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Not Ideal Circumstances
Date of Scene: 15 August 2020
Location: Hammer Bay
Synopsis: Lorna returns to Genosha and the X-men and allies convene.
Cast of Characters: Lorna Dane, Logan Howlett, Clarice Ferguson, Hope Summers, Scott Summers, Julio Richter, Douglas Ramsey, Namor, Bobby Drake

Lorna Dane has posed:
It had been a rough night since Magneto's return and subsequent destruction of the bottles, their contents (minus the people) and the refugee camp. But at least.. Genosha's people were wholly left to their own devices either. Heroes, mutants, and allies rushed to do what could be done for the sudden population boom of at least 100 thousand mutants and humans returned to the destroyed island.

It was afternoon of the next day, by the time a portal opened up and deposited the green haired daughter of Magneto back to Earth from space. She looked drawn and her features were pale, but other than that she looked unharmed, still wearing the metal plated green jumpsuit she'd worn before everything had been flipped upside down. Her return raised immediate attention from those that walked about the ruins of Hammer Bay, scavenging what could be found, and it wasn't long before the various X-men that remained on the island were doubtlessly alerted.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan is an old-hand at refugee work. He was already providing additional labor at the camp and the occasional enforcement to make sure everyone got their fair share. With a few wars under his belt, the Wolverine is surprisingly effective in this role.

Wearing the suit, his biceps bulge as he carries a large crate of supplies. At Lorna's arrival via portal, its deposited upon the ground without much fanfare. He calls out gruffly to a pair of men with idle hands. "You two. Get this over to food station ten."

Turning, he approaches Lorna, eyes narrowed into slits. "Lorna..." He asks cautiously, "How did things go with 'dad'?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
It was not an happy elf that came along through that portal, expression knit up into a frown as she winked the portal close behind her. Blink was dressed up in a long overcoat, the rest black jeans and shirt, all rather inconspicuous if it wasn't for the pointed ears, the unnatural green eyes and the hair. But here she was home. Or was she? Her jaw tenses upon seeing all that has happened, taking in the condition of the people, her people..

"I do not understand /why/ he would do such a thing." She says in a quiet tone to Lorna before she takes in position near Lorna, arms folding while she waited what would be the approach of some heroes that still remained.

She offers a small nod of her head to Logan when he approaches but no words come out of her just yet.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope is an old hand at dealing with few resources. So she's been working on spreading things around and showing people some of the easy tricks for making resources stretch. She's also in generally good spirits despite the dire circumstances - in her experience, things can always be worse.

When she hears that Lorna's made it back, she extricates herself from some makeshift shelters to check in on the queen, brushing her hands off as she aproaches. "So...I sort of remembered something I'd heard when I heard the news," she says, sheepish.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is in the middle of what pretends to be a refugee camp. Which currently is a ramshackle thing built with debris and earth. Some holes in the ground leading to artificial caves to give a minimum protection from the random tropical rainstorms. He has a laptop, a mini-cerebro unit, and he is interviewing mutant volunteers, trying to figure out how to better use the super-powers of the rare 'alpha class'. Powerful mutants. But most don't have the kind of control one gets after a few years at Xavier's.

At least a few have experience with construction and resource gathering, since there was a lot of that going in Genosha, pre-Brainiac.

Lorna's arrival does not go unnoticed, so he tries to dislodge the group, giving the hungry and angry men and women some instructions and advice so they can go on with the shorting process alone for a few minutes.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio has been working for hours on critical projects for the Genoshans' survival while they wait for ships to arrive with supplies or to move them out of the wrecked refugee camp. Shelter is his major project; the heat and sun at this latitude can be an issue, and between his ability to delve into the ground and to raise earthen walls, he has created scores of shady, cool, livable spaces where people can rest and recuperate. As he worked, a group of Genoshan mutants with abilities that allowed them to move earth accreted around him, and at this point, that project is essentially self-sustaining.

That freed him up for a couple of other projects: using his geological senses to locate groundwater that he can reach by opening well-like crevasses, and giving the plants in the surviving Genoshan croplands a magical boost, both to growth rate and fruitfulness. It should be an early, bountiful harvest, which will make the area survivable for longer.

When Lorna arrives through the lightshow of an airborne portal, he dusts his gloves off -- he's again wearing his green-and-charcoal X-men outfit -- and makes his way over, shouldering his way through a decently sized crowd of people who were also drawn by her sudden appearance. Well-wishers, rubberneckers, and at least a few familiar faces.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug has just finished setting up a satellite internet uplink. There are people who need to contact their families and tell them that they're safe, after all - people are organizing into queues to use the computers and tablets that have been set up, currently with 10 minute time limits before they have to pass them off to the next person. So far, there's been minimal fighting.

He takes a pull of a bottle of water when he hears the portal open.

He grabs a bottle of water and a pack of protein bars and legs it over, before he offers them to Lorna.

He takes a moment to wipe the sweat off his forehead with the back of his techno-organic hand. "You're all right! Good--"

Namor has posed:
When it comes straight down to it, running an Empire had little to do with Imperial majesty and ancient customs. It isn't about the finery or the splendor, not even the wealth or politics. Not really. No, running an Empire was about two things that went hand in hand... Logistics and bureaucracy.


The amount of effort, wrangling, and logistical maneuvering required to organize and mobilize a relief effort acting in harmony with a military operation all while the Empire was facing an extreme crisis in its outer territories was, to put it excessively mildly, a real headache. Yet through the hard work of his generals, attendants, Grand Vizier, and his royal self, Namor, King of Atlantis and Emperor of the Deep managed to put it all together within a span of roughly twenty-four hours. Thus, when he emerged slowly and with grand effect from the waves lapping at the shores of what remained of Genosha, it was astride an Atlantean transport. In fact, there was a long line of Atlantean transports making a beachhead all along that same shore in a line with the King at its center.

Though they all surface and land, they remain closed and sealed while Namor alone leaps from the back of his personal ride and takes to the air, performing a quick survey of the area until he locates -- to his mild surprise -- Lorna and several other figures converging on her location. Without much ado, he tilts and begins to drop down out of the sky to land lightly beside the (former?) Queen of Genosha and raise one eyebrow in a silent question.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Once Bobby had found out what had happened, he'd made his way to Genosha to help out where he could, and hopefully to find out if Lorna was okay and if there was more that he could do. Whatever projects had need of him, he helped out with. One of which was making sure that there was plenty of cold potable drinking water available for the refugees and all of the people who were working. He made the rounds, making sure to stop by and check on folks, see how they were doing, find out which projects might need more assistance, and hopped in where he could.

He is finally taking a few minutes break when he sees Lorna arrive, heading over in her direction. He's dressed in his own X-Men outfit in its blue, silver, black and white as he makes his way in that direction with the others. There's a visible look of relief on his features.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna grimaced, nodding at the purple haired woman, equal sadness weighing in her shoulders, but stayed close to Clarice as people rushed over, and her gaze swung around the recent activity that had sprung up all over. The sheer scope of one hundred thousand people covering a ruined landscape was ... startling to say the least. Never mind the way that everyone stopped to look, to wait and hear what she had to say. And the various X-men rushed over. Her gaze lifted toward Logan, and down again. "It's ... He's .. it's what we worried about, Logan, Scott.... Is there somewhere we can talk?" She managed. Her gaze swung to Hope, and Julio, Bobby, Scott and Doug as they all rushed over in turn. She exhaled a shaky breath. She didn't want to simply flat out announce it to every mutant standing around, though she knew that they wanted, and deserved to know.

Which is why perhaps Namor's sudden appearance managed to startle her out of her seemingly depressive mood. Her expression twisted, and she seemed to struggle with her emotions for a long moment, before she decided that decorum and the alike didn't really matter, and she made to try to embrace him right there in front of everyone.

Logan Howlett has posed:
The mask hides the raised eyebrows and concern in his expression. He pursues his lips as he realizes he's amongst a flood of the concerned. He grumbles a little bit, "Well, glad to see you in one piece, kid."

He blinks as she moves to embrace Namor. He eyes the sub-mariner. As one of the old men, they would know each other. He rolls his eyes. The Lord of the Deep strikes again. He mutters under his breath, shaking his head before eyeing Clarice.

"Blink. How about you? Somethin' got you pissy beyond the mess we are standin' in?" He tilts his head to the side then gazes spaceward for a second before settling his gaze back on the elf.

Scott Summers has posed:
Finally Scott manages to disentangle from the mutant group, and heads towards Lorna, hoping to hear some news. Then Lorna jumps into Namor's arms.

Okay. He had heard something about -that-. Just not the expected Lorna-behavior. He better give her a minute.

"Iceman, how goes the water storage? Have we found some place to keep the water unpolluted for a few days?" Because otherwise Bobby or Storm better get used to live in Genosha. At least for a few weeks.

Julio Richter has posed:
Under normal circumstances, Julio might suggest that Lorna and her Atlantean cuddle-buddy get a room. These are not normal circumstances, so instead he provides one: he calls up a portion of the seismic tension that suffuses the area -- enough to result in a nearby volcano -- and shapes that energy. With a noticeable and perhaps unnerving tremor, the ground near the pair cracks and shifts, revealing a downward, ramp-like slope into a small, newly-formed cavern.

Calling over one of the other mutants he has been working with on the shelters, he relieves her of a quartet of battery-powered lanterns. He extends one light from its housing, and it automatically switches on. He glances around the small group and says, "I'll go set up the lights. The rest of you can come down when you're ready."

When they do arrive, they'll find a cool, dry cavern with tan stone walls. Quartz deposits in the rock sparkle slightly in the electric lantern-light as one walks past.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The approach of a few familiar faces does lift the dour expression on the elf to something a touch more relaxed and open, a dip of her head given at those that come close, along with a tentative, hopeful smile. Yet there is no denying the seriousness of the matter at hand.

And what could she say now? Instead she waited for Lorna's words. When she moves towards Namor though there seems to be no surprise on Clarice's face, only but a small nod before Logan's question makes those eyes turn to Wolverine.

"This is enough to leave me pissy for a lifetime." For how else can one justify anyone leaving all those she has lived with for years to die. "But Lorna will be the one to explain things."

She eyes the forming cavern thoughtfully and then prepares to follow, making sure to remain close enough to Lorna. She does have a job here afterall!

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope quirks a brow slightly when Lorna moves for Namor, but it's the Atlantean that she watches the most closely. Lorna can do what she needs to do. But she's keeping an eye on Namor. Crossing her arms loosely over her chest, she looks to Scott for the next step.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Water's fine," Bobby says to Scott. "With all the terrain shifting we've got a small reservoir created and it should work for the time being. I'm keeping an eye on it, but on the whole, the water situation is vastly improved. I'm just making sure that the increased draw from everyone working is being handled. I think the reservoir will do for a more long-term solution when things uh, get a little less.. active." Because that's something to talk about while Lorna's greeting Namor and Julio's setting them up with a place to talk.

Namor has posed:
As Lorna turns to embrace him, Namor's curious, questioning eyebrow is joined by the other one as he's taken by surprise for the second time in roughly a minute. Of course he doesn't stop her, but it takes a half second before he shakes himself out of his surprise long enough to return it. While he holds her, he flicks a glance across the rest of the gathered mutants, nodding lightly to Doug, Bobby, Julio, and Clarice as he spots them. Hope earns a pause and curious study before recognition filters through his gaze. Scott is simply analyzed and scrutinized with the sort of detached air of a King regarding a commoner he's fairly certain he's never met before. But honestly, who can really tell with commoners.

Then finally there's Logan, and upon seeing the old warrior, Namor actually grins, an expression that only grows more amused when the grizzled mutant rolls his eyes.

When Julio literally shapes the earth and makes it clear he's going on ahead to light the way within the newly-formed cavern, the King lets out a single bark of laughter. "I like that one," he tells Lorna with evident good humor, "He's useful."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan nods curtly at Clarice. "Fair enough."

When he picks up on Namor's expand grin, he grumbles and mutters, something along the lines of arrogant, no-good, philandering monarchs that smell like salt, fish, and oil. When his gaze casts over to the various aid the Atlantian nation is delivering, he adds 'show-off' to the mutterings before he decides to descend into the room prepared by Julio.

He'll lean against one of the cool earthen walls with his arms crossed over his chest, waiting for the inevitable update.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna didn't notice the interplay between Logan and Namor, much less the way that everyone more or less awkwardly took note of her giving the Sub-Mariner a hug. Her arms squeezed briefly before she withdrew, her expression pinched with emotions that she was clearly struggling with and trying her best to hold back.

As Julio shifted the ground and created them 'some place to talk', she offered a weak smile and nodded. "Thanks, Julio." She glanced back to Namor's comment that he was 'useful' and she bit back a snort of laughter.

"He's already been to Atlantis.." She mused, and shook her head as she made to follow the others down below into the underground chamber. Once there her smile dropped and she took up position where she could. Before she stretched her hands out before her, and concentrated, a large metal table formed slowly under her direction as she drew the iron particles from all around her. Genosha's major export had been steel, and the raw materials were everywhere on the island. She just had to focus. A few matching stools formed for those that wanted them, and she sat, looking even more tired.

"My father has returned to his old habits.." She got right to it, and her lips pursed together. "He wants to form an empire, and attack humans the world over. How I don't know. But he wasn't willing listen. He wants everyone from Genosha elsewhere, as he believes it ... it's worthless to him. And that with it being destroyed ... it.. It's over.." She hung her head, and her hands reached up to comb through her hair. Her voice breaking as she struggled to not break down again.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks down and says, "You know what? I'm just going to say it, lay it out on the table right here, right now?"

"I'm $#*!ing tired of him!" He runs his hand through his hair, and says, "He does this over and over, he shows up, he declares himself to be Mutant Salvation, sets himself up as a *king*, gets a whole bunch of people to follow him and then leaves them screwed over in the end. I'm through with it. I'm done, I'm *sick* of him getting to be the dominant voice of Homo Superior as a *race*."

He glances around at the others, including Namor. "So accepting as a given that *unity* with humans isn't possible, and that *co existence* is going to have to involve an olive branch in one hand and a club in the other... how do we do this? *Without Magneto*."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott grunts at Lorna's words. "Yes, this is Magneto true face. I suppose his time as king, trying to build something worthwhile, was just a parenthesis in his vengeance-driven crusade."

He folds his arms and stands on his feet, frowning in his usual disapproval stance. "He had a few months in a bottle to plan and plot. Before Genosha he used to launch an attack after another, often using remarkable devices he had created or stolen during the previous fifty years. I wouldn't be surprised if he still has some of those devices in his arsenal. Or even if he used Genosha's resources to build more while he controlled the island."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Clarice follows the 'gang' down the hobbit hole, arms folding and she taking a position to one side, eyes continuing focused on the various people about the room before finally coming to rest on Lorna. She listens but certainly doesn't seem to like what she hears. "So he was lying all this time. All the talk about creating a new place for mutants." her tone having gained a rather dangerous, low tone to it.

"But it isn't over Lorna. We can still fight against this." She offers.

One arm gestures wildly to the outside. "Our people deserve better than this. Being scattered at his whims." she doesn't even deign to say Magneto's name. Curious enough considering she venerated the damn man just a while back.

Namor has posed:
"Yes, and he was useful there, too. He freed the Key without damaging it," Namor claims to Lorna as he follows her down, pausing to look at Bobby briefly before he continues into the cavern, "Well, they both did." Details.

Once inside, Namor sets himself against the wall behind Lorna, leaning upon it with his arms crossed over his bare chest in a very similar pose to Logan's. His old acquaintance is given another spare glance before Lorna begins her report, and Doug expresses his outrage at Magneto. While it's true the Sub-Mariner was a mutant, he made it clear time and time again that he considered himself an Atlantean first and foremost above his humanity and his mutation. Their fight wasn't exactly his.

He doesn't really remark or react to Magneto's desire to attack humans all over the world. Depending on circumstance, mood, and whim, the Emperor himself was often after a similar goal. "You need a new island," Namor remarks easily, as if that was the simplest solution, "Form a new realm separate from Erik's desires."

If only there was someone in the room who could provide such a new location, a new home.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio has placed lanterns at each cardinal point of the small underground space, so it's well and evenly lit as the rest of the group join Lorna at her magnetically constructed table. For his part, he takes a seat just in front of the fourth lantern and slumps forward, elbows sliding toward the center as his chin lowers toward his forearms.

Unlike Doug, he isn't incensed; unlike Clarice, he isn't driven; unlike Scott, he hasn't dug into the tactical implications. Mostly, Julio just looks tired.

He doesn't even jump into Lorna and Namor's discussion of his personal utility, except to give them both a wry smile. It's a bit of a relief to think he might have career opportunities someday that don't hinge on his legal status.

His eyes just flick over faces as the others speak, and when he finally joins the conversation, it's on a different tack from the others. "Lorna," he asks, "why did he bring you with him? Did he want you to join him, or just spread his message around? What about the others -- how did he pick the ones he took with him?"

Logan Howlett has posed:
Wolverine thumbs over toward Doug. "There's some wisdom."

He glances in Lorna's direction and huffs in irritation. "Really Lorna? You are going to give 'Dear Ole Dad' that much power? 'It's over?' So I guess Genosha's was really just a fancy word for 'Magneto's sandbox', huh? One hundred thousand people couldn't establish their own identity? Find some common ground beyond one vengeful tyrant in a shitty helmet?"

He points, "If this little experiment is over, it's not over because he said so. It's over because you and the people outside have decided it is. That's probably okay, maybe better in the long run, but.. Don't pretend like it's really his decision. Kingdoms outlive kings. Nations prosper longer than any one man or woman. Its only regimes that die with their tyrants... Take it from a man who has fought his share of wars. Magneto dumpin' you all on your asses is a god damn blessing. Make the most of it."

The angry Canadian doesn't stick around. He walks his way out of the earthen shelter and goes back to helping out where he can.

Hope Summers has posed:
"He's not going to go away and unless something is seriously different here, no one's going to kill him either. Partly because it's frowned upon, partly because he didn't make it this far to be taken out easily." Hope hovers somewhere between the wall and the table, not wanting to insert herself too much but also not exactly used to staying out of things either.

"I can't speak to the right solution. But I can tell you that the whole space plan didn't work in the past, and neither did trying to establish a militant mutant separatist movement. Scared people do dumb and dangerous things."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna rested her elbows on the table, her head in her hands as she stared down at it, miserable and looking ever more defeated with each comment from everyone. She looked more ready to cry than anything, there was something so utterly exhausted in her, tired, and beaten down. How many times had she tried to build Genosha up... only to see it knocked down each time?

It felt like a never ending cycle. Something that would repeat endlessly. Logan's words earned a grimace, and a flinch and she closed her eyes against it all. She struggled to slow her breathing and to not hyperventilate.

It was only Julio's softly spoken words that drew her back, and she glanced back to him. Her eyebrows pinched. "He used me to take the camp into space." She whispered, "It's not something I've.. spoken of before. But our polarities are opposite.. naturally. And we have a shared tie to the magnetic fields. He used me and my powers, Julio." She whispered, "And yeah...he wanted me to join him. To be.. his envoy. He thinks Genosha is... too small, that begging for aid from Latveria or Wakanda or working with humans was wrong. And he wants to 'free' mutants all over.." She shook her head.

"But what's the point in trying to rebuild here? Every time Genosha is knocked down again and again.. And when he starts his plans... everyone will know there are mutants here. And will know where to strike. We can't stay here.." She looked up at Namor's remark about a new an island, startled a bit.

Scott Summers has posed:
"Well, lets hope we have a few weeks before he launches his world-conquering plan," grumbles Scott. "We need to help the crowd outside," he thumbs back to the entrance of the cave. "We need to find out who among the mutants here still has a citizenship of another country and wants to return, and which of those countries are safe for mutants. Blink, can we count of you for transport?" He sighs, "we need to resettle the rest. Maybe the X-Corporation can handle the logistics, but it will take time." To another island? Where can they find an empty island in the whole planet to fit tens of thousands? Maybe they could create one? Lets make that Plan B. "And we need to organize and help getting started those who want to remain. Finally, we need to consider the problems that were already ongoing here. There is a problem of the former Genoshan, those who left when Magneto took over, some want to return. Lorna destroyed their fleet, but they might try to get here anyway in commercial ships. They might already have some people here."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
While Logan's words bring Clarice's expression to sharply turn on him, eyes squinting in a close-to-aggressive manner she does eventually appear to agree the more the man talks, nodding reluctantly. When he leaves she looks at Lorna, biting down whatever reply she had at the state of exhaustion on the Highness.. For even with her anger she could acknowledge the woman could use a rest, and they were still friends..

An anger that only grows bigger at the true reason on why Magneto brought Lorna up there. "He won't be able to do any attacks or plans if we stop him." there was a question there on her words, directed at Lorna. As if waiting for her permission. The dangerous look was still very much alive on the elf's gaze.

Eyes turn sharply to Scott, she murmuring. "There is only /one/ problem here." Magneto.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby can't help but smile a little amusedly when Namor tacks him on as an afterthought to helping Julio with the key. He gives a little nod of his head, but seems not to mind at all. Though his expression fades to something more grim as the discussion turns to what Magneto is up to and planning at this point in time. He shakes his head slowly and rubs at his eyes and face with one hand. He joins Julio in looking a bit tired, and makes his way over to him, resting a hand on his shoulder and giving it a small squeeze.

"I'm not sure there's anywhere that we can move a hundred thousand people without people knowing they're there. We're going to have to help defend them somewhere. And a sudden new island appearing somewhere is going to be as conspicuous as the old one if everyone goes to that one place. If anything, finding places all over to let people settle if they want to go elsewhere is good, but that also splits people up, so they'd need to choose where they'd want to go if they do. Really, it's up to them."

He looks to Lorna and says, "It's not necessarily up to you to help them rebuild or to lead them, but if they want to rebuild here and stay here, then perhaps they need to choose someone of their own to do so. It's not all on your shoulders, though." He can see how tired she is. "You've tried to help at every opportunity."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"...Setting up a nation is an expression of identity and power. It creates things like common language and shared culture, which is why there are still nations at all." Doug says. "But in order to exist as a nation you need allies--" Doug glances at Namor, "And something to offer that makes your recognition desirable to powerful nations, something that might overshadow their fear of you."

"As for this place--I have to say it could've happened to New York or London or Moscow - Brainiac just *chose* Genosha. In fact this nation was a tough nut to crack for most forms of conventional attack. You or Magneto would've made ICBMs drop out of the air with a wave of your hand--" Doug sits on a rock, and thinks.

"So we'd need allies and something to offer..."

Namor has posed:
Logan's harsh words towards Lorna earn a faint flicker of irritation from Namor, and while he looks like he's toying with the idea of going full Imperius Rex, it's for a very brief moment that passes in an instant. Instead, he catches Lorna's look with some faint bemusement before Scott's rundown catches his attention. "There is already an agreement in place with Atlantis for naval protection," the King states flatly, as if he's personally insulted at the implication that Atlantis' military might have pulled out of Genosha after Magneto struck, even if it wasn't the intent. "What's more, I've brought a small fleet to aid you. Supplies, food, water, technology, and labor. What soldiers I have that aren't dedicated elsewhere or tied up dealing with the Lurker threat on the outskirts of my Empire have come with me. If it is Lorna's wish, I will have them aid you in keeping the peace."

A pause then as the King seems to chew on his words, to consider them in great depth before he speaks: "If you are all so worried about Magneto or the human world returning to attack your people, perhaps what you need is a deterrent. A declaration of military support and protection, for instance, from the largest Empire on the planet."

Julio Richter has posed:
When Lorna describes her father overriding her control of her own powers, Julio scowls down at the tabletop. "I don't know of any good reasons to trust a human," he says darkly, "but that's a hell of a thing to do to another mutant. You're not a battery he can pop into his remote control when the power is low. I hope you told him he could shove it."

It's easy for him to talk big. Julio wouldn't have had the cojones to try something like that with his own dad. But he takes a certain amount of strength from Bobby's shoulder squeeze, straightening up in his chair a bit.

"The people here /should/ have the choice to go where they want," he says, a little more solidly. "But some countries are bigoted. Being a mutant refugee is not easy." He knows that much from experience.

"I don't know if we should try to bring Genosha back, or create a new place like Genosha, or help people settle everywhere else, but I do know that if we want them to have havens, we will have to create them." He glances around the room, at the offers of military strength, of logistical support, of personal encouragement. "If we get too focused on Magneto and leave it to countries like the Estados, these people will all end up in camps."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was crumbling, rapidly, with each added part, each added layer of the conversation as it circled around and about. "Everyone.. Just.. Please... give me a moment.." She was tired, and overwhelmed and struggling emotionally. Magneto had given her an ultimatum. That he'd seen Genosha cleared out, with so many conflicting voices jockeying for position in that little cavernous room, and she couldn't manage it. Her head pounded, and her hands rose to press the heels of her palms against her eyes.

"I realize I made an error in letting my father out and expecting anything to change." She managed, her voice thick, "To think he'd return to who he'd been. And that we could continue to rebuild without issue. Obviously that can't happen now. Obviously, we will have to face the threat my father presents.." She swallowed thickly, and tears formed in the corners of her eyes. She loved her father... and she'd gone from thinking he was dead to his return... to now sitting and listening to people plot his death yet again.

"The refugees are first priority. And if they want to leave they can.. If they want to stay.. I can't stop that." There were native Genoshans here after all, and it made her stomach twist into knots; this was home for so many. And they wouldn't leave regardless of the threats they'd face.

Her gaze flickered toward Namor briefly, her eyebrows pinched as he offered far more support than he'd previously even broached. She bit her lower lip, "You're already facing threats.." She breathed, trailing off.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Just my two cents, but becoming some sort of Atlantean protectorate is just a shortcut that may do more harm than good in the long run," Hope chimes in, lifting her shoulders slightly. "You want to go legit, without Magneto? Start with the UN. Start with allies who either aren't polarizing or who've gone through this sort of thing before. Do the legwork. You've got a few allies already," she nods toward Namor. "But you can't just...this isn't something you fix overnight. This isn't a battle, it's a war. On several fronts. With trenches. And yeah, that sucks."

She lets out a breath, softening her tone. "I get it, Lorna. It's hard, and it sucks. But it wouldn't hurt if it didn't matter to you, if it wasn't important. It wouldn't hurt if it wasn't worth it. So one step at a time."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Hmmm. Who says it has to *stay* Genosha?" Doug furrows his brow and looks to Namor. "Could we *expand* this island? Increase its size and natural resources, and its natural defensibility, with Atlantean technology and mutants like Julio?" Then he puts his finger on his chin.

Then he glances toward Lorna, and his expression softens. "You love him, Lorna. I hate him, I hate what he keeps doing to people - but that doesn't change your feelings or make them invalid. What will be, will be, but right now we deal with what *is*, and that's not solely on your head. It's on the head of anyone who's willing to step up and take responsibility." He flicks his gaze up to Namor.

"Can it be done? ...Heck, could we *move* islands here and create a linked archipelago? Or... raise them out of the sea?"

Namor has posed:
Namor laughs lightly, almost defiantly, when Lorna mentions that Atlantis already faces threats. "Do not count my people out so quickly," he gently chides her with a quick glance around the makeshift meeting room, "There are old laws, old beasts, and old friends of Atlantis I have not yet called upon." There was even a certain wild-haired hybrid with a very similar trident to his own that could likely be tapped to aid in helping defend Atlantis from the mounting crisis on its borders, but Namor was loathe to mention or even think about playing that card unless he had to.

When Hope mentions considering the UN before Atlantis, Namor's brows knit together and he settles into a deep frown while he regards her. "The UN? You would be a fool to think they know anything of war, Child. Ask your sharp-tongued animal if Namor knows anything of war and trenches," he tells her with a quick gesture towards the ramp Logan left out of, "It was Atlantis that answered the call to put down the last genocidal monster you Surface Worlders bred and raised. You think we are incapable of doing it again?"

With a dismissive wave towards Hope, he settles back onto the wall and scowls before he looks towards Doug, his expression barely lightening in the process. "You have seen a mere glimpse of the power Neptune himself granted the Throne of Atlantis. Between him and myself," he stops to wave towards Julio, "We can do it easily. Especially if we bring him close to Atlantis." Or really anywhere near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, but Namor saw the power-up in Atlantis and so it must be Atlantis that gives Julio his strength. Clearly.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Clarice clearly isn't happy but ..., at Lorna's visible crumbling she also knows when to take a step back, no matter how furious her eyes might be otherwise. She offers a dip of her head to the queen but then turns her eyes to the rest of those gathered in the room.

"These are all valid worries and suggestions, but the Queen will need some time to recover before decisions can be made." her own anger being swallowed for the moment, tone now more even. She was here to protect Lorna afterall, and making sure she'd be able to recover and be ready to face what was to come.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna reached back with a hand toward Namor, making to try to seize his with her own, but her most of her attention remained on the group around the table. "We'll happily accept your offered supplies, but we don't need your people to come on land to maintain the peace." She murmured softly, a glance was spared toward him and back to Hope.

"Genosha isn't a protectorate of Atlantis, but we have a formal treaty already established. And I have worked hard to make ties and alliances with other countries, Wakanda, and Latveria being those that were most open to it." Her lips pursed together, "And if Lex Luthor wins the election? He's offered the same.. I don't know what will happen if Senator Kelly wins the campaign though." She grimaced.

"There's a lot to do, and we can't solve it all right now. But thank you all for the help and .. and for everything I guess." Her gaze swung to Clarice as the purple haired woman noted her emotional state, and that she needed rest? Well.. Blink knew her too well. The title of 'Queen' still didn't go unnoticed either, and she was left blinking furiously against the way her eyes watered up in response.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio nods to Lorna, giving her a wan but encouraging smile. "I think that's the right answer: do it one step at a time. Let's get these people to safe places for now. Namor's fleet can help with that; they're already here. After that, we can figure out if we want a new mutant country, or to make this one livable again, or to build smaller mutant havens in other places."

He lifts one hand to clasp Bobby's on his shoulder, then glances over at Scott with a half-smile and says, "In the meantime, let the X-men worry about Magneto. I don't think we could stop Scott from thinking about the problem, even if we tried." He doesn't mention the possibility that X-Force might want to investigate the new satellite, but then, he isn't sure how much he's supposed to say about that project, or to whom.

Turning instead to Namor and Doug, he winces slightly, but laughs. "I don't know about /easily/... but I /think/ given time, I could raise an island. My worries would be: what is that going to do to the earth around the island -- a change that big would have effects for years and years -- and are human militaries going to freak out if mutants start raising islands from the sea?" He flashes a smirk at the shirtless king in their midst, and says carefully: "I don't doubt the strength of Atlantis, but they will be even stronger if, like Lorna said, we slow down and take this one problem at a time."

Scott Summers has posed:
"That is a generous offer, king Namor," admits Scott, nodding in respect to the mutant monarch. It makes security a far smaller problem. It certainly lifts a weight off Scott's shoulders. Now he only has to find a way to short out the mess, and find out what Magneto is up to. "So, who else is up there with Magneto. Why did he took with him some mutants and abandoned the rest?"

Namor has posed:
The Atlantean King does not avoid Lorna's hand, but he knows it for the placating gesture that it is. Still, he relaxes mildly at her touch and lets out a grunt while he pushes from the wall one last time. "Then I will confer with my Commanders and see to it that aid is brought ashore and the soldiers join the patrols." With that, he steps away from the table and the group to stride purposefully up and out of the impromptu shelter, nodding companionably towards Bobby, Julio, and Doug on his way out.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug glances up at Blink and then at Lorna, and he thinks about something, before he says, "...Leadership and responsibility is a debate for another day, another time, after we've all had rest and something to eat."

He rests his elbows on his knees. "$#.! - I really hate that man."

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope waits for Namor to leave before she says anything else, watching the Atlantean. "Well. Whatever you decide to do, Lorna, you're not alone. And you don't have to do it right now. Doug's right, you deserve some rest before anything else. We can keep up with things like we've been doing."