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Cats on the street!
Date of Scene: 10 June 2020
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: In the End the thief gets away!
Cast of Characters: Kyani Kohanna, Greer Grant, Sera, Lyle Marston, Sara Pezzini, Achilles

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    It's late in the afternoon, the skies are cloudy and the winds blow cool air. The scent of rain is in the air, as the gray skies lets people know that it's going to rain soon. Enjoying the cool air as he makes his way to where Tigra told him to meet her is Kyani, his hands in his pockets and his new kicks on his feet, the dark skinned young man moves easily as he makes his way to where he's going. He yawns a little bit, he was napping when he got the text, but still it is nice to hang with friends when he gets a chance to.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "What a show!" The tigress says as she steps out of the fire escape door at the back of the skyscraper the studio to her daytime gig takes place in. The avenger steps onto the street wearing her traditional bikini though she has on a trio of other pieces of clothing, a cuff on each of her wrists and a collar with a small black tie hanging around her neck. White and floating she reaches up to her neck and starts to pop it off when it dons on her she will need them later and has no where to keep them. A small growl rises up from Tigra's throat as she walks with a quick step regardless of her bare padded feet. The tigress is a bit annoyed.

    "Hey, there you are Kyrani! Where's Sera..." The striped woman asks with a furrow of her non-eyebrows above her green piercing eyes. "I smell her, but..." Sniff sniff. "There's more too. Any ways, glad to see you Kyra!" She keeps getting his name wrong, but she's not the best with names, for sure but there is a smile and her kanines are exposed in the smirk.

Sera has posed:
There's a dark corner, part of an alley way. From it a small audio player bounces out like one would throw a flash bang. It begins to play some power chords. Sera has found out about music players and the vast array of music on this world and she adores it. This player begins to sing out the old 80s She-Ra theme song.

From the dark corner there is a beautiful singing voice harmonising with the music of the She-Ra theme, then before anyones eyes can adjust to her silhouette in the dark space, there is a brilliant white light, glowing, glorious bright white wings made of magical energy and out of this small space steps Sera, clearly putting in the effort for an entrance despite the low quality speaker on the music player.

The glow draws in to just her eyes and the wings fade away. She is wearing her glorious Angelic armor, golden and silver resplent. She poses with her hands on her hips, "It is //I// Sera of Heven!" Okay perhaps she's channeling? mocking? Angela a bit here too.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani laughs as he sees Tigra and goes over to her, "Hows it going girl?" he says to her as eh looks at her. He grins at her and looks around, "It's getting cool out her and it feels really good out. How did things go?" he asks as he looks at her. When he sees Sera, he waves to her, "Hello Sera, I'm Kyani and this is Greer." he introduces him and Greer.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Things went well, but dang some people give me the stupidest answers and I can't say anything about it without being a jerk." Tigra says with a smirk and a wink before she turns her head and looks up to the glorious angelic armor, golden, silver resplendent. "Wow." Tigra says looking up and the slits of her eyes getting even tighter to regulate all the light going into her eyes. "Oh, I know Sera, we kinda ... we live together." The avenger says with a near boyish wink to Kyani before she steps closer to Sera and holds her arms wide for the angel to scoop the tigress up in a hug. "Come gimme some sugar." Tigra says with a smile and even sticks her tongue out with a elated smile on her lips.

Sera has posed:
Sera wraps Tigra up in a hug and grins to Kyani, "Nice to meet you Kyani." She rubs cheeks with Tigra. "What exactly where you doing that has put you in such a mood Greer?" She lifts a caring eyebrow and then tucks her hands behind her back looking all innocent like. "The weather seems to be turning bad though, hm, what are we doing here exactly? just.. chilling?"

Lyle Marston has posed:
At a nearby diner. the spunds of shouting, and the ocassional pucnhing and grunting were heard. Suddenly, the sound of breaking glass was heard and two men came flying out the glass front door and onto the sidewalk. One of the men, a fat, Italian-American man with a black crew cut wearing a Hawaiian Shirt was ontop, yelling out swears and trying to punch the man he was on top of. The man on the bottom was a more bizzare customer. He was dressed as a 18th century aristocrat wearing a domino mask and with long, brown hair tied into a ponytail.

This theft had not gone accoridng to plan. It was supposed to be very simple, get Luigi's locket from Don Moretti and bring it back to him, and take the Don's wallet as well. But, he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar so to say, and he had to brawl his way out of the diner he was in. As the fat man tried to punch him, Lyle suddenly gripped a nearby piece ofg loose concrete and bashed it into the man's temple. As the fat man collapsed onto the ground, unconcious, Lyle got up and started to flee. Don Moretti, a short, balding man wearing a suit suddenly stepped out, yelling swears and saying,

"Stop that thief! He has my wallet!"

If Tigra were to take a closer look, she would recognize the the aristocrat as La Raton, a thief the metro police were looking for, and here he was fleeing from the scene of his latest crime.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara's luck. Sara's job as well. She was the nearest plainclothes cop in the vicinity even if she works homicide division. Several people had called 911 complaining of breaking glass and an assault in progress. Leaning her Triumph Rocket GT on its stand, Sara pulls off her anonymous black helmet. She shakes out her long chestnut hair while flipping open the lockbox and stowing the helmet away. A black leather jacket that has seen enough years and use to be edging towards brown over black jeans and lace-up boots completes her plainclothes look, nothing high fashion and nothing to make a person look twice.

One reflexive check of her underarm holster and the Heckler and Koch HK45, she carries, and she is striding toward the diner. The music of breaking glass resounds as she calls in her arrival to the precinct.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani looks at the two women and grins, "Dayum!" he says looking at the two with a grin, "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Sera?" he asks as he looks between the two women, "How long have you both been roommates and how long you two been dating?" he asks as he looks to them. Kyani rubs the back of his head and thinks, "Oh yea, sometimes being a jerk is the best thing for some people Greer. You can be polite, but know when you have to dumb things down for them." he states to her.

    Hearing the cry for help, Kyani turns around and looks around to see whats going on/

Greer Grant has posed:
    "We live in the same place, but we're not dating." Tigra says with a curious look to Kyani as she seems perplexed by the very idea of dating. She undoes herself from Sera's embrace and smiles at the angel, "Oh, I just finished working a long shift and I don't have pockets to put these dumb colars and cuffs away, so I figure I should wear them and look like some weird kind of stripper." Tigra says with a hint of a frown and a shrug. "Like some lady of the night or something. I always get odd looks from guys and mean looks from girls as it is."

    Tigra frowns as she turns her attention to the breaking glass and she holds up a clawed finger. "Oh, sounds like I get to be an avenger, wanna come?" She asks of Kyani and then with hopeful eyes towards Sera but without an answer she turns and bolts away from her friends towards the diner.

    "Hey! Familiar lookin' dude! Stop!" The striped woman says as she bolts past Sara and after the 'dashing rogue'.

Sera has posed:
At the mention of looking like some kind of stripper, Sera nods enthusiastically, encouragingly, with a finger raised, "Success!" She winks playfully and hmms, "People should not be so negative all the time. What's wrong with looking hawt hm." She grins at Kyani and shakes her head, "No my good fellow we are not dating. I have many partners but one true love who has fought through Heven and Hel to save me. But the kitty is a lovely person and I'm glad to have met her at the Avengers mansion."

At hearing the smashing of a window she grins a touch. "Ah, not unless I'm being paid.. but then again it could be fun to.. assist." The light around her eyes glows intensely and speads to her hands. As Tigra starts to bold she envelops her in a glowing white light, giving her a magical speed boost, probably very unexpected speed boost at that, then she starts to jog after her. She's not the fastest of people without magical assistance and wears this armor for a reason... to not die.

Achilles has posed:
    Things have been busy of late. And while yes, the Hyperloop is fast, it is becoming increasingly difficult to Angelo to maintain his Metropolis Address while spending so much time up in New York.
    There are the friends he is making in this city that he doesn't want to be all that far away from. Okay, a few in particular. But there is also his classified job as a trainee agent of SHIELD. But shhh! He's not supposed to tell anyone.
    Brooklyn as a neighborhood has a charm all of its own, and it reminds him in many ways of his childhood.... living in spitting distance of the biggest city in the known world, but with things moving at a slower pace because of not being -in- that city so much as on the edge of it.
    He smiles at that memory. Of time as a young boy with his mother. At the time that she disguised him as a girl and sent him away to try to prevent some prophecy about his death.
    Either way, he has just closed a deal on a house in the area. Just a small place. Two bedrooms so he can have one as a private office. There are many theories that there are no such things as coincidences, and Angelo has come to believe these theories.
    But he ducked into a corner store to grab a bottle of water, and on his way out... stood and watched as a certain cop approached a certain situation. Just sipping his water, he doesn't hide, but isn't waving his arms and whistling.

Lyle Marston has posed:
The man bashed on the head with the concrete was still alive, but his breathing was shallow, and you could see some blood leaking out from his temple. Don Moretti was still standing by the diner's entrance, sweraring angerily to himself. He notices Sara's approach and yells out,

"A dammned thief dressed up like Louis the 14th or something just robbed me! Call the cops!"

Lyle tunred around and let out a sigh when he saw Tigra chasing him. Oh bother, he hadn't counted on a hero to show up. Hopefully, he could outrun her. This hope was quickly dashed when she suddenly got quicker. Lyle swore to himself, realizing he couldn't possibly outrun her. Suddenly, a sly smile formed on his face as he turned around and smiled at the appraoching Tigra and said in a thick French accent,

" And a good evening to you mademosille. What brings a woman of your charms to this cesspool?"

As he spoke, he casually tossed the stolen locket in the air and caught it.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani nods his head, "Sorry Greer." he says apologizing to her genuinely. He hears the alert and he turns and smiles when she asks if he wanna go with her, "Sure. I hope....." he sees her rush off. He looks to the others, "Let's go!" he says as he also runs, and as he does, lighting streaks after Kyani as he runs. Kyani notes that Greer is running pretty damn fast, he grins and lets her keep the lead for now, he moves easily behind her. He glances back behind him, and he sees everything is moving slowly.

    Turning back around he sees Louie the 14th, "How do you want to handle this?" he asks Greer as he knows what he would want to, but when working with others, it's always a good idea to work with them.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The perp, the alleged perp was already booking it up the street. Sara does a double take thinking: god, life just got more complicated as a famous show hostess lopes after the suspect.

Sara nods to the fat man and holds up her hand while she kneels to check on the bleeding man in the street. Talking into the com on the underside of her collar, she feels his pulse. "Yeah, we'll need a bus. The victim is bleeding, possibly concussed."

Sara looks up in time to see something flash in the light as it tumbles through the air. She gets to her feet and starts toward the strangely dressed man stopped talking to the tiger-striped woman in a bikini.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra has begun sprinting on her barefeet and is going to do her true job, she's going to stop the villain and rescue those in need, but then... each step is an explosion from the cat-person.

    Without effort Tigra is a bullet with more speed than she's ever carried and can't even hear Kyani through the wind in her ears and she zips past, an orange blur, zooming past Lyle and she puts on the breaks, blocks away...

    Stopping in an intersection she's unfamiliar with she turns to barely dodge a moving van and several people honking at her. "What the fu--" She barks at herself, looking up at the road signs.... "Where the fu-- am I?" She asks, and spins before jumping over a car and vaulting over a cab to get to the sidewalk and the striped stripper starts to walk of shame back to somewhere familiar.

Achilles has posed:
    In all seriousness, who could miss a bikini clad feline woman? Even Angelo has limits to his self control. He takes a long breath and shakes his head before he turns to regard the police officer on site. Then a flash of light grabs his eyes too. Angelo lifts the bottle and cracks it open before taking a sip.
    But it's only a few moments later that he says from behind Sara, "Small world, isn't it?"

Sera has posed:
Sera wanders around the corner and out to where the excitement is taking place.. but Tigra is gone. "Woops," she says with a chuckle. "At least she didn't face plant." She place a hand over her eyes trying to squint off down in to the distance, but she can't see her. With a shrug, "She'll be back I'm sure... she'll be fine."

A small smirk, she looks down at the man who has been clocked on the head. "Hm, would anyone mind if I tended to his wounds?" She wiggles her fingers, still glowing white with magic, "If he can trade something worthy for his life that is. Nothing for nothing is the capitalist way." She looks eager to help, but certainly not for free.

Lyle Marston has posed:
Lyle blinked in surprsie when Tigra zoomed past him and disappered. After gawking for a moment, Lyle turned and continued to flee, heading towards a nearby fire escape.

The fat man groaned in pain, but somehow reached into his wallet and tossed out 3 one hundred dollar bills at Sera.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani rushes and he slows down as he sees Tigra overshoot where they needed to go, he shakes his head, and he pulls back to join up with Sera, "Yeah go ahead." he says as he looks to Sera. He scans the area for a long moment, "How bad is he, I can get him to the hospital if need be." he asys to her.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara turns on Angelo with the accusing look of someone who was just startled. Mouth open, eyes narrowed, she says only one word, "You!"

Shaking her head, she points in the opposite direction back towards the diner but turns searching the street. The perp seems to have disappeared but she sees none of telltale signs of someone running in the street and disturbing foot traffic. So she looks up, seeing nothing abnormal about someone on a fire escape. A second look confirms that the person is not wearing normal clothes. Grudgingly, she says to Angelo, "Stay out of this, alright." Badge out she calls up to the man, "Police, let me see your hands then come down."

Achilles has posed:
    Lifting both hands in acquiescence, Angelo does his best to not laugh. I mean it is kind of funny. His eyes light up with amusement, but he manages to keep his lips from smiling... mostly.
    "Of course Detective. I'm not here to get involved. I was just..." he wags the water bottle in his left hand back and forth, and then points it across the street at the corner store. "Thirsty. House shopping." he adds. "I'll just stand aside and stay out of your way."
    But his eyes traverse towards the direction she was looking and he inclines his head, "I cannot even declare that I am a witness to anything. My apologies."
    It should be noted, that if anyone is remotely interested in it, his voice has just the barest hint of an English accent to it. Like he was born there years ago, raised for a few years... and then relocated to the States.

Sera has posed:
Sera smiles delightedly and stuffs the money in to the side of her armor, "That's the capitalist spirit! America the great!" She is true to her word though, she kneels down next to the fat man and places her hands to his bloodied head. The glow intensifies and she begins to sing out an unearthly song.

The wound begins to knit and heel. Healing is certainly one of the more common songs she has to sing on her adventures. She responds to the question, "Oh yes he'll be fine. No need to run him to a... whatever a hospital is." Standing back up the light fades from her, her hands now covered in his blood. "A good days work!"

Lyle Marston has posed:
Lyle, much to his surprise, made it to the fire escape and, in a surprsingly athletic leap, grabbed onto the ladder and started to climb up it. Once he made to the first platform, he heard Sara's voice shout out at him. Lyle looked down, and tipped his hat polietly at Sara before saying in a thick, French accent,

"I am afraid I cannot do that Mademosille. I have a locket to return. Au revior!"

He then began to run up the fire escape

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani sees that Sera has things well in hand, and he looks up at Lyle as he starts to make his getaway. "Sorry my...." in a blur of speed and lightning, Kyani is above Lyle looking to him as he starts to run. "Not going to let you get away." he smirks a little bit. "I don't have cuffs, but I'm going to ask you to go down to her and let her take you in."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
It's not unexpected. Sara's eyes roll at the suspect's accent, hearing what she wished he wouldn't say. With a shrug and a look back at Angelo, she leaps to grab hold of the bottom rung of the fire escape. Her long frame hangs suspended above the street, just as it's beginning to unfold a blur passes her faster than her eyes can track, and resolves into a young black man with a stylish haircut. Letting her weight pull the stairs down, she looks up with an exasperated expression twisting her mouth.

"Okay," she says from her vantage on the first step. "It's good advice. Come on down."

Achilles has posed:
    Chuckling softly, Angelo steps over towards the fire escape too. He cranes his neck upwards... and no, not staring at the long lean frame of the detective above him. Nope, not at all. Okay, maybe a tiny bit.
    But then his eyes roam on past and then he registers the speedster's appearance. "The lady has good advice chap. I'd come on down quietly. No reason to make this any worse than you already have." he calls up to the man, sipping from his water bottle as he stands there calmly and casually.

Sera has posed:
Sera notes that Tigra is way off down the street and Kyani is off on the roof now. Well, there goes that get together to cheer up Greer after a crappy day at work.. at least, she thinks that was what this was meant to be. But, she made $300 and got to mess with some magic she's really rusty with. "Mind if I use your bathroom," she says to the shop keep, holding up her bloodied hands. There's a nod and she wanders inside to clean herself up.

Lyle Marston has posed:
Lyle looks around and sighs a bit, realizing that the Speedster was correct. He then puts his hands up and begins to head down the fire escape towards Sara. As he got closer, he grinned slyly and said to Sara,

"Might I say Mademosille that you look better than the average cop I run into while at work."

He then sticks his hands towards her, as if excepting his handcuffing.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
There are days that Sara might nod and take the compliment, there are days that compliments stick in her craw. Sara looks at the man dressed like a musketeer and takes a short deep breath as she pulls the handcuffs out of their carrier. "Talk to the booking sergeant about his eyes, he'll love it."

Turning him around, she cuffs him from behind then holds his arm to balance him down the stairs. Over her shoulder to Kyani, "That was, um, fast? You coming? Did you see what happened?"

Achilles has posed:
    Inclining his head, Angelo opens his mouth to make a comment, and then shakes his head and closes his mouth again. Thank the gods nobody around here is reading his mind right now. Especially if that person might share those thoughts with the detective here.
    He just steps back to keep out of the way but... -is- within range where a step or two might let him intervene should someone try something stupid (creative?) Angelo does his absolute best to take care of his friends. Especially the ones who don't want anyone taking care of them. Those are the ones that need it most. So he's here, ready to back up Detective Pezzini, despite the fact that she would totally read him the riot act for it. If it's necessary, it's necessary.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani looks to Sara and smiles a bit, "Yeah." he says as he waits for the man goes to Sara and once he holds out his hands, Kyani moves down the stairs himself. He yawns a little bit, and he rubs his stomach, "Man I'm hungry." he groans, "Are we going to go find Greer once this is over?" he asks Sara.

Lyle Marston has posed:
As Lyle is led down to the stiars, he grins slightly when he catchs glimpse of something rustling in the near-by alleyway. As he is sat down, he lightly whisstles, and mutters something very low in French, as if he were cursing his luck. However, his eyes were centered on the alleyway, and he grinned mentally as Sir Percy, his loyal raccoon came out of the alleyway. The Raccoon walked up to Sara and stood up on it's hind legs and held it's arms out, as if it were begging for food.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"Greer?" she asks, without looking around, keeping her eyes on the alleged assailant. "I saw her run the other direction. But, if you need something to eat, I'll front you something for a bite at the cafe."

In the distance, the lights of a police car and an ambulance can be seen. One moment of inattention and she looks down to see a very large animal on its hind legs looking beseeching up at her. She will swear later it looked beseeching, laughing and shaking her head. It takes her a moment to place the masked face.

"Mother of Mary. Is that a raccoon?" She exclaims, squinting at both the Musketeer and Angelo. Somehow this must be both their faults.

Achilles has posed:
    That squint from Sara makes Angelo's brows raise. "Let me start by saying whether I did or did not do anything wrong in any situation here... I apologize profusely." Still with that hint of an accent to his voice.
    "And the cute little bugger there has nothing to do with me. Perhaps he thinks humans mean food?" he asks as he glances down at the raccoon.
    But then he shrugs and looks back up to meet Pezzini's gaze and shrugs once more, "Beyond that, I am just as confused as you are."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani shakes his head, "Nah, we were supposed to hang out, if you want I can go find her real quick if you got things here." he says as he looks as the man is being hand cuffed. A quirk of his brow goes up when he sees the raccoon come up towards Sara. "That's odd." he says and chuckles to himself. Another yawn escapes him as his stomach rumbles, "Yeah I waited to damn long to eat." he says to her. He looks to Angelo and listens to him for a moment and nods his head.

Lyle Marston has posed:
The Raccoon continued to look at Sara pledingly, but then turned to look at the upcoming police. He approaches two of then and does the same thing. One of the men kneelt down to pet hhim as the second went into the car to grab a donut. The raccoon rubbed against the man, going behind his back, and out of sight slightly. As the raccoon did this, it grabbed his keys and ran off towards lyle.

The raccoon rubbed up against Lyle, and dropped the keys into his outstretched hand. Lyle smiled at Sara one more time as he was lead to the Plice car. However, as she would later find out, he never made it. The car he was loaded into was found crashed into a light pole, the driver unconcious, and La Raton gone, leaving only a paper mache raccoon behind.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
A quick conferral with her colleagues with a description of what went down leaves Sara watching the Musketeer being loaded into the squad car. It's with embarrassment that she explains to the EMTs that there is no one to pick up, the injured fat man seems to have disappeared.

The raccoon disappears leaving Sara in the street with Angelo who she rounds on, "What do you mean you're looking for a house in the neighborhood? I thought your business was out of town?"

Achilles has posed:
    Giving the officers a smile, Angelo lifts his water bottle in a sort of salute. "Constables." he says as he steps over and drops the now empty bottle into a trash can. LOOK! NOT LITTERING!
    And then.. AMBUSH! Angelo's eyes go up and he shrugs, "Well, -my- business is, but I am not involved in the day to day operations of them. I have a new position in a new organization that is based out of New York as you might be aware. And it was suggested to me that it might be advisable to have a local residence."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani watches the guy get loaded into the car and he smirks a bit. Looking back to Angelo and Sara as they talked, they must know one another. He shrugs his shoulders and hops down the rest of the way, but as he lands, "You all take it easy, maybe we will run into one another sometime." he says and the moment his feet touch the ground, Kyani is gone, strong winds buffet around him and a streak of yellow lightning can be seen as he runs off.