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Friday Night Chaos
Date of Scene: 30 March 2024
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Quentin throws a Kegger and becomes absolutely infamous with the student body when Wonder Woman and Mistress Zatara show up.
Cast of Characters: Quentin Quire, Emma Frost, Diana Prince, Zatanna Zatara, Douglas Ramsey, Jean Grey

Quentin Quire has posed:
It's Friday night, and it's far too miserable outside for a group of enterprising young students to sneak a keg onto campus, so they've done the next best thing; set up in the Rec Room. True to their word a keg has been set up in the corner over by the fridge, with one of the beefier older kids set to guard the alcohol; whose gonna argue with the guy that can transmute into solid stone? One of the other kids is set up near one of the doors, selling Red Solo cups for a modest price, after checking IDs. Those hanging out who are not of drinking age get blue cups, and as much soda as they can drink. THere's also a spread of snacks; chips, pretzels, candy, a few pizzas of various toppings, and such.

Just the kind of party you'd expect from a bunch of teenagers and young adults ready for Spring Break to start, but stuck inside. Wild enough to be fun, but sedate enough that the Headmistresses aren't going to shut it down.

Quentin is either running this little party or respectful enough to pay up, as he floats in a corner with his legs up, ankles crossed as he drinks from a Red Solo cup, watching the goings-on.

Emma Frost has posed:
And there is Emma Frost, that is sitting over in one of the chairs to the side. She has a large newspaper in front of her that's got a headline about the just announced resolution of the UN Security Council. She's reading it over with rapt interest while also having her smartphone in front of her while scanning along and looking at editorials and reporting. On occasion she'll take ou ta piece of paper and a pen to jot down more notes.

"Why, MIster Quire, are we trying to find that exact margin of effort to minimize everything?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Being that Diana Prince has a friendly relationship with Xaviers School's leaders, in Jean Grey and Charles himself, she's one to show up personally when it comes to invitations for social events that the two are desired to attend. As such, here tonight, Diana's Mercedes slowly drove in down the main drive. It found a place to park near to the garage, and the two occupants within stepped out. Dressed in a dark red leather jacket, with her hair tied back in a loose ponytail, along with a red blouse, black slacks and black heeled shoes, Diana had told Zatanna that they'd only be here a short while to deliver the invitation, and perhaps chat for a few minutes. Plus, Zatanna had never seen the school for gifted youngsters, and though publicly it isn't known as a Mutant school, Diana HAD told Zatanna on the way over to Westchester all about that private element to the school's nature... thus the Magical Zatara is now on the 'know' list.

With the invite in the gold etched envelope, Diana had offered an arm to Zatanna, and proceeded on toward the school's front door.

There they had been met by two young students, looking to be in their early teens. Both of the students just stared at the two women with wide eyes, perhaps recognizing them both? Either way, Diana had gotten nods out of them, and subsequently shown inside to the foyer...

The lovely foyer, clean and illuminated with a soft glow from the hanging chandelier was ever the attractive sight Diana remembered from previous visits. Once inside, she asked the two students if they could let Jean or Charles know they were here, and both rushed off to do just so...

Being that the recreation lounge was not far down the eastern wing hallway, Diana took note of the activity within it. With a glance toward Zatanna, the pair made their way toward it, soon to grace the double doors archway that lead in to said rec room.

"Hello?" Diana announces, her husky voice calling out the arrival of guests to those within.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Despite the presence of the indomintable Miss Frost, the kids are having fun. Some are gathered around a DDR mat off to one side, and others are trying their hand at Rock Band. It's chaos, but it's still controlled chaos as of yet.

Quentin glances over towards Emma, and gives her a shrug. The ever-present beaten leather jacket is actually absent for once, leaving him in just a white t-shirt, bold black lettering announcing 'Easy ;)' across his chest. "I'm confused, what am I trying to minimize this time?" he asks. If it was anyone else he'd probably just pluck the actual meaning out of their mind, but he knows better than to try that with Emma. "Some of the older kids wanted to blow off some steam after their tests. You'd rather they be out in the woods partying?" he asks the woman, even as he offers her a disarming grin. "I'm makin' sure the only ones drinking are old enough..." he lifts the red cup as evidence of that, and gestures to the two kids he's tasked with collecting money and dispensing drinks. "...and so what if I'm askin' for a donation to cover costs..."

As an unfamiliar, husky voice calls out, Quentin is quick to drop to his feet, not knowing who just walked in off the street. Thankfully we're not to the 'showing off with our powers' stage of the night, even if some of the students with the more physical mutations are out and proud about it. "Well hello there, ladies..." he says, quick to lay on the smug charm as he walks over towards Diana and Zatanna. "...I wasn't expecting any new students to know about this little get-together."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
It was completely inadvertent. They both are colored coordinated like two teenage besties going out on the town. Zatanna has heavily favored Japanese designers in the last year or so, in favor of stagewear, so, no tux, fishnets or top hat this evening. Still, she is all in minimalist black.

She slows as they enter the foyer and unhooks her arm from Diana to look around. A couple of quick steps bring her back to Diana's side. She gazes about the room with a pleasant, open expression as they step in together.

Emma Frost has posed:
As the two enter in, Emma gives her attention over to Diana and folds her fingers together, "Princess. I'm curious to hear your take on current affairs." And she has a strong suspicion that it's not going to be a particularly good one. Of those that have gone in to support the Starport and advance Earth's status wihtin the galaxy, when it comes to refugees.. All of the technologically advanced nations that are a part of the project are extremely insular, to put it rather politely. And to Emma's mind are unlikely to take in large numbers of refugees.

"Has the Council met to work on a reply to the United Nations to offer up alternatives?" Because this is going to get rather messy. Refugees fleeing persecution never have it easy no matter where they go. Or what world they're from. Or circumstances.

"And Mister Quire, you're in the presence of royalty. Do be polite." She would bow her head over to the magicienne. And sends to Zatanna telepathically <<Please do make his mouth disappear at some point.>>

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
How. HOW!? He had heard it through the grapevine, as such things always travel, that Kid Omega was throwing a kegger; and while it has all the things Keggers OUGHT to have; kids, cups, a keg, underage drinking, loud music, drinking, and underage kids sneaking beer-

Doug scoops a fresh cup out of the hands of a Mutant girl he knows is sixteen. "Stick to soda, Darcy." He says, before he looks at it, and then drains it. Chug, chug, chug!

Anyway, back to the astonishment. "...You threw a kegger and you have at least one billionaire, the most famous stage magician *in the world* and the AMAZONIAN AMBASSADOR on your guest list!? Fucking *how*, Quentin?"

Diana Prince has posed:
"Scotish Baronial is the architectural design." Diana had said to Zatanna in the foyer, offering some measure of insight in to the nature of the school's decor. "I am told that the house was originally brought in pieces over from the United Kingdom... though I have never checked with the Professor to find out if that was actually the case or not."

But then they had arrived at the foyer, and announced themselves. With a smile toward the approaching Quentin, a small smirk toward Emma, and a glance-- and a wave-- toward the others within the recreation room when all eyes end up on the two dark haired women who'd simply appeared in the doorway.

"I am Diana," The Themysciran Princess states, motioning then to her right. "This is Zatanna. We are ... here looking for Miss Grey, or Professor Xavier..."

Diana's eyes return to Emma, who gets a small, but warm smile. "Hello to you, Miss Frost. Ever the opportunity to see you again, is one that I enjoy... and, I can see you've kept up on some of the recent affairs within the Atlantic Starport. We are... working hard to do everything we can to help the refugees, but, as I am sure you can assume, it is complicated."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"So it is. I thought it felt like the real thing. It reminds me of home."

Emma's telepathic message arrives simultaneously with Diana's introduction. Clearing her throat to cover a laugh, Zatanna winks at Emma, then turns her attention to the said Mister Quire. But her attention is divided by the serious question posed to her colleague. Magic will have to wait.

"Kind of you to call me royalty, Ms.Frost. It is good to see you." Laughter dances in her blue eyes as she addresses the teen, "No need to address me as Your Highness, though I recommend being polite around the Princess."

She returns her gaze to Emma. "I hope agreement can be reached about how to take care of the recent arrivals. It -is- a complicated situation."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin is doing his best to keep the underaged drinking to a minimum, but kids are going to trade cups, no matter what he does. But he's not giving it to them directly, so that means it's okay, right? They're effectively stealing! Dirty underaged stealing drinkers. Kids these days.

One brown brow climbs up towards the pink mohawk that he's either spiked up with product or is holding up telekinetically; could be either, really, and with that little bit of power no one would know the difference. "My apologies...." he says as he sweeps a bow, plucking knowledge out of one of the many teenaged minds turning towards the new arrivals, "Princess Prince.... Madame Zatara... we're humbled that you could attend our humble little soiree..." he says, once the zoomers give him faces to go with the names that Doug couldn't believe walked in the door. With a little telepathic 'heads up' to Jean Grey, wherever she is, that Amazonian Royalty's looking for her in the Rec Room.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Diana, "Of course. Finding them resources is one thing. Finding them a place of refuge is another." Atlantis is too xenophobic, the Amazons have litlte land to share, and Wakanda is very cloistered even wtih the efforts of the reigning king T'Challa. There are only so fast things can go. "You are going to need a large sponsor willing to take them in and help resettle them. That has the resources, the numbers, and the infrastructure. I feel that the problem is only going to escalate. There are what, but a few thousand now? If Earth is known as a place of refuge, it will be flooded with more. The galaxy is a very, very threatening place. If it becomes known there is safety here.." That is how things always go. Emma is blunt. And pragmatic.

"Charles isn't present at the moment, and I'm not sure where Headmistress Grey is or if she's at the school. I'm sure if she's available she'll make herself known."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks back and forth at the exchanges. "It's the eternal problem. Immigrants mean new populations, new workers, new ideas and new ways of looking at things. But they also mean strained resources, conflicts with existing settled populations, and... new ways of looking at things." He clears his throat. "*However* at the end of the day, I'll side with my conscience and against xenophobia; difficulties can be overcome with will and ingenuity, right? But if we turn those people away, where are they going to go?"

He rubs the back of his neck. "The math seems simple enough to me. But I've always been soft-hearted."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is used to people just occasionally thinking 'at' her. The school has a handful of telepaths among the students, faculty, alumni, and general hangers on. Plus some people have realized they don't even necessarily need powers: if you're thinking LOUD enough, she might just pick it up.

So this happens, sometimes. She'll be doing paperwork, eating cereal, enjoying her jacuzzi, WHATEVER, and just BAM, some throughts coming her way. Paging Dr. Grey.

We won't let on what she was doing THIS time!

All the same, the woman eventually responds to the summons, diverting course from elsewhere in the mansion to swing by the recreation room. When she appears, she's in her favorite casual 'jeans and fluffy sweater' ensemble, and seems a little bit surprised by the large gathering. "Diana, I didn't know you were stopping by. Surprised you didn't just text." They do know each other relatively well, by the necessity of shared work in leading prominent groups of super people and the occasional meetings that can involve.

She lifts her hand to give a little finger-wiggle wave to the room more generally. "What's the occasion?"

Diana Prince has posed:
With her eyes dancing between those speaking before her, Diana holds a soft smile on her red hued lips. She has that invitation held in front of her lap with her left hand, whilst her right clutches her left wrist lightly. Between those who speak to her with regard to the ongoing political situations at the Starport, she draws in a light breath before simply nodding her head two small times. "We have a large world, thankfully, and many positive marches are being made. Plus, there are new openings coming up which may provide a measure of solution to a lot of this..." She vaguely replies, with a look at the children, and their cups. She notes something in the corner of the room, that a child is tending to, and is about to ask with regard to it, when Jean arrives.

Diana takes a step back to empty the rec room doorway enough for the lady of the house to make her arrival. A larger smile spreads across her lips, and she is soon to wince ever so slightly. "I should have texted. Zatanna, and I, were on our way through, and I had this to offer to you..." She raises up her left hand, and extends the invite. "It is for the opening of the Lunar Colony in mid April. We would love to have you, and Charles there in attendance."

She motions her hand toard Zatanna then. "I am not sure if you have formally met Zatanna Zatara, Jean?" She asks, eyes on Zee now. "Jean Grey, Headmistress of the school, and a leader in many ways." She states with admiration clear on her voice.

With a glance toward Quentin, and then to Doug.... and then to the corner again, Diana asks with a bit of confusion on her voice.

"Is that a keg of beer...?" She asks, her attention also on the kids who appear to be indulging in its contents.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The serious conversation is odd in juxtaposition with the keg in the corner. Zatanna came with no expectations for the school, maybe in light of what Diana explained to her on their way here, she was even prepared for a bit of unusual behavior.

"I don't disagree that we..." she stops mid-sentence. "Ms. Grey, it's a pleasure to meet you. Please call me Zatanna. We were, as you probably heard discussing the plight of the off-worlders at the Starport."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at said keg, "Yes, yes it is Ms. Prince." She would go to curl her hands together and look at Jean. The Amazons knew how to text? That was news to her. And smoehow highly amusing now to think of how kanga riding went on social media. "A pleasure to you as well, Ms. Zatara. I don't think I ever had the priilege to going to one of the performances of your family." Her father or her brother included.

Looking to Douglas, "IT's a great deal more complicated than just space and food. There's infrastructure. Living quarters. Medical treatment. Given they're from off-planet they may bring with them viruses which need to be monitored. Our atmosphere could be lethal to them. Some cultures among them may not be able to interact. There will be unique issues that have to be addressed. THen you have to scale this up intensely on top of the level of intergalactic knowledge required to handle this safely and appropriately, of which few on this planet have experience."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Uh, yeah... ma'am." Doug says. He's keeping an eye on the crowd and except for a couple of people the rules are being followed with amazing responsibility; "...Just kind of blowing off steam. All jokes aside this school has one of the most rigorous curriculums you'll find anywhere. Before anything else, Professor Xavier is an educator. So when the kids get a chance to cut loose... well, you know. Especially when mutant powers are involved."

"...Would you... like a beer?" He posits, one eyebrow raising.

"All of that's true, Ms. Frost," Doug affirms. "But the fact that you're factoring in all these things means that you're also calculating what we would have to do to meet those needs, were we able to at all. It logically follows that this is an achievable goal, albeit not without some pain."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Still laying on the charm, Quentin glances back over his shoulder towards the keg in the corner, still guarded by the young adult who looks like he could be the starting defense for the NY Giants. The whole starting defensive line. "We're in the middle of a little fun unwinding after tests and all that..." he says, a little defensively, even as he plucks a red solo cup out of the hand of a much younger kid who is passing by while simultaneously trying to scope out Diana and Zatara AND hide the obviously red cup. "Emilio!" he says, chastizing the younger student before turning and moving off to start policing the red cups while his player deals with RL.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, it's fine. The kids bother me for things at all hours," Jean replies, brushing aside any thought of seriousness or need for apology. There's a look of curiousity that turns toward mirth as Diana offers the invitation. "You know, I've been kidnapped away to M'kraan, carpooled with you to Oa, but I don't think I've ever actually really -stopped- on the moon. It's like how people live somewhere their whole lives, without ever going to the famous tourist destination..." Well. It's not EXACTLY like that.

She turns to Zatanna, grinning. "Likewise! You know, I think I saw one of your specials on Netflix. Really impressive. Though it loses something on TV. Lets you think 'hey, maybe that's special effects...' You know? I'd love to see one live, some time."

Whether surprise or not, the ongoing background activities with the students don't draw much (apparent) notice from the Headmistress. Of course, some of them might think twice of trying to get away with something in her presence. She has a nickname with the student body - 'The Eye of Sauron' - for her all-seeing, all-knowing ways. Though it's probably a little confusing when they go and fight the actual Sauron. Well. Not the actual one. The were-dinosaur one. ANYway...

Speaking of phones, and whether or not Amazons use them, a notification goes off in her pocket, and Jean reaches to pull it out. "Uh, Di, have you... seen the news recently?"

Diana Prince has posed:
At the offer of beer, Diana provides a polite smile, and a shake of her head. "No, but thank you." She responds in kind, a smile sent to the students all staring in bewilderment toward she and Zatanna. "I also did not mean for us to interrupt your unwinding hours, as we were merely going to stop in and drop the invitation off... then be on our way..."

Another look is sent Emma's way, with a follow-up comment about to come before Jean speaks of the current news that may be unfolding. This draw's Diana's attention back, and with a sidelong glance toward Zatanna, she regards Jean - and her phone - again. "Not since we left." She states, now showing some measure of concern on her facial features.

Afterall, in Wonder Woman's life, it is one crazy thing after another to have to deal with.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod to Douglas, "Theoretically yes. Howeer, it's well beyond the lot of any of us to handle logistically or with the infrastructure. Doing so would essentially require the full support of SHIELD or even better the large nations the likes of which make up the Security Council." Therein was the primary issue after all. "IT's not a case of money, it's a case of specialists. And that alas is something which cannot be made up in any reasonable turnaround." SHIELD was a military organization that answered to the mandate of NATO. They wouldn't offer assistance beyond screening or looking for anyone that had useful intelligence or technology.

"But, enough of that for now. It's good to have you wtih us, Diana. So are you going to join in the.. Festivities?" Emma's taking up a glass of wine which appeared in her hands as if by magic.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
A small smile plays at the corner of her mouth as she looks out over the room. It is reassuring that teens will be teens even if they possess unusual powers.

She turns and smiles warmly at Jean, nodding modestly at the compliment. "Thank you for that. Don't you know it is -all- smoke and mirrors. I seldom perform anymore though Zac keeps up the family stage presence."

She catches Diana's glance, her eyebrows rising in mild inquiry at Jean's question, "What's happened?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Catching a bit of the conversation between Doug and Emma, Jean can quickly come to the realization that her and Diana might very well be the last ones to be finding all this out. Certain irony in that, especially on Diana's part. And Zatanna too! Yay being out of the loop together.

Answering requires her spending a moment scrolling the phone, catching herself up as well as she can. "Something about the UN trying to exert authority over the Starport, because of the recent alien refugees," she explains, in brief, because, well, brief is about as far as she's gotten herself.

"Emma, do you know anything about this?" The woman does have her web of contacts, maybe even a few blackmailed politicians from the old Hellfire days. Which is more than the rest of them. Continuing to read, she breathes a weary, tired sigh. "I'd say I'm shocked, but... Well."

The X-Men know a few things about being harassed by the government.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Well. It's a kingdom of conscience or nothing at all, right?" Doug says, "And if we don't have the resources here, then we need to look for an alternative." He rubs his chin, and he has a thought; but then he files it away for later.

He watches all the kids having fun, and then murmurs "Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam." He smiles, brighter than before. "I'm going to go get another beer before everyone else murders the keg."

Diana Prince has posed:
While Jean scans her phone for a summary of whatever is taking place now upon the world's stage, Diana takes another moment to glance toward those overseeing the little irresponsible school kids party taking place. She is soon to put her eyes back upon Jean's, as the information is relayed. The reaction that the Princess yields is one of pensive calmness. She's restrained, even if she does spare another glance toward Zatanna - likely conveying that their plans for the evening might be interrupted, as ever Diana Prince's evening plans tend to be.

Her stare returns to Emma, before she considers it quickly. "I suppose the situation warrants such a reaction." She responds now toward Jean, before she draws in a light breath. "All the same, the Lunar Colony opening will take place in just a couple of weeks, and I hope that you and yours are able to make it. Miss Frost is certainly invited, as well, should she wish to accompany you and the Professor."

She takes in a light breath, before shaking her head. "I cannot stay for the festivities, I am afraid. I am sure you understand, though." She notes, a look toward Jean. "My apologies for not texting ahead of our arrival. It really was intended to be just a hand delivered invitation, as I always thought mail delivery seemed like a enjoyable job." She smirks after saying that last bit, but begins to turn toward the doors back toward the hall and foyer beyond. "I hope the rest of your evening goes well here." She states, raising her left hand to offer a light wave to the kids within the rec room.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would let out a sigh, "While the timing comes as a surprise, the signs were there. There's clearly support in the.. Administration for it and amongst the elites. Luthor's been known to have anti-alien policies before. It's not outright racist, but the.. Not in my backyard element is quite there." Emma's being blunt since she was asked on it.

"Given the political positions of President Luthor and many of the higher echelons of his administration, it was to be expected. I'd presume that reviewing things would find that they were organizationally putting things in to place. So now the option is if the starport sponsors shall take in and support the refugees on thier own, likely involving settling the refugees to territories that they control as the United Nations wipes it's hands of the affair. You're of stronger legal grounds when it comes to maintaining control of the starport, albeit I presume that political pressure and bureaucratic shall increase substantially. As well as pressure upon SHIELD."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Suppressing a sigh at the news, Zatanna's mouth tightens as she restrains herself from commenting on the power play. She favors Diana with a nod acknowledging the turn of events.

"And, I am here, holding the hand, in spirit, of the hand-held invitation giver. That sounded better in my head, by the way. It was lovely meeting you Jean and getting a chance to see the school. It's a lovely place." She looks at the students around the keg, "Lively, too. I'll be going, too."

With a nod to Jean and a wave to Emma, she follows Diana out.

Jean Grey has posed:
When Doug mentions the difficulty in terms of resources, it sets Jean on the somewhat predictable path toward the one contact they do have in such things. "Maybe we could try and get in touch with the Shi'ar about it? As far as I know, the flotilla has nothing to do with them. Whatever it is that displaced all those people happened far from their part of space. But with the civil war, I don't know if they're going to have resources to spare, either." She scrunches up her nose. "At least, not for free. Their way of helping other civilizations is usually 'welcoming' them into the Empire."

So maybe that's a bad idea after all!

In fact, it's all dire enough that Jean seems to decide that a drink is also what she needs, queueing up behind Doug over by the keg.

"Don't worry about it," she calls back to Diana. "I'm touched you wanted to come by and invite me in person, and I hope this whole thing doesn't put a damper on your plans for the tour. But I'm sure you must have a dozen calls you'll need to make, now. If you need anything, let me know. It's not like we don't have our own stake in what you're doing there. It's been pivotal, in working things out with the Shi'ar, avoiding what could have turned into a full-on invasion."

Plus, it's where they park the SR-X.

"It was nice meeting you too," she tells Zatanna, before roudning back to listen to Emma's dissertation on the topic. "Sounds about right. Luthor never entirely threw in behind Kelly, but... this is a different situation entirely. A lot easier to sell the public on the anti-alien angle, while... I'm sure there's a lot of politicians who've wanted a crack at Wakanda, Atlantis..." She looks over at Diana as she makes her departure. Obviously, Themyscira too!

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin reappears out of the crowd, a few red cups balanced in an overhanded grip. "Awww, I missed them?" he asks Doug as he spies that Diana and Zatanna have bounced. "...damn kids, breaking the rules..." like he wouldn't have set this up in a field and not cared about drinking ages if he could have helped it. But he didn't think Ororo would have warmed up the front lawn for drinking games.
The various empty Red Solo cups are swept up in a pinkish glow, including those from his hand, as the young mutant deposits them all into a waiting garbage can. "I suppose there's always the next kegger."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug raises his beer to his mouth. "Dude." He says, "Dude. Wonder Woman showed up at your keg party. You're a legend. Just enjoy it." He's grinning behind the red cup. "You're going to have to have a List at your next one." He's still thinking about those refugees, though; and feeling something he's been ignoring for a long time. The call to adventure. It practically radiates off him.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would lean back over to glance at Jean, "We can't expect the Shi'Ar to handle all our intergalactic political crisises dear. That would make them seem weak and they might as well just decide to annex us to make the protectorate status official. We can only go so far with them. It does make Lilandra look weak to always come to the rescue of a small, insignificant rimword planet."

Jean Grey has posed:
Quentin's return sets Jean grinning. "Yep," she echoes Doug. "You had a global icon with the 'beauty of Aphrodite' at your keg party..." Well, she has an addition of her own to make: "And you pretty much missed her." It seems like the kind of thing that's worth teasing him about at least a LITTLE bit. "Plus she brought along her stage magician friend who I have it on good authority looks pretty good in a pair of fishnets."

Rub it in, why don't you?

But Jean takes time to at least pour herself one before everything gets cleaned up and shut down. And she doesn't hesitate to down it with some convincing speed. She's probably gonna spend the next few hours dealing with the fallout of everything, so clearly the plan is to enjoy this while she can. "No, we can't," she agrees with Emma. "But depending on the scale of what's going on, they might have their own interest in what's going on. Or at least some information." She shakes her head. "Who knows. But you're right about one thing, we wanted to play in the big sandbox, and this is basically what that looks like." After gulping down her beer, she float-tosses the cup toward the can Quentin was using. "I'm gonna go send some emails."

Quentin Quire has posed:
"Of course Wonder Woman would show up to my party, why wouldn't she?" Quentin replies, way more collected than most of the other teenagers and young adults still going about their business in the background, the collective buzz of conversation focused around the surprise appearance by the Amazon. "Imagine the list if it wasn't in the Rec Room..." he muses, half to the linguist and half to himself, "...under the watchful eye and all that..." he casts a glance towards Jean.
"Alright, alright, wrap it up. Don't have to go home but you can't stay here..." he says, clapping his hands together to start clearing out the room. "Young'uns, out. Don't y'all have homework or something to do?" he says, making shoo'ing motions as he walks up to the keg.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"I can't believe it." Doug says, as he approaches the keg and gives himself one last refill on his beer, "I don't think I've ever seen you at a loss for words before, Quentin." He angles his beer to minimize the foam, and then he takes a mouthful of it. "It's adorable."

He raises his eyebrows, as he continues to draink his red solo cup.

Emma Frost has posed:
Well, they'll all have things to handle here. "Do you have any suggestions for what I should do in the interim, Jean?" Emma's still in business mode. Handling a massive influx of interstellar refugees is well beyond her capabilities and her wealth beyond giving advise. The politics.. Well, the politics they have a literal Princess wiht the power of Aphrodite and the Grace of Hermes to be a spokesgoddess for. There are easier ways to handle it.

"And I'm going to have something much, much stronger than this afterwords."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean glances back over her shoulder on her way out, to answer Emma: "I don't know. Admittedly, this is a bit out of my depth." She quickly clarifies: "Space not so much, but world politics?" That's a whole different level of scary!

"If you've got people, talk to them. I don't know if the upcoming vote is something any of us have the pull to interfere with, so maybe the best we can do is get ready for the fallout, think about what we might be able to do to help those people. Aliens. Whatever. Your bank account might be more useful there, than anything else..."