4931/Don Falcone's Birthday Bash

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Don Falcone's Birthday Bash
Date of Scene: 29 January 2021
Location: Stately Falcone Manor
Synopsis: Carmine's birthday is crashed by a strange interloper who kills his wife Louisa with a mysterious toxin via hypersonic syringe ending the night of celebration early.
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Jovian Anderson, Jim Gordon, Sebastian Shaw, Viola Fiore, Selina Kyle, Tim Drake

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The exterior of the mansion is a luxurious thing, expanded out over the course of over 50 years with one room added at a time as needed to fit an occasion. Yet it all fits a generalized italian renaissance styling that merges the classical Gothamite style with that italian architecture.

     Brilliant white pillars of marble span high into the sky holding up archways decorated brilliantly with displays of familial history etched into the backing plates of the roof overhang to protect the parking area where valets have been hired for the night's events.

     Security is tighter than most banks as guard dogs wander the property with armed thugs hoisted with heavy assault rifles over their shoulders wandering the grounds to deal with trespassers. Their thick black trench coats covering the ballistics vests that protect themselves, in the cool nights air as they walk through concrete pathways through mazes of well worn plants and hedges.

     Lights of the mansion echo out across the snow frost covered trees hang icicles off into the cold airs breeze as it swings to and froe on the air. Cars arrive in a constant conga line a mix of the uppermost echelons of society and the hard working officers of the law beat cops, firemen, and Paramedics in attendance for the festivities of the night and a good bit of fun.

     Inside of the brilliant white building one finds a maze of corridors and halls decorated in a hundred different styles from over the last 5 decades no coherent theme to them all just whatever happened to be of interest at a given moment when the space was built. The place screams of comfort first and showing off a dead third behind function. Ambient piano music fills the halls of a full concert grand piano tumbling out delightful music echoing off from one wall to the next as the pianist tickles the ivories on his golden and ivory instrument.

     The clattering of dishware and the laughter of conversation fills the air as people enjoy their evening. Along the walls artwork from a hundred generations hang on the massive ballroom lined with tables for the guests. A large banquet of overpriced drink and food abounds for those who would want it: a number of statues carved from ice representing members of the Gotham City Paramedics doing what they do best; watch over the event, larger than life.

     At the far end of the ballroom sets Carmine Falcone dressed in a white suit and black bowtie. His pure silver hair slicked down into place. He holds on his lapel a lone matching white rose with a lone speck of red on its surface as he looks out across the proceedings. A smile on his face as he sets beside his pregnant wife Luisa and 8 of his children mingle about the proceedings not too far away, yet something brings his face to a slight stern expression as he looks towards the various faces of the crowd.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian is trying to escape himself, so as he asked around to his contacts for the most opposite things that he could do of himself the recommendation to be here is one of the things that he would, admittedly, not have thought of. As time goes on, he looks at the tux, actually spending some of the wealth accurred from his bounty and mercinary activies and spent on a cutting edge tux. He is here, much to his randomly rolled surpise, to represent one of his contact by proxy to get that 50K. Jovian rarely trusts his luck, and he is ex-federal law enforcement, not GPD, but he has made local law contacts and Gartham was the federal liason to Gotham before he retired.

So, here he finds himself as basically a warm body to earn (potentially earn) 50K, as he walks around trying to keep a low profile as he moves over to the bar and gets himself a bourbon, leaning in and watching the others. He knew a few of the FBI task force that tracked Falcone, and they would be horrified to have him here. But at least his friend might benefit. And, of course, technically nothing has been proven. Jovian also finds it odd that his time in the edge of the underworld makes him not immediately scream "LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!" as much as he used to. He is very good at blending in and not entirely sure he is comfortable with that.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon isn't dressed up, but he isn't dressed down either. No tux, no tails, just his usual rumpled brown suit, trenchcoat and glasses. One of the security guys tries to ask for his invitation only to get the badge treatment. Jim actually has an invitation but he doesn't bother showing it. Never know what you might stumble across when the rich and immoral get together.

Given some of his suspicions about the man in question, he wasn't thrilled to see so many of his fellow officers laughing it up on Falcone's dime. Falcone had been notorious as they came once upon a time, a regular Teflon Don, but he'd have the world believe he'd made good and gone the straight and narrow. Gordon had his doubts, but he'd always been something of a cynic. Seen too much corruption in the world, most of it uprooted by his own fist. With a little help from a caped friend or two.

Jim is the most recognizable cop on the East coast. He wasn't blending in with anybody.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The evening is an event that Sebastian would not miss for the world. He is dressed in a tuxedo tonight. He makes his way through the crowd to the table that Carmine and his wife sit at, and gives a slight bow, before he holds out a bottle of wine. It is not an expensive bottle, rather, a sort of mid tier bottle. One that a poor Italian youth might buy for their first bottle. He presents the present with, "A bottle of your favorite, I made sure to grab one from the Club before I came." It's the thought that counts, right?

He does notice the look that Carmine is giving the party though, and for a moment, his eyes sweep over who is in attendance, before he slides slightly to the side, and engages with Luisa, "Luisa, you look radiant, as always." Though, his eyes are open for anything that might be out of place.

Viola Fiore has posed:
A quarter arrive at the party at a fashionable time. A silver-haired man who looks of about sixty, though powerfully built, Silvio Manfredi is known within criminal circles as the Don of the Manfredi family in New York City. Dressed in a tuxedo, and with latest wife, half his age, on his arm, he walks followed by a younger Italian man in his forties. Joseph Fiore, Silvio's consiglieri is accompanied by his daughter, Viola. The family resemblance enough to probably clue one in that it is not Joseph's wife.

Viola is wearing a sleek black dress that shows off her figure, the hem short and revealing her dark stockings. She is wearing a white fur jacket over it when she arrives, which Joseph removes and checks with one of the men at the door.


Silvio moves forward, getting a drink for himself and his wife. "It's everything you said it was, Joseph," Silvio comments about the magnificent estate as he leads the quartet over towards Carmine to make their greetings.

Selina Kyle has posed:
    Such a high profile black tie event was bound to attract other high profile individuals, among them cat philanthropist and socialite Selina Kyle. While she was pretty tight lipped about her personal opinions on Carmine Falcone, one thing is for sure. This would be a great place for networking..Not to mention, checking out the delectable mansion, undoubtedly full of all sorts of precious goodies, from the inside out..

She arrives in a black limousine, dressed in an elegant floor sweeping strapless velvet gown of midnight blue, with a long slit up one side, showing a tantalizing glimpse of her right leg underneath. And a matching clutch. Crystal tear drop earrings hang from her ears, simple yet elegant and glittery silver pumps cover her slender feet.

Tim Drake has posed:
Normally Timothy Wayne would probably not attend a function for a Falcone just on principle alone but the event is for charity, and a decent charity at that. Also, being able to keep an eye on things from the inside is never a bad option.

Tim arrives via a town car. Not a flashy as a limo, but having Alfred drop him off seemed to be a better option than riding his motorcycle to a gala event. He is dressed in a form fitted black tux that looks like it was tailor made for him, the lines crisp and clean. The shirt and bowtie of a dark charcoal color. The only color of the black ensemble is a single white rose neatly pinned into his lapel.

Making his way into the party, Tim hovers close to the outside of the gathering crowd, keeping his eyes peeled as he looks at the gathering of who's who.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The man behind the bar is 6'4" and full of muscle. He's dressed for the occasion with a suit and tie and the coat tails to match clearly supposed to be behind the bar, but he's got bright red skin and devil horns to match on his head. His matching forked tail swishes in the air behind him as he uses it to help him mix up drinks faster than any of the other staff on duty.

     The red man speaks to Jovian with a smile. "Coming right up pal." Tossing the bottles up into the air and catching them with his tail throwing them round and round with the skill of a circus performer as he speaks with that overly thick italian accent. His eyes are little slits like a lizard and he smells of brimstone as he works away with a whistle along with the tune of the piano before sliding the drink right back over. "Enjoy your evening and please don't forget to donate generously."

     "Detective Gordon." A voice calls out weary and worn down followed by a bit of a cough. It belongs to a man with a pencil thin moustache and a fedora on his head. His trench coat down to his legs as he wheels his motorized chair over with a canister of oxygen hooked to himself. The older gentleman offers a smile of worn down teeth. "Sorry, forgive my poor manners it's commissioner these days aint it?" He lets out a low chuckle before taking in a deep breath of oxygen from his mask. A retired SWAT officer who'd seen better days sets before Gordon eight diamond rings on one hand and a basebal bat hooked to his motorized chair. "Hope you're enjoying the party kid, I hear it's gonna be a doozy."

     Carmine lights up a bit at the sight of the bottle and kisses the label lightly before letting out a low sigh, he sets it down beside himself at pride of place at his table allowing it to set with a light clatter. "You spoil me Sebastian, though I should expect nothing less."

     Luisa stands up from her chair with a smile and throws her arms towards Sebastian for a moment. "Daaaaarling it's so lovely to see you again so soon. I do love how well you fit into that tux of yours. Absolutely stunning." The only thing out of place is the one member of Carmine's family who's missing: Luigi Falcone. The 18 yearold son of Carmine is nowhere to be seen at the entire party.

     "Silvio, it is indeed a pleasure that you could make it, I hope that my humble abode is to your liking." Carmine offers with a light smile putting that empty chair with the name Luigi on its card. He shakes hands and Luisa kisses cheeks and talks about how folks really should be eating more, it's genuinely a pleasant greeting all things considered.

     Coming into the ballroom Selina would find herself face to face with a particular radiant statue. It's made of black marble of course like so many of the other statues in the region but what stands out about the large persian cat are its eyes. Brilliant yellow gemstones that appear exactly as the eyes of a cat each one shining just right in the light.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian is a bit non plussed at the bartender, but its not like he hasnt seen weirder things and nods. He suspects that the donations actually will go to the actual people intended so isnt opposed to making a small donation. He tips the bartender generously, nods, raises his glass and begins to move around. As a former secret service, casing a place is as natural as breathing to him; assessing threats, entrances, exits, distractions and people of note. He has no intention of DOING anything about it but noticing it, and doing so subtly is one of his most effective skills.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon snorts. He hasn't been called 'kid' in a long time. It almost makes him sad to see the old gangster types getting older, reminding him that he wasn't a spring chicken himself these days. Still, he was a long time from the nursing home, far as he was concerned. Probably. Maybe he should check with Barbara just in case. Keep on good terms with the kiddo.

He makes his way to pay his respects, "Falcone," he says in his gruff voice. "Hope you weren't expecting a present. Still, nice of you to turn out for the force. I know a lot of 'em appreciate it," he says. "Still, donations aren't going to have me kissing your ring anytime," he says, then gives a nod to Luisa, "Best to you and your family, ma'am."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Silvio gives Carmine Falcone a firm handshake. "It's good to finally make it down to Gotham," he says, not having had occasion to make the trip before with Joseph Fiore handling most of the business arrangements. "My wife, Theresa. And you know Joseph and my goddaughter Viola already I believe?"

Each make their greetings to Carmine and his wife as well. "Nice to see you again, Mr. Falcone," Viola says to him, the Italian-American young woman flashing him a smile. Her father rests his hand on the small of her back. "Viola mentioned you have an art collection second to none," he says, not having gotten the kind of tour that Viola did. Theresa says, "Oh really? I wouldn't mind seeing more of the house later if there is time."

As Silvio greets Carmine's children, and Joseph does as well, Viola slips away, moving over to the bar. "A white Russian please," she orders, turning her back to the bar after and leaning against it as her eyes go over the party, and those attending it.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The hug from Luisa is returned gently by Shaw. He kisses her cheek and whispers a few words in her ear, before he slips away. Silvio's name catches his attention, and he says a few quiet words to the Maggia Don as well, before his eyes sweep over the party. Viola's voice catches his ear, and he looks to her for a moment as well, and then, he's off towards the bar. No need to stay in one place. Especially with a police commissioner a few feet away. He edges past Gordon, and mingles with a bit of the crowd for a minute as he works his way to the drinks.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle passes by Tim, offering him a polite nod and smile, before wandering into the ballroom..Only to come face to face with the most gorgeous cat statue she has seen in a long time. And those eyes..Truly magnificent! Mmm..If only she'd brought a bigger purse. Not that she would be foolish enough to make an attempt at such a busy function. Still...

It takes her a moment or two to tear her eyes away from the gorgeous cat to peer around at the rest of the mansion. Right, gotta check out the perimeter, count the guards, the security detail..May as well start with the bar. That guy looks..Intimidating. Eyes narrow slightly on the red skinned bartender..Is that the one called Azazel..? Interesting. Could be a problem. She slides onto a stool somewhere near Jovian, offering him a friendly smile as she awaits her turn.

"Good Evening sir. May I order a Sauvignon blanc please?" and she offers him a generous tip too.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian hasn't exactly moved far from the bar, but isn't AT the bar, but nods to those who approach it politely. He is chill, and at one point gives a moderate donation to the collectors that weave in and out. He sips his drink and chills in general. He listens, watches and mainly keeps an eye out for unnatural shadows. He doubts there is going to be any blatantly obvious illegal activity and he's just fine with that. He does look at something a bit suddenly from time to time and is fine that there and sips more of his drink.

Tim Drake has posed:
Returning the smile and nod to Selina, Tim slowly wanders the outskirts of the event to eventually make his way over to the bar. Glancing up at the devilish looking mutant Tim puts on a practiced smile, "Could I get a soda water please, easy on the ice, with a lemon wedge. Thank you."

As he waits for the demonic bartender to fix the non-alcoholic beverage, the teen Wayne boy takes up a relaxed position at the bar next to Viola and offers her a polite nod and smile, "Hello," before continuing to survey the area in front of him, picking out the noticeable faces in the crowd that he knows, like Gordon, Selena and of course Falcone.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Jovian would catch that this place has some heavy security. It's clear that someone was expecting something to go down at this little party. All the cops in attendance, the big prize, and even the charity donations themselves. It's all adding up to something even if that might not be clear at first glance what it's adding up to. There's much more to this whole situation.

     The old former SWAT officer looks as Gordon walks by and he wheels back along with a low chuckle under his breath. He makes his way over towards the Bar, in the process passing right by where Tim had been walking. His cart moves slowly and steady as he wheels right along echoing out a low brrr as his oxygen fills his nose allowing him to breathe.

     "And it is most enjoyable to finally have you down here with us in the rotten apple." Carmine offers with a wide smile shaking that hand firm with a tight grasp before letting go only once he's given the proper level of respect shown to his fellow businessman. "I made certain to give her the tour of my lovely little abode when last she visited, I know it is not quite as much as it could be but I try to make the most out of every space." He lets out a low chuckle and a flash of a smile as that glint hits his eye just right.

     "Gordon." Falcone returns with a light tip of an invisible hat and a nod of his head, looking Gordon's direction for a brief moment. "You wound me so you know that?" He lets out a light chuckle. "I assure you that this is no attempt to buy favor with the department, if I wanted to make such maneuvers there are of course better ways." He offers a light handshake towards the commissioner, his competition as it were. "Though you and I may not get along quite so well as I did with your predecessor commissioner Leob I have a level of respect for your.. Tenacity."

     Louisa just seems so happy to be able to spend so much time in the limelight again, the retired actress is clearly far along in her pregnancy but is still every bit as bubbly as when she was on the big screen back 20 years prior. "Oh thank you Commissioner I know there's some bad blood but we mean well just a family trying to live the american dream darling."

     Sebastian would find himself greeted by the devil looking man with his red skin and matching tail and horns. He offers a smile and a low bow as he slides a drink down to either side of the bar top to the lovely patrons. "Mr.Shaw, it is an absolute pleasure to have you here again, what can I get for you?"

     The orders come fast but the mutant works faster. It's a dazzling display of skill mixing three drinks at the same time as he throws them through the air catching and tossing and sliding glasses back and forth one hand to the next he palms and slides and palms again waving one hand to the next and sure as one has seen slam slam slam down go the three glasses fresh onto the tabletop ready to drink one slid to each of the patrons as the red skinned mutant takes a light bow.

     "Please remember to donate generously all tips go to assist the first responders." He speaks in that deep italian accent lowering his head, in a deep bow towards the table before more orders come through forcing him to go right back into his ornate display of mutant ability.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon decides to accept the handshake, if only so as not to make a point of refusing it. "Tenacity. Yeah, I guess I'm tenacious. Don't give up easy. I'm a patient man, though. Bad guys always slip up eventually," he says, without any direct accusation, "You folks have a fine night. I'm going to circulate myself about and remind a few of the heavy drinkers that they have patrol duty in the morning," he says.

He gives one more nod and turns back to mingle back with the larger crowd, raising an eyebrow as he sees one of the Wayne orphans around, even as he bellies up to the bar, "Seltzer and whiskey, low on the seltzer," he sighs.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Shaw seems to be in his element here. He schmoozes his way across the floor towards the bar, greeting members of his club, chatting with other individuals for a moment or two, exchanging pleasantries with some who try and get his attention -- it happens not unfrequently -- and while he may give a little more time to the ladies than the men, he seems to genuinely try to give everyone a moment.

When he gets to the bar he makes an order for some top shelf whiskey. The 'devil man' gets a generous tip from Sebastian -- and a little slid under the table to him because, well, why not spend tonight -- he settles in at the bar, and then looks over at Selina sitting nearby, "Ms. Kyle," he says in greeting, lifting his glass a little to the woman. "I don't think I have seen you at the Hellfire of late, but, it is always a true joy to see you out. How have you been?" he asks politely.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian is a bit surprised at the fact that a man would expose himself at his birthday, and the only thing he can think of is that the threat came at a specific time; why else would he prepare in this fashion? He does assume that the target is Carmine, but has mixed feeling about being a proxy body guard. He doesnt have a gun...then again he doesnt need one. As he looks about, he looks for vantages for the room in general and almost goes up to the area over looking the room. As he considers his actions, instead he gets a second drink. If he is going to be in combat, he is going to enjoy himself first. He also looks around for those who might be most obvious secondary targets since if chaos is all but expected, if HE can see it, others can too and this might involves more movements than just those who have come to target Carmine.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle smiles and nods to the bartender once he makes her drink. "Thank you, Sir.." she takes a long slow sip before swivelling around on her stool to survey the ballroom, counting guards, making note of any security cameras and other security details. Her gaze sweeps over Carmine and his lovely wife and she subconsciously pats the carefully wrapped gift she bought for him, small enough to fit in her purse. She will have to remember to give it to him later.

But for now, she enjoys her drink, noting the others here, some notable figures like Jim Gordon are noticed first and she arches a brow. Of all the nerve..She nearly chokes on her drink..Take it easy Selina..She forces a smile and nod. "Comissioner Gordon, fancy seeing you here.." it doesn't take her long to recognize Sebastian either, and she smiles more warmly at him and nods, "Good evening, Mr.Shaw. What a pleasure seeing you again. It has been a while, I shall have to drop by soon..How have you been?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore receivers her drink, doing her best not to look at the bartender any differently. Though in truth her mind is burning with questions about him. For him. Questions that will never be asked.

She sees her father and Silvio and his wife going to mingle. They know far more people here than she. In truth she only recognizes a face or two outside of those of Carmine's family she met on previous visits to the city.

As the man in the tuxedo greeting then, Tim Drake ends up getting most of Viola Fiore's attention for the moment. "Hello. Quite the party isn't it? I feel like I"m in a museum," she tells Tim, eyes going from him to the various artworks on display before returning to him as she takes a sip of her white Russian.

Tim Drake has posed:
Taking his newly prepared seltzer water in hand Tim takes a moment to shove a small cash donation into the tip jar of the demonic bartender, giving the mutant a nod of appreciation. He takes a sip, glancing down the bar at the others that have joined the ranks there, eyes falling to Gordon and his less-seltzer whiskey seltzer with a slight little smirk that plays across his lips before his attention is turned back to Viola.

"Yes, it's very nice. If there is one thing I know about Mr. Falcone, the man does know how to throw a extravaganza."

Tim shifts his glass to his non-dominant hand and offers his hand over to Viola, "Timothy Wayne."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine shakes the hand firm, locking eyes with Gordon. For a moment there's something that Carmine wants to say, but it falls silent on his lips before the word can leave as another guest wanders by with a want to greet him. So many of the guests here are well and truly ages past their prime. Much of the Mafia era has long come and gone, the age of capes and masks in full swing.

     The mutant man takes his care with the drink mixing with some of the top shelf whiskey. It's clear that most of what he's using is the top shelf stuff and a fair few of the officers who are enjoying their drinks weren't entirely expecting to get themselves kicked to the jaw quiet as hard as they are by the top shelf stuff. There's some signs of a few who are already having to call it early on the drinks.

     Looking around one can see a number of cameras positioned at key points all throughout the room. Security is tight even in the ballroom, the Falcone's clearly taking protection of their own misbegotten gains somewhat seriously, or rather incredibly seriously by the amount of security present at the moment.

     Looking about a fluttering by one of the windows leaves a light falling of feathers owls feathers falling on the other side of stained glass as if a great bird had been watching the proceedings.

     At his table Carmine finishes speaking with one of the guests, his attention falling back down on the empty spot labeled Luigi. He leans over to one of the guards. <Still no word from my Luigi?> He asks with a somber tone of voice in italian. The guard shakes his head.

     Mario stands from the table still wrapped from his injuries it's clear he's only just been let loose from the hospital. He motions angrily towards his father speaking in italian. <Two times that rat has tried to kill you.> Motioning with two fingers towards his father. <How many times do the insults lay?> To which garners a soft response from carmine. <Seventy times seven if it means my son will return to me.>

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon smiles to Selina, "Ms. Kyle. Good to see you out and about. Easier on the eyes than most of these mooks anyway," he says, taking a liberal drink of his whiskey. "Seems like I was ready to put a different kind of bracelets on a lot of people here tonight, once upon a time. Forgive and forget, that's what I"m supposed to do, right? We're all friends now. Huh. So why don't I feel so friendly?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola glances down the bar as Tim does, eyes also going to Jim Gordon. "When I see someone wearing a suit to a mostly black tie affair, I can never decide if it's someone who doesn't care if he's not dressed up, or someone powerful enough he doesn't need to," she comments aside to Tim. "Probably always safer to go with the latter?"

She turns back to him fully as he offers her his hand. "Viola, Fiore," she tells him. "Very nice to meet you Timothy. And how do you know the birthday boy?" she says, lips pulling in a grin that suggests she knows probably Carmine Falcone rarely would get referred to in such simple terms, and so using them is just turning a phrase rather than really calling him that.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw is oblivious to the drama at the head table. Partly because he doesn't speak Italian. Partly because Selina has his attention for the time being, "Much better now that I am back in the city and running the Club pretty much full time. Do, please, come by. We will catch up in a less...surveiled setting." Perhaps he means the cameras? Definitely not Commissioner Gordon standing just feet away. "Excuse me though," he adds, nodding once to Jim, "Commissioner." And then he is back off, into the swirl of people in the room.

It would seem he is seeking someone in particular this time. When he spots her, he zeros in like a shark, and comes to a stop next to Viola. His hand rests for a moment on the small of her back as he leans in and whispers a quick message in her ear, and then, he is off again, perhaps seeking somewhere to take a seat for a few minutes.

Tim Drake has posed:
Tim offers up a chuckle as he looks from Gordon back to Viola, "I'd wager to say in Commissioner Gordon's case it is a little bit of both but more likely more the former than the later. He just is who he is and that will never change."

Tim takes another sip from his water, wetting his palette before answering Viola's second question, "I don't, not personally anyway. We just happen to fly in the same circles on occasion."

Tim's watch beeps a tone and he glances down at the digital display with a slight narrowing of his eyes. "If you will excuse me for a moment, Ms. Fiore. There is something I need to attend to."

Tim sets his drink down onto the bar and makes his way in the direction of the restrooms.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian gets a third drink at the bar, this time a rum and coke, a bit blitzed but still hyper alert. He nods again to the bartender, retipping him and continues to watch. Mainly, he is pleased by how well lit the room is.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore looks over to Sebastian Shaw as he comes over. "I will. Looking forward to planning the event, sir," she tells him with a big smile. She nods to him before turning back as Tim is speaking to her. "Oh Commissioner, as in the police?" Viola asks as Tim explains who Jim Gordon is. "Well yes, he probably does qualify for the latter at least," she says with a soft laugh.

The young woman nods then as Tim excuses himself. "Certainly. It was nice to meet you, Timothy," she tells him, giving the young man a warm smile as he departs. She takes another sip of her drink and looks back to the party.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian finally gets a clue despite the booze and realizes that despite what SEEMS obvious might not be to everyone else and moves over to the only person he knows, by reputation int he room and whispers to Gordon, "There might be something going down here tonight Commissioner. The guards are keeping an eye out for the fight.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle smiles sweetly at Jim and nods, "Indeed, likewise, a pleasure to see you here, sir. I must say, it is nice to give to a good cause at least?" Shaw is given another warm smile, lifting her glass to him in cheer, "Yes, you are right, I would definitely love a chat and chance to catch up in more private settings..

She glances to her gift them back to Falcone. It's hard to catch him alone but she does have that gift to give. "Excuse me a moment, I have a gift for Mr Falcone. Good evening to you both.." and she drifts towards Falcone and his lovely wife, eyeing them thoughtfully, cautiously, offering g a donation at one of the offered trays on her way. "Mr and ants Falcone. Good evening and happy birthday sir.. she nods to the former, offering a beautifully wrapped black box tied with a red silk ribbon. "Please accept this small gift." when he opens it, he will find a pair of small but expensive and beautiful gold cuff links with some expensive fancy brand name marked on them.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     And alone she does find him eventually once the conversation with Mario reaches the same conclusion it always seemed to reach with the younger man walking off to get something to drink he probably shouldn't.

     Carmine turns his attention towards the approaching Selina and welcomes her with a warm Smile, but for some reason Louisa turns a shade more pale, as if she's seen a ghost. She lowers herself back down into her chair and covers her face for a moment.

     Carmine looks over towards her for a moment before receiving a light waving of the hand, which causes him to turn his attention back to Selina. "Of course Miss Kyle, I wouldn't turn down hospitality." He takes the box and pulls it open, giving a bit of a warm smile as he looks at the contents, he even takes a moment to place them on as a show of good faith.

     "Thank you very much, I think these will work wonderfully with my usual attire." He thanks her, taking his time coming to a stand from behind his seat at the table for the guest of honor.

     He walks to a small stage that has been set up for the event. There's a microphone set up at the center of it and a large box where names had been collected at the entrance.

     He runs a comb through his hair solidifying his look as he heads over to the steps. Louisa does her best to catch up with him, still looking pale as the grave as she walks with him, ready for the main event of the night, causing Carmine to slow his stride to match with hers so that his pregnant bombshell of a wife doesn't fall too far behind.

     The music falls to silence as Carmine makes for the microphone. He walks with a smile and confidence. "Everyone, if I may have but a lone moment of your evenings I know many of you yearn to return to the nights festivities but I assure you the night remains a young and fruitful one." He makes his way to the microphone, projecting his voice with a booming confidence that echoes it even without the speakers amplification. His thick Gothamite-Italian accent shining through. "We are gathered here some would say to celebrate the day that I was born, and while to an extent that may be true, I would say we are gathered here just as much to celebrate the men and women who have made it possible for generations to be born and to live in this city,"

     "Not just Gotham Cities boys in blue." A light knowing nod to some of the other guests blended into the crowd. "But every facet that makes life possible, the great cogs of the machine that work in harmony to see that life is even possible on a day to day basis." A small red dot appears on his forehead.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola moves away from the bar as few other people come over to get drinks, gently pushing away from where she was leaning against it. She wanders slowly through the crowd, sipping her drink and watching the people mingle.

She stops and pauses to look at a statue, looking over it with enough of an eye that one might suspect she has an interest in art of some degree. She starts to turn back to the crowd when someone else moves through and she steps backwards to make room for him. This might cause her to bump into Jovian who is standing behind her, and just as the speech is starting.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian almost runs into intercept the red dot, having expected it and muscle memory is insanely powerful. As he moves through he runs into Viola and stops, checking to make sure she is OK, "Sorry about that, are you OK miss?" He is in full panic mode and as a natural reflect, the addrenaline unlocks something as a shroud of darkness surrounds Carmine and slowly snakes out over the stage. It's not impossible to see through, shadow, not darkness but it will definitely make a shot more difficult and hopefully alert the body guards around him to take more definitive action.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw looks up at Carmine as he starts to speak, and takes a long sip of his drink. He listens quietly, patiently, and doesn't move a muscle when the red dot appears on Carmine's forhead. Perhaps Sebastian is frozen in fear. Or, more likely, he is doing a calculation in his mind. Carmine is a friend, but also a potential rival to his throne. What wouldhe lose if Carmine were assassinated? What would he gain. The man lowers his glass from his lips as his mental calculus concludes. He will not speak up to prevent what might be coming, but neitehr will he look away.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle smiles and nods to Carmine. "Glad you like it sir, it looks flattering on you.." she pauses briefly, noting Louisa's reaction, smile fading a bit. "Are you alright, ma'am?" but it seems they are already heading to the stage and she bows politely to them before they leave.

Turning back to the bar, Selina is pondering another drink although she pauses for another long admiring look at the cat statue, smiling at Viola. "Beautiful, isn't it? Love the dress by the way.." she pauses as the girl bumps into the other guy she saw at the bar earlier, smiling and nods to him. "Great party, hmm?"

But her gaze follows him towards Carmine, and while she knows he's not exactly a good guy, she's not sure he deserves this either. And what was with his wife? She saw how she reacted upon seeing her..Still..."Look out, Mr Falcone!" calls out with a gasp, waving her arms. but too far away to do anything..

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Glass shatters, the sound barrier being broken. Something enters the pitch black fog. Security dives into the darkness. There's a low thud of something hitting the ground. Men run for the door at the base of the stain glass window that had been shattered. Owl feathers flutter through the open window and into the ballroom with the snow. They flutter down slowly but surely landing onto the ground

     As the smoke clears Carmine sets on his knees cradling the body of Louisa. There's a syringe in her neck its contents having instantly dispensed inside of her. Her eyes are closed she looks as if she's sleeping. He holds her close not speaking a word, not a single tear rolling down his face he just kneels on the spot in silence.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Vi stands, mouth hanging open as everything at first seems to move in slow motion to her. But then as the shroud of darkness clears, people start to scream and run. Husbands moving wives out of the room. Joseph is covering Silvio as the two rush for a hallway, the former's daughter left behind.

Viola finally snaps out of it, looking around. She slips a hand into her purse as she does, looking at the broken window. Her hand comes to her mouth as if appalled, as she surreptitiously swallows down the contents of one the vials in her purse, secreting the empty container back in there after.

She looks around again, backing up slowly away from the stage, but not screaming like some of the other women have, but she still doesn't seem to know quite what to do, whether it's over.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian is shocked, first of all that he was able to DO that. How DID he do that? And is also incredibly frustrated that it ....was protecting the wrong target. It was a distraction and he fell for it. Annoying beyond measure. As it is, he will make sure that the locals are safe, though he is very alert and ready to have something intercept another dart if he sees it, vastly prefering not to do that out of costumes. How did he do that?

He looks at Voila, and the two with her, realizing that if this is some kind of anti crime group, they might be targeted as well and ready to throw up shadows between them and any darts, tracking Carmine, Louisa and the Fiores at the same time.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian says, "Do you know who these people are, or what might be behind it?" He whispers to Viola, "Are they going to attack you as well?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The darkness, the shattering of glass, the screaming, none of this fazes Sebastian Shaw. He has been through..a lot of excitement in his career. Though, when the lights come up and it's Louisa and not Carmine that is laying on the floor, he seems actually surprised. The man says under his breath, "What a terrible shot.." before he stands up as the room empties with people rushing by, screaming and yelling. He seems to debate whether to console Carmine for what has happened to his beautiful wife, or get out while the getting is good. He decides on the latter, and starts to walk to the exit. As he goes, he gives a nod to Viola in passing, seemingly noting how she'd been abandoned by her father and uncle in the rush to the exit. Shaw does not hurry out like the others. Rather, he walks at his own stately pace.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore sees her father looking about her for her as he's ushering the Don out of the room. She catches his eye and waves for him to go, understanding his duty and that look in his eye being torn between going to her, and taking care of Silvio Manfredi.

Viola turns back, as Jovian is there with her. She may not know he was the source of the shadows, but she reads something protective and ready to act in his body language. "I don't know, Mr. Falcone is a well known business man, maybe a rival or someone," she lies. She gives a quick shake of her head. "I don't think anyone would target me, but then I don't know they aren't just looking to kill people," she tells him. She rests a hand on Jovian's arm, the young woman seeming ready to follow his lead, while also looking for signs of danger.

Within her stomach, she starts to burn the nuggets of steel and iron that she swallowed. Every bit of metal in the area becomes apparent to her senses, and she watches for another fast moving one like the dart that hit Carmine's wife.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle is one of the few who doesn't panic but stays her ground, crouched behind a nearby table as she checks herself and others around her. "Everyone alright?" she frowns softly, peering around, but her gaze lingers towards the stage towards Luisa, whose eyes remind her a bit of her own..What is with that woman..?Once the immediate danger is over, she rushes towards Carmine and his wife without thinking, phone already out to call an ambulance. "I know first aid, may I be of assistance?"

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine looks back up from cradling the body of his wife he opens his eyes that cold breeze from the broken window bringing with it more snow as men from the security team make their way to the rooftop looking in for any signs of where the figure might have gone who was responsible.

     "I do not wish to lose her." He offers, looking up towards Selina for a long moment, his attention locked up at her for a long moment, there's a somber sorrow in his eyes as he looks there. "Not like this." He shakes his head.

     Selina could tell at even a moments check that Louisa is no longer with them. It appears the poison had acted quickly and death was induced in a matter of seconds or less. No pain, no signs of contortion or even recognition from the body of the forign entity entering the system, just death.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian moves instinctively to the wall and more to the exit. He suspects that Lucia is dead on inspection but wouldnt know unless closer, either way he moves Viola in a direction that is less of a threat. As time goes on, he suspects someone was making a very vicious point and has now taken a direct interest in this. Frankly, that surprises him but once this nonsense about avoiding this crazy mirror self is done...as it is, he still tries to stay near the lighted areas, not quite jumping at shadows but still.

"Do you have ground transportation?" He asks Viola.

Selina Kyle has posed:
Selina Kyle checks her vital signs but it seems they are too late. Her eyes widen, but really it's not the first time she's seen death. Shaking her head, Selina moves to gently brush her hands over the still woman's familiar eyes to close them. "I...I am truly sorry, she seemed..Like a kind and loving person.." she pauses a moment, trying to find the right word. Why did she feel some odd connection to this woman she barely knew?

The syringe however is eyed with a slight frown, along with the owl feathers, and when no one is looking she slips a feather or two in her purse. Although it's likely the police will be all over the syringe and the rest of the crime scene.

"I.." she swallows, "I know so someone..Maybe he can help..Find her killer." Of course there are the police who are likely about to hone in on the evidence and so she steps back, shivering slightly. This woman didn't deserve this. Carmine..Even he didn't deserve this.

Oh.Right. Police..Make her nervous. Selina just shakes her head, backing away swiftly, soon vanishing in to the darkness as she flees the scene..Seems she may need to pay a visit to a certain Dark Knight soon..

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw walks quietly out of the scene, eyes following Viola as she is spirited away by Jovian. The man considers for half a moment, then turns and walks in the direction he last saw Silvio Manfredi and his bodyguard.

Once outside, he frowns and says, "I should have brought my drink..." he looks over his shoulder, and decides not to go back in, instead greeting, "Silvio! It is great to see you, and Joseph, I think I'll be engaging your daughter's talents for the suaree I am holding later this month..." and he starts a conversation with the two mobsters while they wait for their cars. He seems not on edge at all. Eerily so.

Viola Fiore has posed:
If it's one thing that Maggia know it's to get out of the scene of a murder before the police arrive if possible. Granted, Jim Gordon is already there, or at least he was in the crowd at one point. But Silvio Manfredi is ready to get away from the mansion as quickly as he can.

"Mr. Shaw," he says as the man approaches him. "Forgive our hasty exit. A horrible thing, but best to be away," Silvio says. His men who had waited by his car have it waiting for him, each of them with a hand in his jacket, no doubt they are armed but had stayed outside out of respect to Carmine. Though they do not draw either. The armed men around the mansion who are no doubt on alert might not take well to the sight of the guns, even if they know whose men the Manfredi guards are.

Joseph nods to Shaw and says, "Thank you for that," as Silvio snaps at him, "Joseph, let's go, your daughter has the other keys?" Joseph nods and climbs into the bulletproof limo. "I will speak to you back in New York, Mr. Shaw," he says as the car pulls away before he even has the door fully shut.

Meanwhile, Viola follows Jovian over to the wall, a hand resting on Jovian's side to not lose him as her head is on a swivel as he moves them to a safer area than the room where the murder took place. "Yes, I have the keys to our ride, and the others will have taken the limo," she says. If Jovian is willing, she leads him out to an expensive black sedan, climbing in behind the wheel. She may not be let in on the family business, but she too, knows it's best to leave.