girl goes on then to coax one of the other kids to make her nacho plate so she doesn't have to pull off one of her wine-red long gloves and there-by endanger everyone else who's making a snack plate.

Jean Grey has posed:
Suddenly there's a giant T-Rex ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR echoing through the rec room!

Or rather, everyone thinks they hear it, as Jean walks in, "Dinosaur themed? Really?" She looks a bit amused at that, glancing around with a smile. "Very nicely done, I have to say."

Glancing around, she makes her way over towards the snack bar, but makes sure to let the kids go first, "Everything going okay? I know finals are a little stressful under the best of times..." Especially when someone just completed their doctoral thesis. Hey, Jean needs a movie night too!

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
"Tch, -spoilers-," Dani hisses to Jubilee as she sings her tune to the opening sequence of the movie. It's playfully said. After all, the movie -is- nearly thirty years old. That's well after spoiler expiration date, right? She stuffs another heavily loaded nacho in her mouth and chows down, twisting to look over her shoulder at the new entrant. There's a shrug. "Nineties were pretty cool," says one of those born at the very, very end and thus yearning to have been a '90s kid.' "Gonna give us an education." And since dinos are all the rage (har har), it's fitting!


The sudden roar makes her squeak and jump and she only barely keeps from spilling her nachos. So close to a party foul! Then there's a quietly embarrassed chuckle and "Jean" as a greeting. "I just... wanna do some things more. As a... family? Or just to get everyone together in ways outside of class or exercises." Danger room is bonding time but it's sort of stressful!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Grab a fritos bag and open up the top..." Jubilee goes for her personal stash! Ducking down to reach way back in one of the cabinets to grab a bag of fritos corn-chips, moves the ajax box back infront of the little collection of chips, and stands up to head over to the own'cho stand. Tugging open the top, she scopes some meat right into the bag, "Add you're favorite protein, mine is definitely beef!" Cheese, of the heated nacho variety is poured over top, then sour cream and lettuce and tomatoes annnnnd salsa.

"Shake'a shake'a..." Shaking the bag with the lid pinched shut in both hands, she grabs a fork and puts it between her lips on her way back to the couch. Climbing riiiiight over the back to sit down directly beside Rogue as if she hasn't a care in the world that a simple brush of skin could KILL HER DEADER THAN EVERYONE IN CABLE'S FUTURE..

"Then don't share with your best friend.." Happily wiggling from side to side with a bemused grin over at Dani calling her out for spoilers! Wearing her typical oopsy face. "Shiiitaki mushrooms, I forgot a soda.. Rogue, darling, love of my life... make one of your servants get me a hawaiian punch puuuuhleeeease? I'll share my nachos?" Holding the bag right up beneath Rogue's nose, letting her smell it, smell it Rogue... sniff it in and be hello jello...

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had proceeded to sit down just moments before the Jubilation train pulled in to station beside her and she glanced over to Dani. "You haven't seen this movie?" She asks her. "I mean, /I/ haven't seen it either, but I sucked the memories out've a few people who have, so it basically feels like I've seen it." She grins before she looks over to Jubilee on her right and smiles at her, then shakes her head at the nachos under her nose.

"Hamilton Bone the 3rd! Please be a sugahry gum drop and bring Lady Jubilee a fruit punch!" Rogue hollars back to the kitchen area, which convinces the portley 13 year old kid known as 'Hambone' to go to the silvery fridge to get said drink. He runs it over with a jiggle to his everything and drops it on Jubilee without even a warning, then runs back to his plate he's making.

"Jean, you're gonna get roasted when the T-Rex busts out've it's pen. Fair warnin! We love you!" Rogue says outloud without looking to Jean. She glances to Dani and frowns. "Spoilers, sorry."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles at Rogue, "Sorry, but considering the movie, I don't think that's really a spoiler... I mean, the dinosaurs are going to do that, we all know it." She chuckles, "Though the first person that calls me 'clever girl' is going to get a mindful." With that, she starts working on her own plate, using a bit of TK to make it a bit easier.

"So is this a marathon of all of them, or just the first one? Because, well, there's a bit of sequel-itis in them, that's for sure." She grins and takes a spot a bit out of the way, since she's the nominal adult, more or less.

Hey, she's a teacher!

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
"I mean, the internet's told me pretty much everything, but- no." Something something growing up on a reservation and being all 'one with nature' when most kids were being raised by XBox and Vines. Dani may as well be a monk sometimes. If she were a D&D character, her Knowledge (Pop Culture) skill would be 0.

The young woman stuffs another nacho in her mouth and as she chews, she picks up her soda to wash it down, eyes on the screen even as she talks. "S'part of why I'm doing this. I wanna get everyone's jokes!" Even though almost all of Mirage's humor is deadpan, she -does- have a sense of humor and hates when someone makes a zinger of a topical joke and it just *zoom* goes right over her head.

"Just the first one," she tells Jean before another nacho. At least this time it's just a nibble. A nibble with a long cheese-pull. "So- uh-" talking around food so she just finishes that nacho RIGHT up. "Uh, so next movie night'll prob be something else."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Jurassic Park. The legendary work of Michael Crichton made even more famous in the capable hadns of Steven Spielberg. Even people who haven't seen it have a basic idea of the premise, even if it's just because they've seen the newer movies to come out and make tons of money on the idea of cloned dinosaur entertainment.

The sights and sounds are all familiar. Like good ol' Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm. Who can forget the cheerful visage of Mr. DNA, explaining just how John Hammond and his group managed to bring dinosaurs back to life. Or the loud trill of a dinosaur as it makes its way through the bushes.

...but did the Professor recently upgrade the sound system in the rec room, or did that high-pitched, warbling sound seem like it was coming from outside, not from the TV or any visible speakers?

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Nature... uh.." Jubilee has nacho cheese all over her face, which is super hard to do when eating with a fork, but there we go, "Finds... a way.." Looking around conspiratorially, forking more of the slop from her back into her mouth, which she washes down with a guzzling drink from the fruit punch provide her by Hambone. When she sets it down, the punch does that rippling thing... she does not notice. "Fanhk oou.."

How did she get salsa on her forehead.

Can't take Jubilee anywhere.

"Can I suggest Night of the Living Dead for our next movie night?" Peeking over at Dani, "That or Toxic Avenger, I can go either way here.." JUST AS THE HIGH PITCHED WARBLING SOUND comes from outside... Jubilee goes stark still, except for her fork gingerly sliding nachos in her face. "I swear that was purely by coincidence."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has one glove off and she's taking a much more dainty and careful approach to nachos than her lovely Asian friend on her right is. In fact as Dani talks, Rogue points over at Jubilee with a chip-holding-hand-pinky-finger and says, "She's literally ond hundred percent made from pop culture references. Ya should learn from her what t'do next." And when Jubilee suggests that movie, Rogue nods her head and glances down at her food. "See, I was gonna say Pet Detective. But a Livin' Dead movie is probably considered more 'artistic' in it's impact on the film genre as a whole. It's a better suggestion." She smirks over at Jubilee and then notices the salza on the girl's forehead which makes her 'peeeer' for a second, but hey, that's Jubs' problem.

Rogue glances back to where Jean is then. "I'm glad you're not a dinosaur anymore."

She doesn't seem to have noticed any unusual sounds not coming from the television.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles over at Rogue, but then she hears the warble. Well, the warble that didn't seem to be coming from outside. Maybe it's just that she did spend some time as a dinosaur recently, but she seems to find that a bit... familiar.

So, while she smiles over at Jubilee and says, "Please, the original one though, not any of the remakes." Her mind does a quick scan outside, looking for familiar thoughts that might seem a bit... out of place.

Or in this case, in a body that's 65 million years too old for them.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Even as Jubilee is making her movie suggestions, Dani's pulling out her phone with one hand and sucking cheese and other nacho bits off the fingers of the other hand so it's -relatively- clean so she can jab at the screen. "Night of the Living Dead," she repeats quietly to herself, "Toxic Avenger." She's probably building a list of things to show. However, she does catch the wobble of the Hawaiian Punch out of the corner of her eye. She looks up, blinks at it. Odd.

The movie isn't to that point yet, so she doesn't -get- the relevance of it. Alas. She will later, but by then it'll be too late. Maybe she'll have a giggle at herself.

But then comes the warble and it is so very different from Jean's roar and the Cheyanne woman jumps. "Did you all hear that?" It wasn't just her, was it? Couldn't be.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Just coincidence. Definitely. Hank cured all of the dinosaurs around the Mansion. Beyond that, Jean told everyone to leave a DNA sample with Hank, so any /more/ that came up would be quickly taken care of, right? There's absolutely nothing to worry about....

At least until it happens. There's a loud rustling in the immaculately manicured hedges outside the window, which SOMEBODY (We're not saying it was you, but you know, and I know, who it really was.) happened to leave open... and then a tiny figure that jumps through, onto back of the couch that sat just in front of said window. To those who've seen the movie before, a compsognathus, or 'Compy' for short, is easy to identify. To those who haven't? They might have seen Gabby during /her/ change.

But this one wasn't alone. After a moment, the first one jumps down onto the rec room floor, and a second jumps through the window. Followed by a third. It's a genuine swarm of the foot-tall dinosaurs that numbers ten in total... and are quickly swarming towards the nachos that have been set out. Unless stopped? They're each going to collect a tasty chip in their mouths, and skitter little clawed feet across the table to dip it in the salsa. Each in turn, almost like a parade of hungry dinos.

...and yes, Jean. There most definitely is a distresed mind outside the Mansion, thoughts jumbled, but if she can identify the language? They're rushing by, and most definitely in French.

Notably, if she follows this by trying to scan the compys inside? There's /no/ mental activity coming from them.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Hold the phone!" Jubilee exclaims with far more excitement than likely was required to get attention! "Professor Grey was a dinosaur?! How the frickle frack did I miss that?! Were you a big dinosaur? Like a steplopasaurus or a tiny one like a treadmillus Rex?" Her knowledge of dinosaurs is as bad as her comprehension of math.

Which is /bad/.

"Point of order!" Since there's warbling and the juice is doing that thingy where it ripples because of big stompasaurus steps, "The Tom Savini 90s remake is freakin' amazing... and I'll not have you sully that mans creative integrity by suggesting otherwise. Let's look at the /facts/." Setting down her nachos, leaning towards the glass to watch the ripples.

"It featured Tony Todd as Ben, that's flippin' CANDY MAN... It had Candy Man in it.. and don't even get me started on Bill Mosley as Johny. This is like a whole movie full of horror movie royalty.. Tom Savini, Tony Todd, Bill Mosley... I'll grant you that the Night of the Living Dead remastered featuring Sid Heig wasn't /exactly/ a master piece of modern cinema, but it still had Sig Heig... so before you throw glass stones at brick houses-" Nailed that analogy, "-Why don't you do some /fact checks/.." Hands up, hands out, head bowed.

Both now motioning at her glass. "Rogue, Roooogue... don't suddenly rush off to the bathroom or anything, but.. the juice is moving."

Popping back up, she glances at Dani, then over her shoulder where the noise seems to be coming from. Standing up, she hops over the back of the couch with a flashlight... technically it's a little rubber monkey with a flashlight it's butt! Totally a reproduction of Terrance Peterson, Craig Robinson's monkey keychain flashlight from This is the End, "I got this guys" The Walking Dead this is not. She'll be fine.

"HOLY SALSA EATING COMPY!" Jubilee was mid leap when the damn thing lands and goes for the nachos! "Protect the snack foods!" Grabbing a towel, she snaps it at the compy's, "HE'YA! HEEEEE'YAA!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue tips her chin up at Dani as she sees her making a list. She's raising a nacho up to her lips. "Put 'Dude, Where's my Car' on that too. Ya won't regret it." She says with a sly grin. Truth is, Rogue doesn't have much of a history of movie watching either. She didn't even have a tv in the house until she moved in with her aunt at the age of 6, and it was one tv down in the living room that her aunt and her aunt's boyfriend (more specifically) claimed most nights. What pop culture knowledges she has mostly all came from other people's stolen minds. Like Carol's obsession with M*A*S*H, ugh. The Belle can barely fall asleep at night without that damn show on in the background now.

When the Compys start filing in, she's already looking over at them while Jubilee is starting to flip her lid. She's just staring at them as she doesn't really fear even the biggest dinosaurs, since she could toss them over a mountain after all.

"Get'em, Jubes!" She does encourage the towel snapping though.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes walking into the room. He had to work tonight but is off now. He took the time to change into a normal t-shirt instead of the pizza express shirt. He has a stack of pizzas, and some of the sides as he comes walking into the room. He looks around and says "And who requested the hayseed delivers the pizza?" He asks smirking a bit, and moves to set the food down. He has a folded up pamphlet sticking out out his back pocket.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Chances are, Rogue is going to have to remind Dani about that recommendation because the woman is absolutely lost in -staring- at the parade of compys flowing in through the window to get their han- er, claws on some nachos. One compy, sure. Gabby was farkin' adorable and Dani would hang with Gabby-compy any day of the week. But a whole slew of them?

Well, that's enough of a distraction that she's probably gonna re-watch the movie before bed.

"Uhhhh." So eloquent, Danielle Moonstar. Quote for the yearbook, right there.

"I thought Hank figured this out!" Better.

Shaking herself out of it, she looks up at Sam as he enters and flops a hand towards the nacho table where there -might- be room for pizzas, but there's currently a swarm of compys getting themselves salsa-dipped-chips. "Find a spot for them?" Good luck, Kentucky.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
It's Sam's super calm disinterest in the compy's that really sets the stage guys.

Jubilee is actively using a dish towel to swat at freaking dinosaurs and here comes Kentucky anybody want a pretzel.. It's so surreal.. Even the oft outlandish Jubilation Lee has to stop and take stock of this run away situation.

What she decides is that Sam is the enemy.

Or at the very least intimately involved with the enemy.

So she switches targets with her rolled up rag and starts snapping it at the back of his thighs, "Take. dinosaurs. seriously!" SNAP. SNAP. SNAP. If this leads to her being mauled to death by a whole GAGGLE of Compies, so be it.

She's led a good life.

But sacrifices must be made.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
It doesn't seem like the little beasties were expecting to be intercepted, as Jubilee's towel-thwap catches the first compy by seeming surprise, sending it skidding across the hardwood floor as tiny claws try to regain traction on the ground. The second thwap, however, misses as the tiny dino hops out of the way at the last moment. Rather than continue onwards towards the snack table, the pint-sized pack of prehistoric predators turns and gather into a formation, bareing teeth and claws at Jubilee and occasionally hopping here and there to avoid the mighty towel.

...until it's not attacking them anymore. And someone ELSE brought pizza.

The swarm of compys skitter to try and surround Sam, jumping straight up in an effort to sink teeth into pizza boxes... though too small to actually /do/ so without using him as a ladder. Which they don't seem particularly inclined to do. Jubilee has been saved by Pizza Power!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Yeah, get'em!" Jubilee shouts! Now firmly in Compy Campy.

"I bet you wish you'd paid attention now!" SNAP SNAP SNAP.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just leans back on the leather sofa and kicks her feet up on to the shiny polished wood coffee table, her leather combat boots are tied with green laces on the left foot and yellow on the right. She's well aware of the madness going on around her, but she's staring at Sam Neill in his 40s on the television and she's wondering just how hot is he on a level of 'That Guy Who's Old But Kinda Hot' standardized listings.

Oh and she's still eating her nachos and not really reacting to the dinosaurs attacking, or any of the other stuff going on. Almost like she doesn't even see them, or thinks they're apart of the movie experience in 2020 entertainment.

"I like this part. This is when he scares the lil' fat kid that looks like Hambone." Rogue quietly says with a grin on her lips.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks around and holds the pizzas up higher, jumping a bit at the towel snaps "Like dinos in the rec room are the oddest things we have ever seen here." He calls back to Jubes. He looks down at the little things "Feel like I am bringing pizza home back with all the littles." He chuckles but he does look at the pizza boxes and with a bit of effort, will pull one of the middle ones out and set it on a lower table opening it to distract the dinos. He will then look for a higher place to put the rest "These little guys your doing chief?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Welp. As Sam moves, the hopping compys keep hopping and snapping insistently around him, but also do their best not to get actually /stepped on./ At least. Until one of the boxes is set down as an offering. That's when they swarm.

...the pizza box that is, not poor Sammy. There's a lot of chomping as tiny teeth grip into slices, with two providing 'escort' duty, as they make the effort to drag the entire contents of the box towards that window, slice by slice. Compys on parade once again!

...at least they didn't get into the salsa?

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean concentrates a bit, staying aloof of the compy craziness for a bit as she murmurs, "Hold on, there's something..." She focuses, letting the students handle the compys. Or feed Sam to them. Whatever.

Look, sacrifices must be made, right?

Anyway, Jean looks deep in thought as she tracks down that familiar sounding mind, noticing the French as she thinks, << Marie-Ange? Is that you? >> A bit rhetorical since, well, she senses the girl's thoughts and identity easily enough, but she looks to draw her out in conversation.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I don't know what kind of crazy world you live in, but three hundred million year old extinct reptiles trying to eat nachos off our table in the rec room still ranks pretty frickle fracking high on my not okay o'meter..." Jubilee snaps the towel once more at Sam's tushie, then steps away from him and his box of pizzas... the villainous reptiles have taken to engaging him rather than her, so it's safe to assume she's safe for now..

Safe enough to snatch the pamphlet out of Sam's back pocket, "What's this now?" Scooting away from him while there's a bunch of tiny dinosaurs trying to eat him! "NYPD... Why Samual Guthrie! Are you going to join the prestiguous Blue Line? ROGUE!"

Literally running over towards Rogue, "Look't this! Sam's going to be a pohlice man.. he's going to be breaking up your illegal fight clubs and speak easies serving all that bathtub gin you've been cooking up in the woods!"

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Sam Neill at 40 is pretty high on the 'kinda hot' meter, it's true. Dani will likely be having this debate herself when she rewatches the movie later. Right now, she's pretty distracted by the real world dinos that are trying to swarm Sam.

She's about to recommend the pizzas be put down, but Hayseed is already doing just that and she's able to start climbing over the couch to try to settle things down. Or maybe just grab some of the boxes off of her teammate. If he brought bread sticks, she's calling dibs.

That plan, however, is stalled when Jubes gets ahold of that pamphlet. "NYPD?" Dani echoes Jubes' exclamation. "Are you serious? What about everything you've got going on here?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
All at once, the thoughts stop. As does the swarm. Creating a trail of dinosaurs leading from the couch they used to first make their springboard-entrance, another line of bushes. Most carrying pizza slices in their maws.

<< Mademoiselle Grey? >> is the intelligible part that comes out, first, before the rush of thoughts return in earnest and the reptillian parade resumes, each one disappearing into the bushes.

Then, there's more movement visible to anyone looking. Something /bigger/ than the little compys is being camoflagued by those bushes.... and is quite possibly either eating the little dinosaurs or the offerings of pizza that they seemed to bring to the larger, yet-unseen creature. Or, perhaps both. Hope those weren't students.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will rub the back of his neck, and says "Well, right now it is just the Academy, and have to have regular college with it as well." He will look to the ladies and says "Ah still plan on being here and working with everything here, but Ah thought about seeing if Ah could get a position with the Bushwick precinct, thought getting more officers there who are ok about being there and helping people."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean pauses, then says, "Marie's out there. I think she was transformed, she's confused. I can defintiely relate." A bit of wryness on the last comment, as she looks over at Sam. "And well, you're always welcome here, but if that's a calling you have, then you should do what you feel is right." She smiles reassuringly at him, then hmms.

"Alright, let's follow the compys and see what's going on outside. I suspect Marie-Ange is out there." She pauses, then resumes her mental communication with Marie.

<< Marie-Ange? This is Jean. We're going to be coming out to see you, okay. Don't panic. We're here to help. >> Sending all the reassuring thoughts that she can, right now.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Well, I'm going to give you a nickles worth of free advice, Hodor.." Jubilee hands the pamphlet back out towards Sam, "There are dinosaurs in the rec room." Very calm... at least temporarily so, what with the much bigger movements from yander window break. "I'm going to need you to be more observant about the particular dangers around you if you plan on taking on a career of serving and protecting me..." Wiggle wiggle.

"Also, stop carrying pamphlets. We're watching a movie from the 90s, we're not living in them." Wiggle wiggle.

Thus ends her disinterest in all the dinosaurius action. "Marie? Seriously, she's a dino too? Why the heck am I not getting a chance to be a dinosaur, who do I have to talk to about that because I feel supremely cheated right now..." Looking down at herself, hands out, head bowed... "This body was basically /designed/ to be an avion lizard feasting on the remains of recent kills from bigger, herd predators.." She sounds like someone kicked her puppy as she steps up beside Jean.

bringing up Terrance Peterson to flick on the switch in his back to shine the light out of his little keychain monkey butt. "I'm ready."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
There's a war going on inside Dani. Process Sam's news or Jean's news (regarding Marie). In the end, she decides on the latter. Particularly when Jubilee speaks up. The Cheyanne woman blinks once, twice, and says: "That's right!"

She gives up on perusing pizza boxes and turns towards the window, striking that-a-way on bare feet (hope there's not too many bits of pizza or chips on the floor). "Marie said, at Taco Tuesday, she knew exactly when she was going to change. Her cards told her so." Biting her lip, she approaches the window to leeeeeeeeee-ean out of it, looking around in the yard beyond. "I don't remember what -type- of dino, though." It's possible Marie didn't say, but either way: Dani doesn't remember.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and says "Ah don't plan on letting you guys get rid of me, least not that easy, just might not be delivering pizzas as much." He does head towards the window as well, but waits letting Jean take the lead since she is the one in charge here.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
That's the thing about Marie. Marie doesn't think in English; she just doesn't. The French is more natural to her, she's more confident about it... and with the thoughts that are racing, she can't even consider translating.

...at least until they stop entirely. Being replaced more by sounds -- mental and audible -- as instinct takes over and the offerings of food are devoured, the entire pizza gone in a matter of moments.

She should've known only four hot dogs late last night wasn't going to keep her full for too long.

"<< Non non! Vous ne pouvez pas! S'il vous plaît ne les laissez pas me voir comme ça, cela ruinera Jennymas et je ne serai jamais pardonné! >> is the eventual reply that comes across the mental connection between one redhead and one former-redhead. Meanwhile, the movement in the bushes has stopped. Those with astute senses might notice that it didn't end up rustling any /other/ bushes... and so, is probably taking cover still inside.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean nods, << It's going to be alright, Marie-Ange. We made sure to get your DNA before you changed, so we can fix this. >> She smiles and levitates out the windows, popping them open as she moves out relatively silently.

Jean then looks back at the students, "She's okay, well... relatively speaking." With that, she touches down in front of the suspicious bushes, saying verbally, "Marie-Ange? It's Jean. I know what you're going through right now... it's going to be okay."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
"You'd better not be abandoning us," Dani calls back over her shoulder. Meanwhile, she's scanning the bushes. It's not in the same way the telepaths do it. Empathy is a different bag. She cocks her head slightly to the side after a moment. Goes "huh."

"I can't... feels the compys." Her face twists up all weird. "I don't think they're real." She leans back in as Jean heads outside, but finally draws herself up to sit on the windowsill. "She's right, Marie," Dani says, voice quiet. "And you know, this is totally okay. It happened to Jean, and Laura, and Gabby. No one's mad. We'll get Hank and he'll help you."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Dani, and says "So when they are Dinos you can feel them sorta like Rahne?" He will ask, and says "Can you pick up when they change sorta like popping up out of no where.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I don't have a huge metric for this kind for how to deal with Mariesaurius' so I'm going to take Jean's lead here..." Jubilee does have the flashlight though! Which is amusing only because she can literally create light explosions with her brain magic. Genetic brain magic.

"YEAH! We're not mad at you, Marie... how could it possibly be your fault that you're not an extinct carnivorous reptile? There's no handbook for that.. no manual.. hell even the recently deseased get a handbook." Jubilee reaches for her backpack, which she isn't wearing... damn slumber party.. "... I was going to pull it out and show you, but I left it in my room."

"Just take my word for it okay? The recently deseased hvae a handbook and I bought it for thirty five ninty nine on amazon."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
<< Il peut? Êtes-vous sûr? >> comes the hesitant reply.

As Jean, at least, starts getting closer, the noises from the bush start up again. There's a low rattling sound, almost like a snake about to strike... that's replaced by more trilling after the redhead speaks to her. << ... si vous êtes sûr, veuillez m'emmener avec lui. Je ne peux pas la décevoir. >>

With that additional thought given, there's a little movement that precedes the head of a dilophosaurus pushing through the bushes; kept very low, as if it -- or more accurately /she/ -- was crawling along the crowd. There's also a tarot card hanging from her mouth by a small, twine handle that's been glued onto the back of it.

...and with the 'face' of the card facing outwards? The source of the compys might be clear; there are ten of them depicted on the card. It's the part of her powers that most probably aren't as familiar with, since it's the prescience that she advertises. Either way, the reptile's eyes are scanning the crowd. Focusing mainly on Jean, but also peeking towards the window and the crowd watching her. Oh, she hates crowds. It's probably a good thing that only Jean actually came /through/ the window.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean crouches down towards the dilophosaurus, then smiles, "Clever g... er, very nicely done, Marie-Ange." She sees the card, then nods, looking over at Marie with a curious expression. "So, you can use more than just tarot cards? That's very good." She extends a hand, non-threateningly, as she then thinks back to the students.

<< It's Marie-Ange, she's been transformed, but she can still use her powers too. Apparently she was using them to generate the compys. >> There's a bit of an impressed tone on Jean's thoughts, lips curving into a smile as she nods towards Marie, "We can get you changed back, Marie-Ange. I understand how strange this all is for you. That instinct you're not used to having suddenly riding in the frot of your mind."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Jube, as Jean seems to be the one communicating with the dino-marie. "Do we have any clue what is causing the chances? I have heard there wasa few who had changed, and saw Laura, but have heard nothing about what is causing it. Sauron maybe but I would think he would prefer dino people."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie heard there was a movie night, so naturally, she didn't show up. But after an hour or so into the event, she figured maybe they had cool snacks set up. So reluctantly, because only losers do movie nights, Ellie finally shows up. Quietly, of course, unannounced and quietly she gets into the room, and keeps to the back, shuffling towards the snack station without even looking up to see who is present or what movie is being shown. She's cool that way.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
There are, absolutely, snacks. All over the place. With a make-yo-own nacho bar at the back, the pizzas Sam brought (minus one box)... and a crowd by the window, ignoring the movie itself.


Dani remains sitting in the window sill, watching Marie slowly appear. She swings her legs a bit, but doesn't hop out. As Jean explains the situation, she looks from telepath to the newly dino'd Tarot. "Oh." There's a look back over her shoulder to the others and she explains, to Sam: "We're pretty sure it is Sauron, but we dunno why. Dunno how it happens, either. Could happen to anyone, any time. Make sure Hank has a sample of your DNA, just in case."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Make your own'cho station.

See it's a mash up.

Very important to trademark these things.

Jubilee is using her monkey keychain flashlight (Terrance Peterson(see how this works?)) to shine the beam out the window at the suddenly appearing Dinarie. "See, this is bullshit... First of all, I definitely deserve to be a dinosaur. I've basically been training my whole life for it.. and who wants to bet, seriously listen, who wants to bet that I never even get the nod? Just like the kickball incident of 2014..."

Pregnant pause. "Never again."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Slowly but surely, the dino-Tarot starts making her way out of the bushes. << Non. C'est une carte de tarot. >> the girl points out -- she's not opening her mouth because doing so would likely end up dropping the card. On the plus side, Dani would be able to sense that her emotions are definitely starting to normalize -- at least the fear's receeding, being replaced by a bit of hope, even if it's gradual. The visible indication of that is that her hood is distinctively /not/ flared out, which means that, at least for the moment? Nobody's going to get spit on. Probably. Finally stepping out of the bushes fully, she rises up to her full height -- which is certainly shorter than she normally stands, and turns her attention towards Jean fully. << S'il te plaît, emmène-moi vers lui? >> A pause. << ...I wish to... be me. >> The thoughts in English are harder to get out, they require more focus, but she makes the effort.

Negasonic has posed:
"I want to be a megadeathsaur, and kill everyone, but I don't get my wish either," Ellie mutters softly to herself upon overhearing Jubilee, she goes about and grabs herself just a few chips. "The way it works is you only get it if you don't want it..." she looks towards the movie being projected, "what movie is it anyways?" She asks no one in particular, expecting someone will probably shoot an answer.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles, "We'll get you fixed up. Sauron's shenanigans are something we can reverse." She gestures to dino-Marie, and leads her back towards the mansion, "Come on."

She then thinks towards the room, << Okay, we're coming back in. And trust me, you don't want this to happen to you. >> Well, Jean would know, at least.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie moves to hold the curtains to the side so they can get back in easier, and says "First Jurassic Park Ah think." He tells them. He does look over to see where Jub put his pamphlet.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Jurassic Park." Jubilee says in answer to Ellie, glancing back at Bald McPhearson by the snacks. In the best of all possible worlds, Jubes would be using the pamphlet as a spy glass, but she sat it down on the table beside one of the couches. Missed opertunity that.

"Professor Grey, I really want to be a dinosaur... for a variety of reasons, but most specifically, I will /definitely/ be giving out words of wisdom at Burger Joint ala Philosoraptor." Stepping back so they can get in, through the window, with Mariesaur.

"Sauron... We have a villain named Sauron? He's aware that there might be copy right issues with Tolkien estate right? Unoriginal.. it's just... it's lazy. That's what it is, plum laziness in villain naming."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie snorts at Sam's reply, "had to be on purpose." She shakes her head, and then goes to find herself a beanbag to crash into, casually nibbling on the collection of chips in her hands. "Science always kills people in movies, wonder what Dr. McCoy thinks about that prejudice." When Jubes makes her Philosoraptor joke, Ellie actually chuckles, and turns her head to look her way, "that one was actually on point."

"It's also stupid, if he turns people to dinosaurs, Sauron is way off theme...he should be like, the Dinomancer or something stupid like that."

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
There's a slow nod of Marie's head, a little rattling of her hood, and as Jean leads, Marie follows -- if they're going in through the window? She'll hop from the ground up to the window. Dinosaur legs are better at that kind of thing than her human legs! Somehow, she manages to retain a little bit of that dancer's grace that she normally carries in doing so, as well. Once back inside, there's a long, slow visual sweep of the room. A little staring at everyone that she spies... at least until Jean leads her away to be fixed up /properly./

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Once she's sure that Marie is calming down, Dani clambers back into the window and watches the dino-Tarot follow Jean. "First Jurassic Park," she confirms and it's likely at least halfway through by now. "And yes, it was absolutely on purpose." The next movie she picks will probably be thematic in some way, too. But who knows what shenanigans they'll be up to at that point!

The Cheyanne woman hikes her way back to her seat, flopping down on the sofa to reach for her soda. "I like Dinomancer," she tells Ellie. "That's a good one. We should call him that."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean hovers in after Marie, escorting her as she says, "It's okay, Marie-Ange, we're just going to take you to Beast's lab. He fixed me up, and we have your DNA sample there, so this shouldn't be a problem." She then glances over at Jubilee, and sighs, shaking her head.

"Trust me, after spending a few days as a dinosaur... it's very overrated. Trust me. And Sauron is... well, he better hope Wolverine gets to him before /I/ do." There's a flash of anger in her normally calm eyes as she thinks about the harm Sauron has caused with these latest shenanigans.

Do. Not. Upset. Momma. Bear.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to the others, and says "Always thought he was more a sleestak," He says and goes to pick up his Pamphlet "So, is this the third time or has there been more and has it all been ladies?

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I don't like how the professors are stiffling my creative desire to be a dinosaur when I grow up!" Jubes .. okay she's not shouting it, but she says it really pointedly, if quietly, to Jean who is already gone. She didn't specifically wait for her to leave either! She is absolutely not terrified of the telepaths... all six million of them.. currently residing at Xaviers.

As far as names for Sauron go.

"He's like a Captain Planet villain. Or .. oh jeez, remember when G.I. Joe fought Serpentor? He literally turned Cobra Commander into a frick fracking snake! Sauron is /literally/ Serpentor!..." HAH!

Negasonic has posed:
"Wait...he only turns ladies to dinosaur? So he's a sexist motherfucker too, huh?" Ellie remarks to Sam, a bit surprised to learn only women are affected. That was a weird thing. But she's soon distracted by Jubilee, who Ellie is sure, is doing quite a bit of drugs. "What is that G.I. Joe all about? Serpentor is a stupid name. Just like Sauron, they should get married. There kids can be called Dumbatron."

When getting props from Dani, Ellie turns to give her a thumbs up, "finally someone who can appreciate my genius. Thanks, Ms. Moonstar."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
"I think the problem, Jubes, with you being a dino is we'd never get you to Hank so you'd turn back." Dani downs the last of her soda and looks towards the nearest mini-fridge... thinking for what is likely not the first nor last time in her life that she wished she had telekinetic powers. Instead, she hauls herself upright to go get another. "And who knows, maybe you'd be a gorilla instead."

As she hikes herself over to grab another Coke, she looks back to Ellie. "Well... only women so far here at the mansion. There's dinos all over the place. That one news anchor turned into a gorilla and that was a dude." So maybe the gorillas are men and dinos are women? Ooooh, food for thought.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie says, "Ah was not sure, have not kept track who was what, trying to think of links there might have been only heard of lady dinos, but maybe guy ones as well."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Now that we've all reached a census that Sauron is a moi stupid name, can we all acknowledge the fact that A. Rogue is still over there watch Jurassic Park like a freaking fungus growing out of the couch and B. Sam is joining the NYPD?" Jubes adds, raising her hand in the process. To Dani, "No, you definitely would /not/ get me to turn back.. Especially not if I were sentient and could still talk.. Working the drive thru, taking orders, and then when they pull up BANG RAPTOR FACE would be /fire/."