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  Agent Ward  
Grant Ward (Scenesys ID: 740)
Name: Grant Ward
Superalias: Agent Ward
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Military School, Garret's School of Hard Knocks, SHIELD Training
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 38 Actual Age: 38
Date of Birth 07 Jan 1983 Played By Brett Dalton
Height: 6'1" Weight: 171
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Light Brown
Theme Song: (Holding out for Grant Ward)

Character Info


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Agent Grant Ward is known as "Mr. Fun Machine" and the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who follows the book the letter. A field specialist who has often worked alone, Grant has been with organization since his early twenties and has become a respected agent who has taken on a leadership role for newer agents. Despite being a hard man to get to know and havingg a demeanor that can come across as dismissive, it is no secret that many agents breath a little easier when he is on their mission.


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*1983: Grant is born in Massachusetts
*1983-1999: Grant grows up in a home with an abusive set of parents and an older brother who was just as bad. He went through many traumatic and life shaping events during this time that caused him to act out and be quite unmanageable. He is eventually sent to a military school
*1999: Grants goes AWOL from the military school, steals a car, drives 1000 miles and sets fire to his home with his parents and older brother inside.
*1999- 2000: Grant is placed in a juvenile detention center for his act and is eventually approached by SHIELD Agent John Garret. When given a choice of facing maximum prison time or "leaving" with Garret, Grants choose Garret.
*2000-2005: Grant is subjugated to five years of grueling wilderness and survival training under Garret's tutelage.
*2005-2006: Sometime around this time Grant was accepted into the SHIELD training academy.
*2006-Present: Agent Grant Ward has served as a Specialist in SHIELD

IC Journal

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"mr. Fun Machine":
Perhaps it is his past and unwillingness to let people in, but Grant comes off as a very serious person. He has been accused sarcastically of being: "Mr. Fun Machine.", and in most cases this could not be further from the truth. He is not exactly the man you would see on the dance floor or even having fun at all. However, there have been glimpses of a smile from time to time and he even has been known to make a joke from time to time. Perhaps he is not a robot afterall.

By the Book:
Agent Ward is a man who goes by protocol and the book. In fact he goes by the book so often that many believe he actually wrote "the book". Protocol is in place for a reason and Grant is a man who follows it rughgt down to the punctuation.

I Got This:
Grant is pretty confident in his abilities. He seldom questions himself and whatever he determines to be the right course of action he will stick to and execute. It is not arrogance, tho people do confuse it as such; he is just confident in what he is capable of doing.

Papa Bear:
Despite not being hte most social memeber of SHIELD, Agent Ward is very protective of its members. On numerous occasions he has been known to put his own life in danger to see to the safety of a SHIELD agent or a civilian. He will say it is about duty, but perhaps he actually does care?

Tough Nut To Crack:
Grant is a tough person to get to know. He does not usually let people in, choosing to forego deep emotional attachment. In his mind, emotions can be a weakness and to share such things only makes you weaker. However, some have claimed to get past that tough outer shell.

Character Sheet


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Physical Prowess:
Grant is noit considered a superhuman by any means, but he is in exceptional physcial shape. He is able to life more, run faster and perform many physical acts that a normal human would not be capable of matching.

Strong Willed:
Grant is a very strong-willed indvidual. In many situations where many people would passout or mentally crack, Grant is abble to withstand it. It has been said that he has laughed and thrown sarcasm through torture, and has even been able to lie his way through a lie detector exam. In short, his mind and will is stonger than he is physically.


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Master Marksman:
Grant has had extensive training from a young age in marksmanship. He is a well-trained sharpshooter and sniper with a variety of rifles.

Master Martial Arts:
Through extensive training in S.H.I.E.L.D, Grant has become quite skilled in many martial arts forms. A few of the forms he is well-versed in are: Boxing, Eskrima, Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do. Maria Hill herself gave him the highest avaialable marks for his combat training.

Master Spy:
Grant has spent years for S.H.I.E.L.D as an undercover agent, living for months at a time as someone else. He is also well-trained in stealth, disguise and infiltration. Again, Maria Hill gave him the highest marks in espionage since Romanov herself, something he is quite proud of.

Master Tactician:
Grant is extremely skilled in tactical operations and planning. He has planned rescues, ambushes, and a variety of other mission types. Eventhough he is skilled in the planning of tactis, he would much rather be in the field.

Grant is able to speak at least six languages fluently, having learned them to assist him in a variety of missions. Some of the languages he is fluent in are (besides English): Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Japanese.

Grant is skilled in driving/flying a variety of vehicles. Some of these include: car, motorcycles, tanks, helicopters and jets. He has even been known to pilot "The Bus" if ever needed or required.

Having spent five years when he was younger basically living off the wilderness, Grant has developed a set of survival skills that would be considered master level. Grant is able to survive of the land for months at a time, knowing how to hunt, build fire and build shelter with ease.


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Through his time as an agent and being all over the world, Grant has made a variety of important contacts spread through the globe. Many of these are notmission related and people he calls friends, able to assist him "off the record".

Being an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Grant has access to all the latest weapons, armor and tech that the organization has to outfit him with.

It is not well-known, in fact it is pretty much a deeply kept secret, but Grant has some strong ties to HYDRA. If he needed to call upon them for anything at all, he could most certainly do so.

Grant is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and with that has access to all the resources that the organization has; the technology, support and his position gives him the ability to call on it when needed.


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HYDRA will show it's ugly head at some point. His loyalty is divided, but to who do his true loyalty lie? This remains to be seen, but has him playing a dangerous game.

You are not an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and not make enemies somehwere. There are many people through the globe that wish Ward dead.

It's Not Black and White:
Grant is a man who walks his own line. He is not exacrtly good, but he is not exactly evil either. He is somehwere in the middle and will do many things that other agents may not consider doing if it justifies the mission. This has caused some uncomfortable post mission conversations.



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Grant Ward has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Snack Shack March 8th, 2021 Elena and Ward have lunch and negotiate the future reveal of the hither unnamed shop of coffee
Zoo Days March 7th, 2021 A yen for hotdogs, a Little Brother, coffee going down the wrong pipe, and other coincidences bring people together. What happens when 5 random strangers stop being polite, and start getting real? The Real World!
The Right Way To Talk On The Phone March 4th, 2021 A chat on the phone between Grant and Viola
Evening at the Triskelion March 1st, 2021 Ward and May meet up in the rec lounge, heckle a few probies, and agree that everyone just needs to let Frozen go. Seriously.
It Is An Interesting Bar February 27th, 2021 Viola is out drinking with college friends, and runs into a man who may or may not be an IRS agent, Grant Ward.
The Bakery Around The Corner February 27th, 2021 Text messages turn to coffee. And poor Nevel's tongue got stuck in the napkin dispenser.
Thai Food February 26th, 2021 Lara and Grant enjoy some dinner in together after being shot at by crazy weirdos in an alleyway.
Early Morning Hoops February 26th, 2021 Ward and Daisy engage in a little early morning game of one on one basketball at the Triskelion. Loser makes breakfast. Looks like Ward is cooking.
Courier Is Not Just A Font February 25th, 2021 Grant Ward and Lara Croft quietly escort a courier, until he's waylaid and they have to jump into action. Viola Fiore sees the firefight and tries to lend the agents a hand without revealing herself as a mutant.


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Grant Ward has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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