1486/One Day the Birb will English Good. That Day is Not Today.

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One Day the Birb will English Good. That Day is Not Today.
Date of Scene: 03 May 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Colette visits the tower for Kian's latest English lessons, while Gar actually refuses food and isn't entirely overwhelmed, Naomi learns that you don't get detention for saving the world, Terry attempts to induct an alien into the Cult of Carol Channing, and best of all Caitlin bakes EXCELLENT cookies.
Cast of Characters: Colette O'Connail, Naomi McDuffie, Terry O'Neil, Kian, Caitlin Fairchild, Gar Logan

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    It has been a chaotic few weeks for the Titans new and old.  What with all the new potentials showing up, the general disorder of the tower being brought back on line and the occasional incident of life-or-death conflict it really doesn't need Vorpal's chaos wave powers to manifest themselves for the full-on crazy.
    If you are an alien bird recently arrived on the planet, you might think this is normal for Earth.  Everyone seems to have a rhy'thar and clearly the entire planet is completely insane.  Much as his English has improved over the past weeks, it's fair to say that his understanding of what the hell is going on around him remains approximate at best.
    If there is one strand of relative normalcy in the Birb's life these days, it's probably the first human he met, the one who dragged him out of the ocean he fell into, not half a mile from this very tower.  The unpowered, non cape-wearing and crime-fighting Colette.  The oldest friend he has within an unknown but presumambly vast number of light-years.
    Oh innocent birb.
    Colette remains an occasional visitor to the tower, as she's the point of contact between Kian and his Happy Harbor eductation as he continues to learn English remotely.  Today's the day she's due to visit to check on his progress and bring him the latest batch of materials for his studies.  The elevator doors slide open and Colette steps out into the big main living space, a book and thumb-drive laden backpack slung over on shoulder, and stops to admire the architecture for a moment before calling out, "Hey birdy buddy, I'm here!  Where are you?"

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    Naomi is in more casual clothing, enjoying a non-school day at the Tower.  She has been rather pleased to find a place she can really call home.  A dorm room over at Happy Harbor is nice, but it isn't really a home or family.  She isn't sure about exactly who anyone here is yet, not really knowing them all that well, but she is sure she can trust them.  If someone was gonna kill you, it'd probably have been in the demon infested death land psyche space that is Raven's inner… mind?  Soul?  Uh… something.
    Either way, she smiles as she walks into the main room with a plate of nothing but lunch meat.  On said plate is pepperoni wrapped around blackened turkey breast with a small dip in the center.  She smiles as she settles into a seat and looks up with a blink as she watches Colette walk in.  "Oh, uh.  Hi."  She looks around briefly, recognizing Colette from Happy Harbor, not from the Titans but no alarms are going off at least.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    ~Jam tomorrow, Jam yesterday
    But never, ever Jam today
    Neither Jelly nor honey
    Nor love for money
    Never, ever jam today!

    The woman dominating the television monitor on the south wall is a bizarre vision in white: White clothes, a shock of white hair, a white crown-hat, all of which were clearly designed to make her look like a living chess-piece.  The reedy voice that jumped gleefully from one end of the range spectrum to another with maniacal bravado as she sang, the rubbery dancing and the maniacal wide-eyed, wide-grinned expression gave an altogether different, and rather bizarre, impression.
    "And this," the Cheshire cat says with an ear-to-ear grin as he turns to Kian, "is one of Earth's greatest philosophers.  In fact, she's empre—"
    His delivery is interrupted by the new arrivals.  "Oh, hey, you two are just in time.  I am teaching Kian some Earth History."  The mischief behind his grin indicates he is doing no such thing.

Kian has posed:
    Where's the bird?  Right now, perching on the back of the couch, watching Terry's "lesson" without much comprehension.  "Iss Ear't music?" he asks dubiously.  "Iss soun' not all there.  Iss mis-sin' soun's."
    Perhaps mercifully, there is an interruption—to wit, Colette arriving with further lesson plans.
    The birdman hops off the back of the couch and flits over to Colette.  "Kié, Kolét!" he says happily, executing an unnecessary but perfectly executed forward roll and dropping lightly to his feet.  As ever, he bows in greeting.  "Am haf miss see hyu!  Hyu iss well?  How iss Mórikan q'miríth?"  Improvement, yes, but English is still a work in progress.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin sticks her head out of the women's dorm wing at the sound of a familiar voice, and her brows lift.  "Oh hey, Colette," she says, greeting the woman.  Her tone is mildly surprised, but pleased, and she emerges into the common room.  "I didn't know you were coming by today.  Thanks for bringing Kian's work along.  Cookies?" she offers, and drifts towards the kitchen.  She's dressed for a warm day, in a flowing calf-length blue skirt and a white peasant blouse top.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Ooh, Masked Singer? …no?" Gar asks, coming into view in time to catch a glimpse of the TV screen.  "I heard the tiger was that one football dude nobody likes.  Anyway…."
    He takes in who's about, particularly Colette as she's come to bring Kian something, and the birdy alien greets her in his way.  The English has come along, no doubt, even if it's still pretty broken.
    Then Naomi and Caitlin are offered a wave apiece, a lingering eye on Naomi's plate before he looks more toward Vorpal, studying him while splitting some attention toward Kian and Colette.  "Yo, dudes and not-dudes."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Hi Naomi," Colette says, as if expecting to see her there.  This is not actually true, but Colette is rather dedicated and has memorized the faces and names of every student at HH.  Give it a minute or two.
    Kian's athletically delivered greeting gets a very broad grin from Colette, who follows up her grin with a hug.  "Kie, Kian tavar'h!  It's good to see you too.  Morrigan is doing well, and sends her regards.  Greetings."  She lifts the shoulder-strap of her laden backpack and give it a shake.  "I've brought you some more course materials, and I'll be checking on your written work later.  It sounds like you are making great progress though!"  She speaks a little slower than normal when talking to Kian, and pronounces each word carefully and precisely.
    Then it's time for greeting the others.  Gar gets a big smile and a wave from Colette.  "Hey Gar!  Good to see you.  This place sure is busy these days, huh?"  Caitlin gets a slightly more formal smile and a nod.  "Doctor Fairchild.  Yes, I volunteered to co-ordinate Kian's continuing remote studies.  I mean it's kind of my fault he's here, and it's good to have familiar faces.  I'm the first human he met after all.  Cookies?  Sounds good to me."
    Then there's Terry.  Colette greets Terry by walking up behind him and punching his arm, a little harder than the normal punches she is in the habit of giving to that upper arm.  Whether this is because she suspects she needs to punch harder when he's Vorpalized or because she just thinks he deserves it is an open question.  "Kian?" she says.  "Never trust Terry's explanations of human history of philosophy.  Or… anything else.  Assume whatever he tells you is innaccurate until proven otherwise."  She thinks for a moment.  "Unless it's a warning of imminent danger, then you should probably listen.  If he messes you around with any of that stuff, let me know and I'll beat him up for you."
    There is a moment of silence from Colette, and she turns to look at Naomi again, more thoughtfully.  "Naomi.  What are you doing here?  Uh.  I guess you are one of the new members then?" she says curiously.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    A look over at Caitlin and Naomi smiles.  "I'll take some cookies."  She nods her head.  "After I eat this of course."  And then she looks forward to what Terry and Kian are doing, eating one of her rolls and then letting out a happy mmm.  She takes up another and looks with a blink over at Gar as he walks in and then down at her plate and hten up at him.  "Do you want one?" she asks and offers a roll over to him.
    She then looks over at Colette slowly.  She stares for a moment and then she nods.  "I guess, yeah," she states simply enough.  "I mean, yeah, of course but…."  She hmms.  "I suppose you really don't know much about my time outside of school."  She nods her head with a chuckle.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Ow!  I protest, I am an excellent source of cultural exposure."  The Cheshire cat rubs his arm, and then waves at Caitlin.  "Doctor C, hello!  Are you offering cookies?  Because if you are, I must inform you that before you offer them any, you need an official taster—you know, to make sure they don't cause spontaneous growth or lengthening of the neck to Giraffidaecal proportions.  I volunteer for the sake of the group."
    His attention hopping to the next in line, he raises an eyebrow.  "School—wait, you two know each other from that place?"  The Cheshire's memory starts chugging.  He knew Naomi had mentioned the name, on the night that they went inside Raven to kick her father out.  Blasted if he could recall—"Hoppy something or other."  He snaps his fingers, which does not produce the customary snapping sound due to being cushioned by fur.  Instead, it sounds more like a muted *fwomp*.
    His green eyes shift next to Gar, whose attention he has noticed.  He doesn't speak, but raises a crimson eyebrow as he shifts on the couch—mostly to escape another punch from Colette.

Kian has posed:
    Kían hugs back tightly, then relieves Colette of the backpack and sets it safely aside.  "I am haf lear'n Téri iss… nnh.  Not haf wor'd yet."  He grins, and shrugs.  "Téri iss Téri.  He iss make res' of Ear't look nor-mal, yis?"  Sounds like Kían has a handle on that, at least.  He does not mention the incident with the 'kó-fi'.  Looks like Colette hits pretty hard….
    "I am well," he explains, wandering back towards the main space.  "Room iss… nnh.  Room will do.  Iss s-mall, iss not too s-mall."  Even though it's double height.  "Am lear'n In'g-liss bet-ter.  Am use… nnh.  Big room there," he says, pointing downwards.  "Iss haf maze for f'ly… f'ly-in'.  Good p'rac-tiss."
    He turns around slowly, taking in the whole room.  "An' iss good f'ren's. Tavár'yw'h."  He smiles very broadly.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan shakes his head to Naomi.  "Nah, I ate a few minutes ago.  I'll be good for, oh, half an hour or so."  He raises a brow as the Happy Harbor topic comes up, leaving him to glance between Naomi and Colette, but he doesn't touch on that.  Instead, he just tells Colette, "Sometimes it's almost too busy.  I didn't expect it to get like this so fast.  But that's… not a bad thing."  Even if he's had the occasional day where he's kept to himself, as if he's waffling between fully embracing this whole reunion/restart with not getting too deep into it because another tragedy could be just around the corner.
    Vorpal is the recipient of a little bump of the head toward the shoulder Colette left alone, then he's listening curiously to what Kian has to say.  "Just so you know, Kian, nobody here is normal.  Abnormal is the normal around here."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Terry is Terry," Colette agrees with Kian.  "Which explains exactly why you should treat everything he says as being unreliable.  Some reputation for a journalist you're getting there, Terry."  She flashes the cat a grin.  "Even the aliens know not to trust you!"
    Colette follows Kian back into the main area, chatting away.  "I've been going over all the work you submitted so far, Kian.  You're making big str… improvements.  You keep missing pronouns.  I am learning….  Are they impl… do you often not use them in your own language?  And yes, friends are good."  Broad grin.  "Good for your mood, also good for learning.  Having you isolated at school was not good.  You didn't get enough opportunities to use what you were learning."
    "That's a good thing, Naomi!"  Colette flashes her a smile.  "If I knew you were doing this sort of thing, I'd have to have words.  Students who are insufficiently cautious about their activities outside school can get in trouble, you know.  I hope you are taking precautions.  Masks and stuff."
    Colette takes a seat the other side of Terry from Gar.  "Sometimes things happen faster than we were expecting, Gar."  She tilts her head to the side and gives a shrug of the shoulders.  "You keep pushing at a boulder that doesn't want to budge, and one day you find it rolling unstoppably down the slope.  It's probably all a bit overwhelming, but you seem to have all your old friends around to help you out with that, as well as the new ones.  Mind you, some of these new ones…."  she's talking to Gar right over Terry.  "I dunno.  I mean that cat guy is bad news.  Some kind of weird Carol Channing cultist."

Kian has posed:
    "Iss use not same, Kolét.  An' iss ki'thar, Akiár'yw use both, same time."  Kían perches on the back of the couch again.  "An' I am t'rus' Téri," he says.  "I am not t'rus' all Téri say, but I am t'rus' Téri."
    It's probably pretty obvious to Colette that being here has been good for Kían's mood, giant robot spiders and Raven's brain notwithstanding.  He seems much happier, much more relaxed, much more comfortable.
    He tilts his head towards Gar.  "If not nor-mal iss nor-mal here, then all here iss nor-mal, yis?"  He spreads and re-folds his wings.  "So, nor-mal.  I am nor-mal, Gar iss nor-mal, Naómi iss normal, Téri iss… Téri," he finishes with a little smirk.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin clucks her tongue at Colette's playful rebuke of Naomi.  "I guess you and I would be up the creek a second later," Caitlin advises Colette, wryly.  "Since we're in the know, and all, and didn't tell Dr. Macintyre about it."  She glances at Naomi and winks reassuringly.
    "Don't let her rattle you," Caitlin advises Naomi, and walks around a little platter of cookies for people.  Even Gar!  "She's directed all the traffic our way anyway.  At this point we're almost a school club for Happy Harbor."  She pauses at Kian and regards him thoughtfully.  "Is there something you'd like me to bake?" she inquires of him.  "I don't know what your people eat usually, but I'm pretty good at improvising.  Kori likes my strawberry mustard fritattas," she offers as a for-instance.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    A blink at Colette and she stares at her for a long moment before shifting some and stating, "Uh, trust me.  It's not even all that easy to see my face when I'm working."  She chuckles and shrugs before she looks over then at Caitlin with a smile and then takes two cookies.  She then looks over at Kian and smiles at him some.  He really does seem to be getting along here nicely.  She can't help but feel good for him.  She knows what it is like to be lost.  In a way, she still is.  She then looks back down at her food and goes back to eating.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Happy Harbor!  That was the name!" Terry says, snapping his fingers again.  Fwomp.  "That's the place Carol didn't want me to learn about, wasn't it?"  Terry shoots Colette a smirk, perhaps in revenge of such besmirching of his character!
    He reaches over after Gar forehead-bumps his shoulder, but misses dragging him to sit on the couch with him, so he settles for a cookie, instead.  "Thanks, Cait, you're awesome," he says with an emphatic chomp of the cookie.  He leans back on the couch, propped on his elbows and nods sagely as Kian tautologizes him for all posterity.  "See, the bird has the basics down right.  I suggest we move on to the next level of concept and take him to a German Expressionist film night."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan's got too much energy to hold still, which is why he's seen to pace near the couch, looking like he's waffling over what to do first.  A cookie is gratefully accepted and shoved into his mouth, a muffled 'Thanks' following.  He's trying to do that thing people do sometimes: listen.
    Before, of course, he says, "Happy Harbor sounds like it should be in one of the Fallout games.  You know, broken-down waterfront, boarded-up restaurants and homes, dilapidated boats… and a bunch of raiders and ghouls and mirelurks ready to attack!"
    If Gar had a tail right now, Vorpal would be in just the right spot to grab it.  He waves a hand at Kian's assessment, admitting, "Okay, not-normal is normal here, but most of the people you're gonna run into out there are like… well… sort of like Terry before he became a catboy, except Terry was already abnormal too.  I need to find a better example."
    Colette receives a brief nod.  What she says isn't wrong.  "Yeah… I'll get used to it soon.  Oh, Kian!  Starfire has a very odd love of mustard.  We don't actually put it on everything."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Trust the man, not the words…."  Colette considers Kian's theory thoughtfully.  "Yeah, that's probably safe.  Honestly I don't think he can help himself with all the nonsense he speaks, but he means well.  In the long run.  Kinda.  I mean he wants to avoid me punching his arm again, anyway."
    Colette gives Terry a wink.  "Yeah, Terry is Terry.  You're not the first person to have decided there is no better way of describing him, Kian.  German expressionism?  That might actually be a less bad idea than you were scheming, Terry.  He can practise his reading and all the emotive faces will probably make the story easier for him to pick up on.  The question is whether we traumatize him with Caligari, Orlac and Mabuse, or show him how much more insane the world could be with Metropolis."
    No mention of golems, please.
    "Not wrong, Gar.  It's pretty much a war zone there," Colette says with a grin.  Of course it's not.  It's a lovely, quiet school with the best facilities and a wonderful learning environment, and the only people who attack anyone there are assassins, not ghouls or mirelurks.  And yes," she confirms to Terry with a wink.  "That's the place I am not supposed to give you any information about because I promised Carol not to.  I never said I cared if other people told you."
    Colette takes a cookie, smells it suspiciously, then takes a bite.  "Ooh, good cookies, Doctor Fairchild.  Is your doctorate in baking?  It should be.  And don't worry, it's not necessary to tell Doctor MacIntyre everything.  So long as Naomi isn't recognizable as a student, it's not a problem for the school.  Rules can't really apply to what people do out of hours, of course.  And Morrigan's kind of keen not to be involved in enforcing all of that if she can possibly avoid it."
    Of course Colette would had discussions of this nature with the principal, and have studied the school rules on such matters carefully.  She's not really doing anything to assuage Caitlin's suspicions of her here.

Kian has posed:
    "Iss good s'chool," Kían says.  "I am not good for s'chool, but iss good s'chool."  He indicates the backpack Colette brought.  "Iss good school.  Am… I am wan' to lear'n more num-ber wor'k, now In'g-lis bet-ter."
    Kían regards Caitlin thoughtfully.  "I am… not sure.  Kírat ran house, iss com-pu-ter, iss make food, run… nnh.  Haf not learn wor'd yet.  Run all house."  He shrugs.  "Can say what I like, can not say how make."  He hops off the couch and wanders over to examine the cookies.  "What iss?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    Caitlin just grins at Colette's compliment, and gives Terry a little mock-curtsey of gratitude.  "Glad you like them," she tells the trickster.  The little plate's held up so Kian can examine them more carefully.
    "Cookies," Caitlin says, and mimicks Colette's careful and deliberate pronounciation.  "They're sweet.  I make them with baking flour, eggs, sugar, and chocolate," she says.  Each word is enunciated carefully.
    "And, I'm glad you're settling in here," Caitlin tells Kian with a smile.  "I know it's hard to be the new person.  You're doing a very good job, and learning very quickly."

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
    A smile at Colette.  "Well, for one I wear glasses while I'm at school, for two, I kinda glow, in a super awesome costume with glowing eyes while I'm super.  I really don't think people would easily see it is me unless they were just super good.  Even then, it's a stretch."  She shrugs.  "Not gonna say it is impossible, just not saying it isn't impossible."  She then looks down at her food and takes the last bite before smiling over at Gar.
    "I honestly thought something similar when I heard of the place."  She laughs.  "Kinda like when the niceset sounding places are really the worst.  I was like 'Happy Harbor'?  Is that where a Cthulhu cult lives?"  She then smiles simply at Kian, listening but not commenting just yet.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Gar, have you ever heard of brownie points?  Well, you're not makin' em!" Terry says with a smirk.  "It's all fine and dandy to mock the Cheshire cat, but you will rue the day, for I know where you sleep."  He smirks and finishes his cookie, hmmming appreciatively.
    "So this Happy Harbor is a harbor that harbors happy metahumans or something like that, then?  Because Doctor Fairchild teaches there, obviously, from context, and…."  He pauses, raising his eyebrows.  "That snarky little infiltrator too?  Curioser and curioser."  He tilts his head and seems to think about something.
    "Caligari.  By far.  We want him to be thoroughly exposed, don't we?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Brownie points?  Is that some kind of Jenny Craig thing?" Gar asks ever so innocently, giving Vorpal a too-wide smile.  "And I know where you sleep, too.  In the room next to mine!"  Sometimes in Gar's bed as well, but he stops just short of saying that in front of the rest.
    "I don't know a whole lot about this school, though.  I've been busier with all the other stuff going on.  Kian, those, by the way, will make you look like a fat chocobo, and then you won't be able to fly.  You should leave cookies to the rest of us to deal with."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette gives Naomi a grin.  "Sounds good then, Naomi.  Honestly the most important thing is that you don't draw attention to the school by being seen doing…" she waves a hand around vaguely.  "…This sort of thing.  While recognizably being a student.  If you've got the sense to find a group like this to work with so you actually have help and advice from people rather than attempting this g… lifestyle on your own, all power to you.  No risk of a detention from me."
    Colette raises a fist to punch Terry again, but decides not to and lowers it.  "It's a school, Terry.  Some of the students there are metahumans who are being given the opportunity to learn and socialize in a safe and above all normal environment.  Obviously it helps having someone like Doctor Fairchild on staff in case the wrong kind of people are attracted to the presence of young metahumans for nefarious ends, and she's not the only member of staff who's capable of doubling as security.  Which explains why Carol didn't want you poking around there, it's meant to be a secret.  And yes, Sam the Sneaky is a student there.  He and I had a nice friendly discussion with the principal, and hopefully he no longer believes I'm a secret agent in the employ of some bizarre Nazi spy cult called HYDRA, which apparently actually is a thing."

Kian has posed:
    Soooo much of this goes sailing over Kían's head—brownies, Jenny Craig, chocobos, secrets.  No cultural reference points for any of them—they're just syllables he hasn't got meaning attached to yet—or in the case of secrets, only the most tenuous grasp on what they are and why they exist.
    One thing he does understand is that the cookies, whatever they are, do smell good, and despite Gar's warning, picks one up and sniffs at it.  "Ear't food iss not hur't I," he says.  "c'Syr'yw… nnh.  When Mar-fel q'ten took I… took me, haf them s'tudy I… me.  Say I am like Ear't people much.  Ear't food iss not hur't… me."
    He hops back up on the back of the couch, glances once at Terry, says nothing whatsoever about coffee.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
    "The whole idea is to show the world that metahumans live among the rest of the population," Caitlin agrees, volunteering her words on the tail of Colette's and nodding at Terry.  "Just ordinary folks doing ordinary things, for the most part.  Then there are some exceptional students," Caitlin hedges, and smiles at Naomi in the corner.  "And some… exceptions."  She sighs wearily, and looks to Colette.  "I'm glad you and Sam sorted that out," she advises the other woman.  "And that Dr. Macintyre knows what's going on.  I'm sure she knows more about his situation than we do, but keeping her in the loop is the right thing to do."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "See, I feel cheated.  Maybe if I had gone to such a high school, I might have been able to come clean about the whole Cheshire thing sooner and I wouldn't have had the need to get shot at, hospitalized, et cetera et cetera et cetera."  The Cheshire smirks.  "What do you think, Gar?"
    And then a smile of pure mischief comes across his face.  "Say, Kian, would you like some coffee? I was thinking of making a pot."

Gar Logan has posed:
    "I think your middle name should be 'Trouble,' because it finds you no matter what," Gar tells Vorpal, reaching out to mess up his hair.  "So it's good for you that you've got the rest of us to save your tail now."  He merely watches the rest of this, to see what happens with Kian's cookie experiment.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Yeah," Colette agrees with Caitlin, giving her a nod.  "I mean I'm not entirely convinced that things are sorted out.  It's possible he now believes I'm secretly planning to assassinate Tony Stark.  Which would be ridiculous, because… well to be honest for reasons that should have clued him into… eh.  He's not that observant sometimes.  However, he's under some close supervision.  I had a visit from Captain Marvel asking about his behavior too."  Colette dismisses thoughts of Sam with a shrug.
    "Should be fine, Kian," Colette says, indicating the cookie.  "But take it slow, not too many.  The chocolate may be a psychoactive ingredient."  To the others, she explains, "The brains at SHIELD say he's got a pretty compatible bio-chemistry.  Apparently a lot of aliens do."  Of course she hasn't spent many decades travelling the space-lanes in a previous life to know this stuff personally, that would be ridiculous.  "So most foods are edible between most species.  The aliens we've had visiting here generally don't have any huge difficulties.  However certain receptors can function differently, so things may not taste the same, and anything that is good at crossing the blood-brain barrier can cause unpredictable neurological effects.  Chocolate contains a lot of…."  Colette stops herself, grinning at Kian.  "Chocolate usually makes humans feel happy.  It is possible it has a different effect on your brain, so don't eat more than one for now," she advises.
    "Terry, if people weren't shooting at you all the time, you'd feel lost and confused."  Colette gives him a smirk.  "It's just a part of who you are.  The trick is to learn to deal with it better so you can avoid the hospitalization part.  I'll have a coffee if you're making, thanks.  I have some grammar issues to clarify with Kian, and this could take some time."

Kian has posed:
    "Kófi?  No, Téri," Kían replies.  "Hyu will haf take me to bed like las' time."
    Oblivious to what he just implied, he regards the cookie.  "Will take this to my room, then…."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Some people think Chocolate is the ultimate pleasure.  I can't say I am at that level, but you would be pretty hard-pressed to take a bar of dark chocolate off my hands without at least serious fisticuffs…" the Cheshire says, and then, point to Kian for actually making him speechless.  His eyes widen for a few seconds and then he turns over to Gar, holding up a hand.  "I can totally explain…."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan looks up after a couple seconds of silence, blinking first at what he thought he heard, then again as his brain confirms it.
    "Wow, Terry!  Before long, you'll be sleeping with half the Tower!  Kian, you can take the cookie, but Terry's staying here with me!"
    In the moment that follows, Gar is gone.  Looking at the cat instead is one very Dramatic Hamster.