14932/Suicide Squad: Here we are, Pismo Beach, and all the clams we can eat!

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Suicide Squad: Here we are, Pismo Beach, and all the clams we can eat!
Date of Scene: 16 May 2023
Location: Atlantic City Beach
Synopsis: Operation Atlantic City is a Go.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Spiral, Harley Quinn, Melissa Gold, Jennifer Stavros, Felicia Hardy

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "I still say my van would have been better."
    Those last words are heard before the transposition of 'heroes' is made across the shades of reality and through the mystical powers of the sorceress known as Spiral. Wade Wilson's voice shepherds them onwards through dimension from the old abandoned Middle School that served as their headquarters and out...
    To suddenly be under the night sky with their feet in the sand of a sandy beach with a hint of a chill in the air. A sandy beach that had many hotels behind it, several piers along the way, restaurants in evidence, and... a few couples on the beach enjoying the evening. Even though the appearance of a half-dozen or more people out of seemingly nowhere does cause a few eyeballs to track toward them.
    And like so many things Wade was the last to speak, he is also the first to speak. Though the man in red and black with the katanas has his nose buried in his cellphone as he walks forward onto the sandy beach. "It says here that Enoch Thompson looked nothing like Steve Buscemi. Clearly they cast him for his good looks. Probably some casting couch shenanigans."
    He continues up the beach.

Spiral has posed:
    "Steve Buscemi is a glow up if I've ever seen one." Spiral says towards Wade as she brings her many arms down to her side with a frown as the spell ends and the eyeless warrior gives a soft single wave to one of the staring couples with a lazy hand.

    "Fite me Wade. Steve is a interdimensional treasure and I'll kill anyone who says otherwise." Quickly the crazy woman forgets the whole point of the spell she just cast in the name of defending, preemptively, a favorite actor of hers.

     Then a hand slips into a pocket dimension behind her back and a cell phone comes out, and thumbed unlocked with a click sound from the device. Notifications on. Then she turns and holds up that hand with the rectangle pointed at the team with her face in the foreground, "SELFIE!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
It was go time! Atlantic City! The mission was a-go. The ducks were in a row. And so on and so forth ...

Harley was all ready for this, big aviator glasses on her eyes. A ball cap. Nice tight and distracting white shirt but at least she hadn't brought the shorts. Because she was a PROFESSIONAL. So it was a pair of jeans and shit-kicker boots and ...., why are they in a freakin' beach?!

"What the fuck! If I knew I would had brought the bikini.." but in this case she had only brought this nasty looking aluminum bat and a bag full of explosive surprises. All the budget allowed or so they told her! Just because she had requisitioned for a bazooka... Some people...

"If I got Steve Buscemi on a couch I would do him!" she informs Wade. But then there's a selfie to be done and she turns with a big wide smile, V sign made with her fingers.

Melissa Gold has posed:
There just hadn't been enough crazy on the team already with Harley and Wade. Now there was Spiral to add to the mix. Though the six-armed woman had been with the team longer than Melissa, this was new for the pseudo-leader of the group. Mission leader? Mission co-leader. Because she was looking over hopefully at Jennifer.

She resisted the urge to ask who Enoch Thompson and Steve Buscemi were. The latter was apparently an actor, thus casting references. And casting couch. But she knew if the asked, she might not want to hear the answer. Thus better to keep her mouth shut.

When the phone came out of nowhere, literally, for the selfie, Melissa was already starting to walk away from the ocean and in the direction of the buildings that surrounded the area. Because she was a spoil sport and thus no posing for her!

"Once you get your selfie, we need to focus on the mission. We'll be splitting up to get things done in a more timely manner. We need to pick up the rest of the equipment and anything extra that wasn't planned for." A glance to Harley. "No bazookas." Then back to the rest. "A vehicle so we aren't just teleporting all over and drawing attention from it. But we will use that if necessary once we have achieved our objective, instead of a getaway driver." A look at Wade and a little negative shake of her head. He wasn't getting a chance at it.

"Then we meet at the safe house." And she knew she was going to regret this. "Any questions? About the mission specifically," she added hastily.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jennifer catches the mystified look of a normal person overhearing a nerdy movie conversation from Melissa. Damned if she'd ring the buzzer and jump into the game show that seemed to be Wade. She gives Melissa an elaborate shrug, flipping back her long blonde hair, with the dismissive smile of the most popular girl passing the school nerds - Wade and Octogirl. Okay, she is not mean enough to say it out loud but she can think.

She'd been late to the briefing, like always and wasn't really sure what she was doing back here. Figuring they would straighten her out if they wanted to save their asses, she would go along with everything like the good little luck charm she is.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Still ticking and flicking his thumb across his cellphone, Wade walks on, then seems surprised when his feet encounter the wood of the staircase embedded into the rising beach that allows people to make the long walk up and down from the public showers area to the boat rentals which are closed at this hour of the evening.
    Around him some of the other team-members mill along with him. Skullface and Vlad seeming not entirely pleased with the assignment, but then they've not been pleased with any assignment since they joined the crew. Peter is keeping up, and Pistolero is checking his gear for the fifth time so far this evening.
    As Deadpool starts walking up the steps he says over his shoulder in an off-handed manner even as he throws up a peace symbol for the selfie. "You guys are just blinded by his intimately playful twisted teeth and bedroom come-hither googly eyes."
    At the mention of needing to split up and get gear, Wade turns around, "Ooh, I call dibs on vehicle acquisition." He points around as if to make sure nobody challenges his calling of dibs until Melissa poo-poos it so he sighs. "Fine, gimme the list of what we need locally." Visions of the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile now adding to his crushing disappointment.

Spiral has posed:
    The button light on the front of the phone goes off at least five different times before Spiral lowers the phone from the air but has it in front of her face. Filters are applied and then finally uploaded to insta. Looking up to Melissa, Spiral raises her - a - right hand like a student in middle school. "I... What's the mission? I didn't pay attention during the brief, tighty whitey." Spiral admits. The woman lowers her hand after her question and yet the phone is again pointed towards the group and her thumb is pressed softly to the screen.

     She's TikToking this!

    The woman in the light blue one unitard is already not listening to the answer if any is given to her question as she's engrossed in her device. She does bend slightly to lower a free hand or three down to her furry boot and pats the fur to try and clear it of sand before frowning deeply. "Anyone know a good costume designer." The woman asks, taking off the cyber-samurai helmet off and lifting it directly up into a pocket dimension with a small but vibrant burst of light. "This is feeling old already."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Big blue eyes excited when Melissa speaks of EXTRA equipment. Then lil doe eyes when she expresses no bazookas. Harley even allows her lower lip to tremble. Just to really sell that guilt trip she wants Melissa to go through! Can't clownettes have good things too? Apparently not.... But at least she is a bit hopeful on what this extra equipment might be.

Questions though? "How do you want us to separate?" that's the first! "Have I told ya I drove a monster truck a few days back?" this to Melissa. "So I am good with whatever wheels we get!"

She prances closer to Jennifer and wraps one arm around the woman's shoulder, stage-whispering. "I got us a way into a casino later. We gonna have some fuuuuunnn." beat, "And yes, I know you are banned. But let me worry with -that-."

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
"Bet he looks a lot better than you do," she mutters, uncaring about being overheard or not. Buscemi has always given her the creeps, amazing that people with looks like that ever get into movies or even Netflix series.

Soon they were all going to have their phones out. Who needs investigations or detectives? All the police would need to do is consult social media and they'd all be in the slammer by evening with -their- luck.

Jennifer fishes her phone out of the back pocket of her rolled up baggy cut-off jeans and makes a face. Three steps in the beach and she already has sand in her white Velosambas with the pink soles. Ugh. A quick hair fluff, lips pooched out, glistening with gloss for the max effect and she gets three good selfies in a row. She adds another with a perfect view of her flat midriff bared from under the acid green crop top.

Her max lip pooch becomes a pout when Harley, gotta love her, throws her arm around her shoulder.

"No waaaay," she smiles despite herself. Harley does that to her.

Melissa Gold has posed:
Melissa was about to just turn the car around. Figuratively speaking. Just go back to their base and scratch this whole thing.

"First, no more social media. You can look at it, read it. No posting. But this team is supposed to be a secret. And our mission most certainly is. The only thing that might work for posting would be something taken /not/ near the location we will be breaking into. So after we're done here, those of you who want to take selfies and record videos are welcome to head down to the Bahamas or something. For a day!" she added because some of these people had to be back at Belle Reve before the end of the week. "Except those of you who don't have to be in custody. You can stay there as long as you want."

Then she paused as she started up the steps. "The mission is simple. Just fetching an item and bringing it back. It is stored /under/ the Ocean Casino Resort in some old tunnels from the prohibition days. Get any sort of items you might need to go spelunking since we don't intend to go through the casino itself. Unless that ends up being our only option."

This is the Suicide Squad. Going through the casino is worst case scenario. Melissa would bet money that is what was going to happen.

"Split to three groups. I don't care who is on which. Wade, you can be on car duty if you want. But you can't drive." And she really didn't know about Harley driving but hey, give it a chance once. "Help Harley. She drives. Unless Peter wants to go with you both then he drives." Because yeah, that would be much safer. Course, Peter might not go with them.

"The more obvious of us," an apologetic look to Vlad, "Head straight for the safehouse and we'll meet you there after grabbing equipment." She knew Spiral had magic so likely could blend if she wanted to. Skullface just looked like a dude wearing a mask so might be okay in the wildness that was Atlantic City.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Peter is with me," Wade says and gives the mustachioed accountant a 'smile' from behind the red and black mask. "He is the yin to my yang." That last said with such a heartfelt sentiment one might even imagine it was genuine.
    The phone is put away, and suddenly he claps his hands together. "Alright, team vehicle form on me. Good luck. I'm leaning 80s van, stencil on the side, Barbarian with a guitar in hand thrusting it up toward an angry heaven with a suitable babe sprawled at his feet clasping his thick meaty shanky thigh. Aesthetically pleasing, but also practical as it'll fit all of us. Perhaps if we're feeling ambitious, I have a magic word for you... bear with me now."
    He pauses, gloved hands coming together thumb and forefingers touching... then parting slowly, gracefully in revelation. "Winnebago."
    That said he turns and starts to take the steps two at a time up the side of the hillock, each thumping stepping causing some sand to cascade down off the woodwork.

Spiral has posed:
    With another reference to actors and movies, Spiral gives a jaunty pupilless wink to Wade as she says, "You're so the Harold Remis to Peter's Bill Murry. I want a Winnie with battle armor. You two make it happen." She says, phone in hand twisted to get the last captures of her tik tok video before she shuts it off and sends the video up. People love Stripes still, right?

     Then she looks down at the sand after hearing the plan and finding out 'the freaks' are kind of omitted from the mission but then she has to ask, "Am I in custody? I don't remember." (Player has no clue. but it's also funny right?)

    "Cause I might just go swimming or make a big distraction for you all somewhere else if it'll help?" She is starting to feel kind of useless again and has a long face.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
The light on her face was terrible, so Jenn deletes the last photos without posting them. She's not being the teacher's pet. Though, sometimes Gold made sense.

"That doesn't seem too hard. If we're in three, I can't, like, do my thing for all of us. You know?" She tries to not sound petulant. Then Deadpool goes off like a bad smell about Winnebagos.

"So, ah, maybe the tunnel team? Or not." She glares at Spiral then one shoulder waggles in a shrug as she pretends not to care.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley listens quietly for once, absorbing the info on what they got to do, "Oooh, I have been very happy at the Ocean Casino Resort." she admits with a big wide grin. Though wait, hadn't she said she had never been to Atlantic City? The hazy, dreamy look on her face is telling. Who knows what's real or not?

Yet with Melissa saying she can drive means she is off too, perhaps to look for this holy winnebago they will be using for their getaway. Or is it their get-in? Details are hazy.

"Don't all horror movies start gettin' bloody when you split the party?" She comments off-handedly to Peter.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
An evening spent eyeing up a mark and drinking overpriced wine lay ahead of Felicia. Her crew now has to reckon with her sudden and immediate disappearance while sailing across a terrace en route to a room she certainly didn't belong to.

Exit stage left, enter Atlantic City. She is slower to respond and catch up to Melissa, Harley, Wade and others immediately because sand doesn't go well with slinky outfits. She needs a few minutes to zip up her catsuit to avoid unwanted problems migrating down the low neckline or along the seams. No thank you! Fussing with one stubborn zipper finally leaves her mostly protected from sandblasting her. "Ugh. Of all the places... It couldn't be Monaco, could it?"

Thankfully flat shoes give her some advantage mincing over the flat shoreline. Everyone else putting away their phones is probably a good thing. The diamond bracelet that's most certainly not hers ends up hidden by pulling her sleeve down. "My oh my, are we /sure/ we can't do Monaco?"

Melissa Gold has posed:
Melissa counted to ten. Then she made it twenty for good measure. Only after that little break did she address the questions sent her way. "Make it two teams," she decided, looking at them and listening to that whole horror movie thing a bit too closely. "Half are getting a vehicle for us to use for transportation while we are in town. So perhaps something a bit less...consipicuous. It will also be the getaway vehicle should we not be able to simply teleport out so keep that in mind."

Which she realizes she should remind them, "We are picking up an old safe. Very large. Very heavy. Maybe something with a trailer? You guys figure it out."

Then she looked to Spiral again. "You are a special case. While there is stuff on your record, you are not being kept in prison nor do you have some of the...countermeasures that a few of your fellow teammates do." Those would be Skullface, Vlad, and Pistolo. Thus why those three are often on their best behavior. Which may make sure explosives in skulls less horrific and making a lot more sense as Melissa spent more time with the team. No, it was still horrific. But horrific /while/ making sense.

Then back to the team as a whole. "Half on vehicle. Or plural if we need to. Half on gear for the tunnels. Weapons and explosives are already taken care of. Try not to draw too much attention to yourselves. After you get the items, meet at the safehouse."

She pulled out her own phone, texting over the address to them all again. These phones were secured by ARGUS and weren't going to be hacked by anyone unless they had some sort of superabilities. Which was possible but unlikely for anyone to care that much about this motley crew.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Harls," Wade says as he heads up the steps and lingers at the upper landing before the stairs become more of a ramp as it leads toward an open parking lot. Which has no Winnebagos, unfortunately.
    "Look at us?" He gestures with the sweep of one hand, "Seriously, do we look like horror movie victims? Ok Roulette does maybe, a little. And Songbird possibly. But she's the scrappy last gal who survives to the end and then kills off the monster with the pithy one-liner."
    Deadpool stalks by one of the red and white closed snack bars on the upper part of the beach, though he lingers to casually grab the handle of the sliding steel shutter on the front of its serving area and tries to pull it up to no avail. "The rest of us though? We're the monsters, right?"
    Though he catches a look from Peter, "Not you, Pete. You're the hero. The dashing Woodsman or whatever. You save Black Cat in the third act. Only in the after credits scene she looks back at the camera and her eyes are like evil yellow cat eyes!" He shakes his head and then his body, "Ooh, shivers."

Spiral has posed:
    Spiral in a huff starts marching past the group and up through the parking lot, her six arms swinging back and forth looking like she's moving in super speed the way they follow each other. The sorceress stamps her feet hard on the pavement to force the sand out of her huge uggs as she walks right for the casino.

    "I'm gonna go gamble, call me or text me or dm me if you need to be rescued like a bunch of weenies." Spiral says with obviously hurt feelings.

Harley Quinn has posed:
A safe. A very large safe. A devilish grin is coming alive on Harley's expression because she can already imagine it, driving that safe through the streets, held by a rope of sorts and smashing pursuers that would come after them. Oooh, yea... She rubs her hands together. And then uh .., Wade is talking to her?

Harley looks at Wade. Then at Peter. Then at Wade. "I thought that was the whole point of you bringin' Peter. He runs slower than us." and hence is prime candidate to be caught by the horror movie monster. Harley is already thinking on all the possibilities!

"Oooh, I like that. Black Cat is the femme fatale .., like Eva Green in Casino Royale." back to the movie comments it is!

Catching sight of Spiral throwing a huff she widens her gaze, "Spi-Spi! What's wrong?!" She inquires, "Come on, it's gonna be fuuuun."

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
"I know who the monster is," Jen retorts, giving Deadfool a look that she drops right away. "Now, we have all our parts in the movie figured out, what kind of equipment do you think we need? Safes are heavy, right?"

Her vivid blue eyes, flit between Melissa then slide over Deadpool with a small head shake to Harley, then back to Melissa. "A little red wagon to pull it in? A jack to like get it into the wagon? Or is someone strong enough to carry it?"

"Spi-Spi?" Leave it to Harley to make instant friends with the world. Spiral, at least, is acting on her feelings. "Well, I'll keep us safe. My luck is what got me in trouble here," she waves vaguely toward the casinos in the background. "So like, count on me."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"Gold or green! Expensive CGI instead of those gross contacts," drawls the white-haired woman approaching them at a pace less than a lope and more than a saunter. They have places to be, and so does she. The world's a bit strange to see a six-armed sorceress, but she nods to Spiral stamping her boots clean. "I get it. The sand never, ever gets out." Sympathy for the Spiral, really.

Her wink for Harley catches that comparison and she breaks into a sassy grin. "Oh, you're after my own heart. No one ever suspecting me of anything if I did my job right. Sorry, Peter." The story of a thousand Peters the world round, probably shivering for reasons they don't understand. She's dangerous!

"Oh, cracking safes is a specialty. Getting it out... well, I tend not to remove them without the aid of a wrecking crew. We need to take the whole piece?" Her eyes get wider, thoughtful.

Melissa Gold has posed:
"If all goes well..."

Melissa fights the urge to burst into hysterical laughter that she even said those words outloud.

"Spiral will be able to teleport us all out with the safe. Unless there is something blocking teleportation. If that fails, then we need that backup plan." She frowned a little. "They didn't want us to open it at all. But again, if push comes to shove, we'll do what we must to secure the contents so those safe-cracking skills may be helpful."

She glanced at Spiral, curious what the problem was but leaving it for now. Harley and the others were handling it hopefully.

"Now do what you do. Safehouse by 8am tomorrow. I have a few things to see to so good luck." And a little smirk as she looked at Jennifer.

And with that she turned and was walking away from both groups.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "What? I would never abandon Peter. Ever!" Wade says pointedly and loudly, then side-whispers toward Harley a quick raspy, "Sssssshhhhh."
    Even as he continues to walk along the row of snack bars, gift shops, and games of chance. All of them closed at the moment, and all of them with their shutters tested by the Mercenary who strolls along while chatting amiably. Until one finally gives way enough for a few inches to give as the chains rattle. He reaches a hand inside...
    And finds a bright white 'Atlantic City is <3' baseball hat that he promptly puts on top of his head. Mission accomplished.
    He finally reaches the end of the wooden walk way once they reach the parking lot. He stops there, "Ok, like the bosslady says, time to split up. Cool guys with me. Weird girls over there." He points at Roulette. "You guys head on over to Home Depot. We're going to go see Lucy the Elephant and then hit up Crazy Harry's Discount RV Emporium."
    Turning around he takes a pointed shift toward the left and starts to stroll. "Remember we're on a budget, so don't do any big giant actionny set pieces. And even though this is a heist we're not going to do one of those silly montages where we're pulling off the heist even as we explain it."

Spiral has posed:
    A pause and Spiral lifts a foot up, lowers to hands to her knee and an orange plate of light appears and she pushes it down like one would when peeling long socks off. As she reaches the bottom of that shoe a pile of sand drops to the ground and she starts the same spell on the other foot. "Harl..." Spiral says sounding dejected and holding four arms to her midsection with an unusual look of vulnerability in her posture. But then a look at Felicia as she walks past and ending her blank eyes on the clown princess. There is a shutter sound from her phone as she takes a photo of Felicia and then addresses Harley. "It's been a while and I'm... nervous. Scared. Embarrassed. Mad at myself for forgetting I was different." Arms tighten their hug against herself.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Home Depot suits her. Like the grownup she has pretensions to being, Jennifer sticks her tongue out at Wade then joins the cool girl's crowd where she belongs. Duh.

What a weird world she's been in since she figured out the 'luck thing.' It can't be easy having six arms. Bet there are guys into that shtick. She hides how impressed she is with Spiral's magic behind a grunt and a grudging nod of her head. The shutter click immediately rescinds all empathy for the poor six-armed bandit.

"Hey, no pictures. This is a -secret- mission. Right?" She expects nothing from Wade, sporting his Atlantic City is <3 cap, directing the questions to Mel.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Count on you?" This to Jennifer. Then a shake of her head, "No no, more like I expect you to be counting CARDS." so that's the whole plan of their trip to the casino. AFTER. Harley is grinning at Roulette though.

It's when Spiral explains what's going on with her and that gets a 'Awwww' out of the clownette. "It's okay... Come here..., friend hug.." she wanders over to give Spi-Spi a lil hug. Because yes, Harley makes friends no matter where she goes or who she meets! It's that Harley-charm at work, "We are all different heah. Now let's go get a cool escape car." she grins.

Then a glance at Melissa when she announces she is leaving. "Ooooh, you got a secret lovah heah in Atlantic City? I want all the details laaaaaater.." she fingerwiggles in farewell at their mighty leader.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia shrugs her shoulders and smirks. "Don't worry, weird means _cool_. Never stand to be ordinary or dull."

She tips her head, the domino mask not doing a ton to hide her expression or identify fully. Just the faint gleam on the lenses when she taps it giving her some modicum of protection. "A girl can hope we get to run around Cannes or Monaco next time. If not, we have to somehow get that on the agenda, don't we?" Hand to her hip, she shifts her posture, sizing up the path ahead of them. Stealing a safe. Shopping at a place where employees wear orange aprons and sell orange buckets by the heap. Strange world it is.

She twists her hair into a braid suitable for dealing with all sorts of environmental concerns, like hotwiring wizard vans or locating a 5/8" cup hook suitable for brass.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    As the two groups part ways, and Melissa wanders off to whatever secret activities she has, they will hear the lovely sonorous voice of Wade Wilson calling out, "Everyone remember where we parked!"