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Mystique goes under the Lasso of Truth
Date of Scene: 08 August 2021
Location: Empty Quarters
Synopsis: The truth shall set you free, unless of course you are Raven Darkholme admitting all the wrongs you've done... in which case, Diana Prince and Donna Troy take you to jail.... justice will be served.
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Rahne Sinclair, Clarice Ferguson, Lydia Dietrich, Remy LeBeau, Rien D'Arqueness, Diana Prince, Donna Troy

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The first step was to approach Diana, which in and of itself was quite nerve wracking. How do you walk up to Wonder Woman and announce that you need her help, need her to help proof that the past three months haven't been some huge scheme or plot? It took Mystique a few days to put the words together, which gave Diana time to recover, but in the end she did in fact go to speak to the Amazon.

Mystique had been trying for the past three months to show she was trying to change, to do things differently, but nothing she tried had been working. The world still believed it was some sort of elaborate trick, and she couldn't really blame them.

Everyone here has been asked to witness the events about to take place, to speak on camera to that effect so ensure that no one out there would believe this is faked in some way. Remy and Rahne were asked to represent the X-Men, Rien D'Arqueness was asked to attend as a neutral party with no vested interest either way, and finally Clarice and Lydia were asked to attend to represent the Brotherhood.

The spare room has been set up with professional grade recording equipment and lighting. The reporter Neil Graham for ABC is present in more casual dress, along with a sound guy and a camera woman in charge of the three cameras that have been set up. They will remain out of the way while their equipment records everything that takes place today. All three also stood as witnesses for humans in general all over the world.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique is there as her true self, the face that the world recognized... blue and beautiful. Was she nervous? Yes, very much so, but it didn't really show as she kept it locked up inside herself. Those who knew her well enough could see it in her eyes, but other wise she appeared as she always did, neutral and indifferent.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair is on site, but she isn't doing much. The wheelchair that she sits in is a key sign; the head bandages are another. She is someone who had taken wounds in battle, possibly major ones. Still, she looks around as everyone gathers, her tiny frame almost engulfed by the chair alone.

There's no way that she's a threat. In fact, she looks like a preteen victim of violence, not a great warrior. Overwhelmed by the wave of people and uncertain what to say, do, or more importantly not mess up.

She slowly tries to inch her chair back another inch toward the wall, trying desperately to get further out from underfoot. Out of the way. Small.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice stands by Rahne's chair - smiling encouragingly first at Mystique, and then the slight figure beside her, her hand going to rest on Rahne's shoulder with a reassuring touch. At least, she hopes it's reassuring. "I mean, not a private conversation with her or anything, but at least you get to meet her, yeah?" she murmurs in a quiet voice as the camera men are still setting up for the shoot.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia was a bit surprised that she'd be asked to officially represent the Brotherhood. She's only been with them for a short while and, sure, she's Mystiques girlfriend, she's hardly a known figure to the public. Still, it's hard for her to turn down anything Mystique asks her to do so here she is.

She's a bit uncomfortable being in the presence of cameras and even /more/ uncomfortable being in front of Wonder Woman. She's big league and an inspiration to many and it's hard not to be intimidated by her.

So here she stands next to Clarice, dressed as inoffensively as possible in one of her flower patterned sundresses, tan sandals, and of course wreathed in softly glowing green ectoplasmic mists.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Last time he was caught on TV, even in a brief cameo role of helping save some people from a teleporter gone insane, Remy's ex-fiance discovered he had been hiding away in New York. That subtle slip up, even doing the right thing, had cost several people their lives. Something Remy hasn't stopped thinking about.

    The Cajun is in the room, wearing a long brown peacoat with tuxedo tails coming over his backside, and a pink button up shirt beneath, with the top two buttons left unclasped. The plate armor strapped securely to his knees and shins down, CLINK each time he walks, which isn't often, but most of the time, the cajun is making sure he's not on camera, or at least not in direct light.

    Remy stands beneath a light, with his hands on the stand it's secured to and he's messing with it and talking with the camera woman who's not really into the X-man. "Didn't t'ink any of us woulda ended up on an asteroid in our lives, huh?" The man says, making small talk, and generally being a pest, trying to keep himself off screen, but then Rahne rolls in, literally and he starts to move that direction, but Clarice is already there... so he instead waves a black glove with fingers missing on two fingers to the two and a sorrowful look crosses his face at the sight of Rahne.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien is leaning against a wall, arms crossed as she waits for things to start. She doesn't often get involved in anything not involving magic, but when she got a call on her private line, she wasn't doing anything important, so she went to the place to meet the teleporter that would take her to Asteroid M. A few minutes later and here she is, in a room with Wonder Woman and Mystique.

Sometimes life is interesting that way.

Scanning around the room, she makes note of the people around her. It's almost an unconscious habit, always knowing where threats might be around her.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana recovered really quickly, within a day, but she'd spent extra time on the station after Mystique had approached her. She'd understood how important it was to the woman and was here to see the request through.

Everything that had happened with the Shi'ar was out of Diana's hands at this point.

That's not to say that Diana hasn't been on contact with the JL and directly reacting to what needed attention that she could supply.

In the now though, with things setup and Diana direct where to go, the Themysciran Princess arrives in her armored form, with a dark blue cloak on over her armor, opened down the front it sways gently over her form beneath, the glinting hints of her armor visible as she moves. Her dark hair is loose about her shoulders and waving softly over the fabric of that blue robe as she strides in tot he room.

Her eyes go around to the others present and she offers smiles to those who regard her. Ultimately though she approaches Mystique, and her leather wrapped hands go to her hip inside her robe to pull out the coiled length of golden rope.

"Well then..." Diana says in her naturally smoky voice as she spares a glance to the others in the room as well. "I guess we are ready?" She asks.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Wearing her usual white body suit with matching thigh high boots, Mystique looks to the camera operator and gets the thumbs up. There was no turning back now, and the blue mutant didn't want to. It was entirely possible this whole thing would backfire on her, but at least then even she would know herself if it was all for nothing.

"They're ready," she says to Diana, fricken Wonder Woman! as she looks back to her. "And I'm ready. Ask any questions you want to ask, don't hold back."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Since arriving on Asteroid M, Troia has been her sister's constant companion (and bodyguard?) while she was undergoing treatment. If that might have given some suggestion that she was distrustful of the denizens of said asteroid, she has been nothing but friendly to said denizens.

    While a less familiar public face than Diana, Troia is hardly an unknown, having been a rather public superhero as a member of the Titans, for longer than Diana has been well-known for that matter. She is however something of a stranger, being less of a public figure than her sister, but as one of the people who raided Brainiac's ship to recover Bushwick and Genosha she is at least a recognizable face, and indeed the Titan's assault had run into and co-operated with assorted mutants in that raid, including Mystique.

    Accompanying Diana into the room, Donna is for the moment quiet, being here somewhat in the role of an independant witness to the events. She's also there as a corroborating factor for the truthfulness of what is about to be said, but that's a fact known only to Diana - Troia's truthsense ability is not something that has been widely advertized.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"She won't want to meet me," Rahne says softly, up at Clarice though her eyes are all for Diana. She'd heard that the Icon was up here with her, and had been trying desperately to not be seen. Because it was the thing that she wanted the most in the world, to meet her. Logic is often not logical.

She twitches a moment, spotting Remy, then gives him a fond smile. Something in her has changed - it came slower out of her, less natural and open. Smiling used to be how you knew it was Rahne!

Pain in her eyes changes everything.

"Why are there two of her though?" she asks. Donna looking much like Diana, she's making some errors. Mistakes were made that day. Mmm, guilt.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Don't be ridiculous," Clarice murmurs in a quiet aside. "You are one of the kindest and most caring people I've met. Why wouldn't she want to meet someone like that?" she asks. She gives Rahne's shoulder a squeeze before adding, "Oh, the other one's her... sister? Cousin? Something. I think they're family. They were fighting together on the Watchtower when..." she gestures with her hand, "all that stuff happened there." It had been sheer chaos, is what it had been.
    Looking towards Remy, Clarice greets the man with a broad smile an a simple nod, before turning her attention to Mystique and Diana, as it seems they're about to begin.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia, more than anything, wants to be there next to Mystique to offer her aid and comfort, but she knows what that'd look like to the camera. Instead she stands off to the side, her hands fretting as she watches the proceedings go. She's not really nervous about the answers that Mystique is going to give. They're not going to reveal anything that she doesn't already know. She's just afraid that they might ask unrelated questions that Mystique isn't ready to divulge and be forced to.

"I'm sure she'd be happy to meet you," Lydia says to Rahne, despite feeling much the same way. "Let's go up after this whole ghastly thing is done and over with and introduce ourselves." Maybe she'll be less reluctant if she had companionship.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Diana enters the room, along with a bunch of women that Remy recognizes and worse still many of them know his current paramour. He's a loyal and good boy. Rogue's heart is worth fighting this Galahad's trial of beautiful women.

    Remy looks away from the Camera woman and steps away from the spot light he was playing with as the woman was shooing him away, the cajun not concerned with the safety hazard he caused a bit. The X-man giving Rahne a curious look, and a shrug, and a hand motion that could be confused with /anything/ but what he's trying to do is make sure she's okay, and he does end the motions with his hands shaped into the outline of a heart and then one finger in a fist pointed sharply to the young girl. He does care.

    Maybe Clarice takes the hand motions as being pointed at her, who knows?

    Remy circles around to stand next to Rien and crosses his arms to look bad ass like she does, and he nods, towards her, like he saw Logan do a time or two, just copying others and staying out of the lights. "Dis ain't intimidating, is it?" before he cups his hands around his mouth and gets a bit too vocal. "Le's get dis show on de road!"

    He's totally intimidated by the people in the room and his discomfort is showing in its own unusual way.

Diana Prince has posed:
The others in the room are looked over, offered a soft smile to, including her sister. But in the end Diana's eyes are on Mystique... who asked her here for this moment. The Princess' stare is upon Mystique, staring down at her slightly due to her taller height. She holds the lasso coiled up in her lleather wrapped hands and smiles softly.

"I have been asked here today to help Raven Darkholme express her desire to help with honesty truly visible and believable behind her words. In an effort to help showcase the rehabilitation of someone with a less than stellar history, I have agreed to perform this demonstration."

Another glance is given then to the camera before she looks back to Raven. "This is the Lasso of Hestia. When placed around your person, it will compell you to answer all questions directed at you with the truth as you perceive it. It does not cause you to garner a truth that you do not already have within you. If you do not know the answer to a question, it will yield no results. If you do know the answer, but fail to properly supply it, the lasso will... grow in heat, growing hotter the more you resist. This heat is not like a fire, it is born out of the divinity of the Goddess who created it and bestowed it upon my people."

Diana pauses a moment to let that settle before she continues in her calming voice.

"I use this lasso for the betterment of our world. It is a valuable tool in ascertaining the facts from all manner of people who have come under its influence. I use it now, to achieve this upon you, Raven. At your request."

Diana then raises a segment of the 20 foot rope up and gently places it around Raven's right wrist, then pulls it softly closed.... no applied pressure. A second later the entire length of the golden rope flushes a bright shining light, lit up like the sun of this very star system.

Diana settles her slim pointed chin as she stares upon Raven. "Tell me then, Raven. What are your intentions in this world now? What do you want the public to know about who you are and what your plans for the future are?"

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Looking over at Remy as he wanders about and generally makes a nuisance of himself, she chuckles and shakes her head at his outburst. Replying to his question, she says softly, "If you want intimidating, try facing down a couple demons. I'll take a TV interview every time, myself. It's much easier on the wardrobe."

She doesn't however, move from where she is. If he wants to try and minimize himself by hanging out with her, she's fine with that.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Amazons have sharp senses, and Donna grins slightly as she overhears Rahne's comment. She steps a little closer to Diana, and side-by-side the differences between the two Amazons are more readily apparent. The most obvious being that Diana is a few inches taller than Donna. "Sisters," Donna mouths towards Clarice and Rahn, though the truth is a little more complicated than that.

    "Seek the Truth in all things, that you may understand both god and man," Donna intones in an almost sing-song chant. "Banish the mists of deceit that enmesh the soul, and thus the means be given you whereby you may distinguish between good and evil." She smiles a little and her voice returns to a more normal declaration. "These are the words of the Law of /Aletheia/, the law of unconcealment, given to the Amazon people by the goddess Athena Glaukopis, bright-eyed Athena. It is one of our most sacred duties as Amazons. There is no better path to peace between people than knowing the Truth."

    "Let all be witnesses as the Truth is uncovered. This way doubt and suspicion may be cast aside, and through the blessing of Truth, we hope a new trust may be engendered, and a healing of hurt souls begin."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
So well spoken, that's the first thought that crosses Raven's mind as Diana speaks. It was a true talent to be able to express yourself so clearly, something the blue mutant was still working on herself.

As Diana spoke, Raven nodded in response to it being her request, and offered up her right wrist to be 'lassoed'. Felt like rope, but she knew there was so much more do it.

"My intentions are to better the world for mutants, just like they always have been, but in a way that won't cause chaos, havoc and pain," she begins, the truth spoken clearly. "I admit my faults, that my past is littered with far too much pain... for others and myself, but I don't want that any more. No more terror, no more nightmares. I'm still learning to like humans, I will always prefer Mutants over them, but I'm starting to see that humans /do/ have a place in this world just like we do. I'd love to say that we can all live happily together, but even I don't fully believe that... so I just hope that some day, it might be possible."

For a moment she looks around, taking a deep breath before she says, "The future isn't written, but I want to make it better. I don't know if I can do that, but I'll die trying."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne raises her finger to her lips, shushing Lydia and Clarice. The show's begun, and though she would love to have the opportunity to stand up and be confident, there just doesn't seem to be enough time! Shame, that. Pure shame.

She looks at the proceedings, glancing up as Remy motions towards her. She blinks, then her eyes flicker about as if trying to figure out who he's indicating. From the look on her face she definitely isn't meshing with it. He can't mean her, after all.

The fact that this is likely all caught on camera is even better, as she gives Remy a thumbs-up that totally answers his unspoken query, but in no way answers it because she has no idea what the eff she's doing.

Donna speaks, and she lifts her eyes to meet gazes with the woman's dark eyes. She -radiates- honesty. Which is amazing given how good she is at lying to herself. She nods, as if Donna's words were meant for her. Then listens, as Mystique's words are why we came after all.

Lot of typing for a silent person, eh?

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice falls into silence as well - her hand giving Rahne's shoulder another squeeze before it drops away. Remy is given another smile and a nod, before the magenta-hued mutant turns her attention to Lydia beside her on her other side. She slips her hand wordlessly into hers - to give a moment of reassuring pressure. It was odd for both of them, to see Mystique endure something like this to clear her name - and she tries not to wince at some of the word choices Mystique makes. Not all of them were ideal, in her mind. She really hopes none of them get twisted around...

Diana Prince has posed:
Donna is behind Diana and the Princess hears her sister's words but doesn't outright react to them. She does keep her stare upon the woman who is contained within the rope's binding.

The lasso itself feels like silk on the skin, its gentle and warm when glowing, but it isn't yet at all causing any discomfort to Mystique's form. Diana holds the bulk of the lasso still coiled up in her hands with the ends under her thumbs.

She keeps her eyes upon Mystique's face. "Can you tell us what specifically altered your course of action from your previous direction of a far more... chaotic, if not outright violent approach to achieving your personal goals?" She asks next before adding a similar version of the same question. "What brought this change of behavior on?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks at Rien, and gives her a casual once over, down and back up, but then he looks back to the real show before whispering to the French woman. "Alors, qui representez-vous?" (So, who are you representing?) The cajun man asks without breaking sight with Mystique and Diana.

    Remy takes a breath and raises his chin to extend his vocal chords and raise his own volume a bit. "What's tomorrow lotto numbers- No. wait. Forget that. When were you born?" The cajun asks towards Mystique, trying to tease a bit. Get a laugh. He's here for a short time, might as well have fun with it, no?

    Forget the fact that everyone else is asking legitimate questions, Remy is here and still likely not going to trust anything Raven says. Even in the moment, she can change her mind later, she seems to have changed recently, who's to say she wont go back to her old ways.

    Then Remy pauses and squints his eyes and looks to Rien at his side and then Rahne across the way before looking back onto Raven.

    Did she actually kill Bella Donna?

    The words don't make it to his tongue, that's a truth he doesn't want to know...

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia watches, hands still wringing, Mystique saying nothing that she doesn't already know. All she can hope for is that they don't ask her questions that she's not prepared to answer.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Raven's eyes shift to look at Clarice for a moment, then slowly move to Remy. The truth, it was right there on the tip of her tongue.

"It started with Rogue," she says plainly. "When I lost Rogue the world stopped making sense, but I kept trying the old ways and thinking it would work, thinking I could some how win her back. I was wrong. I was already questioning everything when Clarice started talking to me about her view of things, how the things I had done made it worse, not better."

She looks down at her feet, taking another deep breath. "She was right of course. I wants so desperately to make things perfect for Mutants and I forgot that the effects of my actions would leave trauma and terror, just make things worse. Clarice made me see that, but Rogue leaving... that was the catalyst. It was never just about me or my goals, it was about the Brotherhood's goals... but in the end, that means they were Erik and my goals."

She looks back up now, right at Diana, "We realized that there was no way those goals were possible when we looked at the world as a whole. With people like you, Superman, The Martian, the Green Lanterns... it wasn't possible. Whereas humanity is kind and loves you, they hate Mutants and I made that worse... I think I'm rambling now."

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Taking her attention off the main event for a moment, Rien murmers to Remy "Je suis un parti neutre, je ne fais partie d'aucun des deux groupes." (I am a neutral party, not a part of either group.)

She looks back to the test going on in the middle of the room, actually interested to hear what Mystique has to say on these questions. Knowing what she does about the Brotherhood, she's interested to see how these things go in the future.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    This, as far as Clarice was concerned, was the real question - and she's glad it got asked. She meets Mystique's eyes with a nod and an encouraging smile, and as she speaks out, her gaze seeks out Remy, and locks onto him, watching his features intently for his reaction.
    Sure, what she really wanted to know was how //Rogue// would take all this - for Mystique's sake. But if Remy responded to it well, wouldn't that help matters some? Surely?

Donna Troy has posed:
    "The Lasso of Hestia is far more than a lie detector," Donna says. "In it, Truth itself is manifested in physical form. It does not simply expose lies, but rather it exposes truths even those subject to it may not be aware of. To be bound in its embrace is to be connected to the very nature of Truth. It is not just lies that fall away under its power, but also illusion and self-delusion. Even the gods cannot overcome its power, because it exposes things as they are. To deny its power would be to deny reality; even reshaping reality itself simply creates a new truth, which the lasso will expose."

    "However there is the Truth of things as they are, and the Truth of things that may yet be. The words Raven Darkholme speaks are the Truth of things as they are. There is no guarantee that this truth will not change in the future though."

    Donna looks Mystique straight in the eyes. "Raven Darkholme, it is the belief of the Amazons that there is a future in which all of us, human, mutant, alien... all may live side-by-side, in trust, peace and fellowship. It is the reason we Amazons exist. It is what we fight for. There are many who in their ignorance distrust mutantkind, but many others who wish for that distrust to end, and who will fight for you. You do not seem to have much faith in that belief, but can you at least say that you believe it is an aim worth fighting for?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Raven shifts her yellow eyes to Donna and nods, "I believe it worth fighting for. I have troubles believing that humans will ever accept Mutants, but I am still willing to fight tooth, nail, and claw to see it happen. I don't have to believe, because those around me believe, and slowly I am starting to see the good in humans."

She nods her head toward the reporter, Neil Graham, who has remained silent this whole time. "He's one of them, one who showed me that there are some out there willing to help, actually willing to help and aren't just words." Her eyes return to Donna. "Yes, it is worth fighting for and I don't intend to stop fighting until peace is a reality."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
It's not her place, but Rahne's voice shows up then. She says something, even though she didn't mean to be heard, and offers, "Miss Raven was gonnae help replant th' trees. Scotland be saved, by et. Trees be somethin' we all need. Es so important.."

She trails off, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She remembered. And she is uncertain of nothing, not now. This is a great goodness. It needs to be shared.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia clasps her hands to her heart as she listens to her lover speak. These are all the things that drew her to Mystique, that honest desire to make things better, and to /be/ better herself. She wanted to be a part of that. She wanted to be part of that change, and help facilitate it to the best of her ability. She so wants to shout, 'I love you!' now but, really, that would just be embarrassing for all involved.

Diana Prince has posed:
After the answer a moment or two is given before Diana looks around the room before back to RAven. She heard Rahne, and can hear the others, but her focus is on the task at hand.

"I know for a fact that there are good humans, who believe in the good of Mutants, and what they can offer to help the world grow stronger, against all challenges, threats and obstacles that may befall it. From above, and from within." The Princess quietly says before she continues.

"there are many who are watching this, and who will watch it in the days and weeks, and years to come. For those who have been directly effected by your past actions, RAven, what would you say to those who were caused pain, perhaps even suffering or anguish? What would you say to them here and now that might give them something to consider with regard to your new direction in this life?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy blinks, listening to Raven's words, and finding fault in them, or at least based on his own memories and perceptions, but ... the cajun holds his tongue, and then looks towards the cameras. He starts to fidget, bringing his hands together and popping the knuckles of his left hand in his right fist.

    Remy turns his head towards Rien again, and whispers in French once again.

    "On m'a dit qu'un camp devait toujours etre choisi. Peu de lumiere. Vivez longtemps et prosperez." (I was told a side must always be chosen. Little Light. Live long and Prosper.)

    Then he starts to walk away, shifting to his side, Remy's leg armor shifting as he does so and moving around the lights he stays in the dark as he tries to walk to the door. This whole thing feels like a charade and a show to get people to trust this terrorist. This murderer.

    Then the cajun hears Diana's words and he stops. This is an answer he'll need to hear for himself.


    For Rogue.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
That was one question Raven has hoped wouldn't be asked, but knew in the end it would be. Of course it would, the world deserved an answer to it, but that didn't make it any easier to hear. Torment crosses her face, not pain, but anguish in herself and what she's done.

"An apology isn't good enough," she says quietly, once again looking down at her feet. "No words are enough, but I'll offer them. I /am/ sorry for what I've done, for those I've hurt, those who live every day with some kind of pain that I caused. I can't take back what I did, if I could go back in time knowing what I know now, things would have been different, but I can't."

Very slowly she looks back up, but her eyes aren't focused on any one person, it's almost like she is looking past the room to the faces of those she knows she's hurt.

"I can only promise to do better, to be better, and when the time comes that humans, mutants, aliens and everyone else on this planet live together in peace, I'll turn myself in to be punished for all my crimes... but I can't yet, I have to keep fighting. I /have/ to try and undo what I've done. I'm sorry if that's not enough for some people, but... I can't give up yet."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Disappointment and sadness show briefly on Clarice's features as she watches Remy - as she watches him turn to walk away. She'd hoped it'd make some sort of difference.
    But it looked like there was too much pain. She lets her gaze drop for a moment, but it doesn't last long as she lifts her head again with a deep breath, and a sigh. No one ever said changing things would be easy. In fact - she'd known they wouldn't be. Still... She'd hoped.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna studies Mystiques face intently as the mutant (former?) terrorist gives her answer to the question the she had posed. When that answer is given, Donna replies to it with just a small nod of her head; she seems satisfied. With that Donna takes a step back to let the rest of the questioning continue. She listens carefully as Mystique replies to the question of what she can say to those she has hurt, but Donna's eyes leave Mystique and roam about the room, studying the others there with equal intensity.

     Remy's reaction in particular attracts her attention. The personal dynamics of those up here on Asteroid M are unknown to her, and it seems she's eager to use this opportunity to learn a little about this mysterious place the world is so supicious of. Clearly there is more than one soul here in need of healing, but this is the point of the Law of Aletheia. Nobody raised as an Amazon could believe anything other than that uncovering truths like this are necessary to healing, but clearly it can only be the start of the process.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien listens to the questions and answers between the Amazons and Mystique, raising an eyebrow slightly as the answers are a bit... unexpected. While she hasn't had any close contact with the Brotherhood or Xavier's school, she's seen the news many times as the Brotherhood launched another attack in their campaign of terror. This is quite the change, and yet.. Mystique can't be lying in this situation. Given the beings she usually deals with, changes of heart are not common, but then, no matter how hated she may be, Mystique isn't a demon. Maybe even someone like this can actually change their ways.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
She's looking at Remy. Rahne, watching someone that she knows and cares about, walking from the room, tries to rise. It's not right. He shouldn't have to. He deserves better. She's not the one who should say it.

She had stopped listening to the ongoing proceedings. Why? Because people are important. Truth is simply the right thing to do. Everyone should tell the truth. Everyone should BE true.

She blinks, realizing that she's standing. In front of the camera. She looks up, her hand having touched ...touched the golden lasso, for just a moment.

Nothing comes out of her mouth, but she quickly removes her hand, backs away. Sits back down in her chair, putting her face into her hands. What did she see, if anything?

Nothing. This is not the time.

Diana Prince has posed:
The answer that Raven gives of the question last asked, Diana doesn't react to it she lets the answer itself stand for itself. A moment later the Princess looks over toward Remy who'd been seen out of the corner of her eye leaving and with a clear level of frustration across his body language.

Diana takes her right hand off of the coild-up lasso and she steps back and holds the rope in her left hand alone now, yet still attached to Mystique via a loose tie around her wrist. "Sir." Diana calls out to the Cajun.

"Would you like to ask questions of Raven?" She asks him, because he clearly has something on his mind and she admittedly is not an expert of Raven's history. She's had to brush up on it since this request was made, but... having someone more connected to her might yield better results.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy listens to Mystique's words and frowns, turning to face her and steps into the lights. He's suddenly not afraid of being seen. This is too important. "Yeah, Ah gotta few questions for her..." The cajun says, his feet spreading and planting them wide in a powerful pose as he does his part for himself and for Rogue's sake. "Dis show is a way t'make de world feel sorry for ya, an' t'make thin's easier for y'movin' forward. Ya can't fool me wit dat."

    Remy keeps his black and red eyes focused on Mystique long and hard. "Ya say dat you'd do anythin' to show you've changed, but ya ain't willin' t'do dat within de law." Remy's eyes squint as he's willing to step onto this social grenade he's preparing for the blue mutant.

    "When was de last time ya killed someone?"

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia just frets more as the questioning goes on. If the truth isn't enough to sway people that Mystique is trying to be a better woman, then nothing will. That last question that Remy asked makes Lydia wince. She knows that no answer is going to be good enough for him, that he's just setting her up to fail.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Raven slowly looks over at Remy, head tilting, "I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me Remy, not one person out there should. They're right to hate me as things are right now, but everyone deserves a second chance, and that's all I'm asking for. As for when I killed last. It was the contract for the Assassin Guild in New Orleans, to clear your name with them and get them to leave you alone. I have hurt a few people in the defense of Bushwick since then, but I haven't killed anyone."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice blinks as she watches Rahne step forward - giving her a questioning look as the woman steps back to her place, her attention doesn't linger there, however, as she continues to listen to Raven's responses, giving the occasional nod or small smile.
    She even seems to encourage the notion of giving Remy the rope, and letting him say his piece. Maybe this would begin to heal the rift. At the question, though, a faint, worried frown crosses her features. When was the last time Raven had killed?
    She was suddenly glad that question hadn't been posed to //her//.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah ain't keepin' your second chance from ya, you're keeping justice from those you've hurt." Remy says, ruby and onyx eyes locked onto Raven's yellow eyes. "Are you willing to stand trial and pay for the crimes you've committed, or are you sayin' you're too important to mutants to be put in jail?" The cajun doesn't step forward, he doesn't step back or recoil. "Do you think mutantkind can't move forward without your leadership and influence?" Remy asks, even tilting his chin softly in the air, to look down his nose at Raven. He's not afraid to throw himself into the fires in order to keep her from getting away with this charade. This bastardization of justice.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
For a moment Raven just stands there looking at Remy, realizing in that moment he was probably right.

"I'm pretty sure that Mutants all over the world can fight their way to freedom and equality without me Remy, but I've spent the past hundred and twenty-years trying to earn that freedom and equality. I'd like to see it through to the end, but if the ultimate decision is that I have to serve time for my crimes, then so be it. I once told Scott Summers I'd turn myself over to the Genoshian courts when my work was done, but you're right, even that's not enough. My own death is the only justice that will serve for what I've done."

She takes a step closer to Remy, still in the range of the cameras, "Would you like to be the one to do it Remy?"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne has never been good with conflict. She avoided fights, she left the room when people disagreed. She mediated, when she could. She can't. She just can't, and this is so much more than she thought it would be. This is why she ran away from the Mansion. The real reason why she left. She's afraid, and nothing makes sense.

And she can't lie to herself about it anymore. That flash of wisdom, just for a moment, taught her too much about herself. Her lying, dishonest inner self. The contradiction, that people should get along, that people will never get along, it breaks her in half.

She's there, she's quiet. She's whimpering. "Please, stop. Make them stop..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm not gonna kill you. Dat's not mah place." Remy retorts, not taking a step back as she steps closer, but that tiger nature within the woman. She's the apex predator in here, even if she's in the 'cage' of Diana and Donna, and others.

    THIS is her home.

    THIS is her court.

    He can't help but feel like she's still in control. Remy swallows at the fear caught in his throat before he finds his words again. "Your work /is/ done. We're going to put you away, for a long time Mystique, not t'kill ya, but t'make sure you pay your dues to the people and society you've wronged." Remy then turns around, not looking at anyone, but lowering his face, and lifting his left hand to rub at his eye, keeping others from seeing his own pain.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Staying where she is, since she is on a leash of sorts, Raven takes a moment to look to Clarice then back to Remy.

"So arrest me Remy. Take me to the human police. Make me pay for my crimes in the way /you/ think it needs to be done."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice tenses - anger and frustration on her features. She's not good at keeping her silence, and she's stayed calm and quiet through all of this - but frustration builds in her at the thought of Mystique being sent away. "And what good would that do? She regrets her actions. She's trying to make up for her mistakes. She can do more good here. Does assuaging your pain really justify locking her away in a room - when she could be out saving people and making a difference?"
    Before she can continue, though, the quiet whimpers at her side get her attention and she blinks, looking down at the smaller woman. "...Rahne?"
    She crouches by the wheel chair, her hands trying to take Rahne's - worried, electric green eyes trying to seek out Rahne's darker gaze. "Hey. I- I'm sorry. I didn't know things would get like this. Are you okay? I'm sorry," she murmurs in a quiet tone.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna glances quickly at Diana, and steps forwards, standing by Remy. "Neither death nor forgiveness will return to life the people Raven Darkhome has killed," she tells him. "She has been ruthless. Those who are ruthless think they are making the hard choice, but they are making the easy one, because it is the choice made from fear. They fear they cannot afford compassion, that they will fail if they try. I saw her when we went to recover Bushwick and Genosha from Brainiac. She acted with utter disregard for the other, alien cities Brainiac had collected. In her desperation to ensure the safety of Genosha she was prepared to end the lives of millions trapped in other cities. Because she chose out of fear."

    "Today she is making a hard choice. There will have to be many other hard choices to come if she wishes to redeem herself. But the only possibility she can make up for the damage she has caused is if she has the chance to do so. Nothing will undo the hurt she has caused, but there is at least a chance she might do some good in return. Consider what she might do, rather than what she has done in the past, when you consider your options."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia sucks in her breath. She just can't stay silent any longer. "If I may," she says. "This is a question that I had wrestled with when I first met Mystique, too. She had offered the same thing to me, to take her to the authorities and let justice be served. But when she told me that she truly wanted to make amends and to be redeemed I had wondered exactly how that would be possible when she's locked in the deepest darkest dungeon that everybody would put her in."

"Doing that would serve no one, really, and would take away her chance at redemption. What better way to make amends then actively try to heal the wounds that you caused? What better way to redeem yourself than to help build back what you had destroyed? Sure, justice would be served, but nobody would be the better for it."

She blinks, realizing that she's on national television and that, once again, her parents and her Rabbi are going to see this and she blushes furiously, but stands resolute. "That's all I have to say," she says, and takes a step back. Now she just hopes she didn't mess everything up.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had noticed Rahne touch the lasso and back up again, she didn't stop her from doing it, she even showed the young woman a soft smile of recognition. But then Remy set in and she let the questions play themselves out before she stepped forward again.

"If I might..." Diana says, her eyes going from one of the mto the other. "One of the reasons I agreed to this is to help with rehabilitation of criminals who have come to a new turning point in their life. They have no other options but suffer from the past, when they wish redemption. I am here to place Raven under arrest."

Diana announces, the lasso still tied to the woman's wrist. Her eyes go to Raven, hearing the other voices speaking up. "I know that you are telling the truth about your intentions going forward, but the laws are the laws and you do need to stand for what you have done in the past. But... there are options that can be explored. I have helped others in the past in similar positions as you are now, Raven."

Diana holds the lasso leading up to the blue skinned woman's wrist. "But you have to trust me, and come with me."

Diana's eyes go out to the others in the room, hearing the passionate speeches. "The rest of you need to trust me as well... I will help her."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Raven holds up her other hand toward Clarice and Lydia, as she states, "Let it happen." A smile touches her lips, perhaps a part of her deep down had wanted this all along. "This is how it has to be, alright? I knew it would come down to this moment, and I'm ready to face whatever it is that comes next. I need the two of you to stay strong for each other and the Brotherhood, alright?"

Reaching into her boot she removes her tablet style cell phone and drops it on the floor, then reaches up and removes her comm ear piece and drops it. Looking to Diana she nods, "Let's do this. Don't drag it out or they'll have a problem with it."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy was already leaving before the big outburst from the room, with the emotions running high that she's trying to better herself, and look to the future. Remy felt that coming and had to get out of the light. Get out of the cameras. He's blown himself up being so visible, nationally, internationally. Hell maybe even Galactically.

    The cajun finds the door quickly after wiping the tears from his eyes and as soon as he rounds the corner from the door he doubles over and his stomach turns inside out.

    Fear. Hate. Survival. Justice. Hope. Miniscule.

    Remy feels all these things in the microcosm of the moment and his body rejects.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne is there, keeping herself out of the camera. Staying out of it. Done. Her heart is racing, her eyes are gold. I'm nothing, she tells herself. I'm nothing. I'm the wolf girl, the bible girl, the nobody.

Lies. LiesliesliesliesLIES.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice - still crouched in front of Rahne, turns her gaze abruptly towards Mystique and Diana, her eyes widening and her expression uncertain. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. This isn't how it was supposed to happen.
    "...boss?" Clarice asks quietly, uncertainly. She hates it - but this is Mystique's call. And she's made her call.
    ...she's not ready for this.
    "Yeah boss," she adds in a quiet voice, her gaze flicking between Mystique and Diana. As much as she wants to run to the blue skinned woman (to hug her? To 'rescue' her? It's a little unclear), what she saw in Rahne's eyes told her that she's needed right where she is at the moment. "I'm here, Rahne. It's okay. It's over now," she promises her quietly, blinking away the tears in her eyes.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
If you could trust anybody, it would be Wonder Woman. But still, it's hard to see the woman you love get arrested and taken away. Lydia reaches out to Raven, helplessly trying to touch her one last time before dropping her hand. She's trying so hard to keep the tears from coming, but she just can't, and they start to fall down her cheeks. But she won't sob on camera. She absolutely refuses to do that.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
With a nod, Rien pushes off of the wall she's been propping up for all this time. "I'd say that sums things up, I imagine. Now it's up to whoever's hands she ends up in, but as a neutral observer, I can vouch for the fact that she told the truth about wanting to be better than she was. If she is allowed to or not is up to more important people than me."

That said, she heads for the door, slipping out of the room.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna watches Remy's departure in thoughtful silence before turning back to look at Clarice, Lydia, Rien and Rahne, seeing how they react to Diana's announcement that Mystique is to be arrested.

    "Most of you have probably heard of Harley Quinn," she says. "A notorious criminal in Gotham. A mass murderer. A psychopath. A confederate of the Joker. All those things. Roughly a year ago she came to Diana, much as Raven Darkholme has done, to plead for Diana's help in seeking redemption. Today Harley Quinn is free, and she walks on a path to redemption, to being able to make the world a better place. This is the path Raven Darkholme now treads."

    "You can trust Diana. She will do everything in her power to seek the best outcome for everyone. She has trodden this path before, and there are none more likely to find the best way. There is no better option than this."

    Donna turns and nods her head to Diana and Mystique. "The Invisible Plane is ready for us, and I do not see any value in holding this up. You did a brave thing today, Raven Darkholme. I hope for everyone's sake you continue to be brave."

    She turns to the door, to accompany Diana and Mystique the invisible jet beyond, and perhaps to a better future for Mystique.