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Selina Kyle (Scenesys ID: 336)
Name: Selina Kyle
Superalias: Catwoman
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Cat Burglar / Philanthropist
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham City
Education: High School Dropout (Gotham)
Theme: DC (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 15 Mar 1990 Played By Eva Green
Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Criminal" -- Fiona Apple

Character Info


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Gotham City's Selina Kyle is a woman with a troubled past who has made it in life as a successful, wealthy socialite, though nobody is exactly sure how. She may say she made some smart investments along the way, but the truth is more secretive. Her alter ego, kept closely guarded, is Catwoman, perhaps the world's most notorious cat burglar. She has managed to keep both sides separate, for now. Not even she knows what will happen if and when that changes.


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* 1990: Selina was born to Brian and Maria Kyle in one of Gotham City's roughest areas.
* 1996-2000: Family troubles worsened. Young Selina and her sister Maggie were often left to their own devices with their father frequently drunk and their mother rarely paying attention to them. Selina began taking up gymnastics.
* 2001: Selina came home one day to find Maria dead in the bathtub, her wrists slitted. Soon after, Brian drank himself to death. Selina ran away after calling the police. Maggie was sent to an orphanage.
* 2002: Spending time on the streets, Selina began to steal to survive. She got herself into and out of trouble, beginning to learn ways to defend herself. After being caught stealing one time too many, Selina found herself sent to an orphanage as well.
* 2003: A period of time was spent in juvenile hall after Selina proved to be too much trouble for various orphanages she was kept in.
* 2004: Another spell in an orphanage led to an attempted murder by the mob when Selina learned of money being embezzled. They stuffed her into a bag and tossed her into the river to drown, but she managed to get free. Revenge came when she contacted the police with what she knew, but not before she took enough money to last her a few months.
* 2005-2007: Selina, with the beginnings of high school-level learning from the orphanages, remained on the streets and took greater care to avoid unwanted attention, although she got herself into situations from time to time that led to harsh lessons of survival. Interest grew in thievery and she begin to break and enter homes to make off with what she could.
* 2008: A mysterious ninja beat Selina to the punch in stealing an item she was after. Upon tailing him to a warehouse, she found it was being used as a secretive martial arts academy. Kai, the ninja, sought to have her punished, but the Sensei saw potential in her based on her existing reflexes and skill, and decided she would be trained further.
* 2009: Kai routinely looked to injure Selina during training but she rapidly progressed through their ranks, earning a favorable nickname of "Nehko-Chan" from the Sensei. The time came for her to leave and begin a new path in her life.

* 2010: Selina became interested in gaining the attention of none other than the Batman. When sightings were made, she would rush to the scene in hope of catching a glimpse of him, thinking she did once or twice. She went back to thieving, sinking much of her funds into gear and equipment to help with her cat burglary. Catwoman was born.
* 2011: Initial encounters between Catwoman and Batman took place, with her either giving him the slip or finding a way to get him to back off. Occasionally these encounters came to blows.
* 2012: When Gotham City was more or less cut off from the rest of the country due to a massive tidal wave, Catwoman temporarily put her thievery on hold to aid those in need in the neighborhood she called home. She was even spotted assisting Batman a few times.
* 2013: Selina Kyle began to make the rounds in social circles, attending high-class functions, dinners, shows, and more as she started saving up more money from the jobs she did as Catwoman. She met Bruce Wayne, developing a general friendship with him. She also got involved with some charitable work, mainly for big cats. As Catwoman, she continued to aid those in need while honing her skills further with bigger heists.
* 2014-2016: Catwoman's reputation as one of the world's most skilled cat burglars grew, with her frequently getting in and out of museums, homes, or jewelry stores without capture. Clashes with Batman increased as well, with the two often getting under each other's skin in various ways even if the occasional situation called for them to set a few differences aside.
* 2017: Bruce and Selina finally attempted a date, but it fell apart when he had to leave abruptly in order to respond to a call as Batman, leaving her behind.
* 2018: Catwoman pushed things too far one time, leading to Batman finally deciding she had to be taken in. However, she escaped the police before she could be brought in for processing, thus keeping her identity secret.
* 2019: As Catwoman continued to push herself to do more difficult, high-profile jobs, she got into hot water with the mob again. A second attempt at a date with Bruce was made, but this time it went south when she got an alert of some mob activity near her hideout. She left quickly to ensure nothing would be revealed, and this time it was Bruce who was left alone.

IC Journal

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Woman and Cat:
Selina Kyle may come off to some as a typical socialite, in love with her appearance and being seen rubbing elbows with the wealthy and elite Gotham City has to offer. This is a front. She has deeper layers to her personality, mostly keeping them under wraps unless she develops a level of trust with someone. Until then, she's content to keep up a faÇade to leave her less likely to draw undesired attention to herself. She does have a big heart, especially for felines great and small, and she does hold love for those that matter to her.

As Catwoman, she is even more careful to cultivate a certain persona, often maintaining a cool, distant demeanor mixed with cunning, flirtation, and sensuality when circumstances warrant it. She is fully confident in her capabilities and skills, completely cognizant of her standing as one of, if not the world's greatest cat burglar and thief. On occasion it leads to doing riskier jobs than she might normally try, but there is a thrill to it that is intoxicating. She has strong willpower that goes back to her life on the streets, a survivor in every sense that has given her a firm mental edge in most of her dealings.

Over time she has come to look out for those in need when it suits her, choosing to keep more modest living arrangements than her riches could allow, contributing some of it to the city's poor through various programs. Her inner circle is a very small one, great care taken not to mix identities in order to keep both of them protected.

Character Sheet


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Feline Empathy:
There is a level of empathy Catwoman possesses toward all cats, whether in or out of costume. They often flock to her for attention, which she is happy to provide. She can accurately sense what's going on with them, giving her an advantage in how to handle them. She is a friend to them, whether it's a lion, a tiger, or a basic tabby, and they will aid her in times of need.


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Catwoman is one of the most nimble people one can find. Her abilities in this area are as good as, if not better, than the best Olympic athletes, a clear benefit in any activity that requires flips, tumbles, and other moves.

It began when she took up gymnastics as a child, and it's been honed with years of practice and experience, but Catwoman's level of agility is off the charts. She is as nimble as any cat, capable of twisting and contorting her body in ways most can only imagine. This allows her to get in and out of tight places easily, make jumps most are incapable of, and with her reflexes what they are, she is a very formidable fighter.

Catwoman is trained in numerous martial arts, including Kung Fu, Karate, boxing, street fighting, and more. She gained much of this training from the Sensei that took her in at one time, but he would not have done so had she not already exhibited skills that could be further honed. She is as deadly as she wants to be in close combat, ready to use her claws and whip to her advantage, or even a pistol if the situation calls for a gun. The whip is her signature weapon, learned in large part because few others could use it if they manage to get it out of her hands. She can land pinpoint strikes with it, wrap it around a limb, or let it serve as a method of swinging from one spot to another.

Catwoman has used various costumes over her time as a thief, but many of those jobs would not go as smoothly as they do without proper preparation ahead of time. This often involves the use of disguises or fronts to pretend to be someone she's not, allowing her to get closer than most to what she's after. She can scout a location, get a feel for who may be around or learn something from someone that she can use to her benefit later. She is adept at impersonation as well.

Little gets by Catwoman, who is always on the lookout for the smallest detail that could help her later on. Even entering a building for the first time, she will case it by default even if it's just a visual check of all ways in and out of a room, just to be safe. This frequently comes into play when she has to deal with a security system, sneak past guards on patrol, and more. It also helps in reading people themselves, so she can have a better chance of manipulating them.

Catwoman is not only a talented thief, she's a capable designer and seamstress as well. She's gone through a variety of appearances over the years, making most of what she uses herself aside from something that requires more tech, such as her goggles. Her skills with a sewing machine ties in well with her use of disguses, and whenever she gets an idea about something new to try out for the costume, she'll make up a working prototype first so she can see how feasible it is.

While she isn't perfect, Catwoman is extremely capable of using stealth to her advantage. She can move as quietly as a cat, making it possible to eavesdrop on conversations others would be unable to. Using shadows and other areas to her benefit makes it easier to sneak in and out of a place without being spotted. If she was caught all the time, that wouldn't make her a very good thief.

There is a reason Catwoman is considered one of the top thieves in the world. She's damned good at it, among the best known to police in or even beyond Gotham City. For more than half her life she's obtained things one way or another, from picking pockets of passers-by to stealing stock from stores, from sneaking into residences for valuables to making off with gemstones from a museum. She can pick any lock, whether mechanical or electronic, and she has the tools to deal with various forms of detection. She is patient enough to wait for openings guards present, or she may simply subdue someone. For the score, it's whatever gets the job done.


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There's more to Catwoman than just the whip. Some common tools of the trade include smoke pellets, bolas, or caltrops, but she can also be wicked enough to jab spikes into an enemy's weak points. She is capable with a pistol if she feels one is called for, and it serves as a backup in the case her whip is somehow lost or separated from her. Her suits often include added protection to guard against bullets or knives, and her goggles include the ability to switch to night vision or the infrared spectrum, along with access to a personal computer system in a heads-up display.

Catwoman has utilized a variety of costumes over the years before settling on a more basic catsuit and cowl design. She has rarely tossed an idea she's used before, instead keeping most of them around in case she is ever in the mood to change things up a bit. This can be useful if someone is in search of her in a particular guise, allowing a chance for her to throw them off the scent for a while.

There are a couple motorcycles Catwoman keeps around. Both are built for speed, given the thrill it brings, but one is souped up just a little more with better suspension, wheels, brakes, and handling for when she's on the job and needs something a bit more powerful. Besides, if someone ever spotted Selina and Catwoman riding the exact same bike, one might begin to ask questions.

As a criminal, there are things Catwoman knows about Gotham City's underworld that those on the right side of good don't often see. She can insert herself into places someone like Batman would never be welcome, learn things the average person would never hear, and use this to her benefit. She also has connections that help her move things she's stolen in exchange for a payout. This can be a way for others to seek her out for a job, though most of the time she works as a loner, only in it for herself. And yet, it is not unheard of for her to lend a hand to a hero if the situation calls for it.

Bruce Wayne might scoff at Catwoman's bank account, but she is certainly not poor by any stretch of the imagination. From the jobs and heists she's pulled off, she could live comfortably for a very long time with money spread around in various accounts, investments, and more, including some off-shore. Some of it is used for different charitable purposes, a sort of twisted "Robin Hood" kind of thing. While she dresses to impress whether as Selina or Catwoman, she keeps a modest place that is unassuming enough that it wouldn't be the type of residence most would expect to find her in. She also keeps a few safehouses spread out in Gotham City and other places she occasionally ventures into.


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Cat Things:
Felines are both Catwoman's strength and weakness. She has taken after others in Gotham City and created a costumed side to herself, styled after the cats she loves. But, her love of them can also be a hindrance. If she sees any in danger, she's liable to drop what she's doing and ensure their safety. When it comes to heists, she is frequently drawn to more than just money and jewels. Anything related to cats is an instant attention-grabber, and she might just do whatever it takes to make it her own. Someone aware of this might just try to use that to trap her.

Criminal Records:
Yes, records. Both Selina and Catwoman have rap sheets, though they do not exactly cross over. Selina's stems from her life on the streets when she was in and out of orphanges, mostly petty crime and a few assaults, things that left her under the care of others as a juvenile. They are in the past, mostly forgotten unless anything comes up as an example of someone turning her life around. Catwoman's list of offenses are all incomplete, because nobody has ever been able to arrest her and keep her in custody long enough to process her and find out who she is. This is something she is cautious about keeping as it is, to say the least.

Catwoman truly believes she is the best there is at what she does, that no thief can do better than her. Even before she took up the persona, Selina was so bothered by the ninja Kai getting a score before she did, she followed him to his destination. As for the costumed cat, the more challenging the job, the more inclined she is to go after it. She also believes she can manipulate anyone to do her bidding, one way or another, leading to an often bold and confident demeanor no matter who she's seen as.

Catwoman is haunted at times by her past, namely the deaths of her parents and how that led to the fracturing of everything she knew as a family. No mother, no father, her sister not seen since she was placed in her first orphanage. Over the course of her life she has never been very close to anyone else since then, and a reason for it is a fear of losing someone else important to her. In social circles, it's easier to slide along the edges of a group, picking up one thing or another whether it's just information or something that leads to a job later on. As Catwoman, she might work with others from time to time, both hero and villain, but she has been reluctant to let it go beyond just what it is. She's earned whatever she's got, no matter how illegal the things she's done may be, but the past is only one step behind.

Secret Identity:
So far, nobody has been able to connect Catwoman to Selina in any way. That includes the world's greatest detective himself, Batman. There have been a few close calls, but she's always been able to get out of trouble in the nick of time. It'd be dangerous if the wrong people learned the truth, and it could also be dangerous for her sister Maggie, wherever she is. She's crossed the mob, played them against each other, come under the focus of Batman and those close to him as well. When will her luck run out? How many lives does this cat have left, especially if someone puts two and two together somehow?



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Selina Kyle has 26 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Was Here March 6th, 2021 Two Outsiders and one Catwoman stumble on a NOWHERE operation. Just as they threatened Red Robin months ago, they are hitting Gotham.
Museums...museums are quiet right February 22nd, 2021 He really shouldn't go places. Banner saw Catwoman at the museum. Then the bad robber sorts showed up.
In hot pursuit of a Cat. February 20th, 2021 Catwoman has a run in with Batman. Information is exchanged.
St. Valentines Day Carnage February 14th, 2021 Luigi Falcone slaughters a hacker group in search of a hard drive only for Catwoman to snatch it out of his hands.
An unlikely meeting. February 12th, 2021 Catwoman meets a new potential protege..
Calling a Bat February 6th, 2021 Catwoman contacts Batman and exchanges information on the recent Falcone attack.
Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty... February 5th, 2021 Thugs chasing a cat find out another has claws and a whip.
Iceberg Night January 31st, 2021 Late, late night. Selina drops by the Iceberg Lounge when Cole seems to be the only guy at the bar that is not (too) drunk yet.
Don Falcone's Birthday Bash January 29th, 2021 Carmine's birthday is crashed by a strange interloper who kills his wife Louisa with a mysterious toxin via hypersonic syringe ending the night of celebration early.
Title=Cat's Cradle December 3rd, 2020 Catwoman's set to raid the Gotham Museum of Art's Stages of Grief exhibit, when she runs into a little competition. What is the chilling secret of the sad clown? Can Selina trump the Joker, or will she end up deuces? Shell Game continues here!
Art Appreciation, and the Challenge Thereof October 26th, 2020 Selina Kyle meets Stephanie Brown at a museum and gives her advice in art appreciation during the course of casing the joint.
Court of Owls: The Talon's Claws -- Catcall September 23rd, 2020 The Batman hires the Catwoman for a job that may bring the Court's wrath upon her, with some moral lines definitely being skirted for the Dark Knight when it comes to payment.
This is not my beautiful house! August 22nd, 2020 Batman warns Catwoman about the Court of Owls in the process of gently foiling her robbery. Catwoman is Catwoman about it. He gives her a GPS device to summon him in case of trouble.
Court of Owls: Gotham Society Fall Gala August 16th, 2020 Drama and spilled drinks and rogues and fainting socialites, oh my
Benefit for Bushwick July 27th, 2020 The benefit is a success. Funds raised, and everyone who shook Senator Kelly's hand should wash it immediately.
Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.
A Hellfire Masquerade June 28th, 2020 A Hellfire Masquerade Ball!
Gym Cats June 1st, 2020 Catwoman and Wildcat have a little sparring session.
Trying to Trap a Catwoman May 12th, 2020 Catwoman's suspicions are proven accurate when an ambush is attempted on her at a meetup. Potential assistance comes in the form of a strange faerie.
The Tolling of Silver Clockbells May 3rd, 2020 Shang-Chi, Catwoman, Nightwing and Batman foil the Clock King's latest caper.
The Play's The Thing April 7th, 2020 Both Selina and Bruce have a bad date at a theater show. This time it's not with each other!
A Whisker Too Late March 31st, 2020 Catwoman comes to steal what's already been stolen, Lois comes for one kind of story and leaves with another.
Alias Investigations: Selina Kyle - A Charity for Cats March 24th, 2020 Following the case given to her by Dick Grayson, Jessica uses fellow Defender Danny Rand to get into a gala charity for big cats in a gallery in the Empire State Building. She winds up learning everything she wanted on Selina Kyle. It may not have gone the smoothest, but at least it's one less case to worry about.
The (Not So) Public House March 16th, 2020 Shaw meets with Lorna and makes her and offer she can't refuse; Maxima discovers the HFC
When a Kitty Leaves a Calling Card March 2nd, 2020 Batman warns Catwoman that Talia al Ghul might be gunning for her.
Cats Crossing, or a Feline Fracas February 23rd, 2020 Catwoman and Black Panther cross paths and get into a fight over some stolen goods, but not with each other.


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Selina Kyle has 26 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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