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N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in the Narrows
Date of Scene: 30 March 2021
Location: The Narrows - Miagani Island
Synopsis: The Outsiders interrupt another N.O.W.H.E.R.E. operation, this time in the Narrows area of Gotham. NPCs: Warblade and Shadow Walker.
Cast of Characters: Conner Kent, Hope Summers, Bart Allen, Laura Kinney, Phoebe Beacon

Conner Kent has posed:
Gang fights are relatively common in Gotham. Despite it being one of the wealthiest cities of America, inequality is a major problem. Corruption at the city hall and the police force, entrenched crime families, and the growing level of insanity among the city underground all pile up to fill the ranks of street gangs with large numbers of desperate, unemployed young man and women.

In the Narrows, where the grasp of the law is tenuous, violent skirmishes ending in dead body or two are frequent. But real battles are rare. They draw the attention of vigilantes.

Tonight it is an exception. The Black Lions and the River Street Gang are in an all out war.

In truth it has been brewing for months. The Lions are an African-American gang that claim to follow the example African rulers Black Panther and Red Lion. Prideful and belligerent, they run protection rackets and engage in quick and violent theft. Their rivals, the mostly South-American River Street Gang, are led by Santa Priscan emigrants and strongly involved in selling drugs and gun running. They wear luchador masks and are reported to consume a dangerous mix of crack and other drugs before big fights. They are perhaps the most violent gang in the Narrows, a rather disputed title.

Gunshots and screams are common in the Narrows' nights, but nothing like this. Someone blew up the local power stations, causing a neighbourhood-wide blackout. The Lions used crudely armoured four-by-four vehicles to assault River Gang hangouts, and the other gang responded with Molotov cocktails and superior firepower.

And at some point members of both gangs began to die to deadlier predators. Killers wearing power armor.

Hope Summers has posed:
The sights and sounds of a war is something rather familiar to Hope, and it gets her feeling pretty tense, even as she falls into old habits. This current timeline sure is a strange one, why do these humans fight over such petty things as territory when there are bigger things at hand?

She had been in the area when the fight started, and was wary of positioning herself between two opposing groups, at least not without backup, and so she had called in some of her teammates because this is getting out of hand. Dressed in her costume, giant gun at the ready, she ducks behind a large brick wall across the street and out of the line of fire as she surveys the scene.

Hope is paying attention to how many members of each group there is, what sorts of weapons they carry and where they are all positioned and.."Wait, what's this..Unknowns wearing power armour. They seem the real threat.." but she won't get involved til she's got some backup. <<Outsiders? Are you getting this?>>

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen comes running in, he had to work tonight, but luckily at super speed, he can make sure the animals are fed and habitats are clean. He heads to the area where Hope is. He does take time to take a shower before heading in, mind you for him that is all of two seconds or so. He comes up beside Hope "Sorry took me so long, I had to finish work." He says as she has barely finished her question.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Ever since her recent run in with cyborg killers X-23 has been watching and waiting for the next attack. With her keen senses and a high up vantage point she's taken to that eternal Gotham pastime. Brooding behind a rooftop gargolye. Still it means she's already out in the field when the call comes in from Hope.

<<Relocating to your area as we speak. Can you confirm if it's power armour or if they might be cyborgs?>>

She won't be as quick on the scene as the team speedster, but with the way Laura freeruns across the rooftops with wild abandon she still makes good time getting to the general area. Slowing her approach for maximum stealth once she's close.

<<I'll try get within range to share powers before we move to engage.>>

Conner Kent has posed:
As Hope watches, a pair of armoured figures open fire on one of the Lions' 4x4. Whatever ammo they are using in their machine guns cuts through the vehicle hull as if was made of paper. The 4x4 crashes against an abandoned SUV. A couple of injured gangers manage to crawl off, and one of them shoots a few rounds from a cheap revolver to one of the armored men. But the bullets bounce off the white chest-plate. In the darkness it is hard to see well, but there might be a red 9 on the faceplate of one of the killers, and perhaps a 22 on the other.

"Negative id, both are just random nobodies," states 9 in a mechanized voice. "Too bad," replies 22, firing again at the terrified gangers. None of them looks twenty years-old yet.

<<What is going on? Is that gunfire?>> Asks Conner through the communicator. For once he wasn't in a college party, but seriously studying, the finals are close. <<I'll be there in a minute.>> That is about what takes him flying from New York. It also means breaking the sound barrier to the annoyance of his neighbours. But it feels as if speed is very important this one.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    GUnfire wasn't uncommon in the narrows -- but the reports of firepower of such magnitude is sure to draw attention -- if not the Bats, then it would draw Balm.

    The gray-clad Outsiders healer has her hood drawn up and her domino on, recording as she moves through the rooftops nimbly, tracking the violence of the Lions and the River Street Gang in case her particular protectorate got in the way.

    However, this isn't gooing to stand for long.

    The gray-clad heroine draws down, landing on one of the 4x4's in question and then asks "Do your parents know you're out this late?" to the gang members, before using her staff to vault off.

    She *was* a powered metahuman, and she knew her armor wouldn't take on so much firepower at once -- but a flashy entrance might get some attention!

    <<Why doesn't this happen on my other patrols? I was beginning to get bored!>>

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers nods curtly to Bart as he joins her. "Bart, good to see you. Can you grab the two injured? Get them clear of the cyborgs. I'll draw their fire!" she taps her comlink, nodding to Laura, eyes narrowed on the two cyborgs with clearly superior weaponry. <<They...Appear to be cyborgs, agents of..Nowhere?>> yeah, she's seen that design on their masks before.

Hope doesn't make a move yet, until Laura is within power range, then climbs to her feet, surveying the scene as she readies herself, "Laura, back me up, I'm gonna draw the first cyborg's fire, think you can deal with the second?"

She taps her comm again, <<Conner, can you get an aerial view? This fight seems a couple blocks big..>> Once Hope feels the assimilation of Laura's powers melding with her own rather seamlessly, she rushes in, leaping swiftly, effortlessly over rubble as she yells at one of the cyborgs, blasting at him with her gun as she rushes in to meet him.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods, and is off, He moves to grab the two goons, and takes them to the nearest hospital. He does pat them down making sure they aint got any weapons on them. He looks tot he nurse in charge "Probably goign to be bringing you a few, will try to make sure I take their rivals across town, but if need to drop any off, will make sure to put them on the other side of the ER

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura doesn't drop to street level, no sense in making herself and Hope easy bunched up targets, instead she keeps to her vantage point for now. <<You go low I'll attack from above.>> She informs via a subvocal microphone. <<Don't bunch up and duck behind cover if you see a flamethrower.>>

Thankfully in the Narrows buildings tend to be close enough together it's not so tough to leap from one to the other. With Hope opening fire any noise she makes approaching should hopefully be drowned out. Until she gets close enough to drop on the cyborg from above.

Of course that's only if N.O.W.H.E.R.E don't have anyone spotting from above.

Conner Kent has posed:
Bart grabs the two gangers just as the bullets are reaching them. Barely milliseconds to spare, and only the Speed Force keeps them alive as he drags them at hypersonic speeds away from the N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s cyborgs and the Narrows, to the nearest hospital.

Where he manages to startle the emergency room crew by bringing the pair of injured thugs. They didn't expect anyone until the morning. No Gotham hospital was going to send ambulances to the Narrows without cops to protect them.

Both gangers had handguns and big knives. Sticks and stones compared with the high-tech gear of the blue and white killers from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

"Was that..." number 9 mutters (audible to Laura, and Hope if she copied the brunette's enhanced senses). "Confirmed. Impulse is on the field. He is part of Red Robin's crew. Primary targets."

And as Laura climbs the building, he finds someone else on the rooftop. Metalized green and blue armor, and a helmet with a glowing grin. He was the man on the rooftop of the Juvie, who ignored the flames as the building burned. "Well, now," he says at seeing Laura. "Don't tell me you are hanging out with the red birdboy too. That supposedly goes against your profile, X-23." He slinks forward, his hands becoming huge claws, nearly two foot long. "Nice to meet you, though. Would you like to surrender or shall we dance?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Meanwhile Phobe tags one of the Lions' 4x4 a block or two away, provoking a stream of startled curses from the young thugs inside. "Was that Batman?!" "No, idiot, just a girl!" "A Batgirl??" They slow down, but then half a dozen of howling thugs in luchador masks burst from an alleyway. One of them is armed with an AK-74 and peppers the vehicle with bullets. The Lions quickly speed up, trying to avoid being overwhelmed.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Balm just gives a small smile, and she continues to vault back to the rooftops off the car -- she'll hear about the carnage later.

    Her smile isn't happy. She always hears about the carnage later -- but the cyborgs were higher priority -- with Impulse on the ground running transport -- she pings her location.

    <<Can I get a lift to the scene of the crime?>>

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers nods to Laura, <<Copy that, Laura, Engaging hostiles on the ground..Everyone, focus on taking out the hostiles , they are cyborgs, superior weaponry, blue armour plates on chest, arms, legs, blue glass helmet..Impulse focus on getting the gangsters out of direct danger. Superboy, Stay close to Beacon. Beacon, Focus on healing the injured if you can.>>

As she speaks, Hope moves in closer to her target after the initial blast, and if that didn't knock him out, she'll use her gun like a melee weapon, equally deadly in close as she swings it in the face of the cyborg, before engaging the second. She has complete faith that Laura is working on taking out thugs on the rooftops above. <<Looks like the cyborgs are more interested in us now..>> she mutters. Hopefully it'll be enough to stop the gang war outright.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will come by as he is coming back in, scooping Balm up on the run. He calls over the Com "Hey SB, will have Balm at the corner of elm, and 5th for you two to meet up." He smiles and says "Hey how you doing to Balm, as they move, and back over the com "Oh SB, met Mini SB last night, seems like a ok kid, think you may have inspired him some, instead of the shirt and jacket, he was wearing an S hoodie, Also a female version of Steel was there too." He offers. Once where he needs to be he will set Balm down and scans for others who need to be gotten out of the way.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Even as she's climbing Laura can pick up the sounds and smells of the figure on the rooftop. <<Won't be able to provide support. Got company.>> She isn't one for banter though. If the figure with the claws is expecting a witty response... Well he won't quite get what he's hoping for.

Instead in the same fluid rolling motion as she pulls herself over the edge X-23 throws a paint grenade at him. Fuse short enough it'll pop midair and splatter the area with silver paint. Against a cyborg she can't rely on smoke or flashbangs to disorientate the target. But paint? It'll cover cameras or get in the eyes. As well as get into any vents and clog up any cooling mechanisms.

She uses the moment of distraction to pop her claws. Ready to dance.

Conner Kent has posed:
The cyborgs seem to be watching careful, likely expecting Impulse to reappear at any moment, so when Hope comes charging they are not caught unaware, just momentarily surprised the attacker is a thin redhead with a blaster gun. The first plasma blast catches 22 on the chest, shattering the armor and sending the cyborg rolling. Then 9 opens fire, and only X-23 reflexes save Hope from being hit by dozens of hyperfast armor piercing bullets. The cyborg manages to deflect her blow with his left arm, though, and then attempts to tackle her down.

On the rooftop, Laura faces a half-alien meta-human, not a cyborg. Although the paint 'grenade' splatters his nice armor with silver. "What's this crap?" Grunts the man, jumping forward and slashing at Laura with giant claws. He is fast, and so strong his claws rend brick and concrete as if it was cardboard. Thankfully they are not adamantium, but some kind of organic metal that might remind Laura of Colossus.

Conner finally reaches Gotham, although it takes him a few extra seconds to locate Phoebe in her grey 'stealthy' suit. In fact, he finds Bart first, because he is a red blur that is not quite fast enough to be invisible to his senses. "Hey guys," he greets the pair. "Came as fast as I could. Where is Hope?" He asks. Beat. "Let me guess, she is already fighting. I guess I should..." he looks around. "Hey, why is suddenly so dark?"

And it is dark around the trio. Darker than the Gotham night. Pitch black, even.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The pitch black around them makes Phoebe suspicious. She takes a deep breath, and holds up her hand, focusing her power as a staff made of brilliant white light errupts from between her fingers. She breathes out, her eyes closing against the brilliance of her light staff.

    "Whatever it is -- can't be good news." She murmurs, quietly into their subvocals.

    She was getting defensive of her city, and definitely was defensive of Conner and Bart.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers grits her teeth,twisting and turning and leaping out of the way of most of the cyborg's attacks, although she does get a stray scratch or bruise here or there. Fortunately thanks to X-23 she heals pretty quickly and shrugs most of the wounds off without a second thought..

Unfortunately the second cyborg catches her unawares, slamming her to the ground. Fortunately she still has her hands gripped tightly to her gun and she twists defensively to the side, attempting to blast the gun at the cyborg's chest from point blank range..Which might hurt a lot.

Unfortunately she's a bit busy at the moment to check in with everyone just yet..

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over to Phoebe, and will move back to back with her leaving a spot for Conner "Ok, this aint normal, want me to get us out of it, or see what is dumb enough to come in here with us?" He will ask. He takes a karate pose, or something a kin to it, at least it is not the crane kick from karate kid.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Again the question doesn't get a response from Laura. This is Gotham and she isn't a Spider.

She dives out of the way of those power strikes. Bounding and leaping around the rooftop. She may not be packing quite the same size claws, but she's got more of them. Able to block with the claws on her hands and attack with those on her feet, using the length of her legs for extra reach.

Low sweeping kicks, warding claw swipes and the occasional whirling high kick. Never falling into a pattern or allowing herself to be forced into pure defensive fighting.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Who are you?" Grunts number 9 as he struggles with Hope. He is stronger than a regular human, but so is Hope with Laura's powers. "Not in our databa... aarrrgh!" Firing the plasma gun point blank sets Hope's clothes on fire, but pushes 9 off her, and shatters his chest plate very badly, sending the armored man to the ground, causing the stench of burned flesh and plastic flood the area.

On the rooftop X-23 and Warblade are 'dancing'. Both incredibly fast. He with his shapeshifting claws, which get cut by the adamantium, but 'heal' as if they were made of liquid metal. The first use of the foot claws surprises him, causing a nasty gash appear on his upper leg, his armor useless against the indestructible metal. But he heals too, and he is more cautious afterwards. Soon, it is obvious is also physically stronger than Laura, but the girl has better training.

On the ground, Phoebe's light seems to create a faint illumination in which otherwise has become an inky sea. "Interesting," comes a cold voice. "Not normal light could fend off my shadows. But that is just my simplest trick."

And suddenly: TENTACLES. Made of pure darkness, they attempt to grab the three heroes. Conner immediately moves to protect Phoebe, so several of them grab his arms and torso. He pulls against them, and they yield as if they were made of putty. Then Conner screams in pain, writing as if the tentacles were electrocuting him, although they just seem to be spreading darkness over his skin.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe breathes out, hearing the voice around them, her eyes give a wide open look of alarm as the darkness speaks, and then reaches out, darknes grabbing at them.

    Conner moves to Protect Phoebe, and at his screams the gray-costumed healer grits her teeth and she goes to sweep her staff of light against those darkening tendrils!

    "Leave. Him. Alone." she states with such deadly seriousness in her voice, the light getting as bright as the sun, painful to look at and illuminating the space around them!

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers grunts as she does her best to push the cyborg off her, but it seems her clothes are now on fire too. Good thing she has the healing factor but it still hurts! "Ugh..Dammit.." she grunts as she drops and rolls to the ground, doing her best to stifle the flames, pulling off her little cloak to bat away what she can.

Once that's done, she stands up and looks around. <<Alright everyone, status report and locations..Anyone requiring assistance? I've taken down two cyborgs, how many left?>> as she speaks, she moves through the rubble, standing on the remains of the charred van, trying to get a better view of everything.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney doesn't even try and compete on strength. Her skill and adamantiums cutting power mean she doesn't have to hit hard. Fast light attacks will still glide through most things like butter. Warblade being able to heal does complicate matters somewhat though. It turns things into a test of endurance and skill. Who will tire first? Who will make the first mistake?

What he's probably not expecting her to be counting on is who has the best team.

Her evasive dance of blades moves closer and closer to the edge of the building.

The slightest mistake will result in a bone crunching fall. It also hopefully brings the silver paint coated Warblade into a position he can be seen from down below. Where he'll be an easy target.

No time to subvocalise a status report. She needs total focus. But hopefully the sparking clash of metal on metal and thunderous strikes from Warblade will draw everyones attention upwards.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will start to wind out into the darkness, trying to gather the tentacles together, but as he does Bart starts to disappear in the dark. There is a muffled exclamation of pain from the darkness, but then there is a buzzing noise, as Bart starts to vibrate himself not trying to phase through the tentacles, at least not yet, no he is trying to cause friction on them, before moving through them but not in a clean phasing, no he is trying to disrupt them as he goes through them.

Conner Kent has posed:
Hope can see 9 is down, but 22 seems to have been able to crawl away from the area. There is a trail of blood that is obvious to her enhanced senses. But it is also obvious her team mates are in trouble. She can hear Connor scream and Phoebe's talking, angry. And of course, Laura fighting an armored guy with huge claws at the rooftop of a nearby building.

Meanwhile Phoebe's efforts to bring more light seem to weaken the darkness, but it also reveals the darkness maker, the meta-human Shadow Walker, is pretty much on top of her, "your light is annoying, girl. But perhaps in Nowhere you will have a place," he says with his chill-like voice, trying to grab Phoebe by the neck.

Bar will find the tentacles having the consistence of sticky tar. And on contact, they drain his life force. Like they have done with Conner, who is barely conscious right now.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe can feel the darkness seeping in, and she grits her teeth.

    Her head tilts back, looking up at Shadow Walker as the creepy voice speaks out.

    "No thanks. I know--" she gathers her light, and then she goes to things:

    She applies a gratuitous amount of Light Staff to the face of the vampire above her, and she tilts her head back, and both Conner and Bart would feel that familiar feeling of Phoebe's healing, the reinvigoration, the tinglies --

    Balm now has an Area of Effect heals! She leveled up!

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers frowns as she hears Conner's scream and just a wall of darkness. <<Superboy? Impulse and Balm can you hear me?>> she also notices Laura up on the rooftop fighting the bladed creature alone.

"Dammit.." she mutters, but with Connor down and the other two struggling, they may need assistance first. X-23's enhanced healing should buy a little time for her to bring in the extra help.

With a snarl, she rushes towards the wall of darkness, blinded visually perhaps but guided by enhanced hearing and scent, she tries to follow the shadowy form 's movements in the dark and with a yell she unleashes bone claws from her hands and feet, attempting to stab the shadow creature. "Let them go!" she snarls.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will vibrates harder and quicker, and then he steps through the tentacles wrapped around him. He had expected to leave them exploding and running off in the wake, but no. He makes it through them, and they are popping like over inflated water balloons as he does, but once he makes it clear of the tentacles, the young man stops. He stands still, something very out of character for him, and he drops to his knees, hands covering his face. Impulse, finds himself faced with any misdeed he has done, realizing times where he hurt those he cares for and loves, and did not even notice. And the weight of what he knows is coming and can not tell his friends. Impulse is still on the battle field on his knees, but the the rocking of his shoulders as he cries silently.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney bounds and leaps on the edge of the building. Those power strikes hopefully will drain her foe faster than her dancing style of combat will. Especially if he has to keep regrowing the slices she cuts out of his claws.

Waiting for a pause in the fighting she finally speaks up. "Will your masters kill you too when you fail?" she wonders with casual indifference. "Because I can afford to continue this fight for days. Can you?"

As well as trying to lure him into a barrage of plasma there's one last trick Laura has. Her foot claws slowly weakening the edge. So a careless power strike from Warblade might make the rooftop beneath him give way...

Conner Kent has posed:
"Looks like Shadow Walker got your friends," comments Warblade, stepping back for a second. "He is the eldest of us, the first to survive the culling. They are doomed. And then he will come for you."

But within the darkness, Shadow Walker is not having a very good time. First Bart manages to push through his tentacles, something no one had done before. It makes him look at the boy.

And then Phoebe smashes the staff of light on his face. "You little..." he grunts, stepping back and raising his hands to a broken nose. The rest of his sentence gets lost, as suddenly the tips of four bone claws are protruding from his chest, both lungs perforated. He flails, black blood filling his mouth.

Then he seems to crumple on himself, swirling into a dark cloud and vanishing into a hole in the very fabric of reality. And with him, the oppresive darkness is gone.

Gotham's dark, cold night had /never/ seemed so bright and warm. Conner is unconscious, but breathing, and Bart's darkforce-induced pain fades quickly, too.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe, however, had a bit taken out of her. She draws back down to one knee, drawing back the full-on area healing and wrapping an arm protectively around Conner, his head to her chest as she keeps her light staff lit, her dark eyes narrowed behind the white screens of her domino.

    "Impulse? How's your situation?" she whispers, reaching out to gently poke the speedster with the tip of the light staff.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen stays on his knees, with the tough of the darkness, the pain fades, but the memories will take a bit longer. It takes him a moment to clear his eyes wiping away the tears. He gives a thumbs up, not sure on trusting his voice, but then notices he does not see X-23. "La... err X-23, where are you, do you need help?" He asks voice cracking a bit.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers retracts her claws, relaxing a bit once she sees the others are more or less still standing. Except for Conner, who she checks on before glancing at Balm with a slight nod and smile. "Thanks Balm. how you doing? Think you can stay with Superboy til he recovers? Impulse.."

She frowns, kneeling next to him, reaching up to rest a gentle hand on his shoulder. "It's over, we defeated him with your help and, everyone's okay so...Get it together!" she doesn't mean to be harsh, but this is no time to cry..Too much is at stake.

She rises to her feet again, offering him a hand, trying to speak more gently, more encouragingly, doing her best to hold her impatience at bay. "Come on, the battle isn't over yet..X-23 needs our help. I need you to rush me to that rooftop. Please."

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney vaults backwards to make a little space.

"I'm sure he'll be here any moment." If that came from anyone else it'd probably sound mocking. "Feel free to  share more information about your organization in the meantime."

She prepares herself for any last ditch efforts from Warblade. After all he's unlikely to just sit still and wait for the other Outsiders to rush up here.

Conner Kent has posed:
Warblade tilts his head, as if listening to something. He is not even breathing hard, despite a couple minutes of very intense combat, and his armor has now a dozen cuts, some of which are blood-stained.

"If you really want to know," he replies, "I could offer you a tour through one of the colonies. But I have to warn you afterwards you wouldn't be allowed to leave for a while." His mask hides his face, but he might be smirking behind it. "Perhaps next time," he turns back and takes three steps, jumping to the building at the other side of the street. Laura could try to follow, but he is heading for the river, and will jump into it as soon as he reaches the shore.

Conner is very weak, and seems to have lost several pounds of body mass. He will recover quickly at dawn, though. Sunlight restores him very fast.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods and grabs Hope, and while his face is still wet, he is zooming up the side of the building to help X-23. He sets Hope down looking about to see what needs done to help out, and make sure the others are safe. trusting Phoebe to look after Conner.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers arrives at the rooftop, just as WRblade flees. With a frown she gives X-23 the once over. "You okay? What happened?" she peers over the edge with a frown, pondering following the baddie, but with half her team down, she needs to focus on recovery efforts. "Alright, I think that's a win for tonight..We should head home."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe loops her arm around Conner, and then loops his arm over her shoulder, and then front-shoulder rolls, getting him to over her shoulder. She teeters a moment, but she drags him into cover in an alley way.

    "I know it is going to stink, but we're going to get you covered." she states to the unconcious lad.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney gives Warblade another blandly indifferent look and, when he turns tail to run, she makes no move to follow him. It's not tactically sound chasing him now. Besides all those cuts mean blood samples a plenty to collect. More intel for the team mean the next showdown will go differently!

"I am fine," she notes with a shrug. She's not even remotely tired either. Her claim she could fight for days wasn't an idle boast! "My enemy was more intent on unwisely talking about his group than killing me. Anyway, yes once we have collected what samples we can we should go."