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Victor Stone (Scenesys ID: 1305)
Name: Victor Stone
Superalias: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Species: Human (mostly)
Occupation: Tech Support
Citizenship: American
Residence: Titans Tower
Education: GED, some online college courses
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Titans
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 29 Jun 1994 Played By
Height: 6'6" Weight: 385 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown and Red
Theme Song: Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

Character Info


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Victor Stone's father saved him from a lab accident by fusing him with an experimental cybernetic platform. Since that day, he has unavoidably been Cyborg, part man, part machine, all glowing red heart. (Seriously, you can see it. There's a little window.) With his found family, the Titans, Victor fights both to save the world and to find his place in it.


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1994: Born to Silas and Elinore Stone in Detroit
1994-2007: Homeschooled according to an accelerated learning program that Silas was essentially making up as he went
2007: Enrolled in a public school at his own insistence, with an assist from his mother, and over his father's strenuous objections.
2008-10: Joined football team and quickly rose to a star role, earning an athletic scholarship to MSU.
2009: Elinore died.
2011: During a visit to his father at S.T.A.R. Labs, Victor was caught in an explosion that he wouldn't have survived if Silas hadn't grafted him into an experimental prosthetic life support system.
2012: Joined Titans, a group his father co-sponsored at least partly so that he would have an alternative to the college life he was now denied.
2017: Titans dissolve. Vic spends the intervening years at S.T.A.R. Labs, part employee, part test subject. At least he's given all the tech he could ever want to tinker with.

IC Journal

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Family Angst:
Victor has had a contentious relationship with his father at the best of times. His mother was an effective go-between, but if her early death weren't damaging enough, it also meant that there was no one to stop Silas and Victor's arguments from boiling over. Victor owes Silas his life, but also feels that because of his father's stifling influence (not to mention lax lab safety), he only got a few short years to be a normal kid.

Vic is naturally extroverted and sociable, which makes it all the more upsetting when others react negatively to his mechanical appearance. So long as that pitfall is avoided, though, he's easy to get along with and eager to make friends.

Team Player:
The Titans were a found family for Victor at a time when he felt almost no connection to the one he was born into. He has been maddeningly isolated since the group disbanded. He remains intensely loyal to the group's members and will move mountains to try to reestablish and maintain their cohesive dynamic.

Character Sheet


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Built-In Weaponry:
Victor has a suite of powerful combat upgrades. Most commonly, he uses sonic blasts, a destructive but generally nonlethal option in a fight. He is also capable of emitting powerful lasers and electric blasts and projecting defensive force fields. If they will be useful, he can also attach blades, saws, drills, shields, and similar devices to his chassis.

Cyber Senses:
Victor's mechanical eye can perceive in several ways beyond visible light. He can see infrared and ultraviolet spectra, detect electromagnetic fields, and measure various forms of radiation. He also has powerfully enhanced hearing.

Cyborg Systems:
Victor's cybernetics give him strength and durability far beyond human norms. His reaction time and coordination are also enhanced by his systems' lightning-fast circuitry. Engines built into his body even allow him to fly. His tech is also adaptive, allowing him to modify it for specific circumstances, such as installing underwater breathing apparatus, specialized communication gear, or other custom tech. He can interface directly with most known computer systems with unsurpassed speed and accuracy. If damaged, his mechanical parts can be repaired or replaced.


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Star Athlete:
Even before he became a cyborg, Cyborg was physically gifted. He retains the skills, coordination, and spatial reasoning necessary to excel at sports. He's also good at making snap tactical decisions and working with a team, skills he picked up on the gridiron and only honed as a Titan.

Tech Support:
Victor is a top-notch programmer and mechanic. (He doesn't really have a choice.) In addition to upgrading, modifying, and repairing his own systems, he is quite gifted at building, modifying, and even subverting machines and computers.


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S.t.a.r. Labs:
Not only does Victor have access to S.T.A.R. equipment through his dad (and his dad's guilt), he has been employed and essentially living there for years. As the only example of a successful integration with the tech platform he was grafted into, he is a unique source of invaluable data to them. This does cut both ways, though: Victor's augmentations are legally S.T.A.R. Labs property, and he quite literally can't live without them.

Victor has been at such loose ends without the Titans that he designed and built a custom high-performance car from scratch. Many of its parts are technically the property of S.T.A.R. Labs, but have they even noticed those pieces are missing? Probably not?

In addition to his connections within the team itself, the members of the Titans tie Victor into a broader superheroic network. He has friends everywhere from the Batfam to Themyscira to alien planets.


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Victor's cybernetics have all the same vulnerabilities as any mechanical, computer, or electronic system, and he depends on them to live. Short-term attacks on these vulnerabilities can physically hamper him, and more carefully planned attacks could conceivably kill him.

Vic can be sensitive about social rejection and susceptible to feeling isolated. He worries that people -- even his friends -- see him as a freak, only to be tolerated if he can't be avoided.



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Victor Stone has 57 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Applied Research October 23rd, 2021 Seek and ye shall find.
Green as a gooseberry. October 19th, 2021 The Titans celebrate Damian and Gar's birthdays. There is sugar. There is a /lot/ of sugar.

So much sugar.

Rebel Recruitment October 11th, 2021 A host of valiant adventurers answer the call of Gemworld's floundering rebellion.
Roomba Uprising Pt. 2: 2 Fast 2 Roomba October 8th, 2021 Vic's Roombas decide to play football. There is paint and glitter and pizza, Donna talks to the hand, and several bad ideas are bandied about. Terry being responsible for the Titans' Halloween costumes is a terrible idea.
Roomba Uprising! October 6th, 2021 Vic's Roombas start fighting each other. This makes Robin flee to the labs to save his test-tubes and Donna to give a motivational speech. Another typical day at Titans Tower.
Maiden Voyage: The Plain of Ranagar October 4th, 2021 No Unicorn Kitties were harmed in the making of this episode.
Maiden Voyage: Welcome to Rann October 3rd, 2021 Our intrepid explorers help Sarnath test his Zeta Beam technology allowing Cyborg and Vivian Vision to join them on Rann. Then an alien feast is enjoyed and plans are laid to go see the 'unicorn kitties'!
In Erebos: Pandora's Box June 5th, 2021 The Titans bust an underground sale of magical artifacts, and some of them get eaten by a box that sends them straight to hell. Or to be more accurate, Tartarus.
Even the Lab is Full of Glitter April 23rd, 2021 Fragments of broken Zodship make their way into the hands of the lab-geeks of Titan Towers, where Cyborg promises not to instantly integrate them into his hardware. Damian is grumpy, but actually manages to say something nice about Vorpal.
Broken Mirrors: Novgorod March 18th, 2021 SHIELDvengers and the Titans assault a secret facility in Russia, manage not to mangle international law too horribly, and rescue some of the Red Room cadets, but find more questions than answers in the process.
Attack on Ant-Girl February 17th, 2021 The Titans show Ant-Girl that size isn't everything.
Another You: Let The Fur Fly February 9th, 2021 Gar vs. Gar. May the best Beast Boy win! Hint: it helps to have a team backing you up. Plus, a strange observer gets involved.
Bad Cassie III, Titans Tower February 1st, 2021 DoppleCassie assaults Titan's Tower with the help of Diesel and an army of gross zombie things. Together, the team is able to rush the real Cassie to safety despite various attacks on her person, capture Diesel (armed with the this-universe copy of the Silent Armor) and drive off Cassie a second time. Now, with information from her apparent lover, and with a copy of the armor to study, they will surely be well-armed for the final confrontation and the rescue of Helena Sandsmark.
Another You: GAMMA WOMMAN FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION January 14th, 2021 Doppleganger Jennifer Walters goes on a rampage in Times Square, doing major property damage and scaring the heck out of tourists. A rag tag bunch of heroes show up to stop her before she manages to kill someone.
It's always Sunny in Titan Towers January 7th, 2021 Victor returns from vacation, Kori is playing Animal Crossing, and Nadia took a lab shower. Context.
Return of the Titans, with a Guardians assist December 2nd, 2020 Titans and Guardians work out how to get the former home. The Universal Church of Truth has other plans. All escape. All narrowly avert disaster. The Titans return, with visitors from outer space.
The Unseen Labyrinth November 29th, 2020 The four lost Titans visit Endovar's final base and find the White Hole. Gatekeeper's gifts carry them through the rough ride back to Hyperspace, and the psychic beacon sent by the Titans left on Earth guides them back to the wormhole, and the way home. The four Titans know they have returned to normality at last when they are insulted by an angry raccoon.
Gombar and Gombar November 20th, 2020 The wreck of Endovar's ship The Beating Heart is located, and the descendants of the original navigators are charmed, bulldozer style, into helping access its navigation logs. Endovar's secret base - and the way home - has been found.
War Without End November 14th, 2020 The Titans visit a world of eternal warfare and decide to test out the age-old adage that it's hard to hate your enemy when you feel sorry for them. And yourself.
Caminask October 14th, 2020 The Titans visit a world where social rank is a daily lottery. ALL HAIL QUEEN CAITLIN THE FIRST!
Echon II October 2nd, 2020 How do you deal with a society that judges you by the standards of something called 'fisk'? Keep it simple but logical and sensible? Try to be the princessier-than-thou? Try to show that they may be able to talk the hind legs off a donkey but you can talk the front legs off too? No, apparently you just Caitlin Smash.
Echon I September 22nd, 2020 The four lost Titans arrive on Echon, a world where everyone wants to distil their own essences or something. It's weird. They're weird. Someone ought to punch them.
Look Upon My Works September 11th, 2020 The four stranded Titans make first contact with the society of the Seven Worlds, and it's remarkably friendly. They even get gifts.
The Farthest Shore September 7th, 2020 The missing Titans wake up aboard the trashed wreck of the Warzoon dreadnought and find themselves VERY far from home.
20,000cm Beneath The Sea (With Added Lurkers) August 29th, 2020 No description
Metropolis Date Day two, Titans Tower August 23rd, 2020 A fun trip to the Titans Tower, complete with Robin ragequit!
Doom Over Metropolis - Pre-Alpha August 17th, 2020 Doomdrones and Doombots attack Metropolis but the heroic efforts of America, Power Girl, Cyborg and Princess Crackaboom (Mary) save the day!
Zodiac Rising: No Stone Unturned (Part 2) August 8th, 2020 The ancient order of the Monks of Thoth attempts to repell an attack by the corrupted Avatars of the Zodiac, who come in search of ancient knowledge.
Court of Owls: A First Strike August 7th, 2020 The first of Bruce's family falls to Talon blades, but not the last. Tim is stitched up, but the first shots have truly been fired by the court.
Going Green August 4th, 2020 The Titans kick butt and meet a new Green Lantern!
Tech Bridge July 29th, 2020 Wherein there is a technology relay, Brainiac stuff, fun little robots, and pizza.
Competing Theories July 28th, 2020 Vic and Valeria meet up for what they quickly realize wasn't a date after all.
Aw, shucks July 23rd, 2020 Vic removes Sam's power armor
A Growing Partnership July 18th, 2020 A conversation between representatives of the Titans and the X-men brings Genosha and Bushwick one step closer to being restored.
Bowyer of Paradise July 13th, 2020 The Titans make progress on building Kate a replacement weapon: the WonderBow!
Return to Base July 12th, 2020 Nobody told Nadia not to get into a stranger's jet, but luckily the strangers were the Titans. She comes to the tower to find the Titans gathering together after victory over Brainiac. Once the adrenaline come-down passes, the Titans start to party.
War never changes July 5th, 2020 Donna and Vic sit down with Kian for a talk about the nature of their current conflict, and the nature of conflict in general.
When is a bad time for pizza July 2nd, 2020 Victor Stone and Siobhan meet up and pizza is saved
Vic, You're So OLD! June 30th, 2020 Even when the end of the world is looming, the Titans do not forget to celebrate birthdays. There are gifts, an amazing cake, illicit drinks and puzzled Robins.
Zen and the Art of Killing Brainiac Drones. June 29th, 2020 Kate's Danger Room program is ready to show the Titans what they are facing with the Brainiac drones. It's not all doom and gloom, just mostly.
Genosha Burns, Titans Fiddle. June 25th, 2020 In the aftermath of the assault on DC and the capture of Mutant Town, the Titans get together for a planning session.
Genosha Burns! Sharing Information June 24th, 2020 Multiple heroic groups gather to talk Brainiac strategy.
Asgardians on Midgard June 6th, 2020 The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!
Training Montage June 3rd, 2020 Vic creates a Danger Room simulation to get Kyani's training started, and walks the speedster through some of the physics of his powers and the techniques that will help him master them.
War of the Worlds - Part 2a May 31st, 2020 While the battle rages in Metropolis beyond, the Titans take the battle to the enemy, boarding one of the attacking Dreadnoughts and capturing it.
War of Worlds pt 3 May 31st, 2020 The Worlds finest have come together to push Mongul's horde OUT of Metropolis and destroyed the weapon they were trying to construct in the country-side. Mongul was captured, but he's plenty of forces who eagerly attempt to free him from Green Lanterns traps... Zod faces off against Superman, Clea, and Zora on a mountain peak.

War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party May 26th, 2020 New faces and old friends alike meet on the Titans rooftop for summer fun and hero talk.
Titans of Tech May 17th, 2020 The Titans use tech recovered in the field to identify the next steps they'll have to take in their fight against HIVE.
Titans in the Park with Pizza. What can go wrong May 7th, 2020 Pizza and Football and a Get Together at the park. Fun times had by all.
TITANS: The Spider-Maker's ArcHIVEs. May 7th, 2020 Kian, Vorpal, Starfire, Flash, Cyborg and Troia answer an emergency call. So does HIVE.
Red Handed May 4th, 2020 Nightwing shows up looking for his missing T-Com, the day after it was used in a vandalism attack on Titans Tower. Vic and Donna come up with some suspects and the three formulate a plan of action.
Now, Why Would They Call It a Danger Room May 2nd, 2020 Kian, Naomi and Vic trade some flight pointers.
Titans: Mary and Kara have joined the party! May 1st, 2020 Kara and Mary Bromfield get a tour of the Titans Tower, and get to meet Victor as well.
Coffee + Superhero Fashion=Scary April 30th, 2020 No description
Winds of Change: A Metropolitan Problem April 22nd, 2020 Citizens of Metropolis turn into gorillas, a gang of dino thieves come to loot the dazed and confused... but not with Titans to stop them! Also, Jason Todd is back and hairier than ever.
Homecoming April 22nd, 2020 Vic arrives at Titans Tower, meets a couple of new members in Kian and Naomi, and reconnects with old friends Gar and Donna (who, as Terry had promised, has some surprising truths to share)
Seen And Not Seen April 19th, 2020 Vic tries to hide in plain sight. It goes about as well as you'd think when a cub reporter is on his trail.


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Victor Stone has 57 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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