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Zoo Days
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: Central Park Zoo
Synopsis: A yen for hotdogs, a Little Brother, coffee going down the wrong pipe, and other coincidences bring people together. What happens when 5 random strangers stop being polite, and start getting real? The Real World!
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Michael Hannigan, Koga Miura, Grant Ward, Wally West

Viola Fiore has posed:
It's Saturday in New York. A nice enough day for this time of year, a little chilly still, but not too bad while the sun is out. Come afternoon, Viola finds herself done with work, having stopped at a potential client's house to discuss a retirement party for the woman's father. That he's a CEO of a rather large company makes it more than just a small event. But Viola finds out her work planning the Mardi Gras celebration at the Hellfire Club had to do with why they contacted her about the retirement party.

But that is in the past. Viola finds herself with a little time to kill, and right on the edge of Central Park. She wanders into the park, and before long finds herself outside the Zoo. "I haven't been here in forever," she tells herself, going and buying a ticket and heading inside.

A stop is made for a warm latte, the Italian-American girl sipping from it as she wanders through. She reaches the sea lion enclosure and stops there, leaning on a wall to watch the animals, some of them sunning themselves, others swimming about through the water.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
While it may be a bit too chilly for some things. A simple walk is not out of question. Dressed down in his goodwill finest, long hair tucked under a knit cap, Mike does what he can not to be recognized for his rocker persona. Past practices show that it works for the most part. All it takes is to stay out of areas of context, not to wear the same outfits, and adjust some mannerisms accordingly. It also helps that things have been quiet from his end publicly since the Netflix release. Plus he was fortunate enough for OTHER events not to make the news.

Enjoying the feel of anonymity. The entertainer strolls through the zoo, sipping a hot coffee.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Wearing sunglasses and a ball cap, Koga has made his way into the zoo. A first timer, he obviously has a map, brochure, and everything as he looks around. His first stop is the sea lion enclosure, too, and he seems to be looking at them curiously. "Hm... crazy agent. Saying I should go by the zoo and see if they want some publicity or at least see the sights..." He says to himself.

    Apparently he's complaining out loud, "I need to get a new one at this rate... I mean, come on. Zoo publicity shoots? Now where's that tiger enclosure?"

Grant Ward has posed:
It was something he never told many people. In fact, there were very few that actually new that Grant Ward, yes Grant Ward donated a bit of time when he could to a local Big Brother chapter. He had been away for so long on an undercover assignment, so upon his return and a bit of respite time, he decided to take his assigned "little brother" to the Central Park Zoo. The time was coming to an end and the boy's mother was supposed to meet them for the "hand off."

"The boy has an armful of souveneirs as he rushes to his mother, leaving Grant to stand by himself somewhat close to the sea lion exibit. The mother makes her way towards the Agent and a few softly spoken words are exchanged. "Same time next week then Manny?" The little boy smiles and nods as he takes his mother hand and starts to depart, his little voice heard saying. "I saw a monkey touch his butt."

WIthout further engagment his focus takes in his surroundings more closely, spying Viola standing there and taking a few steps over to the girl he had come recently acquanted with. "DO you know that sea lions are are called the /angels of the sea/ because their flipper look like angel wings when they are swimming?" He adds with a head nod. "You travel...you learn things."

Wally West has posed:
Wally has just finished a delivery. (A heart to be transplanted into Eddie the Giraffe if you must know. Some good deeds pay.) Most deliveries end at excessively corporate offices or sterile laboratories. He does get the occasional spectacular embassy or museaum, but in general, the destination is usually boring. This time he gets to refill at a Zoo.

He moseys along with a plastic bag on each arm. One filled with foil wrapped hotdogs (With everything on them natch) and the other steadily filling with empties -- He isn't a litterbug after all. It is an odd sight to see-- The flash in his costume takeing in the fruits of NYC's best hotdog stands.

He pauses to take in a heart warming scene between what looks like a father and his son infront of the sea lion enclosure. He wonders if future him had (has? will have? Time travel makes tenses difficult) moments like that with his daughter.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola takes a sip of her latte, pulling her sunglasses down from her forehead as she's looking into the sun to see the sea lions. One of them waddles its way over to the edge of the water and then... well, calling it diving in is maybe too much. It just sort of falls or slides into the water, but once in there it moves about as gracefully as a bird flies through the sky.

As she hears someone talking about sea lions, Viola gives a little nod of her head but doesn't look yet. "I could see that, they look so graceful gliding through the water," Viola replies.

Finally she turns around, and lets out a soft laugh when she sees who it is. "Grant. Didn't expect to run into you here. Or, are you working?" she asks, glancing around for signs of terrorists rappelling down the stand selling frozen Cokes (because they wouldn't pay for the name Icee), or maybe an alien prowling the zoo paths.

As she looks around, her eyes go over Koga and Mike, giving tiny nods should either of them make eye contact. But her attention ends up drawn by the bright red and yellow costume. As Wally draws nearer, eating his food, she says to him, "That is the most amazing Flash costume. Especially if that is all you beneath it," she says. He is kind of muscular.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
When you're wandering around and with nothing else on the mind. It's amazing the things you can just overhear without meaning to. As he starts to walk near the child switchoff point. Sipping at his coffee. One very unique statement about a monkey's rear end ends up taking center stage.

The cup tilts forward, away from the musician's lips as he ends up coughing. The cup holding hand moves away as he brings an arm up to block his mouth, working to get the liquid out of the wrong pipe.

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant leans against the railing of the sea lion enclosure with his back to the sea lions themselves. He crosses his arms across his chest and watches the people come and go as he replies to Viola, his eyes falling on Wally for a moment. "Working? Well unless you consider apprehending a "Flash" er at the zoo, I am completely off duty and could not be more happy to be so. It had been a while since I had taken Manny anywhere. Being in Siberia made it a bit difficult to toss a football."

His eyes fall to Mike and Koga as well, seemingly lingering there a moment and almost assessing who they are and their /intentions/. It's what he did. Everyone got analyzed for potential threat, he was wonderful to hang out with in large social gatherings. He looks over to the coughing Mike, not fully aware of why he is exactly coughing, but it does warrant a moment of attention. "Oh I hope he is alright. I am comfortable right here." Tho his attention does actually show that he has some concern."

His eyes then slide to Kigo and he watches the man a moment before deciding it is who he thinks it is. "I know him." A hand is raised with a slight finger wave as if to beckon the "

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga had just looked up to try to figure out where he is when he sees Grant and the finger wave. Quirking an eyebrow, he makes his way over, folding up the brochure/map and giving a smile, "Hello. Um..."

    He seems to be trying to work through his head just who Grant is. Or Vi. The flash costume has him blinking a few times, "Huh. Nice costume."

Wally West has posed:
Well someone was going to spot him weren't they? Its all cool public iden -- Wait did she say 'Flash costume?' He is offended for an instant. Plenty of Barry's old foes don't think of him as 'The /Real/ Flash'. Super speed gives him time to rethink his outrage. Of course there are impersonators out there. Of course ordinary citizens wouldn't expect to meet someone as famous as The Flash.

"Thanks. I should hope so." He does a little speed force vibration to indicate that he is infact the genuine article. "Selfies are okay, but I want to be consulted if you are going to use my likeness for promotional purposes."

Now this appears to be club meeting going on here. He narrows his eyes at the "Flash" er comment. "I /am/ right here." Well at least the -massively swole- fellow appears to like the costume.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore glances around after Grant mentions 'Manny'. She must have missed spotting him with his Little Brother, as she asks, "Manny? Is that... do you have a kid?" she asks, glancing around the area looking for a little Grant somewhere. Or a little Manny but one who looks like Grant.

As Wally stops to answer her, the girl's eyes swing back to him. She clearly does just think he's someone dressing up, possibly an employee of the Zoo, or maybe a street busker, even though they probably don't allow that at the Zoo. But then she sees him vibrate like that. Viola's eyes widen and she pulls off her sunglasses. "Oh my god, you're really... reall," she says. "I'm sorry, I just never figured..." she stammers.

The young woman digs in her pocket for her phone after hearing selfies are ok. But then she hears someone coughing hard behind her. She turns around, spotting Mike there. "You ok?" she asks, trying to give his back a couple of pats to help. Viola waits to make sure he isn't choking and needing the Heimlich Maneuver or something.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Hearing Viola's inquiry directed to him, he gives a slight nod in answer. Hs mouth is preoccupied with something else at the moment.

A few more moments of coughing goes by, the instances becoming a bit further and further apart. Mike lingers with his arm over his mouth for a few moments longer. When he's rewarded with silence. He takes a slow breath before lowinghis arm. Shaking his head. All that over a kid's talk of Monkey butt. Geez.

Well good news Drago fans! He is not going to die from this! He looks back over to Viola, giving a small apologetic smile for not answering earlier. "Drink. Wrong pipe." He explains. His glance shifts over to the costumed hero standing nearby. Huh. Didn't see him com- Right. The Flash. That's the idea.

Grant Ward has posed:
As Koga starts to wal kcloser to him, it is clear that Gran't suspicions are correct. It is the man he thought it was; the Japanese racing phenom. Grant actually smiles and pushes himself off the railing, making his way to meet Koga with a hand extended. "No way. Koga Muira? /The/ Koga Muira." Ward actually looks elated, like a small child in a candy store. He then goes into a few words in Japanese **I watched you race so much when I was in Japan. Do you know how much money you won me on off the track betting?"

He turns back and looks to Viola, Wally and Mike and informing them (wther that wanted to know or not) who he was speaking to. "Koga Muira. Do you know how many races this guy has won and the crazy things he has done?" He looks back to Koga and reaching into his pocket, pulls out a receipt that appears to be from some place called "The Wick." and a pen ." Can you sign this for me? Make it out to Grant...if you would."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga quirks an eyebrow at it. And the few words in Japanese, "Um, you're welcome?" He takes the receipt, and the pen, "Do you want it in English or Japanese?"

    He looks at the others, a bit embarrassed, "Yes, that is me." He rubs the back of his head, "My apologies if you do not follow racing. I just restarted my career last year."

    The young man genuinely looks embarrassed by the sudden fan bit of Grant's. Like completely and utterly. It's very sudden it seems. At least it's being a good sport about it, and asking what language Grant wants it in.

Wally West has posed:
He is secretly glad to have that effect on some one. Every one atleast wonders a little what it would be like to be famous. "No its all right." Well he has some free time. Perhaps he ought to get to know this woman. "You have me at a disadvantage here. You know who I am, but this is the first time I've met you. Whats your name? I'm Wally."

Well at least their coughing friend is okay. Drinks going down the wrong pipe sucks, but you usually survive. There does seem to be something about him though. Wally can't quite put his finger on what though. "Hey, you know I know alot of people who dress like you are now when they are trying to lay low. Are you hiding from somebody?"

Ah well can't be the most famous person in the room/ exhibit forever. "Ooh, sweet. I think I saw him do stunts in a movie. Are you just hanging out, or are you here for a thing?" Wally is sympathetic to the embarassment side too. When he first revealed his identity to the world, it was awkward being spotted. People who didn't know him would call his name out on the street.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore gives Mike a relieved smile as she sees that he is alright. The young woman also doesn't seem to recognize him, so Nick Drago can remain in hiding without being revealed a little bit longer. "Glad that you're ok," she tells him gently.

The Italian-American young woman turns back to see who Grant is talking to. "Oh, you are a racer? Is that, Formula 1?" she asks, and looking like she's proud of herself she knew enough to suggest that first. As opposed to NASCAR at the least. Though she recognizes she doesn't even know what types of racing there are, probably.

Her eyes spot the receipt that Grant passes over, briefly curious but not commenting on the familiar location.

Viola looks back finally to the superhero. "I'm Viola," she offers to Wally as he asks her name. "Wow, I'd have never expected to run into a superhero here. Um, thank you. For helping that is. I can't even imagine what it would be like to do something like that," she says. If Wally lets her, Viola takes a self with him.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike turns his head as Grant starts announcing the identity of the other tall guy of the gathering. Getting a general description on what this guy does he looks over to Koga, noting the expression on his face. "Well, it appears that you've brought a bit of joy in to the world through what you do. Nothing to apologize for."

The movement of Grant's hand does draw his attention down to the receipt, recognizing the logo. He's been there a few times. It's near home and kind of neat. Any other reason needed to head there?

When the red clad man looks back over to him, Mike blinks at the question being presented. He looks down to his outfit. "Uh, This is how I usually dress when not working." He answers, "...I don't like overspending on clothing."

He lifts up his coffee to take a long sip. NOT choking this time.

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant seems focused on getting the autograph on the receipt. "Um...Japanese please. Now this receipt is going ot have even more meaning." He does not elaborate on that any further then that. "I will admit, I have not watched any races since I left Japan but..." He leaves it at that and then asks. "Sou you are here in America now?"

He peers over to Viola and her request for a Superhero-selfie and just smiles before looking back to Koga, awaiting the return of the receipt. Ther emust have been some reason he had held onto it, right?

"Are you doing any more racing here now? You have not given it up have you? You are in the prime of you career."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga looks over at Viola at her question, "Not exactly. I race in different competitions. Cars, motorcycles, I even tried a semi-truck once. Personally, I prefer motorcycles but I understand people prefer cars for their safety and a bit more daring."

    He signs the receipt in Japanese, making it out to Grant after a moment of figuring out how to translate it.

    A small smile is given as he looks at Grant, "I only came over on business, and some races here. The season hasn't started up quite yet, but I plan on entering a few competitions on this side. Maybe even do some stunt riding when I can."

    Then he looks at Mike's outfit before he looks over at Wally, "Seriously? I would think the cap and sunglasses would work better on that. It does not seem to have worked with Grant."

Wally West has posed:
Viola. What a lovely name. Of course he lets her take a selfie. "Well I just dropped by the zoo. What're you up to?" While he is here He might as well get to know her a little bit.

Gosh is this guy also a superhero? Wow. Maybe he knows him. "Well, I hope you get to wear something more exciting for work. What do you do for work if you don't mind me asking?" Maybe he will drop a hint.

"Ah well our friend here seems to know you well. Besides, You do look a little different than other men." Wally gestures at Koga's body. There definately are other jacked dudes out there, but you don't see them all over the place.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore gets the selfie with Wally and smiles at him gratefully after. "Thank you. That's so awesome. I can't wait until my friends see it," she tells him. The twenty-three year old spends a few seconds on her phone, no doubt posting it to social media. "Just how fast are you able to go, Wally?" she asks him in a curious tone.

The girl answers Wally's question, saying, "I had a meeting with a client nearby, and was just passing some time after. I'm an event planner. The woman wants me to plan a big retirement party for her father," Viola explains.

She swings her attention back to the other three men there by her. "If I had to go that fast in any of them, I'd probably choose something with car body around me," she agrees with Koga. "But then you probably have a greater desire to go fast than I do, I'm guessing."

Viola looks back to Grant then, giving him a quick smile but not interrupting as he asks the famous racer more questions.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Wearing something more exciting for work. Well, something that's higher maintenance. Probably. Pricier. Yes. But exciting? Well. Clothes are clothes. Mike lowers his coffee cup.

"Depends on the gig." Mike replies, "Music. Some acting."

Grant Ward has posed:
The receipt is taken back and folded neatly, then tucked into Grant's jacket pocket. It is then that his phone goes off and he pulls it out. When he hears the voice on the other end he turns slightly away from the group, buthis words are clearly heard. "Privet Viktor. Da, ya mogu byt tam cherez dvadstat minut tas ze kapyla. Spasibo." For anyone that understood Russian it would come out as (Hello Viktor. Yes, I can be there in twenty minutes. Same Drop. Thank you).

He hangs up the phone and gives the people around him a quick nod as he places the phone back inot his coat. "I am sorry. I need to go help a friend with their taxes. It's what I do. He has not exactly mastered our tax procedure and laws yet. His family relies on his business for everything."

And with that he starts out.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga raises an eyebrow, then shrugs, "I should get going as well. My agent had some sort of photo shoot or something to do with the zoo. I hope it's for charity like he said."

    He shakes his head, sighing, "Anyone know the way to the tiger exhibit? They wanted me off that way, supposedly. And making heads or tails of the map is a pain."

    He looks over at Viola, "A bit. Adrenaline junkie, more or less. Whenever you can go around a hundred or so on a straight away, almost nothing like it. Anyone else need autographs before I move along?"

Wally West has posed:
"As fast as I need to. That said I suppose it is getting to be that time again." Unfourtunately being able to be nearly anywhere at nearly any time means you will be asked to. "I guess I will need to find you again some time."

"Ah well. You must be really good because apparently you seem to be paying the bills in New York of all places. Perhaps I'll see you on the big stage one day." With that he jets. Worlds to save and miles to go before he sleeps and all that.

"Well stay safe racer man. Good luck."