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  Ryu Senshi  
Koga Miura (Scenesys ID: 2474)
Name: Koga Miura
Superalias: Ryu Senshi
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Human
Occupation: Racer/Archaelogist/Consultant
Citizenship: Japanese/US Visa
Residence: New York
Education: University of Japan
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Street Level, SHIELD
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 05 Dec 2000 Played By Masahiro Inoue
Height: 6'1" Weight: 240 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Koga is a Japanese born racer and immigrant with a promising career on a multitude of racing circuits. He is also one of the foremost East Asian archaeologists out there with a penchant for getting into danger. He disappeared for a year to get his degree, some saying after an accident on the track or at a dig site. Secretly, he is the divine warrior Ryu Senshi, wielder of some sort of object that is trapped around his waist and only a name to it of Impure Paragon to go by. Now he fights to protect others and discover what it means.


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* 2000 - Born to archaelogists Fumika and Hachiro Miura in Kyoto, Japan.
* 2004 - Koga begins to show interest in archaelogy and helping his parents around their work camps while being mostly homeschooled.
* 2006 - Taking a more healthy interest, his parents were sure that he would follow in their footsteps and began teaching him how to carefully dust and take pictures for filing. Koga had a few friends among fellow researchers and some in his neighborhood when he was home in Kyoto.
* 2012 - His parents die in a freak archaelogy accident, caused by an earthquake. The earthquake was caused by alien weaponry and a battle between some of the JLA and X-Men in nearby area. This creates confusion and resentment for the young Koga.
* 2013 - With almost no living family thanks to the alien invasion, Koga is able to emancipate himself as well as live by himself and go to school. It's a harsh year as he comes to terms with his parents' death, and he has to fend off a lot of pretenders being aunts, uncles, and other people trying to take advantage of him.
* 2014 - On a dare, Koga takes part in his first dirt bike practice run. He finds he likes it. This is the start of his younger racing career and being an adrenaline junkie.
* 2016 - Koga goes on a few dates and other such things as he goes through high school. He keeps up his archaelogy skills, still on the fence if he wants to race and indulge in the excitement of it or follow in his family's footsteps.
* 2018 - Koga enters university on the side, but decides to be a racer at least close to full time. One of the youngest, he shows a lot of people that he's fit for a lot of things and has a bright future.
* 2019 - Koga is approached by the Jingiin as one of the local experts on his parents' field of lost civilizations. SHIELD and the Jingiin have found something unexplained as far as objects in the Japanese countryside. Koga finds the pictures off, fascinating, and a suspicion that his parents found something before that might tie into it. He agrees to come in to consult. The project takes the latter part of the year, but the interest is enough that Koga takes a break from racing citing wanting to finish schooling as an excuse.
* 2020 - While dusting off various things, Koga accidently sneezed and caused a bunch of the objects to come together like a jigsaw puzzle that completed itself. Worried that he broke it, he tries to pry it apart and ends up bringing it too close to himself. The object enters his body and he passes out. When he comes to, he has been moved to a joint Jingiin and WAND facility as they try to figure out what happened to him. It's explained that at one point while he was unconscious for three months, a bunch of ninjas of all things attacked and he turned into some sort of armored form to defend the researchers. Koga spends the next months of the year jointly between school and Jingiin facilities as he learns of his powers. At the same time he underwent Jingiin training to become a better agent. By the last quarter of the year, he was back in public eye on the racing circuit and having graduated with a degree in archaelogy.
* 2021 - In an exchange program, Koga is given over to WAND and sent to the US. With the recent uprising of activity, Koga's own personal investigation into his would be kidnappers has lead him to New York in pursuit as well. He has since becoming an agent used his racing career as a cover, with Jingiin and SHIELD being careful on his identity to enable him as a negotiator and surprise weapon out in the field.

IC Journal

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Adrenaline Junkie:
Koga has strangely developed a need for excitement and adventure. He fuels this mainly by his racing career, but if something is exciting such as leaping off a rooftop and landing in a superhero landing after transforming, he'll do it. When it comes down to it for him, he'll take the most exciting option.

Koga's bravery is more from a combination of things. He doesn't trust others to do what needs to be done, and prefers running in to get things done himself a lot of the time. His adrenaline junkie nature fuels off of this, and often he's the first one to get into a fight if it comes down to it, or into a situation where people need help if he's aware of it.

Unfortunately, Koga tends to be too curious about things. Outside of his alternate form, he's still just human. And he tends to investigate things that get his attention. Odd things on the track, someone acting odd, even fishy seeming business people. His favorite curiousity is still archaelogy, which is what makes him tick at times. He loves to find new things from different cultures.

Despite having lost his parents some time ago, the shock of having been at the dig site and seeing it collapse with them in it haunts him to this day. He's avoided dealing with it as much as he can, and uses other means to avoid doing so. He's got one hell of a grief issue because of this, but keeps it well hidden behind the rather quiet and sometimes crazily excited personality he has when out in the world.

Koga's parents were killed because of a fight during the alien invasion nearby. No one's sure who because of the sheer chaos of it, and Koga rightfully doesn't care. He distrusts most of the 'heroes' out there on some level. This is despite reputations, news, and the like. It's why he likes SHIELD, Jingiin, and other agencies that are actually dedicated to protecting against the threat. He can see heroes try to help, but often those fights end up with a lot of wreckage among other things. Especially the big name ones.

Character Sheet


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Af: Atmospheric Adaption:
In his armored form, Koga can breathe in any atmosphere that has something to breathe. Water, air, smoke. It's all the same to him in his other form. It does mean he has to have something that can be breathed, however. Being buried alive means he'll eventually lose air, and vacuums such as space are still a no go for him. In the case of exotic elements such as toxic fumes, this will take a bit longer for his body to adjust.

Af: Strength Enhancement:
Outside of his armored form, Koga is a fit athletic individual. In his armored form, this is enhanced so he can life and move around 5 tons if he puts it all into his muscles. It does afford him a punching strength of about a quarter of that, meaning he can put cracks into a brick wall or dent in the hood of a car with it. His leg strength can knock a sizeable chunk out of a brick wall, however, or cause a steel beam to bend. He can also make a jump of about 10 meters (32 feet) in height.

Af: Weapon Generation:
The mystic properties of his alternate form allow him to manifest a few different weapons he can use to defend or attack with. These are in most cases extremely durable. Hand and foot curved claws, a tachi style katana, staff, and a yumi bow with arrows. The yumi bow can fire up to 200 meters (650 feet) thanks to his strength and the draw of the bow itself, but relies on his own accuracy. The staff is more dense than his normal chitin armor, allowing it to survive more pressure and be used for such things as blocking doorways. The katana is sharp enough and durable enough that he can use his full arm strength usually and do such things as slice a car in half or bury it into a steel wall. And the hand and foot claws are only as durable as his hardest chitin armor pieces, making them more useful as a punch or kick enhancer but still able to leave gashes and holes in brick walls.

Armored Form:
A lot of Koga's powers stem from his alternate form. When needed, he can assume a form that is more or less a chitin armor covered form in the shape of a samurai yoroi style armor. The chitin does not cover all of his body in equal thickness, but the thickest parts are able to withstand small arms fire. The inside of the upper arm, thigh, and neck are the least armored just barely able to withstand knives or other small bladed weapons.
Note: Powers specific to the armored form are marked with 'AF:' on the entry.

Enhanced Sight:
Koga can naturally see a long distance in the darkness with little to no light. What has been tested is a clouded night with no moon, he can see roughly a mile away clearly before shapes blur. Underwater, this is further enhanced due to the lack of light and his eyes reacting to such. While a mile is not much underwater, it still allows him to perceive more than most human beings if he is aware of it. His eyes also tend to pick up fine details a little quicker if he is looking at them, but he has trouble picking up this aspect if he is not actively looking and has to know what he is looking at specifically. Such as if he sees animal claw marks on a door, all he will be able to tell is that it is claw marks. Animal hair looks just like human hair to him if it is caught on something, and footprints all look the same as well. Fine details are also harder to pick up in the dark.

Healing Magic:
Koga's brand of magic is rather bizarre, and he has no clue as to it's source other than the Impure Paragon being some sort of power source for it. It does take time for this to work, however, and is not suitable for use in combat. It does help himself and others recover faster, however.
* Healing Onsen - Something that has proven to be a vast drain on the Impure Paragon is this technique or spell. It's enough that Koga loses a whole transformation for the day if he has to use it. Jingiin and Koga are unsure what to call it specifically. It works by dipping someone into a hot bath, hot spring, or other form of hot water that is specifically made for relaxing. Once inside, it works to heal their bodies by speeding up the recovery process. Broken bones mend faster, cuts and bruises heal with little to no scarring, and it can even come close to bringing someone back from the brink of dieing if administered quick enough. The total time one 'set' of this is roughly three hours, with the recovery speed being five times whatever their normal rate is.

* Healing Rice Wine - The other bizarre ability he has discovered is something less so than the onsen above in that he can empower rice wine to heal someone. Sadly, this power doesn't work on himself. No other alcohol works for this, but after he has touched the bottle and served someone a drink with it, their healing doubles for an hour. This takes a quarter of a transformation away per use of a one sake bottle. This only speeds up natural healing, and has no effect on broken bones as an example. Nor will it do more than help speed a sickness or disease along in terms of treating. For reference: One sake bottle is 1.8 liter, or 720 ml. This requires at least two 36 ml drinks. So a traditonal sake bottle in his hands can get about 10 people a bit more on their feet.

Impure Paragon:
The Impure Paragon (or Fujun Shihyou in Japanese) is the name of the belt-like item that is fused to Koga's body. It is the source of his powers, primarily giving him magic and an armored alternate form.

Koga's magic is something that makes him more diverse, but also something that tends to be a bit odd as he doesn't fully understand it and is still discovering just what it can do. He knows it drains the Impure Paragon, but has no clue what else it can do other than some form of healing that he found out when taking a soak in recovery from training.
Note: Magic is detailed under Healing Magic.


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One of the things that attracted the Jingiin and SHIELD to recruit him to study the mystery ruins was Koga's speciality in archaelogy. The odd pairing with his adrenaline junkie nature is strange, but at the same time he's one of the foremost specialists on lost civilizations thanks to having run around with his parents a lot. He can run digs, search for items with the best of them, and even look for traps and other clues in ancient ruins. His particular speciality is the lost civilizations around East Asia.

Koga is a young, champion level racer good enough to gain sponsors. His skill is enough to compete on circuits and drive like a mad man through traffic, even New York City traffic. Notably this is from a combination of his personality quirks (see: Adrenaline Junkie) and his willing to risk some daring maneuvers on the track and off to feed that part of himself. He is also trained by Jingiin as a defensive driver, able to take maneuvers to try to avoid projectiles and other items.

While young, Koga has a few languages under his belt. More reading and writing than speaking on a lot. He can read, write, and speak English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. The latter has a heavy accent to it. He can read and write Korean, Russian, and has a bit of their ancient civilization dialects under his belt. He is slowly expanding this to know more ancient civilizations, but that is coming with time that is split at the moment and more of a past time.

Martial Arts:
Koga is no martial arts expert, but has been trained in a drill method over a year. The majority was the modern JSDF training methods, including multiple disarm techniques. Outside of this, he has been drilled so he can defend himself in a modern sword or staff fight as well as give as good as he can get. He is still unrefined and needs serious training in the regards to the latter two, but can at least take on a small group of untrained thugs and come out with barely a scratch in most cases.

Koga is by no means a sharpshooter, but he can at least hit something pretty darn well at a distance seven times out of ten. Hitting the bullseye, he can do so roughly four out of five. This is with a gun, rifle, and a bow. Particularly he has focused on the yumi bow due to his ability to generate one.

Stunt Riding:
Koga is skilled at performing a variety of stunts on motorcycles specifically. He is able to perform extreme movesets that make most normal people stare and wonder how he did it at times. Stompies, burnouts, wheelies, trick spins. He can do it all and slap together a variety as well. He can even perform trick moves in combat that often surprises people thinking he's just a guy on a motorcycle.


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Koga has recently started to enlist a crew to help him. These are Jingiin or SHIELD trained operatives that volunteered for the assignment. They rotate out on a quarterly basis usually to be with families back at their homes or get some down time, with their cover being employment with Koga's motorsports company. Most of them are just good shots and can defend themselves, but most of the time he has three that fall under driver, mechanical engineer, and technician to maintain equipment, hack systems, and establish or maintain cover identities.

Mobile Base Bus:
This articulated bus serves as a mobile command center and a means to get around easier at least from city to city. It is armored enough to take a single tank shot, with bullet proof windows and serious armor on the pivot joint. The top speed is 112 KPH (70 MPH) on even roads and has serious suspension systems that can ensure smooth rides over long distances.

The interior has been redesigned to fit Koga's secret allies and status. It can seat eight comfortably, and fold out furniture can be moved to sleep said eight, with four being the comfortable. An immersion tank can be used for Koga's healing magic or regular hot showers.

The back end of the bus serves as a workshop/office/armory. Up to two cars and a motorcycle or equivalent of such can be housed and worked on inside. The front end of the workshop has a gaming computer rig with it's own wifi/satellite systems that acts as a hotspot for other devices as well. Hidden under tool chests is an armory enough to rearm most power armors or agents, with a selection of small arms for those that need it.

Monitor Watch:
The Jingiin, while not understanding Koga's powers fully, have made a watch to both act as a communicator and monitor. It can pick up multiple radio frequencies, tell time by the time zone, and also has a GPS tracker tuned to the Ryu Aegis. Besides these functions, a separate screen has a biological monitor including heart rate. Otherwise, it appears as a normal watch. Secretly, the Jingiin and SHIELD use it to monitor his movements. It alerts them whenever Koga transforms as well.

Ryu Aegis:
The Ryu Aegis is Koga's custom motorcycle. Originally a Kawasaki model Versys 1000, it's been modified by Jingiin technicians and Koga himself. Like Koga, it has a dual mode setup. Jingiin technicians have managed to find a way to have it react to Koga's form changes. While the original form looks normal, Koga changing into his armored form will have the motorcycle change to a different color scheme, change the license plate, and get a more offroad feel. Thanks to Jingiin modifications it can also take a punch from Koga himself at full strength before getting a dent, making it an adequate protection if he has to use it as such. Otherwise, the bike has a top speed of around 250 kph (155 mph) and can reach 100 kph (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds. It's also his preferred racing motorcycle for all types of racing with it.


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Af: Clouded Mind:
While in his armored form, Koga finds it harder to think beyond the urge to fight. It's a lot harder to do more than that usually, and often he has to have a singular goal to help himself focus. He is also more prone to anger, violence, and other extremes that are rather chaotic for someone aspiring to be a hero. This focus also makes it harder for his more mystical powers to be used.

Armor's Will:
The main danger and unknown to anyone but the Kami who have influence or created it is that the Impure Paragon has a will of it's own. The will can be woken up from time to time and while it is usually benevolent in acting to protect the current honest, it also happens to want to reunite with one aspect of it's creator. Namely Amatsu-Mikaboshi or his greater aspect of Chthon. If a way to release either into the dimension is available, there is a chance that the armor will react and try to make Koga himself complete, help, or otherwise achieve that result. For this reason Ryujin and Sukunabikona keep a watchful eye over Koga from the divine realms, even if it is only a tiny bit of their divine focus and often just lazy servants since he has only been doing good so far. Even then, Ryujin at least is doing so out of obligation that is lost to history.

Health Hazard:
Overusing the Impure Paragon is hazardous to his health. Using even his healing magic with no charge will draw from his own natural stamina and chi. Too much and he can die. At the red state of the Impure Paragon's orb, Koga ends up drawing on his health. This causes serious injury internally. Muscle seizures, his heart rate skyrocketting, and debilitating headaches. It's all a warning sign to stop. Koga can power through this, but will more than likely be unable to do anything for a day afterwards.

Limited Energy:
The Impure Paragon is not some infinite power source, unfortunately, but it does serve to power a lot of Koga's abilities. The item is best used to assume his armored form as far as energy gains, with the different abilities therein all powered by one 'charge' of transformation. At current he can hold up to five transformation charges. At five charges, the Impure Paragon when it is manifested for transformation has a bright blue orb in the center of the belt. This color slowly degrades as power is used. At green, he has three transformations left. Yellow is two, and red is one and danger zone. It takes half a day to gain one charge for transforming to his armored form as the Impure Paragon absorbs ambient magic. Naturally magical areas such as shrines and temples will speed this up by twice the amount.

Note: See Health Hazard for effects of transforming when the orb is red.

Mystic Contract:
Koga is unaware of this aspect, but the Impure Paragon draws parts of it's power from Ryujin and Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Both of which have a slight influence over the Impure Paragon's abilities. Ryujin can effect the healing magic due to his purview over the seas and water in general. If someone has offended the seas in general or otherwise been a pain in the dragon god's side, he might shut that off.
However, Amatsu-Mikaboshi can be more fierce and fickle in that he can sometimes shut off the weapon generation of a specific weapon. If Koga needs an obvious weapon to do something, he might suddenly find himself with a different one completely. If he needs a sword to keep someone at bay, he may end up finding his claws out instead. If he needs his staff for the reach, he might find himself with the bow. If he needs the bow, he might find himself instead with the sword or staff. It tends to be random if the dark god decides to influence from his prison.

Under Divine Watch:
As mentioned in other Weaknesses, Koga is under constant divine watch from the Kami. Whether it be the one responsible for the Impure Paragon (Sukunabikona) or the one who had something stolen to make it (Ryujin) or the one who instigated it all just for possible amusement and a means to escape (Amatsu-Mikaboshi) there are different deities watching him usually. He doesn't know this at all, of course. Their only judgement so far is how he uses the powers of the Impure Paragon if at all as well as trying to prevent the will of the armor from rising up. Otherwise, they are unable to intervene. Other gods/deity types may even recognize what the Impure Paragon is and try to take it for themselves, destroy it, or attempt to warn Koga about it.



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Koga Miura has 18 finished logs.

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