5085/The Bazaar - Pier 20

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The Bazaar - Pier 20
Date of Scene: 08 February 2021
Location: New York City Harbors
Synopsis: The Defenders and the Avengers team up with Cloak and Dagger to take down a human trafficking ring!
Cast of Characters: Tandy Bowen, Peter Parker, Elektra Natchios, Tyrone Johnson, Steve Rogers, Matthew Murdock, Henry McCoy, Luke Cage

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The harbors are quiet tonight, just after two in the morning as the large freighter slowly pulls up to the dock in wait of it's precious cargo. Tucked away in the middle of winter, the weather is frigid, keeping people inside their homes cozy, or those without tucked away in abandoned warehouses or under bridges. The warehouses that surround the docks are long forgotten, now used mostly for temporary storage or a home for the homeless. The pain is worn, signs have been torn down and windows are broken.

But, this particular dock, the one with a faded spray painted '20' on a pole is a buzz of activity. Several vans are parked out front, as well as shipping containers and a crew of well known thugs by the gang infamously known on the streets as the Trinity Of Blood. They are flying high in their gang colors of dark red and gold patterns, with cobras stitched upon their back with gleaming emerald eyes.

Everyone is in a hurry that helps with the merchandise, that of the large shipping containers being pushed down a long ramp towards the newly docked ship. On board there are several men with automatic rifles, as well as a couple on the roof as they survey the dark and lonely streets. Due to all the recent 'hiccups' they have had recently, there is a heightened sense of alert about them.

Having passed a message through to the 'Defenders' that Cloak and Dagger have allied themselves with over the last couple of weeks, the pair arrive first on a roof behind one of the gun. There is a swirl of shadow, a flash of light, and one man dragged into the depths of a personal hell, swallowed by the darkness of her partner. As Tandy kneels down on the roof to stare out across the way to the pier, she takes out the burner phone she picked up from her jacket and sends out a group text: << Cloak and I are in position. We strike in five, with or without you. >>

From below, a man's voice can be heard:

"Ahh! Julio! My friend! My brother! I see you have brought the merchandise. I hope that none of it is broken." The thick Middle Eastern accent belongs to a powerfully built man in a full suit, slicked back hair and a handsome face. A hint of stubborn adorns his cheeks and he looks incredibly excited.

"Nah. All good. Couple of the local capes and spandex types pinched some of my bros, but, we got twenty. Half of 'em tourists, a few of 'em illegals. Ain't no one gonna miss these bitches. Just hand Gerald the cash and we're good. Pleasure doing business with you Rami."

Peter Parker has posed:
<"...pleasure doing business with you, Rami.">

The tiny drone hovered about 40 feet away, but the omnidirectional microphone might as well have put its owner within striking distance.

Spider-Man saved the recording, earmarking it for the NYPD later. He just hoped it would still be usable after Cloak and Dagger were done. They had been uncharacteristically...SAVAGE the last time they met. He could understand, but it was still unsettling to see.

He checked the connection from the phone between Tandy's burner to the Spider-Comm network. He didn't know who else was on the party line, but he sent a message anyway:

<Spider-Man in the cheap seats, but getting closer. Drone online and recording. Thank God and the state of New York for single-party consent.>
He fired a webline, then swung over to the lightpole above the fence, hoping the glare will hide him from querying eyes...

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra had done her share of dubious things in the past. Rumors even said she was *still* doing those. But trafficking human beings? That was low. Yet karma had a way of reaching these people who insisted in continuing with these activities. And tonight was the night...

Barely noted in the shadows Elektra was making way towards the docks, having checked ahead for sentries, lookouts.. It was only a matter of keeping to the shadows and them climbing up to one of the other roofs where the other sentry was.

<<These men should have had the sense of cutting ties and running off. But greed spoke too loudly. Now they will pay.>> she speaks over comms towards Daredevil. << Our ..., friends.., are in place. Ready? >> she asks.

A message is then sent back using a burner, "On the southern roof. Brought a friend."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Tyrone Johnson materializes fully behind Tandy with no signs of the man he'd shuttled off into darkness. The man looks over her shoulder and down towards the docks as he hunkers down to keep a lower profile as he listens in.

"Broken." He hisses under his breath. "Disgusting monsters. That one I don't plan to let go." He mutters to Tandy before looking to the phone in her hand.

"Seems like we're not alone tonight. I'm surprised. I hadn't expected them to actual show." The two of them haven't been the most appealing partners, after all.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Roger's motorcycle is parked a distance off, far enough the engine won't have been heard at the docks. Docks where Henry McCoy had reported some possible activity happening tonight during one of the Avenger's briefings.

He stays to the dark as he moves along the buildings and warehouses lining the docks. Ducking into a shadow as a vehicle rolls past. His star-spangled outfit is a very deep blue, well-suited for blending in the shadows, the silver and red muted and non-reflective to avoid showing up too much.

He's situated off in front of the vans as Steve watches the ships starting to offload. "Kind of heavy weaponry for normal dock guards," he murmurs to himself in confirmation of the information supplied by Henry McCoy. Cap stays in the shadows for now, watching to get a better idea of what the situation is before he moves.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
<<Ready>> comes Daredevil's gruff tones over comms. <<When you guys move, we've got your backs>> he says from where crouches in the shadows his senses taking in the 'merchandise' and the sellers in detail, sizing them up. He roll his shoulders and clenches and unclenches his fists. He's ready.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast was on the prowl tonight - the news made it to him, then he passed it on to Captain Rogers. Having just run into Dagger previously, he was aware of the issues plaguing the young of Mutant Town and beyond. He couldn't simply sit there and let it happen, either.

Perched atop a nearby building, Henry watched - waiting for the time to act. Into the comms, he spoke quietly - though there was an easily detectable growl of anger in his voice. <<When we act, we have to make sure the young are not in harm's way.>>

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Having received confirmation from Spider-Man and Elektra, Tandy gives a glance to her partner, giving a nod of her head. "They're here. At least three. I'm not surprised that they came. They're heroes. It's what these types do. Well .. Spider-Man is a hero. Elektra is a different type of hero." Taking in a deep breath, she sends out a text back.

<< We will take the shooters on the roofs, we can teleport through shadow. I'll send up a distraction and pull their attention. The girls are probably in the crates. >>

With that, she moves! Taking a few running steps towards the roof, she gives a leap forward, arms spread out and waiting for Cloak to swoop her up from behind. From there, they will target the roof across the street and look to engage the gunman who is currently trying to get his partner on the radio that just went silent. Once the pair re-appears, she leaves the gunman to Cloak as she steps behind him, then puts her hands together.

A blast of light hits the sky, arching over the dock, then 'explodes' like a bright white firework. Ka-Pow! That draws 'everyone's attention on the boat and from down below.

Rami and Julio gives a glance to each other, then scramble.

"I think we got company! Get the girls on the boat! Lock this place down!" From there, they move like ants, searching the sky where the blast of light came. From teh vans, roughly ten armed men exit and start to prowl the streets and the alleys, searching with their weapons raised.

Peter Parker has posed:
Pablo and Montecito are the first ones to have their day end badly. First their guns are yanked out of sight...and then THEY are yanked up into the dark skies, finding themselves webbed to the lightpole, hanging upside down.
Two seconds later, Bandito and the Padre are covering each other a little TOO close and find themselves webbed to the wall of the SUV they were next to.
Spider-Man jumped from the lightpole to the edge of the roof, looking down on the ones moving busily around.

He had to immobilize them. If he could do that...then he could argue they were no threat. Dagger might be convinced, but he wasn't so sure about Cloak.

Cloak and Dagger. For a moment, he spared a thought for his parents, office drones for the CIA who disappeared 12 years ago.
Then he was back at work, descending on a lone gunman like the wrath of God...

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Being already up on one of the roofs where the gunsmen were she casts a look over as the duo appears and sends the explosion of light up. She remains crouched, over one edge, readying her silenced rifle and propping it on the edge. It wasn't too usual for her to bring a gun in, but no need for her signature on this. And besides, it was what these guys deserved.


One bullet wheezes past the van, lodging on a knee from one of the armed men creeping out, sending him sprawling and down. << I am not killing them. >> she says on comms to Daredevil. << Just teaching them to crawl. >> there's a distinction!

<< I have got your back, men moving around the area. Rifles mostly. >>

She spots a few being webbed up by Spider-man, arching a brow, << Seems there's a few more heroes about. Can you sense them? >>

Another silenced shot and one of the gunsmen is holding on to it's leg. All busted open.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
The rooftop leap-and-sweep is a familiar tactic, and Cloak moves with the assured ease of practice and understanding. The falling Dagger disappears in the wing-like expanse of fabric and them both in shadow, only to reappear a moment later on the adjoining roof. There, the positioned gunman disappears in much the same way, only he does not come back.

"They move fast." He muses as his dark eyes turn away from the light in the sky and down to the docks where Spider-Man is already getting to work. Shadowy fingers wrap over the edge of the rooftop as Cloak looms down and over like a gargoyle, his eyes tracking the fleeing Rami with a predatory grin.

"Be right back." He says aside to Tandy before he vanishes in a swirl of fabric, only to reappear in the way of Rami as the heavy man runs. Cloak doesn't spare any words for him, only an inhuman snarl as he lunges for the man.

Steve Rogers has posed:
As things start to go sideways for the smugglers, one of them behind the wheel of a vehicle guns the engine. A gunmen stands on the little ledge below the passenger side door, assault rifle held pointed upright. Maybe they are deciding discretion is the better part of valor when spooky explosions of light are going on. Or maybe just wanting to run someone over or fire while on the move? Whichever is the case, the van starts forward, but the driver hits the brakes as the headlights illuminate a man holding a shield.

Captain America raises his hand in a halt gesture towards the van's driver. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he says. The driver hesitates a moment and then guns the engine. The van heaves forward, but only having moved a few feet though before Captain America's body suddenly winds up and then unfurls, hurling his shield with a furious might. The shield frisbees forward on a downward arc and hits one of the van's front tires edge-on.

Like the children's game, rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper. Vibranium beats steel-belted radial. The tire blows out and the van lurches over sideways, running into one of the light poles illuminating the dock. The shield bounces back to Cap's hand while the driver and gunmen stagger out, the gunman bringing up his assault rifle and causing Cap to sigh. "You really don't learn, do you?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
That flash of light is a perfect distraction, Daredevil never registers it except in the reactions of the men on the docks, he knocks out two in quick succession their weapons tossed into the water. << I know >> he says over comms to Elektra, he checked their heartbeats when the men she shot fell, they were in pain but still alive. He leans into his senses a little, << Yeah quite a few, don't recognize most of them >> meaning he's never scented them before at this range, << But one of them is definitely Spiderman >> that webbing, dead give away. A guard hears him and turns, but it's too late and Daredevil's kick sends the man sprawling into the water. The shield flying overhead vibrating with a strange pitch gets him to add as he rolls into the shadows. << Oh and Captain America, one of them is definitely Captain America. >>

Henry McCoy has posed:
Well, the action has started! Henry drops off the building he'd been perched on, landing on all fours. Keen ears pick up Cap's commentary, the Beast nodding in approval. "They never do." He offers over to no one in particular. His arrival was fairly far from the thugs pouring out of the side door - giving them a few precious seconds to fire off a few rounds at him.

Bullets patter over the place he'd just vacated, leaping into the air to bowl over one of the miscreants with his mass. Four hundred pounds of muscled Beast slams the gunman into the brick wall, knocking him out for the count. "Just... stop, please. Don't make this worse." He growls to the others, retractable claws now very prominently on display.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
When Cloak takes off to leave Dagger on the roof by herself, she lets out a bit of a frustrated noise. Her eyes roll upwards as she leaps off the side of the roof to land on the fire escape, followed by mutliple flips and leaps down to the ground. As she comes out into the street, she turns her attention upon the dock as a pair of blades form in her firsts. As she stalks forward like a glowing angel, the sight of the van flipping over causes her to look over. It's him. /Him/. Stars and Stripes.

".. Holy shit, that's Captain America." She breathes out to herself, eyes widening, and then there's Beast leaping into action!

Obivously, the gun men never learn, as it would be an incredible amount of street cred to take out an Avenger. As the two gunmen open fire upon him, one gets taken down by the large weight of Beast, letting out a loud scream of surprise and fear. He's a monster!

Those that get trapped in the Spider's web find themselves dangling from street poles, subject to only watch the rest of the battle. As they struggle against their binds, their muffled mouths try to shout towards their comrades to no avail.

Elektra's rifle takes a few down, drawing more attention towards where the shots came from, and soon, bullets richocet off the roof and wall in return fire from the boat as flashes of light from their muzzles is seen. By now, the crate is pushed on to the freighter and they are looking to depart.

Rami, on his way, finds himself stopped in his tracks by the terrifying visage of Cloak. While confident and swarmy a few minutes ago, he is now terrified at the sight of the pitch black swirls of dark within the vigilante's chest. He lets out a loud shout. "Kill him! KILL HIM!" Bullets rain down towards the cloaked hero as he turns to run for his life up the ramp. He'll have to jump for the boat!

Daredevil will be able to catch 'sight' of Julio shouting orders to his own gang members. They got the cash. Go, Go, Go! There's no point in sticking around any longer. Now that news of Captain America has made their way via screams and shouts, no one wants to face off with the Avengers.

Peter Parker has posed:
Twenty feet...ten...tense the muscles, get ready to just, Rami can JUST make it...


Something hits his back and then his forward motion slows and stops. He almost looks like Wile E. Coyote after just realizing that no, there ISN'T any ground under him.
Then he is yanked back, tossed against the wall, and covered in webbing up to the neck and looking at...
At least he remembered the hyphen.
"Hey there, CHUCKLES. Rough day, hunh?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
When Daredevil announces he spotted Captain America there's a response in the comms from Elektra, << And you're definitely Captain Obvious. >> she not able to keep the amusement from her tone. She had noticed that shield, and the van being toppled over. She shoots again, twice, taking out a couple of goons before they can raise their weapons to shoot as they stumble out of the truck..

And there went her reputation in the underworld if there was even a whiff of her working with the likes of Captain America.. This is why Sais were out tonight. She was a little sniper tonight, taking out little soldiers.. She spots the blue-furred one and says on comms, << There's good ol' Doctor McCoy too. He looks different without the tuxedo. >> from the hellfire club party!

She continues giving cover fire to Daredevil for a bit but then a few shots hit the place she was at, having her jump back and roll on the ground, staying down for a bit. << Repositioning.., on your own for a bit. >>

She crawls down across the rooftop as bullets continue to fly, slowly moving to another point of engagement.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Bullets hail down towards Cloak, but they seem to just pass through him. Worse, not all of them seem to pass at all. Where a body should be, the bullets just vanish. Eerie still, Cloak keeps coming, undeterred by the gunfire. And just when he seems about to lunge at Rami, Spider-Man's web steals the man and towards a likely kinder fate.

"Again?!" Snarls Cloak towards Spider-Man, but for now there's more at hand than his own inclinations. Huffing in disappointment, he teleports away in a puff of air and shadow and reappears near Tandy. "Let's start getting these crates open."

Steve Rogers has posed:
As Beast leaps forth with fury both agile and savage, one of the men nearest to Cap goes down. The other aims his rifle and opens fire. Steve runs forward at a crouch, his shield held in front of him, bullets making sparks against the shield as they ricochet and whine off in other directions.

Even before the gun's clip has emptied itself, Steve has closed the gap, barreling into the man going faster than the van had been. Cap runs right through the gunman, his shield hitting the man's chest and sending him flying and bouncing across the docks.

Captain America continues forward, using that speed he built up to close the distance with the gunmen staking out the money and preparing to make their exit. His thrown shield takes out one man, banks off the ground and bounces right towards Henry McCoy as a gunmen is about to open up on the famed Avenger and less-famed X-man. Cap meanwhile slides and takes out another man's feet, a backfist to his head downing the man fully as Steve flips back to his feet. He spots a figure on a web overhead and pauses just a moment to watch Spider-Man take the man down before more adversaries require Steve's attention.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
<< He surprised me. You try seeing out of this helmet >> Daredevil grouses to Elektra with a grin. These were open comms so he had to play at being sighted. Though sensing Julio and his bagmen getting ready to escape, Daredevil leaves off with the banter and jumps into action, throwing one of his batons to bounce off one of the men with the money then strike Julio in the face before Daredevil reaches him a hard kick to the chest leading the way. As the man goes down, Matt goes with him, saying, "Stay put," before knocking him out with a punch to the face.

Henry McCoy has posed:
It's like they've worked together! It's like Hank learned hand-to-hand from Cap! The shield bounces in front of the Beast, deflecting the bullets with perfect timing. Equally quick, Henry catches the shield before it ricochets away, sending it back towards Captain America for him to catch. Teamwork!

The happless gunman is kicked with enough force to send him smashing into another goon, toppling them both in a tangle of limbs and pain. "Thanks, Cap!" The Beast calls over. "They aren't getting the point..."

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage is a little bit late to the party and anybody making remarks about that can go jump off the nearest pier. He's clad in a yellow hoodie, blue jeans and sneakers and he makes his presence known in dramatic fashion. Julio and his bagmen have already been potentially disabled by Daredevil, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.

The getaway car stashed nearby suddenly rises up into the air, pressed up and above Luke Cage's head as he stares down the fallen crook and his minions, "Hey, punk. This your ride?"" Cage says and then brings the car down hard right onto his knee, causing the car to shatter into two pieces that he casually tosses aside like tissue paper.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Cloak. It's Captain America." Tandy says to her partner once he teleports next to her once more. Whereas she is normally a cold, calculating vigilante, in this moment, she's a young woman with wide eyes. "He's a /real/ hero. He's an Avenger. I can't believe that the Avengers are here to help us." There is emotion in her voice. This is meaningful to her. "Come on, let's rescue the girls." With that, she steps into him, letting the darkness swallow her whole before they will soon teleport to the ship in a swirl of shadow.

As Rami gets whipped against the wall and stuck by Spider-Man's webbing, he struggles against it. "Let me go, webhead! You don't know who the fuck you're messing with here!" He cranes his head to the boat as it starts to float off away from the pier with at least four more armed men with their rifles pointed for the dock. With the men on the dock now taken down and being taken to task by the heroes, they're not going to waste the ammunition, for now.

Captain America and Beast easily disarm and take down the last of the gunmen as they fall prey to their teamwork. They're unrtained outside of fistfights in a school yard. They never had a chance. The same goes for those who Elektra finds from behind the scope. The wounded are screaming in pain, clutching their knees or trying to drag themselves away from the brawl.

Luke's explosive entrance causes those that tried to get away to suddenly throw their hands up, dropping their weapons. Everyone knows who Luke Cage is and they know that bullets don't work on him. With Julio knocked out and the large duffle bag of money thrown from his hands, multiple bills are scattered along the wet pavement of the winter street.

"Spider-Man!" Tandy calls out when she steps out of the void on the boat, flinging a light dagger into the man of a gunman, causing him to give a visible twitching before he hits the ground like a lump. "The girls are in the crate! We need help with the gunmen!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looks at Rami. "Buddy, I know more than you think and right now, all you are to me is the BIGGEST Garfield window ornament in the world..."

Spider-Man turns at Tandy's voice, then looks back to Rami. "See you on the front page, bottom-feeder. And be glad *I* got to you before the Man In Black got to you first!"

Spider-Man turns and fires a webline towards the crane, then yanks HARD and is slingshotted out towards the ship, using as much air as possible before firing new weblines towards the large antenna to pull himself aboard.


Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra finds a point not being shot at by the gunsmen, though many are already running off too, she sliding down to the ground with the use of a grapnel, rifle being slung over a shoulder. She draws out a smaller hand pistol, levelling it and casually shooting down one of the men that was running in that direction, just turning the corner of the warehouse and hoping to evade pursuit. Bad luck really..

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"Hm. So it is." Cloak replies as he looks over towards the Boys in Blue as Cap and Beast tag team some unfortunate men. He almost sounds surprised, like he didn't expect this to draw the kind of attention from on high. "About time they noticed."

With their battlefield shifting from the docks to the boat, Cloak doesn't wander far from Dagger's side. These are close quarters, and while he may not have much to worry about with guns the same doesn't hold for her. He guards her back, serving as a shield and moving with her while she works at taking down the shooters. When one runs out of ammo and comes charging with a knife, he finds himself swept up into darkness in a swirl of cloak.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The last few gunmen on the dock face down the pair of Avengers. Steve Rogers smashes his shield down on an assault rifle as the gunmen tries to bring it to bear on him. The gun breaking and bending completely in half is testament to the power of the blow, and the punch that downs the gunmen is only slightly more restrained.

Cap turns towards the final man, who saw what just happened to his friend. He drops his gun and holds up his hands. Gingerly waving them so their weaponless state is apparent to avoid being on the receiving end of one of those blows.

Steve lowers his shield, relaxing just a bit as he points to the ground and the man drops this knees, hands on the back of his head. Cap looks over to Beast. "Looks like your friends are taking care of the ship," he says, eyes surveying the field. "JARVIS," he says into his comms, "We're going to need NYPD at dock 20. Tell them there may be a lot of refugees who will need care as well."

Beast and Cap hear within their comms, "Very well Captain Rogers, forwarding to the NYPD now."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There's a grin from Daredevil as Luke breaks the car in two. Julio under laying on the concrete gives up the fight there and then. "Smart man," Daredevil tells him before knocking him out with a punch to the head. Getting to his feet he turns to Luke reaching out to clap hands with the man, "Good timing," he says warmly. He focuses on the rest of the fighting hearing Cloak mention the girls in the boxes. "They've got women in the crates," he tells Luke, moving to try and help with opening them.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage flexes his hands, "Didn't wanna show up too soon and ruin y'all's fun," he says with a half-grin to Daredevil. "Looks like those scrawny ass kids got some good turnout for their bust."

One of the crooks tries to get up and sneak off only to have Luke snag the back of his belt, casually yanking him and skidding him along the ground like a bowling ball, end over end until he lands against some of his fellow crooks.

Henry McCoy has posed:
With the rush of the fight still singing in his blood, Henry takes a moment to take some steadying breaths. The fight is over. No need to continue with the beatings. His eyes remain transfixed on the surrendering thug until he's on the ground. Henry's hands open and close, claws snapping in and out with each extending of his fingers.

A glance to Cap, the blue man nodding. "It would seem so. I'm fairly certain the culprits would much rather be arrested than face further pummeling of those assembled." He responds to the other Avenger. "Thank you for your arrival - it is always a pleasure to fight alongside you, Captain."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Once the acrobatic Spider-Man swings through the air and lands on the deck, he moves into action as he webs a pair of guns and whips them out of the gunmen's hands, followed by a solid swinging of them around to bowl them over across the head. As usual, he sends out a few of his patented quips during combat. "Strike one! Striiike two!" As he cartwheels over a spray of bullets, he lands and slams his fist into the face of the last, knocking him out. "Strike three! Yer' out! Yankees win it again!" As he takes a dramatic bow, he finishes his flourish with a few more sprays of his web to pin the men down.

Tandy slams a blade on one of the locks of the crate, slicing through the metal and tugging it free. "Cloak, we need to stop this boat. Can you take out the captain? We need to make sure there is no one else about."

As she pulls the bolt back and lurches the door open, she lets out a heavy gasp at what she sees within the dark crate. She lifts a hand up to her mouth, emotion filling her face before she holds up a hand towards the women that she finds. "Oh, no.." She breathes out heavily, then steps inside.

By now, the Avengers and the Defenders have successfully taken down each member of the cartel. The NYPD are on their way! The sound of sirens can be heard in the background, followed by the fluttering of a chopper's blades. A spotlight can be seen shining from above to fill the street. It's like a warzone down below, with bullet casings, tipped over cars and one ripped in half.

It's hard to believe that this is New York.

Rami on the other hand, continues to struggle against the tight binds of the web franctically.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
With the men now having been taken down Elektra slides the handgun back into a holster, making way out of the shadows to wander near the other Defenders, mask keeping her identity safe. She nods towards Luke, "A bit late, but always leaving an impression eh?" she tells the man with some amusement before her attention goes to Daredevil. "With NYPD coming it's pretty much time for me to split. But it seems to me things are under control."

A brief chinjerk and then Elektra makes her way back to the shadows.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers moves over to clasp Henry McCoy's shoulder. "Always an honor, Doctor McCoy," he replies. He takes another quick look around the area, making sure that none of the bad guys are escaping apprehension. "Let's go and speak to some your friends?" he suggests.

Steve pulls off his sleek, masked helmet and reaches the shield around to his back, affixing it there as he walks over towards the ship and where the Defenders are gathered. "I hope you didn't mind the uninvited guest to your party," Steve offers towards the assembled heroes. "Heard from Doctor McCoy that there might be something happening here tonight and figured I'd see if I could lend a hand."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Cloak doesn't respond with a yes or no. He just turns to look towards the front of the boat and disappears.

To those with keen hearing, there's a few muffled shouts, a gunshot, and one particularly piercing scream. Within about two minutes, the boat's engine dies with a dull splutter and it falls silent in the water. The deck lights come on in a sudden burst of light to provide illumination across the loaded crates and serving as a beacon to the arriving police from land and sky.

Cloak reappears in a rustle of cloth and a hiss of frigid air and looks towards Tandy and the crates. "Dagger..." But the arriving heroes coming to the boat draw his attention and the shrouded man says in his deep bass, "Parties like this deserve to be crashed. Hopefully we weren't too late."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Daredevil scans the scene returning Elektra's nod. "I'll reach out soon," he tells her before turning back to Luke, chuckling. "No of course not," he says about making things too easy. His senses scan the group around them. "Yeah, a few A-listers too, how come we never get a turn out like this?" he complains good naturedly.

Though like Elektra those sirens means its time to go. "Catch you around, Luke," he tells Cage, before he shoots a line from his baton to a crane and vanishes into the night.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Being a public figure has it's advantages! Henry nods to Steve, giving a wide smile. "Just like old times." The Beast offers over, returning the friendly shoulder clasp. A nod as the other Avenger mentions checking in on the others.

He walks along with Captain America, straightening his own outfit. Presentation is important, after all. "You must be Cloak." He offers to the aptly named man. "Pleasure to meet you. Dagger advised of the issue when she brought in a young woman needing help to the clinic."

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage throws up the deuces to Daredevil as the man in red departs. He strides over to where Cap and Beast are talking, "Gentlemen," he says, "Normally I'd get out of the way of the cops, but I figure if Captain America's around, ain't nobody gonna be hasslin' the local vigilantes," he says with a bit of a grin.

He glances over at Cloak, "You kids did good," he says.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers nods after Henry McCoy has spoken. "Cloak, Dagger," he offers by way of greeting, and will offer his hand to them. "Steve Rogers," he says. "Fine job, saving these people," he tells them. Steve smiles over to Luke and says of the police, "We can certainly try to put in a good word for you, Mr. Cage."

Fortunately if anyone was eaten by darkness, Steve seems to have missed it while he had guns being shot at him, and vans trying to run him over. "Any idea if these people had tried to come over to America willingly? Or where they forced to leave their homes in the first place?" he asks of the people rescued.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"I am. She'd let me know she was calling in some new friends she'd made." Cloak says towards Beast before tipping his head towards Captain America. "Good to see the average people get some deserved attention. I know this is under your paygrade, but it's appreciated."

See, he does have a few thin manners. Some days.

"Bit of both probably. Some people are bought on promises of better opportunities, though I'd say that'd be those who ain't here in the US already. Lot of these girls were probably kidnapped, taken off the street, forced to pay back 'debts'. All of it. Maybe more. Need to ask them."

The arriving Luke is given the faintest impression of a lopsided grin and a bob of his chin before he turns to walk over towards the crates. "Enough talking. Let's get these girls out and not make 'em wait for the cops."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
From within the crate, Dagger has stepped into the dark, lighting up her hand to create a soft glow and to bring forth the faces of the women. Most of them are battered, if barely concious, tied with their arms behind them and gagged. There is emotion rising up in the young vigilante's eyes as she drops down to her knees with a loud 'clank' upon the metal floor. Her hands reach out, furiously working at the binds to free them, and going so far as to use her blade to slice through a few of the stubborn knots.

"It'll be okay." She says in a soft, trembling voice as memories of her own kidnapping comes flooding back. She remembers the fists, the hot white pain between her eyes, the sting of the injection, followed by the near death burning that raged within her gut. By the time she gets to the third girl, she is all out sobbing, her hands franctically tugging at the knots.

"Tyrone!" She screams out, her voice wavering. "Ty!"

Henry McCoy has posed:
A nod is given to Cloak, and a grin to Luke Cage as well. "Mr. Cage. Nice to meet you." Polite, as always, is Henry. "Glad we could help." The furry Avenger offers over to Cloak. "While we can't always keep an eye on every corner, we are always willing to help. There's no paygrade, when there are people in need."

A glance over as Dagger cries out, the man heading over in that direction. "Let me help." He calls over, moving over to help with the ropes, chains and what have you. Claws can make short work of bindings!

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage hears Dagger crying out and frowns, looking quickly to Cloak, "Sounds like your friend needs some help," he says, giving Cap a pat on the shoulders and going in the direction of the outcry. If some help is needed to break some bindings, Luke's m ore than capable of doing it in a snap. Literally.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
There's one benefit to letting Cloak remove bad guys from the scene. It appeases the darkness enough to let him keep his head, and right now it's clear Tandy could make use of it. He walks over to crouch down beside her and places a hand on her shoulder. Against the light coming off of her, it throws the shadowy hand into relief. For a moment then it looks like a normal, solid hand.

"Breathe." He says quietly to her, showing a strange reverse of what seems to be their usual behaviors. "There's time for pain later. These girls have enough. Don't let 'em see your's when they should see light. Come on, get air. We called people, let 'em handle it."

He looks back towards the others, and his parting words are simple but spoken with a clear honesty. "You know where to find us. ...and thanks."

And then with nothing further, he drapes a corner of his shroud over his partner and they vanish into shadow.