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Broken Mirrors: Novgorod
Date of Scene: 18 March 2021
Location: Novgorod, Russia
Synopsis: SHIELDvengers and the Titans assault a secret facility in Russia, manage not to mangle international law too horribly, and rescue some of the Red Room cadets, but find more questions than answers in the process.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Bobbi Morse, Janet van Dyne, Clint Barton, Koga Miura, Victor Stone, Vivian Vision, Gar Logan, Terry O'Neil

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
For weeks the trail of the traitorous Black Widow and abducted Red Room cadets had run cold. Whatever that jet was that they flew out on, it was incredibly hard to track. And then things got even more complicated. The traitorous Black Widow contacted SHIELD, except she wasn't a traitor? And she had intelligence for them? The spider's web seemed to be getting more and more tangled but on the chance she was telling the truth there was little choice but to follow it up. That intel lead them here, to a mothballed Soviet era complex on the shores of Lake Ilmen in Novgorod, Russia.

Meanwhile, Nadia had taken a piece of broken metal from the supertech jet, after Bobbi smashed a quinjet into it, to Raven. It was unlike the younger Titan to turn to magic or her scariest of teammates, but she was at the end of her rope. Dark magic though was able to trace its way through time and space wending its way to the same facility in Novgorod on the shores of Lake Ilmen.

On the outside, the facility itself has largely been let go and become somewhat overgrown. A small complex of buildings on the shore of the lake, creeper vines slithering up their walls and long grass in between them breaking through the old pavement. A series of docks in the lake itself slowly being overtaken by slimy algae. Finally, there is an airstrip, that is surprisingly free of nature's other reclaimation attempts. Sure there is long grass and weeds around it, but the strip itself seems quite usable if old, terminating at a pair of weather worn thick metal doors leading into what one can assume is some sort of underground hangar.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The first thing Bobbi does is take the SHIELD symbols off of her clothing. Natasha requested they be loud, make a scene, but also get the girls out. So, SHIELD cannot be seen doing this operation. Given the other people present.. that's probably not going to be an issue. Besides, today - she is The Mockingbird.

    Bobbi pats Clint on the shoulder and says, "This could go any number of ways. It could still be a trap. I know you don't think so, but I am required to think so." She nods to Koga, "So if things get weird.. our primary object remains to be noisy and rescue the girls. Whatever Natasha thinks she's up to.. that's her business today. Identification off. Clint - you're Hawkeye the Avenger. Koga - you're a ... mutant I guess. And I am Mockingbird."

    "We're not SHIELD today. If the Russians or the Red Room catches us, SHIELD will disavow us - so... don't get caught. Understood? I know we're throwing you in the deep end here Agent Miura. This is very much sink or swim today," she says. Not the best of pep talks - she needs them to know how dangerous going up against the Red Room is. "I've synced our tablets. Extraction points and cloaked quinjets are standing by to get the girls out. Any questions team?"

    The quinjet they are in sets down, the stealth remaining in place. Bobbi checks over her equipment and loads her dual ICERs, one on each hip. Staves on each hip. Split cloak on her back and tactical glasses on her face. The ones with the yellow border. And the silly belt she was given with the M for a buckle. She is.. Mockingbird.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I'm not SHIELD any day," Janet comments. "It's so nice not being fettered by responsibility. Isn't it?" She sits in the back of the Quinjet as regal as a queen, legs crossed and one glove removed so she can work at her nails with a soft file. The tablet computer on her thigh is open to some European news site specializing in haute couture design.

Some women knit to cope with stress; Janet preens and reads fashion mags.

She's kitted out for working though, in a black bodysuit with segmented gold plates. It's a classic look and an effective one, thermal lined for the cold Russian landscape.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint is in his Avengers combat uniform today, Black and purple with tactical plates over vital areas. So the ID thing is not a problem to begin with. Bow is currently compact and in a sheath on his leg, quiver full of arrows on his back. He's pacing up and down the cabin of the Quinjet like a caged tiger, wondering just how much trouble they're about to get into.

As he passes Janet, he shakes his head, "That might be a little too relaxed, given what we're about to do." His path takes him back over to Bobbi and Koga, where he nods to the younger agent and says, "You'll do fine. Try not to get shot too much. You know what to do, or you wouldn't be here."

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga nods, then smiles a little, "The Jingiin said there would be days like this. Besides, not like I can't hold my own. And they had a name for me with them. I still hate it, but it will do for today. Just use Ryu Senshi or Ryu if you need me to smash something." He cracks his knuckles.

"And I'll apologize that I'm not as impressive as the Hulk or Thor in the mean time."

Koga's pretty well dressed warmly, just has a warm motorcycle helmet and his motorcycle to get around quicker. Which has to be odd. The custom built ride is being checked over by himself as he looks at various parts to it. Taking a peek out the window, Koga hums. "So, noisy huh? Can you drop me near the airstrip? And do we happen to have anything loud I can borrow?" He grins at the others, "No weapons on the Aegis, and I am sure we want the attention."

Seriously, Koga's grin might be a bit scary. As he obviously has some ideas if SHIELD stuff is involved, too. Young agents and their thrill seeking, no?

Victor Stone has posed:
In the Tower garage, Vic guns the T-Car straight at Vorpal's rabbit hole, then screams through it to a skidding stop on the Novgorod runway, just in front of the hangar doors. There are, in fact, twin lines of flame in the car's wake: he installed the little grease jets and the pilot light to get that effect personally. His door pops open, then one metal foot hits the ground and he peers over the top of the car at the blast doors.

"I'm guessing locked," he says, with a slight smirk. He taps a few buttons on his left forearm, and the car emits a loud 'bwip bwip' double chirp, but instead of the door locks engaging, the trunk area unfolds into a big-ass, high-tech cannon. "Don't stare directly at the beam," he says, before a blindingly bright beam lashes out, beginning to carve the sparking, molten outline of a rectangular hole through the metal doors.

It might not have been locked, sure. But they can get through it either way, now.

Vivian Vision has posed:
From the moment the Titans began planning their operation Vivian has been looking up every bit of information about this particular patch of Russia. If anyone needs to know the average rainfall, temperature or just about any trivia she now knows it. Although what use it'll be to know rare swans were spotted after a century-long abscence is hard to say..

"We should assume there is an entire secret base underground," she notes via the T-comms. "And that they will scramble forces to intercept us shortly."

Rather than throw up a holographic stealth field she instead reaches out her more exotic senses. Looking for signals traffic and trying to ensure no-one locks onto the T-car with anything which might prove deadly to the more delicate occupants.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan makes a little more space for the ride over, which is a very short one thanks to the rabbit hole, by simply being a dog. Of course, this dog has his head sticking out the window as they pass through. "Whoa! Sudden temperature shift! Not cool! Scratch that! Super cool! Shiny, you're on fire! Literally!" He does his best point at the flames licking up from the tires upon arrival, then he hops out and turns back to normal, in costume, waiting for the door to be opened up in Vic's fancy-schmancy way.

"I guess we could have knocked, but what if they don't accept solicitors? I forgot my Avon nametag back home. Oh well." He paces, rubbing his arms. "Sometimes I think I should add shoes. This is one of those times."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Let them send bozos after us," the Cheshire cat says, examining his claws. He is wearing a parka on top of his uniform, and a black T-shirt with red characters that make a small paragraph that reads 'Moskau, Fremd und geheimnisvoll, türme aus rotem Gold, Kalt wie das Eis- Oh ho ho ho ho!'

He thought it would be appropriate and ingratiate him with the natives.


"But Viv and I can throw invisibility and illusions. I'd like to see them throw something at us that we can't handle!"

Famous last words.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia tries not to look directly into the super laser, but it's just so pretty! Luckily the helmet of her Waspette armor can compensate for such things. Nadia is riding shotgun next to Cyborg, because she's the one who knows what they are looking for, more or less. "Yes! The jet is probably through those doors! Also there will probably be elite soldiers with science guns waiting for us." Nadia notes as the T-Car careens straight towards the opening created in the doors. If making noise was the objective, it has been accomplished.

The T-Car bursts through the doors, down a long ramp and into a large underground hangar space containing not one but three very large very high tech looking armed passenger jets painted with a Soviet era aesthetic. The space is large enough that it must clearly run under the lake. Around the hangar a handful of technicians stare in apparent shock for several moments before one shakes it off and hits a panic button. Red lights begin to spin and flash as the entire complex is now aware of the breach.

The scene is visible to the landing definitely NOT SHIELD quinjet. Something jetting out of a sudden portal, has made a smoking ruin of those reinforced metal doors at the end of the runway. Apparently someone else has arrived and decided to go in loud as well.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi stares in wonder as the T-Car appears. Her smart glasses track the signal on it and she says, "Titans? Why are the Titans here?" She looks back to Janet, Clint and Koga. "Well, that makes our job a little bit easier. We will try and sneak in via their coat tails. If they're going to be loud and noisy like that -- we're going straight for the girls."

    She smiles to Koga, "Though if you want to join in and make a bunch of noise, make sure they know you're a friend so they don't shoot you - or worse," Bobbi suggests.

    She grins at Janet and asks, "A wasp, a Hawk, and a Mockingbird go in to a secret Red Room soviet era dilapidated base. What could possibly go wrong?" and then dashes out of the quinjet. Her foot falls on the snow crunch as she makes her way to the main building. Two drones rise up in to the air above them and present tactical 3d mapping of the area straight to Avengers gear and SHIELD gear alike. Over comms she says <According to our intelligence, this building has an elevator leading down in to their facility. I doubt it'll come when we call it - so we'll blow the doors open and fly or belay down. Or, however it is you get around Hawkeye>

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet buzzes into the air, the size of a dragonfly, and hitches a ride on Bobbi's shoulder. It takes a few moments for her to cycle her communicator through to the Titans' frequencies.

<Titans? This is The Wasp,> she informs them. <I've got three others with me. If Waspette is with you guys, tell her she's grounded. We're taking the...> she glances at the 3D image and points a tiny finger at the entrance. <Elevator access and push down into the facility. Can you pull their attention off of us?> A beat. <Uh, over.>

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint follows Bobbi towards the building, pulling the bow from it's sheath and expanding it to full size. A button press on the bow attaches an explosive head to the arrow in draw position in his quiver, and he prepares for agressive lockpicking.

If soldiers arrive before doors, well, the arrow can always hit the ground near them for blast wave shenanigans. Explosives are handy that way. He's not tied in to Titan comm frequencies, so has no idea that Nadia is there, or grounded.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga shrugs, "Works for me."

    He sees the Titans, then starts his motorcycle. He goes quietly at first, then takes off once the hanger doors are open. On the way, he shifts forms. Black covers him and his motorcycle is already shifting to a green and gold paint job to match him, complete with an asian lung dragon to match him.

The black is laced with gold that grows out to form over him, turning him into some sort of monstrous looking samurai. Leaning forward on the changed motorcycle, Koga guns it hard. The reason he brought it? Serious speed from the looks.

Once in the hanger, he heads for the nearest individual that doesn't look like a Titan, is one of the SHIELD agents, or pointing a big sciency gun that's definitely hostile and seeks to just run them over, along with anyone near them. Then he comms, << Hey, someone mind telling the Titans that I'm friendly? Just realized I don't have their frequency. >>

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic drops back into the driver's seat, revs the engine, and then accelerates over the fallen plate of door metal with a resounding metal clang. The T-Car plows through furniture easily as he blazes a trail into the secret base. (If we're being honest, he's probably going out of his way to plow through more furniture than is strictly necessary to get from point A to point B.) When the alarm goes off, he grins broadly at Nadia in the passenger seat and says, "Cool! Disco lights."

Then Wasp is on the comms, and he answers in a blithe, conversational tone, without missing much of a beat: <Oh, hey there, Wasp, this is Cyborg. We actually left Waspette in Metropolis. She was really focused on her experiments and we didn't want to distract her and risk an explosion.> He has so much experience covering for various sidekicks and children from dystopic parallel future trysts that it just comes instinctively now. <But we can absolutely make one hell of a distraction.> He pauses for a second, then adds, <Are we doing 'over' as, like a Cold War kitsch thing? Because you haven't actually had to say 'over' for a few decades now.>

Off comms again, he winks at Nadia and says, "I think your mom is gonna want to kill me now." He brings the car to a screeching stop amidst the supertech jets, then continues, still conversational, "Should we just start blowing stuff up? Or show up the olds when it comes to the real objectives, too?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
<Would you like me to co-ordinate our communications and electronic warfare efforts?> Vivian offers over the T-comms channel. She can after all dedicate portions of her mind to each task without impacting her ability to move and fight. Plus she has linked into SHIELD and Avengers channels in the past. <As well as any scanning or mapping efforts.> It's hard to say if a covert SHIELD team will accept that offer but it never hurts to ask right?

Inside the T-Car she looks around at the rest of the team. "I wonder if this coincidence is the result of some sort of magic," she muses. "I will try to gain access to their computer systems, provide concealment within an area and provide some combat support if required." It's unlikely the Red Room have any unsecured wireless networks but she starts to look for them anyway.

Gar Logan has posed:
Beast Boy reaches out to lightly whap at the back of Vorpal's head. "Dude, you should know better than to say stuff like that." Then, Vic's gunning it again in the T-Car. "..hey! You're leaving without me! Us!" Fortunately, he can fly quickly, or turn into a very fast creature such as a cheetah. In this case, he goes with the big cat to see about catching up. "Which way are we going? Down? And of course Avengers people are here too. Because that's the way these things go."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Hey-- don't look at me. I wasn't doing anything!" Vorpal says, raising his hands in a defensive gesture when the alarms go off. Following after with Gar, he frowns, "That looks like the 'Vengers... aaaand that's the Wasp over the comms," he whispers to Gar, "And Nadia's in t-r-o-u-b-l-e it seems!"

He taps the comm, "Vic, if you want a distraction, I can be your one man distraction party, and the rest of you can go on with the objective. I'm pretty sure that I can take on whatever's coming... I mean, there's a lake above us, isn't there?" he grins, looking upwards and clearly thinking something... mischievous. "I can prepare something for when their reinforcements arrive..."

He does resist from saying 'HI MISSUS NADIA'S MOM!' over the comm, because that would probably led to Janet Van Dyne ending him right then and there.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The elevator shaft is located easily enough. The building housing it is one of the smaller ones, the underground operations always having been independent of the surface cover. Clint's explosive arrow is indeed a very aggressive lockpick and takes a sizable chunk out of the front of the building. Inside flanking the elevator on either side are two Spetsnaz looking soldier in the latest helmeted bionic assist uniform combat suits with very advanced looking carbines, who begin to return fire with energy blasts.

Meanwhile in the hangar, similarly outfitted soldiers begin to swarm into the large space, as at least twenty of them fan out in an arc to take advantage of a flanking angles, opening fire on the T-Car and its emerging occupants.

<Wait what? Grounded? Why?!> Nadia's voice crackles over the comms almost at the same time as Cyborg's. <I'm just trying to save...> It is almost like what Cyborg says suddenly registers. <Yes, I am not here.> The signal from her Comm vanishes like she is not there. Nothing to see here. She exits the T-Car as a tiny Waspette dodging around the incoming energy beams. A pair of energy blasts from her gauntlets catch one of the Spetsnaz troopers in the knee servos, causing them to freeze up and the soldier to fall over.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    If you're going to have a secret base with a run down building on the outside and a disused airstrip, really, you shouldn't post guards on the ground floor. But then again, they may still have known we were coming. Either way, they really know we're here now. Bobbi glances up and to the left in her tactical glasses menu interface and activates her wings. The floopy split cape hanging from her back snaps in to wing shapes and she lifts off the ground, doing a tumble to the left in the air to avoid the fire as her hands pull out dual ICERs and she starts returning fire with the far more human dendrotoxin rounds.

    <Barton, blow a hole in that elevator shaft> she suggests and then asks <Is there any way we can loop everyone in.. I know there's,.. menu.. options for linking to the Avengers channel and the Avengers can somehow link to the Titans.. whew, wish I had Quake with me right now>

    She lands behind a pillar, pauses, puts her ICERs away and draws out her stun batons. A small smirk crosses her lips and she suggests <Janet, you get the one on the left? I'll get the one on the right?> She turns abruptly and charges the man with a shoulder barge and a stun baton to the groin.. zzzzAAp.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I'm on it," Janet assures Bobbi. "<Viv, I know you're listening. Loop everyone in on a common channel,>" she bids the synthezoid. "<And tell Waspette that she needs to be faster on the subterfuge if she's gonna pull a fast one on me.>"

She breaks from Bobbi when Mockingbird dives and pivots, buzzing swiftly towards the guard on the left. Despite her refined mien, Janet's combat methods are anything but elegant. She appears from nowhere with a driving knee-strike for the guard's jaw and supports his head with a strong grip to prevent him from crashing to earth too loudly. A moment later she vanishes with another buzz and fluttering of her wings, lest someone take a chance at a snap shot at her.

Clint Barton has posed:
Hawkeye was about to shoot the other guard, but when Bobbi puts out a plan, he switches arrowheads to another explosive and blows the elevator doors open. He follows up with charging forward as the second guard is being dealt with and dives into the elevator shaft, flipping over to fire a grapple arrow into the ceiling.

He hooks the cord from it onto the specially designed pulley on his bow and quickly lowers himself down until he reaches the roof of the elevator car. Opening the hatch just a touch, he drops in a flashbang, waits for it to go off, then opens the hatch and drops down into the elevator. <<Hawkeye is in>>

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga meanwhile roars at the Spetsnaz. Physically yells at them, then guns his bike and tries to run over some of those flanking the Titans. That arc is just so run over material that it's pitiful. He even has his headlights on, for crying out loud! And shining brightly on the Spetsnaz!

    Not to mention when his bike goes from 0 to 100 in a pair of seconds, not a lot of time for them to react. Once he goes through about five, he skids to a stop, and yells again. Then he pops a wheelie to go through another few.

    Of course, if anyone actually knew him, they might even say he's having fun doing this. Seriously, targets to run over, a lot of speed? What's not for the young SHIELD agent to not love whenever it can be disavowed as such? He does try to keep an eye out for anything heavier than a rifle pointed his way, however.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic pops out of the car, looking a little bit like a black Robocop and consciously leaning into it. He immmediately starts blazing away at the attacking guards with his arm-mounted sonic cannons. They're nonlethal, because hero; they're deafening, extremely painful, and likely to stun to unconsciousness because //impatient// hero.

"Vorp, BB, you're with me," he calls out. "Keep these goons off the geek squad while they get what they need from the jets." Once the passengers have disembarked, the car will 'bip bip' again and project gray-violet energy shields to protect itself from most incoming attacks. Vic is downing guard after guard when some guy on a motorcycle comes roaring in; he peers at him in confusion, then says over the combined comms Viv have set up, <If you're one of the Wasp's friends, could you stop actually //killing// people for a second?> His voice is... terse, to say the least. <We're supposed to be the good guys here.>

He adds the stranger to his HUD as a neutral for now. The response to his currently-polite currently-request will help him settle on a more defined role for the cyclist shortly.

Vivian Vision has posed:
To make it a little safer to exit the vehicle Vivian projects several decoy T-cars all pulling to a stop and then has each of those disgorge holographic heroes like they're very heavily armed clown cars. Giving all of the guards a lot of fake targets to shoot at and hopefully spreading out some of the fire.

"I am interested in checking those jets to see if there are any backdoors into the computer network," she volunteers. "So I find that plan of action to be acceptable Cyborg."

<Confirmed. I will link everyone in.> And so she does. <As for contacting Waspette there seems to be some static on the line. Hiss hiss crackle buzz pop.> And yes. She did say those sound effects out loud..

Meanwhile her physical body begins heading towards the closest jet. Directing short pulses of laser energy into the weapons of any attacking guards as she goes. There's no real need to dodge incoming weapons fire, wrapped up in a holographic invisibility bubble, so she makes any energy weapons carried by soldiers equipped with advanced sensors her priority.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Hey, did you guys see..?" The cheetah lifts a paw in Koga's direction, but that's about as far as it gets as the response from within begins to take place.

Beast Boy makes a show of rolling his feline head as if loosening himself up. "Take out the guards? Yeah, I can do that." It's the only precursor to him racing into the fray, leaping and striking two of them as a tiger instead, roaring at them in case they have any bright ideas about trying to fight back.

Springing away, he attacks another as a wolf and rips the man's helmet off before driving him to the pavement to help knock him out.

As a bear, he swats two more into the nearest wall. "You set 'em up, I knock 'em down!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Yessir!" Vorpal leaps to action- with a combination of invisibility and a creation of illusory doubles to confuse the enemy. Anyone trying to hit one of the illustory Vorpals with energy will be disappointed, as the cat is crouching close to the ground and instead creating Anvil constructs to land on each foe in a carefully coreographed version of the anvil chorus.

~Quiiii del gitaaaano il giooorni abeeeelllaaaa?~ sings a chorus of voices coming from pretty much nowhere, the *dings* of the falling anvils in rhythm with the music. He and Gar have very different styles, you might say.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The guards who had been sent to the elevators are quickly dispatched with the lightning precision of trained agents and those accustomed to working together. Once the elevator doors have exploded inward, Hawkeye repels down in the wake of his flashbang until he comes into contact about halfway down with the elevator that descending the deep shaft. It wouldn't be hard to get on top and ride it down, though the cable that keeps the elevator suspended just hanging there like that... It would be a shame if something happened to it.

Filtering up from down below several voices can be heard, along with the sound of orders being barked in Russian. Though many footsteps seem to be moving away from the chamber below, likely towards the commotion in the hangar.

While Koga manages to hit a few of the heavily armed and armored soldiers, several high energy blasts come flying straight at him and his bike as they present the most clear and present danger.

That is of course until the Titans force has finished extricating themselves from the vehicle and starts going full bore. The sonic cannons blast back several soldiers, knocking them about but they don't actually seem to lose consciousness, likely due to some sort of sound dampening in those helmets. Several energy blasts fight their way in Vivian's direction as well before the holographic decoys begin appearing making targeting more difficult. Still it is not hard to pick out the enemies that actually appear to be physically dealing damage and several soldiers take air at the bear even as Gar is carving a swath through the soldiers around him. ...and then it is raining anvils, this is just not the best day for these soldiers, they did not sign up for this.

Nadia doesn't answer on the comms, because she is not here, very much not here, can't be grounded because she isn't here. Yeah that ship already sailed. She does however physically nod in Victor's direction before zipping off towards a different jet than Vivian to investigate.

Meanwhile loud mechanical sounds and thuds can be heard from the far side of the hangar, near where it would be assumed the entrance to the rest of the base is as two large mecha-like robots reminiscent of Robocop's ED-209 crash through the wall followed by a few more soldiers and begin opening fire. One of which fires a missile at the T-Car.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi dusts her hands and slides her batons back in to their holsters. "Hey Janet, you free for drinks after this - I really need someone to talk to about my dumbass boyfriend and how he can't help but utterly screw things up again and again. That old chestnut," Bobbi asks as she walks over to the elevator Clint has blown open and her wings curl to make room as she drops down. They are anti-grav, so her descent is controlled. The last little bit, she drops with a *clunk*.

    There's a fancy pants security system locking the doors shut and she steps over the guard bodies that Clint has dropped in order to bypass it. And by bypass she means gripping at the doors and pulling them apart. Bobbi got _strongk_ since Janet and Clint last went in the field with her. Steve Rogers kind of strong. The elevator doors yield with unhappy groans gaining them enough room to squeeze out and continue down without having to blow the elevator cable and dropping Clint probably to his death. Bobbi drops down in to the darkness to the bottom level. Her wings stabalise her in front of the doors there and she suggest <Cover me> and proceeds to pull them open too.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet flits through the first gap in the doors with no effort, barely the size of a housefly. Pym-tech powers are useful for a lot of things, but in terms of reconnaissance and observation it's pretty hard to beat being fly-sized.

The singing produces a wince. "<Chingada! Callate, que malo cantante!"> Her Spanish isn't flawless but the tone sure is-- directed at whomever's doing a one-person symphony over the now-communal comm net.

She zips ahead of Bobbi to the next door she pries open, priming plasma in her hands to fling a bolt of energy at anyone foolish enough to take a potshot at Bobbi while she's negotiating the door.

"<Wasp here, we've reached the lower levels via access elevator shaft. Continuing onwards. What's your vector, Titans?>"

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint is crouched to the side of Bobbi, aiming an arrow at the gap in the doors as she rips them open, ready to shoot anything that starts shooting at her. Once they are open, he'll follow her out keeping an eye out not only for soldiers, but cameras, turrets, etc. Never know what sorts of things will be built into a secret base, after all.

<<Mockingbird, if you can do that, why did I have to blow up the other doors?>>

He moves along in a semi crouch, not so much for sneaking, because, you know, alarms going off everywhere, but more to be a smaller target should something shoot in that direction.

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga, meanwhile, has to change tactics on the fly. Especially as he has to go very low to avoid those energy blasts. At high speed. There's a screeching sound, some spark-looking bits, and a sliding monster samurai on said motorcycle sideways moment as he barely avoids the blasts, or mostly. One manages to clip one of the horns on his helmet and another on his shoulder armor.

Righting himself after he bowls through the ones actually shooting on him, he guns the motorcycle again and circles the hanger wide to use anything in there as cover for a moment. Once he gets behind something for cover. At least until he sees the ED-209 lookalikes. << They are wearing armor, you know. And heads up. They have their own back up. >> He pauses for a moment, checking the damage. Which doesn't look good on that side. << Also, do not get hit even if you are armored, children. I can take small arms fire, and they took a chunk out of my shoulder armor by a glance. >>

He moves his shoulder around quickly, making sure everything seems to work right since it was just an outside plate that took the hit. Then he looks at the ED-209s and fights the urge to face palm. << Hey, Mockingbird, can I request heavier gear for these situations? I feel pretty underpowered right now. >>

Then he revs his motorcycle again before speeding out. This time he zig-zags around, doing quick turns to avoid energy fire and heading for the elevator. << Anyone in the elevator still? I need that cable. >> He states as he gets closer, and a sword appears at his hip that he pulls out. The thing looks to just.... grow out of his hip, oddly enough. And looks pretty sharp.

Victor Stone has posed:
Horrified, Vic leaps between the incoming missile and his beloved car, firing a cable with a powerful electromagnetic clamp on an intercept course with the explosive projectile. He catches it, swings it around in a grand arc, and then deactivates the magnet to send it flying back at the mechanized walkers that fired it. "Do not even THINK about scratching this paint job!" he yells.

He wanted to play nice, he really did -- but there are some things he simply will not stand for, and a threat to the T-Car is near the top of the list. He stomps to a halt, hunkers down, and extends a battery of grenade launchers from his shoulders even as his own violet shield springs into being directly ahead of him. In moments, an entire barrage of RPGs starts to spew over the top of the shield on helical contrails of smoke, screaming through the massive underground space toward those titanic walkers.

Still, he wouldn't be where he is in the Titans if he couldn't mentally multitask under pressure. <We have clearance, Clarence,> he answers Wasp wryly. He peers at the motorcycle guy as he zips past again on the way out, lip twisting at the condescension. <But seriously, our main obstacle down here is your dumbass friend. 'If I'm armored' -- Jesus.> He's honestly packing enough ordnance not to worry about the walkers, and if they get really nasty, there's always extra oomph in the T-Car.

Vivian Vision has posed:
<Many members of the Titans are college age or older,> Vivian notes over comms when Koga calls them children. <Also we have all been in combat situations before. So feel free to support your team below ground. We can handle two crude combat walkers and any number of Red Room operatives.>

Using phasing to get inside the nearest jet as quickly as possible she hunts around for the controls. Looking for weapon systems, computers that could link into the base and anything else of interest.

Sadly most of the weapon systems would put the other Titans at severe risk if she fired them. But the jet itself can still prove a potent weapon. The engines are pointing at the Russian re-enforcements after all and the wash from powerful jet engines can flip over cars!

Everything she sees inside gets recorded for future study. Especially the advanced looking Matryoshka jet hidden inside. While virtual Vivians commence full on electronic warfare attacks via any open channels.

Gar Logan has posed:
"What if I thought about scratching it, yo?" Beast Boy calls back, but this is just before he actually sees what Cyborg is doing with the rocket and then the RPGs of his own. Whistling, and if you've never heard a bear whistle you now have, he adds, "I was just kidding about that, really. Don't erase me."

The bear is then shot at and it snaps him out of the moment, leading to him going in for another round of non-lethal attacks using a variety of animals to do it. The numbers of their opposition gradually dwindle.

Let them see just what the Titans are capable of when pushed.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Man, I almost feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to threaten Vic's baby," Vorpal says. He doesn't take offense at Janet's criticism- after all, what does a human know about proper caterwauling? Besides, he's on Goon Squad Management detail, so he has other things to worry about.

The anvils are replaced by a human-sized pinball ball construct, which is animated by magic and is sent careening from one goon to another. His illusion magic provides the special effects and the score tallying. "So Vic is playing battleship, I'm doing Pinball Wizard, and Gar is playing Altered Beast Boy. If we had Impulse with us, we'd have Sonic The Hedgehog with us!"

And then he lets out a yowl as a blast gets /way/ too close to him, and he ducks for cover. "I forgot we were playing by Calvinball rules..."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The infiltration team seems to be in luck as most of the base's forces are currently redirecting towards the hangars. There are indeed cameras and even an auto-turret guarding the door, though they are easily dealt with by a succession of quick arrows. The trio of soldiers left behind offer little more resistance than the ones up above did. The room branches off into a number of hallways, one seems to be labs and medical, another seems to very obviously go to the hangars as that is where everyone seemed to be headed, while a third seems to lead towards training areas ultimately terminating in what looks like a large gymnasium type space at the far end, still lit up like it was in use just before the attack, or perhaps still is.

The missile was perhaps a poorly calculated choice on the part of the walkers, but it is too late now as it is hurled back their way by an angry Cyborg. The weapon impacts one of the machines with a large explosion, blowing its leg to pieces and sending shrapnel in all directions lacerating some nearby soldiers as well, while the machine itself falls forward. The second giant robot walker meanwhile perhaps to Victor's dismay also opens up towards the T-Car (and the Titans around it) with high powered Gatling lasers in each arm. Koga's motorcycle claims a few more soldiers but they seem tactically adept enough to not clump up. Spreading out however is not much better as they become targets for a game of human pinball while others are mauled by When Animals Attack! Russia Edition. Their numbers have thinned out for the moment, but it is likely only a matter of time until more reinforcements arrive. Time is of the essence.

<This is weird.> Nadia's voice actually comes on the comms, <It's like there's space for another smaller jet in the bottom of this jet, but it's not here. Like it was a matryoshka doll jet or something... a Matryoshka Jet.> A pause, <Still not actually here.> Silence again.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi grins and climbs up in to the facility behind Clint and Janet and stares at the smoking turret and dropped guards. "Well, first of all. Explosions are much faster than I am. Second, I was kicking that guards butt. Third and the most important, it was way cool." She grins and pats his shoulder, then draws out her ICERs and moves to the wall.

    <Elevator shaft is clear Ryu, sounds like you're making friends up there.. right?> she replies back to Koga using his chosen call sign.

    A quick glance up in to her control systems the little menus pop open and track her eye movements, she directs the drones to fly down the shaft and join them. The two drones fly quietly down the corridors feeding a map back to the Avengers.

    "Alright, now let's end this game of hide and seek. Hey, quick question Hawkeye. That younger Hawkeye in the Titans. Any relation or just a fan of the OG?" The drones reveal most of the facilities combat staff are making their way toward the hangers. No surprise there because "Those Titans are doing a fantastic job," she comments.

    Then the drones find the training facilities with warm body signatures. "Looks like they're this way." She makes an under arm 'move up' gesture and starts her way carefully down the hallways toward their targets. She sends the drones in up through the vents to get some visuals on the gym before they enter. She doesn't want Janet walking in to a trap either. They're in deep now - if this was a set up by Natasha, now is the time at which they'd be utterly screwed. She holds the faith that Clint is right and Natasha is still Natasha.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint grins at Bobbi, "Well, I suppose I should thank you for that. Got no super strength, can't fly, just shoot a bow, if I didn't have cool points I'd get nowhere at all."

Glancing at the map on his wrist computer (of course he has a wrist computer, he works with Tony), he makes his way along after Bobbi and her drones, arrow nocked and ready as always.

"Just a fan, she's a good kid though. Heart's in the right place, they're lucky to have her. And yeah, seems that they came prepared for a frontal assault, so we got kind of lucky there. It's almost as good as if we had planned it."

When they reach the gym he combat rolls in the door, scans over the cadets and their trainer...

.. And shoots Natasha right in the chest, violent arcs of electricity crackling out from the arrow.

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga zips out of the hanger, sword attached to his side at the moment as he heads for the elevator. <A little. Oh, I heard that. Team ops weren't exactly in Jingiin training 101. Especially for this kind of fight.> The good news is his bike's fast. The bad news would be if anything is outside that can fire at him.

That being said, once Koga gets to the elevator, he uses his sword to cut the cable and hold on to it. Then he heads back towards the hanger with said cable in tow, with it being pulled along. He makes sure to pass the hanger door's big old hole once and until the cable at least feels like it's all out before looping back and heading for the interior of the hanger again.

<Hey, Titans. Got a present. Want to wrap this up so we can go help with the rescue?> He says into the comms. He's so glad he figured out his helmet doesn't have to move so he can talk into those things.

Victor Stone has posed:
<You know better,> Vic answers Gar wryly, surveying the devastation his barrage has caused to judge the need for a second salvo. <These guys? These guys are //learning//.> There's a cold edge to his voice, and his preference for nonlethal means notwithstanding, it's probably a bit of a relief that the 'guys' undergoing the tutelage in question are just big machines, incapable of terror or pain. They are, it turns out, capable of being blown to bits and setting an important example for others.

And yet, the one remaining is shooting at his //fucking car again//. Cyborg's second salvo of rockets fills the space with even more smoke and the angry roar of their engines as he batters the remaining walker with propelled explosives. Simultaneously, he moves slowly to put himself and his projected shield between the car and the incoming volley of energy blasts; it shouldn't have to weather the attack long enough to fail. He also keys his enhanced vision over to infrared so that he won't lose track of his targets in the haze.

<So... on the off chance that anyone is handy with some shrink tech,> he says, purely speculatively, of course, <Any chance we could just miniaturize one of the jets and chuck it in the back seat?>

Vivian Vision has posed:
<Perhaps there is something in the flight logs to indicate where it went? You do not think they have already escaped do you?> Vivian muses as various subpersonalities take a crash course in how to fly a jet. <There is a vehicle inside this jet. Sending images to you now.> A slight pause then she adds. <Vorpal do you think we could take this home with us? If not I will just wait until we're about to retreat and then use it to damage the other jets beyond repair.>

Hopefully the Russian jet has stealth engines or else the hanger is going to be pretty darn loud about now. Not to mention all the chaff and flares Viv is launching. Partly to see what various buttons do and partly to stop anyone blowing up the jet she's in unexpectedly.

There's no attempt to take off, but hanger door permitting Viv does try taxi out onto the runway where she'll have enough room to safely fire the jets weapons to scare off any incoming re-enforcements. It also makes another extremely obvious distraction.

If the hanger door is blocked she'll just try turn to point the jets weapons at the mechs. Or whatever is left of them. And hope she doesn't crash into too many things. But hey it's not her jet. Who cares if it gets a little dinged up...

Victor Stone has posed:
<Hear what you want, Speed Racer,> Vic says mildly over the comm. <It's an open channel.>

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Drones zip through the hallways making their reports. More reinforcements are getting closer to the hanger again. The infiltration team breaches the gymnasium and without even the slightest hesitation Clint puts an arrow into the chest of a woman who appears to be none other than the missing Natasha Romanov. Not even giving time for her legendary reflexes to react, electricity from the arrow crackles across her and she goes down in a tazed heap at least for the moment. The six Red Room cadets who she was training in the gym are pretty battered and worn out though according to intel that's pretty normal for an advanced Red Room training session. Six though? Weren't there more than that last time? It seems Natasha's stories of dwindling numbers were true or maybe there's another reason...

Victor's energy shield is able to protect him from the brunt of the damage until his own rockets find their mark staggering the robot before it topples backwards from the force of the jet engines coming online while the remaining soldiers continue to be mauled and pinballed.

<Flight log data, well I found the Black Box, maybe that will have something.> Nadia seems to have come to terms with probably being grounded at this point. <..Mockingbird> She may have been about to say something else but there is a save. <How are things on your end? Did you find them?! Is Ying there?!>

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi gets to watch Clint do his Hawkeye thing and she grins, "Damn. That never gets old Hawkeye." She steps in to the gym area and says, "I snova zdravstvuyte, damy, vse na bortu ekspressa iz Rossii?" (Hello again ladies, all aboard the express line out of Russia?) She finds an open area and takes out two beacons, setting them down on the floor. She steps back and says to Clint, "Wait for it."

    Above in the sky, cloaked quinjets hover patiently until the signals alight. Their position is slightly adjusted and the two Mouse Hole devices are dropped. They hit the building roof top and start to burn as bright as a small sun, drop through to the floor and burn through that too.. then down through layers of dirt, heavy steal reinforcements, cement, and eventually burn perfect holes through the ceiling of the gym leaving four vertical shafts up in to the sky above.

    <We have the girls Waspette. Thank you Titans, you have made this mission a whole lot simpler. Mouse holes successfully deployed. Quinjets, drop the lines and rapid ascenders> Bobbi instructs.

    Long black lines drop from the sky down in to the holes, all the way down in to the base gymnasium and Bobbi motions to the girls, "Vystraivaytes' v liniyu, po odnomu voskhodyashchemu elementu kazhdyy." (Line up, one ascender each).

    Bobbi turns back to Clint and looks at Natasha, out like a light. "I don't know what game you're playing Natasha.. but you'd better have some good answers or Fury is going to be pissed." She nods to Clint, "Best you take her up. And Hawkeye.. once you get up top, secure her properly please. We're doing this by the book. Fury was already doubtful this mission was a good idea and a lot of variables aren't adding up..." like why Natasha would send them here just to capture her.

    Bobbi starts helping the Red Room trainees in connecting the ascenders and *woosh* up they go one by one in to the quinjets above. Bobbi wasn't joking when she said she intended to get the targets out before making things loud. But making things loud first worked wonders for them. Her eyes scan over the trainees and she frowns <Waspette, that's a negative on Ying>.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods and takes the time to zip tie 'Natasha's' hands and feet before pulling a small syringe out of a pouch and injecting her. He's taking exactly no chances on her waking up while he's got her slung over his shoulder, as he likes his neck unbroken.

After the girls each ascend to the waiting quinjets, he picks up the unconcious Natasha, secures her over his shoulder and takes an ascender in hand before looking to Bobbi, "Do we need to look for Ying, or are we out?" Depending on the answer, he'll either go up for good or take Nat up, handcuff her securely and have someone stand guard and come back down.

Koga Miura has posed:
Well, Koga's original idea is kinda lost thanks to Vic blowing up stuff. But hey, he can make do! Pulling the elevator cable, he bundles it up outside the hanger. Or rather coils it. Then tosses it in and whips it, making sure it's on the side that doesn't have friendlies. His purpose? Make one hell of a mess for the bad guys to deal with as those elevator cables are a little heavy. And all that jet wash is sure to be of use in doing so!

A pointed look is given towards Cyborg. Only one who could fit the bill. Koga actually takes a deep breath, then, <Time to get out of there, please. By the way...> He takes another breath, then starts singing over the comms. <~Kaze mo furueru heapin kaabu, kowaimono kato go, go, go... ~> He's not singing loudly, but he does go all the way through the Japanese Speed Racer theme song. Literally all of it while extraction is going.

Koga turns his bike in the mean time and heads off, roaring down and using the off-road versatility of his motorcycle to head for the pick up point.

Victor Stone has posed:
Time to put Vic's multitasking skills to the test. As Vivian's plane turns to taxi out of the hangar, he starts backing away from the all-out assault and pops up a remote interface for the T-Car. The vehicle sweeps through a two-point turn so that it's pointed out of the hangar as well, drops into its lowest gear for maximum torque, then fires a grapple to attach to Viv's jet so that the car can tow the plane out of the hangar. It'll also go ahead of it, and he can operate its onboard weapons by remote to clear away any obstructions.

Like, for instance, those hangar doors. He laser-blasted a hole large enough to admit a car; the jet is considerably bigger, and is going to require more cutting, so he fires up the trunk cannon again. Of course, someone could just run over and operate the door controls, but why be boring when you can melt a giant hole in the wall with a vehicle-mounted laser? Anyone who would use a lever when a laser will do is simply not Titans material, and Vic is quintessentially Titans material.

Along the way, he'll use his personal armaments to blast aside any guards who come rushing at him, but it seems unlikely they'll have too much opposition in the chaos of their escape. By the time they're near the threshold to the runway, he's ducking into the car itself, ready to detach from the jet and peel off into the tundra, once the others are aboard and ready to rabbit-hole home. As he passes into the wintry evening, he glances sidelong at Koga. "Viv, just theoretically, you can play Rick Astley just on their side of the comms channel, right? Asking for a friend."

Vivian Vision has posed:
<That song request would be trivial. Are you requesting I do so?> Vivian wonders. A touch of skepticism in her voice. Janet is on the other teams comms after all.... <I would rather not prank anyone at this moment in time though.>

It's at this point that virtual Viv comes to a very important point in the 'how to fly a jet' crash course. Fuel reserves. Of which she does not really have much at all. Still there is enough to have a little drive around and point all those weapons back at the hanger building.

Her holographic projection system also can do audio as well. So she broadcasts the following message in English and Russian. "Please evacuate the area. Missile strike will occur shortly." Giving plenty of time for the Russian soldiers to clear out and for the Titans to get into the T-Car ready for a rabbit hole escape. Of course given the hanger is partly under water the missiles might not actually get launched. But the Russians don't know that.

Then to ensure the Red Room is denied as many assets as possible she sets the jet back into motion, heading into the hanger, so it'll crash into the other two jets. Hopefully breaking them beyond easy repair. And then? Then she clears the heck out of there.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Sorry, Vivian, that's wider than ten feet. There is no way in hell I can shove that through a hole. It'd get all scrunched up and break."

It seems that extraction maneuvers are in place "So I take it it's time to strategically G T F O, right?" Vorpal says into his comm, louder than he normally speaks. While his hearing hasn't been permanently damaged, it is currently temporarily impaired due to the high level of noise...

"Adieu, adieu, parting is such a sweet sorrow!" he cries out to the downed soldiers, and a few more go down when colliding upon his magic pinball, "That's gotta smart! Come on, Green Jeans, it's time to make our way out". He dashes like the Dickens, ready to provide the exit Rabbit Hole for the team on the way out.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Janet appears at full size next to Clint before he ascends, "I searched through the nearby rooms, there don't seem to be any more girls here. Maybe the ones we found will know something." She reports before zipping off up towards the waiting quinjets herself since it is time to evacuate.

Nadia's expression drops when it comes back across the Comms that Ying is not in fact among those rescued. She finishes prying the Black Box free from inside the plane. <Okay, I don't really want to fight an entire army so we should probably get out of here! It sounds like the other group has what we came for.> She calls over the comms before flitting out of the plane just in time to see the T-Car towing another jet towards the doors and firing the weapons. <Can we please not start a war? Please? I want to give Russia less reasons to come after me, not more. Also I don't remember Red Room bases being full of Spetsnaz looking guys with these sorts of weapons like this, it's really weird. Let's just go.> And with that she is flitting out after them to the waiting rabbit hole even as the crunching of colliding jets and twisting metal can be heard behind them.