5594/And Many Future (Literally) Returns!

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And Many Future (Literally) Returns!
Date of Scene: 15 March 2021
Location: Giorgio's Pizzeria - St. Martin's Island
Synopsis: The Titans celebrate Irie's unbirthday, and Steel comes to the rescue when an unknown foe plays the partypooper!
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Bart Allen, Irie West, Phoebe Beacon, Gar Logan, Kian, Natasha Irons

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Technically speaking, it is getting close to the one year anniversary of Vorpal officially appearing with the Titans, less than a month away now.  It's fitting that that fateful day just happens to be April First—Gar probably has a lot of smart quips about that.  In his almost-quite-a-year that Terry has been with the Titans, he has learned a lot of things, and one of the most important ones is that when you must have a celebration with speedsters present, or for a speedster, you need to have a good food source.  Extra if Gar is present, or Caitlin.  Caitlin is currently busy in Themyscira meeting someone under the waterfall, but Gar, Bart and Irie are not in Themyscira… so when the word came that Irie's minus fifteenth birthday was at hand, the Cheshire Cat had the perfect place in mind.
    "Welcome to Giorgio's!" he gestures, not knowing if Irie had already been to this place yet… but the occasion merited the introduction, nevertheless.  To the usually festive atmosphere of retro and arcade, some appropriate party decorations had been added, festooning lamps, walls, fixtures, what have you, and the cheerful staff of Giorgio's—accustomed as they were to being the Titans' 'dealers' when it came to near-infinite pizza—were ready and eager.  A buffet of various pizzas had been laid out, with expectations of renewals being prepared in the oven As We Speak, because they know of The Hunger that young superheroes bring.
    "Got the place all to ourselves tonight—since they make with us what they make on a whole evening, it wasn't too hard to reserve it.  So… birthday girl gets the first pick of pizza."
    And then it dawns on Vorpal.  "You know… since you haven't been born yet, this sort of, in a way, makes it your Unbirthday party, you know…."

Bart Allen has posed:
    Bart Allen would have been the one to let the others know Irie's birthday was coming up.  Photographic memory and looking at a family tree once and well they are there.  It is one of the things he has been okay about not spoiling at least.  He asked Phoebe to make a cake or three and to join him, as he wanted to introduce her to his cousin.  Thinking both girls could use someone their own age to talk to.  When Bart comes in he does look around as if looking for someone.

Irie West has posed:
    Irie hasn't been told where she was going, or why, so this is just a huge surprise to her.  Her eyes go wide upon going in and she gasps, "Oh, I love it!"  She runs up to give Terry a big hug of appreciation and immediately starts hunting down some slices of pizza.  "Isn't your Unbirthday all the days that aren't your birthday?" she asks, grabbing a plate and starting to pile it high with pizza and breadsticks.  "I guess this is more of a countdown than anything else.  T-minus fifteen years and counting!" she says in her best NASA Mission Control voice.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Cake or three.  Easy for Bart to say.
    So there are three cakes: A chocolate cake with mocha frosting, three layer, set with caramel mocha candy cups on the top; a strawberry angel food cake with a light whipped cream frosting and and strawberries piled up in the middle of the bundt, and an egg-free coffee 'wonder cake', since Bart suggested someone might not want eggs.  It's spongy and tastes like coffee and vanilla, and has a vanilla frosting.  She's carrying two of the cakes and the teenager looks around a moment, feeling out of her element in Metropolis.
    It's WAY less depressing than Gotham.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Just imagine Gar's already thinking about ways to address that anniversary.  Another thing he's already doing is eyeing the layout of pizzas, with unbridled interest.  Casually dressed, he doesn't need the costume for this.  In ways, the green already is the costume.
    "Dude, really?"  He squints after Vorpal brings up the whole Unbirthday thing.  It fits, but he's really giving the cat the side-eye now.  "We'd keep these guys in business ourselves if we had an Unbirthday party every day, but I don't think even we could afford that after a while."
    He manages to wait for a few others to get some slices before he takes a turn.

Kian has posed:
    And, not long after the first anniversary of Kían's own appearance on this world.  With Gar and Terry's anniversary, Terry's anniversary as a Titan (as well as his own), Irie's birthday… yeah, this is going to be a busy time of year for celebrations.
    A year ago, Kían would never have agreed to go out to a restaurant like this.
    How times have changed.
    Kían is dressed for an excursion—kilt, vest, pendant, sandals—and follows in happily… or at least happily once the scent of hot pizza hits his nose.  "This iss the place we usually get pizza from?  It smells like it.  I hope they haf the vegetable pizza today—oh, there it iss!"  He loads up with several slices (who knows where someone his size puts it), and is delighted to discover something called 'sweet tea'… to which he adds more sugar.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal chuckles and returns Irie's hug.  "Countdown… that is kind of funny when you think about it.  If you really want to make Wally sweat, just pop out of nowhere at random intervals, look at your watch and then look at him and say '…minus fifteen years, thirty days, two hours and fifty-two minutes.'  Suddenly all of the coffee reserves of the tower will be exhausted."
    He doesn't choose a pizza yet, letting the others go ahead first.  "Hush, Gar, Unbirthdays are part of my culture and I will not have you make fun—rather, I expect you to treat me accordingly and to spoil me rotten every Unbirthday day of mine."  He smiles sweetly and gives the green Titan a wink, when he catches Bart coming in.  "Hey, Bart!  Just in time.  Phoebe brought these delish cakes that are threatening to destroy my waistline just by looking at them."
    He smiles at the healer, seemingly having forgotten what happened at New Year's… or maybe he remembers, and has by now come to realize why it happened, and under what circumstances.  Especially after the Lasso Incident when they captured his Doppelganger.  "They look absolutely delicious, Pheeb… how long did the whole thing take you?"

Irie West has posed:
    Irie has met Kian and Terry before, and knows Bart, of course.  Gar she's only seen around a little bit and knows by reputation, and Phoebe she doesn't know at all.  So it's time to change all of that!
    First she goes up to Gar, somehow stuffing an entire slice of pizza in her mouth.  "Hi!" she says around it, sticking her hand out to him.  "We haven't been formally introduced.  I'm Iris West, but everybody calls me Irie!  We're counting down to when I get to be born!  Isn't time travel fun?"  You can hear the hint of sarcasm in her voice at that last one.

Bart Allen has posed:
    Bart Allen smiles and says, "Hey, you're here, you're going to age, and you deserve birthdays," he offers to Irie, and looks over to Vorpal.  "There is a reason I asked her to make the cakes, you guys have Caitlin to cook, we have baked goods by Phoebe."  He brags a bit on his friend.  He looks about.  "Remind me to check the high scores, before we leave."  He looks over to Phoebe.  "Think you know everyone but my cousin the birthday girl right?" he asks.  Yes, Bart is trying to get Phoebe out of her shell a bit.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan is quick to shake hands with a smile.  "Gar, or Beast Boy, or Garfield Mark Logan when Vorpal over there is feeling catty," he says, dropping his voice while still doing it in a stage whisper.  Speaking of, he looks in Vorpal's direction.  "Hey, what's your favorite musical?  Cats?  And yeah, I know.  You want to be spoiled and pampered.  So typical."  It's a cat thing.  It's absolutely a cat thing.
    Back to Iris/Irie, he adds, "How far in the future was it, again?  I hope I don't get fat.  Please tell me I don't get fat.  Wait, I don't want to know.  It could change fate.  Or… at least tell me if I have a successful movie?"
    He's doing a fine balancing act of pizza slices and other appetizers.  He's done this sort of thing before.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe, for her part, gives a smile to Terry, and attempts to dampen her ever-present aura.
    "Hey Terry—sorry about last time.  How are you feeling?" she asks with a small smile, and looks down to the cakes.
    "Oh… well… being expelled has its benefits," she states with a wry tone, and then she looks to Irie, and gives a smile.
    "Phoebe Beacon.  I'm a friend of Bart's."  She introduces herself simply, and looks to Gar with a little smile, and sets the cakes down.  She looks to the pizzas, and gives a soft humming noise.  "Any with broccoli?"

Kian has posed:
    "I still think it iss weird to celebrate one's own birt'day, but… Eart' iss differen'," Kían says, also helping himself to a slice of the egg-free cake.  "It iss a custom I coul' get use to."  He seems to regard the cake as yet another entree.  One can only wonder what dinner parties on his world must be like….

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal raises an eyebrow and smirks.  "Favorite musical?  I don't think I've got just the one… but sure, if you want to go with Cats for the on-brand thing, why not?  I'm a bit of a Rum Tum Tugger, I might say."  The cat glances to Bart.  "But what you're saying is that… if we got Phoebe and Cait to put on a bake sale for charity as a joint team effort, we'd break records?  That's something to consider."
    "Don't sweat what happened, Pheeb.  How could you know?  Turns out chaos magic gets all sorts of… drunky with, apparently, exposure to healing or divine magic.  I grabbed Diana's lasso and I made a total spectacle of myself.  But broccoliii…"  He points.  "That one.  Right next to the goat cheese one."
    "Birthdays on Earth are a shorthand for 'the special day where people tell you that they are glad you were born', or in Irie's case, they are glad that she will have been born.  Time travel is confusing…."

Irie West has posed:
    Irie giggles at Gar.  "I'm only from twenty years in the future, unlike Mr. Overachiever over there," she says nodding her head at Bart.  "You know I can't talk about the future.  If I did I might erase history or something.  I don't wanna chance it."
    She turns to Phoebe and sticks out a hand at her, now.  "I'm Iris!  But everybody calls me Irie.  Bart has told me about you!"  She points to where Kian is getting his pizza slices from.  "Kian probably the ones with broccoli," she says.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    It's a Birthday.  Phoebe looks to the cakes.
    She gives a wan smile to Terry, and before she goes to claim a piece of broccoli pie there's a hand.
    "Nice to meet you, Iris.  Not sure what Bart told you about me, but I assure you he lies."  She gives a smile, and goes to shake Irie's hand.  There is a pleasant buzzing sensation that accompanies the handshake.  Like a warm hug.

Bart Allen has posed:
    Bart Allen looks over and makes a shocked face.  "Lie, me?  I talk to fast to lie, can you imagine trying to keep lies straight with all I talk about?"  He shakes his head a bit and says, "Besides, no reason to lie, got enough good things to tell people, and enough embarrassing things stored away that have or will happen for years," he teases a bit to them.  He does look over to one of the games.  "Dang it, she beat my score," he says softly, and moves to get himself a few stacks of pizza.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Oh, I get it.  It's gotta be tough being in a time you're not used to, though," Gar sympathizes, a brief nod following as he gives a look at what some of the others are getting into.  "Hey, bird.  Have a little food with your sugar!"
    A slow grin takes shape as he looks at Vorpal.  "Rum Tum Tugger?  I… can kind of see it," he says agreeably, but the thought of him rubbing his chin slowly becomes real after a few more seconds as he chews on a very loaded slice, giving Phoebe a nod as well.

Kian has posed:
    "I do not know which one iss broccoli, I am still figurin' out what iss what," Kían calls back to the suggestion that he's near a particular ingredient.  "All I know iss that usually if it iss green it iss safe.  Or red, or blue, or purple."
    He looks at Gar with a perfectly straight face and advises, "Sugar iss food."

Natasha Irons has posed:
    "Okay, well, that worked," the powered armor says to no one in particular as it floats high above Metropolis.  The armor has a pair of jets in the boots that appear to be keeping her airborne along with stabilizers and gravity devices.  It's really quite advanced thanks to her and her uncle's work.  The hammer is the next thing she tests as she pulls it free, spins it once above her head and throws it.  The thing takes off like a bolt of lightning.
    Unlike a normal hammer, the inertial dampeners in the hammer have it moving at break neck speeds.  It just gets faster and faster.  By the time it is 100 yards from her, the thing is has picked enough speed to make a bunker buster bomb feel inadequate.  She then reaches out and it comes to a halt within moments, turns and races back to her hand.  She catches it with ease and the facemask of black actually smiles when she does.
    "Okay, that's perfect."  She chuckles and nods before she turns to look in the direction of Steelworks.
    "Computer, send me the telemetry from the Hammer."  Hammer with a capital H.

Irie West has posed:
    Irie nodnodnods in agreement with Kian.  "Yes, Gar. Sugar is food.  When I'm done with these pizzas I'm going to totally demolish those cakes.  They look so good!"
    "Cats," she groans.  "I remember the original movie.  It was so terrible and everybody loved how bad it was.  The sequel was even worse."
    She walks up to Kian, and plucks a little green tree from one of his slices of pizza.  "This is broccoli.  It's gross, but you'd like it.  If you see something that looks like this but is white then that's cauliflower.  Which is also gross, which means that you'll probably like that, too."

Bart Allen has posed:
    Bart Allen looks over to Irie and says, "You need to eat your veggies."  He stops as he says this and moves to look in a mirror.  "No white hair, no 1930's haircut… no craving for parsnips.  You are not Max, you are not Max.  You are Bart, you love video games and fun, not crossword puzzles and dullness."

Terry O'Neil has posed:

    So Sayeth The Book of Heroics: For whenever two or more of you are gathered under a superhero moniker, something's bound to go pear-shaped.
    The boom and the rattling of windows in the nearby area signals a premature end to the festivities.  Car alarms are triggered and start going crazy, as they are wont to.
    "The fu-" Vorpall says, having finally chosen a pizza sllice.  The delicacy partway to his mouth, the Cheshire cat drops it back on the plate and races out the door.  "Titans we need to recon!"
    A couple of blocks away, there is a tall plume of smoke rising.  Vorpal stops in his tracks and faces the group.  "Okay… this is what I suggest.  Kian and Beast Boy can be our eyes in the sky and tell us if this is an attack or an accident—the speedsters can dash in and try to assist any civilians out of danger.  I head towards ground zero to provide assistance or, if there's some bogey, temporary distraction while any civvies are evacuated.  If you have a better plan, I'm all ears!"

    A few blocks down the road, the Titans who advance to recon will see that the explosion seems to have happened in the middle of a park.  A massive hole seems to have opened in the middle of the green, blackening grass leaving behind a crater that spews billowing smoke—next to it is the massive, distorted metal skeleton of some sort of park amenity like a jungle gym, warped and damaged by the explosion.  It is hard to see, but there is the suggestion of a figure amidst the smoke… but the more urgent sight is the civilians who lay scattered across the area.  None seem mortally wounded, but there are many men, women and children with in several states of injury- most likely struck by flying soil or rocks.

Kian has posed:
    Kían sighs and puts a forkful of cake down.  "Of course…" he moans  Yup, he's an Earth boy now.
    He shoots into the sky with a practiced flick of his wings and yeah, it's pretty obvious where they are needed: where there's smoke, there's at least trouble.  "I see several injured," he radios down, "does anyone know a safe place to move them until medical help gets here?"
    Meanwhile, he's reaching out with his powers for any sign he can sense—residual electrical charge, radiation, that sort of thing.

Irie West has posed:
    "On it!"  Once Terry announces the game plan Irie is immediately out the door.  Then back in the door to catch her plate before it crashes onto the ground and sets it on a table and then back out again.  For reals this time.
    It takes her less than a second to get to the site of the impact, about another second to assess how many civilians there are and get a general idea, and then a great deal of seconds to actually drag one away from the crater.  "Phew!" pants Irie.  "People are heavy!"  The Speed Force may make her the fastest girl alive, but she is far from the strongest.

Bart Allen has posed:
    Bart Allen nods, and will look over to Irie, and says, "Okay, I will take them to Saint Peter's on the west side, you start with the kids, and get them to Metropolis children's hospital on the south side."  He will make a trip to hardware store leaving money on the counter as he pays for a wheelbarrow.  He takes it to Irie "Use this."  He offers it to her, and then he is off again to start on getting some of the adults taken care of.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Hey, I like sugar too, but—"
    Things happen immediately afterward.  Loud noises, interrupted dining, and a response by those who are unfortunately used to things like this happening.  It's never really expected, but always in the backs of at least some of their heads.
    Gar flinches from the sound and is outside quickly, starting indeed by going high in the form of a hawk so he can describe what he sees.  With Kian up there as well, two sets of eyes are better than one.  The scene is called back down to those with the communications devices to get it, then he sweeps back in toward surface level to see about helping check the sizable hole that's been made.  "Careful, guys.  I'm not sure what this is yet."

Natasha Irons has posed:
    "All right, I think we can cal—"  Then there's an explosion and Steel spins mid-air.  Her eyes scan over to the park where the explosion is happening and immediately the HUD starts spouting off tons of info about what is happening in the distance.  Her eyes scan over the various bits of data before she slams the hammer against her back where it locks into place.
    "This looks like a job for Steel."  She smirks and takes off like a shot toward the site of the explosion.  Her suit carries her in quickly and once above the scene, her shiny metal armor and big red 'S' gives her away rather quickly.  Stealthy she is not.  Anyone familiar with the S knows it is Superman's family crest.  People familiar with it on a suit of armor might remember a hero called Steel who stepped up when Superman was taken down by Doomsday.  Though, reports of that Steel were he was, well, a he.
    "Something in the smoke.  Computer, analyze the figure in the smoke, cross reference with database, search for any signs of abnormal radiation."  Steel then comes in for a landing, blinking as she notices the blurs nearby.  Seems other supers were on the scene.  Steel pulls her hammer free and stares at the figure in the smoke.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    As the speedsters begin the evac, Vorpal proceeds towards the crater.  Irie and Bart work quickly, so their task of evacuating civilians doesn't take too long.  Metropolis medical centers have established protocols for speedsters showing up with injured people.  As a result, an entire emergency team is instantly mobilized the moment Bart and Irie show up.  After some quick discussions, Bart is left taking care of filling out the paperwork and directing the doctors as Irie finishes up with the injured civilians.  She should be ready to get back to the field any moment now.
    "Beautiful work, guys—Kian, can you sense anything?"
    Vorpal standing on the grass, staring at the billowing smoke and trying to make something out of what may lay within.  Then, he notices the armored figure flying in, the 'S' visible and immediately identifiable.
    Terry O'Neil was a fan.  He knows exactly who this is.  Or who this is supposed to be, in any case.  "Wait a minute, that's Stee-"
    And there it is—spiking up on Steel's sensors and Kian's own particular senses, a massive magnetic spike!
    And just like that, a massive piece of the wrecked structure flies towards Vorpal.  "AH!"
    The Cheshire cat summons a construct shield to stop the structure, but it is only marginally successful.  After a moment of struggle, the structure begins to move the shield, and Vorpal, back with gathering speed.
    "Gar! I need a lift, like, right now!"
    And coming out of the smoke, a tall and willowy figure.  It is covered from head to toe in some sort of antiquated armor, its head the only thing visible… ivory-white and with carved features and hair, a metal lance by his side, the focal point of the magnetic activity.

Kian has posed:
    "Kya!  Intense magnetic pulse," Kían reports, pulling up into a hover, "an' I am tryin' to find the source!"
    It doesn't take long; even without his powers, it's hard to miss an armed and armored person emerging from the smoke.  And really without thinking much about it, he automatically reaches out to try to damp down the magnetic field.

Irie West has posed:
    Irie looks surprised at the wheelbarrow in front of her.  "Thanks!  I wouldn't have thought of that!"  She's only had super speed powers for a couple of months, her time, so sometimes she misses the obvious things.  She manages to load two or three kids at a time into the wheelbarrow until she and her cousin manages to get everybody clear of the crater.  She somehow manages to convince Bart to stay behind to fill out the paperwork by telling him that he's the 'older, more responsible one,' and zipping back to the site before he can protest.
    When she gets back, she stops to take in the situation.  Flying jungle gym trying to crush Terry, okay… guy in metal suit with a lance… right, right… Oh!  Lance is doing the thing!  Before anybody can stop her, she rushes up to the strange knight and grabs a hold of the lance, attempting to phase herself and the lance so she can get it out of his grip.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan comes in hot as Vorpal runs into a measure of trouble that Kian is attempting to counter.  In the meantime, without knowing just how much Vorpal might be in danger, he calls out, "Got you!"
    In the process, his form turns to that of a horse, galloping closer.  "Hop on!"  He even has the decency not to make a joke about it, for there's no saddle and everyone knows the term for riding a horse without one.  "Steel?" he repeats, or at least finishes with the identification as the woman draws near.

Natasha Irons has posed:
    "Hey!" Steel calls out and then immediately throws her hammer.  The thing flies like a Mack truck right toward the giant armored pale monstrosity and then she calls it back to her hand quickly and steps forward.  "Your fight is right here!"  She nods her head and suddenly shoots off.  She can see the blur of a speedster trying to go for the weapon so she goes for the head with her hammer.  The whole process takes less than ten seconds and she's aiming a hammer slam right for the thing's head.
    "Come on, Tall, Pale and Ugly!"  After her swing she'll not land but rather float to keep herself on eye level with the thing and grip her hammer in both hands.  "I didn't plan to kick anyone's ass tonight but ya know what they say about the best laid plans."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "My savior!"  Vorpal jumps onto the horse's back and they manage to make a getaway.  "Hi-yo Silve— wait, you're not silver, you're green.  What's a green metal?  There are no green metals, aren't there?  Just metals that get that patina effect, like copper.  So… Hi-yo Copper Patina, away!"
    As the duo swerve away from the path of destruction, the structure ends up smashing against the public restrooms structure, destroying most of it but ending its path of destruction.
    Irie's strategy combined with Kian's suppression is extremely effective!  The tall thing was about to summon another structure when it finds its magnetic powers waning, and then snatched out of its hands by the cunning speedster.
    As Steel swings her hammer at it, an armored arm comes up to try to protect its head—it moves with amazing celerity and is able to protect its head, barely, but as a result the willowy figure is sent sprawling across the grass, parts of its armor falling away from it as it rolls.
    It finally reaches a stopping point, and tries to prop itself up again, its pale face turned upwards towards Steel, fixed in a surprisingly melancholy expression.
    Vorpal suddenly starts, and maneuvers himself into a standing position onto the galloping Gar, managing it with excellent equilibrium.  "It… it look somewhat familiar…."
    There's little time to say more, as the figure gets to its feet and leaps into the air, managing to cover a great deal of distance.  It is clearly trying to take Steel down, but without its lance, all that it has is its pale, ivory-white hands with roughly-carved fingers.

Kian has posed:
    Kían is relieved to not be the target, but that doesn't mean he wants someone else to be!
    Instead, he tries a magnetic tug, to try to pull the intruder back down to the ground.  Or slow him down a little.  Or something.  Not towards the hole, that might give him an escape route.
    Yes, the bird really is thinking strategically, a little at least.  Something must be rubbing off.

Irie West has posed:
    "WOOO!" cheers Irie, holding the lance aloft.  "I got it!"  She turns around to face the construct, but sees that he's in the air.  Not much she can do with him up there, so she bounces on the balls of her feet waiting impatiently for him to land.  When he eventually does so, she whips the lance around, pointing it butt-end towards the knight.  "CHAAAARGE!" she bellows and runs full tilt right at him.

Natasha Irons has posed:
    The look on his face gives Natasha the briefest of pauses and as such she ends up taking a blow to the arms.  She goes down, like very slightly.  Not as in she falls, just physically her posision is lowered.  She drops the hammer to the grounad and rears back to punch the thing right in that face before floating back to see if it'll fall.
    "What are you?"  She then looks briefly at the others and at Terry specifically before looking back to this strange… construct?  The Jury is out on Natasha's opinion.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    There is no response to Natasha's question, only that fixed expression.  For a moment, it looks like it is about to leap again, but Kian's powers ground it hard, and it finds that it can't get any of that air time!
    This works to the home team advantage, as Irie's thrust with the lance's butt impacts the figure from behind, propelling it forward and into Steel's punch.
    The area is covered by a rain of ivory-white pieces, as the figure disintegrates under the punch, its metal armor flying away in disarray, only to dissolve into thin air like burning paper.
    Something similar happens to the lance that Irie is holding, so that nothing is left of the creature's existence, except the massive hole and the destruction it left behind.
    Beast Boy and Vorpal pull up to Irie and Steel, the Cheshire Cat leaping off the horse and running towads the speedster and the armored wonder.  "…nice combo, you two!"  He approaches Steel, and glances at her.  After gesturing for Kian to come down, he addresses her.
    "So… I'm Vorpal, and these are the Titans.  You are… a Steel, I presume?" he says, holding a hand out, wondering a little too late if that means he's going to get a crushing handshake.

Kian has posed:
    Kían spirals down only after the flying pieces of… of whatever it was have evaporated, although he first does a lap around the hole to see if it has any emissions he should report.  Predictably, he asks, "What was it?" although he doesn't look like he expected an answer, or that he expects to understand any that he gets.
    He bows in greeting, introducing himself, but otherwise rather paying more attention to his surroundings, as if he's trying to get some sort of read on what happened.
    There is also the occasional glance back to Giorgio's, where his cake is still waiting for him.  Sugar is a priority.

Irie West has posed:
    "Yes!" cheers Irie when the knight disintegrates, and then, "Waugh!" when the lance she's holding suddenly falls apart leaving her holding a bunch of air.  She turns to Steel and tells her, "That was sweet!  Gimme five!" and holds her hand up in the air for Steel to smack (which was probably a bad idea, considering how much it stings).  "I'm Kid Flash.  I can't believe I get to be here to meet you for the first time!"
    With that cryptic statement said, she raises a hand.  "Hold on."  She disappears into the pizza shop, and reappears a moment later, holding a plate wrapped in tin foil.  "Good job!  Have some cake!  This is the strawberry one," she says, handing the plate over.  "You don't have to eat it now, because of secret identity stuff, which is why I wrapped it in foil, so you can take it home."

Natasha Irons has posed:
    A blink as the thing begins to disintegrate.  She stares in disbelief for a moment before she simply pulls her hammer up and puts it to her back.  She turns her gaze to the crater before shaking her head.  She then looks back over toward Terry as he speaks up and then to the others in turn.  Kian gets a nod and Irie gets her high five.  Though it does indeed sting a bit regardless of how well she holds back.
    After taking Terry's hand, she carefully shakes it though there is likely a degree of strength there that makes it uncomfortable.  She then pulls back.  "I am Steel," she states definitively.  She then looks around.  "It is good to meet you.  Each o—"  She pauses and blinks at Irie and takes the plate.  "Oh, thanks."  She smiles at Irie and nods before looking again to Terry.  "Any idea who or what that was?" she asks.  She then looks to the side as something starts beeping and then frowns.  "I have to go."
    A small device appears in her hand and she tosses it to Terry.  "Here, call me if you have information on this thing and if it'll be a further threat."  She nods her head.  "We'll be in touch."  She then raises up.  "Good night and…"  She looks at it and then to Irie with a nod.  "Thanks for the cake."
    And with that, she takes off into the sky, not flying as fast as she normally would.  After all, cake.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Steel—awesome!  I'll make sure we keep you in the loop of… whatever we find."  And on that note, the Cheshire spots something by his foot.  It is small, and white, and he bends over to pick it up and, as Steel flies away, he stares at it hard with a puzzled expression.  "What was it, Kian?  It was… Curious…."
    After a few seconds, he slips the small object, shaped in the form of a horse's head with a round base, into the pocket of his tights, and turns around to face his team-mates.
    "…okay, you guys go back to Giorgio's and get back to celebrating.  I'll stay here to provide the authorities with a statement…"  For, indeed, sirens are heralding the inevitable arrival of the law and paperwork.  "Save me some slices.  This might take several forms to fully explain what went on."