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  Jessica Jones  
Jessica Jones (Scenesys ID: 327)
Name: Jessica Campbell Jones
Superalias: Jewel
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: P.I.
Citizenship: Unites States
Residence: New York City
Education: Midtown High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Defenders
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 09 Sep 1995 Played By Krysten Ritter
Height: 5'7" Weight: 124 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @Alias
Theme Song: "Jessica Jones Main Title" by Sean Callery


Character Info


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Jessica Jones was another superhero origin story in the making, tragedy struck when her family got into an accident with a truck carrying chemicals for some shady corporation. Everyone but Jessica died, but when she finally woke from a coma, she found out gradually that she has superpowers. Sure, it's a tragic variant on the superhero origin, but it usually brings out the best of heroes! Except not Jessica. On one of her very first escapades, she was publicly humiliated, before being taken as a slave by an abusive Kilgrave. Long story short, she survived, and she found freedom again. Plagued by PTSD and drowning her self-loathing in alcoholism, Jessica found out hers wasn't a superhero origin story, it was a film noir detective origin story. You too can get Jessica to champion your cause, for the right amount of money, if you go to Alias Investigations located at Hell's Kitchen, NYC.


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* 1995: Jessica is born in Forest Hills, NY. She has parents and a younger brother called Phillip. It's only temporary.

* 2010: Jessica is excited to finally attend High School, feeling like at 15 she's pretty much an adult, Jessica expects to finally taste some freedom. The family decides to go on a weekend vacation to celebrate Jessica next big step in life, but instead of a fun time with the family, they crash into a truck transporting strange chemicals for a shady corporation. Jessica's parents die, her little brother dies, and Jessica herself winds up in coma with severe injuries.

* 2013: Jessica finally wakes from her coma, only to find strangers by her hospital bed. She learns those strangers are her new family, because her old family is dead, and she's been adopted. She's told how lucky she is to be alive, and to have someone to look after her, but Jessica doesn't feel so lucky. It's the first time she learns people will speak any lie to keep up appearances and avoid uncomfortable truths. It turns out that being in a coma for almost 3 years, and waking up to news that your family is dead and you're adopted, isn't good for a teenager's psyche. Jessica discovers Nirvana's music helps her to cope, while her adoptive parents push her to go back to normal life, enrolling her to Midtown High School.

* 2014: Turns out that kids are the worst. An 18 year old freshman makes for an odd sight, which is why the student body of Midtown High were prepared for the situation in advance. Sadly, instead of being welcoming and supportive of Jessica, she was soon known derisively as "Coma Girl" or "The Girl Who Lived."

* 2015: While her adoptive family was largely supportive, school continued to be hell for Jessica as she was bullied, ostracized, and tormented throughout. But light at the end of the tunnel showed up, when the school bully decided to humiliate Jessica infront of everyone, and she pushed him in self defense, only to find out she was somehow stronger, as she sent him flying to the floor. This gave her some breathing space, as the bullying started to die down. Jessica wasn't normal anymore.

* 2016: Turns out that manhandling the school bully gets you breathing space. Jessica used it to work on her newfound powers, any free time after school was devoted to experimentations. One of the first powers she discovered with her trial and error is healing factor, thanks to hurting herself quite a bit. She decided she'll be a superhero, just like Superman, she'll make sure bullies don't make other people suffer anymore. All of her time is spent towards that end. Eventually, Jewel debuts!

* 2017: Jewel kept to small time public disturbances and petty crimes to build herself up, daring little by little to do more, until Kilgrave happened to her. A small disturbance in a steak house became the worst mistake of her life, as Jewel was made to humiliate herself in public, before becoming Kilgrave's slave. She suffered untold abuse, the very hero she wanted to be corrupted as Jewel became a supervillain who did Kilgrave's bidding. Eventually she was stopped by the Avengers, and thanks to Carol Danvers, was given the help she needed. Jessica quit the superhero business, and began an apprenticeship with a P.I. to earn her license.

* 2018: Jessica was working cases, improving her skills, and then one day she worked a case during Loki's NY Assault. Despite a severe case of PTSD, and disavowing of the hero business, Jessica is moved to action by the sight of human beings facing terrifying alien threats. Despite every instinct, Jessica joined the fight in Hell's Kitchen, which is where she encountered people she will one day join to form the Defenders.

* 2019: Jessica earns her P.I. License, establishes Alias Investigations in Hell's Kitchen. She finds out a brand new P.I. has a hard time finding business, and so begins to look for leads, eventually getting to the point of doing some shady work for a ruthless lawyer, who helps get the word out that Jessica Jones at Alias is a terrific P.I.

* 2020: Alias Investigations is finally doing well. Jessica even earns some contacts in NYPD and several Hospitals in the city, further aiding her P.I. work. Jessica herself, on the other hand, isn't doing any better. She still suffers from PTSD, self loathing and guilt, and turns to alcoholism to drown her sorrows. She's a regular fixture at the New York City bar scenes almost all nights. Always in fear that Kilgrave might somehow find her again.

IC Journal

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Brutal Honesty:
One of Jessica's most notable features is her sheer brutal honesty. She will disregard societal norms, etiquette, as well as time and place awareness. If she spots bullshit, she'll call people out on it. If she discovers theatrics, she will call people out on it. "Does that dress make your ass look big? No, your ass makes your ass look big." That level of brutal! Jessica not only is unafraid of any consequences, it seems like she's inviting them openly, like she's hoping one day someone might just shoot her because she offended him too much.

Profanity Generator:
Jessica should be kept away from children, because she doesn't have an adult filter on her mouth. She lives in a profane world, seeing the worst in people in her capacity as a P.I., and so she calls things as she understands them to be. The world is profane, so she'll be profane. No reason to put a veneer on class, when everyone is basically a monster when given the chance. She had lost faith in humanity. As she once put it while explaining her job: "a key part of the job is to spot the worst in people."

There's a reason Jessica wanted to become a superhero when she created her Jewel persona. She saw a lot of bullies, assholes who pick on those weaker than them, rich people who take advantage of the poor. Jessica's good natured heart can't stand it, and having been a victim of bullying herself, she knows how destructive it is and how much it hurts. Jessica will go out of her to stop a bully, perhaps even bullying them in the process, as ironic as it may seem. She carries a lot of anger against bullies, and will make sure such behaviour will not be tolerated in her presence. Even if it's obviously reckless to do so, Jessica will take a stand.

Jessica comes off as a strong independent woman, who will have her way and fight anyone who tries to prevent her from having it. But the truth is, she's guilt-ridden and full of self-loathing. Everyday she hears Kilgrave's words whispered in her head, everyday she sees flashes of him, or what she's done while under his spell. Jessica feels like the worst failure in the history of superheroes, and an embarrassment to anyone with powers whoever stood up for the side of good. She disguises it rather well, but she's in pain, suffers from PTSD and drowns herself in alcohol as a coping mechanism. Her anti-social tendencies all stem from this festering wound, which barely anyone can even tell is there. In many ways Jessica feels invisible, inconsequential, and worthless. Part of the reason she's so reckless and puts herself in danger with her mouth or her actions, is because she wants someone to end her.

When someone crosses Jessica, they'll find her very quick to anger. She doesn't really have too many layers of processing being confronted. She's direct, aggressive, and doesn't suffer anybody's bullshit. Posturing, scheming, passive-aggressive behaviours, needless drama, everything gets shot down quickly and angrily. She may not grow in size like the Hulk, but you still won't like her when she's angry. This is easily evidenced by how often the door to Alias Investigations gets broken any which way thanks to someone she sent flying through it.

Jessica isn't the sort to flinch or back off once she has her mind set. She is steadfast, and she will go after her goal. She will stand by her friend, the few she has if at all, and she will go all out against those who challenge her. Some are put off by her distinctly masculine-like manner of refusing to back off, even when it makes sense. It may be stupid, it may be reckless, but when everything is about to go down, Jessica is the person you want in your corner. She has worked relentlessly to clear the name of clients she believes were wrongly accused. She similarly worked her ass off to produce incriminating evidence on those she was certain did the crime, and were about to get away with it. It's partly why lawyers love to hire her, because she'll stop at nothing to get what is necessary. Jessica is not beyond impersonating other people, going undercover, and outright lying left and right to attain pieces of evidence to make her case bulletproof.

Living in constant fear of Kilgrave, Jessica has learned to cast a whole lot of doubt about a lot of things, until she can verify for herself. She tends to take stories at face value, and on several occasions she returned to clients who were sending her on false errands or under false motives, and told them exactly what they can do, because she wouldn't work their bullshit case. There's also the unsettling feeling she occasionally get that someone may have been sent to her by Kilgrave to spy on her. It's not always earned, but one can never be too careful.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Speed:
While not anywhere on the scale of speedsters, Jessica has a fast reaction time, and can manage such feats as catching up to a driving car, or jump into traffic to save someone from getting hit. She is also faster than a, she isn't. If she gets shot, she'll probably wind up bleeding.

Jessica is capable of subsonic flight. That said, she doesn't often engage in this power, which tends to catch others off guard when she does. She mostly uses it to get to high vantage point for better spying for her P.I. work. She also, kinda sucks at landings, maybe she should just practice more.

Healing Factor:
While no Wolverine, Jessica still has a minor healing factor which allows her to heal much faster than a regular human. She may break her rib one day, and be out and about on the next day. It's also extremely helpful in making her survive her alcoholism, without her minor healing factor, she no doubt would be dead of alcohol poisoning by now. That's not to say she can't get drunk, it just take her a great deal longer, which coincidentally won her quite a few bets by drinking burly men under the table.

Laser Eyes:
"Laser Eyes!? Who said I have laser eyes!? Oh, the dick with the Auston Martin because I served him a subpoena?"

Super Durability:
One of the main reasons Jessica is still alive is that among her powers is super durability, rendering her resistant to injuries compared to normal humans. She can still get hurt, she can get cut with a knife, she can get shot, but the damage would be greatly reduced compared to what it should be. She can get pummeled on quite a bit, and yet stay on her feet and continue to fight. She's like a real life action hero in the sense that an explosion might produce only a 'flesh wound'. She also takes longer to get tired from exertion, allowing her to chase someone for 30 blocks without growing tired.

Super Strength:
Jessica doesn't look strong, but thanks to her powers, she is quite formidable, particularly to unsuspecting idiots. She can lift a 2 ton car and toss it a short distance. She is able to hit people across a room or into unconciousness. She may not challenge the likes of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel anytime soon, but for an unassuming P.I. few suspect has powers, she's strong enough.


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Hand To Hand Combat:
Jessica has been in her share of fights, even before she discovered her powers, it comes from having to fend for herself since High School bullying to fighting heroes and cops for the Purple Man while under his control, and ultimately through her favorite pastime of drinking herself to oblivion, which is a proven way to get in trouble in the seedier side of town. Particularly late at night. She's no Iron Fist, but with the help of her super strength and super durability, she can really handle herself in an all out brawl. The fact she's not afraid to take a punch in the face, helps.

Pi Extraordinare:
Jessica has a gift. She has an eye for detail. She can spot the worst in people. She can detect bullshit from miles away. She is also an experienced private investigator. She is not afraid to go to the dirty areas to find evidence, she's not afraid to employ any means necessary to interrogate suspects. At times she may go undercover, at others she might blackmail with an incriminating photograph, she may even partake in breaking and entering. She'll do whatever it takes to close her case. Unlike most 'heroes', she has no issues with sliding down the moral scales, because human trash doesn't deserve protection.


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Alias Investigations:
The only actual thing that Jessica ever created in her life that was good. Alias Investigations, Jessica's detective agency where she serves as principal (and only, but don't tell her you know) P.I. The bonus in having an office of her own in Hell's Kitchen, is that it means she also has an apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Actually, she may just have converted her apartment into her office. Sadly, the door is almost always in a state of disrepair.

Thanks to her solid P.I. work and bringing several open cases to a close, because of her ability to do things the NYPD could not, Jessica has earned herself some fans among the boys in blue. Several contacts allow her unprecedented access to NYPD intelligence, occasional temporary access to evidence locker and more. Of course she always returns favors. That's how you cultivate a relationship. She similarly gained such helpful contacts in some hospitals as well.

The Defenders:
During Loki's Attack on New York, Jessica was working a P.I. case in Hell's Kitchen. Seeing the nightmare vision of alien armies taking on defenseless people really triggered her. But that level of bullying, she just couldn't allow. Gathering herself, Jessica fought. Throughout the fight, she began to realize she wasn't alone. She found herself fighting along others who joined, or veered towards her from fighting in a different area: Daredevil, Iron Fist and Power Man.

She didn't really know them beyond some rumors and hearsay, but what mattered is they all took a stand and did their share to save helpless people. Some kind of loose friendship was formed. Which soon became the most unofficial team of all times, The Defenders. While they have no fancy tech or government spending money, they have a common desire to fight the good fight and not let people hurt those who cannot fend for themselves. It's not that Jessica wanted to do anything remotely heroic, nor join a team, it's more that Matt Murdock is an excellent lawyer and an expert puller on guilt strings.

While Jessica isn't ultimately too thrilled about being a part of the Defenders, they can count on her, and she can count on them. Maybe next time she'll disappear because of a Kilgrave incident, there would be someone who cares enough that she's gone to look for her.

Tools of the Trade:
Jessica carries essentials with her to do her job, such as a capable laptop, a handy smartphone, and her trusty Nikon D90 DSLR camera.

While not quite essential for a P.I.'s job, Jessica nevertheless has plenty on hand. If she runs out, she gets more, after stopping at the bar for a quick refuel on the way to the store.


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The one cure Jessica found for her guilt ridden self loathing and espisodic PTSD, is to drown herself in alcohol. At first it was a nightly ritual, but it's gradually grew to day time drinking. She's never without a flask, or a Starbucks cup filled with whiskey, bourbon, or what have you. The constant drinking numbs the pain, makes the flashbacks, visions and voices less frequent. It ultimately helps her stay focused, or that's what she tells herself, for the minimal price of smelling of alcohol, and occasionally managing to drink herself to a stupor. Just don't tell her anything, because she doesn't have a problem, YOU have a problem!

Police Record:
Technically, Jessica doesn't have a police record, because nobody really knows about her short lived superheroic persona. But Jewel does feature on police record, thanks to a trail of countless crimes she committed on behalf of Kilgrave. Getting him just about anything he wanted, and settling debts in the form of roughing up those who offended him or just for his entertainment. She was never caught, but there's a description of a 5'7" pink haired young woman in a white supersuit as a major troublemaker who suddenly disappeared.

Jessica suffered a lot in her young life. Lost her parents and brother, woke from a coma three years later to find she was adopted. Started high school at 18 years old, only to suffer ridicule and bullying. When her powers emerged, she thought she'll be like Superman and that her life would turn for the better. Instead she found one of the most dangerous villains, who wound up humiliating her in public, before taking her for his slave. She suffered a year of countless abuse, while serving as his muscle for various crimes about the city. She was eventually defeated by the Avengers, who later helped her get treatment. She quite on being a superhero, but the guilt and self-loathing remained. She is constantly plagued by the whispered words of her abuser, visions of him where he is not, and has violent or paniced reactions to any number of things that could trigger her PTSD. She does a relatively good job of hiding it, but she could use years of therapy, and she won't even go to a session.



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Jessica Jones has 50 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Supporting Luke October 24th, 2021 Wannabe badass chick runs into an elite badass chick
downtime in the park September 29th, 2021 Jess was thinking about resting awhile and forgetting about her troubles, then Bando happened.
Birthday Gets A Free Lunch September 9th, 2021 Jessica crosses paths with June once again, until it all gets overshadowed by the Color Purple.
Is There A Line August 19th, 2021 Jessica and Elektra, round...anybody even keeping count anymore?
Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction July 30th, 2021 A random encounter has a few people talking about stereotypes, and then one seems to be verified about New York politeness.
FLASHBACK: After The Dark July 14th, 2021 FLASHBACK: Jess goes to check on Matt after his first taste of Cloak and Dagger's powers. Along the way she's exposed to the seductive powers of Director Furry.
A Very Jessica Interruption June 28th, 2021 As June and Elektra work a mark, Jessica interrupts in a most Jessica fashion.
And Now For Something Completely Different: Coffee June 10th, 2021 Jessica has coffee for a change. It was a bad idea. She meets an old high school sorta kinda someone? At least she didn't get called Coma Girl, so there's that.
Daredevil's Mirror Darkly May 19th, 2021 The Defenders approach Matt's doppelganger believing they have the drop on him. He has the drop on them and he brought his version of black sky with him from the other Earth. They battle, but the Defenders are too much for doppelganger Matt and his murderous ways. Detained, they have been handed over to ARMOR to be returned to their Earth.
The Torment That Lingers May 7th, 2021 Another bout of PTSD nearly gets Jessica in a world of trouble, but luckily, Elektra was there to save the day. But was it PTSD...?
A day in the life. April 22nd, 2021 Jess comes by to visit the bar.
Dealing With Popups April 4th, 2021 Colleen is one of the Defenders who answers Jessica's call for input about Oracle, as she's concerned over an impending meeting with the mysterious figure.
Popups Are A Plague March 26th, 2021 Jessica gets a scared by a call from Oracle, she fears it might be something more purple on the other side.
Another Day At Jessica's Real Home March 25th, 2021 Tonight on Cheers: Josie Edition, Jessica runs into a surprisingly large and fit doctor. No, she's not looking for dates, but she did have Claire Templeton in mind, because this doctor has some cheat codes.
The Truth About Uncle Oisin March 4th, 2021 No description
Cloak and Dagger meets the Defenders February 19th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger take up an invite to meet The Defenders at Luke's Bar. Matt gets a taste of the dark. Alliances are made. Missions are combined. Cloak is now the team taxi.
Back-Scene: Post Roxxon Investigation February 3rd, 2021 Jess goes to furiously to Matt, sharing her thoughts that Elektra had set her up in the Roxxon investigation.
Consulting An Expert (follow up to January 18th, 2021 After being visited by a demon, Jessica has her world view rattled a bit, and she seeks Matt for his expertise in all things religious.
In Capitalist USA, Jones Catches Up With You! January 3rd, 2021 No description
This Can('t) Go Well December 19th, 2020 Two legendary drinkers (alcoholics) finally cross paths and bond over their life long commitment to drinking. Power Girl goes off her beaten path a little to destress and finds jerks at every corner. Constantine hits on everyone and gets for not paying for any drinks.
Falling Sky: The Lin aftermath December 3rd, 2020 Lin is brought by JJ to Alias and Elektra meets with her there. They discover what's been going on and that there are more attacks planned against the Defenders. Luke's Bar being one of the targets.
The Places You Find In Little Italy November 16th, 2020 Meeting new people in bars
Finding Tommy October 27th, 2020 Jessica Jones and Kitty Pride infiltrate the building where Tommy Lin comes every Tuesday disguised as inspectors for the company hiring the building out from the greedy landlord running it. It's apparently an ambush! They beat their attackers and capture Tommy Lin. Was Elektra behind it though?
Beware of Knockoffs October 11th, 2020 Two Madison High Alumni meet over toys and thugs.
There's A Demon On My Fire Escape. September 28th, 2020 Jessica is woken by a Levian, he discovers waking up Jessica is not a smart choice.
No Sleep For The Weary September 28th, 2020 Just when she thought she could get back to bed after a visit form a demon, Jess gets interrupted by a visit from Elektra, is it better or worse?
Watching For The Hand September 12th, 2020 Shadowcat is staking out a factory that had connections to the Hand, when Jessica Jones jumps her and Grifter offers some advice. In the end, no Hand were capture in the making of this scene.
Meeting The Night Nurse August 26th, 2020 Getting to meet the Night Nurse
What's up, Doc August 6th, 2020 Jessica has a visitor at Alias, someone she recently snarked for the purposes of her own online ads. But online ads work, she got a case out of it.
Where In The World Is Jessica Jones July 4th, 2020 Jessica lucks into a meeting with Thor, kinda sorta invites herself to drink with him, and the two have a candid discussion of few words.
Black Sky: Raid in Chinatown June 9th, 2020 The Defenders plus Kitty Pryde raid the Hand in New York's Chinatown and find a trap waiting for them.
Lunch Time June 8th, 2020 Even at lunch time, you met interesting people in Hell's Kitchen
Roxon / Roxoff May 27th, 2020 Danny Rand and Jessica Jones undercover as Daphne his PA, meet with Roxxon and get the coveted info about the Hand shipment through the harbor. Time for the next step on the Defenders gameplan.
Jessica Comes A-Knocking (on the door) May 22nd, 2020 Jess drops in on Daisy and Matt. Coffee and opinions are shared and it is determined that Daisy is not a call girl.
In Your Head, In Your HeeeEEEEAAAaaadddd May 7th, 2020 Jessica gets another visit from the Straw Man, which she once again sees as Kilgrave. But this time, Straw Man decides to take the mind games deeper, making Jessica start to question her sanity.
Meet and Greet May 1st, 2020 The Defenders welcome Black Canary to the team.
Sometimes it be That Way April 30th, 2020 The Defenders meet at Luke's
Jonesing for a Spider-Man April 28th, 2020 Jessica Jones and Spider-Man meet, and Spidey offers to help Jessica.
Roxxon Over Drinks April 21st, 2020 Jessica and Danny meet to discuss the next step of the Roxxon engagement. Thor stops by, and Matt joins in the end. Jessica was never drunk. You were drunk!
Rogue One: A Burger Place in Westchester April 6th, 2020 Jessica goes about different burger joints across Westchester following the tip she got from Mystique. The search for Rogue continues.
Rogue One: Breadcrumbs carry Mystique March 27th, 2020 Jessica sets up a breadcrumb for Mystique to follow, and eventually gets a tip in regards to Rogue, but for the price of a meet up between Carol and Mystique. But first, she'll need to double check on Rogue.
Following up on Selina March 26th, 2020 Case closed on Selina Kyle - And Jessica's 'Dinner Date'.
Alias Investigations: Selina Kyle - A Charity for Cats March 24th, 2020 Following the case given to her by Dick Grayson, Jessica uses fellow Defender Danny Rand to get into a gala charity for big cats in a gallery in the Empire State Building. She winds up learning everything she wanted on Selina Kyle. It may not have gone the smoothest, but at least it's one less case to worry about.
Hand and Fist March 22nd, 2020 Matt, Elektra, Danny and Jess meet to discuss the Hand, their plans, training, Tae-Bo and mystical Chinese whiskey.
The Fuck Was That Matt March 15th, 2020 Jessica reprimends Matt for getting her trapped into a date with Dick Grayson.
A Bit of Fresh Air March 10th, 2020 A few short days after stumbling into Flash Thompson, Jessica has another unexpected High School reunion when she bumps into Peter Parker.
Rogue One: The Hunt For A Terrorist March 6th, 2020 Jessica brings Carol to Alias Investigations and jots down the case file to start her investigation into Teenage Terrorist Mutant Southern.
Alias Investigations: Marketing Works! March 6th, 2020 Jessica made a gamble by snarking someone on twitter and turning it into a marketing ad, somehow that earned her a shot to work a case for Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne's ward. Good thing Matt Murdock stopped by to season everything with a generous helping of awkward.
Demons Of The Past March 5th, 2020 Jessica sits at Josie's Bar like every other night, but this time she encounters some demons from her past. Whether phantoms or real, like her High School bully, Flash Thompson.
A Blast From The Past February 24th, 2020 Jessica went to chill at Josie's after a hard day's work, when she ran into someone who supposedly was dead. Questions follow.


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Jessica Jones has 50 finished logs.

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